Tuesday, December 13, 2011

PRU13: The Statesman and his two states

One of the reasons for BN's poor performance during the 12th General Election was Dr Mahathir. He was fighting with Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who had aides who thought they were big enough to take the statesman down. The Opposition only had to ride on Dr Mahathir's wrath into March 2008. The rest is history.

Come PRU13, Dr Mahathir won't be out to take down a Prime Minister. In fact, I hear he's agreed to help Najib to campaign in two states, states that fell to Pakatan Rakyat partly because of the BN infighting, sleepwalking and arrogance back then.

So, it's going to be a little different this time around.


  1. Salam Datuk,

    Many GE 2008 analysis do not factor Tun MM support base disatisfaction with Pak Lah as a cause for BN dismal showing.

    Another winnable item is a little matter of closing ranks after candidates are have been shortlisted.

    Support for the candidate must be unequivocal.

    On a visit to Kedah shortly after GE 2008, in a meeting with one of the winning Umno assemblymen, his private secretary spoke about the attempt to sabotage Mukhriz winning in Jerlun.

    Will not mention this Umno personality perpetrators name. Suffice to say that this should be known among Kedah Umno members.

    On these scores, it will be different this time round.

  2. Datuk,

    Another thing, on the way to that meeting, when asked for the reason for BN collapse in Kedah, the taxi driver replied, "Benci Kerajaan Pusat".


  3. Wow! UMNO and Najib are saved!
    As if it was that easy.
    I think the public make decisions based on economic issues and their experiences with the 2 parties. Whether Tun puts in an appearance is no longer a big factor.
    In fact I would imagine the sight of Rosmah will have the biggest impact! The more she appears (with her lovely Birkin bags!) The more votes for Pakatan. She is Najib's kryptonite. Love to hear Tun's comments about her...

    Also Rocky - like to hear your thoughts on the forced sabbatical of the GM of Felda. Dzulkefly has been succesful at keeping Felda Plantations profitable and well run but is being forced to take long leave. What sort of message does that send to Felda settlers and those who have worked hard and true..

  4. Anuswary6:31 pm

    It is easier to undo things than to rebuild them. Things develop a momentum of their own. If the BN were to keep on sliding come PRU 13, they would know whom to blame, statesman or no statesman.

    And if one of the two states Mahathir is slated to help regain was Kedah, he would be well-advised to forget it, especially if BN were to parade his businessman-son to be the BN Menteri Besar designate.

  5. And if he fails, will he jump off the Penang Bridge? Or maybe be just shut up and retire for good?

    That claim that it was he who did more for Pakatan's victory is anything but!!!

  6. In previous GE, Pakatan didn't win but BN lost. This statement need to be clearly inderstood.

    Tun M was doing everything to save Malaysia during Pak Lah as what he has done numerous times.

    And now, Tun M will again do everything to save Malaysia.

    At the age of 86, what he is doing is extraordinary.

  7. Anonymous8:47 pm

    Wow Rocky,

    It's like bringing back the Parang and FlintGun to Fight a Modern War!

    If UMNO has to stoop to such measures by resurrecting a has been who created havoc in UMNO (which is still being felt) to help Najib, BN IS REALLY IN BAD SHAPE!!

    In any case...It's good as he has to stand shoulder to shoulder with KJ whom he hated so much. Heh heh


  8. Anonymous9:53 pm

    The opposition won because of two reasons.

    1. Abdullah Badawi released Anwar too soon. It was wrong timing. If Abdullah released Anwar say two months before the elections, BN would have won a landslide victory.

    2. Anwar capitalised on symphatetic issues, spread hatred and like magic had cast a spell on the simple minded followers.

    Was it choreographed? Sure looked like it was.


  9. Anonymous10:28 pm

    Agree with you that the demonisation of TDM was one of the factors that had contributed to the debacle suffered by BN in the 2008 Gen Election.

    The general populace particularly the Malays were completely taken aback when a young upstart could become so 'kurang ajar' without due respect to a man who had been the premier for 22 years, putting AAB where he was and not even to his age.

    The rest, despite owing their positions to TDM simply jumped into the bandwagon to ensure their future was not threatened.


  10. wok leh budu11:34 pm

    rocky...i think YOU too played a big part to sway the voters to vote Pakatan in 2008...hey thanks a bunch...

  11. Anonymous11:40 pm


    in PRU12, all parliament seats won by BN in Kedah can be associate with Dr.M.

    1. Kubang Pasu - Dr.M's ex seat
    2. Jerlun - Dr.M's son Mukhriz
    3. Langkawi - Dr.M's playground.

    Lain2 seat yg takda associate with Dr.M semua hancur lebur.

    What does this means?

    Go on underestimate Dr.M's influence ... then you (not Rocky ok) will end up like Badawi and the gang.

    As the way I see it. Dr.M hentam orang tak kira dia UMNO, PAS, PKR, DAP, Gerakan or whatever. Ini yg ramai orang muda suka sekarang. Hentam sebab nak perbetul keadaan. Bukan asyik nak ikut simbol macam zombie saja.


