Thursday, January 19, 2012

Senai, not a royal airport anymore

Since it opened in 1974, Johor's airport has been known as Sultan Ismail International Airport. Not anymore. A week or so ago, the airport's authorities were told to stop using the name and to use Senai International Airport for all intents and purposes. They claimed to have been given 24 hours to do that. The orders came from the Menteri Besar's office but the real orders came from elsewhere, or so it seems.

Senai, named one of the region's best emerging airports last year, is run by a group within Syed Mokhtar al-Bukhary's empire in Johor, which includes the Port of Tanjung Pelepas. Almarhum Sultan Ismail was the grandfather of the reigning Sultan of Johor.

Strangely, you won't find any statement about the hurried name-change in the local papers or the Internet ...


  1. Skilgannon10664:31 pm

    What's "international" about Senai Airport?

    And what's this about the planned cooperation between Senai Airport and Singapore's Changi Airport, as was announced at the recent bilateral meeting between the Malaysian and Singapore PMs?

    And what are we to make of reports that Syed Mokh is looking to divest Senai Airport as part of his plans to "lighten" his assets in Johor?

    Btw, which survey ranked Senai Airport amongst the region's best emerging airports?

  2. Anonymous4:58 pm

    plse inquire who is behind all these export of sand..oh no its silica sand to Spore.Millions are lost from under declaration, traffic jams ,overloaded lorries. if silica why dont we process them here rather than selling like that??

  3. Anonymous5:12 pm

    Bukhari's touch..a devil touch..wait & see

  4. Siapa suruh tukar dengan tergesa-gesa tu? Anyway for us Johor folks it has always been Senai Airport for a very long time.

  5. Anonymous7:09 pm

    Oh really. I've been in Johor all of my life's 35 years so far and have never heard anyone calling it by the former name. Maybe that was the official name but everyone called it Senai Airport. It makes sense to officially name it as how people have been addressing it no?

  6. Syed Pa7:20 pm

    Dear Bro.

    Wow.No problem Syed?.What about you change the airport name to Mahathir International Airport.

  7. Mmm ... Looking at it appears Senai Airport have been known as that since 2004.

  8. Anonymous8:21 pm


    Non-issues. Anyway none of major airports in the country got any royalty name. Unless you wanna suggest KLIA be changed to Tun M International Airport.


  9. Anonymous8:25 pm

    the empire of tan sri syed MOKTAR continue to expand - ports , airport, IPP , proton- cars n all sorts of business n so diversified. he is a true GENIUS. others malaysians are dumb

  10. Anonymous9:03 pm


    Senai Internatioanl Airport,,,,kan elok kalu tukar to 2nd Singapore Airport.

    Memang dasar Melayu,,,selalu kena TIPU je!!!!!

    Tukarlah,,,,letak nama BEROK pon,,,tak ramai orang yang nak gunakan!!!!!

    konon satu ketika dula nak lawan dengan CHANGI,,,,hah tuiiiii!!!!

    Selagi Melayu yang mengendalikan,,,selagi itu TAK MAJU,,!!!!


  11. Anonymous9:09 pm

    non Johorean, all the while it is commonly known as Senai Airport.

    Since taken over by Senai Airport Berhad the services and the amenities provided far far better than before. That matters....


  12. Anonymous4:56 am

    Truth News presents Fact-Time, a real-time service dedicated to disseminating truth and skewing lies spun by pigs

    Senai International Airport.

    1.Senai International Airport won Best Emerging Airport award
    Senai International Airport receives the Best Emerging Airport – Asia award at the Asian Freight & Supply Chain Awards 2011 in Singapore.

    Yes, you read right. The awards were held in Singapore.And amongst the particpants were guess who...Changi itself...hahahahahaha

    2. As of September 2011, 40% of passenger traffic at Senai International Airport were from Singapore.

    3. No 2 above explains the gradual decline in passenger arrival at Changi International. As of September 2011, Changi's annual growth figures(11.3%) lagged well behind that of Suwarnabhumi, the chicken ccop Sukarno-Hatta and KLIA.

    Senai's eventual growth and flowering in tandem with Iskandar coupled with Singapore's inevitable decline and regression into an inconsequential backwater will also witness the eventual collapse of old man Changi himself. 30 years on and with all that sophistication and still behind pig-pen Suk-Hatta (which by the way only draws half the airlines that land in Changi) must be pretty galling to the penless Chingk pigs themselves.........hahahahahahaha...oh my god..this is sure hilarious.....hahahahahahahahaha

    Warrior 231

  13. I heard a lot "stuff" happening down there since almarhum Tuanku Iskandar passed away.

  14. Penembak Babi10:52 am

    Woi Babi Cap 1066

    Ko hidup lagi ghuponya. Ko bangsat pukimak tak mampoh lagi, tak kenai malu lagi.

    Penipu kepala butoh chouchibai. hang tak da otaklah babi woi, hang dok merapu pandai.Ko barua jilat buntut babi dan hisap batang babi lagi elok, sial punya tiuniamah rasis Cino palat laknatullah.

    Woi babi, dulu ko ugut mace ini:

    A word to the foolish - do not debate with me on aviation-related matters. I know what I am talking about, and I have friends in the industry who keep me posted on behind-the-scenes developments.

    Hang merapu hang pandai sangat bab aviation. Tup..tup pasai award untuk industri cargo, shipping dan aviation pun tak tahu...hahahhahaha. ( di Chinapura lagi lak tu...wadafuck babi lost your balls, who's foolosih now?....bodoh sungguh si penghisap batang babi ini!!

    Penipu sial laknat tak tahu apa mende pun, cakap besar macam tin kosong aje lebih. Dei poorah shit, gi jaga babi ko tu, sial pundek! Meluat aku nengok komen bodoh kat sini.

    Woi blogger!! Samak ajelah blog ini nanti tak halal pulak wat oghe yang kecek betul, cakap pakai fakta, tak dok merapu atau komen gilo mace babi cap 1066 ini. Paham-paham aje maksud aku, bruder blogger kalau tak krdibiliti blog hang akan rundum dengan oghe kepala butoh mace babi sial cap 1066 dok komen merapu mace keno sawan babi.

    Kepala butoh hang ajelah babi cap 1066! Hang pandai jilat pungguk, cipap dan hisap batang aje. Yang lain hang tak tahu satu mende pun, aksyen aje lebih, bangsat tak guna! Lagi baik hang jilat aje cipap mak hang tu dan rogol betino Cino sial itu. Bangsat bahlol, tongong, ngok, baghal, bodoh, tolol punya babi cap 1066. Wadafuck babi cocksucker! get lost aje, bawa skali jasper penghisap batang tu. Duo-duo muka pantat shit haprak, otak bengap tolol.

    BABI= Bangang Arsehole Bahlol Idiot

  15. Nothwithstanding Warrior's interesting language - I am a regular traveller to Senai on Firefly from Subang.
    The airport is a lot more cleaner and sophisticated now, and with the new road links is quicker to get to downtown JB then before. Last week its took me 15 minutes compared to the usual 30 to 45 mins.
    However I rwally can't see it ever competing with Changi in any shape or form due to a key number of reasons:
    All flights come and go in morning and evening with the odd afternoon flight by Air Asia.
    Changi has an open skies policy allowing any airline to pick up and tranist passengers anywhere; and it is backed up by SIA with its large network.
    Malaysian govt policy is to favour KLIA as the national hub and thus both MAS and AA do not have anything beyond domestic flights out of Senai with even the Senai Jakarta flights now cut. Indeed MAS and AA are cutting back on flights out of JB.
    Najib's policy of improving cross border flow including an MRT to Singapore will actually benefit Changi as although making it easier for Singaporeans to enter Johor it will conversely make it easier for Southerners to get to Changi for international flights anywhere globally (thus impacting KLIA as much as Senai). Singaporeans I speak to who work in JB tell me how the strategy for the 3rd Link and even now talk about a causeway extension is all about making anyone in Iskandar region being able to reach both the Singapore Ports and Changi airport in 30 to 45 minutes. Thus the Singaporeans are already strategising on how to take advantage of Iskandar's growth. Fast track immigration and customs lanes are being designed and developed to make it even easier to get to both places.
    I really can't see any international carrier chosing Senai over Changi when even our local carriers are not using Senai effectively.
    I have to say Firefly flights to and from Senai are always full and Firefly could have more flights in and out of Senai to places like Kota Bharu or Kuantan and even Penang.
    However Warrior I have to say that the issue is not how good Senai is but whether our own carriers utilise Senai.
    Currently looking at the new management of MAS all I can see is the destruction of MAS and the cutting back of routes with absolute no plans by them to grow the Senai sector. As for AA their policy over Senai has been inconsistent. Many years back they claimed Senai would be their hub (when Tony was having problems with the Singapore transport ministry).
    Instead after getting access to Changi - AA and its affiliates are the 3rd biggest user of Changi after SIA and Tiger Air. After the setting of AA Philippines it is said that AA will be the 2nd biggest user of Changi. Even MAS has more flights out of Changi then it has out of Senai!
    The Singaporeans are thinking way ahead of us right now and are already stratgeising how to take advantage of Iskandar's growth.

