Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Some curious Court matters

The market is saying kudos to the Prime Minister for staying clear of Harvest Court Industries Bhd. The players know that Najib Razak could have made the call and turn up the heat on SC and Bursa Malaysia not to designate Harvest Court. But he did not. This was not to be another Avenue. No smoke no fire! 

However, they say it was a sad sight indeed to see Najib Jr and  Raymond Chan making their rounds, first to the Chinese papers and to the Star last week. Some are saying they smell an  Ali Baba. I hope the young man does not forget that many are just waiting to use him and drop his name because of who his father is.

Read Businessman compares ECM-Libra's controversy with deals involving sons of Dr M, Najib if you don't know my meaning. And Barking Magpie's latest here.


  1. Skilgannon10664:24 pm

    Oh, ye of little faith....(LOL)

    The Singapore Biz Times carried the story today on page 12 under the heading "Harvest Court shares hit as PM's son quits".

    Mohd Nazifuddin Najib resigned as a director of Harvest Court Industries. He is still holding on to his 2.2 per cent stake in the company.

    His partner, Raymond Chan Boon Siew, owns nearly 16 per cent of Harvest Court.

    To quote Mr Nazifuddin: "We are very sensitive in terms of the public but until they can really accept, we have to remain low key....Nobody has made millions from the counter...."

    (Note: with the shares having rocketed from under 10 sen in mid-October to about RM2.13 in about a month, those in the know could have made a tidy profit. Who's to know?).

    Mr Raymond Chan came out with this gem of a statement: "At the end of the day it is about satisfying people. Will they be satisfied if we sell goreng pisang? Is that the kind of PM's children they want?"

    (To answer Mr Chan: no, of course not. Any PM's children are welcome to pursue any business they want, as long as it's above board, clean and transparent, with no imputations of undue influence, connections etc. And there is nothing wrong with selling gourmet goreng pisang!).

    More to the point, what about Sagajuta Sdn Bhd, which is perceived to be politically connected in Sabah and where it has done some major mixed development projects. Mr Chan is reckoned to own 60 per cent of Sagajuta. Could it do a reverse takeover of Harvest Court?

    Also, what about Mr Chan's reported comment that Mr Nazifuddin would now focus on another company, 1Green Enviro, which is planning to convert oil palm waste to paper?

    Who is one of the biggest producers of oil palm waste, besides Sime Darby? It's none other than Felda!

    And which companies control the import and supply of newsprint in Malaysia?

  2. Anti Pendatang TiongCock dan Kelingkiak7:54 pm

    Skilgannon 1066.

    Menyampah sungguh babi pukimak ini. Singapura tu singapura ini singapura chibai lanchiau kepala butoh pak hang!

    Woit nate bodoh sial babi bahlol. kalau singapura lagi bagus, get out of Malaysia! Pi dok sana dan hisap batang Lee Kuan Yew dan anak bangsatnya Lee Hsien Loon serta jilat bersih puki tak basuh Ho Ching. Aku dok peghati hang sibuk sangat pasai malaysia, apa mende?, gila meroyankah, gila talakkah atau gilo babikah. Pundek punya sial, kalau hang dak rakyat sampah Malaysia kat Singapura, dah PR sanake, dah rakyatkah, gate kote nak komen pasai malaysia kenapa? Takut?

    Oghe tua aku kata oghe gila dan takut aje komen selalu pasai oghe lain siang malam, pagi petang. Setiap benang pasti palat sial pukimak chou chibai pasti ada dengan hampas dio. Sah babi pundek anak sundal ni samada gilo atau takutlah.

    Nate sungguh jenis cina palat bahlol ini. Wadafuck shit hapeh? Tarak kerja dok sana, pi mampuh lagi baik.Sial punya Cino palat mata sepit buntut tak basuh kote kulup kotor..

  3. Anonymous9:35 pm

    Raymond Chan Boon Siew is abusing the PM's son willingly or otherwise. Everybody in the press can see it, but nobody with the balls to call it as it is. Syabas, Rocky.