  12. Anonymous11:52 pm

    i thought bn losses are because of him...and he chose the sleepy one..thought he can order things...but the sleepy one got his own knight...KJ...but that also the reason for the sleepy one to fall apart...so Najib, what story do you have for us? LOL

  13. Anonymous11:52 pm

    This mamak better off taking care of his roti business...

  14. Anonymous9:21 am

    I think the voters were angry over many issues and the way some politicians in the ruling party say things. This time around it might get repeated or worst because we don't see the repentance. If BN had done enough to suppress corruptions, then may be voters will trust.

  15. Anonymous9:41 am


    FORGET IT ? What can this two Gods DO?
    Screaming the same olde stories of how goody BN is ....Stale bread from umno dickies? The people have had enough of Barisan's nonsence ....Now with the opposition's battle cry of A B U ....BETTER THEY START PLANNING their retirement or disappear ...
    Go to the streets and observe the lower rung people and ask about Umno you will have curses that makes you cringe...UMNO makes a living out of corruption and feels the government of the day owe them a living!
    Najib is getting a baggage in THIS MAHAKUTTY and he stands a loser...

  16. Anonymous10:05 am

    Arif? Is that you Arif?

    Before you touch on anything Rosmah and Najib, I think it's best you settle your own things first and set them in order. Don't you?


  17. With Dr M campaigning in the next PRU in support of Najib maybe there's a good chance that some votes will return to BN, alas, Dr M in his moment of anger had opened the flood gates for the opposition, it will be difficult to recover lost votes but not impossible.

  18. Anonymous11:26 am

    The Statesman ? Don't lah kiss his ass so blatantly ! He will go down in history as the person who is most responsible for the corruption of the judiciary, PDRM, ACA and AG's Chambers.

    Any person who believes that the end justifies the means cannot be called a statesman. Your hero is to Malaysia what Ferdinand Marcos was to Philippines.


  19. Anonymous1:47 pm

    Somehow I think ABU shall be saying the last rites for RAHMAN. Beware the prophecy that has NEVER fail. And I quote 1Lady: Its DESTINY. Bye Bye BN.

  20. look at FB followers of these personalities and you will understand how much influence Tun M has among Malaysian population. remember we are one of the country with the highest percentage of FB users.

    Tun M - 1.5 mil friends
    Najib - 911k friends
    Anwar - 337k friends

  21. Skilgannon10663:19 pm

    Maybe the "crooked bridge" to Singapore will make a comeback?

    Certain individuals in Johor Umno are already making noises to this effect.

    After all, the Old Man is still sore that the other Old Man down south played a better poker hand, even to the extent of facing down the water "trump card".

    Will PRU13 be a referendum of sorts on Iskandar Malaysia? Quite possibly yes, in Johor.

  22. Godfarter,
    Dr Mahathir is not like Marcos la. U eat too much dog shit ka???...cannot differentiate properly.
    Dr M has his faults but he did n still doing good for the country.
    Only a blatantly dishonest Pakatan prick would try equating Dr M with the nasties of this world.

  23. Keynesian,

    All I can say is WTF???
    Who are those people and why bring their issues onto Rocky's blog.

    Anyhow - I'm sure you love Rosmah in a big way! Hope you can afford to give her another Birkin for the New Year...

  24. pundek ko la rocky

  25. Anonymous5:55 pm

    utusan baru je bagi sumbangan 200k kat tabung pilihanraya LGE. malay mail tak nak sedekah kat LGE jugak ke?

  26. Anonymous6:58 pm

    Anon 10.05 am

    I agree with you. That Ariff aka Sakmongkol should settle his alimony problem with his ex-wife.
    Tak malukah bekas isteri pampang in detail about the promises you made to her.
    Cakap berdegar-degar, ekor bergelumang dengan tahi.
    Tak perlu UMNO menjatuhkan dia, bekas isteri dah buat kerja tu.
    That woman is mad and vindictive.
    But he deserves it. Birds of a feather flock together.

  27. Anonymous8:36 pm


    You mean to say that the Great Dr M deliberately sabotaged UMNO by upstaging and Abusing Badawi in Public?

    You mean the Great One was so Dumb as to not know he was sabotaging UMNO's election success??

    If that's the case, then he should be sacked and ostracised if not castrated for this evil act!

    What? You mean he should be rewarded?

    That sounds like UMNO thinking...
    Rewards for the Ill gotten...

    No wonder Ezam who was UMNO's enemy became a Senator..So was Nalla..

    And So was Shahrizat and a few others for failing to win...


  28. Anonymous10:30 pm

    To make this No 1 racist of M'sia work for you is easy, just make sure you give in to his sons.

  29. Anonymous10:54 pm

    Times up my friend! Tun ke Mun ke it ain't matter anymore buddy! The reality is the guv sucks big time! We make the call! Win or lose we must be heard! Country first buddy!

  30. BonJourno,

    Where have you been, mo?

