Friday, January 13, 2012

Amnesty says Anwar's acquittal shows why Msia must scrap sodomy law

And did any of you see this statement? Amnesty International is actually saying that Anwar Ibrahim's acquittal last Monday shows why  consensual anal sex between Malaysian men should not be criminalized! 
Whoa! Was it consensual, in the first place?

And here we are arguing about the independence of the judiciary! - Rocky Bru

Amnesty says India has done it, so why not Malaysia?


9 January 2012

Malaysia: Anwar case shows why sodomy law must be scrapped

The Malaysian government must repeal the criminal sodomy law used in a politically motivated attempt to bar Anwar Ibrahim from politics, Amnesty International said today after the opposition leader was acquitted by the country's High Court.

“Anwar's acquittal is a welcome move. Fortunately, the Malaysian authorities have refrained from turning the country’s opposition leader into a prisoner of conscience,” said Donna Guest, deputy Asia-Pacific director at Amnesty International.

“The government must now repeal the sodomy law, a repressive statute that enabled this politically motivated persecution.”

The High Court verdict comes in the run-up to national elections, widely expected to take place in early 2012.

If Anwar had been convicted and sentenced to prison for a year or more, he would have been barred from politics for five years.

This case was the second time Anwar was prosecuted for criminal sodomy.

After he was sacked as deputy prime minister in 1998, he was arrested on sodomy charges and imprisoned for six years. The sodomy conviction was later overturned and he was freed in 2004.

As a result of that conviction, Anwar was barred from politics until 2008.

In July 2008, a month before he returned to parliament in a by-election, the opposition leader was again arrested on sodomy charges. A 26-year-old former aide told police that he and Anwar had had a sexual encounter in a Kuala Lumpur apartment.

Laws criminalizing consensual sexual activity between adults are contrary to international human rights standards.

In December 2011, the UN Human Rights Commissioner published a report calling on states to repeal provisions that criminalize same-sex relations between consenting adults.

In the case of Toonen v Australia, the UN Human Rights Commission in 1994 found that laws punishing same-sex sexual behaviour infringe on the right to privacy.

Malaysia’s criminal sodomy law, Section 377, was drawn from the Indian Penal Code of 1860 and imposed under British colonial rule. In 2009, India repealed its sodomy law.

“The sodomy law violates the rights of gay Malaysians. Moreover, it was used as a tool of political repression against Anwar,” said Donna Guest.


  1. Anonymous10:01 am

    Another weak piece of spin from rocky. Tsk tsk. Standards dropping la.

  2. Anonymous10:20 am

    They talk about International Human Rights but they forgot about Normal Human Standard.Common even animal don't do this.

  3. Yes I tend to agree with Amnesty International,but forced sex,i.e. rape against man or woman is against the law anywhere in the world and Malaysia and the world are under the impression that Saiful was forced to have sex with Anwar Ibrahim, right?!

  4. Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban10:35 am

    Interesting to know what DSAI comment about this.

  5. Charles F Moreira10:40 am

    Had Anwar been convicted he would have become a hero among his followers and sympathisers, and would gain more support but by being acquitted, he does not have that boost, while the government looks good in the eyes of the voters.

    The present government is more subtle in its strategy than the previous and is willing to take one step back to take two steps forward.

  6. Anonymous10:52 am

    Although Amnesty would love to see Malaysia having a bisexual prime minister, we Malaysians will never accept him. A man who sucks other man's sexual organ for fun is not a pious muslim and certainly not prime minister material. What more a liar who doesn't admit that he had homosexual relationship with men. But Amnesty believes otherwise.

  7. As usual, Anwar can do no wrong. It's excusable for him to do anything. Be damn even if Islamic nation Malaysia does not condome same sex marriage or sodomizing.
    Amnesty International, how about recommending Anwar be the western nation citizen. We are fed-up of his antics.

  8. Anonymous10:56 am

    In this dunia yang fana. Despite the rules given by God on halal & haram, only the politician can turn it vice versa.

    Under them/the politician, you will surprise Malaysia will be more liberal than those established liberal countries...

  9. Amnesty can bugger off.

  10. Anugerah Tuhan11:30 am

    Anon 10:20,

    You are wrong. Actually, animals also like to butt-fuck each other.

    So you homophobes should stop making silly excuses for not allowing butt sex.

    Happy CNY all.

  11. Anonymous12:00 pm

    My two cents of thoughts...the princes and princesses I've met so far are pretty cool people. Their entourage on the other hand, aren't. They seem to be the one acting like as if they are the ones who are royalty. I wonder if these princes/princesses realize that their posse are making them look bad...

  12. Amnestupid1:03 pm

    Law in Malaysia do not penalise consensual sodomy. It is against the law only when the aggrieved party reported to the police. Just like rape.