    Thus my dear Warrior - your confidence is not borne out by what's happening on the ground.
    I used to be a sceptic of the Iskandar project but now having been going down there now more often on business I see how it really is cleaning up JB and the region. It has a lot of investment coming in from Singapore and i think it most of its key areas will do well.
    However as I see it the Singaporeans are using it as part of their strategy as well.
    Just another note to addd - Maersk is the JV partner is PTP. Guess who is taking up strategic stakes in Maersk - none other than Tamasek. Thus it will be only be a matter of time till Tamasek will have a backdoor representation in PTP.....
    Never underestimate Singapore - they are thinking 3 steps ahead.

    1. Anonymous9:12 am

      Temasek taking up stakes in maersk? Is that supported by facts?

  16. Anonymous12:30 pm

    LOL Rocky... actually this is the first time I heard that Senai Airport was a nickname and its true name was actually Sultan Ismail Airport.. And I'm a Johorean!

    Good that they finally made the nickname the formal name..


  17. Dikoteledon12:33 pm

    I suggest Senai Airport be renameed Syed Mokhtar Airport and KLIA to Tony Fernandez Airport.

  18. Skilgannon10661:05 pm

    What a golden opportunity to expose the warrior dude for the fraudulent lies that he is trying to foist on the less well-informed!

    Yup, Senai Airport is the recipient for the "Best Emerging Airport - Asia".

    Read the fine print, however, courtesy of the Senai Airport website ( The award is for airports with "less than 500,000 tonnes per year) by the Asian Freight & Supply Chain Awards 2011".

    Wowee - an award for FREIGHT/CARGO??? You've got to be kidding! What about PASSENGERS?

    So, in the interests of investigative reporting, let's go to the Asian Freight & Supply Chain Awards (AFSCA) website ( which contains the AFSCA 2011 Winner List.

    And what do we find here?

    Best Airport - Asia: Singapore Changi

    Best Air Cargo Terminal - Asia: SATS (Singapore Airport Terminal Services) Changi

    Best Seaport - Asia: Port of Singapore (also in the running was Port of Tanjung Pelepas, Malaysia. Sound familiar?)

    Best Container Terminal - Asia - over 4 million TEUs per annum: PSA Singapore Terminals

    Best Container Terminal - Asia - under 4 million TEUs per annum: Jakarta International Container Terminal (also in the running was Northport, Malaysia).

    Note that all these awards are for FREIGHT/CARGO handling.

    And it seems to me that the Singgies are doing just fine, with both Changi Airport and the Port of Singapore securing the top rankings in Asia.

    All of which the warrior dude carefully chose to ignore. So much for his veracity and his knowledge of these matters!

  19. Skilgannon10661:13 pm

    Coming back to Senai Airport, a perusal of the airport's website shows that the airport is currently served by 3 airlines (MAS, AirAsia and Firefly) which operate flights to 7 domestic destinations (KL/KLIA, KL/Subang, Penang, Kota Kinabalu, Miri, Sibu and Kuching).

    The airport's website says that the airport's capacity is 3.5 million passengers and 80,000 tonnes of cargo per annum (Wikipedia puts it at up to 4.5 million passengers and 100,000 tonnes of cargo per annum).

    Either way, it's not even remotely close to Changi Airport in terms of flights handled, international connectivity (thus far zero for Senai Airport), passenger and cargo volumes.

    Put up the stats and let's do the comparisons.

    So, warrior's claims of Changi's gradual decline and eventual demise are just another exercise in fantasy or a futile attempt to assuage his gravy train syndrome thingy!

  20. Jasper Bloodstone3:24 pm

    Channel News Asia report today:

    "Singapore's Change Airport registered strong performance in December to set new records for passenger and aircraft movements in 2011.

    "Celebrating it's 30th anniversary in 2011, Changi Airport reported that it's annual passenger traffic crossed the 45-million mark for the first time last year.

    "There were 46.5 million passenger movements and 302,000 aircraft movements in 2011. December 2011 was Changi Airport's busiest month."

    Figures that Malaysia Airports can only dream about, especially with regard to KLIA!

    What more Senai Airport?

    And which shows up the warrior feller as an out-and-out hypocrite who is extremely economical with the truth.

    And which exposes his abysmal ignorance of matters aeronautical.

  21. Anonymous5:10 pm


    Fact Time brings another reality to all pendatangs (Chingkies, Hindulens et al):

    Melayu Proto nenek moyang populasi Manusi
    Oleh Mohd Farhan Darwis
    January 20, 2012

    KUALA LUMPUR, 20 Jan - Kajian dalam bidang Arkeologi dan Genetik hari ini membuktikan bahawa masyarakat Melayu-Proto yang mendiami Benua Sunda merupakan nenek moyang kepada populasi manusia hari ini.

    Kenyataan itu dikeluarkan oleh Timbalan Pengerusi Persidangan Asal Usul Melayu : Induknya Di Alam Melayu, Zaharah Sulaiman yang menjelaskan di dalam tayangan video bagaimana penduduk di Benua Sunda terselamat daripada letusan gunung berapi Toba, kira-kira 75,000 tahun lalu.

    Menurut Zaharah, sekumpulan 10,000 yang terselamat daripada letusan terbabit berpindah dari Afrika ke Benua Sunda (Asia Tenggara)

    "Mereka terselamat kerana berlindung di kawasan yang Benua Sunda yang tidak dicemari debu radioktif gunung berapi.

    "Mereka merupakan asal-usul kepada perjalanan manusia moden hari ini," menurut video tersebut.

    Kumpulan itu bagaimanapun, terpaksa berpindah daripada India, China, Jepun, dan Amerika Syarikat ekoran daripada pemanasan global pada 25,000 tahun lalu yang menyebabkan banjir besar yang merubah Benua Sunda menjadi kepulauan-kepualau, kecil.

    Kenyataan tersebut menolak teori sebelum ini yang menyatakan Melayu berasal daripada Yunan atau "express train" yang menyatakan mereka berasal dari Taiwan yang melakukan penghijrahan.

    Menyokong teori tersebut adalah Pakar Genetik daripada Oxford Genetic Anthropology, Stephen Oppenheimer yang menyatakan bukti genetik yang menunjukkan orang Melayu dan Orang Asli merupakan penduduk asal Asia Tenggara.

    Ia sama ada daripada Kepulauan Indonesia mahupun Filipina, atau tanah besar Asia seperti Vietnam, Kemboja, Thailand, dan wilayah IndoChina.

    Menurut kajiannya, termasuk ujian DNA terhadap masyarakat Semang, Senoi, dan kumpulan Orang Asli lain termasuk Melayu, ia menunjukkan 44 peratus mempunyai moyang yang hidup di kawasan ini sejak sebelum 25,000 tahun lagi.

    Sementara 36 peratus lagi menunjukkan moyang mereka menetap di kawasan tersebut sejak 5,000 ke 25,000 tahun, manakala hanya sejumlah 6 peratus mempunyai susur galur Taiwan yang berpindah ke sini sejak 5,000 tahun lalu.

