Friday, November 11, 2011

Ah, Ghani, what have you done?

Peter Lim, in business with Johor "royal family"?
Someone putting pressure on Johor MB? The saying "like a cat and a dog" doesn't apply to Big Cat and Big Dog today. Both bloggers - one a Johorean and the other based in Johor - are absolutely on the same side in their frustration over the appointment of a former Pak Lah's Fourth Floor operative to the boards of two Johor Corp companies. Both are shocked and sad, and they want Ghani to answer the question eating them from the inside: Why?

Read Big Dog's JCorp mumbo-jumbo and Big Cat's A very sad day. 

I don't think, however, that Zaki Zahid's appointment is the worst thing that could happen to Ghani. When I tweeted the news this morning about the Johor royal family's involvement in a S$2 billion project to jointly develop a medical hub and marina city in Johor Baru, a perturbed Johor-based reader sent this message on my mobile:
"This is the start of Ghani's downfall".

I think (probably) not. Ghani is a cool head and he has handled many crises effectively. Johor is a state with many warlords, they say, and not just in Umno, and Ghani has proved his mettle time and again. 

All the same, it's crucial that the MB and his handlers remain mindful that people are watching him and how he handles delicate stuff like these. And people are beginning to talk about the state of things in Johor and if the MB does not do something quick, some may be royally peeved with what's happening around them.


  1. Skilgannon10666:35 pm

    Heh, heh - it's nice to know that certain quarters in Johor don't appear to harbour the same antipathy for Singaporean Chinese business people as do, for example, the illustrious warrior and anti whatever dudes who never pass up any opportunity to flame the "Chinkies" (sic) down south.

    But, then, Peter Lim is no ordinary Singaporean Chinese, is he? With a personal fortune estimated at S$1.8 billion (according to press reports), he must know plenty of influential people on both sides of the Causeway.

    How you say it, Rocky - guang xi?

    LGE must be kicking himself why the said Peter Lim chose not to invest in Penang this time around! No safety concerns about Johor Bahru, it seems, as far as this particular investor is concerned!

    On a more serious note, and this is where Johor MB Ghani has to sit up and pay attention, it appears that the Singapore "factor" is a significant part of the equation driving investments in Johor, much as some parties in Johor dismiss such a notion as nonsense.

    Else why would the Iskandar Malaysia folks spend so much time and effort in doing investment promos in Singapore?

    Can't just be the shopping, bro!

  2. Anonymous7:03 pm

    Try search for Wan Mohd Firdaus and Mr Choung and what both of them got to do with jcorp... Hehehe


    maksud tersirat ialah... jeng jeng jeng

    "gua punya team tak dapat kontrek masyhuk, gua marah marah"... kah kah kah

  4. Anonymous9:01 pm

    Good gesture by Johor to recruit and enrich young PR friendly buffoons.

    Will Penang and Selangor reciprocate by recruiting and enriching BN friendly buffoons in the spirit of democracy?


  5. Anonymous9:16 pm

    "Royally peeved"? ... I am sure there's more to it than meets the eyes.

    Yah, MB Ghani has a lot of explaining to do with this 'mess' plus the green horns he's brought in to JEDC.

    The antics that continue to go on in the country never fail to amuse me.

    - A Malaysian -

  6. Anonymous10:21 pm

    Itu Minority Watchdog CEO, Rita Benoy, any comment ah machar? How can zero experience budak hingus become director of TWO public-listed companies?

  7. If someone can make sense of this please tell me....

    As for Peter Lim - this is an investment with the Johor Royal Family who are putting up the land. Since the Royal Family happt to do business with a Singaporean who are we to argue...

  8. Johor MB Ghani gave a perfect reply to over rated but mediocre Penang CM Guan Eng, best is, Ghani managed to get Peter Lim a Singapore bilionaire no less, to show a middle finger to Lim about not investing in Johor.

  9. Datuk,

    JCorp's financial position as a group is far too strong for Ghani Zapin to be taking stupid steps like bringing in the proven-failed 'Level Four Boys.

