Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DAP seeks New Delhi's intervention

NEW DELHI: MPs from Malaysia's oppositionDemocratic Action Party Monday urged theBharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leadership to raise issues of "discrimination" against Malayasian Hindus in their bilateral meetings with the authorities of their country. 
MPs M Manogaran and S Ramakrishnan said they had a cultural and civilisational bond with India and want it to provide "leadership on issues concerning human rights". 
Talking to reporters at the residence of BJP MP Tarun Vijay, the two MPs said there had been incidents of attacks on Hindu groups but their complaints had not been addressed. 
The MPs, who have met BJP leaders Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitley, are also intending to meet senior party leader L.K. Advani. 
They said they did not want India to interfere in their country's domestic affairs and were not seeking any physical help. 
Vijay said the MPs wanted to make people in India "aware about the discriminatory policies against the Malaysian Hindus". 
He said BJP hoped the government will take up their concerns as India is a signatory to universal declaration on human rights.
Mano and Rama, also determined to help Sri Lankan Tamils 

Yang Bitching. One thing that we might all learn from PRU12 back in March 2008 is this: Don't cast your vote in anger. Many of us did as we were unhappy and angry with Dollah. And we voted anyone that stood against his regime. We got him out as planned but we didn't plan on getting MPs that are, in Wan Azizah's words when talking about PKR reps, below par. 

MPs like these two clowns who, instead of using their positions as elected reps to help the Malaysian Hindus (and they were elected because they are Hindus first, I have to assume), behave like hurt puppies in New Delhi, seeking for other people's help to fight a problem that exists largely in their minds. As if India doesn't have enough problems of her own.

I hope the Chinese majority of the DAP do not behave like these two and report to Beijing or Singapore whenever they have problems with perceived discrimination against Malaysian Chinese Buddhists. I'm glad they don't. They don't, do they?

The problem with the DAP, or manyof their MPs and supporters, is that they still behave like the Opposition, like the underdogs and hurt puppies, as if they have no say in governing this country. We the People have put so many of them in Parliament and still they conduct themselves as though they have no voice and are in shackles. 

That's one thing about Malays in this country, they don't have anywhere to go to peddle their sad stories, the 500 years that we were colonized, the centuries that they impoverished and enslaved us. We don't go the Queen like some people do. We don't go to the Arab countries and claim to have religious and civilization bonding therefore they must help us fight the non-Malays in this country. Heck, we don't even report these things to our Big Brother next door with 200-plus million Malay/Jawa/Bugis/Minang-Muslim population!

Oh, maybe some of us did. Just remembered that a certain Opposition leader does make trips there to badmouth his own country. I stand corrected. Still, I rest my case.


  1. Anonymous1:32 pm

    Y Bhg. Bro...
    i stand corrected. In 2008 i voted out not only Abdullah regime but UMNO regime out of Selangor. Its UMNO regime that must go not any particular personalities.


  2. Anonymous1:44 pm

    Brilliant writing Dato.
    How to become Bangsa Malaysian when you go peddling you grievances abroad. These people are fools. You want to create animosity among nation & religion? You think India does not have their own minority problems like us? You think DAP will be able to treat the Indians better than BN? Wait for the coming GE, you fools.


  3. But how can the Malays go back to complain to big brother? After all they shed their Javanese, or Minangkabau or Bugis or Sumateran heritage and become Malays and start looking down on their former brotheren don't they? You want to complain to Arabs? They don't even know who you guys are other than a bunch of people who don't seem to know who exactly they are and yet want to be better than the Arabs. Whats laughable to them is when you guys want to protect the use of their language which they have put into public domain for everyone's use and they have not claimed any copyright to.

    But I have to agree with you on what you say about these two DAP idiots. They forget we are Malaysians first and last. But to assign their idiocity to DAP would be stretching it quite a bit. Just like you'd not want Badawi's conduct to epitomise UMNO or Sharizat's NFC to typically UMNO..too bad she got caught!! Or PKFZ as to be expected of MCA etc...

  4. Anonymous1:53 pm

    Is it wrong then for the Malays to question the loyalty and patriotism of our fellow Malaysians of different ethnicities ?

