Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Crucial Friday meeting for Tony's Labu

With MoF and EPU. Air Asia's Tony Fernandes is still pushing for his own airport despite all the protests from members of the public and the arguments against the Labu airport, including the reservation expressed by Khazanah Inc, which is chaired by the Prime Minister.
According to sources, he will be making a last-ditch pitch with the Economic Planning Unit and the Minister of Finance to secure approval for the highly-contentious project.
It will be tough to get past the EPU and MoF guys. They know that the cost of building the LCCT would include constructing a fuel farm by Petronas, which will be borne by the Government. Unless Air Asia plan to build a pipeline from KLIA to feed LCCT, or drive fuel bowsers all the way from KLIA to Labu. And are Air Asia and Sime Darby planning to privatize Immigration, Customs, etc.?

Still, we await Friday's meeting.

p.s. An editor told me that if CIMB is planning to be involved in the project, that will add another problem. CIMB is headed by the Finance Minister's little brother. Conflict of interest.


  1. Anonymous1:40 pm


    Kita orang Melayu selalu boleh dibawa ke sana dan ke sini. There is more to Tony's plans than meets the eye. There is other thinking lurking in the background.

    It is to Singapore's interest to have as many airports as possible built in Malaysia - and using public funds. So that no single airport in Malaysia, especially the KLIA, will become a major airport in this ASEAN region.

    If Tony gets his airport, then it will kill off KLIA's growth. KLIA will NEVER achieve the 125 million passengers which it is designed for. Tony's LCCT also will not grow big because KLIA will still have airlines flying there.

    So both the KLIA and LCCT will be stunted in their growth. Then to survive both the LCCT and KLIA will have no choice but allow other airlines to pick up passengers from here and fly them to Changi Airport in Singapore. For our survival we will become feeder airports to Singapore for international connnectivity.

    Air Asia and MAS will become feeder airline for Singapore airline companies. Maybe one day we will be forced to 'ticket share' with Singapore airlines for survival.

    They have a similar policy for sea ports.

    Allowing Air Asia to fly from Penang to Changi or Kuching to Changi is also suicidal. They are feeding into Singapore and bypassing KLIA. Tony's argument about promoting tourism is crap. They are promoting Singapore. Air Asia has now become Singapore's national 'feeder airline'.

  2. Anonymous1:44 pm


    How glad am I to have Dollah as my PM - just for 5 years.


    why be so desperado and fishy? Don't be another Patrick Badawi.

    Trying to cover something in Air Asia by abusing Sime Darby ?

    Or KJ and Kali trying to make money before Dollah retire ? Remember the IJN case.

    Everywhere in the world, only the government is spending to boast the economy as private sectors trying to cut cost, yet in Putrajaya it's the other way round.

  3. Anonymous2:07 pm


    I am surprised that EPU still exist under Pak Lah admin. I thought all proposal have to go thru 4th floor boyz. Faster maa

  4. Anonymous2:18 pm

    Tony oh Tony,

    why don't you fuck your aircrafts somewhere else. As if Air Asia so big like your head.

    Singapore airlines have many aircrafts too, not counting their Silk air, tiger Air and Nike Air, yet they park all at Changi.

    Mind you Changi serve thousand of aircrafts each day, yet to solve their problem, they just expand Changi instead of building another airport at Pulau Batu Putih.

    Is it too difficult to solve your problem or you're just creating monster.

  5. Anonymous2:22 pm

    Dear Rockybru,

    That's why we need Pakatan Rakyat to takeover the federal government because all the current top politicians, UMNO, MCA, MIC all have interest in various company leveraging on Malaysia. We are all beholden to these people. Let Pakatan takeover and see one by one those company & contracts if lopsided and not beneficial to us, but only to select few fat pockets. We even have murder case that can be swept under the carpet. As much as you like to pro-Mahathirism for whatever nostalgia or purposes, he is no angel and part of the problem comes from his doing also. Let nostalgia past and the new fresh people to look at the problem. Like Obama, change change change.....

    The Watcher in the Rye

  6. Anonymous2:26 pm

    The basic problem is with Malaysia Airports who are just plain lazy leg-shaking Government servants. Why don't they just push ihe development of KLIA according to original blueprint. I believe the masterplan is gathering dust somewhere in KLIA. Just wait till the Pakatan Rakyat is the government from next General Election and I can assure you that KLIA will be bursting at the seams ... Wali Kota

  7. Anonymous2:33 pm


    can you show me your simple and basic SWOT analysis why I should consider to your LABU project.

    p.s don't have to cc to Dollah as he don't understand it.

