Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas in Malaysia

A young Muslim girl under a Xmas tree in Bangsar

Updated: I suppose we need to brace for another "anxious" phase as Rev Eu, at a Christmas tea yesterday, described the Malaysian Constitution as a "bully". Clearly, some religious leaders are more interested in politics than godly matters. And we wonder why religions in Malaysis are so screwed today?
See Let's Talk About "Rights" Rev Eu for context. 

Original article

Malaysians celebrate so many festivals each year but none as elaborate, merry and joyous as Christmas. The Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists in this country know that as well as the Christians. There's no white Xmas and the Santas here are too tanned and sometimes "metallic black", to quote a racist politician, but we celebrate Xmas as we celebrate all other festivals - in togetherness and regardless of race or religion.

So I can't understand how some Malaysians could feel otherwise, as in this article For Malaysian Christians, an Anxious Holiday Season. I believe these people are in the minority.

To everyone else, Merry Christmas! 


  1. Anonymous6:43 am

    PAS led the DUMC issues.
    Supported by their DAP christian friend.
    in the PKR MB khalid gagap state.

    how the hell becomes UMNO problems?
    I think DAP are assholes played racist tone so that they can win big in PRU13.
    so DAP you are racists bigots.

  2. Anonymous9:50 am

    It also has the following quote, and I suppose you are saying that the Bishop is in that minority group?

    "Bishop Selvaraj said the recent controversies would not dampen celebrations at St. Mary’s in the days leading up to Christmas. He has discussed the allegations in his sermons and urged the congregation — Malaysians of Chinese and Indian ethnicity, Africans, Indonesians and Europeans — to pray for peace. He said he has been encouraged by messages of support from Muslim friends.

    “The majority of Muslims are good people,” he said.


  3. Param, Merry Xmas.

    "The majority of Muslims are good people."

    What exactly was the Bishop trying to say, you think? And what does he mean by "good" people?

    Come on, it is this kind of shooting in the dark that give us Muslims anxiety. We are the ones under siege all over the world and here comes the good Bishop trying to play victim.

    I am sure, however, that most bishops are good people.

  4. Anonymous10:59 am

    All malaysian are good people. Only politicion that defer people frm who they are? They currupt our mind.

    Malay has always be the victim. They are too solf and giving people.


  5. Anonymous11:25 am

    Kenapa kita kena ucap "MERRY KRIS MAS " walhal HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS ????!!!


  6. Anonymous11:44 am

    The Most Racist people in are the mata sepet! please do argue me if i'm wrong. Damn.. you're the Jew of the Orient.


  7. Anonymous12:09 pm

    There are majority good muslims and Christains Ho Ho Ho!


  8. Lo and behold!

    Rocky II now showing.

    As always sequel is not as good as the first one.

    Rocky is lacking issues to linger. Too unfocus. It was like he is trying to tell The producers and directors that the issues must be against the opposition before he can milk it not the other wa round. Rocky II is about exasperation. Come on guys, you have done an ANWAR, surely you can do another juicy story with another!

    What then will happen to Rocky III?

  9. Anonymous1:51 pm

    Brother Rocky,

    You are right there, they are in the minority, not even THE minority but somewhere in the minority.

    As the good old (trade union leader) Ragunathan used to say :"The dogs can bark but the caravan must go"..

    Small and narrow-minded folks cannot do much but to think small and narrowly, sometimes on a one-track mind.

    So, Cheers and Selamat Menyambut Hari Natal kepada SEMUA rakyat Malaysia...


  10. Anonymous2:00 pm

    @anon 11:25 kepercayaan org islam jesus adalah al-masih. al-masih adalah nabi isa. nabi isa adalah nabi orang islam. kalau benda simple macam ni pun kau tak tahu. aku rasa lebih baik kamu ke youtube cari ceramah allahyarham ahmed deedat berkenaan jesus. cukup sahaja anggap jesus itu sekadar nabi bukan anak tuhan tidak akan merosakkan akidah kita. nama sahaja lain. jangan jadi melayu bodoh.

