Tuesday, November 22, 2011

One civil servant, 30 bods

Someone's personal gold mine
Felda the feudal mini-empire. One top civil servant in Felda sits on the thrones of dozens of Felda boards (see list above!). And his services are not FOC. He pays himself more than RM600,000 as directors of those BoDs. This is money from the blood, sweat and tears of 112,000 settlers. And you wonder why some dudes would turn his back on the Government and the settler families to safeguard his own welfare!

But why is one civil servant allowed to sit on so many boards? Why is he able to appoint his cronies to flank him on these boards, pay them CEO perks for their services and loyalty, and rule Felda like lords? This does not happen in any other services or departments in the Government. 

It's a long story. And it involves more than one or two civil servants.

When Najib Razak introduced Bakke Salleh (now Sime Darby boss) to Felda, Bakke was the first "outsider" to have an executive position in Felda, now a multi-billion concern started during Najib's father's time as an ambitious scheme to elevate the status of rural folk and turn Malaysia into a major oil palm player. Bakke, the industry knows, faced stiff resistance from inside Felda. Every step of the way. But at least now we have a peek into the inside story of a feudal mini-empire that this small group of civil servants have built and jealously protected over the years like a secret sect.

Sabri Ahmad, who succeeds Bakke, is facing a lot of resistance too. Depan semua diam, belakang semua tikam

Felda Director-General Dzulkifli Wahab, who has openly given his support to the proposed listing of Felda, must be wondering who the Enemies Within and Gunting Dalam Lipatan are. We wonder, too. We wonder if he's going to try and find out for us ...

Dzul, chairman of Felda Cooperative, claimes ignorance
 over the sacking of Isa, his heir apparent, by the Coop  pic by Bigdog


  1. Assalamu'alaikum Dato'...

    Kalau ini mcm punya arrangement, macamana Felda mau jadi global player? Silap-silap haribulan ini macam punya besar company satu hari nanti boleh bungkus angkara little emperors ni. DSN must do something before his political adversaries take advantage of the discontent which will likely come from the settlers in the future. Sayang seribu kali sayang.....

  2. Anonymous1:13 pm

    yo bro,

    apa susah2? our pm should be aware of happenings at felda and its subsidiaries. investigation? let' see.

    and what about a putera umno member who got his name printed for projects at almost all ministries and other agencies? try walk into any ministry and single out any project. the kind of answer you'll get is, "dah booking bawah nama si polan ni..."

    another kalimullah in the making...

    and yet, he goes around asking the malays and felda settlers to vote for umno.

    chuntoi, isn't it?

  3. Anonymous2:53 pm


    Who can that be ? Is he the one who claimed to have a masters degree from a non-existent u ? The general of mat rempit ? And many others......?

  4. Anonymous3:29 pm


    Your viewpoint condemning those in FELDA and running FELDA is most unusual;

    You act as if the PM Najib doesn't exist...He has been going around telling everyone that FELDA is Great and that his Father's Legacy is in good hands.

    You seem to say the opposite!

    Or is it because as in Tun Mahathir's Sarcastic words, "he is too busy"?

    Busy Busy

  5. Anon,

    Felda is doing great, that is correct. And Najib is busy, that is also correct. Also probably correct is he has known all along what's happening in Felda, hence the measures to safeguard it. And true enough, we see these strange elements within Felda -- the ones I call The Enemies Within - coming out of the woodworks to protect their territories.

  6. Anonymous4:36 pm

    While you are checking the Felda BOD, check also:

    1 who are the BODs of GLCs -- and how they are connected outside.
    2 who gets invited on the various governance committees particularly the compensation committees. If I am the Board on one, and a Compensation Committee on another and there is cross members, isn't there conflict of interest there?
    3 how many apartments Felda maintains in London? and who uses these facilities? Am sure they are not meant for the settlers...

    Amat letih

  7. This has gon eon too long...and it has been common knowledge for many many years.
    The question is will anything be done about it and when?