  8. anon 140 : my sentiments exactly.. bodoh la melayu asyik leka sahaja... sibuk nak cari duit negara tergadai...

    iskandar, tanjung pelepas, pasir...

  9. This one "Labu" that we should not allow to "terjun" into the river as it will affect the greater good of the country. If Tony is indeed a true Malaysian, bincanglah baik-baik with MAHB on how to cut costs etc. Mau pikir untung saja!

  10. Anonymous2:50 pm

    Whatever it is I hope the people that has the power to make the decisions will make a right one for the sake of the country and its people. Please, please, please.


  11. Wah,

    Tony is so powerful now, he forgot how it was when he first started the airline....dont be a nandri kattey nai'e la Mr tony, jangan la itu macam anney...

    You speak English with mat Salleh slang doesnt mean that you have to forget your root anney...

    Remember, who helped you then???

  12. Bro,

    Bush just got a title of the worst ever US president, means he is even pariah than nixon.

    Do u also make a countdown of who is the worst PM in Malaysia upon this march???

    To tony,

    No need for more explaination, you LCCT idea is stupid....

  13. Anonymous3:11 pm


    Aku rasa macam nak sunatkan aje
    si Toni ni.

    Dia ingat dia macam Joj Bush ke, ikut logik dia aje apa yang dia rasa nak buat.

    Kena baling dengan terompah aku baru dia tau nanti

  14. Anonymous3:21 pm

    Apa kaitan Zionisma dengan nilai-nilai Melayu?

    Sila baca, jangan tak baca...

  15. Tony...go to Thailand la...why you want to stay here since the Govt never help you what...

  16. Anonymous3:45 pm

    I like the ring to the name 'Tony Labu'

    "Bapa saya bilang hari ini hari bodoh saya, tuan" Ha ha ha.

  17. Anonymous3:46 pm

    To facilitate AirAsia’s move from Subang Airport to KLIA in 2002, AirAsia was given a waiver of all aeronautical charges (excluding Passenger Service Charge (PSC)) paid by AirAsia for their flights over and above what the airline was paying at Subang Airport. This waiver was for a period of five years (2002-2007) and was applicable not only at KLIA but also at all other airports in Malaysia that AirAsia may operate to. This waiver was for both domestic and international flights, which includes landing, parking, aerobridge and check-in counter charges. AirAsia also enjoyed special rental rates for office space at all airports.

  18. Anonymous3:54 pm

    Labu hould be considered and decided on these priorities -
    1. Public national interests
    2. Private passenger interests
    3. Financial and fiscal funding
    We all need to keep our feet on the ground to look at the pros and cons objectively. Unless the pros far outweigh the cons, it should be a no-go at this present time. And remember to look 'between-the-lines' and the small-print. When the going is presented to be too good to miss, there's always some hidden 'catch' somewhere to be uncovered sooner or later.

  19. Anonymous4:02 pm

    Wonder what Pakatan Rakyat leaders think about with this issue. Yeah, let it be, they will say. Go ahead and build. And when we come to power, we shall dismantle it.

    Just a side track. The call for change really does not change anything. I was at SS2 area this morning looking for a parking lot with great difficulty, but found one eventually. As a good citizen, I walked to get a parking ticket a short distance away. And when I got back to the car, a superficient uniformed council employee was almost ready to slap a summons on my wind screen. I was only away for less than 4 minutes and out of nowhere this guy appeared. Wow, what efficiency! But the clogged drains and filth nearby goes un-noticed.

    So much for the call for change.

    Now, let's see what the PR boys has to say about this.


  20. Anonymous4:02 pm

    hey rocky! actually i'm ur blog reader u know but now i stop visiting ur blog ever since u becoming pro mahathir unlike RPK n other barisan rakyat blogers standing by his own mind.u hv gone back to ur ketuanan melayu idealoji together with tun mamak.

  21. Pls look at the National Interest point of view not what Tony thinks
    ASk Tony to pay AA debt to MAHB and now..

  22. Anonymous4:11 pm

    Watcher in the Rye n wali kota

    Instead of having fakatan choirboys, old geezers, turbaned lollies, bespectacled nerds scrummaging for the leftovers after Sleepwalker's waking retreat, i have 2 better suggestions:

    1. a military takeover with a technocrat govt with tun dr M at the helm to restore order and sanity


    2. A military coup'd'etat with Raja nazrin and other technocrats like Prof Ariff from MIER etcetera to helm things for good.

