Friday, January 20, 2012

What Guan Eng didn't tell us (or didn't know) about his asset declaration

... Lim said the MACC could not be trusted, and urged the federal government to follow in the footsteps of Penang by appointing an independent audit firm to oversee the asset declarations.

“I feel the MACC is a tool of the BN. That’s why we (Penang government) never asked the MACC... our assets are verified by KPMG, an international independent audit firm... because I think they have more standing that MACC,” said Lim. - Guan Eng: Ministers, not kin, must declare assets, Malaysian Insider, Jan 19

If the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission  is a tool of the Barisan Nasional, as alleged by the Penang Chief Minister, shouldn't many of the Opposition leaders have been behind bars for alleged corruption. Especially since the judiciary is believed to be under the control of the BN, too. Oh, and the police, also, don't forget.

Seng Giaw: DAP's BN tool in MACC?
But why did the MACC go after Khir Toyo so relentlessly, and how come its predecessor, the Anti-Corruption Agency or ACA, went after so many BN leaders, including at least two other MBs? Why is a Tun from MCA, a BN component party, in court defending himself against MACC charges? 

Guan Eng praises the KPMG sky-high and runs down this fellow Malaysians on the MACC but didn't he know that the MACC and KPMG work closely together, including jointly organizing training for graft fighting? 

And does not he know that two former KPMG experts, including this dude responsible for setting up the KPMG's forensic audit unit in Malaysia, are sitting on the MACC's advisory panels?

Salahudin: Another BN tool in MACC?
I happen to know that the staff of the KPMG Guan Eng  is bragging about were all trained by this ex-KPMG dude, who is now overseeing the MACC's forensic audit operations.

I also happen to know that the so-called asset declarations the KPMG did for Guan Eng's Penang were NOT done via Statutory Declaration. In other words, dear Readers, Guan Eng's asset declaration is just a piece of paper and not a legal document.

See, this is what happens when a politician talks cock all the time: he makes an asset of himself.

p.s. Ah, I almost forgot, respected professionals sit on MACC panels, including people who are very critical of the BN even if they don't think much of Pakatan Rakyat. I'm sure Guan Eng is well aware that Tan Seng Giaw and Salahudin Ayub are advising the MACC. By his own logic,  the seasoned DAP campaigner and and PAS strongman are "tools" of the BN as well and can't be trusted? 


  1. Anonymous7:24 pm

    If Guan Eng was smart he would have been a rich businessman by now. Sama mcm bapak dia la...semua bodo lo...

  2. Anonymous7:31 pm

    ha rocky,
    everybody knows that everything is under BN control except you refuse to undestand and belief... opposition can be dead for RM2400 but BN can be Free even after 240 million .. the rakyat knows..of course u will not understand..!

  3. Anonymous7:33 pm

    Akau Anak Apek ni suka cakap berbuih2 ,

    Sikalang mai kita tengok CNYear dia nak ngeyoh suruh ban tak ching chong ding dong ting tong lion dance?

    Apa maciam Andaratu Kok? Amoy tua atak setuju ke?


  4. Anonymous7:34 pm

    aiyaa, rocky.
    people and bloggers have proven Guan Eng wrong again and again.

    Only nik aziz aka nyanyuk dan sudah mau mampus and
    ANUwar ibrahim likes him.
    both are dumb and dumber

  5. Jasper Bloodstone7:44 pm

    Question - why KPMG and not another of the Big 4 international accounting firms?

    How did KPMG get selected to work with the MSC? Was there a competitive bidding exercise and did KPMG submit the lowest bid?

    Or was it a "directed project" justifiable because of some special and relevant expertise offered by KPMG?

    Why didn't the MACC get technical help from other well-established anti-corruption agencies, like those in Hong Kong, Australia, the UK or US? Surely they would have a broader range of relevant and specific expertise than a broad brush for-profit international accounting firm?

    But, I suppose that if both the MACC and the DAP chose to work with KPMG, it would be an innocuous matter of great minds thinking alike!

