Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Syed eyes Proton, Syed eyes Airports

... And the ghost of Labu airport. There are many Syeds around, in politics and in business, some good news and some bad news. Well one good Syed has been eyeing Proton and may have another shot, but it won't be a clear shot. It seems that Syed Mokthtar al-Bukhary's DRB will have to contend with two other corporate giants for a 30+ percent stake of the national car. Proton's boss Khazanah is said to have nudged Naza and Sime Darby to come in with bids. Naza may come in on its own or a not-so-reclusive tycoon may come in as its partner to take Proton private. Before the denials kick in, a word of caution: Next week something big is about to land ..

Another Syed in the news [see The Edge Nov 28, page 8] is Syed Faisal Albar, a distant relative of Syed Hamid Albar the ex-Foreign Minister and now chairman of land transport commission SPAD, who is reported to be taking over Ahmad Bashir, the charasmatic managing director of Malaysia Airports Holding Berhad. [True or not, remember that: 1. It was this blg that forewarned this in After MAS, the mother of all ... 2. Syed Faisal is sueing me for defamation with some ex Fourth Floor operatives' buddies].
Not the first time the Edge is promoting Faisal 

Incidentally, Tony Fernandez of Air Asia, now MAS, etc has been attacking MAHB, mostly for no really good reasons (especially if you consider that MAHB is the only aviation arm of the government that's making money). Then Zaki Zahid, out of nowhere , twitted the other day that the "cost overruns" at the KLIA2 under MAHB would not have happened if they had agreed to Labu airport, which was proposed by Tony Fernandez some time back when Dollah was PM and Forth Floor boys were kings.

A conspiracy against Malaysia Airports? Whoa, with former Fouth Floor posterboy & powerful friends involved, I won't discard this possibility too quickly. Azman Mokhtar, Khazanah boss, is watching this closely, I'm sure.


  1. Good Syed?
    You consider Syed Mokhtar - the mother of all cronies; the King of inter company financial transfers; the debt burden maestro; the master of all things handed to him on a plate; the Monopoliser? - Good???
    He's the same as all these cronies - creating monopolies and milking them dry.

    As for MAHB - please explain the balloning costs and the ridiculous overspend on a 'Low Cost terminal'. If the client is not going need many of the things they are putting in the terminal why spend on it?

    As for Tony - let this be a lesson to you! You got in bed with the Government and Khazanah and you now have MAS by the balls; and you expected the Govt and GLCs not to start ripping you off? They want a piece of your pie.
    You made your bed - now you have to live with it.
    And another thing - you make a comparison with Changi's Budget Terminal - but yet Air Asia uses Terminal One at Changi. So stop being a hypocrite!

  2. Anonymous5:06 pm

    what's the real meaning of "AZMAN MOKHTAR"?

  3. Anonymous5:48 pm


    Maybe it should give you comfort to know that your "clever" master Najib and Khairy were the ones who created the 4th Floor Boys. So why do you keep whining about them?

    Take your Datukship and Shut up which is what DS Najib expect you to do.


  4. Anonymous5:56 pm

    Errr Hello Rocky,

    Note that you have just woken up to Najib's business partner....



  5. Anonymous6:32 pm

    mesti anuwar ibrahim tak dpt. kalau dpt dah jadi syed anuar mcm kawan baik dia tu , make up artis, syed anas.

  6. Anonymous7:00 pm

    rocky, if Tony was PM, u would be making love to the Labu!! ur an idiot

  7. Anonymous8:10 pm

    Naza-Tony have bid RM7 for Proton .... buy buy buy

  8. Anonymous8:45 pm

    In any commercial enterprise, budget is sacroscant. You want any additional budget, a compelling case must be made. In this case, MAHB has exceeded budget substantially (almost double the original budget) and there is no evidence that a compelling case has been made to the guardians of the M'sian people's monies. Total irresponsibility and also begs the role of Khazanah in all this.

  9. Anonymous8:46 pm

    Why is KLIA2 must be build in size if it is meant to be for LCCT? How in the world can MAS and 747 be equate to low cost? What cow sense is this? How many LCC will KLIA2 be having that it needs to expand this? Is the baloon of this RM2B mean that more hidden hands are at play for this pie? Now we can confirm the theory that Msia is going bankrupt at the way we spend money like there is no more the expense of the Rakyat...with the MRT project, NFC etc. God help us!!!