  11. Anonymous2:28 pm

    The majority are good Muslims, but the small number of bad Muslims aka UMNO is leading the good Muslims astray. How else can UMNO justify that stealing is halal ?


  12. Bedul4:39 pm

    Yes Bru, we are always the victim in our own country. Yet others claimed we are entitlement seekers.
    Look around us and pray tell who are the entitled people?

  13. Anonymous4:54 pm

    How it is a majority community in 'an Islamic country', surrounded by Islamic institutions of all kind can feel so threatened and under seige is beyond comprehension. Go back thru history and one will find the zenith of various Islamic civilizations thru the ages was always achieved thru inclusiveness of non Muslims - Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus etc.


  14. First Xmas is not Christmas! Its like saying celebrating Mohamed's birthday is like celebrating Mr.X's birthday !Absurd is'nt it ?

  15. Anonymous6:16 pm

    Woi Rocky... why you like to sowing the seed of hate ar ???

  16. Anonymous11:20 pm

    Part 1

    Let me get to the meat of the issue, Bru.

    The Bishop cunningly notes that Article 153 is "discriminatory" and by extension the Federal Constitution is a bully

    Response: If Art. 153 and by extension, the Malaysian Constitution is a bully, pray why the bully's victims:

    a. enjoy 80% control of the economy

    b have higher per capita incomes.

    c enjoy higher income differentials inter-ethnically and lower Gini intra-ethnically.

    d. enjoy longer life expectancies with Chinese women and men topping and Malay women and men propping up the respective gender charts.

    e. have successfully wangled a whole island off the natives and are secretly gunning for another.

    e. despite all the bluster, have the freedom to practice their own superstitions and with the sanction of a few Me-LAYU (STRESS ON LAYU) turban lollipops even rob the natives of their own "Allah"!to be conjoined with their madcap troika of man, ghost and spirit.

    Now i can give you a 1000 and 1 facts, Mr Eu (you are no reverend in my eyes) but that would be water off a pig's back. It wouldnt wash for reasons I will explain in (2) below.

    Seems to me that the bully must be some pansy boy wetting his pants each time his victim confronts him.

    2. Mr Eu's eulogy is nothing to be shocked about. It is to be expected in the larger scheme of things. It is born out of a innate sense of superiority: spiritual superiority (you know the old Judeo Christo garbage about being God's Chosen ones). And when it it is enunciated by Mr Eu, it dovetails seamlessly with another form of innate superiority which Mr Eu can identify with: ethnic superiority.

    For you see folks, Christian spiritual superiority feelings are not far removed from Chingkie ethnic superiority notions. They are the two sides of the same coin. Look which ethnicity has been the most 'badgering" in its demands.Observe which religious denomination has been most vocal in advocating 'equality'. It is a tactical ploy used ad infinitum since the patron Brits began the weaning process in 1945. The CPM, the AMCJA, the Penang Straits Chinese Secessionist movement, the PAP and later the DAP, the socialist Front and its various permutations (such as the Labour party) have all had Christian-Chinese ( and to a lesser extent, Christian-Indian) chauvinists leading the bandwagon at one time or another.

    A pair of identical twins forever conjoined by an umblical cord through which flows the life-blood of an ancient notion: superiority and by extension its partners in crime: subjugation, ethnic cleansing, slavery and all the other evil a corrupted world view can conjure.

    Warrior 231

  17. vinnan11:38 pm

    Hei asshole the Reverend was only referring to how the Taliban wannabes are abusing article 153 of the Malaysian constitution to bully non-Muslims. Typical UMNO shit like you twisting Rev. Eu's words as having 'described the Malaysian Constitution as a "bully"'.

    This is exactly the kind of bullying which the Reverend is referring to. Keep dividing and ruling your country and get ready for your beloved Tanah Melayu to be fuc'ed by foreign forces like what is happening in the so-called Arab Spring.

  18. Anonymous12:17 am

    dear rocky
    you have your work cut out for you - you should refute that NYT article point by point.