  6. Anonymous7:57 pm

    This is because MACC only go for the small fish. As small as Teoh BH with alleged bribe of RM2k and managed to eliminate him as well. Khir Toyo is just a collateral damage in order to boost the MACC image. This is the price he had to pay for losing Selangor, sort of a punishment by UMNO. If MACC is independent, they should go after the big shark like Sharizat family and those involved in the NFC scandal. They should also investigate the military equipment deal like the patrol ship and submarine in an open manner to clear the BN name.

  7. Anonymous8:01 pm

    But Bro the Greatest talk cock guys must be the Goons from UMNO, pasal lembu pun cannot get their story straight.MACC used to stand for Malaysian Agency for Cows and Cars, but cannot get their act together on the lembu issue.

  8. Anonymous8:03 pm

    what did they charge that disneyland going toyol bastard with? Relentless pursuit? Maybe up your lazy ass style..but not in the real world MAT!

  9. Anonymous8:15 pm

    You still can have doubt. Sometimes you still hide under the carpet...

  10. Advising? whats the role of an adviser? Their power?

  11. Anonymous9:38 pm

    S.K. Song of Johor say Lim Kit Siang is worse than Mao Tze Dong. Lee Lam Thye did mentioned that when "I left DAP there is no turning back. See what they did to me".

    "All DAPs are bloody fuckers" say one of previous senior DAP leader.

  12. Anonymous10:29 pm

    yeah right, MACC is not under BN. How come they are so quiet about Sarawak Report's revealation of the abuse and many corruption in Sarawak?

  13. Anonymous10:46 pm

    Guan eng is DAP' mat sabu. Alike and similar

  14. Anonymous11:12 pm

    I think Malaysians are more interested to read about BN Minsters declaring their assets. Rocky should probe into that.

  15. Anonymous1:13 am

    Aiya, Latuk Locky:

    What did they charge Toyol with ? What was the penalty ? 12 months jail, and after his appeal is heard, they might have to let him go evenn if the appeals court finds him guilty. What did they charge Ling Liong Sik with ? Misleading the cabinet ? Doesn't look like they will win that case. Even if they win, what's the penalty ? 12 months ? You know how rich the Ling family is ?

    You guys think that we don't know the meaning of the word "sandiwara" ? MACC caused the death of 2 good men, and no one from MACC has even been indicted.

    Shame on you, Latuk.


  16. Anonymous1:16 am

    Lim Guan Eng ini bodoh.
    Hanya pandai batu api.
    Ini semua orang tahu.

    Kalau dia pandai, dia suday hire itu SatD untuk Public Relations dia.
    Ada fact punya.
    Sekarang punya orang diadalam itu Public Relations semua bodoh-bodoh belaka!
    Ramai saja orang tapi takde fact!
    Bodoh punya Guan Eng.

    Anyway, Hidup-Hidup!
    Hidup Daddy!

  17. Anonymous4:06 am

    a well written piece,we malaysians should try and see the balancing act the Government is trying to do..its never easy to run a country anywhere in the world in current times where everyone has an opinion eventhough the opinion could be the most absurd and far fetched..
    Enforcement Agencies are always the punching bags and they never bother replying or correcting the wrong that is passed around...i think civil servants are aware that politicians will say anything just to be in the the saying goes...any news is news irrespective of the accuracy of the info...

  18. Anonymous8:12 am

    If MACC can detect the irregularities in LGE assets ,after clean declaration by KPMG.

    Means that what LGE worship of so-called transparent KPMG is nothing more than banana republic auditor. Furthermore the later need not to answer to anyone...

  19. Anonymous9:14 am

    Bru, maybe you tell us why BN ministers not declaring their assets.

    Takut rakyat dapat heart attack ke?

