Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Police told of ABU event only after "disturbance"

Nalini: Was she talking rubbish?
Updated: In Canada, the police would sue you for defamatory libel, a criminal offense! Read h e r e.

Original posting:
The Malaysian Insider has the follow-up on  the disrupted ABU event (which I still think was self-inflicted). As expected, one of the organisers, who is a member of the political party PKR of Pakatan Rakyat, is accusing the police of working hand-in-hand with the Umno-BN "samsengs" in the incident. E. Nalini, an executive director of Suaram, now a so-called NGO in my book, claimed to be witness to several of these samsengs wearing t-shirts bearing Umno and BN logos, beating up an Indian boy that night. Turns out she was talking rubbish.

This is the kind of stuff that makes more and more Malaysians sick with the politics of this lot

Read the Insider's Cops deny aiding "school kids" to disrupt ABU event. Some nice quotes from Shah Alam police chief Zahedi Ayob: "We were not informed of the event. Why did they not tell us? Only they know".


  1. Anonymous6:55 pm


    Your earlier posting talks about the sterling work done by the Men in Blue and with all their resources the Police intelligence was not aware of the ABU event in Shah Alam? Sure boh. Perhaps

    I think Shannon Teoh of TMI is trying to be cynical. Really. By quoting Zahedi on so many contradicting issues - one can only conclude that Zahedi is trying ever so hard to justify the acts of the hooligans - really - if you go by his logic -

    Quote “If you do it in the hornet’s nest, then we will tell you not to and suggest another place. But if you say you like to get stung, then we will let you proceed,” he added."

    Apa macam logic ini brader?

    Was there a crime committed? How come the crime is no more an issue? Its like the police saying - you know there are gangsters in Shah Alam - so if you want to have peaceful assembly stay away from there - because we(the police) got no balls to protect you?

    Come on lah - we are not idiots! HAve some freaking respect for us.

    Anyways the fatties facebook reveals that he is definitely not with PKR.

    So this crappy theory of self inflicted injury reminds me of Mahatir's crap about Anwar Ibrahim punching himself - well I am not surprised that it is being parrotted by the Mahatir sympathisers.

    Bloody fedup with Morons running the country.


    1. Anonymous10:05 pm

      My friend had the same feeling about the southern govt. Know what he did ? He left the south n cross over to the causeway n never look back. Why dont u do the same bro.

  2. Anonymous7:19 pm

    ".....I still think....."

    Hahaha, Latuk Locky, Najib pays you to spin, not to think. All of the UMNO goons are not supposed to THINK with their little brains.


  3. Dear Godfather,

    After the attempt to hijack your nick, I think you should register Godfather as a blogger. You'd still be anonymous, don't worry, nobody will get you. Not that they're trying. Hehe.

    My worry is that the original "Godfather", whom sometimes I call Godfarter and sometimes Goatfather, may be taken over by another person or persons who are identity stealers.

    This comment left at 7.19pm, for example, sounds too dumb to be the "original" Godfather..

    Jangan marah..

    As for Anon 655pm, so typical la mo. The police are damned if they were there at your gathering, and they are also damned if they weren't. Make up your minds ..

  4. Anonymous7:48 pm

    a plain cloth police were there, did nothing

    and a bunch of police came... nothing to do

    We do have a problem.
    It isn't a disturbance but someone got hurt...


  5. Sue this Nalini until she turned white.

    I guess she must have cursed her god for not making her not "pretty"... and think by know... by looking how our "menteri keselamatan dalam negeri" making the country not so selamat.... Nalini and her kind will not stop blaming anything associate with melayu.


