Friday, December 23, 2011

Malaysian Courts and Double Standards

Will the judges be cowed? Pic from MOLE
 The High Court found the ex-Selangor Menteri Besar guilty as charged yesterday (One year jail for Khir Toyo - NST). Someone asked me, wasn't he your friend? Ca't you help him? And Shahrizat is in a lot of trouble over the NFC issue, isn't she? Are you helping her?

There is no stopping the system when all the engines are fired up. Shahrizat's predicament was triggered by the Auditor-General's report, which was tabled in Parliament and made public. Yes, it was the AG that exposed NFC, not some anonymous whistleblower or the some wannabes from Pakatan Rakyat, and not the Alhabshees of Umno who reportedly gave out packets of Menglembu ground nuts to the Wanita reps during the recent Umno general assembly. Again, Najib Razak, he did not stop the report from being made nor did he try to sweep anything under the carpet. As PM, he ensured that the system is not tampered with. He allowed his AG to do his job. 

Khir Toyo was tried by the same court of law that has been accused countless of times, mainly by the people who make use of the system most, of having been cowed and compromised [by Mahathir] and subservient to the Executive. But the same system and the same courts have tried and banished several big politicians from the government before. My friend Khir Toyo is not the first one. And he will certainly not be the last one. Former Transport Minister Ling Liong Sik is being tried by the same Malaysian judiciary. So is Anwar Ibrahim.

Lim Guan Eng, the DAP Penang Chief Minister, won his defamation suit against Utusan Malaysia middle this month, and he is now RM200k richer. He is now suing the New Straits Times for defamation after NST snookered itself by agreeing to apologize to Kalimullah Hassan. The article NST was sorry about involved Kali and Guan Eng, but no apology was offered to the Opposition leader! 

In October, a judge hugged Karpal Singh on --- after ordering a businessman to pay the DAP strongman RM2 million in damages.It was a spontaneous act of compassion, Karpal defended the hugging judge later on. [And there I thought that if the judge really needed to show compassion, she should have hugged the dude who would have to fork out the RM2 million].

Earlier this week, ex-Selangor exco member Mohd Sharif Jajang was found not guilty by the courts that convicted Khir Toyo [before that he had won a RM400,000 suit against The Malay Mail for articles published when I was the Editor]. I think Guan Eng is going to win his suit against the Umno-owned NST, no thanks to the apology to Kali, who was the paper's own ex-supremo from a failed era. 

And you know what, I think many expect Anwar Ibrahim to walk on 9 January 2012. 

But so what? He may be your friend or your master, if he's done something wrong he should not get away with it, right? Same with Khir Toyo, Ling Liong Sik, Shahrizat Jalil, Lim Guan Eng, Kalimullah Hassan and everybody else.

But Yang Arifs, whatever you decide, no hugging afterwards, please! Takkan tu be tak reti, ye tak? 

And be prepared for Malaysia's great double standards when you rule against them. I quote fellow scribe Desiderata:
"IF there is one case of double standards from Malaysia, esp wrt to lawyers who are also politicians, it is always OKAY if the judge found in favour of their client. But when the decision is against them, hey, cry "FOUL" or the other "F" word."
updated: Anwar's supporters are piling up the pressure on the judges to rule in favour of the Opposition de facto leader. Not all varsity students want to be associated with him, though, h e r e.


  1. Hence, the war of perception begins with some of the goombas' coming up with their own judgment and conclusion by saying that the former Selangor MB has become a judiciary scapegoat for a soon to be announced result on Januar 9, 2012..

    Hesmel Faznee Faisal

  2. Anonymous4:28 pm

    Clearly, DS Najib Razak does not interfere with the Judiciary or the civil service.

    And if we make a closer scrutiny, most of these scandals from NFC to Khir Toyo's mansion and even DSAI's sodomy case(s), they all happened before DSN became PM. Anwar for example made sodomy synomymous with himself and Malaysian politics since 1998 when Najib was not even DPM.

    Same goes with Ling Liong Sik and PKFZ.

    I have a feeling we will see more exposes. Najib is not one to run away from controversies. Bad news for the Opposition.