  4. Anonymous10:47 pm

    Your first sentence is hilarious.

  5. Anonymous9:08 am

    The Ali and Baba business has been on all along! So what if a CINKU works with a rightful bumi partner? If someone is recognised by a PM son's it no big deal ? All we can say he is shrewd and a damm lucky bastard.
    Hey! the world is like that because of the green notes....
    Nobody is cheating here...boardroom politics thats all...
    Give credit to that guy who can walk with powerful people!
    Dont grudge if it happens to be a Chinku ..Nazifuddin ain't a fool is he?

  6. Anonymous9:42 am

    Najib's son is a God of Fortune!


  7. Anonymous10:14 am

    This piece of news has no substance.I was expecting more indepth reporting.
    I guess you are writing just to get cheap publicity.

  8. Anonymous10:58 am

    Ahhh Skilgannon1066,

    Thnks for the little gems of information...Us ignorant public are constantly in the dark over the shennanigans of those in power and their families....

    Earlier its about cows... Now its about wood, paper and Palm Crops..

    Nothing will escape them and Rocky will continue to protect them just because of a title given freely.

    Share Trader

  9. Anonymous1:38 pm

    Mahathir ...King Of Corrupt...and Rocky Bru...his trusted dog

  10. Anonymous2:57 pm

    Ya Rocky,

    All your political master's children are qeueing up to plunder the country...

    Keep playing your ridiculous tunes while we all mobilize to kick all of them out....


  11. Penembak Babi1:42 am

    Anti Pendatang TiongCock dan Kelingkiak,

    Aku fehe maksud mu tu. Iya lah sejak 2008 banyak babi dok keliar merata keriuk sana keriuk sini hingga riuh sekampung.

    Tapi jenis babi tak sedaq diri ni terror kecoh aje, ebrbuih mulut habuk pun tarak, buntut penuh tahi tak cebok.\ perangai merampok menipu cam pelesit anak sundal. memang dasar babi gitu kemana ia keliar....

    Aku dah luat weh! Jadi aku dah dapat jalan selesai. M16 dalam tangan, satu kepala satu peluru mace kat Tiongcok denu, amacam? Bangkai babi2 ni biar balaci babi yang dok hisap batang babi tu, yang buntut dok kena tibai babi tu urus, kasi buang kat selatan Tebrau. Iyalah dok jadi balaci jilat buntut, gerenti pandai dok urus bangkai sial pukimak babi, Baru kena cara. Tanya Nik Ajis. ahak ahak....

  12. Anonymous1:32 pm

    Hey, why have you disabled comments to your article on getting rid of chinese schools? No guts? Are you going to write in Bahasa Melayu only now? Hurray! Get rid of Inglis (sic) as well! Double Hurrah! Sadly I think you only talk big and do not walk the talk.

  13. Skilgannon10662:51 pm

    Anti Pendatang....

    Why don't you address your comments to Mustapa Mohamed who only yesterday was in Singapore to co-chair a meeting of the Malaysia-Singapore Business Forum?

    Or to Abdul Wahid Omar who was also in Singapore to launch the Maybank Kim Eng investment bank?

    Coincidentally, the Maybank Board also had their meeting in Singapore too. In Singapore? Alamak - that's disgraceful!

    Seems to me that LKY, Lee Hsien Loong et al have got a good thing going in a AAA-rated economy.

    Let's see now - S$1.00 = RM2.44 at my friendly Mamak moneychanger. Pretty definitive, that.

    If you want the genuine unadulterated take on the Malaysian economy, go ask the Mamak moneychangers in KL and Singapore. Their efficiency and market insights are better than many of the so-called think tanks and analysts.

    And they positively salivate over S$100 notes - the demand far exceeds the supply.

    Gee - I just like these types of comparisons. All these pitiful wankers emoting about what might have been, while the rest of the world goes on it's merry way.