    I suggest that these two idiots stay and apply for Indian PRship, before eventually becoming Indian and Hindu nationals.. Wonder how long they would last!!!!


  5. Anonymous1:55 pm

    You should read the comments on this issue, these 2 clowns have made a fool of themselves and created the usual hindu-muslim stir.

  6. Anonymous2:42 pm

    India Parliament should invistigate racial profiling by slit eyes DAP members of state legislation (Penang & Perak). They should be banned from setting their feet in Tamil Nadu & Kerala

    Salleh Telegu

  7. Anonymous2:45 pm

    here locky go again...

    "i yam a malay, u r the dll... getit... dont like it balik india/tongsan?

    damn fcuking boring la!!!

  8. Anonymous2:53 pm

    Well rocky...these two guys went to the Indian Opposition and not the current ruling party there, who incidently is global oriented...but they also said it is just to INFORM and not provoke either.
    Anyway..the Indian Government and its people have always engaged well with the Malaysian government and the Malaysian people.
    India is after all the world's largest democracy and understands all the VAGARIES that comes along with the concept of democracy though fairness is pursued continously.

    India is not ruled single-ly by a one party system like China where quick decisions can be made for progress and development but has to like Malaysia go through the whole process of democracy where even decisions for good progress are debated and haggled over for ages.
    Each system has its pros and cons though as the whole world knows very well as to what happens when the peoples voices are not heard well enough for too long...as normally happens in a simple electroral process.

    1malaysia boleh.

  9. Anonymous3:13 pm


  10. Anonymous3:15 pm


  11. Penembak Babi3:20 pm

    Ini yang aku dok kata mace cacing dubur: menghisap darah tuannya sampai habis, kemudian buat muka selamba dan komplen mace pondan seantero dunyo.

    Nate babi dan ular meme mace itu, penghisap darah, parasit yang tak guno. Jenis nate ini wajib di bunuh kerana spesis dua ni amat bahaya kepada manusia lain.

    Masalohnya yang dok bagi cacing buntut ini hidup segar bugar ialah Melayu celup tak bermaruah. Pukimak laknatullah ni mace Nik Aziz bin Nik Mat "Sundal", Anwar bin Ibrahim "Bontot, Hadi bin Awang Palat wajib disembelih kalau ikut fatwa amanat Hadi Awang tahun lapan puluhae. Berimam, make sembelihan, pinang anak pinak dio oghe,muamalat di larang sokmo kerana nate ini semua nate harae disentuh hatta untuk salae sekalipun. Kecek dia oghe tak sih pakai kerana kelik denu kelik sini peranghai gitu tu jugak!hampeh sial pukimak!

    Bila balaci ni habih sembelih, yang dok nyembunyi, yang dok hasut belakang dio mesti cabut lari, lintang pukae takut mampuh. Penembak nak ghoyak kalau nate-nate harae ni keras kepalo lagi, tembak aje puak ni ramai pas tu pakat-pakat sorong dalam kubuq besar dan bulldoza sampai lumat! Baru padan muka sial pukimak laknatulllah chou chibai ni semua.

  12. Penembak Babi3:20 pm

    Ini yang aku dok kata mace cacing dubur: menghisap darah tuannya sampai habis, kemudian buat muka selamba dan komplen mace pondan seantero dunyo.

    Nate babi dan ular meme mace itu, penghisap darah, parasit yang tak guno. Jenis nate ini wajib di bunuh kerana spesis dua ni amat bahaya kepada manusia lain.

    Masalohnya yang dok bagi cacing buntut ini hidup segar bugar ialah Melayu celup tak bermaruah. Pukimak laknatullah ni mace Nik Aziz bin Nik Mat "Sundal", Anwar bin Ibrahim "Bontot, Hadi bin Awang Palat wajib disembelih kalau ikut fatwa amanat Hadi Awang tahun lapan puluhae. Berimam, make sembelihan, pinang anak pinak dio oghe,muamalat di larang sokmo kerana nate ini semua nate harae disentuh hatta untuk salae sekalipun. Kecek dia oghe tak sih pakai kerana kelik denu kelik sini peranghai gitu tu jugak!hampeh sial pukimak!