  8. Anonymous5:31 pm

    Boarsd usually sit at least once every quarter and the board meeting is a minimum of half a day and the norm is usually 1 day. Board members usually read and scrutinise all board papers before going in the board meetings, as part of their duty. this will usually take a good part of the night or at least one afternoon. In addition to this, a Chairman has even more duties over and above the attendence of board meetings. This usually uses up at least 1 or 2 days a month.

    So if he sits on the board of 30 subsidiaries, then it would not be incorrect to say that 10-14 days out of every month is spent on board membership duties. He will at least take 1 day off a week.

    Given this how much time does he have left to fulfil his normal duties.

    Go figure it.

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  10. Anonymous6:19 pm

    PM should get a flame thrower and torch UMNO and get rid of all the vermints that is infecting it. thats the only way to win the election!!!!

  11. Anonymous6:31 pm

    Perkasa pon tak bising buat apa Rocky nak bising2 ni ?? Rocky jealous ke ?? dia ni kan Melayu...

  12. Felda used to be great. It started as a great organization with great and noble objective.

    But now it is not. Too corrupted. Too hegemonised. Too heavy.

    And now want to do IPO? Please don't....I dread to see the outcome.

  13. salam bro,

    good job. people blame govt (read:Umno)when thing like this discovered..don't tell me he is so ignorant about pekeliling dan arahan perbendaraan on directorship in govt's subdidiary co..

  14. Anonymous10:32 pm

    looks like Felda is not correct not ok. Maybe ask ahmad maslan, najib's man for felda.

  15. Anonymous10:55 pm

    Rocky, you are complelely wrong. It is the outsiders who are paid 3 to 4 times more than those long serving staff in Felda and it is those long serving staff who bruoght Felda to its current enviable position being the only agricultural statutory body which is self financing.
    Your statement that an officer sits on 30 Boards and get Rm600k fees is mischievious as he has to return to Felda a big chunk of it in line with the Government circular quantifying the amount an officer can keep from Directors fees.

  16. Anonymous10:57 pm

    Hmmm Rocky,

    You should change your name to Lingam


    Busy Busy

  17. Anonymous11:21 pm

    anon 2.53,

    i believe u know who laaaa....

    tak boleh sebut nama, kang kena saman! tak larat nak bayau!

  18. am spreading your blog posts on facebook,, however I have a personal request too.... :))) I wish to contact a certain Tan Sri

  19. Anonymous11:29 pm

    So malu malu cakap one you Rocky.
    This Napoleon is Dzul himself la..you dunno meh.?
    Lu takut saman ka? His montly allowance almost RM600,000 already la...so many years alredi one
    Its a public knowledge ma.
    There are more in other GLC eg LTH.
    You see Felda workers grow sawit like a slave to feed these ppl la !!!!


  20. Dr Fauzi Osman12:17 am


    Felda mempunyai 800,000 ekar tanah ladang.50% di mileki oleh peneroka dan 50% oleh kooperasi Felda.Keuntongan Felda dan kooperasi tak satinggi jika di bandingkan dengan KL Kepong atau IOI.Banyak buah kelapa sawit dan getah hilang di curi oleh peneroka sendiri.Baja hilang racun hilang di jual di luar.Belanja tanam samula hampir 30% lebeh tinggi dari KL Kepong atau IOI.

    Felda mempunyai 70 kelang kelapa sawit dan 15 kelang refinary.Semua rugi.Bila kelang refinary di ambil aleh pengurusannya oleh Alana Group dari Dubai,mereka terus membuat keuntongan.

    Saya ada melawat beberapa kawasan ladang Felda di Johore,ada peneroka yang mempunyai rumah macam istana dan ada juga peneroka yang maseh tinggal dalam rumah kayu asal di bena oleh Felda 30 tahun dahulu.Kita ada banyak university dan ramai proffosor yang pandai.Kenapa mereka tidak berminat membuat kajian social ekonomi Felda dan cuba cari fomula kenapa terdapat social gap di Felda dan Kenapa ada salah urus dalam pentabiran Felda.

