Monday, January 23, 2012

What's going on, Suaram?

 Updated: ABU serang ABU?

The Unspinners say the hiring of "friendly" thugs is a cheap political stunt used before in the Bagan Pinang by-election. The cops are checking out this angle, I'm sure.

 Original Posting, 23 Jan 2012:
non-governmental organization (NGO) is a legally constituted organization created by natural or legal persons that operates independently from any government ... The term is usually applied only to organizations that pursue some wider social aim that has political aspects, but that are not overtly political organizations such as political parties. - WIkipidea

Have our NGOs become too political? This is not the first time that our NGOs have forced me to wonder if they are not becoming more political than some of our political parties. Or have some of them have become just a cover story for some of our political partie?

Today's question popped up in my head after reading Helen Ang's Samseng serang ABU, seorang cedera dibelasah. As I read her story, several questions popped up. 

Did the organizers of ABU hire those gangsters to make something out of nothing? I'm sorry I have to repeat the question here; as I see it, ABU definitely needs the kind of publicity that such drama could generate and, also, there are a lot of idle samsengs these days. The anak2 ABU won't be happy but I assure them I'm not the only one with this theory.

Of course, in all fairness, I also considered that the report Helen Ang quoted was true, that there was his group of Malays who were not happy and they decided to show their unhappiness that night. After all, even Anas Zubedy had warned the anak2 ABU that an "unthinking" iniative like ABU would lead to bad consequences. Will there be worse ones ahead?

Then I read the bit about an Indian witness' account of these Malay samsengs beating up an Indian boy. You know what's the best thing about it: the samsengs were wearing t-shirts bearing "BN and Umno logos". Haha. Imagine a picture of masked bank robbers wearing t-shirts printed with their Facebook profile pics! LOL!  I mean, if you want to insult the intelligence of the 3.3 million Umno members and 7 million BN cronies, you'd have to do better than that lah.

Now, that's when the NGO bit struck me ... The witness quoted in the story, she is E. Nalini, the Executive Director of Suaram, a Malaysian NGO. Now, what was an NGO representative doing at a political forum? Is Suaram part of ABU? Is Suaram now openly against Umno?
As I understand it, NGOs are above partisan politics,.Suaram cannot, for example, be openly cooperating with PAS, a political party, to try and kill the party's opponent, in this case Umno. Seriously, man, that is so wrong.

Perhaps, Suaram would like to explain what's going on ..


  1. Anonymous11:28 pm

    Suaram dgn Bar Council elok bertanding dalam pilihanraya..

  2. Anonymous11:32 pm

    And here comes Perkasa....a true politcal party bidding for an NGO like UMNO....does that sounds right?.... Sorry trying to spin like Rocky!

    Bend it like Beckham.

  3. Anonymous11:59 pm

    Nampak macam taktik Pakatan Rembat je? Merosakkan majlis sendiri, mencederakan diri sendiri dan lepas tu fitnah orang lain.

    Gila ke orang UMNO, pakai baju UMNO serang majlis pembangkang? Apa ni, buat majlis kat kawasan majoriti Melayu tetapi bawah kumpulan Hindraf. Apa strateginya?

    Bab Suaram ni, umum tahu mereka hanya memperjuangakan agenda pembangkang. Sama seperti Bar-ua Council dan SUHAKAM. Matlamat mereka adalah menjadi alat kepada pembangkang untuk menunbangkan kerajaan BN yang sah melalui pemilihan demokrasi. Mereka bertopengkan interpretasi perundangan mereka sendiri dan hak asasi manusia untuk mengaburi mata rakyat supaya menentang kerajaan.

    Suaram ni baik tukar nama jadi Su Haram.

  4. Anonymous12:50 am

    E-Coli Nalini..enna cerita minachi? Ayoyoyoooo, cerita byk pandai. Nalini, malam, mana nampak..Nge cakap black metal ma...

  5. Anonymous1:26 am

    The SUARAM aka suara anak haram aka voices of bastards are notorious for creating something out of nothing and nothing out of something. Whether they are registered under ROS or a company, high time for the law to take its course.