    In both scenarios, all political parties to be proscribed for good and shoot on sight order be meted out on candlelight vigilers, sadhu mobs, Cleaners and human rights vigilantes who think they are god's gift to Canland.Also malay rights, language, culture and Islam to reign supreme in the new scheme of things and to hell with the contrarians!.

    Warrior 231

  23. Anonymous4:27 pm

    There is one message BN politicians to hear. We the rakyat say NO TO BN in the next election. No Labu Labi.

  24. Anonymous4:44 pm

    hello mr tony..can you help bn by just be low profile?because of you , bn will finish next election.stop being proxy to paklah and co.and you must remeber if pakatan take over,you must settle you debth to mahb RM550million..and make sure the staff can form a union like mas staff also must report to the public how you loss RM650 million on lehman need to cover your staff with baju kurung ,and you must anounce to public where is the money and profit of air asia.After making turnover RM650 million air asia profit is RM68,000.maybe you will get arrest because of creating another ponzi scheme or kumpulan petra group by mislead the public with your brags.. ..?

  25. Dear Bro,

    Labu is born because of inactivieness & mismanagement at MAHB?

    Just sell MAHB to Tony and let him beat Singapore Changi & Bangkok!

    Go Tony! Malaysia Boleh!

  26. Anonymous5:48 pm

    Salam Rocky,

    As far as I am concerned, Sime Darby; the landowner and would to be builder of the said airport, is owned by Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB), a vehicle set up by the Government in early 1980s to help build, develop and enhance the equity ownership of the Malays. Being the largest owner of Sime Darby, PNB must exercise its exclusive right to protect the economic interest of the Malays by disagreeing to the proposal simply by requesting for an EGM to make a resolution to stop other 'setan bisu' directors from aggreeing to the hawkish capitalist proponent (the Airy company for taking the directors of Sime Darby for a cheap ride).

    In addition, Sime Darby as a listed corporation must by right observe the Code of Malaysia's Corporate Governance Practice. The question is - has the respective directors done their duties properly - request for a thorough feasibility and viability studies, a thorough check on AirAsia's networth, credit ratings, etc (they must take into consideration of the long overdues with MAHB, and with this, can they be sure that the Airy company can afford to pay for the proposed airport's hefty development costs?

    To Tun Tan Sri Dato' Ahmad Sarji, the Chairman of PNB ... as a Malay, I'd like to request for your heroic action by saying "NO" "NO" "NO" to the Board of Directors of Sime Darby or else we'd be cursed by the future generation for blackening the corporate history of the Malays. Tun you must be in the white. Let Mr Black be Mr Black, but not our corporate history!

    Only you as the guardian of Malay unit trustholders can represent us at Sime Darby. Berjuanglah Tun.

    Do something about it Tun! Dont let the hawkish capitalist take us for a ride, rob us in the broad daylight and let us be seen stupid and humiliated for generations.

    Tun you boleh.

    Zaib the angry man

  27. Anonymous6:23 pm

    I think Tony F only wants to push the stupid Gomen into forgiving AirAsia's debts to MAB. By now the outstanding landing fees and parking fees would have run into hundreds of millions of RM. We all know that AirAsia owes MAB over RM 200 million for the period 2001 - 2007, so add two more years of dues for a lot more aircraft, and I think AirAsia won't survive with the current outstandings.

    Tony F has been milking the stupid Gomen for so many years, and he will continue to milk the gomen for more concessions. Otherwise AirAsia dies. Period.


  28. Rocky,

    If tony gets his airport, then it just means one thing. Dia pandai temberang dan kita semua percaya temberang dia.

    We need to look a the facts:

    He thinks he can fly 60 m passengers by 2013. Is this a joke or am I missing something? Exponential growth from 1 plane boleh lah. Look what he said about tune money and tune hotels - so far deadline tak meet pun tapi orang masih percaya sama dia.

    Nanti GLC lagi kena kelentong dengan tune whatchamacallit... tune talk.

    Orang melayu biasa lah, menang sorak, kampung tergadai.