    At least, Najib has the guts to recognise game changers when he sees them. Unlike some of the pitiful dudes and dudettes in his party.

  14. Skilgannon10663:13 pm

    Another commentary "Warning for independent advisors in bond deals" (Singapore Business Times, Nov 21, 2011).

    "Malaysia's appellate court has unanimously affirmed a landmark decision by the High Court that will radically raise the bar on standards governing private debt issues in Malaysia.....

    "...10 Malaysian financial institutions had filed a RM149 million lawsuit against prominent defence contractor Rafie Sain in 2005 over bonds issued by his company that had defaulted....

    "The 10 institutions - which included CIMB, Malaysia's largest investment bank - were holders of RM140 million worth of bonds issued in 2004 by Peaska Astana, a private company owned by Mr Rafie. Pesaka defaulted on its debt in September 2005. In 2008, Mr Rafie and his companies entered into a consent judgment in favour of the plaintiffs....

    "Pesaka, a builder of heavy-duty vehicles for the Ministry of Defence, had raised RM140 million through Islamic debt securities in April 2004. The bonds were wholly taken up by the 10 institutions in varying amounts....

    Why did Pesaka default on the bonds back in September 2005?

    How did it get on to the Ministry of Defence's suppliers list if its financials were shaky?

    Were the RM140 million bonds issued to finance a contract awarded to Pesaka by the Ministry of Defence? Was the contract satisfactorily completed and the goods or services properly delivered to the satisfaction of the Ministry?

    Is Pesaka Astana still a defence supplier in good standing with the Ministry, notwithstanding its bonds default in 2005?

  15. Penembak Babi6:17 pm

    Anti Pendatang TiongCock dan Kelingkiak

    Hang nengok tak babi tu balas bagaimana? Itu menunjukkan dia tu bahlol, bodoh, lembap dan ngok.

    Hang kata mudah/simple: kalau dah Singapura baik sangat get lost there. Kaalu dah dok sana sebagai rakyat ke atau hampas buangan malaysia ke tak usah bising macam babi gila atau gila babi. Buat gapo nak compare-compare lagi, itu keje oghe gilo. Lagipun tak stail lah nak compare Singapura (dunia 1) dengan Malaysia (dunia tiga). Keje si bodohlah kalau buat gitu kerana kalau nak banding sangat biar dengan HK, Switzerland, Dubai ke, Kuwaitke hatta brunei sekalipun. Saintis pun tak compare babi dengan epal..hahahaha...bodoh betoi oghe Singapore kan gitu. Kalau nak ngata Singapura pecah dari mlayisa lagi lawak kerana berlambak fakta Singapura jauh lagi kaya dari malaysia sebelum 1965.

    Lagi satu dok peghhati macam mana terkincitnya babi tu bila Anon tibai dia rasis di bawah benang " Ah Ghani, What have you done?". Peghati babi tu ada balas tak lepas anon londeh dia sebagai babi rasis (spesis babi yang paling banyak dimearata dunia). Berani tak dia? Habuk tarak kote dah kecut. Dia langsung tak balas, aiseh muka babi tu pun tak nampak. Sekadar ugut blogger Rocky bru tak tayang jawapan hampas dio. Samada dio hantar ke tidak walllahualam. Aku rasa dia tak hantar tapi buat lakon aje nak tunjuk dia gah nak jaga standard. Kalu jawab pun mace mano nak kait kulit hitam dengan Steve Jobs dan Bill gates (yang tak lulus universiti itu ahak...ahak....); >

    Jadi padanlah dia dok diam takut kena londeh lagi otak babi rasisnya itu. Jadi kirimlah dia Jasper dan Beano bawak tahi babi dia nak curah sini tapi diri rasis tak sedaq dighi. Aku tabik Anon tu, bagui link siap lagi dan tutup bahas dengan cara terhormat...tapi babi ini langsung tak nampak muka sebab sah tahu diri dia rasis.