  3. Anonymous4:28 pm

    kah..kah..kah... bodohlah Rocky masih percaya UMNO !!!!

  4. Observing the leeway the learned judge had given to Anwar Ibrahim and his defence team in Anwar's second sodomy trial, one really have to be deliberately forcing themselves to be stupid if he/she thinks that the Malaysian Judiciary is practising double standards or whatever.

  5. Anonymous4:49 pm

    hahaha....wait till some big wig REALLY goes to jail lah....right now, they will appeal, and then the judgments will be overturned. All these are sandiwara for GE13.

    If you don't know this, you must be living under the rambutan tree for too long.


  6. Anonymous4:50 pm

    And of course Latuk Locky tries his hardest to kiss the ass of the boss...never seen him grovel this hard....


  7. Godfarter,

    You saying no big wigs have gone to jail? You forgot Anwar Ibrahim was one of Umno's big wigs. Still is, but now he is yours.

    Selamat Hari Natal, jangan marah2. :-)

  8. Anonymous6:55 pm

    Lets be truthful - LGEng is donating away all the RM200K.DSAI was really jailed for many long years and punched too.Khir gets only 1 year bro.Just ask around why so many rakyat are so unhappy with this small sentence

  9. Salam Datuk,

    I too hope that the ex-con will get off on a technicality or whatever.

    Of course that would be unfair for the complainant.

    There should be no problem engaging the ex-con for the next GE.

    All he is good at is quote this and that.

    And more fibs than fabs.

    It don't cut any more with the more discerning voters.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Best of the very best to you

  10. Anonymous7:08 pm

    Pathetic...Just a bit of compassion from a fellow human being..You also wanna spin...Surely you dont want to sit on a wheelchair for life for RM2 million?..Or will you??

  11. Minyak Man8:09 pm

    haha, you see rocky, when a big wig actually goes down, they cry foul, and take em in their team.

    Go go team scoundrel!

  12. Anonymous8:24 pm

    PAS supporters
    PKR supporters
    and cainis DAP supporter.

    too bad they think they win the PRU13. i guess bigots are bigots and stupids are stupids.
    may PAS rot in hell so does their supporters.
    ABU - Anuar Buntut U.. jaga jaga

  13. Anonymous11:09 pm

    corrupt corrupt corrupt, that is what make UMNO thick and Allah All Mighty knows Latuk Rocky is too happy to be used by them as that is what pays for his high life.

  14. Anonymous11:22 pm

    Back in these humid climes for the Christmas and New year break and thought I will hang out here for a short while. After all, I dont think the blogmaster will mind, do you Bru?

    Seems to me you are still being inundated by silly, puerile dross of yore with a sprinkling of confetti here and there. I wouldnt be surprised that you just press the "approved" button without batting an eyelid for no sane man would waste his time on gutter garbage flowing through the virtual sluice gate to land in your comments bag, right? And imagine what a cesspool might that be, teeming with lowlifes, uneducated bumpkins, moronic godfathers, braindead farties, and plain stupid bastards who have nothing better to do than jerk away their lifeless brains for a few droplets of idiocy garnished with cynicism and served on the platter of self-hypocrisy. Poor sonofabitches indeed!

    The discerning few will have noted by now that opposition media portals like the discredited Malaysiakini, MI and FMT have to large extent adopted a reverse psychology (bordering on imbecilic kiddology)attack mode to second guess every decision a priori or post priori to the fact. Take for example, the An(us)whore thingy. It is apparent that by predetermining the outcome as a guilty verdict, they hope to pile pressure on the judiciary (which is airbrushed by them to be pro-government)to do the opposite and acquit the ex-convict.If it does not and throws that arsebeast into the slammer, it will merely rubber stamp their earlier contention. Either way, they stand to gain with 'told you so' being the ingredient being prepared for January 10 cyber headlines.

    That's gutter journalism for you when immoral, unethical, untrained exhibitionist perverts masturbate their sexual insecurities and personal failings on the public stage while an equally perverted bunch of voyeurs gawk and hoot in orgiastic delight as they swill the squirted cum by the mouthfuls to satiate their own sexual and personal failures. A bacchanalia of fools, indeed.