  20. wooii..Godfather apasal lu bodoh..itu cina ahbeng terjun banguna la....bukan org tolak la...!lu masih lagi bodoh x dpt beza fact dgn nak dgr fact dari mana??..dari forensik dari ayam thaika??..forensik itu pun fail kat thai jugak....hujah dia ditolak oleh court thai apa.....
    Lu tnya la member2 dap lu la...saper suluh telejun...pasal sama2 mau makan syer..ahbeng jadi mangsa.....boloh la lu....
    ahbeng ada kena torture ka ??..xda apa....cuma torture saikologi ja la bodoh.....itupun nak kena dakwa ka bodoh....kalo x tahan kena torture..jgn makan rasuah la bodoh.....
    all DAPing are stupid...and stupid

  21. Anonymous12:00 pm

    rocky bro,

    Precisely, PR has been sitting in three states since 2008 and yet unable to provide solid evidence of corrupt practices by BN for the last 50 years in these states....despite having all these "foreign experts" helping them...i suspect whatever they touch they see Anwar's fingerprints of days gone-by, only he knows how he corrupted people to win his UMNO promotions.

    PR should start looking for a better candidate to be their Head as BN will have a field day if (for the benefit of dreamers)they are the opposition..

  22. Anonymous12:02 pm

    bro, like how you spell ass-et

  23. Anonymous12:06 pm

    atuk Rocky,

    I think BN can win big votes if they initiate capital punishment for those involved in bribery, just like drugs related offences. Afterall, Quran does say that bribery is one of the major sins, worst than drug. What stops us?

    Hantu Gigi Jaran

  24. Anonymous12:26 pm

    Dear Datuk,
    You are a respected journalist. I suggest you conduct some research about the racism practiced at KPMG Malaysia and about how difficult it is for talented and hardworking Malays there to get promoted.

    1. Anonymous1:32 pm

      At the same time investigate quota for lazy ass bastards to get promoted just to fill a racial quota

  25. Anonymous12:28 pm

    This chingkies aa..
    Evrything done by others is wrong,
    Only them is trying to please thm is pointless... Like the saying goes bro, sperti melepaskan anjing tersepit.


  26. Guan Eng speaks with forked tongue.

  27. Anonymous12:52 pm

    Hello Batu Api / Volcanic Rock,

    Your article is an issue of credibility. As much as whether LGE/DAP Penang has subscribed to a credible process by choosing to go thru' KPMG instead of whether your scribe is tainted with a malicious attempt to spin?

    1. MACC as a tool of BN(read current political master)? - the jury is still out on this - observe the snailpace on NFC case.
    2. As for the police? - Deputy IGP (what's his name Khalid?) is a laughing stock on his comment relating to the NFC's case.
    3. Penang DAP Declaration of Assets? - not a legal document like SD....however an acceptable therefor credible enough declaration when subjected to an independent process by a professional accounting firm reknown as a keeper of corporate governance.

    As for the rest of the contents of your article the telltale is that it has no credibility and a bias and weak spin to discredit and insinuate.

    Hard luck mate....try again becauseits a season of spin doctors like you and the demented shitwarrior!!!

    Victoria - we are not amused.

  28. Don't criticize Lim Guan Eng, to many Chinese, he is GOD!! You want to be reincarnated as animal ke?

  29. Anonymous2:02 pm

    just a sendiwara which you and i know.. can MACC be trusted? i bet if you do a survey with general public then you will know what type of confidence level public have towards MACC.
    Smart or not , i think generally all people lives in Penang say they are happy with LGE with the execption of some Mamak who claims to be malay. anyway, these guys will always complains as contrat to them were stop and they cant seems to be competitive,thats why, you have perkasa type mamak in Penang. Do we trust what they say? ha toe is laughing and they are paid pretty well to make noise...

  30. Salam Tuan , harap dapat tuan link kan blog sy ke blog hebat tuan , blog tuan tlh sy link kan ke blog saya

  31. Anonymous2:44 pm


    Without SD the paper worth like toilet paper...u use it n u throw is..

    Is there a really accountable accounting firm.. The outcome of those report is based on their paymaster approval maa... Can koutim la...especially amongs chinkies..:) I right?


  32. Anonymous3:16 pm

    Datuk Rocky,

    This AhBeng trying to fool people?

    MACC vs KPMG? Here's one major difference:

    You pay KPMG to do a service for you, and you pay through your nose. These guys have to make money for their principals in the US also maa.

    In MACC's case, the boss is the people. You can get MACC to come in and do your asset declaration for free AhBeng. But you must be ready for the consequences.

    Are you ready for the consequences? Thought so ..