    They don't need lawyers the likes of Dark Lord Zaki Zahid to be brought into Kulim. What JCorp needs is a clean and honest merchant-bank-experienced chartered accountant with proven turnaround track record, to be brought in and help out to reorganize all assets. Then, negotiate and convince the creditors.

    I heard the Royal Family via some 'selected & preferred' businessmen are carving out land parcels along the JB to Eastern Corridor RAPID route since that area been ear marked for oil & gas. They have been said to be taking in all parties interested into ten lucrative scheme.

    Big things to come for Johor's east coast

    By Ahmad Fairuz Othman | 0 comments

    BOOMING A multi-million ringgit project at Tanjung Leman will add more flourish to the vibrant tourism sector in the state's east coast

    The Fishing Bay Resort is among the many resorts in Mersing. It offers a breathtaking view.
    1 / 2
    The tourism sector for Johor's east coast received a huge boost recently when Johor Corporation (JCorp) announced the RM100-million Tanjung Leman resort town project at the popular beachside destination.
    The mixed development, which includes a resort, theme park, agrotourism attraction, marina, 700 units of houses and 93 shoplots, is expected to spur economic activities in the surrounding areas.

    Located about 120km from Johor Baru, Tanjung Leman is one of many beaches along Johor's east coast. This stretch of beach has a jetty which provides ferry services to nearby islands. There are also chalets and the Felda Residence resort.

    The beauty of the state's east coast has been known for many years as it is blessed with sandy beaches. The coast is also teeming with fish that attract many anglers. Johor's east coast stretches from Pengerang at the southeastern tip to Mersing at the northeast.

    Tanjung Leman is among the many tourist destinations between these two points. Other popular beaches along the same stretch are Desaru, Tanjung Balau and Tanjung Sedili.

    Mersing and Tanjung Leman are located within the East Coast Economic Region (ECER) which is among the comprehensive development blueprints put in place by the government.

    Read more: Big things to come for Johor's east coast - Johor - New Straits Times

    All these must be stopped. PM Najib Razak must come in and sort all these matters out, quickly.

  10. Anonymous9:59 am

    something significant must be happening inside JCorp Datuk....some of my friends in JCorp is starting to look for other green pastures..too many political interference they said...

  11. Anonymous7:06 pm

    Peter Lim is a great entrepreneurial genius all right. He seems to have a knack of picking the right stocks that are eventually deemed ‘not meaningful’ by stock analysts:

    He also possesses the uncanny skill of taking every sucker for a ride before suckering the daylights and dreamtimes off them (remember too that cheap publicity stunt of bidding for Liverpool by an MU crackpot!!!):

    This is an innate gift found in ubiquitous abundance in every Chinese brat born of a whore, from street smut video peddlers to corporate high fliers to politicians. And yes it is found in even those Taoist mediums whose many tongued guttural yelps during their cuckoo séances with them wispy bearded, pot bellied balding pig-faced deities from Hades earns them some devilishly easy manna for the day. Cari makan mah…for lying is the devil-inspired gift without which no Chinese born of a whore will ever survive!!

    Such is Peter’s Midas touch that all he touches turns to coal, for instance, UPP:

    talking about which brings ‘all gloss and no substance” to mind.

    And about his stake in Informatics, that cliché “the less said the better” shimmies through my mind and dances on my tongue:

    Then why did he buy that 10 hectare tranche in Johor Baru, a lawless “wild wilder wildest of the West” if ever there was one? Well, he bought some stake in Thomson Medicals and before that TMC Life Sciences. Add to that, this recent news :

    and bingo, you need not waste tons of moolah at the Sands like many stupid Chinese do, to earn some Agongs off commonsense.

    And irrespective as to whether Malay-educated, MALAYsian schooled MALAYsian doctors are up to the Singaporean mark, the Edge’s prescient analysis is not far off the mark:

    But then Peter has a knack of turning something gold into everything dust and who dare to wager against the fact that this will yet turn out to be another smart deal snookered by MALAYsian royalty.