  10. Anonymous8:46 pm

    Proton is a white mammoth, and just like the ice age mammoth, it will go into extinction together with MAHB.

  11. Dulu Tony marah-marah banyak gaduh sama MAS, kejam celik suddenly ada share swap pula and presto Tony now owns 20% of MAS.

    Sekarang ini Tony marah-marah banyak gaduh sama MAHB, kejam celik hey presto another share swap on the cards? The Securities Commisssion better be watching MAHB stocks and AirAsia and probably MAS too.

    Who is ripping who off now, I am getting confused by so many conspiracy theories. In the end while a few chosen Tuans not necessarily Syeds gets the benefit, ultimately the rakyat will take up the burden of these deals meant to confuse.

  12. Anonymous11:56 pm

    After forcing MAS into marrying air asia...khazanah should at least wait for the couple to consummate their love before sending proton to the altar. Khazanah is first and foremost responsible for MAS failure. The khazanah CEO should've been sacked because of MAS countless failures ( and of course the failures includes idris jala coz his understudy tengku azmil was left with very difficult tasks to turnaround MAS). Not to mentioned the don't-know-how-it-managed-to-get-award "asset unbundling". So how can we trust khazanah making the right decision and finding the right suitor for proton? The answer is we bloody can't.

  13. Anonymous11:22 am

    Wind up MAS better still. Non-performing business entity bleeding public fund.

    Hail to Air Asia.... the desired National Flag Carrier

  14. Anonymous11:37 am

    I thought that Amok told you and your blogger friends in the hIlton Hotel that "Tan Sri Bashir is doing well and there is no reason for change".

    Amok is another flip flop like the Sleepy Head that appointed him. Amok is just another 4th Floor boy. So what is happening in MAHB part of 4th Floor agenda. So is the MAS-AirAsia share swap.

  15. Anonymous2:56 pm

    The richest Melayu in the world, and he isn't even a true Melayu ! He's desperately trying to get rid of the Yemeni family name so that he won't be blacklisted by the Western governments, but in this country, we give everything to this (already) richest Melayu.

    How difficult is it to become the richest Melayu when the government gives you everything that you want?


  16. Anonymous6:51 pm

    I can't believe how low you have gone rocky. sad....real sad. what are you trying to defend here? Proton is the pits, no quality. MAHB may not bleed but service sucks from baggage system to loooong queues. but thing that many have been talking about is the gravy train at mahb, there are senior guys there who are fat, have been there for long, some new but still have their fingernails on the share of revenue outlets. these shop owners are cursing behind. everybody cursing. bunch of crooks!!!!!! and you want to defend these rocky? please la. be objective. obviously you are not for the people. you spin however you like just to suit your masters agenda. and the thing is, your masters can change from day to day. shameful!!!

  17. Godfarter,

    Don't you know, the Melayu has evolved into race with a rich mix of the world's ethnic groups? Ada Melayu yang kacukan Inggeris, seperti RPK. Ada yang berdarah Cina macam DAP's Zairil Khir Johari. Ramai yang Anak Peranakan ie mamak. Yang Pathan pun ada tapi tak ngaku Melayu, dia kata dia Bumiputera (sejak bila Pathan bertaraf Bumi saya tak tahu).

    Among the original Melayus of the Archipelago, there are Javanese (Khri Toyo), Bugis (Najib Razak), Minangkabau (Rais Yatim, unforatunately), etc.

    Melayus are in South Africa, Christmas Island, China, Japan, Canada and in a year or two, insyaAllah, in Kazakh.

  18. Anonymous12:40 pm

    Ya, ya, and melayu are the best race in the world, the most smartest and talented. So how come everything they touch turns to shit?

  19. Anonymous3:54 pm

    Latuk Locky, so what's your point ? That melayus are everywhere ? Or that anyone can be a melayu ? Or there is no pure melayu, so Syed Mokhtar Albukhary is as close as one can get to a true Melayu ?


  20. Anonymous3:56 pm

    Since it is the end of the UMNO General Assembly, can I ask who really benefits from the sale of Proton or MAHB ? Syed Mokhtar and his friends. Anyone from kampung benefits from this ? I don't think so. I think car prices will continue to remain ridiculously high, and airport taxes are sure to go up even more to feed this crony.