    So Amnesty is talking shit. Of course Malaysia allows consensual sodomy. People been doing it centuries here.

    Stupid Amnesty!

  13. Dikotiledon1:20 pm

    We won't have to wait for long to see sodomy law scrapped. The next (PR=PKR+DAP+PAS) Federal Government would move the bill to that effect, the very first day they took over. Hadi or Mat Sapu would probably table the bill, part of their version of Hudud.

  14. yup,
    Agree with Anon 10.01am - another weak piece of spin from rocky. equating Amnesty's sexuality stand with Anwar's acquittal is a weak political comparison. What has the judgement of insufficient evidence in Anwar's 901 case got to do with other people's view on sexuality?

  15. But dottnods, that was my point exactly.

    Why is Amnesty linking Anwar's acquittal with consensual man-on-man sodomy?

    Dalam Bahasa Melayunya, apa kena mengena kes Saiful yang tuduh diliwat tanpa rela oleh Anwar dengan undang2 yang mengharamkan liwat dengan rela antara lelaki?

    Harap faham. Masalah kita sekarang ni, ramai sangat yang ikut buta ..


  16. Mazlan3:30 pm

    All this has proved is that for those in UMNO who hate Anwar - no matter what the judgement nothing has changed, they still hate him.
    For those who support him - no matter what the verdict they will support him.
    I think for the majority - they will take all the information from all sorts of sources and think about all the facts and how they feel and make a decision.
    I can't see any changes in attitude from the hard core of either side from this or any other judgement....

  17. Anonymous3:48 pm

    Our leadership must be steadfast and resist all these calls for unbridled human rights. These western zealots can go to hell, but don't invite other people to go along with you.

  18. Anonymous4:52 pm

    Come on lah Guan Eng and Karpal Singh, lets quickly table state enactment so that Penang will be the first state in Malaysia to legalise anal sex....PRU 13 is very near lohhh.. maknyah, arbok, gays, lesbian, bisexual, transexual VOTES count man...

    Sudin Arbok
    Tanjong Tokong

  19. Anonymous5:47 pm

    This law had been in existing since colonel time and NEVER been used. But when it was first used, it was used against a politician just for bringing him down. There are so many cases of forced oral sex against the natural sexual act happen especially among the minors by the pedophilia but surprisingly AG and UMNO has no interest in defending these victim but they have great interest in helping the sinful. Even the PM is willing to meet the sinful kononnya to help him to get justice.

    UMNO is a corrupted regime and MUST be brought down in ALL COST even if we have to support a LESBIAN or GAY as UMNO sees unnatural sex as a greater sin than corruption like in the NFC scandal.

  20. Anonymous6:58 pm

    So if someone jumps off a cliff (shall we compare to US which for all intents and purposes has fallen off the cliff edge - from an economics perspective) - should we follow suit. Does more open mean more progressive?
    Will Malaysians be seen more enlightened, more acceptable then if we emulate the democratic West.
    I say #&*@ o**

  21. First of all, the Judge was coerced in to making his decision.

    The street hoodlums scared the shit out of him and he gave in to them.

    Had the decision been guilty, the mobsters would have gone amok and attack the court house or even kidnap the judge.

    He feared the mob and thus gave in.

    Second of all, Anwar is as guilty as sin, or else he would not pardon his detractors but file a multi billion law suit against Saiful. Why is he not doing this but pressuring the Bar council to bar an appeal.

    Smells of shit.

    Anuar Bullshitting Us (ABU)

  22. "Yes I tend to agree with Amnesty International,but forced sex,i.e. rape against man or woman is against the law anywhere in the world and Malaysia and the world are under the impression that Saiful was forced to have sex with Anwar Ibrahim, right?!" Pasquale

    Wrong! Anwar was charged with having CONSENSUAL SEX with Saiful. But Saiful turned the tables on the Solicitor General and testified on the stand that it was not consensual although he claimed it had happened on about 7 or 8 occassions.

    Rape on 7-8 separate occasssions? He kept going back (pun fully intended) again and again?

    That's the point at which the judge should have thrown the case out the window!

    Go check your facts.

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  23. nobody gives a damn about consensual sex. They will enjoy it and keep it to themselves. But when the thing got reported, we have different ball game all together.

    so if animals do it, we have to follow suit??

  24. Anonymous9:43 pm

    Spot on, Bru.Answers why your blog is the best cos the blogmaster knows waht he is yapping about and thats a welcome change from equivocating loyar buroks...hahahahaha

    Now, why should one bring Anuswhore into the equation if the topic is about consensual sex. By the same token, why bring in consensual sex if the statement was about Anuswhore's acquittal.