    As for those appointments to Johor Corp. Warrior 231’s parting shots whispered to me and my friends as he departed for a 3 year stint in Santa Clara keep ringing in my ears

    “This country will go to the PIGS before Najib wakes up to the fact but I am better off applying my INTELligence elsewhere than wasting my time trying to arouse recalcitrant maruahless pseudo-malay SOBs”

  12. Anonymous9:36 pm

    Why don't sell Johor to Singapore and we could pay up all our foreign debts and also all Johorian will be a lot richer when their assets are counted in Sing dollars.

  13. Anonymous11:28 pm

    Level 4 boys?
    If they are Badawi's people or Khairy's nominees, why are they still around?

    Can somebody enlightened me!

  14. Anonymous1:40 am

    Ah si gani-takut-bini bikin duit kah?

    Mat mat bodek dalam istana working overtime ke , bikin deals after deals
    dengan towkay dari singapura?

    apa lagi bolih jual kat johor?

    >air -habis dah jual sampai melayu segamat kena tunggu lori jkr dengan jerry can. kesian

    >tanah-iskandar dah dilelong dek geng kairi-de-penyamun -jam'din

    what next?

    why not jual si gani dalam guni kat chingki singapura?

  15. Anonymous1:49 am

    Jangan Derhaka Sultan Johor Datuk Rocky...

  16. Kawan Lama Ghani11:30 am

    Ghani Zapin banyak makan rasuah. Tanya ler Dato Lim Kang Hoo.

  17. Anonymous5:22 pm

    Rasuah, corruption, what lah this country is in shit hole!!!! Where is our faith in god or Allah? Seem like no end towards all these evil spirits flying around...God or Allah help malaysia!!!!

  18. I may be sadden n pissed with Ghani about the Kulim appointments but for those who accused him of corruption, u all can fuck off. Give the evidence la u fuckers, if u have them. The man may be a poor judge of character sometimes, but I know for certain he will never be corrupt.

  19. Anonymous10:58 pm

    If you recall last time long time ago there was the MB who played out some Singaporeans ...Those fools were suckered big time but cannot do anything in our court of law!
    Well this Peter guy will soon taste some nice malaysian hospitalty! Soon he will bite the dust when his time come! Sometimes this successful buggers get their turn to be screwed.....Its business man!

  20. Anonymous6:01 am

    BigCat, how can you be so certain, no right? Nobody can use term like that. Please lah don't simply use term which you end up embarrassing yourself. Nobody had 100% fact, so don't be so sure lah?

  21. Anonymous8:13 am

    Bigcat, how much Ghani paid you? Everybody knew Ghani Zapin is corrupt. Go ask Azman Mokhtar. Go ask UPEN Johor.

  22. Bugis JB10:36 am

    From Johorean perspective ... We are not better than the PR state with huge mounting debt to Federal Government (Pls refer to Audit report)

    If I am the CEO of Malaysia ... I will definitely SACK the poor Chief Minister because of the performance.

    We had enough of KPRJ, SAJ, danga Bay and bla.. bla .. bla. Shame on you Ghani Othman. Its time for you to GO.

    We want no bullshit MB. I hope PM will listen to what the Rakyat of Johor wants. Pls help us.

  23. So much for the Bumi agenda... First looks like only the select few young cronies get the plum posts! Don't tell me Ghani allows these appointments without consulting Najib. All of them minus Zaki are linked to Najib. Looks like Najib wants to extends his influence over Johor.
    Then the royal family goes into business with this Peter Lim fella who has a bit of a cowboy reputation in Singapore. NEM ???

  24. Anonymous11:34 am

    Johor is going to the PIGS with UMNO's tacit assistance. You can retire now, Latuk Locky.


  25. Ya ya ya Ghani paid me USD15 million a month....sheesh, typical....

  26. Anonymous1:48 pm

    as expected...not a peep..not a fucking peep from rocky..big cat..big dog and all the other umno dicks about swapping cow's for condo' very typical very fucking typical..

  27. Anonymous2:39 pm


    Eh baru nak tahu ke?

    Hati Hati Rocky, jangan Nak Cari pasal dengan Sultan Johor....

  28. Skilgannon10664:49 pm

    Anon 7:06 PM

    Wowee - the warrior dude is doing a 3-year "stint" (sabbatical???) in Santa Clara? That's like in the centre of Silicon Valley where Internet start-ups and venture capitalists reign and where raw red-blooded market capitalism Yankee-style is the order of the day.

