Thursday, April 05, 2012

Malaysia's Educational Excellence Part lll: Outside looking in

Malaysian blogger in the US, Dr (medical doctor, not Yap-kind of doctor) Bakri Musa, has posted two or his six-parter which I think my friends at the Education Ministry should follow closely. Never mind Dr Bakri prefers the word "reform" to "transform", his outside-looking-in ideas and wisdom are valuable for the Ministry's efforts to revamp the education. And his message is clear: We must improve further the education quality that we give our children [notwithstanding the good scores the WEF has given us].


Certainly a more constructive approach than the Guanengs' rantings against the Minister.


  1. Anonymous6:38 pm


    please check on the 'selling' of university college permits by the Minister of Higher Education special officers!! they have been pressuring the civil servants to approve the setting up of dubious private universities and colleges. if this is left unchecked, soon malaysians can buy degrees for whatever qualifications they need....

  2. apolitical10:15 pm

    That's 1 person that I have very high regards when it comes to education. It's his sincere and honesty which I have great admiration.

    I am for Sekolah Kebangsaan but I am still perplexed of the resistance of "language/cultural" nationalists on the introduction of English medium for SK. If we can have SK (more malay centric), vernacular SJKC/T, SAR, why can't we have SK (in english medium) ? I believe SK (english medium) will be a glue to our multi-racial nation and vital to nation building. In fact, SK offering important subjects in english whilst retaining BM compulsory as well as offering mandarin and tamil will be the most ideal SK. We need to bring in more talents to SK and produce results and build the confidence. Ultimately, majority of the students as well as parents will be attracted to it ! What say you ?

  3. Anonymous11:23 pm

    why pick on guaneng...why not the minister...?

  4. Apolitical,

    English as medium of instruction in Sekolah Kebangsaaan? You want Samad Idris to come after you?

    I am with you on this; in fact, since we are NOT going to have ONE school (because of Dong Zong, DAP etc) I suggest that the main medium of instruction in Chinese schools should be English too. Otherwise the kids who go to these schools will lag behind.

  5. Anonymous11:10 am

    I agree with apolitical. Use only one medium of instruction for national schools - English. The government should continue to fund vernacular schools but give a timeline where the funding will gradually be withdrawn - katakan in 10 years. After that, those who still want Chinese schools or Tamil schools or Religious schools can have their own schools, but privately funded.

    Setuju tak, latuk ?