    Tambahnya, terdapat juga bukti arkeologi yang menyaksikan industry peleburan besi antara 6,500 ke 8,000 tahun lalu yang disebarkan dari Indonesia ke seluruh dunia.

    Kenyataan berkenaan turut disokong oleh kajian yang dibuat oleh Saintis Universiti Sains Malaysia, Zafarina Zainuddin.

    Menurut Zafarina, kajiannya menunjukkan DNA yang diambil daripada kumpulan yang hidup di kawasan yang sama mempunyai keturunan Melayu asli sekurang-kurangnya untuk tiga generasi.

    "Sekiranya dia seorang lelaki daripada Machang, Kelantan dia boleh mengesan keturunannya untuk tiga generasi, dan sekiranya dia berasa was-was, kita asingkan," katanya.

    Tambahnya, dia berterima kasih kepada Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi kerana mengeluarkan geran sebanyak RM1.4 juta untuk tujuan kajian tersebut, yang membuktikan masyarakat Melayu merupakan kominiti tertua di rantau ini.

    Menurutnya, pencarian "Melayu berasal daripada Tanah Melayu" akan menyemarakkan kembali semangat Melayu dan seterusnya orang Melayu akan berasa bangga menjadi Melayu.

    Persidangan itu telah dirasmikan oleh Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

    Care to challenge the data,pendatangs?

    Warrior 231

  22. Anonymous5:23 pm

    S. Bukhari moves to Johor...and what happened?All the prices in Johor is soaring up...still blame the Singaporeans??

  23. Anonymous5:31 pm

    Sederhana my foot. Kalau mahu sederhana pakai beg Belkin bukan Birkin, ada faham tak.

  24. Anonymous6:54 pm

    Warrior - why don't you just quit and eat some ketupat? You are by far, the most stupid, vile, lazy ass bastard who probably has a middle name called Subsidi......go play far away...

  25. Jasper Bloodstone7:10 pm

    Wah, lau - the warrior is now delving into the realms of anthropology!

    Is there any limit to this gravy trainer's eclectic expertise?

    I would be interested to see if this academic paper is translated into English and submitted to the international anthropology journals for peer reviews, comments and affirmations or rebuttals.

    How about it, warrior-boy? International academic peer reviews not your cup of tea, eh?

  26. Anonymous1:21 am

    What do you guys expect of this Warrior ? His pig-face gives away the fact that he is the offspring of an incest when his father married his father's sister. And he's been angry at Chingkies ever since.


  27. Anonymous8:18 am

    It's better known world wide as Senai. If we google map the name of Senai we can straightly find the location compare to the later.

    It's strategic step for economic reason.

  28. Anonymous9:52 am

    Part 1
    The truth will dribble out no matter how. For truth is like water, cleansing, liquiid, relentless in motion, percolating through the gaps that lies inevitably leave in their haste to bury reality.
    Yeah truth will slip through nonetheless.

    Lets analyse dispassionately for starters, the comment that started this avalanche of nonsense from a tag team of fraudsters

    a."which survey ranked Senai Airport amongst the region's best emerging airports?": (4.31pm above)

    Now an aviation expert would know about this simple fact, wouldnt he? That someone who claims to be so can publically intimate his ignorance says a lot of his expertise. hahahahaha

    2. In his response, the moron went amuck. Instead of just focusing on airports, he even listed seaports when we are not even broaching the subject! Why? you may ask.Simply because all those stats makes his tiny inconsequential speck of an island look impressive when it aint. In short, he wants to wank that Singapore myth whereever and whenever he gets the chance, parameters of discussion be damned!
    That is why, the blabbermouth projects PSA etc to salve his infantile ego and deflect my threat to his Chingkie supremacy belief system. Let him be but you be the judge.

    3. Now we come to the meat of the issue. Note Rocky and I wrote "best emerging airport" and certainly NOT best airport.
    Only morons will be blinded to the the daylight between those two statements (just for clarity sake, look up what 'emerging' means as in 'emerging economy/market" and look up "established" as well to get my drift). But then morons are at liberty to pick, choose, twist and turn, throw red herrings, run and hide etc, liberties they enjoy due to a shared etnic idiocy and liberties denied to others since that selfsame ethnic considers itself to be the supreme race. But we will, the non-chingkies, let the Chingkie have that subsidy it hankers after (now understand why it aims "subsidy" barbs even at a self made, non-government supported, Stanford educated senior design engineer who worked and still works with the world's best on consultancy basis) for such double standards emanating from small, ignorant racist minds are not gonna faze us one siree...not even one iota.

    Warrior 231

  29. Anonymous11:15 am


    Ramai chingkies2 ni sakit hati dengan kebangkitan melayu trough syed mokhtar. Sape kate orng melayu yg busuk hati? Diorng yg sbenarnya tuduh macam2.. Orng kita ni dah lah jenis x kesah bngsa lain kaya.. Tpi orng kita kaya semua orng busuk hati, x yahlah level syeb mokhtar tu.. Tgk kontraktor kecik kite.. Baru nak naik kene cantas.. Busuk hati diorang ni..
    Lagi 1 bro.. Hope u dig into the latest khazanah story.. I heard there's 1 oxford boy controlling khazanah now.. Even AMOK have to listen to him...he's overulling lots of AMOK instruction..maybe just a rumour..I don't know. But why not u make a finding..if true, it'll make hells a story..

    And to the annon that kutuk melayu..bubuh nama la bro..baling taik sembunyi tangan budak kecik pun blei..


  30. Anonymous12:10 pm

    Anon 5.23,

    S.M. Bukhari come to johor n all price went up?..what crap are u talking about bro?crap stuck on your teeth ek? Where's the prove.. Price has always been high in johor due to thse chingkies don't have money to buy things at their own country..pity..

    Jasper bloodstone..
    Don't understand malay eh?..pity u..still want to make money in this MALAYsia... Why don't u go back to the glorious china...:).. Suits u better I presume.. Owh I

  31. Jasper Bloodstone12:33 pm

    Note how the illustrious and puissant warrior runs for cover when confronted with irrefutable facts and statistics! As his latest bombast over the Senai Airport issue clearly shows.

    And thank you, Nik, for a well-written posting with some good points therein.

  32. Anonymous2:31 pm


    U didn't read warrior latest comment ka?...typical of ur kind, don't want to listen or read..just bla bla bla... N finding others mistake...met lot of chingkies like u maa..:)


  33. My point is that the Iskandar project has many positive points (irrespective of the fact that Khazanah and its investment arm have made some incredible screw ups there).
    One being that there is now excellent infrastructure in the region which has made communication excellent within the area and to Singapore.
    There is significant investment by the Singapore private sector which is moving a lot of its low and medium end manufacturing and services over.
    The region is pretty clean and well maintained so far (the hope is that the maintenance continues to a high quality).
    Even Singapore sees it as a positive - I see that Singapore own infrastructure plans are that they see as Iskandar as a suburban centre their own population and the thousands (if not million) of Malaysian who work in Singapore but can't afford to live there. That is why the Singaporeans are now asking for a 3rd Link, widening of the Causeway and MRT links to JB and iskandar...

    On Senai - the potential for it be a secondary hub for the region is high. Not for intercontinental traffic which I can't see happening. However with the increase in investment in Iskandar there should be more domestic connectivity and some regional connectivity to Senai.
    However this relies on AA, MAS and Firefly to take up. But seeing how badly mismanaged MAS is right now - I can't see it happening. AA is inconsistent and Firefly could do more.
    Thus while our own airlines fart about deciding what to do - the Singaporeans are taking advantage.

  34. Anonymous3:38 pm

    Part 2
    Fair comment must be underpinned by integrity to expound a point with facts rather than taradiddles and tommyrots wrought by syphilis induced insanity, for commentating is also related to morality and ethics as much it being an art in its own right . In such a situation, lying, twisting the truth etc., are anathema to a discussion.

    When the tag-team duo of fraudsters embarked on their mission to denigrate Malaysia and the Malays in this thread, they deliberately obfuscated the issue by being economical with the truth and profligate with their lies.