    The aforementioned reverse psychology approach also serves to keep tensions in ferment so as to be unleashed onto the streets when need be. And you can bet, those selfstyled ew mongrels will be licking their chops in delight as the meat of civil riots (fomented by their mindless rants of course)are cleaved by the Law. What fun and hits those JudeoChristian backed portals gonna have!

    The problem amongst the opposition crowd, which I analysed from afar in the cool climes of USA, time permitting of course, can be ascribed in this simple equation

    Attitude problem + Perception problem = Mental problems.

    You can legislate a lot of things away but innate stupidity and mental illness are beyond the pale of legislatures. Madness by itself may be redeemable but a stupid mad man is beyond redeeming save by His Benevolent Grace.

    Warrior 231

  15. Anonymous11:40 pm


  16. Anonymous11:53 pm


    A born looser anon 7:08 calling other pathetic!!

    Wakeup and start to learn somethinglah u dumb !!

  17. Welcome home, Warrior.
    You are a Xmas gift to this blog. Yes, not an eyelid ...

  18. Anonymous3:19 am

    An(War) will appeal appeal and appeal till the cow come home should he be found guilty. Probably until next election. Make sense right. Should he become PM maybe get acquited or a pardon or what have you.

    He is sooooo cuunnnniiing.
    He must have some good strategy up his sleeve.

    Just like him already having all the Mat Salleh's in his pocket.
    Look at how Google news quotes/links an unhealthy dose of so called news cum criticism from Malaysiakini and others, and how Bloomberg paid tribute to LGE. Even World Bank gave him sensitive documents.

    He wants to be PM for only himself.
    Not to serve Malaysians or serve all of us be it Chinese, Malays and Indians.

  19. Anonymous6:54 am

    you mean there are people believing in Saifool? no wonder the country is going down..thanks to u Rock..

  20. Anonymous11:48 am

    Let us see if Anwar Ibrahim has Balls like Khir Toyo does. hahahah! SPRM check on Anwar Assets.. How in hell he can bought a huge Banglo while working as MP with RM6k allowance? jeng jeng jeng..


  21. Anonymous12:36 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Think it's about time the ruling party or rather Dato seri Najib take out a series of full page Adverts exposing DSAI's past Mis-deeds.. The public especially the younger ones has become cynical and all too believing everything that comes out from the mouths of the opposition...looks what's happening in DAP,PAS and democracy--all control freaks... You think they will make any different from current ones? Infact we might regress as PAS and DAP do not see eye to eye...

    You at least publish comments that take you to that's democracy

  22. Anonymous12:40 pm

    Rocky BUMmer:)

    Desi believes in exposing double standards practices across the political divide; whether the players are from BN or PR.

    I am concrned the TOP DOWN culture in double or even triple standards practice has taken roots -- I worry for the YOUNGER GEN who can also easily follow the older, not necessarily wiser, in society. Then we are truly in BIG, big trouble, all of us across all political spectrums and cultures.

    In this season of good cheer and will, let's pray we finally walk the right path, God-fearing.

    Merry Christmas and Progressive New Year to you and family, YL, Desi

  23. Anonymous2:06 pm

    You gotta remember that TOYO is going to be the best looking creature in Sungai Buloh. Good luck to you , TOYOL!

  24. Anonymous2:16 pm

    The thought of ravaging an UMNO menteri besar's ass within the prison walls of Sungai Buloh is PURE BLISS. I am willing to convert into a homosexual if given the privilege. Lucky bastards!

  25. I know since the beginning our judiciary system is not compromised.

    I know since the beginning that our court is fair.

    I know since the beginning, our judiciary system is not under influence what so ever from the executive.

    I know since the beginning, The opposition will always cry foul when the decision does not favor them.

    What to expect from people that easily being fooled by Anwar Ibrahim. Their level of thinking is too shallow to see the truth.

  26. Anonymous6:54 pm

    Never been a fan of Khir Toyo but I do find the charges against him damn strange. How can you be guilty of getting a piece of property below market price?
    During his time as MB there were more dodgy deals then this so why get him on a half assed charge.
    Anyhow its all smoke and mirrors to me....