    And where the dude in question will have to rub shoulders (and who knows what else) with the legions of Chinkies, Injuns, Japs, Koreans, Jews and other Kaffirs who have made the Valley a mecca for global talent!

    Very unlike the Malaysia that the warrior dude and his fellow travellers keep on emoting about - one in where the minorities are seen and not heard, and who have to suck it up and shut up in return for the largesse bestowed on them by the generous majority!

    Oi, dude - go and tell the PM that he is way offbase in pushing Malaysia into the TPP FTA. The end of preferential procurements by GLCs and state-owned enterprises? Like that, negotiated projects how?

  29. Skilgannon10665:00 pm

    Anon 10:58 PM

    Yup - we all know about a certain former Johor MB and the aborted "Floating City" project, the concrete piles serve as a stark reminder of corporate hubris! Not to mention the several abandoned shopping malls and housing developments that litter Johor Bahru and it's suburbs.

    A little bird told me that this latest agreement between Peter Lim and the parties in Johor may include clauses on mandatory arbitration outside Malaysia in the event of disputes etc. And if there were Singapore or international law firms involved in drawing up and vetting the agreement, the chances are that it will be as "watertight" as possible.

    Nope, the party who has to be worried over this development is KPJ and it's Johor Specialist Hospital which is desperately trying to remake itself into a preferred choice for rich Johoreans and Singaporeans. But it's a long ways to go for what is clearly a user-unfriendly set-up, no matter that they employ winsome ladies who are bilingual in Malay and English as meet-and-greet staff at the hospital entrance!

  30. letgoland5:45 pm

    Oi Wan firdaus pendek banyak jerawat muka macam babi laknak.

    kalo nak kaya pun bior ler cara betul. ko patutnya create employment. cuba ko tengok steve forbes atau mark zuckerberg, ada ka depa terus lompat jadik director kat US company? ini ko masuk johor corp mcm bapak ko punya kompani. ko tak malu ker? kalo betul ler ko ada maruah, ko patut let-go aje position director tuh. ko pun tahu yg ko memang tak layak. profit & loss, balance sheet pun ko tak paham. kulim dan damansara realty bukan bapak ko punya, atau Ghani Zapin punya, atau Zaki dan barua2 tingkat 4? ko tolong berambus dari johor ler. org johor dah muak tengok muka pukimak ko. ko memang penipu. penat aje mak bapak ko anto ko pegi sekolah agama, ko jadik pukimak rupanya. menate babi mu!

  31. Jasper Bloodstone6:57 pm

    Wassamatter with all these wankers with their oblique comments? You all not brave enough to take on these interests in Johor head-on over the recently announced deal?

    Btw, a big chunk of Peter Lim's wealth sits in his stake in Wilmar that is listed on the Singapore Exchange. And Wilmar, as we all know, is part of Robert Kuok's business empire. And Kuok's connections in Johor go back a long, long way.

  32. Paine7:52 pm

    Peter Lim is just capitalizing on the new ruling by Singapore government. Their Medisave is paying out their patients to seek treatment in Malaysia, which is significantly cheaper. Guess Malaysians shouldn't miss the boat again to Singaporeans.

  33. Anonymous who said...

    as expected...not a peep..not a fucking peep from rocky..big cat..big dog and all the other umno dicks about swapping cow's for condo' very typical very fucking typical..



    You are right, I should say something.

    I would like to thank Najib Razak for his brand of transparency and good governance. The Auditor-General's report, which was brutally frank in its content with regards to the government of the day, made no attempt to sweep anything under the carpet. Syabas.

    If it was someone else running this country other than Najib, I am quite sure the Auditor-General's report would never have seen light.

    Or, if it miraculously does see light, a gag order would have been issued quickly!

    So yes, Anon, we must remind those cows debating the issue not to forget that the issue came about as a result of an audit by this government on itself. They should give credit where credit's deserved.