    Bila balaci ni habih sembelih, yang dok nyembunyi, yang dok hasut belakang dio mesti cabut lari, lintang pukae takut mampuh. Penembak nak ghoyak kalau nate-nate harae ni keras kepalo lagi, tembak aje puak ni ramai pas tu pakat-pakat sorong dalam kubuq besar dan bulldoza sampai lumat! Baru padan muka sial pukimak laknatulllah chou chibai ni semua.

  13. Couldnt agree more with you sir..and yet the malays still being called the racist lot. Whats sad, the malays cant be united amidst all this political fiasco, while the non-malays (especially the oppo leaders) are the ones laughing their way to the ballots (soon) because they've managed to deceived the majority into believing their cause for equality, freedom & what not. They will not rest until they take over ptjaya and install a non-malay pm, take over everything and leave the malays to rot. Of course there are a few good apples of our non-malays but definitely 1malaysian brothers and sisters, but unfortunately they're not the movers & shakers of the oppo teams....

  14. Anonymous4:02 pm

    Rocky, why you so afraid about the truth ??? YES...UMNO discriminating not only Malaysia Hindus but other races as well !!

  15. Anonymous4:36 pm

    Your comments pro umno, if in fact people are treated well and equally all this bickering will not happen. I agree with you to some level, yes the indians in Malaysia must realize that we are Malaysians and indians last.

  16. JohorMali4:44 pm

    Bro Rock,
    Am just watching Poh's Kitchen on Australian Network at Astro on her visit to Batu Caves, when her friend remarked,
    "... the biggest and famous shrine outside India..."
    So much for the wholesale persecution of Hindus in Malaysia!

  17. q0l0p5:25 pm

    Satu pengesahan dari mereka sendiri yang mereka adalah sebenarnya PENDATANG.

  18. Anonymous5:39 pm

    but last heard some oppositions do have the support of the police force and MACC to do a lot of work for them...

    damn the opposition in Selangor and the x-opposition in perak

  19. Perhaps its time the Brahmins in new Delhi come to the aids of their Sudras cousins who are being terribly prosecuted by the Malaysian Government even as of this very moment.Taking back ALL the Sudras back to Tamil Nadu will be a good start.

  20. Anonymous6:43 pm

    Datuk Bru ...

    You are 100% on target. The greatest disappointment - and revelations - about these clueless MPs are they don't understand the position they've been placed in and the job they are supposed to do on behalf of the rakyat they represent.

    They are absolutely brain-dead and once voted into seats of power, they pursue their own personal agendas. Make hay while the sun shines, as it were.

    In the same breadth, this can also be said about our current crop of leaders whether they are from BN or PR.

    Our PM, to me, is totally balls-less. He has no guts even to re-shuffle the cabinet, let alone take to tasks the administrators in public agencies who are robbing the rakyat blind!

    It's all about 'tell the rakyat what they want to hear and not DO the things they want us to do' and once they have been suckered to vote them in 'let's make hay while the sun shines!' It goes on and on. Whether BN or PR representatives have been given license to screw the rakyat through and through until the next election comes around.

    But then Malaysia is not alone in this sham of a show of democracy. It's endemic. It's worldwide. It's the gang of global elites vs the sheeple. It's the group of banksters who control and manipulate everything - i repeat, everything - in our lives from money, economics, big businesses, education, health, food, mass media, right down to governments!

    And it does not matter a hoot if our government comes in the form of BN and PR. Because as long as the people who had been voted in can be corrupted by POWER, MONEY and SEX.

    It's true the rakyat should not vote in anger. But when we have elected peoples' representatives who have no moral fibre and integrity in their souls and who can be tempted by Economic Hitmen's promise of POWER, MONEY and SEX, what choice is there left for the rakyat?

    To solve the source of the problem we and the whole of humanity is facing at this juncture we have to bring down the corruption-soaked leaders (elected and appointed) not only in our Malaysia but also throughout the world.

