Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Ghost of Johor

Lim Kang Hoo: "de facto MB"?
Lim Kang Hoo. If you're not a Johorean, you might ask, "Lim Kang who?". That's ok. Even among business journalists in Kuala Lumpur, the name does not ring a bell instantly, recognition comes only after you throw in Danga Bay and Ekovest as broad hints. But within the circle of those in the know in Johor and Singapore, Dato' Lim's name inspires both awe and jealousy, even suspicion. Unlike Syed Mokhtar al-Bukhary, the man who has to manage at least two gateways into Johor (Port of Tanjung Pelepas and Senai International Airport), Lim is liked by the Istana. He does many business jointly with the state government, which is not a bad thing, of course, but with some people already labelling him as "the de facto MB of Johor", it can't be all that good, either.

Now, I see Lim's name all over the latest, detailed posting by Zakhir Mohamad, an anak Johor, about being subservient to Singapore in Serving the new-economic master. I have an affinity to both Singapore and Johor so I shall not comment on this alleged slave-master relationship at this juncture.What draws me is how cryptic Zakhir has become in this article. He writes about "..a major corporate play" in Johor "involving a certain public listed company on an land-bank acquisition roll". Parcels of land have or in the process to be lined up for acquisition or injected into this PLC, he said.
But throughout the article, Zakhir made mention of not a single corporate player. He wrote of Iskandar, Petroans, Kulim, JCorp, and the role of an ex-Fourth Floor boy in all this new economic slavery business, but no names. 

Quite unlike Big Dog. Why?

Is he afraid of the Ghost of Johor?

p.s. Lim is not the Ghost. The Ghost is said to be haunting a lot of businesses in the state, asking for 30 per cent here and 30 per cent there. If this ghost's hunger can't be satiated and things are not properly handled, we will have to exorcise this ghost soon.

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  1. Jasper Bloodstone2:25 pm

    Oh, my - another "conspiracy theory" rears it's ugly head!

    If we are to talk about "economic slavery", one should ask just how the "slavemaster" and the "slaves" came into being.

    It doesn't seem logical that a city-state with a population of 5 million could lord it over a much bigger geographic entity endowed with natural resources.

    Unless the bigdog guy can postulate another set of theories to account for this heresy that flies in the face of common sense.

  2. Anonymous3:17 pm

    huhu ghost of Johor...mana ada ghost of Johor..itu olang masih hidup lagi maa..

    apa lah lu ni Rocky bnyk sgt tgk celita hantu ....

    aanyway..Ghost of Johor or the Green Rooftop?


  3. Anonymous3:32 pm


    Lim Kang Hoo is not the ghost, but he is a good friend of the ghost right?

  4. JohorMali4:03 pm

    Bro Bru,
    Has Johor being turned into another El Dorado?
    It irks me most when visiting friends from outside Johor consider how lucky I am living in Johor, as though I am awashed with projects here there and everywhere in Iskandar Johor.
    Maybe true for the big players exchanging papers upon papers and letting the banks to steamroll financial packages
    based on figures dished out on excell.
    What differentiate between these corporate players (manipulators)and the man in the street, the class F contractors, a Mamat selling Ramly burgers is the later have to fork out their own hard earned cash to start their business. Could it be said of the same for these corporate manipulators?
    The only common factor is that we are all slave to need and greed.

  5. Anonymous4:47 pm

    Theres so many ghosts in Johor esp if you are 20km radius of Mahmoodiah...the ghost corners the all the PBT advert business and also all the crammy long lorries that sends the name of silica, to that little island whom we lost Batu Puteh

  6. Anon 332pm,

    Butut. Dia macam Vampire's apprentice lah.

    By the way, horror buffs should not miss Paranormal 3. not as scary as the Ghost of Johor, but worth the RM8.


  7. Anonymous5:26 pm

    Your last para highlights everything that is wrong an continues to be permeated in this country... Especially by the likes of you Dumno assholes

  8. Datuk,

    Good that you and BD raised this matter. Yes, the past two years the "Ghost of Johor" and all the pelesits around them hv been trying to make a fast one, in sundry. They are literally the 'Mafioso' of JB.

    They practically feast on anything 'edible', within the Iskandar Region. And now, they are extending it elsewhere.

    Nothing misses them!