  27. Anonymous10:59 am


    How do you explain a petty thief stole RM20 ended up 36 months in jail, but this KT stole millions but only get 12 months?

  28. Anonymous4:21 pm

    Dari Sinar Harian 24 Disember 2011

    Saya terdesak samun untuk beli susu anak
    Tarikh : December 24, 2011

    KUALA TERENGGANU- “Saya langsung tidak ada niat hendak menyamun mangsa tetapi saya benar-benar dalam situasi terdesak memerlukan wang untuk membeli susu kepada anak kembar yang baru berusia setahun,” demikian jelas tertuduh, Mohd Hishanudin Abdullah, 32, ketika menjawab pertanyaan Hakim Datuk Zainal Abidin Kamarudin yang ingin mengetahui sebab mendorong dia melakukan jenayah tersebut.

    Bapa kepada tiga anak itu turut mengakui semasa kejadian, dia yang berada dalam dunianya sendiri berikutan penangan najis dadah yang diambilnya sebelum itu juga mendorong dia bertindak sedemikian rupa dan sanggup memeras ugut mangsa hanya kerana inginkan RM20.

    Dalam masa sama, tertuduh yang sebelum ini bekerja sebagai pelayan kapal peranginan di sebuah pulau di negeri ini menjelaskan walaupun pendapatan bula-nannya mencecah RM3,000, namun sentiasa tidak mencukupi dek kerana ketagihan dadah melampau.

    Terdahulu, Mohd Hishanudin, dari Rumah Pangsa, Kampung Kolam, Kuala Terengganu yang dihadapkan ke Mahkamah Sesyen, di sini, kelmarin atas dakwaan mengikut Seksyen 392 Kanun Keseksaan mengaku salah melakukan pemerasan dengan mendatangkan ketakutan terhadap mangsa, Muhamad Ismail Al-Rashid Ramli, 18.

    Tertuduh mengaku melakukan jenayah itu menggunakan sebilah pisau lipat dengan niat mangsa dapat menyerahkan RM20 di hadapan sebuah kedai kunci Jalan Masjid Sultan Zainal Abidin, di sini, kira-kira jam 3.15 petang, 13 Disember lalu.

    Berikutan pengakuan salah tersebut dan mendengar rayuan tertuduh yang tidak diwakili peguam bela, Zainal Abidin menjatuhkan hukuman 36 bulan penjara bermula tarikh tertuduh ditangkap.

    Terdahulu, sebelum hukuman dijatuhkan, tertuduh yang pada awalnya kelihatan tenang menjawab soalan dikemukakan Zainal Abidin tidak dapat menahan sebak dan menangis teresak-esak di kandang tertuduh ketika Zainal Abidin meminta dia membayangkan masa depan anaknya sekiranya dia berterusan melakukan jenayah.

  29. Jasper Bloodstone4:12 pm

    I wonder what the warrior has against JudeoChristians? Maybe his intellectual prowess was ravaged by them during his academic sojourns in the us of a?

    After all, the yanks are not known to have any particular sympathies for the turbanned and bearded who sport unwasp-like names and profess unorthodox opinions on various matters, such as, but not limited to notions of racial and religious oneupsmanship, and who hail from countries not known to subscribe to values prevalent in the land of the free and the brave.

    So, after being sat on and pummelled academically, the warrior has to resort to fora like this to flex his muscles!

  30. Anonymous5:57 pm

    Yes tell me about these judges. They are at their best behaviour "dispending with justice" in favour of YBs in Court. Just sit in the Court of Appeal and watch- see how cases are pre-decided, how lawyers are shouted down, how one judge decides for 3, how judges tell lawyers -"are are not interested in authorities" .... until a YB comes in- then they are all ears. Listening attentively and to prove their worth they shout the opponents down. The Indian ones are the best at this. Also look out for how the treat a clique of senior counsel. Usually the ones who hold high office in the bar and who claim that they can "put a word in" for promotions, rulers conference etc.