    The people should wake up. Until and unless we stop being manipulated by leaders at the local and international levels, the cycle of sham democracy and unabated corruptions will go on and on.

    Do Malaysians get it? Will we get it? The answer lies in not being continuously get played out and kept distracted through issues of race, colour, creed and religion. And the abolishment of every act of corruption everywhere.

    For this to happen, we must first acknowledge this quote of Albert Einstein:“You cannot solve the problems of the world with the same thinking that created them.”

    So, is it a matter of voting in anger or is it a total revamp of the system? Malaysians can and should decide and perhaps lead the way in the world to heal it.

    - A Malaysian -

  21. Anonymous7:13 pm

    The two pariahs went to India under the instruction of BABI - Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim.

    BABI also mastermind Hindraf and he too went to India to try to fool the Indian leaders there.

    What these pariahs should do is to complaint about the cast system that is still being practiced in India. And they should tell the Indian leaders there that the pariahs in Malaysia is so much better off than the pariahs in India.

  22. Anonymous7:15 pm

    BJP is the Icon of Hindu Supremacy!

  23. Anonymous7:25 pm

    I am 100% with you on this, Rocky Bro. Beautifully put.

  24. Anonymous8:14 pm

    Politics, politics... sigh.. It can be sometimes complicating. PRU12 wasn't about "cikgu kampung" SiDollah minta kanak2 bersikap baik alone but KJ, Dr. M, DSAI etc. Politics is one heck of a complicated potpurri of rojak or shit.

    Then we mustn't forget the real reason for PRU12 - gross mismanagement and intolerance of years of perceived injustice.

    However, you are very correct to say that the calibre of YB's in PKR, DAP or PAS is lacking just as they are in BN. Worst still,they act if they are still the opposition and have this "seige" mentality. So instead of governing well, they continue to live in the "trenches". The results of PRU13 may surprise many. We are tired of politicans mucking with us... so sekarang murid harus ajar guru.

    Tok Rojak

  25. Anonymous8:20 pm

    keling pariah. just go back to where you came from. you deserve to be sent back.
    the voters vote you so that you helped the voters not the foreigners.

  26. Papadem8:33 pm

    Good posting, Rocky. Many a time, our fellow Malaysians just forgot to behave like real Malaysian. Well, what to do? Sad days we're living in.

  27. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Who wrote this stupid piece? Of course the Malays do not need to go to report to Indonesia because the Malays are the govt., the head of the govt. What grievances do they have. They have NEP, they have all the advantages. Others are denied their rights. Others get rich through their own hard work. We are not jealous of the Malays if they get their rewards through hard work and earn it. We will be happy if they do well. Don't you think it will be shameful for the malays to go to Arab countries to voice their grievances when they are the majority and no one is oppressing them. This is the most nonsensical piece and without logic.

  28. Rocky,
    I think we will see the Pakatan parties undergo a house cleaning exercise before GE13. I hope so, based on PKR's assembly last week - Anwar admitted the failings of some of their reps, and that under performing reps will be replaced. We will keep him to his promise......
    As for the 2 DAP clowns in New Delhi they have been an embarrassment to DAP and PKR since being elected and also should be replaced. If they threaten to go independent so be it.

    We also hope BN undergoes a restructuring - they have 2 many reps who also say incredibly stupid things and lack any credibility - Bung Mokhtar and Rais Yatim spring to mind.

    My hope is that there are good honest candidates selected by both sides so we can see a real contest based on ideas not ego...

  29. Anonymous11:11 pm

    Rocky, Malaysia is deeply sick of racism and you are partially responsible as a journalist. Look at your past 100 blog writing and in most of them you play the race card...Indonesia is 10 years ahead now and their economy growth is matching their freedom and liberal policies... Listen at today speech from Muhyiddin, we are back in the sixties, Malaysia is going backward.