    But Ghani is not without his share of 'ghosts' as well. His cronies in the likes of HVAC/cable support system fabricator Dato Rahman Shariff of Dymac is now a developer. And privatizing state govt land.

    Also IT contractor Md Sees Ali of Mysysnet, who recently been awarded 96 religious schools en-bloc all over Johor.

    These two 'ghosts' are not as greedy and notorious as the "Ghost of Johor" and his evil disciples, devouring the state. But never the less, people are watching. Probably is not Ghani's weakness that entrepreneur should be given opportunities. Is the greed and perception that comes with these cronies' greed makes ppl loathe!

    Don't take my word for it. Ask around. More names will surface soon, that I'm almost sure.

  9. Anonymous6:50 pm

    Who is this mat or minah 30 per cnet?

    Madam gani kah?

    or a mat sotan?


  10. Anonymous8:07 pm

    Ya Rocky..

    Why don't you look into those who are Haunting UMNO starting with the Robbers under Lembu Skin...

    By the way...Hantu Altantuya is still watching over us, waiting .....For the Day of Reckoning

  11. Anonymous8:11 pm

    What talking you, everyone is talking of NFCorp and you trying so hard to divert attention away from UMNO's trouble. At the rate UMNO is going very soon your payroll would stop and that would be too late for you Latuk.

  12. Anonymous8:29 pm

    For the past few weeks, Bru, Big Dog, Big Cat, Brick in the Wall, all are descending unto Johor. Why the sudden interest?
    Some colourful comments about the Ghost from the "what colour" roof or about the "what colour" lanun may leave non Johorean readers ternganga nganga of what the hell are we talking about?
    Well,JB is not a sleeping hollow after all.
    These bits and pieces are what may have been the silent gossips among most Johoreans these days while devouring their goreng pisang cicah with kicap cili api and downing their teh tarik at Mawar , Larkin or Kg Melayu.
    Reminds me of the song,
    " I can see clearly now the rain has gone,
    I can see all obstacles in my way"
    Now about the obstacles....

  13. Anonymous8:33 pm

    no wonder lorries made a beeline to and from Spore with not much hassles from the respective authorities in the name of SILICA..keh keh keh..

    siapa berani lawan Hantu? org yg kuat iman dan takwa aje berani lawan HANTU..

    Ghostbusters anyone?

  14. Qualifications to be a ghost?? UMNO membership?

  15. Anonymous12:14 am

    what a crap...dig more info like rpk wonder he's doing well..:))

  16. Anonymous12:49 am

    Anybody here know which year Dire Straits recorded the Sultans of Swing song ?

  17. Anonymous1:51 am

    The ghost of Johor will JV with old friend from Lionpura a.k.a The Remisier King to develop formerTNB land @ nearby The Zone bought with SILICA money totaling rm60M later sold to new owner of Thomson Hospital with 30% terms & conditions apply

  18. Its is very clear who is this "Hantu Johor" is.

    Hantu Johor recently refused to allow Grandpa's name be used & blame it to the Aikido man instead!

    We dunno how many other times Aikido man is being blamed for all of the 'toyol works' that goes around the state. Johoreans talk about this 'hauntings' and incidences of 'apparitions', ever so often.

    There is this term that Johoreans use all the time to reflect on their anger turning rage;


    Don't allow rakyat Johor NAIK HANTU!

    P/S: Grandpa was present when UMNO was born in JB. Don't go too far, to confidently believe that UMNO ppl are not aware of these hauntings.

  19. Mat Indera10:34 am

    Sorry Bro. Your need to defend a status quo under seige is very much understood as the enterprise isn't necessarily heartfelt. Common sense will tell anyone that RM 4 M do have the distinct potential to spin lots and lots of bulls...and devour kegs of single malts. Keep up the swashbuckling, your very survival depended on 'em.

  20. Bro,
    Pls read Satdthinks new post.

    And pls pls pls, highlight this to Najib or any other people in Gomen. Make sure, satdthinks never repeat again his 1st sentence... "It took the Government 88 days to respond on the "Highest Debt Reduction Effort in the History Of Malaysia" by none other than Mr Lim Guan Beng"


  21. Anonymous10:58 am

    My god ! How many millions has he pocketed to other peoples' pockets ? I guess a check with the inland revenue guys can make a difference but his name doesn't ring a bell in the Malaysian rich people fraternity....:)

  22. Anonymous11:47 am

    All this talk about Ghost of Johor is kinda boring.