  6. Nampak sah membohong puak Suaram ni. Aku lihat 'ceramah' puak ABU Jahal dan ABU Lahab melalui video, masyarakat Melayu Islam yang menyerang 'ceramah' tersebut tak memakai baju UMNO atau BN, ini sudah fitnah! Sama seperti Bar Council yang sanggup 'deny the right of a defendant to seek justice' (saiful dilarang appeal, WTF?), puak pakatan, ABU Jahal dan ABU Lahab ini semakin ke tahap hipokrit maksima di mana, mereka akan terus memfitnah untuk meletakkan persepsi buruk terhadap UMNO. Bermainlah dengan adil puak ABU Jahal dan ABU Lahab, makin lama, makin muak aku tengok perangai korang ni!

  7. Bend it Like Beckham,


    I'm not sure if Perkasa is bidding for Umno, but you've got my drift.

    Many Umno members themselves are uncomfortable with Perkasa's ability to win the support of some Malays with its no-holds-barred approach. That is why you see people like KJ, who is Umno Pemuda chief, crossing swords with Ibrahim Ali.

    Ibrahim, by the way, contested in the 2008 general election on PAS-Pakatan Rakyat ticket.

  8. Anonymous2:11 am

    Maybe this article by Uncle Toffee might explain why these malay samsengs wear Ts with Umno logos :

  9. Anonymous4:52 am

    Ah well, what more can we expect from an umno asshole like you? Do not speak about intelligence until you acquire some...

  10. Anonymous5:24 am

    ABU (Anything But UMNO) so you got to know from where Latuk Rocky got his payroll from, can't we forgive Latuk for it is his master that require him to write that way.

  11. Anonymous7:23 am

    Umno members uncomfortable with Perkasa??

    What is Najib doing there on (centre)stage??

    Please take off your blinkers, mate.

    Kevin Keegan (loves horse-racing)

  12. Anonymous7:33 am

    Elo Mat Som,,,,,

    kasi tengok itu video,,,siapa cakap betul,,, siapa serang siapa dulu!!!

    Anyway,,, ok juga Melayu sudah hilang adat kesopanan dan kesusilaan,, ini semua mesti Madey punya angkara,,,!!!! Ajar yang kurang ajar!!!


  13. Anonymous8:32 am

    Suaram was there to OBSERVE, in case you didnt read earlier reports. They made their intentions clear.
    if Perkasa is there for any rally, what does that mean rocky?

  14. These Pakatan Rosak followers are simply blind faith desperados. What do you expect from these idiots who specialise in rogue war fare? Sikit sikit memberontak.

    Instead of creating these typical Pakatan scams, the voting public would prefer to see real issues put forth like telling us how they plan to bring this nation to super power and increase money in our pockets.

    But of course, low caste types from these so called freedom fighters are not capable of using their brains for better thinking, so they resort to no brainers like drunken samsengs. Can you blame them? They only follow what their leaders tell them.


  15. Anonymous8:58 am

    dayus la lu ABU.
    first, kalau gangster umno yg serang, diorang tak pakai baju umno la thamby.
    second, takde kerje gengster umno sampai 6 - 7 orang attack sorang je. kalau gengster umno yg attack, paling kurang 5 org dah dlm hospital.
    third, kata ABU ramai penyokong. kalau setakat 6 - 7, tak kan ABU yg lain tgk je.... tangkap la 6 - 7 org tu kasi silambam sama diorang.

    cheap stunt la dey thamby. ko ingat ini cerite padiyappa ke main attack attack pakai kayu. too much tamil movie influence laa minachi.. next time tgk movie jepun atau korea byk skit.

  16. Anonymous10:34 am

    Always wonder how they source and sustain the funding- surely the participants and "gangsters" at the minimum may need to claim for mileage or perhaps mastercard reimbursements

    The bersihs walkabout to clean the streets litter, students' late night picnics, candlenights trips to light up other premise, lawatan sambil belsjar to high courts car park and countless overseas trips among others

    Dont all these activities need money?

  17. Anonymous10:43 am

    chk em' out......:)

  18. Anonymous11:15 am

    This is typically UMNO. Know why ? Cos the police refuse to investigate, and still claim that nothing happened despite eyewitness accounts and video evidence. Are the people in UMNO so stupid as to wear t-shirts bearing the UMNO name/enblem ? Of course they are ! They know they are untouchable mah....