  30. Anonymous12:25 am


    Don't u know that DSAI already went to India few times beforehand and gave talk on an independent Peace TV about so called freedom of speech.....(macam biasa dia kutuk Malaysia among other things said that in M'sia there's no freedom after your speech which is absurd since dia bukan main seronok lagi keluar masuk and pergi oversea hanya untuk kutuk negara sendiri - tak cukup lagi k freedom yang kerajaan Malaysia dah bagi kat si Nuar ni?
    Yg pLing kesian ialah penonton2 yg hadhir rata2 rakyat india dengan muka tercengang2 dengar fitnah dia sedangkan tujuan utama mereke datang ke program tv tu ialah untuk mendengar ceramah ugama which is why semua penceramah yang dijemput kesemuanya bercerita mengenai kebesaran Allah Dan Agama Islam kecuali mamat sekor ni lah.........memalukan!!!!

  31. Anonymous8:32 am

    well said

  32. Anonymous9:30 am




  33. Anonymous9:51 am

    Ahead of a GE, it has become a trend or one may call it a strategy or whatever for some from the opposition to fight their battle beyond Malaysian territory. Of course this is a far cry from a strategy of forward defence adopted by countries to protect their sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.

    What the opposition is doing, as you have rightly said, is merely inviting foreign intervention that could ultimately have far reaching consequences on the country's image.
    I would, therefore, categorically label them as cowards, slanderers and traitors.

    Hope that Malaysians will not be hoodwinked or influenced by them as in the last GE.


  34. Anonymous9:52 am

    Ahhh Rocky,

    No need to rest your case....
    Just take a long rest. You will need it to battle kalimullah..
    He has deep pockets, you don't and just to let you know, none of your political masters will come to your help.

    In other words you are now hung out to dry!

    Last posting Puji Mamak Parpu...
    Now kutuk Indian...

    Bon Journo

  35. Anonymous9:58 am

    Dear Rockybru

    Im sure "Big Brother next door" will not give a damn of what umno politicians/lobbyists have to say.

    the truth is, PR leaders are trying to improve the previous corrupted system is something laudable than just sitting around instigating the fear of "change".

    Your disagreement is reasonable and expressed with ulterior intent.

    Correct your perspective, be a good journalist that report the whole stories, substantiate with more facts.

    Clearly you did not, now i wonder how you pass your journalism course, maybe you have none?


  36. Anonymous10:17 am

    I hope the government of India help the hindus of Malaysia by extending their kind offers inviting the "victims" to balik kampong and give them land and citizenship.

    That is the only solution cos' the goverment of Malaysia commits so much injustices against the Indian Hindus....the same goes to the chinese, Tiongkok will accept them with open arms.

    And for the Malay muslims,the sort of Anwar Ibrahim maybe can balik kampong to Indon too.

    Umno will rule whether the pendatangs like it or not! As long as Malaysia has a Sultan the malays will be the government for many many years to come....we will know how to do it.


  37. Completely agree with you..PR still behave as if they have no voice. They did not support the bills although deep in their heart they know that is the best for all. The worst, they still fight for a person to be PM!

    We voted so many clowns because of dollah..now, let us ditch the clowns..

  38. Anonymous10:32 am

    Ah, the UMNO spinmeister speaks again. Is UMNO so terrified of New Delhi's intervention ? Would UMNO be terrified of Beijing's intervention ? Why should UMNO be, unless it is a bad boy ?


  39. Anonymous10:34 am

    "Don't cast your vote in anger."

    Cast your vote wisely. Think ABU - Anything But UMNO.


  40. Anonymous10:37 am

    What does UMNO say to marginalisation, anti-meritocracy, corruption ?

    All UMNO can say is "Bukan Gua Bikin".



  41. I was going to drop you as a friend and decided to keep you for a little longer may be after the general election...I like you comment on ingrate Indians and ingrate Chinese!
    Just sit at BSC and you can see how many Malaysians of Indian or Chinese origins and mostly many of them will be driving the Porsches, Audis and the Bentleys and the Mercedes-es, and yet these fucking ingrate Indians and Chinese claim discrimination.
    Here is something to the like of Mano and Rama the fucking ingrate Malaysians, if your ancestors had not been forced and brought here you would be now carrying bricks at any construction site in India where you ancestors came from, hey pantat guna kan lah akal. Only the Malays can be the paramount ruler (Yang Di Pertuan Agong) and the rulers, and the prime ministers!