    'Ghost of Sparta'. That is my kind of ghost.


  23. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Old Fart

    as usual as stupid as ever.

    the ghost cant be a party of any political party.

    their history to menyamun goes way back into the annals of malay history.

  24. Anonymous12:51 pm

    No MB can control the Ghost of Johor, Federal Government must intervene!

  25. Anonymous1:18 pm

    Spot on, Big Dog but with major caveats in relation to Singapore itself. Caveats that will render your concerns as unfounded.

    Singapore is in terminal economic decline as its population ages and many born and bred Singaporeans migrate in droves while its ramshackle infrastructure creaks under the pressures of limited capacity and under-invetsment and a port that is more a parking lot for excess capacity than a thriving hub of cargo exchange

    Economically, the city-state is on the edge of precipice with inflation trenchant, a waning export market, a stagnant manufacturing sector, political uncertainty and declining status as regional transport hub topped by a rickety banking sector that is an illusion of solid resilience clothing the reality of impending catastrophe.

    In many ways, Singapore has reached its upper limits and the only way now is down into the abyss. Much of Singapore's progress was initially built on manufacturing due to an economic model perfected by the genius of one itinerant World Bank adviser, A. Winsemius. If not for him, the earleir trading houses and banking networks established by the Brits and the geographical gift of location, Singapore would have been a failed state by now.

    Later, when others began catching up, Singapore gravitated towards financial services as a means to generate growth leveraging on its banking secrecy laws to establish itself as a money laundering centre par excellence, ask Andy Xie on that.

    Fast forward, with its pathetic attempts into bio-technology, high end electronics, and knowledge industries reaping spectacular failures, the government had to resort to speculative activities to drive the economy, leveraging on illegal inflow of stolen hoards of cash from Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, China to create artificial asset bubbles and by fostering an influx of tourists via casinos and its Universal playgrounds to support its services sector. Take away both, money laundering and those casino-eyed tourists, and Singapore will be a dead duck in the water.

    Warrior 231

  26. Anonymous1:36 pm

    Part 2

    By my reckoning and modeling based on confidential data obtained by my insiders, Singapore will be a basket case by 2013 as I predicted in 2010 here with the Euro crisis being its ultimate undoing. My insider information from within the Singapore financial system points to several alarming facts:

    1. Singapore has the second highest exposure to Euro denominated loans and capital after Hong Kong, a significant portion of which are being repatriated in ever increasing quantities to repair balance sheets and shore up statutory reserves in the HQ.

    2. Contrary to the rosy pictures in the media, my perusal of several confidential documents provided me by reliable insiders from the Monetary Authority of Singapore reveal that big three Singapore banks are in for a crash with internal stress tests revealing the need for recapitalisation and probably, temporary nationalisation being an inevitable possibility if Euro funds are yanked outta the system in significant quantities. ( I see the beginnings of it already and predict an acceleration in Q2 and Q3. Loans to deposit ratio at OCBC and DBS in USD is 140/160:100 and quarterly earnings have been trending downwards

    3. With inflation at a persistent high (5.5% in december), real growth(versus nominal growth) has been anemic at best and cost of living concerns has become the bane of many an ordinary Singaporean given the shrinking purchasing power of the SGD.

    4.The data in my hands also shows an inordinate banking exposure to the property market that is roughly equivalent in % terms to those of US banks during their sub-prime crisis.

    5. Investment returns by Temasik and the GIC has been mixed at best, with the likelihood of substantial losses on investments in the Eurozone increasing by the day.

    6 (5) would have a significant impact on CPF payments with the problem of civil strife over the issue a looming possibility.

    My own prognosis would systemic financial sector collapse infecting the wider economy culminating in civil strife with PR foreign residents and minority communities like the Malays and Indians being the victims of local Chingkie umbrage with a coup d etat a likely possibility. However given a population steeped in NS and the urban configuration of the city state, there is a remote possibility of urban guerilla warfare breaking out if those NS gendarmes corp get their hands on weapons dumps. Alternatively, the Singapore govt may want to deflect the pressures by launching a first strike on Malaysia. It wouldnt do anyone harm if the MAF draw up an invasion plan or defensive strategies henceforth in anticipation of my prophesized events.

    There are other discomfiting data regarding Singapore's financial health which I cannot reveal due to confidentaility concerns that should be of concern to those involved in Iskandar.