    What do I mean?
    Any rational individual objectively evaluating an issue of comparison would ask a simple question. Is one comparing like and like? We already have a nincompoop publicly pleading for such to be the case after being confronted relentlessly by of all people, a pig shooter.

    Lets for argument sake be lenient, and concede the toddler his ironically infantile request (remember, he was wont to compare cuty state /nation state in days of yore.....hahahahaha) bawled in a moment of childish tantrum:
    Secondly, any aviation tome or expert will also intimate to us that airports the world over are essentially predicated on two major models

    a. the sole hub model : in this model, only one airport serves an area due to physical size, location, demographics etc (most city states like Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai fall into this category)

    b. the multiple /sub-hub models (also known as hub and spoke ) : in this model, a major airport serves as the major entry/exit and dispersal point with most airlines linked to this particular point. Again, variables like location, demographics and a whole lot of combinatorics ( a branch of mathematics) play a significant role. intertwined to these two models is the airport of entry framework predicated by immigration and sovereignty protection considerations. A list of airports of entry is provided here:

    Note the fact that Singapore’s Changi is listed as the sole entry point while in Malaysia, as in Thailand, Indonesia there are several airports of entry.

    Finally there is the notion of point-to point air travel. For instance, an Indian wanting to enjoy a fuck with the Chingkie sows in Penang would take the direct Chennai- Penang leg rather than deigning to detour and transit at KLIA to get to Penang! The latter (detouring I mean) may be the case for passport holders with names like Cap Babi 1066 and JB Fuckstone but certainly not for rational and sane folks like us, including that Indian with an agitated cock! For wouldn’t time, cost, logistics and convenience logically determine travel plans not to mention ancillary concerns like a frisky cock in certain instances?

    I have thus far enumerated within the constraints of space several key parameters. What all this entails by logical deduction, are the following:

    1. a valid comparison for Changi would HKIA or Dubai. Of course, such comparisons would leave poor ol Changi with a red face for reality crows that it straggles far behind HKIA and Dubai .'s_busiest_airports_by_passenger_traffic#2011_statistics_.28January.E2.80.93October.29

    In fact CAPA in prematurely defining Senai as a failed airport noted this as well:
    “rather that Singapore’s Changi Airport, which already was losing traffic and its status as an east-west hub to Dubai, rose to the challenge of Senai rather better........”

    Warrior 231

  35. Anonymous3:45 pm

    Part 2

    As Changi is the sole airport of entry, the figures of 45.6 million is to be expected especially for an airport that long termed itself as a hub. Several pertinent observations can be made of the data linked below:

    1. that Changi hit 40m and above in 2010 is not purely coincidental as the casinos of Sentosa started operating there in late 2009. (note too that Resort World made its moolah in Genting, a bequest awarded to it by a malay, Tunku Abdul Rahman)

    2. passenger traffic growth of 10.7% per annum is substantially lower by 2.3% recorded in 2010 (13%) In fact that 10.7% growth was about equivalent to the 10.6% recorded by KLIA in 2011 (note KLIA is NOT a single entry airport)

    All this affirms that Changi experienced a bleed in passenger traffic is indeed true

    a. note the 40% of passengers at Senai are Singaporeans observation in the CAPA report above in Part 2

    b. slower passenger growth vis-avis Sukarno-Hatta and Swarnabhumi

    c. slower year on year growth as the moodiereport above clearly details

    Hence, my contention that Changi is on the decline is the unalloyed TRUTH supported by facts and hard data.

    In fact, the accelerated decline of Singapore’s Changi into inconsequential mediocrity has already begun:

    Note in the above too, the performance of single point entry hubs like Dubai and HK, and a main hub/sub-hub model in Suvarnabhumi, the same for Sukarno-Hatta and KLIA.

    3. Thrirdly and equally pertinently cargo and freight growth grew by a meagre 2.8%, a massive decline from the 10.9% increase in 2010 (comparative data.

    4. Even as a selfstyled hub, Changi is only capable of attracting regional traffic as can be seem from the moodie report above : 7 of the ten top city links are in ASEAN. So much for international hub status....hahahahahaha

    Warrior 231

  36. Anonymous4:06 pm

    Part 3
    Be that as it may, lets use the airport of entry premise to better iterate the data and arrive at the actual figures for Changi and KLIA.

    Changi = 45.6million
    KLIA = 37.7m + 4.2m (Penang*) + 5.2m (Kota Kinabalu*) +1.4m (Senai*) + 1.3m (Langkawi*) +3.5m(Kuching*) = 53.3m

    (note the figures for airports marked * are frozen at 2010 data for the latest for 2011 are unavailable from ACI or CAPA).

    So even with figures for 2010 frozen, simple conflation of all multiple airports of entry data in Malaysia to match the Changi model to effect a like for like comparison yields an amazing figure of 53.3m, an excess of 7.7million over Changi!

    But the petty minded Chingkie kids will not concede to such valid like to like comparisons, for that would skewer their absurd Singapore first agenda.

    So lets for compassion’s sake, allow him and his faggoty mistress to claim bragging rights for their patently illogical and false analogy lest they tear up their cheap, subsidised HDB flat in exasperated fury, their subsidised SMRT ticket, tear out their Medisave subsidised hair implants, tear up the arses of their whores and kids before being forcibly torn away by paramedics to be incarcerated in a subsidised cell at the IMH in Hougang so they can arsefuck and ccokslurp each other even as they are fed subsidised rice and gravy for life. Truly “till death , do us part” is all replete in that queer relationship, aint it?. Aw...shucks how so touchingly sentimental and KimKardianshique of them to share those moments of mutual arselove with us, unlucky plebeians, here........ hahahahaha!

    As for Senai, my contention stands. With the advent of Legoland, Pinewood studios to add to Kulai, Senai will soon reap the benefits of more passenger arrivals and with the full unveiling of Iskandar witness an exponential growth in freight, thus collectively bleeding Changi further into oblivion.

    Those me-LAYU Uncle Chongs (me-LAYU equivalents of good ol' Uncle Tom)who disagree with this outlook are in my opinion, thought sloths anyway, three steps behind the loop perpetually. 3 steps of self induced humiliating inferiority driven by some inexplicable fear, and deference to their Chingkie overlords. You know folks, the types of me-LAYU who withers and shrivels at a taunt or a cheapskate Chingkie threat, the type who shamelessly ingratiates himself like a dog to gain a bone of disrespect and a condescending pat on the head in return. Urgh...what pools of dog saliva can you imagine to find in these me-LAYU homes as the resident dog, his bitch and their pups nibble on the latest handout of pig bones courtesy of their Chingkie masters' latest opprobrium.The less said of this Chingkie codswallop diners the better.

    Warrior 231

  37. Jasper Bloodstone8:43 pm


    Really, ah - pray tell what points has warrior made that I have to refute?

    Or am I supposed to quake in abject trepidation over the fact that the puissant warrior has targetted me with his laser-like wit and his razor-sharp intellect?

  38. Jasper Bloodstone5:00 pm

    The warrior's capacity for self-fulfilling delusion is awe-inspiring, but it is delusional.

    As is his demonstrated hard-on with regard to Changi Airport, as shown by his irrational belief that this airport is slowly sliding into performance, followed by oblivion.

    He even has to resort to the desperate and dishonest fiddling of statistics by adding up the passenger numbers of all Malaysian airports to compare against Changi's passenger numbers. Not even Malaysia Airports reslets to such desperate massaging of statistics.

    What he carefully chose to overlook was the rationale for building KLIA. It was part of Dr Mahathir's strategy, along with the building of Tanjung Pelepas port, to reduce Singapore's status as a major international transport and logistical hub.

    Did that strategy succeed? Any impartial observer, who doesn't have rocks in his brain, would say that Dr M's objective of sidelining Singapore has failed dismally.

    It is not a coincidence that the warrior nincompoop is parroting the same sterile arguments put forward by Dr M with regard to Singapore.

    Yet, fast forward to 2012, and it's Singapore with a triple-A credit rating and a top-ranked airport and seaport.

    How galling for Dr M and those with similar mindsets. Because, try as they might, the pesky little Chingkie red dot refuses to submit meekly to the gravy train subsidy-addicted abang next door.

