Thursday, April 05, 2012

Walk for MAS?

Forget Bersih 3.0. Blogger Big Dog is instigating stakeholders of Malaysia Airlines and the ordinary people to take to the streets to  demonstrate their utmost displeasure and discontent on how the national carrier has been systematically structured to die.

The blogger, who is a freqent flyer of MAS, writes:

If they can allow issues like ‘unfair elections’ be taken to the streets for the third time, then the pride the Jalur Gemilang carrier of the skies should be championed too. This time, by the ordinary blokes on the streets. This is not at all political. Be clear and loud about it. It is about the unequivocal pride of the nation.

Well, he also pointed out that the issue could put paid Najib Razak's dream of recapturing Selangor in the next General Election. Read on It's time for rakyat to voice their displeasure for the MAS-AirAsia CCF, on the streets.


  1. Anonymous3:58 pm

    Yup. Let's build a momentum for this. Hope someone from MAS is dare enough to lead this. They are the one who should come out and voice out against this.

  2. Anonymous4:02 pm


    You cannot expect people to LISTEN TO UMNO STOOGE the likes of you!!

    Don't berangan to lead anything as long as you are an UMNO STOOGE!!!

  3. Anonymous4:49 pm

    Vote for change in the next election and lots of things will be saved..50 years of mismanagement on the country's assets is enough..It's time to give others a chance to govern..we must be willing to take the risk..


  4. Anonymous5:52 pm

    why MAS only ??

    how about NFC, PKFZ, UMNO and Rocky yg terus nak bodohkan orang-orang Melayu !!


  5. Jasper Bloodstone6:01 pm


    You don't believe in competition, izzit?

    How many MDs/CEOs has MAS had from the time it was set up?

    What were the profit/loss records of these head honchos?

    Why is MAS still struggling with yet another restructuring?

    I read today that San Miguel Corp is buying a 49% stake in Philippine Airlines from tycoon Lucio Tan for US$500 million.

    And there was a recent Bloomberg report which quoted the CEO of Royal Jordanian Airlines (a member of the Oneworld alliance that MAS will be joining this year) as saying that merger with a larger carrier is inevitable as high fuel prices, competition from local rivals and a sluggish economy squeeze earnings.

    This from the CEO of an airline founded in 1963 and one of the Middle East's oldest airlines, who views consolidation as "a must."

    Are all the wannabe protesters even aware of issues like these, or what CEOs of IATA member airlines are thinking and worrying about?

    A merger between MAS and SIA? Any takers?

  6. Anonymous6:33 pm

    hahaha how can this compare to Bersih 3.0? one involves EVERYONE in the country, one only affecting MAS employees and some frequent flyers like Big Dog..

    but anyway freedom of speech is part of our constitutional right so by all means go ahead... just make sure it's a peaceful assembly.. good luck!

  7. Anonymous6:46 pm

    Wonderful...i was mooting for the same thing!..only bersih is funded by the deep pockets of the foreign bastards that wants aljuburi to lead this regime change..and the al yahuds art of media propaganda is second to none...the aphaty of our people might let this one for all its worth, im game brooooo.....!!!!

  8. Anonymous7:01 pm

    You support BD?
    Want to become Chairman of MAS?
    And WCK becomes MD?
    Cannot bro - dia 'katak'. No good!


  9. Anonymous7:16 pm

    walk for Teoh Beng Hock, Kugan, Sabbani !!!

  10. Anonymous7:46 pm

    Eh, why do we need to march for the benefit of bad mgmt in a corporation?

    The root cause is those leaders in government who are put their cronies in MAS, looting it, and other rubbish like buying back shares above market price for benefit of a few.

    And to get rid of those leaders we need free & fair elections.

    BigDog is just upset because he didn't get his turn to eat.

  11. If for MAS staff, gladly i'll join..

  12. Anonymous8:58 pm

    U mean walk against BN? Weren't they the ones who screwed it up?

  13. Big Dog there is a systematic agenda to get rid of anything with words such as a Malaysian as in Malaysian Airline, or Malay as in the Mail Mail, soon to come is Askhar Melayu, soon to be Kereta Api Tanah Melayu. And the Malays are still asleep!