  19. Tok Pawi11:32 am

    Blame UMNO. Next time when ppl invade your place and shout something like "anything but UMNO!" best thing to do is jump and kiss them on the mouths.

  20. Anonymous12:01 pm

    Still waiting for Pakatan Rakyat's Shadow Cabinet lineup..

  21. Anonymous12:09 pm

    Lousy foundation for your spin as can be found in many of your entries since being fed (again) by UMNO. Running out of ideas, Bru?

  22. Anonymous12:46 pm

    suaram, what happen to ur struggle with kapal selam? it s all a lie? stupid paria liar

  23. Anonymous1:27 pm

    Interesting bits from the Wiki link provided in the posting.

    The individuals associated with SUARAM include Sivarasah, Elizabeth Wong, Tian Chua and Nasir, all MPs and Aduns of Pakatan Rakyat and part of the existing Selangor government.

    No wonder SUARAM is so anti-UMNO/BN.

    To be fair to all, especially the unsuspecting members of the public, SUARAM should deregister as an NGO and become a political party, if that is what it really thinks it wants to be.

    Harboring political ambitions while hiding behind NGO is cowardly and a lie.

    Thank you

  24. wok leh budu1:48 pm

    only umno retards are capable of doing this kind of thing...

  25. Salam, minta pautkan blog saya. terima kasih .

  26. Anonymous3:15 pm

  27. Anonymous4:03 pm

    I think this is the work of PKR. That guy by the name CikuBad is the mastermind.

    He is being paid by Anwar Al-sodomite to create havoc and start racial tension between the malays and indians.

    This CikuBad is also responsible for AUKU demos together with Tin Cuak.


  28. Anonymous4:05 pm

    `Harboring political ambitions while hiding behind NGO is cowardly and a lie.'

    perfectly say!

  29. Bard Simpson4:08 pm

    Ketua Pemuda UMNO Selangor denied below:

    Shall we expect Mr Bean Mahfuz to say it is only expected.

    Or Chegu Bard say, I thought I saw UMNO Tee shirts ... yeah sure ...

  30. Also ABU4:10 pm

    Aku Bersama UMNO

    UMNO and BN is still the rational choice.

  31. See Harris Ibrahim beri salam and saying Insya Allah ...

    Si murtad ni dah taubat ke????

  32. Noneed to explainla. Wasting time. Just enjoy the fun.

  33. Anonymous4:54 pm

    ini semua konspirasi parti rakyat. mereka berniat jahat terhadap orang lain. termasuklah ngo yang bertopengkan syaitan. jangan fikir semua rakyat boleh diperbodohkan dengan janji kosong. kita nantikan kesudahan lakonan hebat mereka ini dan cerita2 baru mereka yang akan membuatkan rakyat sedar topeng sebenar mereka.

  34. If u all r familiar with police works, u will know that they will try to play down the publicity on cases which could cause serious racial or religious conflict. For instance, when a group of Indian gangsters broke into a Malay house n gang raped a woman n forcing the tied up husband in JB last year, police managed to play it down n prevented the incident from triggering a racial conflict. The case was treated like any other criminal case n the gangsters were all caught n sentenced to heavy punishment. So, before anyone want to condemn the police in such cases, do think again.

  35. Anonymous6:18 pm

    Hi Rocky,

    You are a Real Crap Artist...

    You know Ibrahim Ali is a ConMan...Conned UMNO..Conned PAS now that he has nowhere to go, His Mouth goes to the highest Bidder.

    Now that he has pocketed some from NFC he's started Cooing and Crapping.

  36. Anonymous6:51 pm

    Mr Rocky Bru,

    Its very clear that suaram were there to observe. They always do monitoring. If I'm not mistake Nalini said she was an eye witness as well.

    So I just hope that rocky bru don't run away frm the real issue which the attacks by the UMNO. Bringing in ngo's to undermine and question their political interest is actually to runaway from the real issues.


  37. Anonymous7:20 pm

    Aku malu jadi Melayu,

    If that fatarse samseng of a shithead is a Malay (check you tube)....I will spit on you don't care whether you r real ABU of fake ABU.