  19. Anonymous12:52 am

    Part 2

    Now look at this news extract. What does it explicitly tell you, my fellow Malays:

    "I noticed that the PR (SMRT public relations officer) mentioned that some of the (SMRT) staff, because they are Malay, they are Indian, they can't converse in English well enough, so that also deters them, but I think we accept broken English."

    And note the apology issued below is no apology at all for it just re-emphasizes the overt slur in a covert yet sarcastic fashion:

    “Singaporeans of all ethnicities and backgrounds speak varying standards of English. ………We should all be tolerant of people of different standards of linguistic ability.”

    “varying standards of English”; “Tolerant of people of different standards of linguistic ability” cunning ways of twisting the knife, to ensure the wound is deep and abiding, to guarantee the maximum psychological blow is delivered, to reinforce the state’s premise of superiority/inferiority. In short, to embed further the boss-slave notion.

    Why am I harping on this? Precisely, to show my Melayu brethren, the ramifications of ethnic superiority when a particular race assumes a position of power. Remember that island was wangled away on the premise of equality and now what? Remember too what is happening up north where Malays are being literally driven off another island and where the me-LAYU DCM is nothing more than a wimp with slitty sleepy eyes! Remember too the 999 year leases delivered by a half-breed me-LAYU to ensure his mother’s ethnic group will dominate the Silver state. Remember too the successive capitulations of the me –LAYU apologists in face of relentless Chingkie assaults in Selangor (liquor sale in Shah Alam, DUMC, the transgression of Muslim holy places by menstruating bitches etc)

    It is an eternal problem ingrained in that particular race for they are breastfed prejudice and weaned on ethnic supremacy to eventually be fattened by the grains of racial dominance so as to grow an insatiable piggish hunger to control everyone in their midsts.

    It doubles in intensity when a Chingkie embraces Christianity. For he is merely adding another layer of superiority to his default settings; spiritual superiority. And thus emerges the ultimate Chingkie uber racist pig and what a boar he is!

    No Eu and his fellow swine will never be wrong no matter what I say for I am a racist in their eyes. An ironic charge leveled at me by the racist bigots themselves who cannot deny the truth that stares at them. But what is funny is that, while in the US, I was alerted to something “progressive” infecting civil libertarians across the Rockies in Canada:

    If the so-called champions of free speech are coming around to the notion that there is probably no limits to free speech at all vis-à-vis the ‘net, what is stopping Eu and any of his ilk from accepting that reality and responding in a rational manner through open debate or are they afraid that the notion of multicultural equality they pontificate hypocritically about is a dead duck in the water:

    Warrior 231

  20. Anonymous12:53 am

    And they still cry baby!

    Hantu Gigi Jarang

  21. Anonymous1:36 am

    hey rocky , heard u got ur 10 million rupiah , oops ringgit from lajib leh , so , wat u going to do with that money ? can share2 or not ?

  22. Anonymous9:17 am

    I think you oversimplified the Rev's comments. He was questioning the possible misapplication of 153. And Perkasa has also misread 153 as well.
    153 clearly protects the freedom of worship for all religions cognisant of the fact that Islam is the official religion of the nation. It clearly protects the religious beliefs of all Bumiputras including those of Sabah and Sarawak whereby Christianity is the dominant religion of Bumis there.
    Unfortunately people for their own agendas misinterpret the constitution for their own ends.
    As for religious strife it is not one religion against another but inter-religious as well.
    We have a Islamist sect bombing churches in Nigeria with Christians retaliating; Hindu extremists burning Muslims in India; China murdering Tibetan Buddhists; Catholics and Protestants at each others throats in Ulster; in Iraq the Shias are targetting Sunnis; the list is endless. Thus it is important for all to tone down the rhetoric...


  23. Salam Datuk,

    Thank you for the greetings.


    Spread some love.Be of good cheer. W231 is being his standards.


    Every festive season and opportunity finds your hatred, for UMNO farticularly.

    Cheers Datuk

  24. I think you are better qualified to give the gift of love this Christmas and share all the joys of Christmas than the Revered despot.