  33. Whoooo,....looks the whole ching bang of cybertroopers are out to make a kill. Election kamming soon....


    Rocky brader, Guan Eng lagi? Tak habis habis?

  34. kiasu4:19 pm

    DAP and Guang Eng fella all veli2 smart fellas playing perception to perfection!

    SD or no SD asset declaration not so much the issue. The Issue is why took almost 4 years to declare asset? Why?

    The reason I ask is, could it be coz he and gang declare only when they are ready to do so, by transferring all critical assets to their wife, children, mother, father, proxies and stakeholders during the 4 years period prior to the declaration. Is this possible to do?

    So why don't they declare assets of the spouses, children and those concern too, and over the last 4 years? Of course, if they have nothing to hide.

  35. Anonymous5:23 pm

    Malek & cingkie haters,

    Very very sad state of affairs....don't you comprehend that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west? And not the other way around!!! Frogs in the Coconut shell?

    Eulogising SD like PI Balakrisnan's ??? Give us a much money is that worth?

    Yes my Katak friends, ALL licensed accounting/audit firms subscribe to self-governance and code of (professional)ethics. Otherwise all the PLCs reports would not be worth the papers they are signed!!!.

    As legal entities these audit firms CAN BE SUED can we the Rakyat sue MACC?....and which toilet should we flush to find your ignoramus answer?).

    Case in point, there use to be a top 6 audit firm by the name of Arthur Andersen - it has now been delisted after the Enron case. Public confidence is still with the self-governance system...which you kataks would not understand because you don't very well subscribe to freedom and free enterprise.

    Talking about paying homage to your paymaster...remember the AG Report was conspicuously delayed for a good 2-3 weeks before it got tabled in Parliament..yes the very same AG Report which included the NFC's mess.

    Alas, what did Batu Api really didn't tell us (or didn't want us to know!!!)?

    Gong xi fatt cai

    Victoria (btw, we don't have a "Gloria" in the House)- really not amused.

  36. Anonymous6:47 pm


    You speak with a Christian's tongue

  37. Anonymous7:23 pm

    Ko tau tak SEKARANG,,,Orang Melayu sudah bole terima DAP,,,,ambik kau PEMIMPIN BN,,,,,!!!

    Dari dulu sampai kini BN kata DAP is PARTI Racist,,,,!!!!

    SEBENAR nya UMNO di Semenajung dah lama BERKUBOR,,,BN ni lagi RACIST,,

    To EX UMNO,,,,,jom ramai-ramai sokong DAP this coming Election,,!!!

    Mana ada CINA yang sanggup di PENJARA mempertahankan saorang gadis Melayu yang diROGOL oleh Melayu,,,,Thank U LGE,,!!

    -EX UMNO-

  38. Anonymous9:51 pm

    ketuk Rocky ! Seketul Rocky !! latuk Rocky !! berapa harga 1 kg Rocky !!

  39. Anonymous10:58 pm

    typical ah beng

  40. Anonymous1:06 am

    I BELIEVE pigs can climb trees.
    I BELIEVE cows live in expensive Bangsar condo.
    I BELIEVE Toyo is clean.
    I BELIEVE Unker Lin did not cheat.
    I BELIEVE what Latuk Rocky wrote in this article.

  41. Anonymous1:56 am

    wow Rocky!

    anon 7:31PM seems to know more than what we know!!

    10:29 PM, 9:14 AM,

    we the government servants must declare our assets every 5 year but not for show unless you're being summoned to court for a case...

    lge & da gang made this for a show...purely politics!

  42. my! oh my!!

    someone's licking lge's b***!!

    aiyak! only 2 persons also wanna BANG BANG BANG aa?

    see what type of Malays who have joined dap?

    those who cannot & will not be accepted in pas?

    those who are too afraid to join pgayr for being STRAIGHT?

    therefore, dap is the only place for them as one is a lawyer, a new member of bar council(?) which bar council is dap's togue & another is a writer who wants to learn to senang & depat cali makan maaaa bcoz by 2moro half d nation wud know them oledi!!!!

  43. Anonymous5:53 am

    Ah Pek,

    Dua telo rebus, roti kaya dan kopi o kau-kau punya.

