Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why pardon the so-called small fry?

Macamana nak bersih korupsi?

At the third Pakatan Rakyat's convention in Kedah over the weekend, Ambiga Sreenevesan delivered a speech on behalf of the NGOs. Many saw it as a thinly-veiled cover, a prelude to her entry into the political arena just ahead of the 13th General Election. That may or may not be true and is one of the things to watch, but what let some of us down was the easy way out she's promoting in the nation's fight against graft.
Ambiga said Pakatan should also consider setting up an independent body similar to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of South Africa, to implement a policy to par- don the “small fry” involved in corruption cases. 
The former Bar Council chairman said: “We must punish the big fishes, but we can forgive the ‘small fry’ so that we can move forward without any obstacles.” 
The Mole spoke to several people concerned with corruption and came up with Big or Small, It's A Crime. Nobody, not even the people from DAP or PAS, agreed with Ambiga.  
"No one should dismiss or condone corrupt practices simply because it is deemed to be small.” - Tan Sri Ismail Adam, MACC Advisory Board member 
“In any set up, if the top officer is strongly against corruption then the junior ones would not dare dabble in corrupt practices." - Prof Khoo Kay Khim 
“It does not matter it was done by whom. We must prosecute all who practice corruption without fear or favour." - DAP's Tan Seng Ghiaw 
“Maybe what Ambiga meant was we need to focus on big cases because usually the people behind it were protected but I believe she did not mean small cases must be dismissed totally."  - PKR's Zuraida Kamaruddin

Maybe Ambiga should explain what she really meant. 

And when she gets to it,  does, let us know what inspired her to think of the Truth and Reconcilliation Commission of South Africa, which Steven Bko's family had described as  "a vehicle for political expediency" which "robbed" them of their right to justice.


  1. If she can distinguish between big fry and small fry, she surely can distinguish between the dominant Malay/Muslim state which determines the character and law of the nation, including its anti-sodomy provisions and the small fry here who may be dominant in India. Is she not capable of defining what her problem-space is?

    But, then, one's logic, even one of impressive Brahminic pedigree, can get warped when in the service of AC/DC power.

  2. Anonymous2:09 pm

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    Little wonder she attracts the slimypoops of society, baruas like Niki Aziz or BARua Councils with little sense between their earlobes. What an ugly lousy cunt!

    Warrior 231

  3. Anonymous4:08 pm

    it's always easy to speak on popular topics which are of interest to the public at large gatherings as the crowd normally are there to hear sweet words and more so the speaker knows that the crowd will not ask questions..No Q &A session.Ambiga as a lawyer will appreciate that Corruption is corruption and Pakatan will not be able to bring back the so called "Illict" funds as these funds are fully accounted for...What Ambiga and gang should do (instead of protesting on the streets)is to look at Selangor,Penang and Kedah and indentify the corrupt practices/casses of the BN government pre 2008.Think the public are now realising that there will be no change in attitude of Pakatan if it comes to power...Now they are in power and yet they talk of corruption and transperancy...Hope Ambiga is not under the spell of Pakatan Leaders as she is fast loosing her credebility as an independant voice

  4. Anonymous4:35 pm

    Hello Aci Ambiga,

    You go fight against your 2000yrs caste system first, then come back and talk to us, maybe you can get full respect from all Malaysians....

    If that one you cannot help solve, don,t try to be funny OKAY?


  5. Anonymous4:58 pm

    "Why pardon the so-called small fry?"

    to get faster ticket to Putrajaya! PKR is simply full of SXXT!

    Nepotisme? well, let's see...

    Ketua Umum - anwar
    presiden - wan jijah
    naib presiden - izzah


  6. Ambiga gone ambigau . . .

  7. Anonymous5:15 pm


  8. Anonymous5:16 pm

    I am not sure what she meant but if it were up to me I would give a blanket amnesty to everyone - big, small and medium. I would then ensure full enforcement thereon and anyone caught for corruption will face the full brunt of the law. No more meddling by politicians 'upstairs' or MACC waiting for 'seruan' to prosecute. You do it, you pay for it. Going after old cases will be too taxing and divert attention and energy away from nation building. Mimi

  9. Jasper Bloodstone5:46 pm

    Heh, heh - the warrior dude is frothing at the mouth again....

    Much like those of the canine persuasion whose bark is worse than their bite...or like those whose ambitions and desires far, far outweigh their abilities and talents.

    Whee, I am on a roll here.

    I am just wondering if the small fries are thinking they can get away with petty corruption, nickel and dime stuff, when those in the higher echelons are literally rolling in filthy lucre. After all, monkey see monkey do, is a bedrock tenet of the political-business nexus in Malaysia.

