Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mallot, ambik kau/Mallot the Macaw


A large long-tailed parrot (Ara and related genera) with brightly colored plumage, native to Central and South America.

mal-lot  /məˈluat/ 

Bujai's thesaurus:
                  Political drop-out, a diplomat who spent most of his time at the dining
                  table and brothels, a marmot, a laggard, shallow and small brain, pig 
                  brain, septuagenarian, an America sycophant

Few Malaysian journalists from back then would remember John R. Malott but fewer still would know the ex-US envoy to KL better than Bujai, a journalist for more than 30 years. To his peers and to the diplomatic circles in Kuala Lumpur during the 1980s and 1990s, Bujai was acknowledged as a foreign affairs "specialist". Still, it shocked me to read his latest posting blasting the busybody ex-envoy kow-kow in Mallot the Macaw. I think the article represents the sentiments of most Malaysians. We have had enough of this kind of Mat Salehs.

I don't know if Mallot can take as well as he gives. The last time some newspapers printed a response from back home in the US to his article condemning Malaysia, he was babbling about suing somebody or something like that. 

Excerpts from Bujai's response to Mallot's article in WSJ entitled Testing Malaysia's Promises:


Mallot The Macaw

The diplomatic macaw is at it again. When Anwar Ibrahim said Pakatan Rakyat will make it through in the next 'just and clean' general election, former US envoy and political drop out John Mallot added to such a malodorous remark that the coming poll will be the most 'dirtiest' ever.

No surprise. This diplomat who spent most of his time at the dining table and brothels when he was US ambassador to Malaysia (1995-1998) and now joins Barack Obama in a fascist America, is nothing but a dissolute manipulator.

His latest jottings in the Wall Street Journal on January 12 proves how a marmot and laggard he is.

When he accused the 'Malaysian's corrupt' are expected to exhaust all avenues to cling on to power, he was actually trying to get the Americans into believing that what being practiced in the US is far off better than that in Malaysia.

Anwar's acquittal, which he deemed as a proof of innocent, reflected how shallow his small brain is in law.


  1. If that's Bujai's best shot at Mallot's well composed and written articles, he's wasting everyon'es time. He's only opening himself up to a defamation suit by resorting to wild accusations, vulgarity and filthy language.

    Brothels, pig brain?

    "I think the article represents the sentiments of most Malaysians."

    I think not.

    You are talking about someone who writes for some of the most influential MSM across the globe. Who hears Bujai? Frogs in wells, that's who!

    You already know that Mallot can take as much as he gives. One USA (paid by APCO) hack had to hastily withdraw her scurrilous attack on Mallot the last time around. You forgot?

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human race

  2. Anonymous5:41 pm

    Most Malaysians agree ? Where did you get that statistic from ? John Mallot's brain is bigger than the combined brain of all the UMNO bloggers. If he is a macaw, then you guys are the usual blackbirds.


  3. Anonymous6:18 pm

    "I think the article represents the sentiments of most Malaysians."

    Are you sure?


  4. Anonymous6:34 pm

    Itu Lah Rocky Brew,

    You are the saki baki Journalist Wannabe yang tak laku di Malaysia....
    Thinking that the Dato' you managed to get via spewing shit will get you somewhere...

    You're a sad man....

  5. Anonymous7:14 pm

    Bujai has a 'small mind' !!

  6. Anonymous7:35 pm

    Mallot's brain may be bigger but empty. Just like stupid lim guan eng brain

  7. Anonymous7:49 pm

    most UMNO bloggers learn their trade from Pakatan bloggers. so UMNO bloggers are blackbirds, Pakatan bloggers are cuckoo birds.


  8. Those No Brainers7:58 pm

    Most of you know nuts about John Mallot but what is publicly made available.

    John Mallot is no diplomat. He was merely CIA assigned caretaker for Anwar.

    When Nurul studied at George Washington, he was like the parent of kids in boarding school coming to pick up the week's laundry.

