Friday, November 04, 2011

The West Australian admits it erred

Screenshot of the clarification:

Moral of the story?
Always double check your facts.
Even The West Australian becomes less great when it fails the basic test of fact-checking.
Good thing the paper admits its error and runs a correction.
Most editors don't think twice about it.
What we would want to know is, who fed the paper with the lies about Najib's daughter and wife?
How did they let it go?

P.s. I have not checked, but has Keadilan News run the clarification and apologize for running the story without checking the facts?


  1. Anonymous3:38 pm

    Brilliant bru! Shows yet again that the world would be a better place if we all kowtow to truth and facts rather than be stupid shameless and immoral slaves whose souls are prisoners to spinmeisters, conmen, scoundrels , and poitical charlatans and whores. Scum whose only purpose in life is to spread inane gossip and to sow strife.

  2. Anonymous4:00 pm

    Why should Keadilan apologize ? It quoted an Aussie newspaper. In fact, Najib should follow Moo Hee Din and make a police report. Otherwise why make a fuss about it ?


  3. Anonymous4:06 pm

    Haha! Hello Godfarter, Skilly and those who so readily wanted to believe the WA. How now?

    Datuk Rocky, thank you once again for pursuing the issue till the truth prevails. Keep it up. Send these dogs away with their short tails between their crooked legs.

  4. Anonymous4:20 pm

    stupid West Australian. Don't know how to superimpose pictures or simply use a penthouse pet and claim that she's Najib's daughter. Sigh. Rightly so for them to apologize.


  5. Anonymous5:08 pm

    denial no good enuf la! must go make police report... like what they told that cinapek in pp to do, ya?

  6. godfather at least the the paper has gut and honor to admit their mistake..

    do you have one????

  7. Anonymous5:51 pm

    Anon 4.00 pm said:'Why should Keadilan apologize ?'
    Of course, Keadilan is only following the footsteps of its Ketua Umum, always talking cock.Even if the source has admitted it erred, Keadilan, like its Ketua Umum, won't have the balls to admit so.

  8. Bedul6:16 pm

    You expect Keadilan to apologize? Sorry lor Rocky. Till the cows come home.
    They are not gracious enough.
    If at all, there will be a two-liner sorry buried in some inside pages.
    Just like the Star apology for featuring pork in its Ramadhan supplement.
    Damage has been done. That's what they want, even if it's false.

  9. Skilgannon10666:53 pm

    Anon 4:06 PM

    Sorry to rain on your little parade, dumkopf, but I never wrote that I believed the report in The West Australian newspaper.

    Another wanker jumping to conclusions? Why am I not surprised?

  10. Anonymous9:35 pm

    Godfather = stupid stupid stupid moronic idiot, the result of an affair between a pig and his mother. Bestiality being another trait common amongst morons. little wonder. IT is beginning to clutch the straws!!

    Skillgannon 1066 = half past six singaporean imbecilic beast ten times over. Born with an empty brain cavity and banana lodged between its mouth, it probably flunked school and began its career of cleaning toilets at Harrods before graduating to its current vocation of peddling faeces in the cyberworld.

    Both Godfather and Skillgannon are symptomatic of what is infernally wrong with Chinese genes, the end result of generations of breeding with animals especially pigs:

    this close proximity and constant copulation with pigs eventually embedded pig-like traits in the Chinese psyche that survives to this very day: greed, sloth, filth etc. Eventually this essentially behaviourial traits subtly infected the physical context with unwashed buttocks being one such manifestation. But thats another story...

    As for the rest of the "decent idealist" Pakatan scum, watch this thread. The silence from that quarter will be deafening. Like mongrels licking their backsides after a sodomy session, the Pakatan know-it-alls will be busy licking their butts after being publicly sodomised by a little known newspaper. Just desserts for people who willingly allow themselves to be manipulated by liars, tricksters and thieves.

  11. What a stupid Godfather we had, sigh.

  12. Anonymous10:11 pm

    The Australian paper is just following what Utusan alaways does - apologising for pritning false stories!

    Utusan is a real showcase of honest editorial policy.


  13. Anonymous10:34 pm

    Aiya... this West Australian media learn from UMNO blogger lah! Why make a fuss. Did UMNO blogger apologise to Lim Eng Guan?

  14. arizmaya10:59 pm

    hahaha dato..
    the last time I checked, Keadilan Daily not only did not tender their apology but has come up with a story from cikgu Bard spinning hard now saying konspirasi by najib with the australian paper...

    what a big joke they are having now.

    that they can come up with this kind of tale, it is difficult to tell whether these people are stupid or just out-right moron

  15. I love your blog Dato rocky bro.


  16. Responsible newspapers wouldnt mind apolozising... But low quality newspapers will not apolozise.
    I support YB PM Najib's programs. 1Malaysia and Najib's overseas visits are good for Malaysia. God bless Najib.

  17. Anonymous2:19 am

    It's to late.Damage has already been done.Sometimes God works in a very mysterious way.

  18. Anonymous8:38 pm

    anon@9:35 PM

    I just love your brilliant thesis on what is genetically wrong with godfather, that skewedmoron and their like-minded retards

    hahahaha they gotta suck up their toxic spit yukkss

  19. Anonymous8:38 pm

    Anon 9.30

    "this close proximity and constant copulation with pigs eventually embedded pig-like traits in the Chinese psyche that survives to this very day: greed, sloth, filth etc. Eventually this essentially behaviourial traits subtly infected the physical context with unwashed buttocks being one such manifestation. But thats another story".

    Do u think other races do not have similiar psyche ??? Dont talk cock races issues , please do a check on your own race, most of them more worst

  20. Anonymous3:32 pm

    Is this all UMNO can say ? Call patriots all sorts of names without answering the charges of theft, deceit, lies, hypocrisy ?

    Go stay under the coconut tree.


  21. Anonymous8:52 pm

    These Omputih are also desperate for news - times are getting bad eh?

    Few of my colleagues (Omputih) took home with them cutie Amoys to become their wives when they finish their projects here. Some they pick at bars, really pretty uneducated ones who spoke even broken English..

    Check these reporters, maybe some having these kind of wives as their Malaysian Home Advisors/source, who themselves do not know head or tail who our current PM is today, let alone the daughters?

    he hehe hehehe

  22. Anonymous12:22 pm

    godfarter must be someone who's standing with nothing hanging between his legs...

    shame on you godfarter for still defending your fellow retards at PKR...