  34. Anonymous8:34 pm

    As usual this bigCat, Rocky and gang always used term like 'sure and certain'. How naive and immature these so called BN bloggers? Cannot be so sure lah? How can? Do you have 100% fact? Even you have, you guys were interpret them at your fancies and please lah, next time tell us, maybe or not so sure ok adik semua? Apa lah?

  35. Anonymous10:21 pm

    Sure, we acknowledge the good work of the Auditor General. Nobody I know has said bad things about the Auditor General. But then nobody in UMNO said bad things about the various exposes of the Auditor General. Was he wrong about the cows for condo ? Was he wrong about Ng Yen Yen's curi-curi Malaysia scams ?

    Latuk Locky, your silence is so deafening.


  36. I'm always getting drunk at GAB10:28 pm

    Agreed Skilgannon1066!

    On another note, when ppl talkin dun butt in la matcha.

    Only in Matcha Mail you get two matcha goons trying to silence everyone up.

  37. Anonymous12:59 am

    For people like Skillgannon 1066 and others of his type:

    Read, watch, and get a life. Perhaps locked up in a closet Chinese racist pipsqueak like Singapore would not help mind matters.

    But it would be better to a get a slice of life before reality moulds away before one's very eyes.

    Aas for Warrior's sabbatical, stint, consultancy service or whatever, that is entirely his business being the pragmatic Melayu Bermaruah he is. At least, he has got where he has with his brains unlike many Chinese gangster brats who have nothing value added to offer except garbage.

    Oh, yes, the sudden silence about Peter Lim is deafening to say the least!

  38. trifling-jester9:26 am

    rocky - you are quite good. you take the issue of cows = condos to highlight najibs transparency. well done

  39. Anonymous10:45 am

    That's it ? We praise the Auditor General, we praise Najib for being open, then we close the book and turn over to sleep ? Ingat rakyat bodoh ke ?


  40. Shariff1:26 pm

    Actually we have had similar revelations in previous AG reports. However as now no action is ever taken and no Minister or Civil Servant has ever been taken to task or resigned. In fact we get excuses for way over priced binoculars and laptops.
    We even have Noh Omar and KJ giving bullshit excuses which border on the insane. PM maintains an elegant silence and keeps these morons in cabinet.
    It would be good and very popular with the rakyat if PM said enough is enough and sack these idiots that are bringing BN down. I also include your Bete noire Rais Yatim! How the hell can PM keep a tool like him in such a crucial Ministry....Rais is one of those morons who are effectively destroying any communication Govt has. And Rais cannot be trusted as he has switched sides so often even he is confused!

  41. keng tiong hai2:43 pm

    everyone seem to be protecting their own interest and making money for them self.
    I guess it is everyone for them self and no one is there to protect the odinary rakyat.

    keng tiong hai
    shah alam

  42. Skilgannon10664:52 pm

    Anon 12:59 AM

    Sorry to disappoint you, ah. I have been to Si Valley many times, I have friends there who work as angel investors, start-up mentors and venture capitalists.

    So, I know what makes Si Valley tick.

    And African Americans are doing ok in Si Valley. Maybe not great when compared with the WASPs, Chinese, Indians, Filipinos and Israelis, but hey, it's meritocracy out there. And if African Americans don't have the academic skills and entrepreneurial nous to make a mark there, then, just too bad. You want affirmative action Malaysian-style to prevail in the Valley? Dream on, brudder!

    And why comment on the "silence" about Peter Lim? Why not comment on the "silence" from his business associates in Johor who are not known to suffer fools gladly?

  43. Anonymous5:46 pm

    Agreed Anon 12.59. Good for you.

    Trolls and idiots like Skillgannon and friends should not get away with lies, hearsay and plain ol' sampah.

    If they have nothing better to do better keep their itchy hands off the keyboard.

  44. Ironic isn't it skilly? Warrior who always call for expelling non malay n non muslim from Malaysia has himself left Malaysia, perhaps for good.

    Silicon valley has many chinese, indian, n christian-malay (filipino), many higher up than him. The place has low tolerance for racist n religious bullshit. Good place for him to learn to be less of bigot.

    Tip: Gilroy has good deal on winter clothing, shoes n clothes. Take 101 south.