    Having failed in their Batam foray. Spore are looking towards Johor to provide affordable housing and a lower cost of living for their increasingly agitated populace (the MRT proposal is actually designed to transport the workforce to and from Spore). Najib should have just let Spore rot into oblivion rather than entertaining LHL's recent desperate entreaties, the 4th floor Chingkie plant notwithstanding. Then the ghost would have been self-exorcised, and we would have had Spore for chop suey in 2013 or thereabouts.

    Warrior 231

  27. i think lim kang hoe is ekovest bhd which built duke highway(gift from mahathir to hishammuddin hussein via harris hussein,the brother of hisham,who contract it out to lim kang hoe)
    the real boss is hishamudin hussein of course!

    now lim kang hoe also do 'rgt 2.3billion river of life project for cousin najib near keramat.

    danga bay also ghani give hisham to ensure ghani's survival.

    these guys are real fantastic! lol!

  28. Anonymous3:06 pm

    "IT contractor Md Sees Ali of Mysysnet"

    This is the IT ghost in Johor? Everyone must feed this ghost before can get any IT project in Johor since early 2000. Feed the ghost or your proposal will be his. Gani fav boy. Check this ghost previous projects. Hundreds of million for a boy who knows how to entertained only!!

  29. BENatang104:18 pm

    Cam ni kan budaya UMNO...

  30. Anonymous7:46 pm

    Ini semua angkara UMNO. Jom sokong ABU untuk hapuskan perompak-perompak ini.

  31. Anonymous9:49 pm

    Elo Rocky (BATU)

    Off Topic,,,,,,SKIM 1Malaysia..pinjaman untuk golongan BAWAHAN!!!!!

    Adakah SKIM ini HALAL,,,,,,kalu tak HALAL,,,,,alamat MATI lah MELAYU,,,sampai KIAMAT tak KAYA!!!!!!


  32. Anonymous10:27 pm

    This IT Ghost is a Malay Ghost (Hantu Raya). Can change with a IT contractor...esok sudah tukar jadi Developer. LIM KANG HO is hantu cina looo, hantu india mana? kalau sudah ada hantu india. Baru lengkap kerajaan hantu 1 Malaysia.

  33. Bugis JB10:27 pm

    Well done sir. SPOT ON!

    We have been waiting for this for the longest time. Anyway .. just tip of the iceberg! Too many shitty deal in Johor.

    Johorean loves UMNO but hates Ghani leadership. Ghani, don't you feel tired? its time for you to GO ... and maybe spend time in Australia (you fav place).

  34. Anonymous11:31 pm

    When Lim Khang Hoo ask the MB to jump the MB would reply "how high".

    Same when Rosmah ask Latuk Locky to jump, he too would ask "how high".

  35. Anonymous12:20 am


  36. Anonymous12:20 am


  37. The Ghost of Johor is really hungry, he thinks Johor UMNO/BN is weak and need his help in the coming elections, so he would be untouchable for now. The Ghost is playing a game which will see him winning in the early stage but lose in the longer run though.

  38. Anonymous9:00 am

    why all this hantu sucess in johor? Why?

  39. Anonymous9:01 am

    Kesian kt UMNO. Ada pemimpin liabiliti.
    DS Najib tanak buat apa2 ke kt johor? No action means No vote for UMNO fr me.

    Asal Bukan Ghani

  40. Anonymous10:25 am


    Lu dah tak join ke.....


  41. Anonymous11:46 am

    Could this be a part of Pakatan's plot to weaken BN Johor & rampas Johor? If it is.. these writers are falling for it..line hook & sinker!

  42. Anonymous11:52 am

    I know who is The Ghost of Johor! He's bad..a very bad ghost rider!

    Hantu Gigi Jarang

  43. Ringkasan dari cerpen rockybru dan bigdog:

    "Bigdog marah sebab bos dia tak dapat projek fulus kat Joho"


  44. Anonymous2:24 pm




    Hungry for the pennies that UMNO fed to you...Hungry for recognition although you have absolutely no talent to be a journalist..

    You will therefore remain forever a hungry ghost until you die

  45. Wenger J Khairy2:27 pm

    I was in Temasek HQ not too long ago and I can assure you are talking garbage.