  6. Anonymous8:19 pm

    Saya penduduk tempatan. Tempat asal perhimpunan ialah di markas PAS Batu 6 Sri Gambut. Atas alasan kenduri kawin ( Macam lah kenduri kawin buat secara tiba2 ) program dipindahkan ke dewan MBSA Jln Kebun ikut suka hati mak bapak dia org. Sebenarnya PAS malu markasnya diguna oleh Hindraf. Waktu hampir magrib hindraf berkumpul disimpang jalan dgn membuat igt ini kg bapak lu punya..? Penduduk mula marah dan hubungi pemuda kg yg sememangnya ramai ahli UMNO kerana PAS dan PKR sudah di reject.!!Mereka suruh keluar kerana tiada kebenaran guna dewan..mlm sudah ada org booking utk main badminton..hindraf kurang ajar tiba2 igt itu dewan bapak lu punya ? Pemuda UMNO juga sudah anggap hindraf sebagai musuh sebab lu sudah tuduh UMNO buat ethnic cleansing.. lu igt UMNO punya org semua tunggul serupa lu punya bapak ?

    1. Anonymous10:02 pm

      Gua caya lu bro. Kita patut buat hindraf cleansing lepas pru13 ni.

  7. Anonymous8:40 pm

    nice one on...


  8. Anonymous8:47 pm

    so the police were only informed after the disturbance huh.....

    so the plain cloth police's pigeon failed to delivered the message quick enough
    or he was following his order 'to keep an eye on the gathering' not the samseng...

  9. Anonymous8:48 pm

    This is dangerous politics. Just look at pakistan.Political parties are all aligned with extremist groups.And these groups are sent out to disrupt the gatherings of other poitical parties even by the party in power. The polics haveno choice but to take the side of the extremist aligned with the party in power.The cycle of violence continues till today.

  10. just another malaysian8:50 pm

    i have to agree to your posting in all fairness. you do have the ability to source for relevancy of news to relate to the general happenings whenever it suits the desire outcome. really, you are good at it. it makes reading interesting and put us on a smart alert of impending debate and facts to fight on.

  11. Anonymous9:13 pm

    Kan Mat Salleh dah nasihat dunia....

    jumpa cobra, ular sawa, ular kapak apa segala ular bisa walaupun dengan depa depa tu..

    Katok yg mana dulu?

  12. Anonymous9:44 pm

    Locky.... Lu sudah tadak Modal lagi...Lu ingat lu Journalis tapi lu talak baca punya olang...Sama macam Ibrahim Ali..

  13. Anonymous11:42 pm

    It makes me laugh when you try to compare us with Canada?
    I believe, the Canadian mountie will not ask any individual his or her race.
    And even refugees have access to legal assistance right through to the Supreme court if need be.
    The professionalism of the Mounties are top notch, so please Rocky.

  14. Bloody fedup with the moron 6.55 pm.

  15. D'Rocky - Why does what Nalini's said is untrue or rubbish as u claim.

    By the way..per, when the police finally arrived after the mob have left the ceramah hall, I pointed out one of the mobsters who was still there to the uniformed police officers.Later, this individual was seen leaning against the squad car and chatting with the uniformed officers. Inquiries later revealed that he was a plain clothes police officer.

    OK maybe he is lying...but why would the cops not believe a lawyer..if an accusation is being the scene of the 'crime'...given that it was after the fact

    I agree this kind of stuff that makes more and more Malaysians sick with the politics of this lot...the question is...People have generally two distinctly different views on this!

    1. Anonymous10:10 pm

      Believe the orang kampong is better than to believe a lawyer. Atleast the orang kampong speaks sincerely. Hehe

  16. Bored with the antics of these ABU Jahal and ABU Lahabs . . .

  17. Anonymous1:14 am

    Rocky, how can you justify by spinning a racial attack this way?

    At first you hinted that the mob were working with PR, now you spin and make it the fault of the organisers.

    What if this happened in a chinese area and the attackers were chinese and the victims were malays..would that make a difference?

    You are spinning at a dangerous direction here. Too much racist undertones. I really do hope that Malaysia be saved from people like you

  18. Gengster Melayu? So clever la - you start the ruckus and now unashamedly blame the police and the Orang Kampong there! And as for that silly Nalini of SUARAM- sorry, zero sympathy for you and your type.You and HINDRAF never seems to learn that all of you have been taken for a ride!