    While the world looks on and applauds.

    One can sympathise with a Stanford-trained intellectual whose pet theories and arguments keep getting rubbished by governments and MNCs alike.

  39. Anonymous7:47 pm

    Jasper bloodstone..:)

    Did I tell u to refute anything.. Or nor did I ask u to tremble in fear of the warrior writing...

    But I did ask u to read his reply before u blatantly accuse him of running and hiding away...:)

    His argument is simple.. Senai is definitely not the best yet... But it is the best 'emerging' airport.. U have to really look at the word EMERGING ...what defines emerging?.. I think warrior have spent a lot of time writing on it..go read his latest comment before u want to ridicule people..don't be a typical chingkies...its just humiliating..

    Its easy right?...;)

    Gong xi fa chai...


  40. I see what Warrior is trying to say.
    And yes our population is larger than Singapore's and our population travels more than Singapore's.
    However my concern is that for our airports to grow - in partiuclar KLIA as a hub and Senai as a Southern hub we need international airlines using KLIA and our own thriving airlines.
    I work for a European engineering firm which moved its Regional HQ to Singapore for one reason only. Changi's greater connectivity.
    We had hoped to move the HQ to our KL office.
    However since MAS started reducing flights to Europe and Middle East and since few international airlines use KLIA - its been difficult to make the case for KL.
    SIA, Emirates and Cathay Pacific are actually adding destinations and more schedules.
    We don't use Air Asia for flights as we have been burnt by its delays (they call it retimed) and by their sudden cancellations.
    Thus Malaysia's potential as a hub and Senai's possibilities can never be realized if our airlines are run as they are.
    Airports can only grow if they are served by good airlines.
    It would be good for Warrior to compare the number of destinations served and number of airlines served by Changi compared to KLIA, and also to Bangkok. That would be more accurate to gauge our airports future growth.
    My contention all along is that without the airlines we are screwed...

  41. One side said "Senai the best emerging airport"
    Then the other asked "which survey gave that rank?"
    Then one side replied "hahaha you said you were expert but actually you know nothing!"
    Then the other replied "heh, actually the survey said best emerging in freight category"
    Suddenly other side go for a spin saying how Changi should be compared to HKIA or Dubai etc.
    Whatever happened to the discussion about Senai.

  42. Anonymous1:57 am

    Pathetic how some Chingkie pigs are so stupid that they have to concoct another lie to salve an infantile ego. That is precisely why this known globally as a rapacious, arsefucking, cunt hawking, cockslurping jingoistic collocation of filthy unwashed bastards. Even the japas and the Koreans hate their bloody guts!

    We all know the stateman Tun Dr M never said or even entertained such ideas save in the shitstained imagination of one JB Fuckstone. He just wants to denigrate the Nalays but his wooly claim is just a figment of arseraped, braindead self.
    Lets get real. Who begged for like to like comparisons when penembak babi was in full flow. Evidence points to one Skillgannon cap babi 1066:
    “And you need not bring in the red herrings of Jakarta and Bangkok, because we are measuring a city-state of 5 million population against the populations of Thailand and Indonesia, which are what?"
    Now using that request, how are we to effect one to one comparisons unless the data is conflated as i did (using 2010 stats to boot).
    So now the mistress after “her”fucking and cockslurping sessions with her butch is trying to impress that coward by laughing off my comparison which by the way, exposes Changi as a mere pipsqueak by almost 7 million passengers.
    Why even simple averaging of aggregated annual passenger data until 2011 will show how far Changi is behind.

    Changi (30years old) : 46.8million/30 = 1.56million passengers on average per annum

    KLIA (13years old); 37.7 million/13 = 2.9 passengers on average per annum

    Obvious, that Changi is even falling further behind KLIA in the games of averages!. Thus, even if Tun dint deign any such ideas or make any such statements, reality screams that Changi is sinking into oblivion vis-a-vis KLIA!which only the two mad chingkie bastards will contest.
    Come to think of it, the bastrds ran away when challenged in the Ambiga thread!!
    Now i expect, mistress or master himself to come here rubbishing me but they cant do anything about the data, right? All they can do is froth and foam like mad pigs trussred and ready for skewing as those mad arse cymbals and crackers create a din for the next 15 days or so. Methinks it is time for the police to gun all those hideous lion dancers down and may the crackers set ablaze Chingkie homes by the dozens!

    Go Fuck (arse) and Enjoy (cock), Chingkie Homosexual Dogs

    Warrior 231

  43. Jasper Bloodstone11:50 am


    Gong Xi Fa Cai to you too!

    The warrior feller used the word "emerging". This is precisely the crux of my rebuttal. "Emerging" in what context, with regard to Senai Airport - passengers, cargo, connectivity, customers satisfaction, efficiency or what?

    Let's be precise here. Is that too much to ask of a Stanford-trained by-the-bootstraps person?

    In case, the rankings quoted by warrior to support his "emerging" claim for Senai Airport failed to mention that it was for cargo/freight handling.

    A not inconsequential omission, wouldn't you say?

    And Skilly1066 has clearly pointed out the facts with regard to Changi Airport, facts which are documented. These have not been refuted.

  44. Jasper Bloodstone3:45 pm

    I note that the warrior wannabe has refrained from commenting on the points raised by Nik.


    A spirit of brotherly solidarity?

    Or a sense that he is losing the argument over Senai Airport, hence his resorting to his oldtime tactics of obfuscations, red herrings, misdirection and racist crap.

    In a word, bollocks!

    Airlines have voted with their feet and their dollars.

    Changi Airport is served by more than 100 airlines which connect Singapore to 210 cities in 60 countries globally. As of Jan 1, Changi handled more than 6,300.scheduled flights each week.

    Put up the corresponding connectivity stats for KLIA and Senai Airport.

    It's as simple as that, dude.

  45. Anonymous7:51 pm


    Happy holiday.. Tonite is the time to celebrate n minum2 and not to worry about other thing..:)

    Yes..its true that warrior and datuk bru didn't mentioned about the categories of award.. So what's the problem?.. Bru is highlighting bout the name change.. Why compare to Changi?.. Who wins in this argument is really irrelevant..because u guys strays big time bro from the real issue.. But I do give credit for both of u for doing research to debate...:)

    My main concern is.. If u're malaysian, be proud of what we have here.. If need to complain is for the improvement.. Not complain on everything that u see...why so proud of Changi?.. Do u have certain attachment to it?..u can refer to what its doing good, but not worship of its greatness.. At the end we are malaysian maa.. We should proud to be one n what we have here...if somebody prefer singapore, just migrate man... No biggies..:)

    Easy right?


  46. Anonymous8:11 pm


    If u say that Tun M developed KLIA and TG Pelepas is to compete with singapore shows that u are really pathetically singapore lovers bro..
    Why should create something to compete?

    Tun M build KLCC to make Malaysian known to the world.. He build KLIA to improve accessibility to Malaysia.. He build Tg. Pelepas to increase business at Johor..

    As simple as that maa... Why compete when we can be the best by improving ourself?... Funnylah u...:)

    There's no bad strategy if the strategy is to be better.. Genius huh the old man..:)


  47. Singaporean Guy12:28 am

    A few observations from me a Singaporean :

    A. Contrary to syockit's point of view, the discussion veered when 1066 began bringing in the port and other unrelated stuff. He started the diversion as usual if you read objectively, period.

    B. w 231's first comment barely mentioned anything new. They are widely available if you wiki Senai. So no issue for 1066 to be worked up over nothing..

    C. The rejoinders from w231 were well-researched esp. his comments about Dubai and HK. And like for like can only come about either via conflation or averaging but the starting point should be 1998 for both airports.

    D. As usual 1066 went missing leaving Jasper to resort to unverified statements to save a bad situation. No stats or counter arguments are noted.

    We in Singapore knows what is going on with regard to Changi, Nik's views notwithstanding. Time series data will show that Changi was stagnating until the casino came along. Our major arrivals were from ASEAN and that puts to rest nik's hq contentions. We are losing out to KLIA, Thailand apart from Dubai , that's fact.