    I kind of suspect that warrior-san must have missed out on the gravy train, hence the angst-filled diatribes that are rehashes of his past posts - a standard template, if you will, of response by rote.

    Btw, I note that the Philippines Senate is debating the possible impeachment of the country's Chief Justice. Politics as usual in a fellow Asean member?

  10. Anonymous6:57 pm

    Yeah, we'd be so occupied with catching the big fish that we won't have time for small fish. Big fish like Scorpene commissions, Alstom commissions on power plants, defence contract commissions, Istana contract, Hospital Contracts, stadium contracts, tollroad contracts, timber concessions....

    Wow, the lawyers will have a field day, and lots of people will have to jump to Perth, London and Canada.

    Don't worry lah, Locky. Your boss gave you a small deal, and that doesn't qualify as corruption. You are being paid for services, and you have done admirably for Najib. He himself can't expect immunity though.


  11. Ambigas... prominent ops.... a lawyer, a perfectionist, a holier than thou ... bla bla ... failed to choose the KOREK phrase / word??

    and need ZURAIDA to get it done ??? a prate... a bla bla (u know what)

    Sewel aku dibuatnyer!!!

  12. Anonymous8:22 pm

    she also said setting up a committee to categorise the small fry / big fry...

    Its an idea, so Pakatan will not get held back by vengeance but into building up the country which is quite noble.

    Looking at MACC's result you will know why her suggestion is a good one.

    But of cause if you think the corruption in this country is almost non-existence, then you would obviously disagree with her to pardon anyone....


  13. Anonymous9:31 pm

    Warrior 123 you will be for ever remembered.

  14. Anonymous9:38 pm

    Jasper you are right,

    If you look closely its the Warrior-san's arse that's spewing and consistently followed by TOKKOCK, TOKKOCK, TOKKOCK....Must be surrounded by Orang-Utans....that never washed for 48 hours after play-play!!!!


  15. Anonymous9:39 pm

    Praxis - fuck off you sick subsidized lazy ass cunt...first earn your own dollar...minus the crutches...then you talk...

  16. pDkArP7:35 am

    bravo warrior..

  17. Anonymous8:08 am

    Aiyo Minaci Ambiga.....just saylah you want PKR or DAP to send you letter of offer to stand as a candidate. Apa nama mau sorok2 belakang sari?
    Saya ingat you dapat mimpi you jadi Indira Ghandi Malaysia ya? Kalu you angkat MP dan Pakatan Rempit kalu angkat PutraJaya, saya ingat you mau masuk juta2 yindia imigrant kasi kerja sini dan kasi juga itu law kasi itu taruh belakang punya orang tempat OK sebab itu AlJuburi Darama King sudah kasi cakap kalu dia PM dia kasi tukat itu law belakang taruh punya.
    Aiyoyo... kalu itu jadi, saya kasi tau sama you jaga2 kalu mau kutip kertas jatuh lantai bila itu AlJuburi ada depan lu ya?
    Nanti dia kasi sumbat juga...saya ingat dia tarak rasa Yindia punya reverse belakang lah.
    Sekarang saya dengar you mau kasi traffic jam lagi mau bikin Bersih baru kah? Aiyoyo... ini Yindia orang punya, kasi protes protes saja hidup ka?
    Ada 3 Yindia..boleh bikin union orang cakap.
    Ada orang kasi tahu sama you ka minaci..kalu you jalan 2 dalam hutan, jumpa cobra dan Yindia... mana you kasi hantam dulu?

  18. Warrior 231...you're anak SUNDAL alright!

  19. Warrior 231...you're anak SUNDAL alright!

  20. Anonymous8:58 am

    Congratulations on showing your true faces. You are rude, insincere and incapable of a putting up a decent argument as to why the law should apply to all corrupt officials and so you dscend to abuse. Now also we know how desperate you guys are. Perhaps a declaration of interest on your part is too much to ask?

    (PS: I am not a member of any party and will not be voting for the Opposition)

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  23. Skilgannon10664:35 pm

    Hey, warrior-san

    "high life in glitzy joints and swanky pads...."?

    We are not talking about who bought a luxury apartment in the Scotts Square condo development in Singapore, are we?

    Or the assorted VVIPs that the brumeister referred to in another posting?

    And if your inanely tiresome drivel shows up your frustration at missing out on the gravy (or is it sambal belachan) train, then sorry, brudder, you gotta work on them connections at the acme of the biz-politics nexus in the country.

    Wow, on a roll here.....

    As for the "peter ho" pathetic fraudster, I called him out on the question of sovereign ratings, not only to be greeted by a complete and abject silence.

