Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Councillors who don't know BM and a certain "powerful MP"

The letter DAP won't publish. The "emperors" in DAP don't tolerate dissent, full stop. Look at what happened to YB Wee Choo Keong. And Lee Lam Thye. As it is, the ex-Transparency International man Tunku Aziz, described not so long ago by the DAP leadership as a Towering Malay when he decided to join the party, belongs to the gutters and is an "embarrassment to the party" for daring to spell out his personal views on Bersih 3.0. 

The emperors are, therefore, not going to be too happy today. The Star has the story of a another "suicidal" DAP chap. His name is Dr Cheah Wing Yin and he is the state assemblyman of Damansara Utama. He has written a letter to Lim Kit Siang and son, Karpal and Dr Chen Man Hin telling them that the four years of Pakatan Rakyat rule in Selangor has been "a comedy of error". Read DAP rep flays Pakatan.

Dr Cheah is unhappy with a few things, including the appointment of a fresh grad as a councilor in the state, DAP councilors who could not write or read Bahasa Melayu, the national language, and a certain "powerful MP" who had "the final say" on the appointment of the councilors. 

The article did not say who the "powerful MP" is but the newspaper made an attempt to contact Selangor DAP chairman YB Teresa Kok, who is the Seputeh MP. As a former editor, I can tell you usually that means that the newspaper knows, or at least suspects, that she is the "powerful MP" meant by Dr Cheah in his stinging letter. 

And usually, when this happens, the emperors will issue a gag order to shut everyone up.


  1. Anonymous12:58 pm

    Hmm Rocky,

    Wahhh Rocky now the Chinaman Politician!

    STAR kan Media Arm of MCA...Apa yang Publish memang propoganda MCA against DAP..Heh Heh

    I guess Rocky Believes everything he reads and he only reads mainstream propoganda!!

    KowTeam son of NFC

  2. q0l0p1:36 pm

    when comes to politics, Cina2 ni mana ada team MCA, DAP, PKR bro.. Cina for All. Priority: Bastard those Malays.

  3. Anonymous1:51 pm

    Tuan Syed,
    I cut-and-paste a comment I read in OutSyed The Box's blog;

    Just how many such "gag order" has been imposed over the past 4 years by PR?

    I can think of a couple:

    1. Ronnie Liu's case;
    2. Karpal vs Ramasamy case;
    3. Sand mining case;
    4. PAS internal conflict case;
    5. DUMC case;
    6. The khalwat case involving
    Selangor assemblyman;
    7. The Ngeh-Hga case in Perak?;

    Dan lain-lain. Maybe Tuan Syed can help refresh our memory?


  4. Knowing how our MSM deliberately substituted 'Islam' for 'Scientology' to stir up religious and racial bigotry, and how you highlighted .01% of the Bar Council's Bersih 3.0 report and left out 99.9%, I doubt this STAR report is either accurate or complete.

    STAR? - not even fit for cat litter!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  5. Anonymous2:18 pm

    Cheah knew he will not be nominated, and hence the 'outburst'?


  6. Hehe, DPP,

    The mainstream media DID not change the word "scientology" to "Islam". It was the work of some cybertroopers. But the NST editors did not double check, and that's their folly!

    As for my highlighting part of the Bar Council's report, yes I did. I only highlighted the truth! As you see, even the previously quiet ones in the legal fraternity are coming out to question Bar Council on its independence and ability to tell the truth and uphold the law.

  7. Anonymous5:23 pm

    DPP is a cyberdatrooper for sure, It's (proper noun)/(the trooper must be an 'It' because it is always spilling the same beans as a programmed being) comments on FMT, MI, MI and other pro-you know who is losing readers who cannot condone the freedom of using expletives and going at a tangent to the topic being discussed. Now It is venturing into the cyber-world of truth sayers just to create mayhem with half-baked comments! So pathetic.

  8. Anonymous5:36 pm

    Latuk, you said the mainstream media did not change the word "scientology" to "Islam". The court case will show otherwise, so you don't have to defend your previous employers lah.

    The mainstream press is evil, and has no intention of reforming. Despite dwindling sales and advertising revenue, they think they will always be funded by UMNO.

  9. Anonymous5:38 pm

    Tomorrow I write an article flailing LGE, and I guarantee you the STAR will publish, truth be damned.


  10. Anonymous6:48 pm

    To KowTeam son of NFC; q010p and all the other name calling respondents:

    Are you inclined to have a go at Rocky just because he reported something that is true (the letter does exist), and for his subsequent observation on what's happening with DAP? Can't you write something that's a little more intelligent, perhaps giving your views on why you think the DAP chap might have said what he said? Are we Malaysians insulting one another just because we have differing political views? Why do we allow ourselves to be manipulated by politicians who profit from our emotions so that they can elevate themselves to stations far above their true level? Why do we give them the power to make us react and respond stupidly?


  11. Rocky,

    Truth hurt. That's why some people are butthurt....

    All this while, they never care about the truth. They were easily fooled by Pakatan and their medias like Mkini and TMI.

    However, when the truth is revealed, they hate so much and they have no where to hide.

  12. bourne identity7:47 pm

    DAP - Demokrasi Aku Punya....

  13. Anonymous7:58 pm

    "I guess Rocky Believes everything he reads and he only reads mainstream propoganda!!"

    The ever best quote to describe Rockybru !! kah..kah..kah...

  14. Fredo8:05 pm

    bru, your blog used to be interesting. Now pretty predictable,understand cari makan. surprised that you still depend on mainstream media for news. ha ha ha, i havent been to yr site quite some time now

  15. Anonymous9:06 pm

    did anyone fuck and bomb a mongolian?

  16. Brazen10:40 pm

    As usual, them supporters of the most revered leader Kim Guan Eng will downplay the real issue. The Star is just reporting about the letter. Why come down hard on them about being untrusworthy whereas its the newspaper you sought for when you're looking for jobs?

    Those jokers forgot that the DAP leadership is just as greedy as any other politicians. Just like PKR.

  17. Aliens' politics in Malaysia.

    Their bodies and souls belong to others, commanding from another planet...

    Do believe that!

  18. Donplaypuks,

    You racist hypocrite "donplaypuks" unashamedly published a fake photo of Bersih 3 on your blogg and arrogantly claimed 250,000 people attended. Your writing was downright biased and full of lies.

    Yet you called himself a UK trained accountant. What a fake accountant you are.

    Lim Guan Eng must be proud and eager to engage this kind of cheapskin aCONtant.

    We are the Human Race, not the Liar Race like you.

  19. Anonymous10:31 pm

    DPp .... just like to LIKE kiasu's line... we just cant go on pretending liking LIAR RACE like u

  20. bourne identity3:06 pm

    Dulu kami pernah ada contact ngan 1 grup tempur - assault group - MLF PKM di dekat kawasan Gunung Titiwangsa tahun 1981... 2 mati ditembak dan 1 kena tangkap hidup2.PGK - pengganas Kominis - kaum Cina.
    Dia cakap melayu lebih fasih daripda orang Cina dalam DAP...mind you, this PGK soent mot of his time with the assault group in the jungles.
    Kominis dah tak ada... ngapa ada lagi yang tak pandai berbahasa malaysia denbgan fasih?