  29. Anonymous7:07 pm

    I wanted to laugh when Tony F posted on his blog that he was willing to pay for the construction of the ATC and CIQ facilities. He even said he is willing to put these personnel under AirAsia payroll. Oh yeah ? Would you put police personnel and medical personnel on your payroll too ?

    Better still, put Amirsham and the rest of the EPU clowns on your payroll too.


  30. Anonymous7:28 pm

    Tony, you're a big conman. I salute you for that. You're doing Malaysia proud. I hope you go to hell.

  31. "It will be tough to get past the EPU and MoF guys. They know that the cost of building the LCCT..."

    The same EPU guys who sold the country to the IPP, Water Privatisation and Toll Highway operators with their one sided agreements, Govt soft loans, generous buy-back and compensation clauses? Who also put in an unconstitutional clause that public works contracts can be hidden from the taxpauer by classifying them under the Official Secrets Act?

    Don't bet your bottom dollar that they will act in the best interest of the PEOPLE who pay their salaries.

    No, they will act in the best interest of UNMO and then BN and screw the taxpayer in the process. Wait and see!!

  32. Anonymous8:51 pm

    As far as the public is concerned, Air Asia has bring more benefit to the public then KLIA. The public should support them if the new airport will not jeopardize safety of its users.

    So far Air Asia have reduce the cost of air fare significantly.

    On the other hand, KLIA manages to stretches or increase the cost to public by building the furthers airport ever.The Taxi fare is about the same as the flight fare for most local flights.

    The Subang Airport was also suggested as it is in close proximity to KL. But, for the interest of KLIA (not the public) it is not approved.

    Who cares if KLIA goes bankrupt. This country should be managed for the people not for big corporation.


  33. Anonymous8:56 pm


    Pls tell Tony..his playing with fire.Now he use crap govt servant to secure his end of the day ..he will be use by this crap govt servant/politician.Remember Tajuddin.?


  34. Anonymous9:44 pm

    Why are we afraid of changes? we seem to be hammering down any new ideas or any ideas that are against the mainstream. Now, I'm just saying this from a neutral perspective. The fact of the matter is a private business person using private funds wants to invest in a business risk, i.e. the airport. what's wrong with that? To Tony, its a calculated risk that will cultivate healthy revenues. Isn't that the fundamentals of business? Lets not forget the economic multiplier upside, i.e. job creation, creations of new businesses, establishing a low cost aviation hub, increase in tourism dollar, etc...

    By and large Malaysians are just a pessimistic bunch in terms of accepting new ideas...we seemed to be bogged down with certain dogmas, i.e. that businesses must be a monopoly, competition is bad, we must stick to the tried and tested event though the world is changing, etc...

    Some of us seem to be habitual in our ways of lambasting any new changes or ideas...Albert Einstein said "“If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it”..

    John Cage rightly said "I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones."

    Common people, start embracing new ideas...its a brave new world out there!

  35. Anonymous10:18 pm

    The Rakyat has been duped again !!BEWARE OF AIR ASIA MELTDOWN and RAKYAT BAIL OUT !!!

    A case of charging BUSFARE to travel on RM 150 MILLIONS machine (70 x 150 M = RM 10.5 BILLIONS and 100 more to come ) ..... and TF can still say " I know Malaysians very well," said Fernandes, a native of Malaysia. "If you put a fare low enough, they'll risk their lives," he said, as the crowd laughed.


  36. Anonymous10:24 pm

    For someone who started an airline with $2/-,,,,pls don't get carried away-lah.
    I think, Tony you got too greedy and you will have to suffer now !
    We the rakyat were all for you once but since your head got too BIG, we are having 2nd thought about you nowadays.
    Still not too late to work it out with the Authorities,,,don't be to arrogent-lah brother.
    Take it easy,,,,relax, you can do it. Slow slow o.k. Tony !
    Aviation business very risky,,,so don't rush with your decision,,,,SWOT it properly.


  37. Anonymous10:24 pm

    I guess a good way to move forward is to setup a commision with members of the parliament from both parties and release the investigation report to the public since it is hard to judge the decision of setting up the new terminal based on the various potentially biased arguments provided by Air Asia or by MAHB.

    We will be able to make an objective feedback on what is right for the country based on the report

    If the new terminal is the way to go, regulations should be setup to provide guidelines such as the landing rights (I think MAHB should be privately owned but with strict air regulations too) and a requirement on setting up a government bond security should be in placed to prevent a potential default on the proposed terminal since it is privately owned and anything can happened today( unless the government is willing to bail them out if they do go default).