    Sawaktu Najib di amanah kan oleh Pak Lah untok menjaga Felda,Najib cuba untok merombak pengurusan Felda.Dato Bakky di bawa masok Felda.Tapi Dato Bakky bukan pandai sangat.Dia sabelum ini merupakan CEO Tabong haji.Tidak ada apa perubahan yang di buat.Bagitu juga dengan Felda.Dia banyak membuat banyak kesilapan dalam Pelaboran Felda.Dia membeli syarikat di Amerika.Semuanya rugi beratus juta.Kesilapan yang paling besar ia lah dengan membeli Syarikat Gula Kuok.Bagi saya ini satu keputusan yang bodoh.Kuok menjual syarikat gulanya kapada Felda kerana Kontrek jangkan panjang nya dengan Australia CRA tamat tahun ini.Dalam kontrek itu ia membeli gula 7 US sen sakilao.Sekarang Felda membeli gula mentah dengan hatga 30 US sen sakilo.Jika tidak ada subsidy dari kerajaan,Felda pasti bankrap.

    Dato Sobri menganti Bakky.Dato Sobri tidak mempunyai latar belakang pengurusan Ladang dan commecial yang kukoh.Saya tidak pasti dia faham masaalah yang sabenar Felda.Dia suka main politik dan kaki ampu.banyak idea dan cakap tapi hasil tak ada.

    Felda merupa kan Syarikat Pusaka dan khazanah yang di tinggalkan oleh Tun Razak.Ia tidak boleh gagal.Ini Amanah besar.

    Isa Samad sabagai ahli politik tidak boleh jadi Chairman nya.Ia main banyak politik.Chairmannya perlu lah di lantek dari orang proffesional dan jika boleh biarlah dia anak peneroka Felda.Sekarang dah ramai anak peneroka Felda yang keluar dari Umiversity.Ada yang dah jadi Peguam,Pensyarah University,accountant dan ahli perniagaan yang berjaya.Tan Sri Razali dari Puncak Niaga telah jadi billionair.Dia Faham sangat masaalah Peneroka Felda dan dia juga orang kuat UMNO.


  21. Hj Ismail12:24 am


    You are directly attacking Dato Zul.KP Felda.I dont think you do your home work.I dont think he pocket 600k a year as director fees.

    Last Ramadan I went to Mecca with him.He paid for all his expenses and travel in economy class.He stay in the Hotel owned by Felda coop in Mecca.I was surprise he paid for the hotel room and expenses.

  22. Rocky.

    You are directly attacking Dato Zul.KP Felda.I dont think you do your home work.I dont think he pocket 600k a year as director fees.

    Last Ramadan I went to Mecca with him.He paid for all his expenses and travel in economy class.He stay in the Hotel owned by Felda coop in Mecca.I was surprise he paid for the hotel room and expenses.

    12:24 AM


    Dear Hj Ismail,

    You said I was attacking Dato Dzul directly? Mmmm. Please read my posting again. Don't think I was. But Dzul definitely is in the position to explain to us all what's going on in Felda.


  23. Salam Bro,

    1. WOW !! lots of blackjack !

    2 SPRM don't play the GAME ?

  24. SuaraFELDA1:11 am

    What's funny about the list is that no.1-16 has Sabri Ahmad as its Chairman, not a mere BoD. Now, BoDs receive from RM500 to RM3,000 as meeting incentives (per meeting). How about the CEO/Chairman? If the civil servant with meeting incentives from being in the BoD is said to have monthly income higher than the KSN, CEO and Chairman of the 16 companies must have made RM3mil per month, at least!

    It is just beyond ridiculous to think that all the companies make monthly meetings because that means the civil servant will have to travel everyday (30 days). Most of the companies (especially the joint ventures ones) have semi-annual meetings. There are not less than 11 of these companies. Companies no. 1-16 , being high-rolllers, must be paying at MOST RM3,000 per meeting.

    Let's do the math.
    RM3000 x 2 meetings per year x 16 companies = RM 96,000

    Now, time for the local, mostly agricultural-related or community-based companies. Being local, they don't give much incentives or benefits at all. Instead, being a BoD you will spend 5-8 hours just looking at all the papers and agreements. Being local and small, the MOST these companies could possibly pay its BoDs per meeting is RM1,500. However, these companies have meetings every quarter of the year or every 2 months.