    Better if future commentators about Singaporean affairs are not superficial in their attempt to paint a rosy picture.

  48. Jasper Bloodstone3:45 pm

    Singaporean Guy

    We must obviously be living in parallel universes or in alternate realities.

    Suffice it to say that I have travelled fairly intensively in the region and beyond, and that I have used, and continue to use both Changi Airport and KLIA. Especially when travelling between Singapore and KL.

    And imho, Changi is way ahead of KLIA for international connectivity (which matters to business travellers) and choice of airlines, not to mention competitive air fares.

    We can debate on airport statistics, which are on record, but the fact of the matter is that Changi Airport's success and pre-eminence in the region is based on Singapore's position as a regional business, financial and logistics hub - which means a large number of business travellers, and solid support for airlines' premium services in first and business class.

    Changi Airport's connectivity is a matter of public record. These are not made-up, fudged or fictional statistics, even though the warrior nincompoop would have us believe otherwise.

    Oh, btw, how many awards and accolades has KLIA won, compared with Changi Airport? Again a matter of public record, right?

    Let's not even address Senai Airport, which kicked off the debate in the first place.

  49. Anonymous8:18 pm

    Singaporean Guy arse,

    You fake!!! Discussion veered???? who sets the rule?....YOU....didn't know you were the wolf in sheep's!!!!

    Cheapo...dime a dozen strategy

  50. Again my point is not which is a better airport.
    KLIA is a well run, clean and efficient airport designed as a hub to compete with Changi and Bangkok.
    Senai by its very size and location was never designed to be a direct competitor to Changi. Thus the argument is futile.
    Changi has always been strategic in its development and has been able to grow by thinking ahead.
    What Senai lacks as a potential regional hub are our own airlines.
    Changi has always been well supported and served by SIA, which has added new routes and capacity which in turn attracts other airlines.
    Our airports have potential to be hubs but are being let down by our AIRLINES.
    MAS has cut down on many international routes and with the share swap with Air Asia, Air Asia is now changing its routes structure.
    Thus if our own airlines are cutting back it puts off other international carriers to use our airports.
    So to my mind the issue is that our airports are fine and have capacity.
    The problem is the utter mismanagement of MAS and the rather nefarious anti-competitive behavior of Air Asia with is share swap of MAS.

  51. Singaporean Guy12:42 am

    Nik the moodier export that warrior put up, puts 7 of the 10 cities with extensive links to Changi as being in ASEAN. So much for your logistics, biz centre argument. Point is HQs are driven by tax structure and related stuff etc than mere connectivity.

    2. I am a Singaporean more in the know of Changi than any tall traveller tale that Jasper can manufacture. Fact is Changi has been losing arrivals ever since KLIA and Suvarnabhumi entered the fray big time ,not to mention Dubai. Awards mean nothing,ask your beloved MAS that.

    3. Since 1998, Changi raked in some 25million. Corresponding figure for KLIA , 37million. Who says Changi isn't floundering?

    4. Reuters has the casino effect as the reason for Changi's December boom and those figures went up since 2010, no coincidence?

    As I said we Singaporeans know what's going on than uninformed outsiders who just look at the headline figures and go gaga.

    Anon, gott a problem reading objectively , mister?

  52. Skilgannon10669:52 am

    Alas, Nik - you have missed the point.

    What made Changi Airport the premier air hub in the region, compared with KLIA, Bangkok and Soekarno-Hatta/Jakarta?

    Sure, the position of the anchor home carrier makes a difference. In this case, SIA, SilkAir and Tiger Airways (which has to ve counted as part of the SIA family) have contributed significantly to the passenger numbers at Changi. This in turn creates a virtuous cycle where other airlines see a viable market in flying to Changi, even if Singapore's population is a miniscule 5 million people.

    (This, by the way, rubbishes the warrior's thesis, because he has conveniently avoided explaining how a small city-state with a population of 5 million can sustain a regional air hub with a 46.5 million passengers volume in 2011).

    What you also neglected to mention is the Singapore government's crystal-clear strategy that places an absolute priority on maintaining and developing the city-state's status as an international air hub, and that the interests of SIA are placed on a lower priority.

    Can you, hand on heart, say that the Malaysian government has expressed and put into action the same priority with regard to KLIA and Malaysia Airlines?

    You have also omitted to mention the fact that the Singapore government has consistently set out to make Singapore the preferred hub for MNCS, foreign banks and financial institutions, educational institutions and professional services firms.

    Thus there are some 150 foreign banks with offices in Singapore, with many with sizeable regional offices (Stanchart, Citigroup, HSBC, BOA-Merrill Lynch, ANZ Bank, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse and UBS - each of whom employ thousands of staff in Singapore), 6 full-service foreign law firms, and more than 3,000 each of companies from China and India.

    All of this means a significant base of business travellers to tap on, and this drives the premium (First and Business Class) revenues of SIA, Cathay Pacific, British Airways, Qantas, Lufthansa, Air France-KLM etc).

    All of the above is lacking in Kuala Lumpur, and this impacts directly on KLIA.

  53. Anonymous11:41 am

    Warrior has been saying and repeating that Senai won the best 'EMERGING' airport. Hey, the word is 'EMERGING'. What is the meaning of 'EMERGING'? Use a dictionary if you are too stupid lah.

    How daft you anti Malaysia M'sians (like Skilly and Jasper)can be. Your hatred for your own country knows no bounds, ain't it? Nobody's stopping you to go for greener pastures. But, don't put down your own country just because it is the IN thing to be racists for people like your goodselves.

    For that anon, it is a real problem for you to be civilised, ain't it? You know you can't win, you resort to insults etc...A pathetic coward and very childish too. Typical...

    - Warrior's cousin

  54. Jasper Bloodstone1:04 pm

    Warrior'd cousin

    What precisely are you not understanding?

    The warrior posted that Senai Airport won the best "emerging" airport ranking.

    Did he qualify that by clarifying that the award was for FREIGHT/CARGO handling?

    Or are you, by some magical sleight-of-hand, under the impression that this is not relevant?

    Was Senai Airport's award for best "emerging" airport for PASSENGER handling?

    I despair of your intellectual capacity if you can't distinguish between cargo and passengers!

  55. Jasper Bloodstone5:16 pm

    Singaporean Guy

    If you are indeed a Singaporean and living in Singapore, you would have no doubt read the report "Changi tackles air traffic delays" in today's (Jan 26) Singapore Straits Times (pp B1-B2).

    In that report by the ST's aviation correspondent, it is mentioned the flight movements (total aircraft landings and take-offs) in 2009 was 240,360 (up 3.6% from 2008), 263,593 in 2010 (up 9.7%) and 302,000 in 2011 (up 14.5%).

    That refutes the suggestion that traffic volumes at Changi Airport are shrinking. Far from it, as a matter of fact.

    There have been press reports recently too that the Changi Airport Authorities are thinking of bringing forward the construction of a new Terminal 4 as well as building a third runway.

    Hardly the sign of an airport in terminal (excuse the pun) decline, as the warrior feller would have us believe!

  56. Anonymous7:28 am

    Ini "Singaporean Guy"....

    ....just visit "Geylang" area only...where got travel thru' Changi one!!!


  57. Singaporean Guy8:27 am

    1. Jasper and co, looks like what is Dubai (population; 2million) doing with 51 million coming in or for that matter HK (population:7 million) with 53million?. No wonder, the comparisons for like and like as W231 suggested to be rightly so, didn’t happen! Anyway, aircraft movement is nothing when compared to HK’s or even, once again Dubai.

    and look at Dubai’s growth here:

    Time was when Changi top of the pops but in the past 10 years or so, we have been cleaned out by HK and of all people, Dubai. That was my contention all along, Changi is losing out on the global sweepstakes and since 2005, in the ASEAN hub game to Suvarnabhumi and KLIA. The same pattern is repeating here like in the case of HK and Dubai. KLIA and Suvarnabhumi catching up and will eventually surpass a floundering Changi and remember those two unlike HK and Dubai are not centralised hubs controlling international air traffic into their respective countries!
    2. Sorry to prick your balloon but the stellar data of aircraft movements also don’t figure when 29% of traffic growth has been due to LCCs. In fact, Changi is on its way to be regional hub of small-time carriers with little potential of further growth!

    and all this as SIA slides :

    in more ways than one:

    Regional peer and fierce competitor Singapore Airlines is worse (after adjusting for exchange rates). It was worth $10.5 billion in 2009, and is now $9.5 billion. Singapore Airlines is also suffering ''hold'', and even the odd ''sell'' recommendations from brokers in the region following the recent release of its December operating figures.

    and about that airport runway, whats a pipsqueak 4 compared to Beijing’s 9:

    3.Maybe, as Singaporeans, we have more cause to worry than foreigners who have no vested interest but use us for their own petty agendas

  58. Anonymous1:26 pm

    Singaporean Guy

    As I said the truth will evntually dribble out. Looks like from your figures, Changi is dead last in the hub stakes, well behind Dubai and HK with Tokyo, Heathrow, Atlanta and Frankfurt thrown into the mix.