    Rocky Relaxxxxx.

  44. kah..kah..kah...EXUMNO citer balik guan eng masuk penajara pasal sorg pompuan!tapi lu x citer kete nuar berahim dan tian chua langgar laki melayu sampai mati!!lu xciter keta adun sekinchan (Cina la)langgar seorg pemuda melayu......napa lu x citer??....sbb lu bodoh..

  45. Anonymous7:10 am

    kah..kah..kah...boleh terima DAPigs...kah..kah..kah....sok lusa kena tendang mcm budak suruhan teresa cakap mmg mcm DAPigs la...

  46. Anonymous12:21 pm

    Still awaiting for BN ministers and politicos to declare their assets...

    tick.. tock.. tick.. tock.. *yawn*

  47. Anonymous1:15 pm

    MACC is hopeless. If they are doing their parts, most of BN politicians are in jail.

  48. Aiya, one of your bad days is it bro? You write so badly here la....groping at straws almost. Rather unconvincing. Better get your act together...

  49. Anonymous2:21 pm

    DAP ok what.....menang banyak kerusi 2008, legal and registered with ROS. UMNO baru pulak macam mana? Anak luar nikah....macam itu pahlawan kartun!!!

    Cheapscape....orang surahan umno!!

  50. Anonymous4:34 pm

    If you are a thief when accused you will probably argue "If so how come so many of you still have money?"

  51. LGE is trying to make believe that DAP is better than any other political parties in Malaysia.LGE likes to condemn others but he is quick to react it someone goes again his grain. If someone criticizes him. If someone belittles him. He acts like a pampered child.He is ever ready to throw tantrums when someone oppose him.He is still a child that never want to grow up...

  52. Anonymous6:28 pm

    Dog And Pig

  53. Anonymous7:08 pm

    korang ni burung berak atas kepala pun cakap itu burung umno!!!!

  54. Anonymous7:24 pm


    What u says true. But why ure still living here? many cheating chingkies eh at your glorious country?...:)..cannot tahan eh?..

    All those professional code is just on paper.. The fact that u guys worship money more than anything, easily can buy the kpmg people what..all chingkies..
    if you say these people cannot be bought..truly u are the real katak maa..u have not been living in the real world..pity u..:) or ure just covering up for fellow chingkies...hmmmm?..:)

    'The auditor firm was being delisted after the ENRON case'.. Why they are delisted?.. Because they involved in manipulating the company audit.. So meaning, this so called international auditing firm cheat lah... Where's ur so called professional code?..aiyo ckp pusing2 la...

    PI Bala SD... Why pusing2?..ow wait a minute..its PI Bala..:)

    The AG report included the NFC cases didn't they? Any problem with that?

    Who say MACC can't be sue? U try la.. No one ever try maa...

    Its malique by the way..where got malik?..:)
    Not a chingkies hater..only hate kiasu and greedy chingkies..:) like gloria..:)

  55. Jasper Bloodstone9:33 pm

    Racist policies in KPMG Malaysia?

    Talented and qualified Malaysians (emphasis on Malaysians as opposed to a focus on particular ethnicities) not being promoted at that firm or not being put on a fast track to partnerships?

    Maybe, and this is a heretical thought, they are simply not good enough?

    Of course, any such suggestion would be greeted with howls of horror by those who believe that quotas and privileges are the way to go.

  56. Anonymous11:53 pm

    mcdonald is only good if it is a burger

    bugger lim

  57. Anonymous11:57 pm

    ha rocky,
    you are really becoming irrelevant and your articles have no substance

  58. Anonymous4:12 am


    Your recent blog post just proves that you are nothing but a BIGOT.

    Thank God I do not have any blood relations with you!

  59. Anonymous7:22 am

    Maleeekkk, maleekkk, maleeeekk, maleekkk, maleeekk,

    Oku suroh kou jago ayam bertolo kou main main dalam blog ini ajo! Banggang punyo budak ni!!

    Kou doga sini sikit boto boto Ojang!!

    Auntie Victoria ni asalnya orang Malaysia..duduk diSoromban, yang kou poi halau dio apa sal?? Nie Bapak kou sorang punyo negori ko? Banggang punyo budak!!