    Building a new private terminal involves the public interests and it is right to involve the people in deciding the green light for the project unless the proposed project is just a private plane parking lot which is used to store the new Air Asia planes.

    (P.S Did Air Asia make an arrangement on the planes before they placed an order for their new planes because if they do not achieve their expected growth flight sales, they will incur a lower profit margin since they will have to repay their loans for the purchase of the planes(In $USD) and they will have to pay for the storage(a.k.a parking) cost for the idle planes)


  38. Anonymous11:03 pm


    I would like to know why the cabinet made the decision for Tony Fernandez to build the Labu LCCT. This decision clearly not n the interest of the nation.

    How can our elected government make this kind of decision? Each and every Minister need to explain why they agree to this plan. Let the people know, so that they can decide if they want these MP to continue to represent them.

  39. Anonymous11:22 pm

    this the problem when this tony who thinks he is another donald trump. he is where he is today with the crutches given by somebody in power especially with the help of the 4th floor boys.

    now he wants a wheel chair powered by the rakyat's money. very arrogant beast this is.

    if this time the powers that be buy his stupid idea, it just shows that the political party they are in is going to be doomed in the next GE.

    in the first place, has AA paid all their dues to MAB? if not tony should just better shut up.

    -double A shit

  40. Anonymous11:33 pm


    Suprise.After Cabinet give approval to the project and EPU andMOF want a briefing.

    God Bless You Pak Lah.Flip Flop.

  41. Anonymous12:49 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Even im proud on the the success of Air Asia but i 100% against the Labu Airport....And i more against of idea let the Pakatan Rakyat Take over the government....PR will be same if not worst then current govnmt....I have a chance to minggle with PR key persons....Guest what?...They can even said that this our time to make money after so long BN make money....and can have the ideas how to get government contract without rakyat realize.....

    So what make the different between Pakatan Rakyat and BN? Only PR not in totall power so they can condemm others.....Do you think when they take over federal government (Sept 2008...2009...2010)they will b clean govern?...

    Easy to saying "Sept 2008 will take over govern"...Anyone can talk,,,,and than find excuse whn thing not happen (the numbers is increasing by hours?????)....Same like Tony...he is good but in certain situation he has to create and find excuse to safe his company....Said NO TO LABU AND SAID NO TO PR...


  42. Anonymous4:46 am


    Tony is desperate. So is Kalimullah. We must do what we can to stop the cronies to screw our country. I know that Tan Sri Nor Yakop is a close friend of Tony and Kalimullah.

    Malaysia is run by cronies these days!

    Bloody cronies

  43. Anonymous7:35 am


    People have said it all. The only thing left for me to say is if we continue to build the Labu LCCT, then the whole world will say, Malaysia and Malaysians are stupid. Only after the rakyat voted out BN's government (that approves Labu LCCT project) in the 13th General election, then the world will say Malaysia and Malaysians are starting to get smarter again.

    Rosli Dhoby.

  44. Anonymous8:44 am

    Tuesday, January 20, 2009
    Coming soon: AirAsia's billion ringgit crash
    As reported in Forbes Asia, 12 Jan 2009:

    And in the third quarter, ended Sept. 30, the airline suffered its first net loss since it went public in 2004--a total of $136 million, much of that because the airline hedged against higher oil prices before they fell dramatically. More losses are coming because it thought oil prices would remain at $70, but now they've fallen below $40. Even at $50 the airline projected it would lose some $481 million on its soured hedges, though Fernandes says the lower fuel prices will allow him to make up the losses in three months. Some analysts have downgraded the stock from neutral to sell.The Group seeks to hedge this fuel price risk by entering into jet fuel derivatives contracts.

    ( Hit By Turbulence; Fewer people are flying, but AirAsia is deploying more planes. Tony Fernandes bet wrong on fuel prices, but his play for discount travelers may pay off. Ioannis Gatsiounis and staff ;12 January 2009, Forbes Asia .

  45. Anonymous9:25 am

    Tony is a selfish man. he says things to `thug' your hearts - rakyat terminal, airasia family, blah blah blah but it all for his selfish reasons. i was there before. all BS.

    enufff bS

  46. LCCT in Labu is no more just a gimmick by Air Asia to get what they want from MAHB.

    They owned MAHB more than Rm140 million on back charges.