  45. wow this is really weird, just because the news said "some royalty has make a deal with some Singaporean billionaire" everyone goes berserk, blame ghani, blame PM, heck even blaming the guard at that 10hectare land.

    but no one try to find out if this so called royalty is like the cousin or the son of sultan or even the sultan it self?

    then no one try bother to check out if this so called Singaporean billionaire are actually buying the so called royalty company shared or creating a new one or is this Singaporean actually has the ball/resources to actually open up a Hospital or not?

    I don't understand...where is the part that we need to worried???
    i mean you all can accept every single thing that being brought in as long its related to PR rite, something like the spice development, i don't see anyone condemn LGE how hipo he can be, he is the land committee yet there is no letter of declaration even to his council about spice or answer why is that the council actually paying back to the company make the spice development???

    i know how about lets try this way some anon said ghani makan rasuah rite. SO I DARE THE ANON TO MAKE REPORT TO SRPM, I MEAN WHAT YOU GOT TO LOSE YOU ALREADY HAVE Dato Lim Kang Hoo, Azman Mokhtar. AND UPEN Johor AS BIG WITNESS..


    ADA TELUR KE TAK???? kasi keluar lah satu bukti.
    kami rakyat tak berapa nak hina nak tengok jugak ANON yang serba terrer ni bagi letup itu jcorp.

    Be realistic lah bro, do you think the PM have all the time in the world to watch all the bitches in all corp in MALAYSIA????



  46. Skilgannon10666:08 pm

    Well, let's see how the Singapore papers covered this story in their reports on Nov 10.

    The Straits Times had it on their front page with the heading "Peter Lim, Johor royalty to build JB medical hub".

    The Business Times also carried it on their front page with the heading "Peter Lim raised $2b toast to healthcare in JB".

    The ST also carried a photo of Peter Lim with Tunku Ismail Idris ibni Sultan Ibrahim from the Johor royal family.

    The ST report also included a quote from Mr Koh Kim Huat, director of Best Blend (the joint-venture company behind the proposed development:

    "Peter and the Sultan are old friends, and they wanted to do something meaningful, so they decided to build a hospital to provide quality health care, where the main beneficiaries will be from Singapore and Johor".

    The BT report noted that Best Blend is owned 70 per cent by Mr Lim and 30 per cent by the Johor royal family.

    The 10-hectare waterfront site in downtown Johor Bahru , between Jln Stulang Darat and Jln Ibrahim Sultan, is near the new JB CIQ complex and overlooks the Johor Strait directly across from the old British Naval Base site in Singapore.

    The proposed JB Medical Hub and Marina City project will include a 200-bed hospital, a training school for nurses and hospital technicians, a mega shopping mall, service apartments and a fully secured car park, according to the BT report.

    A "fully secured car park", eh? It's good to know that some things in JB haven't changed......

  47. Anonymous8:33 pm

    Macam mana Royalty boleh terlibat dalam business.!! dah lah habis tanah2 rakyat nak dikebas nya.
    Ini belum sentuh pasal harta pusaka Almarhum lagi... mesti org RAMAI dah sedia maklum. Kalau didedahkan turun lah takhta hendaknya..
    sepandai-pandai tupai melompat akhirnya ke tanah jua... satu hari akan kena jugak...InsyaAllah.
    Tiada siapa yang kebal dari undang2...

  48. Anonymous1:45 am

    Ha ha ha thing we will hear is Skillgannon the Moron barking his mouth off that he knows Obama and his man they even eat Chee chor Fun together!!

    If all you are interested in is bragging your arse off here, Skillgannon 1066, its your right to do so but spare us your drivel, will ya? We are not like your pet pig, oinking and shitting away while its stupid drunken master mumbles garbage about Silicon valleylah, Harrodlah, David joneslah which he saw on some tv documentary or travel show!!. Talk about empty boasters making a racket for some attention!