  19. Anonymous3:04 am

    pls respect our kampong and this kampong is just like yours. we have unwritten rules especially at night when our maghrib prayer time begin, we do not make noisy sound like what u did. now this is understandable by all of our kariah. if we all go to your resident and make loud noise and disturb your night time how do you feel? if you really want to make peace activity at our kampong just be polite, understand our sensitivity and respect our residency that's all. it that very hard to understand after decades u guys stay in malaysia. if we malays can let u guys stay here in this undoubtfull tanah melayu for ages, it's not a big deal for us to let u all to organize activities in our kampong too for sure. just do it in right manner and respect us as kampong resident. that's what u'r great grandfather did and our great grandfather respect them too. why can come to our kampong piecefully at other celebration like hari raya etc. why so kurang ajar when it comes to politics agenda? are we the residents being rude to visitor or its just the visitors being stupid wanting some politic's publisity.
    why must u all provoke us all the way.
    ... kampong boy.

  20. Anonymous5:17 am

    Aiyah ... why are you lot having your panties in knots?

    This is Malaysia la. Nampak india pukol aje.

  21. Anonymous6:46 am

    Rocky wrote;
    "In Canada, the police would sue you for defamatory libel, a criminal offense!"

    So what so special about Malaysia....police being too kind to Suaram/opposition for accusing them being in cahoot??? POLIS MALAYSIA NI, ADA MARUAH KE TAKDE MARUAH???

    So called "TOP" Men in Blue.

    Tengok Chelsea main bola lagi bagus!!

  22. Anonymous8:45 am

    wow anon 11:42 PM, why do you question this??? you do understand that this hindraf suakam are actualyy looking at the west regarding "hak asasi manusia" so why the annoying face???

    beside you also should stupid the hindraf and pas and bard when they area actually making a ceramah at kampung melayu at maghrib you know what time is that???

    do you know even the orang kampung will stop any celebration at time in respect of magrhib it does not matter if the organizers are BN or stupid pakatan, they should know this...shouting and heroing all along the road is not something the orang kampung would like to see at time you know..

    that is why it is stupid for those pakatan to actually use the dewan at that time...OH by the way anon do you know that area was 100% malay...what are hindraf doing at 100% malay area????trying to fight for malay right also????

    there area always time ans location where you can do things you know...

  23. rocky when did u become so stupid. even u are hirer assassin ..have some class some intelligence. wit today handphone , within a mins the plain clothes police, special branch can call for re inforcement. what if najib was there. still have to make a report 1st . rocky. u have a rock head. nothing inside.

  24. Anonymous10:06 am

    The fact that HINDRAF being used by Bard in an event held in a Malay kampung..with of course ABU (UMNO bashing) in a Malay in itself a disturbance...

  25. Anonymous12:23 pm

    Why in the heck would samsengs wear UMNO or BN clothes if they were going to beat up some people ? This Nailini thinks we are really that stupid ?

  26. Anonymous1:09 pm

    Is there a limit to how much rubbish you can spew? I was going to ask you to stop insulting the common man's intelligence... But judging from your cronies who comment here... You do have alot of dumb fucks who believe you. Oh well To each... His own

  27. SEratus Persen3:25 pm

    Penangites say "Gempak Klin only", Southerners will say "Outa Klin only". Anyone can set up NGO. Doesnt mean they count for anything or whatever they say or are fighting for mean much to anyone else. They just love being President of this and that, and hearing their 2 cents quoted in the papers. Forget it la - Malaysians dont need any NGOs to tell them how or what to think.

  28. Why laa3:37 pm

    Why all these people who hate this country so much still stick around? They condemn everything about this country,hate anything to do with Malaysia and love other countries so much, so why they stay put ah? Anyone begging these morons not to migrate? Stop complaining until you foam at the mouth...disgusting la wey!