  25. Anonymous12:49 pm

    I wonder if Warrior expressed his interesting thoughts about the Chinese and Christians when he was in the US? Love to have seen him say it to their faces....


  26. Anonymous4:22 pm

    Looks like the parasitic dog warrior is back. In a normal country they'd lock the sick bastard In an assylum but here we have rocky thinking he's a Xmas gift? Oh well takes one asshole to pick another.

  27. Anonymous5:07 pm

    Freddie Kiddo:

    I despise UMNO because they are nothing but hypocrites. Stealing in broad daylight, and whining about it. Maybe you are part of UMNO.


  28. Anonymous5:27 pm

    Nik 12:49,

    You got things skewed with your ponderings on my brother's US issues.

    In US, the Chinese are EVER SO WILLING to lose their culture, to lose their heritage and to lose even their names in exchange for a teeny weeny recognizant that they, after all, are westerners just like them. And if facial surgeries could be as cheap as they could afford, they'd get rid of their slit-eyedness too. Or replace their tongues to get a better discerning of the "r" and "l" pronunciation quagmire!

    But things are different here. They INSIST that they be insulated from all these...integration efforts if it means touching their culture and language which, succinctly, the government had been protecting all these whiles.

    Oh how many have we seen that they would feel ashamed to speak in Bahasa, but soooo unashamed as they tried sooooo hard to wear a santarina outfit, walk like a santarina, talk like one, broken English and all....

    It moved me to tears sometimes hearing them singing the carols with all the wrong pronunciations and with the "la" and "ma" interspersed in each of their every sentence and yet they tried soooo hard to... BE. Just merely BE. To be accepted, to be raised one notch up from their present societal strata of an Oriental and be hand-in-hand, brother-to-brother, shoulder-to-shoulder, with the Justin Biebers and the Madonnas and the Angelina Jolies of the world if thy act American-enough, or so they thought.

    It pains me very much to see how much they have ...tried.

    Warrior 117 of 4096

  29. Anonymous8:42 pm

    No problems there, Nik. No problems at all with regards o the Chingkies as ordinary Americans know who have wangled their jobs in cahoots with their own(American) greedy capitalists, and who have built their prosperity by patently stealing American ideas and military secrets and by plundering intellectual property. And mind you, payback is seething just around the corner.

    As for Christianity, it is a dying faith in America save your redneck hilly billy:

    and the damned hypocritical evangelicals who are fast becoming extinct there and are thus forced to seek greener pastures elsewhere including Malaysia (little wonder you have hordes of evangelistas in the local political scene):

    I have given you 2 'Christian' links to munch on.

    The fact of the matter is that like or hate them and contrary to your mistaken perception, the Yanks are pretty much open about these things unlike you typical Chingkie loverboy or paramour who will stand on the pulpit to scream epithets and obscenities at others but are too thin skinned and lain stupid to debate the point in a rational manner for fear of being exposed as a charlatan.

    It is an intellectual defect that besets the Chingkie race for the Chingkie mind is programmed by its social memes to assert its point of view only and vehemently repudiate any other contesting viewpoints that threaten its fixed worldview centred around the supreme race myth.

    That significantly explains the huge dichotomy between performance and outcomes. The Chingkie may score the highest in Maths and Science on global surveys but nowhere is there a Chingkie company renowned for creativity and innovation of an Apple (the brainchild of a Muslim immigrant's son), a Benz or even a Sony (yeah, the Japanese are miles ahead of the copycat, intellectual property pilfering Chingkie in creativity and innovation).

    Yup and even in the Nobel prize sweepstakes, you can count the number of Chingkie laureates off a single palm and all of them had to leave for the US to immerse themselves in the rigours of proper scientific scholarship before even having a sniff. In short, only by throwing off that dark cloak of Chingkie supremacist beliefs and gradually being able to cope with the blinding reality of the rigours of empirical scientific research, could the Chingkie blossom his infantile mind to touch the Nobel firmament.

    Warrior 231

  30. Anonymous9:02 am

    you cannot just wish your readers merry christmas and leave it at have to bring race and politics and all of that into it yourself!

