Thursday, February 02, 2012

The Bayan Mutiara mystery and affordable homes that cost RM220k

Pic A: Dr Mahathir dons Esquire's cover for February

Pic B: "Tear here" and turn the page, and someone familar's red lips, jaw and nostrils get a brainy top

Pic C: Ah, it's Guan Eng on the second or flip cover of the same magazine 

Blogger SatD, by now well-known for his superb research faculties, has urgent queries for Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng following his announcement of a mega project that he hopes "will put to rest accusations that the state government does not care for the welfare of the Penangites".

How did the same RM30 million project announced by the previous state government suddenly costing RM800 million?

In his recent state budget, Guan Eng spoke about a plan to build affordable homes costing RM72,000 to RM220,000. There was no mention of a budget for affordable homes costing RM42,500 to RM72,000? Where is the money coming from and was this an afterthought?

Please read why SatD thinks Guan Eng is not telling us the whole story, h e r e. Please go there to leave comments as well.