Sunday, December 11, 2011

13th GE: Making way for new faces


Nah, this posting isn't about Khairy Jamaluddin. Some people tell me he wants to become the Menteri Besar of Negri Sembilan, that the incumbent, Mat Hassan, has served his last term, for sure, but I tell them this is no longer what-Khairy-wants, Khairy-gets era. If Najib Razak wants to offer KJ as Negri MB that's his prerogative.

After all, it's true that nearly all, if not all, of the MBs and CMs in the states under BN have served their last terms. These YABs are likely to retire after the 13th General Election or go back to Federal. Najib Razak is also looking at potential MB candidates for Kedah and Selangor, just in case the Pakatan Rakyat loses these states in PRU13. Not sure if Mukhriz Maahthir fancies himself as MB material, but Umno stalwarts say the boss is considering the guy. [Read Umno to take over Kedah?]

It is also true, according to the stalwarts, that Najib is hoping that ALL former Cabinet ministers from BN will offer NOT to seek re-election so as to give him a chance to introduce younger, fresher candidates. So far only Idris Jusoh, the ex Terengganu MB, has said he will not see re-election. 

In his latest posting Semua Parti akan janjikan calon "Winnable" [interpretation by The Mole, here], Kadir Jasin says Najib will have his list of "winable" candidates ready in a month or two. Within two months is what KJ says in the Bernama article above, too. Interestingly, 

KJ also said he won't camp outside Seri Perdana if he's not picked and has asked Umno Youth members not to sabotage the party if their candidates are not chosen by the PM, which was what happened in PRU12. I hope they remember that, when the time comes.


  1. I still don't know what their definition of a winnable candidate is?
    To the Ketua Bahagian the candidate has to be one of his cronies and have to be from the area, otherwise he won't support the parachuted candidate.
    I suspect Najib is using 4th floor consultants whose idea of a winnable candidate is at odds with the grassroots...

  2. Anonymous6:19 pm

    Khairy has already stated his stance. In fact he had already made known his desire not so long ago not to stand again for the Rembau Parliamentary constituency.

    So put his case to rest. Nobody had influenced or pressured him. It is out of his own free will for reasons best known to him.

    If he is just testing the market then he has made a stupid approach to getting himself selected to be the winnable candidate - no finesse at all.


  3. Anonymous7:15 pm


    Muhyideen says THE PEOPLE should decide on Shahrizat's NFC Issue

    Hishamuddin also said THE PEOPLE should decide on Shahrizat's NFC Issue

    Shahrizat said Najib SHOULD DECIDE on her Future

    Bung Mokhtar DECIDED FOR NAJIB by asking Shahrizat to Resign

    Mahathir knowing Najib will never decided also DECIDED FOR NAJIB in asking Shahrizat to resign.

    Pak Lah may be sleeping half of the time but at least he was DECISIVE...

    Najib? Always Waiting FOR SOMEONE TO DECIDE FOR HIM

    And you think He's Smart??

    Bon Journo

  4. Anonymous7:30 pm

    Its like shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic.
    I'd like to know who are the bright sparks helping Najib and Rosmah with their picks!

  5. Anonymous8:03 pm

    elo BN,,,MIMPI D SIANG HARI je! kalah lagi TEROK adalah!!!!

    Apa ingat dengan bagi gula-gula pada ibu-bapa rm100 setiap saorang dapat pancing UNDI,,,and rm500 for those earning below rm3000,,!!!!!

    Mereka semua akan amek but UNDI pembangkang,,,tak kisah SIAPA asalkan BN kalah.

    Selagi ekonomi NEGARA terok selagi itu,,,,rakyat tak percaya pada GOMEN,,!!!!


  6. Anonymous8:32 pm

    Do we have any winnable candidate as PM?

  7. Anonymous8:43 pm

    sudahlah Rocky....awal-awal lagi dah nak promote Mukhriz !! Mukhriz tu 'tin kosong',small mind macam Rocky !!

  8. Anonymous12:43 am

    either they pick new faces of have more feces...

  9. Anonymous7:31 am


    Who cares about Khairy? As far UMNO youth is concerned with exception of few of his cronies, KJ can packed his bag and go back to Oxford!!

    We cant wait to see him go off with his tail between his legs.

    UMNO Youth

  10. Anonymous8:32 am

    Since becoming PM have you heard of any decision from him.
    He can't even change his cabinet, you think he can change UMNO.
    At least Dolah made all the wrong decisions.