  38. Anonymous7:20 pm

    Suaram, pls change ur name. It should be suariah- suara rakyat pariah. U dont represent malaysian voices.

  39. Anonymous7:26 pm

    Macam taktik Bersih 2.0 yang upah lebai bodo untuk pura-pura mati.

    Check Kickdefella.


  40. Anonymous10:31 pm

    SUARAM is equal to haram. They are like a bitch. They are a hired killer. They are a future murderer hired by anwar. You think these SUARAM people are sincere? No!!!! they are just pukimak people, try to create hacoc in Malaysia and their ambition is to make Malaysia like Libya or Egypt, inviting the NATO to invade Malaysia!!!! What a fuck!!! Better kick their assy and I would suggest those so call gangster should have kill Nali and kerat sampai takda tulang, like sosilawati's case

  41. Anonymous10:53 pm

    tak kiralah kita sokong parti mana, kalau dah salah tu tangkap jelah wahai bapak polis. Muka puak Perkasa ni semua ada dlm internet. Malulah kalau buat diam jer...

  42. Muamar11:25 pm

    The main culprit has a FB page and he proudly announces that he is a Panglima BN.
    Look at his posting on Saturday at 16:48

    Have a look ;

    Rocky, you tak takut seksa kubur ke bro? How are you going to spin it now? You must really make your kids proud of you. Kesian anak2 u dapat bapak penipu macam kau ni..

  43. Anonymous11:30 pm

    Funny...commentators are commenting on bits and pieces of information and mostly skewered towards their own prejudice. It is like 4 blind man with an elephant.

  44. Kelakar lah Bro,samseng attack forum ABU pakai T-Shirt tunjuk mereka datang dari parti UMNO/BN?Ingat ini cerita Tamil ka.

    ABU is a lazy divisive mind control freak idea developed by the demented and obssessed to replace UMNO at any cost, it achieves nothing but only harms democracy as the voters are not given a choice to weigh the prospective candidates and see whether he/she is suitable to represent them in DUN or Dewan rakyat.

    This is a no brainer, definitely it won't come from UMNO its not the Malay way, Malays are more subtle than that.

    Suaram ka, Bar Council ka sekarang tak ada beza, lagu rentak sama just a tool of the desperate Pakatan to get more votes to make more inroads in Parliament.So obvious isn't it.

  45. Anonymous11:43 pm

    Just get the Police to investigate and make arrest if they have nothing to hide! as simple as that!


  46. Anonymous12:18 am

    haiya people

    in a nutshell - Najib is doing a great job and PR is nervous

    and hence desperate measures, even retarded ones will be utilised

  47. Anonymous4:45 am

    Baru cerita pasal nak bomb Najib pun boleh di tangkap dalam masa 24 jam....

    ...ini gambar Malaun dah terpampang diintenet/blog/you-tube pun masih relaxxxx lagi.

    110% agree with Muamar "The main culprit has a FB page and he proudly announces that he is a Panglima BN.
    Look at his posting on Saturday at 16:48

    Have a look ;

    Polis makan rasuah ke???


  48. Anonymous9:21 am

    Kan Mat Salleh dah nasihat dunia.... jumpa cobra, ular sawa, ular kapak apa segala ular bisa walaupun dengan depa depa tu..

    Katok yg mana dulu?

  49. Anonymous9:43 am

    Anon 4.03 pm:

    If you have any balls, you should use your own nick, and not use mine. You think an UMNO loyalist like Latuk Locky doesn't know of my preferences ?


  50. Keris Wielding Warrior's10:20 am

    This PARIA E.Coli spin very badly lah.. She should say something like this :-

    According to some SUARAM paria's the samseng came wielding keris and wearing tengkolong (some wear songkok), some samseng also wear UMNO's flag as mantle... and they scream "Hidup UMNO" while cocok2 all the hindraf parias.

    U paria's fail to exxagerate up to your people standard lah.


  51. Anonymous10:37 am

    Anon 9:43,

    If you have any balls, you can sue me. Datok Rocky is kind enough to let people like you use his space to spin lies.

    Godfather is a free domain nick! You have no copyright la moron.


  52. Anonymous11:42 am

    Anon 9:21 AM

    "Kan Mat Salleh dah nasihat dunia.... jumpa cobra, ular sawa, ular kapak apa segala ular bisa walaupun dengan depa depa tu..