    As for his oher nick? or sidekick, the Beano...been out of the cartoon store lately, silly toon? No one ever mentioned Warrior going off for good and as I said the facts, despite Skillgannon's lame denial, clearly show an anti-black discrimination at work in the silicon valley just as in all the other places in the US.:

    So get a grip on reality before it has you for lunch and you end up a stupid closet-minded prig of a pig like Skillgannon 1066 (if you are not him in disguise)

    finally, what SG1066 just said about blacks and meritocracy is just hogwash. By implying that Blacks are academically inferior, SG is just replaying the White Man;s tune. It shows the racist Chinese prig he really is- an oriental Uncle Tom sucking up to his gwailoh overlords and thats typically singaporean. Come on debunk me after reading this or you people going to say ZDnet is swill. I can hear the echoes already or will it be silence is indeed golden?:

  49. Beano1:02 am

    Hello Anon 1:45 aka warrior,

    You forgot presence of Asians (chinese, viets, japanese, koreans, indians, filipinos) n mid easterns (iranians, syrians, lebanese) who work and do well in the valley. Just last week, we had a business meeting with a mid eastern-american who has his own hightech company in sunnyvale.

    Now lets compare with home country here where blatant ethnic barriers exist to block people of certain races in education, in government, n also business. Don't just look at the chinese, what about the indians? What about the natives who despite their bumi status get scraps from government because of their religion?

    Cannot see the forest for trees?

  50. Skilgannon10668:02 am

    Hi, Rocky

    I posted a response to Anon 1:45 AM. Is it still being vetted or didn't it meet with your approval?

  51. Jasper Bloodstone5:44 pm


    You said it right, Sir! People like Anonymous 1:45 AM & warrior haven't the faintest idea of what makes Silicon Valley tick.

    Didn't JJ, in a previous iteration, try to do that?

    Not to say that there aren't Malaysians working in Silicon Valley. There are a fair number of them, not only in startups, but also in the likes of Google, Facebook and eBay. Plus those who graduate from Stanford, Caltech or UC Berkeley and land jobs in the Valley instead of returning to Malaysia.

    Though how we digressed from the topic of Peter Lim and his Johor connections is a mystery, unless such digression was deliberate.

    Note how Johor Umno has been markedly circumspect about the Peter Lim project in JB, although there could be rumblings under the surface.

    Also, the remaking of downtown JB from it's current rundown and sleazy personal is known to be a topic that is close to the minds of those who are sceptical about the whole Iskandar shebang.

    Plus the Johor MB hasn't made the remaking of downtown JB a cause celebre, has he?

  52. Anonymous12:16 am

    3 points suffice.

    1.My point was in response to the Chinese lout's claim that SV is meritocracy in motion. I showed that to be clearly untrue, supported that with 2 links. No responses in the form of denial or alternative evidence to the contrary was ever forwarded. What we have is a posse of jokers (obviously the same person with different nicks)hiding behind garbage generalisations masquerading as comments. Desperate times need desperate measures as usual. A standard operating procedure.

    2. The piece on Peter Lim was based on research. Whether UMNOites or anyone for that matter is happy or unhappy is immaterial. The piece was merely to show that yet another Singapore Chinese "poseur" (like all Chinese everywhere) is just another show pony and good luck to whoever is dealing with show ponies.

    3. Why Warrior's name is creeping into the equation beats me( a haunting at work???. To associate me as him aka style is laughable. FYI, we feted Warrior at The Social before he jetted off. That he will be back eventually is a given. Whether he does so during his breaks from Santa Clara is his personal business.What should be noted is that Warrior had alot of malaysian friends during his student days in Palo Alto California and I happen to be one of them. In any case, he would never ever write "chinese" ( such is his disdain and deep seated hatred for what he calls "hypocrites", something which we may not all share, including his friends, me included) and of course his responses would be colorful to say the least when compared to mine. So lets quit unfairly dragging him into the equation, can we?.

    Finally, we may give the matter a rest or continue raking it till kingdom come. I,for one, am game to move on, letting the readers be the judge.

  53. Jasper Bloodstone10:43 am

    Anon 12:16 AM

    Peter Lim a Singapore Chinese "poseur"? That will be news to Ron Dennis of Mclaren! Or to the Kuoks of Wilmar!

    And are you implying that the Johor royals and their advisers didn't do their homework before deciding to partner up with Peter Lim?

    Come on, dude - spill it out!

    As for warrior, time and history will show who's right and who's wrong.