    Which only goes to show that small-minded fools can only rely on the dubieties of racist verbosity to put across their picayune arguments that, on balance, amount to a heap of steaming doo-doo!

    Put up, brudder, or call your PM a misguided idealist (I would have used a stronger term, but that would have offended the brumeister's sensitivities).

  24. man on da street6:59 pm

    To the self styled "Malaysian Hypocrite" former chairman of the Malysian Bar Council, PLEASE , PLEASE give back / return your Datukship,with dignity. It a'int worth it . If need be, consult to that has been of a person of a sleepy watchdog who recommended you for that Datukship. You're disgracing that title. When it was honored to you ,was for your work while you're the chairperson, any issues with the sleepyhead at that time? ! During the Bersih 2.0 , the issue during the meeeting with the past YDP, you manipulated also what? Any comment auntie? The sleepy head was not without issues, aplenty I think, until kena "elegant silent" fade out from that PM post what! Why that time auntie you don't make noise, only heard yes sir, three bag fulls sir?

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    Penembak Babi (Bull's Eye)

    Yang aku nak gelak...sikalang tak mau compare city state dengan nation state...baru dapat akae ke atau takut comparison tunjuk betapa mundurnya city state gua perompak, lanun, moneylaunderer, prostitute dan gangsta itu? Dulu asyik tibai Malaysia dengan compare sama itu City state boleh? Bilo kena londeh sebagai babi, tukaq cerita, kona kat lain, pukimak babi ptui cibai!. Ini babi dan ular koling rolled into one fucking babi!!!Lidah bercabang pungguk bertahi!!

    End of the story for soon after the Chingkie wretch runs and hides his ashamed self behind a new nick: Jasper Bloodstone. Ah the shame of a Chingkie pig unmasked appropriately by a pig hunter. Priceless folks...priceless!!

    Warrior 231

  26. Anonymous9:34 am

    Haiyaa Skilly Anon+13

    Year of the Dragon in just few days, lu mau semua ONG tarak masuk ke.

    Don't try to be funny here OKAY.. Singapore got space for you to play kites or not?


  27. Jasper Bloodstone12:41 pm

    Nope, I ain't gonna indulge your warped fetishes by running away. Nor will Skilly, I think.

    Your pathetic posturing is obviously designed to deflect attention from the paucity of your views.

    Racist drivel to hide a contempt for Malaysians not of a certain hue, ethnicity or persuasion. You can't get more freaking basic than that.

    And I will call you out by stating here that the much-vaunted Iskandar Malaysia project will sink without support from Singapore.

    Challenge me on this? Then start by telling "Ah Jib Gor" not to make such a big thing of pushing cooperation with Singapore, where, as we all know, vile things happen, and where Malaysian Tatler noteworthies are perfectly willing to spend their hard-earned ringgit

    No gravy train here, eh? Looks like you missed out big time, on the cornucopia when the spigots were turned on!

    Sorry, lah - maybe your "cables" weren't attached to the right posteriors!

  28. Anonymous4:30 pm

    lawywe bingai yang puak dia berlambak kat "BAR" council

  29. Anonymous6:40 pm

    Dei Jasper + Skillmoron

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    Better to acknowledge the shitness of yourself, pig than trying to oink threats and snout invective like a mad and cornered sus barbatus. oh yeah, I got to go cos the gravy train is waiting...oops whistling....my god the wheels are turning...blimey its moving.... Station master..hold that train will yah, my arse is hurting!!hahahahahahahahaha...

    Chingkie dolts will forever be Chingkie dolts for there is nothing but swill between their ears (Confucious in the Anal-Acts : chapter 7 verse 16)

    Warrior 231

  30. Anonymous12:52 am

    Warrior, you're awesome. Heck, where are your usual sidekicks like Anti Whatever and fellow Warriors?

    Skilly and Jesper, both of you are errr..BORING. Repeating the same old thing, trying to 'angkat' Singapore, but IMHO, even true blue Singaporeans find you IRRITATING!! LOL! Podah!

    - Warrior's cousin

  31. Anonymous11:01 pm

    if u spend too much time prosecuting small fries. the big ones will escape. Ambiga has a point.

  32. Anonymous12:21 pm

    P-eliwat K-ote R-akus

  33. Anonymous9:57 pm

    Ambiga is talking NONSENSE, all out to incubate disorder.
    Rape salah molest tidak apa. Ayo yo achi winedei!!

  34. Anonymous9:58 pm

    Ambiga is talking NONSENSE, all out to incubate disorder.
    Rape salah molest tidak apa. Ayo yo achi winedei!!

  35. Anonymous3:43 pm

    Hey Warrior's cousin

    agree with you - jas and skilly are BORING

    warrior is superb