    So there you have it in a nutshell. there is something there which both evil incarnations of AI know. This brings me to that earlier conclusions i made here:,

    The circumstantial evidence is pretty overwhelming and this post of yours add more facts to that pile and when you add that the acquitted was reported to have said "he was surprised", you have to ask the question, why surprised if one aint guilty...sounds like the cuckolded conscience cannot resist the temptation to raise its head above the parapet when the guard is down......get my drift, folks?

    Finally for those ignorant idiots who spew garbage about the victim, maybe they should read this before they wank themselves silly here. Some choice cuts::

    1.But counselors stress that these statistics
    reflect men's fear of telling anyone, even a crisis counselor,
    about a rape. "There is an additional layer of pressure for men
    that doesn't exist for women due to stereotypes and assumptions
    about male rape," says Denise Synder, executive director of the
    Washington D.C. Rape Crisis Center.

    2."If the
    victim is physically a large person," Kling says, "and larger than
    your suspect and there is no weapon involved, there might be
    problems overcoming a juror's ingrained belief that the victim
    could have physically overpower his assailant. It might make it
    harder to prove that there wasn't consent."


    Warrior 231

  25. Anonymous10:01 pm

    By natural instinct, Rockybru, I'm not a byte homo; but I don't really care two hoots or one hoot about what one individual or two individuals above age of cuntsent doing to himeslf/herself of with each other in the confines of their room.

    I'd rather have a hjomo as my PM than a murdere as my Premier, but of course, both would have been ranked lower if we could have a convicted (by this I mean, 100pc conviction or commitment) socialist PM, as long as he also follows modern China' capitalist free markets. Yes, we can have the socialist cake and still eat the capitalist meat, NO contradiction! Minta maaf Rocky, I believe Amnesty International, also Singapore BTW, is in keeping with the Times, the Starits Times or NST notwithstanding!:( -- YL, Desi, knottyaSsusual

  26. Anonymous10:26 pm

    If it happened, it is not possible for it not to be consensual. Period.

  27. Anonymous10:36 pm

    It seems that the sex was consensual, from what has been played.

    If this is so, the act of anybody wanting to support a gay/homosexual/jambu-type guy to be
    PM is anybody's guess.

    Was there any kissing like in the picture?


    *no wonder lah all the mak nyah cuties/or in-the-closet gays are happily jumping up and down and holding their breath.

  28. Anonymous11:15 pm

    Lantaklah...yang busuk bau tahi Anwar punya..bukan kita punya!

    Hantu Gigi Jarang

  29. Anonymous11:18 pm


  30. Anonymous11:50 pm


    u can also bugger off and don't use a Christian name.

  31. The reason the SG filed consensual sex charges was because every medical report on Saiful absolutely showed no signs of violence or rape. No scratches, no bruises, no tissue tear etc.

    It would have been impossible for the SG to prove non-consensual sex without corroborating forensic physical evidence or eyewitness testimony.

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  32. Anonymous3:56 am

    Atan, aren't you being fed enough? Or are Funds being diverted to cows? 3rd grade, defective DNA spinning is all there is from you these days...

  33. Anonymous9:57 am

    rocky.. spin what u like, u too are under the gorment hammer.. good for you,, want to carry the tainted balls of the corrupt regime..

  34. Anonymous10:48 am

    If Saiful wants to have sex with a male, mana you sakit? After all he "prepared" himself for the great encounter (see court records). Man. what Amnesty is saying that your arse does not belong to the Garmen, ok? It is you right that it is championing. It is not forcing you to entertain Saiful, sinful though Saiful may be in your eyes.

  35. Anonymous10:53 am

    India has an overpopulation issue. Repealing that law is a green initiative.

    Wait till Malaysia gets overpopulated. Then we repeal the law. Or make homosexuality mandatory.


  36. Anonymous9:53 pm


    why not the opposition controlled states initiate the freedom of homo law.

    Share price of the lubricant gelly will surely soar

  37. Anonymous7:10 am


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    Loyar Lawa

  38. Anonymous9:48 am

    I thought God created Adam and Eve and not Albert and Robert.
    Maybe this is what Al Juburi @ Drama King wants to create?
    Maybe ...just maybe if Pakatan Rempit wins PutraJaya..they will change the name from PutraJaya to GaytraJaya and rename their party Pakatan Gayat
    Im sure sales of lubricants and condoms will be so good that the rubber industry will benefit.
    Also, Malaysian population will be much lower and Malaysia wouldve to import lots of immigrants to fill up employment in the rubber industry.
    Even the Malaysian ringgit note will be made of soft plastic with Sultan AlJuburi on it.
    Maybe Al Juburi will appoint Malaysia's first Multi Sexual Affairs minister and Im sure Ambiga will gladly take up the post!!

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    Warrior 231

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