  29. Anonymous5:15 pm

    Ini sure kes menyamar puaka2 NGOk or pembangkang yg pakai baju logo BN/UMNO & buat kacau...apala weyy..don't insult our intelligence la..ini jenis punya orang memang bikin kacau sini sana lah.

  30. Anonymous5:57 pm

    Hey Why laa

    these morons just want access to Tanah Melayu's vast wealth but they despise the Malay govt for the special status of bumis

    they are super greedy to become members of tycoons - so the pace of wealth-grab pissed them off

    their political AIMS - to get the Malays into the kampongs so they can reap (rip) off this rich land

  31. Anonymous9:10 am

    Di kampung halaman tok moyang mereka tak boleh "show-off" pasai ada lebih 1.4billion - no chance, sama kepala..

    Tambah lagi yg dari kasta "tu", nak masuk restoran makan kat restoran "empunya lagi satu tu" pun kena halau macam anjing kurap.

    Mai sini, dari jauh konon nak tunjuk "HEBAT" kat cousin2 yang dari benua asal...

    Pi Negara Mat Salleh, depa dah kena branded, suspicious duk nak kena ketok!

  32. Anonymous9:21 am

    Hindraf dan ABU adalah dua kumpulan haram di Malaysia. Jadinya sebarang perhimpunan oleh Hindraf atau ABU adalah perhimpunan haram, orang ramai berhak untuk mengusir perhimpunan-perhimpunan haram seperti ini. Hindraf dan ABU adalah dua kumpulan pengacau.Syabas! kepada mereka yang berjaya mengusir Hindraf dan ABU di Jalan Kebun.

  33. Anonymous10:49 am

    Hullo Latuk Locky:

    Nah, I don't want to start my own blog, cos I don't have time to maintain it. Also, we have a code of conduct in Sicily - as an active Godfather, we must remain anonymous otherwise we have to double the number of our bodyguards.

    As you are aware, I have always had this feeling that not all is lost with you. You were a champion of the underprivileged, the underdog, the maligned, once. Now that you are being paid by Najib, I understand your need to do his bidding. Soon you will get out of the dark side of the Force. It is your destiny.


  34. Anonymous5:13 pm

    did all of u notice comment above that support ABU, Hindraf and Suaram etc. the majority coming from the community of hitam metalik, mix, Dog And Pig?

    isnt it obvious?

    what is the main agenda?

    to ignite chaos and havoc among the bumiputra community?to divide and rule the bumiputra community?
    to gain symphaty (for being manhandled,oppressed,brutality and discrimination)
    from the opposite community?

    what is the main agenda?

    is it to have an equal business opportunity in a fair level playing field and abolished the bumiputra right? haiyaaa!!! u people a cheater, liar and a manipulator mana ada fair level playing field punyeeeeeee....

    what is the main agenda?

    still remember when they first come to this tanah melayu? they bribe and cheat the landlord, kill each other for the land that not even belong to them?

    what is the main agenda?

    is it politic or economy? a good example have a look at the government of thailand and the phillipine. from what descendant control these gvernment? are they clean? free from corruption?

    what is the main agenda?

    cant they just assimilate with the bumiptra culture and community? no? because of what? religious? islam? haiyaaa!!! again `cheating' come to the picture.u cheat u go to hell!!!

    what is the main agenda?

    to colonized,monopoly the politic and economy of this country? Dog And Pig as the candidate of prime minister?

    good luck malaysia.

  35. Anonymous6:54 pm

    Paria memang pandai putar belit. Lain kali minta permit polis. Kalau tak, jadi perhimpunan haram. Apa2 yg haram bukan tanggungjawab polis. Tanggung sendiri la pariah! Kalau di india, pariah2 ni dah kena bakar

  36. Anonymous7:44 am

    You have lost all credibility.