    Bukan semuo nyo macam kou, Malek, juaa tolo pon nak komisyen lobeh!!!...kou jangan ajo momandai tudoh orang suko borasuah....kou apo bezonyo. Suko bona moncarut dan membohong.

    Auntie Victoria cakop AA "delisted" sobab badan profesyenalnyo yang ada kuaso atas ahlinyo. Kou ni banggang la Malek, mano ada Auntie Victoria pusing2x....inilah dikato "self-governance", bahlol!!

    AG Repot pulo, sudah kono hijak oleh Kabinet, dua minggu sobolom maso parlimen...kou ni herti baco mat saleh ko tidak? Itu laa sokolah sampei dojah onam ajo. Banggang!!

    Ooo lupo pulak....MACC tu badan kerajaan...kou sendiri sopo nak mandai-mandai saman badan kerajaan...mono ado undang-undang....Banggang, sokolah atap punyo budak.

    Udah lah moii jago ayam nie...dah nak botolo dah...nonti dopek jugo kou komisyen, doipado kou buang maso jago tolo Ibrahim katak!

    Makcik Milah Soromban,
    (Kawan sokolah Victoria)

  60. Anonymous7:31 am

    Burung Umno mana pandai berak?...

    tau cerit berit aje!! tau cerit berit aje!! tau cerit berit aje!!

    Macam itu BarkingBird.

  61. Anonymous11:20 am

    Apek accounting standards not same with the International Acceptable Accounting Standards, they work backwards wan...

    Fist step, they themselves decide how much tax they want to sacrifice (must declare little bit afterward IRD get suspicious wan!)

    From there only fill in figures upwards >>>>>

    Supporting documents for expenses, alamak, scribbled in Mandarin, botol kicap, makanan anjing, tissue calit pungkok, cuti2 bawa mistress ronda sana sini pun semua atak kasi masuk dalam claims...

    Haiyaa.. gua mayak tau semua trick, takkan LEG tak tau kut?


  62. Oh old fart, are you trying to be a bigot with ya brader?

    Why not spin it like Ibrahim Ali la bros, creative the very best. Trying to turn the NFC fiasco into racial issue and deflecting it like tai chi master. That rocks man! A least this old chap dares to put his head onto the way of the damoscle sword. Or maybe he is just a complete idiot.

    Defending the indefensible....hahaha

    I doubt you old fart nor brader rocky dares to go there, no?

  63. Anon 1120 p.

    Innuendo could be a form of defamatory statement.

    KPMG can sue for defamation.


  64. Anonymous2:01 pm

    LEG??....Apa LEG???...KAKI ka?...Kaki merapuuuu ka?

    Otak tarak center punya nie orang.

    Tax avoidance bukan tax evasion brader!!! International (takde acceptable) Accounting standards konon...Balek darjah satu lah.


  65. Anonymous5:24 pm

    Sure Rocky, most Politicians often talk cock most of the time and they are mainly from UMNO, this you forgot to emphasize or maybe you dare not for fear of losing your source of income, just a thought.

  66. Anonymous7:05 pm

    Cik milah..:)..

    Comei botul cik milah marah..tapi ese raso cik milah ni bukan orng islam...orng islam x menghino orng.. Xdo eh perkataan buruk2...:)chingkies menyamar ek..:) bilo ese membohong..? Bilo ese mencarut.. X baik fitnah... Baik cik milah makan daging sodaro sondiri jo milah oi..:)

    Kalau orng sini, syng lah nogaro sondiri... Orng nak buat baik sumo kono hino..duk monghino nogori sendiri... X ko baik balik kampng eh sondiri... Malu jadi orng nogori..
    Jago tolo ayam pun xpo cik milah..rozoki halal... Bukan eh ese monipu sano sini...:)

    Ese paham maksud gloria tu.. Maksud ese knpo dio kono delisted?.. Pasai monipu kan?... X kesah lah sapo yg delisted kan...jadi auditor ni xdo lah malaikat sgt x monipu...:)

    Hospital kalau cuai buleh kono saman x?..pulis kalau kalau buat slah kono saman x?.. Napo MACC x bulei?..apo dalil eh?...:) xdo lah x pandai sgt ese ni.. Pandai.. Paham bahaso..:)

    Kalau lah kato eh kono hijack...masuk jugak kes NFC tu dalam report tu..jadi apo masalah eh?..kalau kato nak sombunyikan kosalahan umno... Kluarkanlah...paham cik milah?.. Ko x paham laie? Nak ese ejokan?...kocian botul..

