Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"I believe"

Anas Zubedy, the dude who dared describe Haris Ibrahim's ABU as "unthinking" and "potentially destructive", has sent out a plea to fellow Malaysians to join him in a more sober but powerful way of electing their representative during the next general election. Where Haris is all for Pakatan Rakyat and any political party as long as it's not Umno, Anas refuses to be tied down by partisan politics. His initiative is about electing the best MPs and Aduns regardless of party. When we get the best, he writes, it does not matter which party they are from.

Anas promotes changing Malaysians and Malaysian politics for the better - "with love, care and mindfulness, not with anger and hatred". His way, therefore, will not go down well with many of you. As for me, I believe Anas will prevail.

Do you believe?

Anas Zubedy's I Believe

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