  14. Anonymous10:23 pm

    Hi Rocky

    Can you plse. check as to the accuracy of the following report mentioned in the following blog

    Much appreciated

    SOS – Great health risk put under wraps by Guan Eng

    Penangites better be warned that great health risk is lurking at your doorsteps. A massive RM2.2bil solar panel manufacturing plant had been given the go ahead by the State government.
    And this was despite that a plant with similar manufacturing operations in China was forced to close down not too long ago because of health risks.
    The reason – effluent from a large solar cell manufacturer in Zhejiang Province had wiped out a local fishing industry. It is a known fact that the manufacturing of Photovoltaics would pollute the environment and affect human health.
    A similar threat is now looming over the Province Wellesley people in Penang where a similar plant is being built in Batu Kawan. Their fate is now in the hands of the Penang government to stop the setting up of the plant.
    Although Robert Bosch GmbH claims it is delaying construction of the plant, its president for South East Asia Martin Hayes had said that the company remained committed in the construction of the plant in Penang.
    However there are contradictions here. InvestPenang general manager Loo Lee Lian had said that the state government would do its best to expedite the solar panel project.
    She also said that Robert Bosch had started to make payments to fulfill the terms and conditions of the sale of the 80............................. etc etc

  15. Slash down! Slash down ALL!

    No time to *'pray-pray'(*play-play says chukang!)

    MAS must fly high. It's time to fly high. They had their airline tracks .. Why bother so much?

    Slash the left wings and some of the right wings and replace it with the brand new, sophisticated, aerodynamic modern technology.

    Start with renting private jets!

  16. Whoa, copy cat (or is it copy dog) Bersih and take to the streets?

    What happened to "all those poor businesses losing $millions whenever there are street demos, so don't take to the streets" philosophy? Hmm?

    One rule for some, another for the largely self-appointed "super patriots"?

    East to talk for some chalking up frequent flier mileage points on subsidised air tickets to London under " MAS family benefits" isn't it, BD? Let's see you walk the dog. Lol!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  17. "Well, he also pointed out that the issue could put paid to Najib Razak's dream of recapturing Selangor in the next General Election."

    Btw, Selangor was long gone before the MAS-AA share swap issue.UMNO/
    BN re-capture Selangor? Damn right too. In Rosemajib's Jibberish dreams!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  18. Anonymous12:26 am

    Bru, PM is giving TF the elegant silence treatment by asking all MSM not to post TF face in the news.

    Why so elegant one?

    Roti najib.

  19. Yeah why not. I'm in..... Uban.

  20. Linguini8:18 am

    A diversion Rocky. Why compare Bersih dgn cadangan BD? Tiada kaitan langsung.

    Electoral reform utk masa depan anak cucu. Kita ni dah nk mampuih dah ...

  21. Anonymous9:28 am


    Heh Heh....
    Rocky nak "Call" Rakyat?

    Hmmm Call Najib sudah lah...
    Kan dia Bagi Lu Dato'ship..Dato'

    Then again he is so Blur and Indecisive he will just "Do Nothing"

  22. Anonymous10:22 am

    So sorry ! you will find little support here.. Mas has only themselves to blame ....real truth here.Year in and year out what has it to show ? For a start when Mahakutty was King , MAS workers ratio was 80:20[melayus 80% and the rest nons].Malay pride was more important or muka you call it. Mind you! with government [or our tax money] pump in most times the 80% can't even do a good show...Pride of the nation ? You got to be kidding?
    If you ask ...Mas is being run like government dept of transport not like a Sdn Bhd !
    The unions are like good mafiaso and demands everything cushy and wants its way.Top management runs business like they are'nt verse in today's business context.Running a worksop for automobiles is okay but an airline MAS employs what???
    From the start MAS looks and acted professional but deep inside like a Proton service centre...
    Look at arabs airlines like Gulf or Emeriates and check who they employ...Hey mostly kwai lohs is'nt it??? Only the BEESTTT for them...not like our overblown and overfed MAS .Top management have'nt the EXPERIENCE to run an Airline ...The list is endless.
    Let it die for once and give a rebirth with meritocracy all the way.And no political interference and that racial domination by one superior race!

    1. Anonymous6:46 am

      Yes.mas unions cant demand for higher pay as ur a getting one of the lowest pay in the world.all mas money is only to be used for personal interest such as sponsoring millions ringgit of picture n doesnt make sense right.

  23. For the ordinary rakyat, this issue is rather difficult to fathom.

    On one side there is a mass of people who say that a MAS/Airasia twinning is a good thing.

    Then there is also a sizeable group who feels that this is not really good for MAS.

    So, which course should MAS take? Can we have some clarity here?

  24. Anonymous7:39 pm

    elo rocky

    tanya sikit. napa rakyat jelata perlu protes demi untung satu geng kecik orang korporat?

    ramai rakyat tak mampu naik mas. duit setakat beli tiger, air asia atau jetstar kalau nak pegi obersea. kalau kat snanjung guna bas atau ktm

    lebih baik protes sebis ktm komuter yg terok