    Pre March 2008, it was Dr M who became the uniting factor for bloggers. And during that time, as you may not know, there were no Umno/BN-sactioned bloggers. Unlike today. Then, Umno was anti-bloggers even though there were quite a few bloggers who were pro-Umno.

    Ask Jeff Ooi, RPK, Haris Ibrahim, Syed Akbar Ali, Eric Woon, Zorro, SK Thew, Marina, Nuraina Samad, A Voice, Big Dog, Kickdefella, Kadir Jasin and many others ... We all met during a Dr Mahathir function or other. We all rode on him, one way or another.

    Did he publicly go after Pak Lah? You bet! Dr Mahathir made mincemeat of the others, too, ie Anwar, Karpal, Kit Siang, Nik Aziz etc but against Pak Lah and his Fourth Floor operatives he waged war.

    And yes, dear Wok Leh Budu, I admit I too had a hand in giving Pakatan Rakyat some victories here and there. I openly supported Jeff Ooi, meh, even campaigned for him a little in Penang. That I didnt care for the rest of the DAP buggers was well known also back then but Lim Guan Eng and I were on taling terms.

    People like Old Fart, of course, did not know what really was going on. He was part of the many groupies that attached themselves to us. Very committed, though. Blind faith. That was his virtue. And clearly, that has not changed. Consistency is also a virtue.

    Mark my words, it's going to feel a little different too this time around.

  31. Anonymous11:46 am


    No, I don't eat dogshit, but I think I stepped on some of Mamakthir's shit and it sure stank. You on the other hand has been smelling Mamakthir's fart for too long - so long that you no longer think it smells.

    The guy is a criminal. He may not be judged in this world, but he sure will be when he meets his Maker.


  32. First, the old man ( I mean apanama mahaquasa !) is no statesman. He is just a petty fellow who could get along with the previous PM for personal reasons. He still has not forgiven Pak Lah for being slighted!
    Mahathir should spend more time with his wife and grandchildren rather than to campaign for BN as that will certainly be disastrous for BN !

  33. this year,felda will give 20 out of 54 seats to pakatan due to datuk dzul's issue and the rest.

    kpg baru will give further 5 seats.

    lembu will give another 20 wanita seats

    youth will give another 20 seats

    sabah sarawak another 10 seats

    mic/mca/gerakan another 20 seats.

  34. npc observer7:00 pm

    Old fart tu keling mabuk. Half time dia tak tahu what is happening. Dia ingat dia buat intelligent guess.

    For that matter, zorro pun sama dunggu. For an old man, he is a novice in so many ways. His blog is so empyy in content.

    Harris is a mad and vile man , consumed with hatred.

    Malik imtiaz thinks he is god's gift to malaysian legal profession. Ah can see he is crooked lawyer also. Takkan porntip not paid to make stupid remarks and statements?

  35. Mustapha Ong5:36 am

    Salam Bro,

    This is another interesting posting running up to the coming PRU13. I also agree that Tun Mahathir is still an X-Factor in helping Najib to win this crucial mandate from the people. Najib as the prime minister and UMNO President had done exceptionally well and there is no reasons to believe that he will not win the 13th GE with a bigger majority.

    The mood and momentum for the final countdown to the PRU13 are now clearer.We predict the GE will be called in June or July next year as BN and the government are still in the process of sorting outsome dirty issues, here and there. One of the most glaring issue is that more cases of higher up corruptions over the last few years should be expedited and those who are found guilty should be brought to court as soon as possible. Those who are currently being charged in court should be disposed off as soon as possible.

    However, one factor is clear that under any political circumstances, Tun Mahathir's strong influence is still around and that he is still the political dynamite, do or die. I salute Tun Mahathir for that and he truly deserves our hero worship as our national hero for Malaysia and the world at-large.

    However, Najib is lucky that Tun is prepared to help him win big and it's the fear of the opposition and we pray for the long life of Tun Mahathir.I believe Najib will not antagonise Mahathir and will toe his line in order to reinforce his political power.

    However, it is rather unfortunate that some good and young inspiring leaders, Khairy included will be the pawn of sacrifice, which even Najib, Rosmah and also Pak Lah will not be able to turn the good tide for KJ even if he is the "winnable candidate", not with Mahathir still calling the shot, i.e over his dead body!

  36. Anonymous3:38 pm


    Not only Dr.M, but everybody including you will be judged by the Al-mighty. What the judgement will be, only He can decide and dispense. I'm sure you're not that naive not to know that.

    You're only amongst the minority who harbours great hatred for him for reasons best known to you and the likes. If you think he is a criminal there are very much more who think otherwise.


  37. Anonymous5:25 pm


    You want to know why Allah keeps your hero alive for so long ? He wants Mamakthir to see for himself the mess he created in Bolehland....


  38. Anonymous1:37 am

    Please remember that the dismal perf ormance of BN for the PRU12 were just due to 2 main factors :

    1. The "correct,correct, correct" issue

    2. The poor strategy by Abdullah in announcing the election date to prevent Anwar from contesting