    The guy is a no brainer. How much brains left do supporters of no brainers like Donplaypuks have left??

    At least Bujai still have pig brain. Donplaypuk's brain is totally fucked up screwed!

  9. Anonymous8:00 pm

    ha ha ha

    a spinner without ammunition

    Rocky/Bujai - after pru13 you ought to do different kind of spinning ya


  10. Anonymous8:46 pm

    Mallot was appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate when he became US Ambassador to Malaysia. And he completed his 3-year term.

    If he is really that bad and non-performer including Bujai's serious allegation that he visited the brothels, wouldn't he be recalled to US immediately before he could complete his term?

    While I admire Bujai's courage, perhaps in defence of BN government, I'm afraid he will be fighting a lonely battle if he gets sued.


  11. Biak pilah dengan malaun, melalut ni. Dia memang penjilat Anwar. Juga Hero kepada pengantin tua Din Merican dan para komentarnya.
    Din and his commentators look upon him as God and they grovel when he comments in that flip-flop fogey's blog.
    His role is nothing else but to praise Mr sod and his daughter. In fact he was the one who arranged Izzah's study in the US.
    In fact, Nurul's results is so dismal to enter a good US school, if not for Mallott's influence.

    Those No Brainers

    You are right about Malaun being a CIA agent undercover of diplomat.
    A failure as a diplomat.
    But Nurul Izzah studied at John Hopkins.
    It was Najib's daughter who studied at GWU.

  12. Anonymous12:34 am

    Just because this Mallot supports Anwar, you are all for him. You buggers are all shitlickers of Pakatan.

    We are 1 human race but of different religious beliefs. That doesn`t make us equal. Never, ever.

    1. Anonymous9:33 pm

      I think god that I will never be your equal you sick bastard

  13. Pity Bujai can't string a sentence in English very well. Is he really a journalist?
    So who the hell is Bujai? Would the WSJ or Washington Post or any other US publication want to print his reply especially when he can't write a decent response which people can understand.
    And when you accuse Mallot of frequenting brothels...can he back it up? And what evidence have you of him being a CIA agent?
    And Bujai accusing President Obama of wanting to subjucate African Americans is the most bizarre ever... Does he know who and what Barrack Obama looks like and does he know what Obama's policies are?

    The WSJ and Post and NY Times win Pulitzer prizes. Are Malaysian newspapers even close to producing decent material that would win global awards?
    Mallot's accusation is against Najib and his administration - not about Malaysians.

    And you are taking liberties about him speaking for most Malaysians. Most Malaysian speak a lot better than the way Bujai writes....

  14. The Watcher4:15 am

    This poppycock from a cretin called "Bujai" is what you village idiots get a hard on for? These are the cheap thrills for small Malay minds. The lot of you should be recolonized and made to serve more useful purposes. Monkeys at the wheel of the country far too many years since independence.

  15. Anonymous9:21 am

    so you are comparing a 3rd grade, dumno lackey to Mallot? oh well you were never bright to start with...

  16. lim soon watt9:54 am

    Mallot should stay out of malaysia political affairs. American would like if malaysian politician comment on american affairs so it only fair the former diplomat respect political diplomacy rule of engagement.

  17. Anonymous11:35 am

    Mallot ni dibesarkn zaman2 buku cerita Comic Red Indians, duk moghoyan tak habis2 nak panah sana sini..His ways of thinking dah obsolete.

    I don't know him personally tapi rupa macam dah nak masuk zaman kebudak2an, DAH NYANYUK.

    Hello old man, now Anime Manga era, the young generation of tomorrow is not interested in your old tales.


  18. Anonymous8:08 pm

    Kuman seberang laut nampak tetapi gajah di sebelah tak nampak - this aptly sums what the Americans are all about.
    So...Malaysians should stop fighting each other over an American whose country's interest is purely to have Malaysia in its pockets.
    If you want to be pak turut and allow yourself to be sodomised by the americans, feel free to bend over for Al Juburi to do the sodomising on behalf of the Americans.
    If only the old soviet union were around and the Chinese have reached the same level of military as the Americans.... youd think there would be a self proclaim world policeman patrolling around trying to export and enforce Made in America democracy onto every nation that can be used for its strategic interest?