    The money owned to MAHB probably had been paid in full already by Air Asia passengers.

    Solute to Mr. CEO of Air Asia. But i dont think they can fool the cabinet ministers and EPU any longer.

    And more do you think Air Asia has the billions of Ringgit to execute the said project. I doubt.

  47. Anonymous9:38 am

    i dont see statement from PR leaders on this issue..

    If they provide links..


  48. Anonymous10:16 am

    Tony Fernandez and Air Asia is expanding at a breakneck speed. When this happens lots of things will not be thought through. Very scary. When you are speeding the the fall will be sudden and very disastrous.

    By 2014 Tony will have more than 30new Boeings/Airbus. THis means he will have borrowings in the billions. If the LCCT Labu goes through he will have to fork another few billions. When you have people borrowing billions start to be suspicious.

    Tony, focus on your core business. Let managing an airport and LCCT to others.

  49. Anonymous11:55 am

    im not that good at 'sejarah' BUT jatuhnya era kesultanan melaka (la ni mamak ali rustam dok jaga) ke tangan Protugis (atuk kpd atuk Ronaldo) adalah angkara putaq belit mamak-mamak 'koliang'... ada setuju!

  50. Anonymous1:21 pm

    Priory of Scion:

    You sound just like Tony Fernandez - purely private enterprise so what's the fuss ? The fuss is that there is simply duplication of resources whether it is private sector funded or public sector funded. In this case, it is both, because ATC, CIQ, public security and public transport are either subsidised with public money or built by the gomen. Worse, I can assure you that Tony F has the EPF in mind when it comes to funding this outrageous project.

    The bottom line is this - we mustn't allow capitalism to go amok. We can't say that we will duplicate some things just because we are not happy with the existing service. Change the existing service provider is the answer, not "I will build another one with my own money".

    The other thing to consider is this - construction profits are made upfront, but the successful operation of something like an airport is only going to be proven over time. What if Labu fails ? Is it in the rakyat's interest to bail out this project later on ? Especially after people have taken the money upfront ?

    The EPu are idiots if they allow such duplication to take place - at the expense of the poor traveller - and national policy considerations.


  51. Anonymous2:36 pm

    I think it is time for Pak Lah to do his kluk klek. Reverse the cabinet decision.

  52. Anonymous4:48 pm

    Dear Rocky

    AirAsia is using dubiuos reasons to justify its Labu airport proposal to. Below is a positing made to AirAsia today.

    If they can be wrong on simple issues like the ones in the posting below, can we accept their words that they have safety uppermost in their list of priorities?

    Dear Tony

    I would like to point out that AirAsia is using wrong/misleading information in the FAQ to bolster your case that the close proximity of the proposed Labu airport to KLIA does not pose flight safety risks. the statements in question are, and I quote "The two closest runways at KLIA Main Terminal and Labu will have a parallel distance of 7.3 kilometers, which is well above the required international standard of less than 2 kilometers."

    Then you made a comparison with Love Field and Dallas-Fort Worth Airport runway separation by stating, "The distance between the runways at Dallas Fort Worth International(7th busiest airport in the world)and Dallas Love Field(home of LCC pioneer Southwest Airlines are within 5.44 kilometers of each other.

    The two statements above are complete nonsense.

    The 2 kilometer distance between runways applies to parallel runways of the same airport. This is the minimum separation required to enable the two runways to operate independently for flights under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) conditions. This separation st6andard cannot be applied to a runway of a different airport.

    With regard to Labu and KLIA you should be taking airport separation, not runway separation. In this case the distances between Labu airport and KLIA do not meet the ICAO recommended minimum distance of 40 kilometers between airports.

    With regard to separation of the runways of Love Field and Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, the distance between the two airports is 10 nautical miles (my research in the in6ternet) or approximately 18 kilometers. This therefore is the distance separating the Love Field runway from the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport runway. The 5.44 kilometer distance which you refer to in your FAQ is the closest distance of the Dallas-Fort Worth runway to the line of flight or flight path to the Love Field Airport.

    These basic errors will surely affect the credibility of AirAsia's case.

  53. Anonymous5:25 pm

    air asia meltdown? 8:44 am

    why pick on airasia for incurring fuel hedging losses?

    the today newspaper in singapore has reported that singapore airlines (sia) may book hedging losses of about s$330 million for the second half of its financial year ending in march. cimb-gk analyst raymond yap has estimated that sia's fuel hedging loss could be more than s$500 million.

    four other asian airlines - cathay pacific, air china, china eastern and china airlines - have disclosed a combines us$3.5 billion of unrealised losses on fuel hedging.

    so let's not be so patronising with regard to airasia's fuel hedging losses, if well-managed airlines like sia and cathay can also make such losses!