    Katok yg mana dulu?

    Mula-mula katok kepala Bapak engkAu (for having you) lepas tuu... TANGKAP MONYET GEMUK DALAM VIDEO TAPE ITU.

    Mat Kilau

  53. Anonymous1:09 pm

    2.PKR dah habis peluru since semua loose angle dah Najib tutup. Najib is playihg back PKR's own game..hahahahaha.
    3. So trying their luck to ignite the racial spark maybe?
    3. Buat ABU and jointly organized by Hindraf kat 100% tempat hardcore Melayu kat Jalan Kebun tu memang sengaja nak mengundang parah. Bodoh punya Bard!
    4. Lagi bodoh comment pasal polis tak buat apa-apa. Dah memang standard polis tak kecoh sebab tak nak jadi racial tension. Polis dah masak dengan taktik PKR bangang ni. They will sure take action but trying to defuse the tension first.
    5. Apa pun, benda macam ni akan ada banyak keluar lagi sebab dah memang tahu si NUAR ni memang pakar create isu untuk political mileage dia.
    6. Mat yang kunun cedera parah tu macam sama skrip je dengan si kuyub yang pura-pura mati masa BErshit dulu..hahahahahhaha.!!!
    7.Hahahahahaha again and again.

  54. Anonymous1:33 pm

    The imposter will swim with the fishes. Just like Ah Jib Kor and Moo-moo Kor.


  55. Anonymous1:58 pm

    I don't think there are's too soft!

  56. Anonymous9:36 pm

    Anon 1:33 PM

    No sweat ma. Sap sap soy!

    Let's go swim with the sharks. Not like Kapal Sink chicken and Anwar the coward. Ok? Waiting for u ..... to swim


  57. Anonymous11:09 pm

    Fake Godfather

    I don't think it's a question of copyright....nor is it a legal issue...

    it's more a question of how high is the brain-level(IQ)...if there is any at all!!


  58. Anonymous11:09 pm

    Fake Godfather

    I don't think it's a question of copyright....nor is it a legal issue...

    it's more a question of how high is the brain-level(IQ)...if there is any at all!!


  59. Anonymous7:52 am

    Fake Godmother,

    A question of how high is your brain-level (IQ)?

    You are a MORON!

    You are lucky that Datok Rocky allows you to use his blog for you to spread lies. What good IQ do you have other than like your idol Anwar Al-juburi.

    Liar, let's swim with the sharks. Ok


  60. Anonymous5:55 pm

    Still a Fake and cheap fake Godfather,

    Don't want to swim with fakers....especially when they have shit floating all over them....bad case of water pollution.

    Your best place is to drown in a cess-pool.

    Happy drowning faker

  61. Anonymous7:39 pm


    Pepatah orng melayu ckp..
    Masuk kandang kambing mengembek,
    Masuk kandang lembu mengemboo..
    Kalau masuk kandang harimau? Sape suruh ko masuk kandang harimau.. Padan lah muke..:)


  62. Anonymous8:52 pm they say....kalau jumpa ular ngan yang black metallic original ni.. yang mana MESTI kena pukul?
    PKR dan PAS kena sodomi oleh DAP and now PAS kena sodomi ngan HIndraf pulak?
    Incidentally...both Bar Council and SUARAM punya kaki heboh kedua2nya black metallic original.
    When will Indians progress beyond unionism?
    Tak ada kerja lain jadi gangster...kaki todi dan bua kecoh.

  63. Anonymous9:19 am

    Mat Kilau,

    Tu pasai they use the "three MONKEYS", for their "No look no see no hear"..

    Tapi pasai apa yg satu tu diandaikan lebih dasyat dari ular2 berbelit dan yg berbisa2?

    Nak telipon Mat Salleh tanya, kenapa sampai ke tahap depa suruh katok yang lagi satu tu?

  64. Anonymous7:21 pm

    Saya faham nyoke tak menjadi u la Anon 9.19AM,

    tapi jangan lah menglabah!! Malu!!!....Sampai "No look no see no hear" look see, dua kali.

    BEROK four eyes ke?

    Mamat parang tajam....piiiilah