    Nak hino .. Hinolah lah cik milah... Orang pandai xdo eh nak main2 hino orng nih... Macam budak kocik..:)

    Malique lah jek milah... X paham bahaso jugo makcik ni... Sodap2 ayah se kasi namo...baco elok2 yo makcik...:)

  67. Anonymous7:05 pm

    Cik milah..:)..

    Comei botul cik milah marah..tapi ese raso cik milah ni bukan orng islam...orng islam x menghino orng.. Xdo eh perkataan buruk2...:)chingkies menyamar ek..:) bilo ese membohong..? Bilo ese mencarut.. X baik fitnah... Baik cik milah makan daging sodaro sondiri jo milah oi..:)

    Kalau orng sini, syng lah nogaro sondiri... Orng nak buat baik sumo kono hino..duk monghino nogori sendiri... X ko baik balik kampng eh sondiri... Malu jadi orng nogori..
    Jago tolo ayam pun xpo cik milah..rozoki halal... Bukan eh ese monipu sano sini...:)

    Ese paham maksud gloria tu.. Maksud ese knpo dio kono delisted?.. Pasai monipu kan?... X kesah lah sapo yg delisted kan...jadi auditor ni xdo lah malaikat sgt x monipu...:)

    Hospital kalau cuai buleh kono saman x?..pulis kalau kalau buat slah kono saman x?.. Napo MACC x bulei?..apo dalil eh?...:) xdo lah x pandai sgt ese ni.. Pandai.. Paham bahaso..:)

    Kalau lah kato eh kono hijack...masuk jugak kes NFC tu dalam report tu..jadi apo masalah eh?..kalau kato nak sombunyikan kosalahan umno... Kluarkanlah...paham cik milah?.. Ko x paham laie? Nak ese ejokan?...kocian botul..

    Nak hino .. Hinolah lah cik milah... Orang pandai xdo eh nak main2 hino orng nih... Macam budak kocik..:)

    Malique lah jek milah... X paham bahaso jugo makcik ni... Sodap2 ayah se kasi namo...baco elok2 yo makcik...:)

  68. Anonymous12:42 am

    Maleeeekkk, maleeekkk,

    Kou tak soda soda diri lagi ko? Udah lah jangan lah jadi mat saleh colop! Mano muzahap kou bolaja orang islam tak boleh hina orang islam topi boleh hina orang bukan islam? Cerita Enron, AG Repot, MACC semou ado dalam intonet ha....pokoknya apa yang nak di kokok kan ajo. Ongkou baco lah balek apo yang sudah ditulis oleh Victoria....ongkou ni copat lupo....selalu bona main sabon.

    Moleh oku layan kou Malek.....kalou dah baggang tu baggang jugak. Poii laa balek sokolah. Disobab ongkou ayam pun tak nak botolo lagi!

  69. Anonymous8:25 am

    Kocian cik milah..

    X torjwab dah yo... X terpusing dek kau yo?..

    Bangang pun bangang la cik milah oi.. Asai jgn munafik, jangan kufur... :)

    Malique lah cik milah syang.. Dalam ic malique.. Xdo eh orng putih colup.. Namo boto... Ese x main sombunyi2 namo ni...:) ponakut..

  70. Anonymous11:52 am

    Even if respectable people sits on the advisory panel as rocky said, it is just that, i.e. advisory! Their advice need not necessarily be accepted and implemented. However, thanks for telling everybody that these people sits on their advisory panel.

  71. Anonymous11:49 am

    IC pendatang haram ka?....Malique?

    Sudah bikin itu PATI...poh?

    Poh-poh...poh dah.

    Brickfils mari.


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