  54. Anonymous8:32 pm

    My guess is... no Labu-Labi LCCT. But don't be surprised if Tony's given the chance to move into KLIA and the warehouse-like LCCT is decommissioned.

    BTW, it looks like a bombastic plastic pendekar here has become so desperate. Since the defeat of UMNO and the blow delivered to both Badawi & Najib in Trengganu... our resident plastic pendekar now hopes to turn our country into a tin-pot banana republic via military coup.


  55. Anonymous2:07 am

    Hi guys,

    Am currently working for one of the airlines in the Middle East, but in my previous life worked for the national airline.

    Had the 'pleasure' of watching TF in action during a meeting with the ministry, basically one held to ensure that all commercial decisions by the individual airlines would collectively benefit the aviation industry in Malaysia.

    Needless to say, his charisma, command of language and..dare I say it, charm, worked magic with the ministry officials.

    I suspect that at the end of the day, friday in this case, TF would get what he wants, perhaps not the Labu airport, but access to KLIA and waiver of all fees, for another 5 years, retroactively assigned.

    Sigh, Malaysia ku yang tercinta...


  56. Anonymous10:37 am

    you see all the typical malay sian stupidity on show here - anon 140, patriot selatan and the so call soldier turn farmer, build like a pugilist (but actually a skinny inbreed jacking behind a pc.

    Tony oh Tony, you proclaimed yourself a true malaysian, in fact you shouted you wanted to help malaysia beat changi airport and even criticised singapore ministers for its policies and even bragged about your entreprenuer capabilities, comparing yourself favourably to gutless singaporean scholars. However, now your stupid fellow malay sian led by this blog owner accused you of being a singapore agent. Thats why i keep telling misguided (loyal to malaysia) non melayu bodohs, "lu cinta bodohland, tapi bodohland (ie melayu because they think they own this country and you are only a pendatang) tak cinta lu. hahaha. still wondering why you want to contribute to this land of majority fools.

    warrior 123

  57. Anonymous10:44 am

    EY001 2:07 AM,

    You are 110 % right.
    Tony is one person who can export Roti canai to India and teach snakes how to build an airport out of LABU.

    He is more cunning than Vinod Sekhar who sold Green Rubber to Die Hard actor.


  58. Anonymous11:03 am

    EY001 2:07 AM,

    You are 110 % right.
    Tony is one person who can export Roti canai to India and teach snakes how to build an airport out of LABU.

    He is more cunning than Vinod Sekhar who sold Green Rubber to Die Hard actor.


  59. Bro,

    I am a full time trader for the FX, Oil and Metal. I dont know who the hell was Tony's adviser till he put his risk into the jet fuel derivatives contracts. For the trader like me.

    We already saw the market has reached the Overbought Level at the price level of USD147 at that time and get ready to SHORT. And US already gave the signal that they are facing recession means bad news for OIL.

    I think that FATSO so smart. But he was outsmart by the future market.

    No wonder he acted like someone that have lost billions of USD in Madoff Ponzi Scheme. Maybe he has some shares in that scheme.

  60. Anonymous5:34 pm

    I see a lot of bright eyes trolling these parts in a "light induced drunken stupor". Apparently they have not read some of my earlier comments which have already alluded to the need for a coup way before KT. These eyes are only bright on the outside but opaque and dark on the inside. Their optic nerves are nothing more than plastic wires embedded within an eggshell that naturally will not transmit any electrical signal to the brain. Even if any miraculously filter through, the decoding mechanisms within the wanked up mashed potato brain is so scrambled to render it utterly useless suffice to allow these scum to hum children ditties and spout inanities in these parts. A brain concussion induced by a rock solid fist to the temporal region administered by a professional is in order if we are to save save certain wide-eyed and brighteyed idiots from extinction....

    Warrior 231

  61. Anonymous4:41 pm

    I think Tony Labu Labi is the same class as the guy who sold green rubber. Synthetic oiled tongue.

  62. Anonymous12:28 pm

    warrior 231,

    You need a punch in your face first before anything. I think "bright-eyes" is a lady if I am not mistaken.