Monday, January 23, 2012

Enter the Dragon

Gong Xi Fa Cai. The neighbours have just given us a free 5-minute fireworks display. Awesome. That's thousands of ringgit burnt in the Puchong skies but we can handle it. Yes, we can. Malaysians celebrate another Chinese New Year, in peace and prosperity. While much of the rest of the world expects the economy to slow down quite a bit in the Year of the Dragon, here in Malaysia we appear to be confident about being well-insulated and resilient. We have good reasons to be.

So dear Readers, here's to your wealth and, more importantly, health.


AbuNawas said...

Singgah Bruuu.....Bacakan Semangat yang hilang....

Anonymous said...

Ya Brew, let's hope that the Water Dragon will burn your arse and Fat Dog's Arse to a Crisp!!

Jasper Bloodstone said...

Yowza! I like it!!

What a refreshing change from the usual run of racist crap that tends to infest your blog, but which you have heroically kept going in the interests of free speech.

A toast to all moderate and tolerant Malaysians, whatever be their ethnicity, religious persuasion, gender or skin colour.

Anonymous said...

We have prosperity. But some are bent on creating havoc. Throwing pig's heads into mosques is a good way of starting trouble. Another 13 May will do this country a lot of good. Some people need to be reminded of the consequences. Ungrateful foreigners must be sent back to their country of origin. Otherwise they wont learn.

Anonymous said...

May the year of the dragon,,, a year of ABUNDANCE,,PROSPERITY,,GOOD HEALTH and HAPPINNESS.

Tapi ada pulak year end JOKEs dari Melayu tu!!!

Ibrahim KATAK dah melalak regarding NFC,,,,AUDITOR General kena minta MAAF coz auditor report semua nya salah!!????

Ni pulak ada BERITA From UTUSAN MALAYSIA,, richest TRILLIONAIRE in the WORLD adalah MELAYU!!!!

MELAYU ni tak habis-habis dengan kisah DONGENG!!!!

Mamat ni masih bermimpi,,,,mesti kes


To all the MELAYUs BANGUN dari MIMPI,,,nanti NAGA AIR kasi BAKAR sama KAMU.!!!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Bengong

You lupa tambah Melayu itu datang dari Gua "Proto Malay" jadi konon nya Orang Putih berasal dari Melayu....

Tiap kali dilihat orang melayu baca Utusan Melayu terus ingat Orang Ni Bodoh Ke.....Oh... Memang ProtoMalay Kata Kan

Anonymous said...

We are soooooo grateful. We are allowed to celebrate Chinese New Year. We are finally allowed to fart, and we hope that you folks understand that the Chinese fart doesn't smell.


Chi8 said...

Kaka AMA, I wish you like the chinese likes to wish nowadays...Huat ah!

Jasper Bloodstone said...

And another Anon raises his ugly head!

May 13 indeed! I thought we had left those criminal stupidities well behind us.

Yet there are the insane idiots who persist in raising these same hoary cliches time and time again. Like fears of being beleaguered and threatened by the evil forces of globalisation and competition, or being sidelined by the more industrious and forward-looking.

A well worn and tired agenda that most Malaysians have left behind them after May 13, 1969.

Anonymous said...


There are too many immigrants commenting in your blog. They must have liked this Tanah Melayu very much.

Hantu Gigi Jarang

Anonymous said...

rumah 3 storey bungalow 8 bilek atau 25 bilek kalau masuk bilek stor, bilek air, bilek servants ada Astro..semua barng white goods ada dirumah,flat TV semua bilek 48 inch .TV yang ada bontot tak main lagi mesyen basoh pinggan dryers, fridge tinggi 6kaki bilek semua aircond, anak bini semua ada blackberry atau latest nokia, kereta Merc, audi quattro, holidays peri Perth, London, Cape Town..Baju seluar kasut sampai beratus2 pasang tiap satu, semua branded, Italain , Swiss
Business best
Tapi mulut sundal benci dan maki hamon Kjaan aje, semua tak betul
Itu lah dia orang Melayu neighbour aku ni..

Anonymous said...

surely will be, been like this since merdeka and with lotsa crispy matters sprouting up all thru' that period. The 'crisping' will go on but from different 'materials' and it's gonna be stale. Happy Holiday, Rocky......:)

Jasper Bloodstone said...

Anon aka Hantu Gigi Jarang (or the ghost with a serious case of halitosis)

Better ask the Orang Asli in the peninsula, Sabah and Sarawak just who the "immigrants" are!

After all, there are any number of anthropological "experts" floating around...

Anonymous said...

Jasper Bloodstone aka Ignoramus número uno

Bet you are as stupid as they come but still clever enough to throw childish barbs. Bet too an infantile deformed brain does not help matters in your case.

Since you are a flawed genius why not argue and debunk the authors of these studies:

Oh I forgot! Deformed infantile brains cannot read but adept at throwing toys outta their prams u know like a typical mongoloid

The Hyena

Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot again,here is some more info to put a damper on your supremacist belief system, CNY and skew that tall tale that chingkies originated from "home evolved" chingkies monkeys, all in one fell swoop

Hey dont blame me it's from the Chingkies themselves, little boy! About to throw another tantrum already?

The Hyena

Jasper Bloodstone said...

Hey, Hyena-san

STAR World is showing the 2011 Victoria's Secrets Fashion Show tonight starting 8:55 PM.

The most beautiful supermodels in the world wearing skimpy lingerie! Score one for the decadent West!

One hopes that Astro will show this in it's entirety, without any snips, castrations or other surgical procedures designed to protect the purity and innocence of all right-thinking Malaysians.

Hey, maybe the Chingkies will get to watch it in Chingkieland, without Big Brother censorship!