Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bru's 17 million and Azman Mokhtar's crony

Dear Readers and Commenters, 
This blog, which came to life in May 2006, reached the 17th million unique visitor mark yesterday. I don't know how many blogs in the country have passed this way but I reckon there aren't too many. Che Det's blog surpassed this mark quite a while ago even though it was born a good two years later, but I'm not Mahathir Mohamad. I would not have gotten this far in cyberspace without the support and encouragement, the lawsuits and police reports, and those phone calls that would come my way when I let a few days go by without a single posting. 
Thank you all, God bless you.

Shadowee Transport Minister. If YB Wee Choo Keong had remained in Pakatan Rakyat and PR had been able to establish a Shadow Cabinet, the MP for Wangsa Maju would have been a natural choice for shadow Minister of Transport. Alas, Pakatan could not produce even a pale Shadow of a Cabinet and, fortunately, at least for some in the transport sector and for the politicians in BN, YB Wee is no longer with Pakatan Rakyat. Still, MAS and Air Asia cannot afford to shut him out any longer. Read his latest posting on AJ & Rashdan: What "COST-CUTTINGS"? - Part 1. The keyword is "Part 1", which means the YB is not letting go. Notice how many times he called Rashdan, "Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar's crony"? And if those guys up there have forgotten, let me remind them that it was YB Wee who actually gave life to the VK Lingam saga (that became a big election issue last GE) by producing the lawyer's brother and pitting him against lawyer. It was not Anwar Ibrahim's handiwork, it was YB Wee's. I suggest those guys up there E N G A G E the YB constructively (and quickly, preferably before the Part 4 of his current series of postings). 

Already, more than half of the questions he is going to ask in next Parliament (which would probably be the last before the 13th General Election) are on MAS and Air Asia. Read Parliamentary Questions for March Session 2012.


  1. Datuk,

    Saya harap 17 juta ini akan menjadi inspirasi kepada Blogger-Journo-Supremo ini untuk terus menyumbang dalam bloggosfera SOPO Malaysia dan membimbing blogger seperti saya.

    Peranan, sumbangan dan kepimpinan Datuk amatlah dihargai.

  2. Salam Datuk,

    17 mil and still counting.

    Why am I not surprised?

    Hearty congrats!

    Very best regards

  3. Assalam Dato.
    Tahniah.Blog yang saya mulakan dengan memaki hamun kini telah beransur ansur mencari jalan untuk dikenali bukan kerana maki hamun saya tapi isu yang saya ketengahkan.

    Tidak mungkin saya mampu menjadi sehebat Dato,tapi blog Bru memberi saya semangat untuk berusaha menjadi terbaik mungkin dan mencipta identiti saya sendiri tanpa perlu memaki hamun.

    Tahniah sekali lagi.

  4. i"m going for 17mil as well..
    so u need to link my blog in urs Datuk...ahaks!!!

    Thanks in advance Datuk

  5. Anonymous9:17 am


    Wonder how many of the 17 Million were intent to berating you!!

  6. Anonymous10:21 am

    Latuk Locky:

    Your buddy Wee Choo Keong is finished. He won't be YB for much longer. Maybe you should persuade Najib not to call elections so as to prolong the parliamentary life of your buddy ?

    Don Corleone

  7. Anonymous11:17 am

    But congratulations on reaching the 17 million milestone. You must move away from the dark side of the Force

    Don Corleone

  8. Anonymous11:23 am

    Yb Wee's crusade just goes on to prove that a poltician can do so much if he stays independent. Any ruling party has its share of
    thieves ..eager to enter the country's treasury and loot it. The longer they are there...
    Party's whip ensures compliance .And if the head is the biggest scoundrel ..
    We voters can see this and will vote in more of Wee's genre.
    Stay independent Wee and help save d country
    from the thieves.

  9. "If YB Wee Choo Keong had remained in Pakatan Rakyat and PR had been able to establish a Shadow Cabinet, the MP for Wangsa Maju would have been a natural choice for shadow Minister of Transport."

    If he's that good, and there's not a shred of track record to show he knows his elbow from his arse, then why not UMNO/BN and Dr.Imelda Birkin Rosemajib offer him the Minister of Transport post today? Let's see how he performs in the dying days of this Govt.

    After all. it's long been rumoured that UMNO/BN bailed out WCK's family debts to the tune of $ millions, not to mention sponsoring 2 gaji buta trips to the UN General Asembly AFTER he did a frog and backstabbed PKR.

    As for WCK's "List of Questions" do remember that it is UMNO/BN and Khazanah run by their cronies who are accountable for any shenanigans at MAS, NOT Anwar Ibrahim or PKR or Pakatan or Tony Fernandez.

    And really, does WCK know what he's talking about? The finance post at MAS was vacant, so where is the extra cost in replacing personnel? Cancellation of routes to Buenos Aires, Joburg, Indon etc. - all reports indicate MAS was losing money here. And man for man, MAS has been overstaffed by about 30% for the LAST 20 YEARS!

    If MAS does not chop now, then it will close down for good soon. MAS should not be a social welfare case!!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human race

  10. Anonymous12:53 pm

    ingatkan rm 17juta Azman the supermokh gave you to shut up yr blog!!!!