  42. Anonymous11:06 am

    It is open secret that how's they treat this country - just for cari makan & kuasa - kalau terdesak depa akan cari kekuatan dari luar..

    Sam KL

  43. Black Metallic11:35 am

    Ask that Mano and Rama what Nga Kor Ming thought of them. Black Metallic or Hitam Legam or Arang Batu or plain Pariah?

    Don't go to India la... Go to Pantai Remis and see whether you'll be treated equally or a Pariah!

  44. -rocksteady-

    Haha! During the Communist Years, China accepted her children in Malaya who wanted to go back. Those who stayed have never turned back.

    India's case, I don't remember us sending back any Indian migrants involved in Communist insurgency back then. And I don't know if any Malaysian Hindus would like to migrate to India. One, because that's no longer their home. Two, like Pasquale says, they have it good here in Malaysia.

    Every second Indian at BSC (Bangsar Shooping Centre) drives a Porche, Audis, Beemers and Mercs? Hehe. That's a bit of an exxageration, I think. BUt it is true that nearly every chuffeur-driven car at BSC is driven by a Malay.

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. ZMS,

    You are spot on. We have seen this before: lawyers walk, Hindraf march, royal commissions, religious unrest and dap agents going overseas to make bitch about the country.

    These were the same things that happened in 07 and 08. Let's hope the people have wisened up to this.

  47. thanks papadem, tok rojak and anon 725.

    qoiop: That's another way of interpreting their action! Only "pendatangs" will support their action, I reckon.

  48. Anonymous12:00 pm

    The Hindus seek New Delhi's intervention because the Mamaks have forsaken their roots. The Mamaks have decided to call themselves holy Muslims. Ask Mamakthir, Shahrizat or Nor Yakcop or Azeem.


  49. Anonymous12:19 pm

    Latuk: Can you do some investigative journalism for a change, and find out how many of the approved 90 subcontractors to KLIA2 are Indians ? Bashir tried to justify the price doubling to almost RM 4 billion from the initial estimate of RM 2 billion.


  50. Orang Lereh1:21 pm

    If you're a Malaysian, you shouldn't be conveying your problems abroad. This 2 jokers must be deported to Chennai. They have no right to live in Malaysia!

    Whatever problems we have, I am still proud to be a Malaysian, even though my ancestors came all the way from China and Indonesia.

  51. Anonymous1:28 pm

    aiyah, they feel u flers don want to help them, so they asked from other oso kenot ke?

    and some more u all flers have to call them pariah?

    see who r the real fcuked-up racists here... lol

  52. Anonymous3:39 pm

    keep stirring away brother rocky...as long as ur perut kenyang and ur bank account full....u will support ur masters

  53. Anonymous3:44 pm


    These guys are from the opposition representing DAP and the rest.
    Anyway, the BN has since 2008 so far rightly done in trying to get the indian voters back with govt help in ic bc etc and especially the 1Malaysia concept of Najib which has captured the Indians mind.
    The Indians afterall have been a voter bank for BN since independence yet was not properly looked after BUT if the Indians can be looked after by Najib.Muhidin and gang surely then with enough Malay support theN BN should be able to kowtim the GE13.
    You see Datuk, the Indian voters are really important otherwise we would not have had the BN DEBACLE in 2008 with the Makhal Sakti onslaught.

  54. Anonymous3:47 pm

    Yes Rocky,

    Whilst you are bashing the Indians in DAP, the Mamaks are taking over UMNO...Those members don't realise that for the mamaks, UMNO means, "UNITED MAMAK NATIONAL ORGANIZATION".

    We already have Shahrizat and Khairi...Next Parpu Curry should be president..


  55. Anonymous4:35 pm

    u not purely malaisian ..u are likely a taraitor to own land by complaining and asked for foreign alien helps..u should be shoot in the asshole at tien mien square. u mesh up the shit to creates ecthenic ahaos..u should asked mao tze in returns..u are most ill fated lamcung hearth ...musoh dalei selimut..dangerous tham mozzard

  56. Kuning Langsat Metalics5:56 pm

    This Mano and Rama black metallicas going to India? Go ask Nga Kor Ming for help. Or to him the Black Metallicas are Pariah in the lowest order?