  19. Anonymous9:52 pm

    macau is know spelled as macow...

  20. Anonymous9:59 pm

    Correct me if I'm wrong, It better pronounce Mallote The Launch Caw

  21. Anonymous11:08 pm

    Baru sorang MAT SALLEH cakap BURUK pasal Malaysia,,,,,,ramai malaun MARAH,,,,but what dia cakap adalah BETUL,,!!!!

    Kebanyakan MELAYU ni MELAYU SUBSIDI!!!!


  22. Anonymous11:34 pm

    According to Bujai being found 'Not Guilty' does not make you innocent? WTF?
    So what does being found 'Guilty' make you?
    If only he could write in proper sentences and make sense we could probably appreciate what he says better.....

  23. Anonymous12:01 am

    Hentikanlah! Kau baru keluar hutan, depa dah pegi bulan. Khaaak ptui!

    John Mallot tahu Anwar difitnah. He was here when it happenned.

  24. Anonymous6:28 am

    Met Mallot several times in 97/98. The last time was at Anwar's house a day after his arrest. Its true, he was Anwar's CIA handler. He was in trouble with his bosses in Langley at that time because he screwed up his assignment. Anwar was not supposed to be sacked n arrested. He was demoted due to his failure n he hold a grudge against Malaysia till now.

  25. Anonymous6:05 pm

    Hey Rocky...Khoo Kay Kim said there is no hang Li Po and there is no Hang Tuah...what say you? Who should be a hero to the Malays now? Hang Pi Mana????

  26. Jasper Bloodstone6:08 pm

    And yet, the PM allows the Wall Street Journal to interview him, which happened just recently.

    This is the same WSJ which has published commentaries by Mallot, and which ran an editorial praising the judgement in the Anwar trial.

    Double standards from the PM and the Malaysian government. Eh, Perwira-san, how sayest thou?

    Maybe the PM recognises that American CEOs read the WSJ, instead of Malaysian newspapers!

    And if you are trying to convince hardheaded American CEOs to invest in Malaysia, what better way than to have your views published in the WSJ?

    It's not as if MIDA and the Malaysian Embassy in Washington, DC, have made significant inroads into the American business community, judging from US FDI stock in Malaysia.

    Sadly, the likes of Utusan, NST and The Star just don't cut it when reaching out to the international business community. Hence the angst of Bujal and his like-minded compatriots.

    Btw, did Wisma Putra protest to the US Embassy here about the Mallot piece, or about the other Mallot commentaries?

    And, dang it all, the Mallot dude writes in good English, unlike the more linguistically-challenged amongst his critics!

  27. Anon who wrote:

    Hey Rocky...Khoo Kay Kim said there is no hang Li Po and there is no Hang Tuah...what say you? Who should be a hero to the Malays now? Hang Pi Mana????


    Khoo Kay Hu?

    In any case, bila masa pulak Hang Li Po jadi hero to the Malays, mo (which is short for moron).

    And me, I have always been for Hang Jebat.

  28. Anonymous8:53 pm

    Rocky the Kulat

  29. Anonymous9:30 pm

    Jasper Bloodstone,

    Monsterball dgn siPolan Melon ni rupa sama, perangai sama, tua pun sama.. lau ren2 patut dah duk main dengan cicit2 aci sembunyi...

    Leave the world to the younger generation to manage pula la oooii,


  30. Jasper Bloodstone4:38 pm

    Note how adroitly Perwira-san dodges the issue. He didn't, or could not, refute the points I made, including the fact that the PM was interviewed by the WSJ.

    As far as the WSJ is concerned, the PM and Mallot are equally welcome in it's pages.

    That's free press equality for you!