  11. Anonymous1:20 pm


    Ya la tu... Konon nya You lagi Popular dari Datuk Azman...

    Hmmm wonder how many of the 17 million kutuk your ideas..

  12. Jasper Bloodstone1:36 pm


    YB Wee is woefully ignorant of the realities of the global aviation industry.

    The Skilly dude has posed several questions in the various threads on YB Wee's blog.

    Yet the YB has chosen to duck the questions and avoided giving straight answers thereto.

    So, let me ask YB Wee these simple, straightforward questions:

    - Do you have anything personal against Tony Fernandes?

    - Why are you targetting AirAsia with multiple allegations of alleged malfeasance and wrong doing?

    - What are your credentials that allow you to conment on the MAS-AirAsia tie-up?

    - Have you attended any briefings by aviation industry analysts and experts on the subjects of AirAsia and the proposed restructuring of MAS?

    - Why have you not acknowledged the role that government policies had in contributing to the problems at MAS?

    The bottom line is that YB Wee does not appear to be an impartial commentator as far as Tony Fernandes, AirAsia and MAS are concerned.

  13. Jasper Bloodstone1:52 pm


    Going off-topic, Nik Aziz has stated unequivocally that Israel is an "illegal" state.

    I wonder what convoluted leap of logic inspired him to arrive at this conclusion?

    And why he is dipping his fingers and toes into Middle East politics?

    Maybe realities on the ground don't matter to zealots, regardless of the religions that they espouse!

  14. Anonymous6:40 pm

    Just too bad YB Wee is a frog and he will be remembered just for that.A frog..


  15. Anonymous8:43 pm

    Wck?'re one pathetic person rocky.

  16. Anonymous9:09 pm

    Go WCK Go! You did right to leave the devil. Just make sure you remain Independent. Do not join the other devil!!

  17. Anonymous9:32 pm

    First, the congrats for the 17 million. The anti-everything folks probably contributed most of the figures.

    Secondly, to double that figure, just say bad things about the establishment.

    Thirdly, to triple up in a jiffy, just point out some flaws from the anti-everything jokers.

    It must be remembered that the anti-everything group incorporated can only accept their self centered views. Others are their enemies. They will defend their leaders even if they are seen with their fly open. So, you must thank these idiots for your success.

    As an example, Wee C.K was such a hero, man of principles, king of the world and all the nice adjectives put together when he was in Pakatan Rebel.

    The moment he saw how the rebels operate which is only lip orgasm and left, alakazam..... the usual SOP of character assassination comes to play. Chandra M, Zulkifli, Hassan, and many more were subject to the same SOP.

    But it really surprises, how the followers still want to believe in empty promises. It gives them hope, I guess. Just like dreaming of winning the lottery.

    So, it is akin to followers of the Magic Stone. It is difficult to come out of the trance.


  18. Anonymous11:13 pm

    Go here to check on the onwership of shares in the airline.

    Google for this name and you will know who he is.

    This is also a harmless deal?

    And you know what? You should google for Nor Ashikin binti Khamis to know who she is, and to understand the red connection.

    And if you do research, you will know how the shares were made available for purchase.

    You need to find out who sold it in the open market and - maybe thats why 6% dividends were declared recently to contributors>

    Then tell, if WCK is correct in making noise.

  19. Mustapha Ong6:26 am

    Salam Bru,

    Wow! it's indeed commendable for Rocky's bru to have achieved 17 million hits from a nobody with a humble beginning. Today, there is lots of difference in your interface and being a "Datuk" helps to open up many doors and windows and not necessary through political patronage.Congratulations and keep the flag flying.

    Let me digress a bit and comment on being somebody's crony. In Malaysia boleh, one will not survive without being part of cronyism, but at least better than"Ali-Baba Model" or Mr. Percentage.

    Having said that, not everyone can be a crony but only the chosen ones. Looking back, every prime minister and ministers have their own cronies, directly or indirectly through the act of nominees, both locally and abroad.

  20. Anonymous2:55 pm

    Donplaypuks 12.15pm


  21. Anonymous11:04 pm

    Ah, you blocked an evidence that is public knowledge on the KLSE website - which was registered as a comment in this blog article.



  22. Jasper Bloodstone5:27 pm


    I am sure you are keeping tabs on the trials and tribulations of TRE in Singapore.

    TRE is the successor to the Temasek Review website (much beloved by the warrior dude) that went defunct last year.

    After all, it's no joke to keep on receiving lawyer's letters, as the unfortunate editor of TRE is finding out.

    Could something similar happen in Malaysia to all the bloggers who rock the boat?

  23. 17 million! Simply awesome. I can almost hear Azman and his cronies squealing in pain.

  24. Jasper Bloodstone2:05 pm


    I note that YB Wee CK is still banging on about MAS and AirAsia despite his credentials to comment on this subject being questioned by skilly and yours truly.

    And that he has chosen not to answer the several questions posed by us, in spite of theirs relevance to the subject.

    (of course, if the questions are irrelevant or erroneous, then all YB Wee has to do is say why they are so, in his opinion).

    It makes me wonder if YB Wee's blog is, unknowingly perhaps, serving the agendas of those with other axes to grind.