    No wonder the fraudster pigs were too embarrassed to navigate into that territory and so skewed the discussion into a Changi-KLIA thingy whereas your stats show they are losing out bigtime which people like the uneducated Nik arsefuck swallow hook, line and sinker like a petrified gold-fish. Pukimak punya me-LAYU kalau betoi ko me-LAYU, pundek douchebag scum!. Go feast on those pig bones those two Chingk whoreboys threw you, pariah dog. What fucking effing sonofabitch!ptui!

    The fact is Changi was struggling in the late thirty millions, (if one scans the recent data), until 2009 when Resorts World (owned by bastrad Chingkie pigs who have milked Malaysians dry through Malay bequeathed Genting) decided to set up their gambling joints on Sentosa. But that glitter wont last as Chingk pigs the world over experience empty pockets soon.

    no surprises that the data shows that Changi is nothing more than a sluttish stopover for the likes of LCCs and its drawing power is limited to the 7 main cities of ASEAN from where bastard pigs sequester their whore and pimp gains to be laundered in Singapore.

    Motherfucking, pa arse raping pigs who were threatened when I did that logical conflation thingy and who moved goalposts when confronted with reality! Clitlicking son of slut bitches who have yet again been exposed as shameless frauds,the same way they were undressed as lying fuckheads when challenged in the gravy train jibe, when dared by Penembak Babi and Peter Ho and many times before that. Wei, tak da malukah, chouchibai tiuniamah fithy lanchiaued shitworms.

    Dei Pondan cowardly stray bitches, get a life and grow balls for a change, cuntlicking chouchibai Chingkie scumbags. Where did I lie when I referred here:

    27 April 2011
    Senai International Airport receives the Best Emerging Airport – Asia award at the Asian Freight & Supply Chain Awards 2011 in Singapore.

    Does it mention, cargo there? fuck your motherlah Jasper and Skillgannon and lick your father's arse. you asked " best Emerging Airport". I google 'Senai wins award" and that was as stated on that site. I dont pretend to be any hocus-pocus bogus aviation expert to look further. Couldnt be bothered to as thats whhat Bru wrote and you sounded dumfounded so i put that one up to show you up, dickjuicing slimepoops!

    You bastards got peeved and decided to look that up when you should have known all that in the first place, aviation experts my cockhead!! sons of a bitch!! No one. least of it me, fiddled with the truth. You, whorepiss, did that big time by hiding all those Dubai and HK stats. Now shit has the fan again, run and hide, pondan slutshits!

    Warrior 231

  59. Anonymous2:21 pm

    And yeah. one more thing nick the dick

    just as one pig arselifted you to ecstasy with an arsefuck (12.33pm)

    another cockshafted you back to reality with its mouthfuck (9.52am) barely 24 hours later at that! Some comedown aint it Nick?

    Sorry, idiot, just as you were all aswagger and preening yourself with pride in them imaginary mirrors you espied with a raised butt, the other bastard stcck his filthy uncircumcised cock right down your throat, to show u who's ur stupid boss Chingkie style.

    Bet you will have problems wolfing down all that pig meat chowder they fed you for being a goody doggy in a frilly panty. What a stupid shameless maruahless me-LAYU shitarse of a stupif fella-tist.

    One more thing, you r such a stoooooooopid douchebag to wolf down the silly excuse your HQ feeds you. As if you they gonna tell you they are money-laundering their fraud scam gains under good ol Spore's secret banking laws.....bangsat punya me-LAYU

    Warrior 231

  60. Jjasper Bloodstone4:54 pm

    Heh, it's so easy to diddle the warrior feller into paroxysms of uncontrollable rage and frustrated angst.

    Just trot out counter-arguments and watch him erupt in full-blown frothing-at-the-mouth verbal poop unloading.

    It makes one think of spoilt kids throwing temper tantrums. And the "gravy trainers" are spoilt kids, come to think of it.

    Easy-peasy, like stealing candy from a baby!

    Just imagine - the poor dude had to trot out his Stanford credentials to justify himself as a non-gravy trainer.

    I just hope that the Chingkies, Injuns and the Mat Sallehs at Stanford didn't outshine him with their perfect 4.0 GPAs! Because that would have been truly embarrassing for Malaysia Boleh!

    Enough of going off-topic. It is instructive to see how a seemingly innocuous posting on Senai Airport segued into a monster mashup between the proponents of KLIA and Changi Airport.

    Even Hong Kong, Dubai, Bangkok and Jakarta airports got dragged into the fray. Thankfully no one sought to run comparisons between MAS, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Thai Airways, Garuda and SIA.

    Which would have no doubt elicited another cockamamie spiel from the warrior and his fellow travellers.

  61. Jjasper Bloodstone5:12 pm

    Oh, dear - how will Nick be able to explain how the likes of - drumroll please - IBM, Apple, Google, Facebook, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, Airbus, Boeing, Rolls-Royce, Siemens, Nokia, Panasonic, Toshiba, Samsung, Citigroup, Stanchart Bank, HSBC, BOA-Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, UBS, Deutsche Bank, ANZ Bank, Shell, ExxonMobil, BP etc etc have set up their regional Hqs in Singapore?

    Gee - they must all be laundering the ill-gotten proceeds of their fraud scams using good old Singapore's secret banking laws!

    Terrible, isn't it? Such a mockery of international tax laws and treaties cannot go unchallenged! Better alert the IRS and the OECD's anti-money laundering unit to launch a full blown enquiry.


  62. Warrior obviously not reading what I wrote.....
    I have always said that KLIA has fantastic potential but that potential is not being realised!!!!
    And not being realized because of lacking of connectivity. And that lack of direct connectivity is due to MAS and Air Asia - if they were growing they would attract more carriers to KLIA.
    As I am a regular user of Senai - I am a fan of the airport since they upgraded it. However it is poorly served by our carriers which again will prevent it from being a hub..

    The firm I work with is German and public listed and follows very strict financial regulations. We don't mess with German laws or we would be totally screwed ourselves.
    We have offices all over Europe and Asia Pac - and thus our project teams travel a lot. MAS has stopped flights to Zurich, Rome and a number of other European cities. The only way for us to get there is via Dubai or Singapore.

    And what is it with you and arsefucking??? You have this obsession with arses and cocks down throats?
    And you love to get into this whole abuse crap when trying to make a point which at end of day loses whatever point you were trying to make.....
    And this goes for the rest of those who want to go down same route... Talking smack or shit never makes an argument

  63. Anonymous9:25 am

    Dear Bloggers,

    Fact Time - Confession Part 1

    Profanities - That's what you get when the brain has been infested with syphilis!!!

    Can't help it its been like this since i started having a go at PKR leaders.

    Doctor says its terminal.

    Pahlawan kartun Cell 231

  64. Anonymous4:24 pm


    Care to explain whatever happened to my riposte to both Nick the dog and Jasper the pig. Hope its not lost in virtual reality while drivel from brain damaged Mongoloids like 9.25am. 12.05am. 5.12pm and 4.54pm see the light of day.

    Warrior 231

  65. Dear Warrior 231,

    I hope not too. As far as I know, i didn't throw out any intelligent comment under this thread.