  46. Jasper Bloodstone3:00 pm

    Hmm, I see that the warrior gravy trainer is indulging in his usual flights of delusional fantasy. It must be tough to justify to all and sundry just what he got out of his Stanford degree & sabbatical, aside from a perpetually priapic hard-on with regard to Singapore.

    One could be forgiven in thinking that he is channelling Dr Mahathir who was royally cheesed off when Singapore pretty much refused his request for an emergency loan during the Asian financial crisis. That he made the request is a matter of public record.

    Who was the "slavemaster" then?

    Fast forward to 2012 and the warrior's claim to possess confidential documents about Singapore's alleged financial predicament.

    It is interesting that he has not posted these documents on any blog (with redactions to protect named individuals) so that independent assessments could be made of the documents' authenticity and provenance.

  47. Anonymous5:13 pm

    Brother Rock!

    Setiap kali Pilihan Raya why BN mesti order Banner,,Topi,, Payung,, Air Mineral,,,all from CHINA,,,???!!!!

    Orang kat Malaysia Xleh buat ke??

    Dengar kata kat Airport and Port da banyak sampai??!!!

    -Air cap badak-

  48. Anonymous7:25 pm

    Who is Wan Mohd Firdaus of Damansara Realty, IDEAS, and YCM?

  49. Anonymous3:17 am

    Hey Warrior 231

    That southern cookie will crumble that soon?

    Thanks for the info.

  50. Anonymous2:43 pm

    Wenger J Khairy

    Temasik are under no obligation to provide you details of the real picture right?

    And I am under no obligation to divulge my sources or disclose the contents of the information in my possession just to appease ignoramuses. But the veracity is unquestionable and the credibility of the sources impeccable.Besides, many of my jottings here regarding many issues have been pretty spot on (remember, Perak, Zaid, GST and economic reforms etc) but I wont self0beat my pongo drum to drive home that point. Let the readers be the judge.

    As an appetiser, I will drop this tidbit of a hint. Remember, I wrote based on the information in my hands:

    "a port that is more a parking lot for excess capacity than a thriving hub of cargo exchange"

    Try delinking the imputationsm contained therein with this article from the NYT:

    Both me and the NYT must be liars then? Anyway, this is a free blog where each and everyone can post his/her views or "garbage" as others may deem them.

    Who is right or wrong will be determined in the long run suffice to say I have no doubts regarding the reliability of both the information I have and my informers, people who have sourced me with accurate assessments time and again and insyallah, will be proven right once more.

    Warrior 231

  51. Jasper Bloodstone4:27 pm

    Seems to me that there are equally big "ghosts" haunting Sabah and Sarawak.

    Why the warrior wannabe has not trained his sights on them is anybody's guess.

    Maybe he subscribes to the theory that there are gravy trains AND there are gravy trains. In other words, those that are politically acceptable and those that are verboten.

    It also depends on whose mouths are open wide to receive the gravy...

    Coming back to the situation in Johor, is it any different from the time of the Muhyiddin administration to that of the Ghani administration?

    What matters is that Johor has been a reliable "fixed deposit" for the powers-that-be.

    And, given Malaysian realpolitik, that's all that matters, when push comes to shove.

  52. Anonymous10:40 am

    "My own prognosis...."

    You guys still believe in the clown known as Warrior 231 ? He's been fighting demons ever since he realised he is a product of an incestous relationship. He's never forgiven his parents.

    My own prognosis is that Bolehland will beg the little red dot to accelerate its investments in Iskandar. Soon Bolehland will also beg the little red dot to give priority to Malaysian maids to work in the island.....


  53. Jasper Bloodstone5:18 pm

    Anon Jan 28 11:17 AM

    Surely you should know that there are gravy trainers/rent seekers and gravy trainers/rent seekers.

    In Johor, as in any other place.

    Some are "IN", like very "IN", while others are "OUT".

    It's this latter group that has a major case of "sour grapes", hence the angst, innuendoes and thinly-veiled accusations, as well as the spinning of conspiracy theories galore!

    The "have nots" in this instance can be a
    bitter and vengeful bunch!

    But, in this case, I suspect that they have been read the riot act. In other words - don't rock the boat, comprende?

  54. Anonymous6:48 pm


    Your 'gravy train" and cowardly personal attacks are getting tiresome, dont you think? As if you know the other guy personally to know that he is riding a gravy train or otherwise.Bankrupt of ideas to take him on or plain exasperation showing through? Grow up for a change.