    Hidup Nga Kor Ming!!! Hantam these black metalics and send them back to India! Hahahaha... DAP sudah makan these crows for breakfast.

  57. Anonymous6:35 pm

    Yes, bring the BJP on!!! We have our hero, Nga Kor Ming to f%656545k these black metallics!

    Nga Kor Ming our champion will fart these haram jadah black metalics! Hidup kuning langsat metalics!!!

  58. Anonymous7:50 pm

    How come pariah dogs like CUCU seem to know lots about Brahmins and sudras. Arab wannabe slaves cant be talking about caste system, do they?

  59. rocky - pasquale is a dick for calling people ingrate...no..a moron

    sure DAP going to India doesn't make sense...but why don't you ask why they are doing it..is it because they feel no one is listening to their problems.

    anyway seeking for help for sri lankan tamil is reasonable as is for the PLO

  60. Anonymous11:45 pm

    datuk, there is just no way the dap lead opposition is ever going to get to Putrajaya with the Indians running back to the BN, now that the true colours there have shown which of course the Indians have known for long, yet jumped on their bandwagon in 2008 and as proven in Kpg Buah Pala and now these racist statements furthr enhances the case. So with the indians going back to the BN. gE13 should be easier.
    metallic PALA

  61. Anonymous11:50 pm

    Send both bigot to where they are belong to. They are not capable to hold Malaysia nationalities.They are belong to zealot party of BJP.

    By the way tell the white pale powder like Nga who think white is superior than other colours to talk with his BJP counterpart that how to clorox his own member. He need to introduce whitening process for all his DAP member.

  62. Anonymous12:56 am

    I love you Nga Kor Ming!!! You sudah tipu itu DAP Black Metallics bulat-bulat. Sivakumar, you must be very careful since you're not even black metalic but hitam manis. Sivanesan, you're not pure kuning langsat either, so to quote our champion Nga Kor Ming, you may also be haram jadah!

    Hidup Nga Kor Ming! Nga Kor Ming for Perak MB! Together we sapu the black metalic aside!!!

  63. Anonymous8:57 am

    They are just 10% of Malaysian population. So, shut up ur mouth. If u don't like it here, do go back to India, please do! U might live bawah jambatan or mengemis tepi jalan with your other ppl

  64. Anonymous8:59 am

    These black metallics got black out mind. Dasar pariah!

  65. Anonymous9:05 am

    By the way Bonjourno...a Hindu can be a person of any race and not necessarily an Indian (there are many western hindus nowdays in europe uk and usa)...or a buddhist can be from many races..Indians who are Muslims are Indians of muslim religion.
    the point here is that normally the Indian Muslims are known as Mamaks yet christians both protestant or catholics,buddhist are not anything or anyone else but also Indians by race since religion is another independent concept ..so there.


  66. Anonymous9:28 am

    sure, Chinese shouldn't badmouth China, Burmese shouldn't badmouth Myanmar, North Korean shouldn't badmouth North Korea, Jewish shouldn't bad mouth Isreal...

    Malays shouldn't badmouth Malays, Indians shoudln't badmouth Indains! Rocky shouldn't badmouth Badawi.


  67. Anonymous6:38 pm

    OMG, just back from holidays, I really did miss this topic owh?

    This DAP fellas.. must really be dreamers!


  68. The MPs from DAP and BJP have a civilizational and cultural bond with Likud, Netanyahu and apartheid terror.

    The Indian civilization we know of is the secular, tolerant one shaped by Gandhi's radical inversion of his Christian masters' do no harm, love thy neighbour religious duty.

    Such radical reinterpretations can only come from serious thinkers and devouts, not hacks in the service of apartheid terror.

  69. Anonymous6:00 pm

    Ayo o...macam budak2 lah.
    Report sama Ammmmmmah lah.