Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The Felda Settler's Wife

Pix by Hussein, The Mole

According to Big Dog, the traffic jam to Jengka 8 yesterday where the PM was to meet one of the largest gatherings of Felda settlers the country has seen, was 6km-long, at least. It was like Hari Raya. And, indeed, there was a festival-like air over the Felda settlement, people who were there reported. An estimated 40,000 pairs of ears listened to Najib Razak, whose father the late Tun Razak, Malaysia's 2nd Prime Minister, was largely credited for a scheme that today has benefited over 112,000 families and the nation's economy.

To some, RM15,000 may be a small sum. But according to Big Dog, who was there to cover the event for The Mole (read his report here), there were tears and shouts of joy all around him at the Felda settlement. When the PM announced that RM5,000 of the windfall was meant for the wife of the settler, he saw some of the Felda ladies broke down. If you know Big Dog, you will be able to imagine him standing near one of the ladies and, as soon as she looks up to him, he would ask: "Why are you crying?"

It's the recognition the PM is giving to the settler's wife. All this while, it was all about the settler, the settler and the settler. Finally, someone's paying tribute to the sacrifices and hardship of the wives of the settlers.

But only one wife gets the RM5,000. If the settler has two wives or more, pandai2lah dia.

As for the IPO itself, the NST says there is BIG investor interest. 


  1. Kamal.10:53 am


    Honestly Tun Razak built Felda and sadly Najib ,his son destroy it.

    He try to unlock the value and use the money to pay settlers as bonus.What the future for second generation Felda settler.Allah know.

    He secrify the long term benefit for a short term political gain.With the number of acrages of rubber and palm oil they could be the giant in the industry in term of asset .Bigger that Sime or IOI.but look at felda now.Before Najib take charge of Felda they are sitting on 5 billion cash now the have a debt almost 3 billion.and yet he still can give them bonus of 1.6 billion.

    Good luck

  2. Anonymous11:14 am

    That's nothing compare to the shopping spree of Najis's wife.

  3. Anonymous11:25 am


    I was informed that FELDA settlers were force to sign a document to mortgage their land to bank, so that they be able to get the share of FELDA. Some of these settlers do not have any more money to pay back bank mortgage. This is really bad if true. Can you check?
    thank you.

  4. Anonymous11:54 am

    Hahaha...Latuk Locky, the 40 thieves are taking a lot more than what they are giving to the settlers, so the poor sods are shedding tears of joy ?

    Stupid is as stupid does.


  5. Anonymous12:15 pm

    another killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.


  6. Anonymous12:41 pm

    Kamal, if you were an educated and have any HUMAN feelings at all, such accusation won't come out of your fingers. You can talk easy (I'm thinking Malay and writing English) because you must have savings of least a few thousands in EPF, dividends or what not. To your type whatever is being done for anybody deserve condemnations with no sense being applied. For your information those settlers worked their butt out and is it not justified that after 50 years they reaped what they've sown?
    Like a true opposition you were saying about the stupidity of unlocking the war chest as if that is all the treasure there is. In opposition controlled states they boast of a lot of savings but what about the need of the voters? etc.etc. Such pathetic comments.

  7. trifling-jester12:45 pm

    najib is smart. using ipo to fund his election war chest, and created a mechanism to pay people off legally

  8. Anonymous2:23 pm

    Judging on the comments made by the pro PR cybertroopers here, we can see how far detached they are to the sentiments of the rakyat (read: Malay voters)

  9. 15 ribu divide by 3? - 5k for the settler himself., 5k for settler's wife, and another 5k for the son..

    do i see 3 votes being dangled? or pancing undi?

  10. KPS(koteypendeksunat)9:31 pm

    Trifling-jester:Don't u know that the Malay race is very smart and cultured than you foreign imports who were brought into Persekutuan Tanah Melayu to serve the British Imperialist.The reason why we were left a bit behind is due to us not being given a fair chance to uplift our living standards at that time.Most the Malay population live in the kampungs whereas most of u especially the Chinks live in the urban
    areas where u enjoyed good public infrastructures such as good schools,good healthcare,good water and electricity.But now any well educated Melayu can take head on with any Samy or Ah Chongs,that is why we are SMARTER and CLEVERER than you lot.The only thing that we don't condone is Cheating like what is
    eing practised on a daily basis by you lot.Just look at Tun M,he can take on any World leaders head on and win with his hands down.So being Smart is an offence is it.Hmm go and fly kite lah you dumb ass.

  11. Anonymous11:24 am


    Kalau awak jadi peneroka, simpanan pun tak berapa banyak , anak 3-4 orang, badan pun tak berapa kuat nak usahakan sendiri tanah ladang, dijanjikan durian runtuh (ingat....belum tahu berapa), awak akan undi setuju tak pengambilalihan pegangan Koperasi Felda oleh FGVH?

    Tup-tup dapat RM15k saja dan pulak tu sebahagian kepada bini dan anak-anak (kalau bawah umur macam mana?

    Najib telah secara tidak sengaja berkata, peneroka yang tua-tua ni tak boleh dipercayai untuk kongsi wang ini dengan anak bini.

    I think they'll ( the men) feel shortchanged and insulted. Vote for BN? I dont know, The wife maybe..

    As always, the PM will look only at the good short impulsive reaction to the announcement. Bagi duit sapa tak suka?

    He needs to go and see the one week or two reactions after the first sum has been distributed as a measure of his precious peneroka vote.

    RM5k can't even get the Pak Haji a new Honda kapchai these days.

    Fikir dulu


  12. Anonymous12:31 pm

    What has this BIG brother of ours Saudara Anwar Ibrahim done to help the poor Malays.When he was the Finance Minister the only 'good thing ' he has done to to fincially rewards his cronies with shares and bis contracts.We all know that.Anwar is a millionare by the time he left office.He got the goodies from his close associations with Uncle Sam.At least najib cares ordinary rakyat.

  13. Anonymous9:00 am

    Yes Najib is helping the Rakyaat and he did helped the rakyaat a lot by doing the following.
    For the Awareness of the Malaysian Public.
    Read the Following. What PM Najib had done to the Country and the Rakyaat.

    1. 1 Billion Dollar Condition to see him for the Submarine deal.

    2. Helping the Perimekar and Terasasi to make million and pocket the whole amount for him and his cronies.

    3. Who helped Najib to do it. And where is the money now. Why Razak Baginda was set free, where else they made billion from the Submarine deal and that money belong to the rakyaat.

    4. So what the big deal with giving the Felda the 15K Rgt, whereby that was the product of the settlers themselves all these while and now Najib is pawning (gadai) and FGVH - Felda Gadai Venture Hurt the rakyaat who will have to pay the debt from the Oil palm.

    5. Come on, there is no free money from these FGVH thing, except it is enslaving the Felda settlers more than before and the profit went to the foreigners and nothing left for the settlers. Just mark these statement for the time to come.

  14. Anonymous10:12 am

    traffic jam 6 km long???

    where are all the perkasa and ngos that made so much noise about bersih causing traffic jam???