    If you cannot resist being childish, pergi main jauh jauh!


  55. Anonymous6:54 pm

    And the same goes to you too, Godfather unless you cannot let go off incest because you were the product of one!

    As the fellow said, disgusting though he may be, this is a free blog and everyone is entitled to post his/her views even garbage, so why the irritation? Scared of something?

    As if what you and Jasper say are nothing but the truth! We know better.


  56. Anonymous8:42 pm

    But have NO RIGHT to be feddap la Feddap,

    It is the law of karma...what goes around comes around...

    Irritation??....Childish?? No don't think so....only giving back what you deserve and with premium.

    Oh ya one more thing....just stay being Pahlawan kartun, so that we know when it hurts!!!!

    You cry baby you....ging gang goo!

  57. Skilgannon106610:25 pm

    Heh, heh - wassamatter, Feddap?

    The truth hurts, does it?

    And what cowardly personal attacks did the good Jasper dude indulge in?

    Methinks that he dishes out as good as he gets.

    Basically saying that if you mess with me, I mess with you. Big time.

    Nothing wrong with that, is there? In turning the other cheek, I mean?

    Anyway, who originally raised this issue of "ghosts in Johor"? Not Jasper, for sure. Neither yours truly.

  58. Anonymous11:21 pm

    Feddap, regarding Jasper, just go over to CNY and see how he responds when challenged by Hyena.

    Shows clearly the quality of his brains. What more can you expect from idiots pretending to be clever?

    Godfather? The less said the better.

  59. Anonymous11:23 pm

    Feddap, regarding Jasper, just go over to CNY and see how he responds when challenged by Hyena.

    Shows clearly the quality of his brains. What more can you expect from idiots pretending to be clever?

    Godfather? The less said the better.

  60. Skilgannon10663:51 pm

    Anon 11:21 & 11:23 PM

    Itchy fingers, eh? Or an eagerness to post that you had to hit the "publish" key twice?

    Ok, dude - we totally get your eagerness to score points, but this argument? Really!

    Going off-topic to the CNY post, I fail to see what Jasper-san (or maybe it's Khun Jasper, heh-heh) has to respond to.

    The Hyena feller posted references and links to some supposedly anthropological studies. So, what?

    I guess that Khun Jasper is not ready to masquerade as an expert on anthropology as he is possibly on aviation-related matters.

    Tough patootie, baby!

  61. Anonymous4:29 pm

    a. You cry baby you....ging gang goo!

    b.Basically saying that if you mess with me, I mess with you. Big time.

    You just proved your childish selves, pretty pathetic dont you think? Surprising you link me to Warrior 231. He must be haunting you big time, poor fragile dudes! When all I was doing was just commenting on being fed-up with your childish antics and tantrums and you see his ghost everywhere. What a pair of jokers! Remember personal attacks, lies and twisting facts as well as spinning do not make for good comments.

    We, readers, me included know who is lying and being childish.

    Grow out of your diapers for a change.That would be a good start. Warrior 231, now I understand as many others do why you call these people 'idiots'. And scums deserve scum language, I guess.


  62. Skilgannon10665:02 pm


    So, let's see, you are giving an unconditional pass to the verbiage spouted by warrior and others of his ilk?

    Let's get this point straight first, shall we?

    Because, as Rocky can attest to, both Jasper-san and yours truly haven't resorted to such colorful verbiage to get our points across.

    Who's being childish now, eh?

    As for the alleged or purported "Ghost of Johor", how about taking up the point that there were, and are, other Ghosts in other Malaysian states. Sarawak, for example, springs to mind.

    Or are some Ghosts more politically correct than others?

    And what of the fact that gravy trains and rent seeking will have winners and losers, and that it is the losers who whinge big time about the unfairness of it all.

    Heck, even Petronas has been dragged into the fray, as can be seen from the postings on some other blogs.

    Perhaps that is why the international oil majors have chosen to invest only in petroleum exploration contracts in Malaysia, whereas in Singapore (the alleged "slavemaster"), they have invested billions of dollars in refineries and petrochemical complexes.

    And if the Iskandar Malaysia zone becomes an economic hinterland to Singapore, is that wrong? Given the mobility of capital and the extensive complexity of modern supply chain networks, one shouldn't expect anything less.

    Why blame Singapore if Malaysia lags behind in the value-added race to secure foreign investments? If the Iskandar zone can't get it right, are we going to hunt for more scapegoats and do more buck-passing?