  11. Anonymous12:01 pm

    kalau nak kalah, PM kena terus letak mat hassan jadi MB

  12. Anonymous12:46 pm

    at least 4th floor boy during Pak Lah 's era is much much smarter than the najib's team...lead by the fat and gay boy!!!

  13. Dulu promote siapa patut jadi Yang Dipertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan, sekarang promote siapa patut jadi MB Kedah pulak..ada ape-ape ke?

  14. Anonymous3:00 pm


    Lu dengan bloggers punya kerja kuat sejak 2008 ,can just go down the drain just like that bro.
    Ahli keparat dan kapitalis bangsat memang takde jiwa Agama, bangsa atau negara.
    If the current PM still cannot see thru all these, then he is no different than the one who sleeps in his corridors.
    Sadly, history will repeat itself.

  15. Anonymous3:30 pm

    Maybe a campaign "Rocky for Rembau" should begin now.
    Najib or Mu sure OK that and Mahathir would have sweet dreams.

  16. Anonymous4:57 pm

    Sdra Rocky,

    First the Mamak Gang must be kicked out :

    1. Khairy Jamaludin (corrupted)
    2. Abdul Azeez (Putra UMNO) corrupted
    3. Zaki Zahid (corrupted)
    4. Reezal Merican (corrupted)
    5. Shahrizat Jalil (corrupted)
    6. Nor Mohd Yakcob (corrupted)

    All the above mamaks are corrupted to the core. Nor Mohd Yakcob's TWO Pol Sec's were charged with corruption. If Najib fields this guy again, please be warned.

    Also kick out the following non performers :

    7. Raja Nong Chik
    8. Koh Tsu Koon (already out)
    9. Nazri Aziz
    10. Jamil Khir Baharom (corrupted)
    11. Mashitah Ibrahim (dan barai dan lembap)
    12. Idris Jala (tak tahu apa pun)
    13. Hishamudin Hussein (bodoh)
    14. Rais Yatim
    15. Khaled Noordin (lembap)
    16. Ng Yen Yen (corrupted)
    17. Noh Omar (lembap)
    18. Zahid Hamidi (corrupted)
    19. Shabery Cheek (Anwarista)
    20. Ismail Sabri Yaakob (lembap)

    If any of these people appear as candidates, many voters will turn away. If KJ is fielded even for MB the UMNO machinery in NS will shut down.

  17. Anonymous6:19 pm

    There is no such thing as winnable candidates. There are only winnable seats. A candidate who can win should not be referred to as a winnable candidate. Just say candidates who can win.

  18. Anonymous6:54 pm

    Anon 8.32,

    Hell yaaaaaa to winnable candidate bakal pm who once the most powerful 26 years ol' in malaysia.....ihihihihihihi....he who got the Bollywood look surely can emulates his Mentor King of Wayang OMEGAY......

  19. Anonymous8:39 pm

    ya,much smarter and awake but much more evil, corrupted, liar, racist ...


  20. Anonymous11:44 pm


    Its hard to see how Najib is going to be able to decide on his so called "Winnable" candidates when he cannot even decide on Shahrizat's position.....

    Looks like he will have to again rely on Rosmah to decide...
    Those wives closest to Rosmah, their husband stays those she doesn't like their husband goes...

    All these people should now emulate Lee Kuan Yew and make a beeline for Rosmah...


  21. Skilgannon10668:51 am


    At least, Khairy won't quarrel with that particular concept.

    Or would he?

  22. adakah Najib akan namakan orang-orang ini sebagai calun boleh menangnya dalam PRU 13 nanti:
    1. Sharizat Abdul Jalil
    2. Khairi Jamaludin
    3. Nazri Aziz

  23. Anonymous11:19 am

    just do the picking up, and stick to what was promised. the opposition guys will do the same and WELCOME GE13 !!

  24. Anonymous11:56 am

    A winnable candidate is one who knows how to steal without getting caught.


  25. Ex-Journalist Now Soothsayer2:50 pm

    Anon 4.57

    Spot on with regard to the names on the list. Can I add a few more:

    1. Shaziman
    2. Dollah Badwi aka Bedouin Sleepwalker (less said of this douchebag the better)
    3. Rais anak yatim (useless nincoompoop)
    4. Saifuddin (dangerous loose cannon of a poseur with half a brain)

    It goes without threats that the grassroots are acutely aware as to the loyalties of these shitbags and those on the list. Hence a close watch is being kept as to whether all these toilet-bowl dregs will be again nominated.

    If so, then the signal will be raised and up to 30% of potential votes in those constituencies will vaporise into thin air either as absentees or spoilt ballots. The powers that be have been given ample notice.