Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Will the police bashing stop now?

Syabas, PDRM. I mean, that's the least I can I say, right? For all the bashing, the police went on doing their job, seemingly unfazed. But the cops are human like us, not heartless machines. Credit where it's due. Let's say a big THANK YOU to our men and women in blue. As NST's editorial put it, May the force be with you! 

 KL's crime rates down 40 per cent in 2011

KUALA LUMPUR - A greater police presence, especially in crime hotspots, and more joint operations with other enforcement agencies have yielded positive results - a 40 per cent reduction in street crimes last year.

This is the objective set under the National Key Result Area for crime prevention which has contributed to a drop in the national crime index by 11.1 per cent, the third year running that police have achieved a reduction in the number of criminal cases. 

The number of murder, rape, armed robbery, gang robbery and house break-in cases also decreased significantly last year. 

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar said 157,891 cases were reported last year, down from 177,520 in 2010. 

Most of the reduced street crimes, including snatch thefts and robberies, were in hotspots identified in Penang, Johor, Selangor and Kuala Lumpur in 2009. 

Based on police analysis, more hotspots were added in 2010 and last year and police presence was further stepped up in these areas. 

In the past year, police held joint crime-prevention operations with Rela and the General Operations Force nationwide. 

Police also set up several dedicated task forces to focus on crimes that registered sharp increases in 2010, including house break-ins and sexual offences. 

"We must not rest on our laurels. 2011 was a good year but we want to make 2012 better," Ismail told the New Straits Times. 

It is learnt that police will focus on three main aspects this year as they attempt to keep a lid on crime. 

"Police omnipresence, community policing and communication with the public via various media channels are the three aspects we are looking at. 

"The deployment of 40,000 personnel from the police, Rela and Civil Defence Department this month to fight crime in major towns is a good example. 

"This will give us additional presence on the streets and assist in crime prevention operation. The increased public participation in voluntary patrol schemes in their neighbourhoods points to greater confidence in the force." 

On community policing, police will work closely with the National Unity and Integration Department under the Prime Minister's Department. 

The department promotes the voluntary patrol scheme by supplying equipment and building Rukun Tetangga centres nationwide. 

"We want to establish a smart partnership with residents associations and further enhance the existing relationship," Ismail said. 

Police, he added, also aimed to build closer ties with the media to create awareness among the public on their activities.


  1. Anonymous1:00 pm

    It could have been far better if no political, students rallies etc...

  2. Anonymous1:12 pm


    Still doesn't change the unwarranted, excessive show of brutal force that the police exhibited during the recent peaceful rallies, right?

    Ha ha ha.....

    People won't forget that easily, Rocky, just as people will not forget that corruption and abuse-of-power is rampant within the UMNO/BN government.

    But it's OK, please continue your UMNO/BN propaganda.

    Once a bigot, always a bigot.

  3. thank you abang-abang polis :-)

  4. syabas ,PDRM. keep up the good work.

  5. Anonymous4:09 pm


    Who is Being Bashed (Meaning Physically!!)Here??

    Not the Public...

    Anwar Ibrahim was Bashed by Rahim Noor...So were many people during the Bersih Rally...

    And you are saying the Police is being bashed??


  6. Anonymous4:10 pm

    Last year was 40% down, this year also 40% down, next year will be -20% down! Which means, next year the thieves will be breaking in to put stuff in! Imagine a holdup in a bank (only next year lar!), thieves give money to bank. Kes "ragut" will be kes "sangkut". Kes "curi kereta" will be "kereta baru on your porch", courtesy of the thieves! Should make a movie out this bs. Haha! Rocky: pembohong dan pembodek.

  7. Anonymous4:39 pm

    salam Bro'

    mana ada jenayah TURUN.

    Pada bulan sudah saya ke balai Polis nak buat repot kecurian.Sya ditanyae kenapa hendak buat Repot..Soal jawab dengan inspektor punya lama, Dia kata tak ya le buat repaot kerana buakan bolih dapat balik harta tu.
    Tapi say masih hendak buat repot juga.
    Banyak orang telah di halang untuk buat repot jenayah..
    INI SEMUA NAK KATA KPI TURUN . Apa begap punya PDRM.


  8. Anonymous4:55 pm

    Anonymous 1.12 pm,

    Anda masih mahu kalau pendemostrasi berkelakuan seperti 'hooligans', polis masih gosok-gosok belakang mereka ke?

    Kalau pendemostrasi balik objek keras pun masih cakap, 'wahai anak-anak ku janganlah buat macam tu, tak baik!

    Kalau diminta bersurai secara aman dan suruh jangan maki hamun, polis mesti lakukan dengan menyembah nyembah mereka ke?

    ....dan seterusnya, dan seterusnya, dan seterusnya.

    Sudahlah saudara, polis bukan malaikat. Memang terjadi apa yang anda katakan. Tapi adillah sedikit, tengoklah juga kelakuan liar pendemotrasi.

    Walau macam mana pun kita masih hidup dengan aman tanpa ketakutan.

    Gunakan imaginasi anda apa akan terjadi pada anda, kita semua kalau polis tidak menjalankan tugas dengan baik.

    Warga Setia

  9. biaqpi4:56 pm

    Bersih or any of those so-called peaceful, democratic right, human right, whatever rights demos matter the least compared to public safety and reducing crime.

    Particularly impress with the raid to save a kidnapped girl at kg baru few days ago.

    Not forget their ability to arrest those terrorist suspects in tawau and mat selamat.