  63. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Jasper Bloodstone said...
    Anon aka Hantu Gigi Jarang (or the ghost with a serious case of halitosis)

    Better ask the Orang Asli in the peninsula, Sabah and Sarawak just who the "immigrants" are!

    After all, there are any number of anthropological "experts" floating around...

    12:07 PM

    Anonymous said...
    Jasper Bloodstone aka Ignoramus nĂºmero uno

    Bet you are as stupid as they come but still clever enough to throw childish barbs. Bet too an infantile deformed brain does not help matters in your case.

    Since you are a flawed genius why not argue and debunk the authors of these studies:

    Oh I forgot! Deformed infantile brains cannot read but adept at throwing toys outta their prams u know like a typical mongoloid

    The Hyena

    12:02 AM

    Anonymous said...
    Oh I forgot again,here is some more info to put a damper on your supremacist belief system, CNY and skew that tall tale that chingkies originated from "home evolved" chingkies monkeys, all in one fell swoop

    Hey dont blame me it's from the Chingkies themselves, little boy! About to throw another tantrum already?

    The Hyena

    12:22 AM

    Jasper Bloodstone said...
    Hey, Hyena-san

    STAR World is showing the 2011 Victoria's Secrets Fashion Show tonight starting 8:55 PM.

    The most beautiful supermodels in the world wearing skimpy lingerie! Score one for the decadent West!

    One hopes that Astro will show this in it's entirety, without any snips, castrations or other surgical procedures designed to protect the purity and innocence of all right-thinking Malaysians.

    Hey, maybe the Chingkies will get to watch it in Chingkieland, without Big Brother censorship!

    2:52 PM

    Since I was mentioned by Skilgannon 1066, lets see who is speaking the truth.

    The links i gave include a pdf to an academic journal, so much for "supposedly". If you cant debate, plastering "supposedly" isnt going to erase your stupidity.

    Maybe lying and twisting is in Jasper's and Skilgannon's blood and those of their ancestors and descendants.

    The Hyena

  64. Jasper Bloodstone1:26 pm


    What "academic journal" are you talking about?

    The Online Citizen and the New York Times certainly aren't!

  65. Anonymous3:41 pm

    Notice Pahlawan kartun Cell 231 has gone into oblivion...after a series of confession,

    Taken over by a team of Transformers.... robots meet the eyes!!

    Seems the high IQ well-dressed "babies" are in diapers...which are hundred times better than the syphillis-infected brain "pseudo-muslim" streaking naked and sproutng garbage in Anon 4.29PM and 9.41PM

    Pureen...the ging gang goo type (made in Aussieland...where Pendek spends more than RM300k on souvenier T-shirts) electricity press "publish" once, ok?

  66. Anonymous5:27 pm

    "Who's being childish now, eh?

    As for the alleged or purported "Ghost of Johor", how about taking up the point that there were, and are, other Ghosts in other Malaysian states. Sarawak, for example, springs to mind.

    Or are some Ghosts more politically correct than others?"

    Response: Yes! who is being childish indeed? Look in the mirror to see your ghost.

    So indignant because Rocky brought up a Chinese ghost that is so friendly to Chinese Singapore but other ghosts like the one that says 'boo!" in Sarawak is a no-no because it supposedly benefits a Malay (another tall-tale on short legs)

    2. And what of the fact that gravy trains and rent seeking will have winners and losers, and that it is the losers who whinge big time about the unfairness of it all.

    Reply: Exactly!It is the losers who happen to be the Chinese who are whiners and whingers galore. So long as they sat on British laps and got a free lunch it was wine and dance. Now the train ride is over, its sour grapes and angst. Poor Chinese poodle, so used to cheating, free riding and stealing that it has forgotten how to bark for a living! Throw it a bone and see it moan.

    What a phony poodle you are!


  67. Anonymous5:31 pm

    Anonymous 10.27 PM said...
    This IT Ghost is a Malay Ghost (Hantu Raya). Can change with a IT contractor...esok sudah tukar jadi Developer. LIM KANG HO is hantu cina looo, hantu india mana? kalau sudah ada hantu india. Baru lengkap kerajaan hantu 1 Malaysia.