    If the meetings are held every 3 months;
    (A) RM1,500 x 12 months divided by 3 x 14 companies = RM 84,000

    OK, maybe the meetings are held every 2 months;
    (B) RM1,500 x 12 months divided by 2 x 14 companies = RM126,000

    The most the civil servant can get, if these 14 companies really can't make simple decisions by themselves thus having monthly meetings, is :
    (C) RM1,500 x 12 months x 14 companies = RM252,000

    Total payment : (A)RM180,000 / (B)RM222,000/ (C)RM348,000

    Sorry, I just couldn't get to the RM600,000 that you said but somehow forgot to show the formula. Note that the incentives are The Most that the BoDs can get, not average. Also, he can only get all the incentives if he attend all the meetings.

    If he did attend all the meetings, how did he:
    (1) Perform Umrah on the last 10 days of Ramadhan, in which one particular politician took his position in KPF without informing him? You can read other blogs, if they're honest they'll admit this fact.
    (2) Took part in the whole money-wasting 'penerangan' about FGVH listings in every settlements?
    (3) Manage to attend most of FELDA United's game as team manager in which he volunteered to be without getting paid? (WOW, contradicts with your article,huh?)
    (4) Manage to take part in several Gerak Mesra FELDA and campaigning for BN in those 'pilihan raya kecil' in FELDA settlements?
    (5) Is always available in his office lest he's in a meeting or an outstation?


  25. SuaraFELDA1:12 am

    PART 2

    Looking at those 5 facts, it is hard to believe how he can possibly attend all those meetings and allegedly rake up RM600,000. Oh and by the way, about 2-3 weeks ago, bloggers said he was earning RM1m a year.
    Look (http://bigdogdotcom.wordpress.com/2011/11/18/gunting-dalam-lipatan/)(It's your member's blog)
    3-4 weeks ago, it was a specific RM597,000.
    Look (http://malaysianinsider-malaysiakini.worldheritage.com.my/2011/10/felda%E2%80%99s-ipo-next-year-to-benefit-settlers-others-part-three/)
    What's next, RM2m a year? Yes we follow these hate-and-slander blogs to know what story could you possibly make up to slander a normal civil servant with 34 years of from-bottom-to-top caree. Please don't be too stupid, he has only been the Director General since 2 years ago. He was still a Regional General Manager in Kuantan in 2004, still he works mostly as 'pegawai tadbir' till around 2000-2002. And please stop taking infos from people at the top and start interviewing settlers in big settlements like Trolak, Chini or Jengka and you will find the absolute truth.

    Please don't say we are part of the oppositions, we the people of FELDA hate Pakatan Rakyat more than you all do, mainly because we know and appreciate what the government did for us. We are not fazed by nor trying to play politics, we just want Isa Samad out. Take Sabri Ahmad along if he can. I hope the message is clear.

    P/S: Please, as adviser of Blog House, stop your members from making blogs like this IF you are not related to FELDA, its settlers or the staffs. Give FELDA management a few weeks, and the truth shall prevail.