  31. Anonymous9:56 am

    Malaysia is a racist country because of our racist leaders from UMNO and its outsourced agent, Perkasa.

  32. Salam brade Rocky's Bru...yang pasti tuan tak sama dengan brade yang satu lagi tu, yang amat famous dengan skandal2. Aku tak pandai berbahasa Inggeris tapi paham lah jugak apa yang dikata dan ditulis dalam bahasa Inggeris. Ini berkaitan dengan terjemahan nama2 nabi dan rasul umat Islam dari nama asli dalam Al Quran ke nama bahasa Inggeris. Bagi aku ini amatlah mengelirukan, tak tahu lah pulak pendapat alim ulama dan cerdik pandai Islam. Tapi bagi aku ianya boleh memesongkan orangramai terutama yang jahil dalam/terhadap agama Islam. Ikuti apa yang aku maksudkan ini di blog harap brade bole kongsikan perkara ini.

  33. Anonymous3:28 pm

    Warrior 117 - you are a pathetic fake of 231. At least 231 is original despite whether one agrees with him or not.
    On the issue of China - I find it amazing that Najib goes on about ensuring Bumi participation in the major projects but has basically handed over the Gemas JB rail project to a major China company! Without a tender at that either!
    And why are we handing over all the Bumi projects to Syed Mokhtar? Are there not more qualified Malays both here and abroad who are more qualified?


  34. Anonymous5:43 pm

    Dear Christians,
    You can say whatever on Malays….racists, evil, bully etc

    But if you’re concern about your faith and looking for the truth (not Christianity to be with/like Mat Saleh), you may refer to Dr Gary Miller (Canadian) - a very active Christian missionary and very knowledgeable about the Bibles. This man likes mathematics so much, that's why he likes logic.
    One day, he decided to read the Qur'an to try to find any mistakes that he might take advantage of while inviting Muslims to convert to Christianity. He used one of the well known scientific principles - Falsification Test.

    No harm to find out

  35. Anonymous9:50 pm

    Warrior - which hole did you creep out from? And how did you sniff Rocky? Im sure there are loads of curious people to hear this shit story...? Do share you parasitic...racist...homophobic..cunt of a human being....

  36. Bangsat Nasional10:42 am

    Most churches now operates from shoplots... apa lagi mau cakap-cakap siap si Buli!???

  37. Anonymous8:48 pm

    Anons 9.50pm

    Tsk..tsk...tsk...must be a pathetic Chingkie pig. Cant argue, so ad hominem me into oblivion.

    Why not muster a cogent argument to rebut my factual exposition? lazy? stupid? but then I don't expect a Chingkie boy or Chingkie lover amongst the me-LAYUs to be smart on that score. That would be expecting the impossible for closed minded Chingkie pigs and their paramours are hobbled by warped intellects, guided by tunnel vision dynamoed by sheer hatred

    Warrior 117

    You said it brother! Right on target! Yeah that filthy bastard race found out late in the day that the Gwailoh was whiter than its sickly yellow pallor. What to do? Dye them locks blonde, wear blue colored contacts, surgically alter them slit eyes, boost them gams (for those flatchested sluts) and acquire surreal names like Jolene Choo, Vagabond Loo and Slut Lim. But Allah is Great for try as they might, the Chingkie's pigtwisted tongue can never overcome a genetic defect, the ability to pronounce 'r'. hence you have a plethora (plethola....hahahahaha) of 'Chingpigspeak' bloopers like : "blain"; 'tlain"; 'umbellala' and so on and so forth ( the chingk pig is forever doomed not to have erections for it rolls off his tongue as 'elections' hahahahahaha....LMAO).

    What an arsefucking and buttfucked race of filthy pigs with smelly unwashed arses.
    Need proof the Chingkpig is the human derivative of sus barbatus (look up its pix on the web: no further: observe how Eu keeps harping on an old song, that is pigheadedness for you, hahahahahahaha!.

    The Chingkies are indeed a goddamned useless bunch of sponging twatleeches, and clitsuckers. Truly shitworms of the worst kind.

    Warrior 231