    Hantu India itu Ganesh Kumar Bangah orang kuat Ghani dalam buat itu MSC CyberTower (Menara Sarawak) dan MSC CyberCities di Kulaijaya. Projek bilion-billion tapi tak siap2 sejak 2006.

  68. Jasper Bloodstone2:29 pm

    How did Ganesh Kumar and MSC get dragged into this allegedly unholy mess?

    Or are there Indian "ghosts" and Chinese "ghosts" haunting Johor?

    Doesn't the MSC office in Johor report to the MSC HQ in Cyberjaya? Aren't the big bosses in MSC aware of what's going in their Johor projects?

    Accusations are a dime a dozen!

  69. Jasper Bloodstone6:47 pm


    Strange your reading of history is.

    Maybe it can be excused as a byproduct of the Malaysian education system.

    Or a deliberate attempt to distract attention from a lack of facts by regurgitating the tired rhetoric of the racists of yore.

    Who first raised the issue of ghosts in Johor?

    Who first brought in the name of the alleged Chinese tai kor?

    As if tai kors are the exclusively limited to those of selected ethnicities!

  70. Jasper Bloodstone4:10 pm

    I note that the APH project in Johor has been rescued by a consortium led by CIMB.

    Is the paranormal involved in this too?

  71. Anonymous10:01 pm

    Since you pple raised it, let me comment with the little knowledge I have. Ganesh Kuamar Bangah is a stooge for our great Cardiff owner Vincent Tan. They promised to get the Kulai MSC Cyberport up and going since 2006. Until today, they have been giving all sorts of excuses after excuses. Not a single thing has taken off. Apparently no money!! MB Johor has sounded to them many times. The MSC Cyberport in Kulai is the biggest failure in Iskandar Malaysia today. Ganesh Kumar has bolted from Johor and is now permanently staying in KL - based in Berjaya Times Square with Vincent. But no one is writing.....can someone dig the shit out of this White Elephant?

  72. bro,
    today lim kang hoe(lim botak aka proxy for hisham and ghani i think!)
    is ekovest bhd.china sarawak.gua dah cakap.

    project tu 80bil gdv which is own 60%
    lim botak.margin 30% so untung about RGT 24 bil * 60% which is rgt 15 BIL
    for lim n gang.

    net present value(npv) it from 10 yrs forecast,it become about RM 10 bil money in the bank.


    would he sell the jv rights to walker group n gang for upfront cash?

    lol UMNO.

  73. Skilgannon106610:07 am

    Anon 10:01 PM

    At least, Vincent Tan had the "brains" to make a few hundred million ringgit from his investment in Facebook!

    Something that all the "brains" in Khazanah failed to identify!

    Just think - if Khazanah had invested, say, US$500 million in Facebook then, their stake now would be worth a couple of billion US Dollars at least!

    That's the difference between a risk-taking entrepreneur and the biz-school civil service types that permeate Khazanah!

    Wanna talk some more, eh?

  74. Anonymous5:17 am

    KHAZANAH does not need to invest in this social evil
    Facebook to get that money. They have invested enough to get the billions. Get your maths correct first.

  75. Jasper Bloodstone4:59 pm

    Anon 1:17 PM

    How many billions does Khazanah have free & clear?

    Whereas a Harvard dropout like Zuckerberg is worth about US$28 billion on paper if the Facebook IPO is successful.

    And Facebook a "social evil"? That will be news to Najib and other Umno luminaries who have jumped on the social media bandwagon!

  76. Jasper Bloodstone7:28 pm

    It's a pity that there is all this crap being dished out about alleged hantus, banshees, goblins and fairies in Johor.

    Abd that the crap turns racist when supposedly well-connected bloggers bring out their own axes to grind.

    Johoreans are well aware of the "progress" in the state during the tenure of Ghani's immediate predecessor, who went on to higher political office on the strength of his acumen, perspicacity and intelligence.

    It's indeed strange how these hantus and their ilk lay dormant, quiescent indeed, during this person's term in office in Johor.

    And, if memory serves me right, this person did little to sever the umbilical cord between Johor and the citystate across the Causeway.

    Because, if he had, it would have been a whole different ball game in Johor!

  77. Anonymous2:13 pm

    Well ... if he is really a ghost, then he will be burn in HELL...

  78. Owhh really? Another CRONY of GHANI? This seriously can be use as CAMPAIGN to SWING vote from BN to PR.. A good topic for me to INVESTIGATE.. muahahaha