  26. Anonymous1:13 am

    Oh yes about the widely spread rumours about the expelling of those 4 members. A simple explanation:
    - You, as pro-government blogger must know that all parties have their own Special Committee/Jawatankuasa Khas. This committee is beyond even the power of the president of the party. It is called "Majlis Tertinggi" or "Jawatankuasa Disiplin" or simply "Jawatankuasa Khas".
    - Now, KPF has its own Jawatankuasa Khas,too. And to avoid any stupid allegations, Datuk Dzul is not one of it. He is only the chairman and has no jurisdiction to fire, expel or accept any members of the KPF. He only check papers and contracts and sign what he think will give good investment to the company. The Special Committee makes the decision to fire, expel or accept any members to the KPF.
    - Several years ago, this committee accepted the application of Datuk Bakke Salleh and Tan Sri Yusoff Nor as members of the KPF. Fastforward the story, they accepted the application of Tan Sri Isa and Sabri Ahmad recently.
    - Unfortunately, this application is NOT VALID because it is in violation of article 15 that states the members of KPF must be the settlers, staffs or managements of FELDA. All 4 were contract-based, and so they are unelligible.
    - The Special Committee had thought that this article was to be underestimated because even as an outsider, you would wonder why a FELDA chairman or FELDA Holdings CEO can't have their shares in the KPF.
    - The law is the law, but everyone, including Datuk Dzul was not aware of it. (Thus, the denial)
    - Recently, however, the Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia decided to audit KPF (maybe because of the listing plan) and found out these errors.
    - The SKM report came out and one of its order/suggestion is to expel these 4 members because they have violated the law.
    - If the Special Committee does not oblige, KPF might face severe punishments or ban from the International Co-Operatives Association, not to mention from SKM itself.
    - So the 4 were expelled.
    - Clear now?
    - Nothing to do with anyone, its just about upholding the law. Do note that the Special Committee does not involve Datuk Dzul and there is no way he could have possibly know or do anything about it.

  27. Anonymous1:21 am

    Ya Allah Engkau selamatkanlah kepimpinan FELDA yang kini sedang diasak dari depan dan belakang oleh ahli politik serta kroninya. Ya Tuhan, satukanlah hati peneroka dan kakitangan FELDA agar tegap menangkis anasir luar dari memecah-belahkan kami. Engkau selamatkanlah FELDA dari dijajah oleh orang luar dan Engkau kuatkanlah hati Datuk Dzul agar tabah menerima dugaan demi dugaan sejak kali terakhir bertandang ke rumah-Mu di akhir Ramadhan yang lalu. Engkau berilah hidayah kepada orang yang meinginkannya, semoga kebenaran akan terbukti sampai masanya nanti.

  28. Anonymous1:23 am

    HAHA tengok rocky bru sebut Datuk Dzul KP FELDA. Dia Pengarah Besar, bukan Ketua Pengarah.

    Yang suka sebut KP FELDA KP itu KP ini Sabri Ahmad dan kroni-kroninya je. Informernya langsung tak boleh percaya la rocky.

  29. Anonymous1:27 am

    keep up the good work. we clueless people are getting our education thru writings such as yours and YB wee CK.
    Informatios are just infos..it needs to be sifted by the reader.

  30. Anonymous9:38 am



    Sharifah "Bridget Bardot" Kasmah
    TKC '71

  31. Anonymous9:41 am



    Sharifah "Brigget Bardot" Kasmah
    TKC '71

  32. Mak B Nyah10:39 am

    Bloody umNO leeches...

  33. Anonymous12:14 pm


    Putting Isa in charge of FELDA is like putting a King Buaya to manage the other Buayas...but what happens?

    Even this King Buaya cannot lawan the kicimaya FELDA Buayas...

    Buaya Trainer

  34. Anonymous2:10 pm

    There is no point to be involved in the guessing game. What Felda should do is to be more transparent in its dealing. Right now there is no mechanism to implement a transparent policy. But the move with the listing will definitely bring positive changes to the way Felda is being run. Too bad most people are only paying attention to issues that have existed way too long and failed to see the big picture. If they so much care about saving Felda, they should be ready to do a massive overhaul in the management level.

  35. Has Dato just baling batu sorok tangan?


  36. VoiceOfReason10:26 am

    @ SuaraFELDA, It doesn't matter how much money the DG is making, the point is as a civil servant, he is not suppose to be have so many directorships. This is what is meant by poor corporate governance because conflict of interests exist and allowed. This is the reason why corruption is rampant in Felda.

  37. So what are you complaining about? Isn't he a successful Bumiputra intended for by all of UMNO's policies?

  38. Anonymous3:59 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    I recall Felda buying a whole tower in Platinum Park at KLCC. I do not exactly know the terms but the deal was supposedly a special sale( below the market price). it was under Bakke's watch. I thought back then they could've used the money elsewhere rather than buy up a whole office tower.