  66. Anonymous8:49 pm

    Say Phil(is),

    Take a hint "intelligent comment" default, not qualified la, and stop putting the blame on others...poor demented soul.

    Confession part 2....coming soon.

    Better than the Aussie Open this!!!

  67. Warrior....
    Bru made the point that he never censors 'intelligent' comments. Its his he treats it is his concern. I think I may have had my comments in past held back (due to libellous concerns I think...).
    And why may I add do you have to call me a dog etc..?
    I am trying to comment sensibly and without abusing anyone. Yet you see fit to abuse in return?
    Do you only want people to agree with you 100%?
    I bet you would never have the guts to say what you write in public or to anyone's face. Love to see you talk smack to any China-man in public. Doubt you have guts to do so.

  68. Skilgannon10668:55 am

    The warrior gravy train pursuer is good at innuendoes and quoting from "confidential documents" as seen in his postings on alleged "hantus" in Johor.

    How very convenient - relying on documents which have not been revealed for public scrutiny and authenticity tests.

    I, too, could make similar claims, but academic sensibilities prevent me from doing so!

    As for Senai Airport, KLIA and Changi Airport, I choose to go with actual facts and published statistics and rankings. Not economic time series analyses and what-if scenarios!

  69. Jasper Bloodstone4:49 pm

    I wonder if this "Singaporean Guy" is another moniker for the erstwhile "Peter Ho" character - the guy who clammed up when asked about Singapore's triple-A credit ratings.

    The SG Guy is now passing himself off as an expert on aviation matters, talking about airline market caps, CAPA analyses etc.

    He must have taken a lot of flights through KLIA and Senai Airport to arrive at his "expert" conclusions on Changi Airport.

    Now, if only the majority of Changi's passengers and clients (aka international airlines) agreed with his views!

    Maybe his warrior sidekick could mount a campaign to persuade the travelling public, corporates and airlines that KLIA and Senai Airport are the bees' knees!

  70. Jasper Bloodstone6:19 pm

    You see, Nik, the warrior feller is a pusillanimous coward who gets off by spewing racist epithets under the cloak of anonymity.

    The poor guy must be so sat upon by his academic, business and professional superiors that he has to expunge his anger and deep-seated feelings of inferiority by indulging in torrents of keyboard bashing, with a monotonous repetition of said epithets and pejorative verbiage.

    Ten gets you one that this dude subsides into discreet silence every time he crosses the Causeway in a southerly direction.

  71. Anonymous6:10 am

    Dear Bloggers and Bru,

    Fact time - Confession No.2

    On the quiet, Nik is spot on (but don't tell anyone!!) long suffering (especially since 901) syphilis-infected brain HAS NOW gone gangrene and ganglionic.

    Oh what the heck??...ging gang goolie goolie whacha ging gang goo...ging gang gooo ....ooooooUUU.

    Pahlawan kartun cell 231

  72. Anonymous7:02 pm

    Strange how my responses dont appear on this thread while another sent at the same time on another thread does so.

    Maybe, you are hinting something, Bru. You have moved over to the other side. Bye.

    Warrior 231

  73. Jasper Bloodstone7:12 pm

    AFP report 30 Jan: "Singapore budget airline Tiger Airways said on Monday it had bought a 33 per cent stake in beleaguered Indonesian carrier PT Mandala Airlines as part of its regional expansion plans".

    And, so, the "economic recolonisation" gathers pace, as the pundits among us are fond of proclaiming.

    And AirAsia Indonesia will have a "Tiger" breathing down it's neck...

    Dang it all, you gotta hand it to the little red dotters. Economic recolonialists, indeed. How long before they set their sights on Senai Airport or even KLIA? Temasek Holdings has enough financial muscle to comfortably buy over Malaysia Airports several times over.

    Or so claim my own impeccable sources! LOL.

  74. Singaporean Guy1:05 am

    Sorry, never heard of Peter Ho. Probably some fixation of yours or a figment of your delusional imagination. Anyway, scared of him too?

    By the way, this crossed my path, couldnt resist:

    'The group expects to report a significant net loss for the financial year largely as a result of the CASA suspension in Australia, the under-utilisation of the group's aircraft fleet and exposure to high and volatile jet fuel prices,' it said.

    Revenues for the quarter slipped 1.2 per cent year-on-year to $168.42 million from $170.52 million a year ago.

    Loss per share for the third quarter was 2.36 cents. A year ago, it posted earnings per share of 3.93 cents.

    Year-to-date, turnover for the airline fell to $457.1 million from $459.09 million a year ago.

    Consequently, for the nine months ended Dec 31, 2011, Tiger Airways posted a loss of $87.92 million. A year ago, it made a net profit of $38.52 million.

    Loss per share for the three quarters was 13.93 cents. A year ago, EPS was 6.78 cents.

    Details of the loss:,4574,475650,00.html

    Why be economical with the truth whilst accusing others of being so. Hypocritical Humbug.

  75. Jasper Bloodstone12:22 pm

    Aw, warrior-san - you are not throwing in the towel and waving the white flag, are you?

    I have always looked forward to our jousts in this blog.

    And I concur with some of your ideas on how to restructure the Malaysian economy.

    Some, not all, mind you.

  76. Jasper Bloodstone6:28 pm

    Singaporean Guy

    Sorry to rain on your parade, but what is the point of your latest posting?

    Tiger Airways' financials are not secret; they have been reported extensively in the Singapore papers. What's there to hide, anyway?

    The point is that Tiger Airways is investing and expanding, despite it's latest financial losses.

    Unless you are out to criticise their business model, customer service etc, but that's not the subject of this thread.

    As far as the saga of "Peter Ho" is concerned, let's just say he beat a discreet retreat when asked some pertinent questions about certain facts in the public domain.

  77. Singaporean Guy5:04 pm

    1.Tiger Airways' financials are not secret; they have been reported extensively in the Singapore papers. What's there to hide, anyway?

    My reply; Why only paste the story of the investment just to show off the good part. Very obvious there. If you want to say something say the whole truth. Seems to me you have one rule for Warrior 231 about the cargo and another rule for your dear self. Heard of double standards, hypocrite?

    2.Unless you are out to criticise their business model, customer service etc, but that's not the subject of this thread.

    My reply: Precisely. Why bring up Changi Airport, SATS, Singapore Port, PSA (oh god even the port...1.05pm) when the issue is about Senai. And furthermore, why throw Tiger into the mix again when the thread is about Senai. Running out of thread to spin? Go buy another roll.

    So what next after hypocrisy and lies? Podsnappery next in the queue, mister Humbug?

  78. Jasper Bloodstone6:56 pm

    So, has the topic of Senai Airport been exhausted?

    Are the current owners of the airport working on an exit strategy?

    After all, with all the talk about "ghosts" in Johor, which sensible business person wouldn't want to take precautions against hauntings and other paranormal phenomena?

    The question is whether Malaysia Airports have the resources to acquire Senai Airport. Seeing as how they are having to raise funds to build KLIA2, this could be doubtful.

    There can't be that many other would-be acquirers out there, not unless they have their own in-house ghostbusters!

  79. Don't get me started on Tiger Airways!
    If you think Air Asia is bad, don't even go near Tiger.
    Twice flew them - twice delayed. Going out delayed by 3 hours. My return said delayed - but all they did was cancel our 2pm flight and put us on the 7pm flight. Would not let me even change to a Silk Air flight that was going way earlier....
    And the service sucked! At least the Air Asia stewardeses are more attentive and cherful...

    BTW - why did Warrior get all sulky with Rocky. I doubt Rocky would censor him considering all his previous posts. I am sure Warrior probably hit delete rather than send button after he wrote his comments.....

  80. Anonymous3:26 pm

    Come on Warrior, come back. I don't think Rocky would delete your comment. Rocky is too nice a person.

    No one can jostle the Nons as good as you, you know. IMHO they are already pining for you. One of them is that san-san fella.

    - Warrior's cousin

  81. Jasper Bloodstone6:46 pm


    LCCs exemplify the adage that you get what you pay for.

    In other words, if you wants a Suites-class experience, beyond run-of-the-mill First Class, fly SIA.