  10. Anonymous5:28 pm

    wow that anon 1:12 pm sure got acute physcological problems, anything or almost everything got to do with UMNO/BN.

    one thing he must realise is that his existence here in this Tanah Melayu is purely because of UMNO. this he must agree with me. he can go and ask his forefathers or what have he not.

    apakelancau punya commentator ni.

    anyway, to our officers in blue POLIS DIRAJA MALAYSIA, gua salute sama you all semua - keep up the good job with full honesty and integrity - BERSEDIA BERKHIDMAT.

  11. Anonymous6:19 pm

    Our cops are tame compared to many countries in the region.

  12. Anonymous7:20 pm

    "Particularly impress with the raid to save a kidnapped girl at kg baru few days ago.

    Not forget their ability to arrest those terrorist suspects in tawau and mat selamat." - by your logic, so it's OK for police brutality during the peaceful rallies, because they performed admirably in other cases?

    "one thing he must realise is that his existence here in this Tanah Melayu is purely because of UMNO. this he must agree with me. he can go and ask his forefathers or what have he not." - Do you mean UMNO (lama) or UMNO (baru)? Tell me which UMNO liberated Malaya, and who killed that UMNO?


  13. Anonymous9:19 pm

    Last time Anwar got a good punch from the former IGP.

    Why did the former IGP punched Anwar?

    Anwar was punched because he shouted at the former IGP saying "POLIS ANJING KERAJAAN!"

    Where did the former IGP punched Anwar? The former IGP punched him on the forehead.


    Classic story ma....


  14. Anonymous12:18 am

    TABIK spring to PDRM, the most hardworking force and the most humane

  15. Anonymous12:20 am

    i think suaram watched too many kollywood police movies lah ...

  16. Yes...cops should be commended for the low pay...high risk jobs they do...

    I strongly think we should start employing a professional police fight corruption bottom up...since the top aka politicians is XXXXXX.

  17. Anonymous7:11 am

    Godfather Faker,

    Classic story???....i don't think so....cannot even make it to Doraemon 101...oh yes just found it..... in the pile of thrash.

    With blindfold and handcuffed....does he need an excuse for Anwar to shout "whatever"...b4 he punched a hapless person...

    Ketua Polis Barua tu!!

  18. Anonymous7:53 pm

    Funny la all this police haters..

    Now u bash them.. When u have problem? Who do you whine to?..ghostbuster ka?.. Funny la..
    Don't do work u guys bang work also u guys bang?.. Aiyoo.. Make up ur mind la.. U like to pusing2 la..


  19. No really, people don't want just statistics (not to mention many laypeople don't understand them well in the first place). They want the experience. They want to see it with their own eyes that the police have changed for the better.

    No more anecdotes of policemen doing work half-heartedly. No more stories of people being scolded for reporting petty cases (such as snatch theft). Also, more stories of how making reports is now more pleasant and not stressful, policemen giving more smiles, etc.

    This is all what we want in our police force: attitude improvement.

  20. Tell you what Bro, the very people who whines and swears at the PDRM are the first one to call the PDRM when they are in trouble.

  21. Anonymous10:21 am

    Anwar should be proud that he was punched by the no 1 policeman - tak da kelaslah if he was punched by a filing clerk in the uniform.
    Maybe Anwar offered the former IGP if he wanted an Anwar special from the backside and thats why the former IGP whacked him?
    Im still proud of our PDRM... so i dont mind it that the PDRM kasi taruh itu bising punya Hindraf and Pakatan Rempit supporters as I have seen and heard myself the PDRM tal, discuss and then give several warnings for these beruk mentality demonstrators to disperse and yet they refuse.

  22. Anonymous8:55 pm

    10.21 AM - such an odd time to be self-wanking in this blog,

    ...most people just finished their breakfast at this time.

    By the way, didn't know that filing clerk in Bukit Aman wears T-Shirt to work!!

    Just clean yourself when done...stink

  23. Anonymous11:42 am

    Funny how everyone claims that the PDRM bashers are the first to call up the police when they face problems. I'll tell you one thing, when my family had a problem and we consulted a family friend who was previously a police state chief, he gave us the contact of a well known gangster and said it would be best to contact him instead of the police.

    There are certain things a police can help you with, and there are certain things a police can't. But the one thing a police must never do is to intimidate the public whom they are wont to protect and serve and this is what happened during the Bersih rallies.

  24. Le chercheur de vérité4:01 am

    Rocky, how many cases were completely solved out of those 157,891 cases reported in 2011? (as well as the 177,520 reported cases in 2010)

  25. Anonymous7:11 pm

    Our police are too scared and obedient toward the political pressure, more than the law and order inclusive their own dignity.
    Police are too weak, scare to take action, did not apply the right thing by the book due to our opposition and our Government policy to win public votes.
    Feel very sad it happening as a lot of people are taking advantange out of this situation.
    They becomes very lazy and less interest to do their duties, example police will get jail for accidental shooting of motorist who failed to stop when instructed. We should education our public first.
    Little pay, dangerous jobs, got jailed if make mistake, why should they help you bashers. I won't.

    Want Police to be most professional and not taking any pressure from people with political self interest.

  26. Anonymous6:37 pm

    8-55pm...wah..another Anwar backside victim....LOL...

  27. It is better for the site owner to sell cenderahati perkahwinan atau cenderamata perkahwinan rather than keep posting crap.

  28. Anonymous6:15 pm

    Anon 6:37 PM...the torchlight bearer,

    Did u just tried to have a serious small fartie in ain't working?

    Do not pass go.....plse chk rotting hole again.