    Kejenya nak jatuh melayu, nak tibai melayu, nak gomo Isle. Aku tahu spesis ni banyak dah di malaysia sebab tu dah ready M16. Kalau sorok kat Singapura tak apelah, biar di peluk erat oleh Kuan yew tengah berahi sat hsien loon tibai buntutnya.

    Tapi kalau di Malaysia lagi, senang nak cari dan good lucklah kala jumpa....ingat satu kepala babi satu peluru.....

  16. Peter Ho, Singapore10:07 pm

    Skillgannon 1066 : cockahoop eh? Been reading the dispatches or eavesdropping stuff at the MAS corridor? Nope? Can see that.!

    MAS projection for 2012 : a whopping 1-2%

    Read the link at the top, 3 paragraphs up from bottom. Already it's seeping in through my bank and I gather a friend's one as well!

    Maybe getting a boat ready for north of the tebrau would be a good idea after all! Or still daydreaming?

    and I used to think the donkey was the ultimate wrong

  17. Jasper Bloodstone9:56 am

    Penembak porcines

    That's what a lot of Malaysians have done - gotten "lost" in Singapore!

    Why not refute the points made by Skilly instead of emoting in Malay with views that mean sweet nothing (or fricking nonsense), if you are perspicacious enough to catch my drift?

    And enough of this "apples" and "oranges" comparo thingy. It's just an excuse used by the lazy, shiftless, ignorant and xenophobic to insulate themselves from hard economic and global realities.

    As for "Peter Ho", it surely isn't a coincidence that you are using a nick identical to the name of a senior Singapore civil servant, is it? Go ask the people in Wisma Putra about the real Peter How!

  18. Azizi1:03 pm

    The signs are just too glaring. Today in the star (26th Nov '11), they ran an interview with both Raymond Chan and the young Nazifuddin. Raymond talked about the latter having a certain percentage in his Sabah entity and how the latter did not get it for free.

    Najib is a good leader and he will to continue to be one. We, the people just do not want him to suffer the same fate as Pak Lah had, when the family, adik, besan, anak, menantu, ipar, all were benefiting from business ventures, when certain businessmen had chosen to drop names to lobby project.

    A junior (28 years old), came back from working makan gaji overseas, and suddenly purchase 30% of a property development company? Come on Raymond Chan!! This is Kalimullah-KJ combination all over again. The very reason people were angry with the (former) PM.

    Please don't spoil that kid's life.

  19. Penembak Babi12:38 am

    Woot Babi, ini jawapan aku:

    1. Aku minta ko wahai babi jangan putar belit. Kalau babi tetap babi tak boleh jd ular, ada fanam babi?.. Kawan aku kata get lost jadi get lost aje kalau asyik nak merapu mace oghe gilo babi pasai Singapore.

    2. Hei babi, ngaji kat sekolah babi mana? Patut xleh faham mantik asas pasai comparison! Cth kalau nak compare babi dengan bende lain, mesti dgn babi hutan atau nate sespesis. Takkanlah guru babi suruh compare babi dgn harimau!, 2 spesis lain! atau babi dgn epal, bahlol punya anak pukimak.

    3. Kalau freaking nonsense apamende nak jawab? Mestilah dah baca dan terdesak itchy nak jawab! Jadi mesti ada faktalah apa ku tulis kalau tidak gapo babi nak jawab mace kena sawan babi! Hahaha.........jgn putarlah eh babi?

    Pukimak chouchibai babi,baik mampuh aje! Buang masa layan babi gilo dan babi bangsat bodoh mace ni!

  20. Peter Ho1:10 am

    Skillgannon 1066

    Have more sense, please! Answer the issues instead of raising red herrings in your typical cowardly evasive antics.

    And I am not what your alternate ego/nick Jasper Bloodstone (it shows, your use of alternate nicks) is imagining to be i.e the Malay fella with that obscene nick as "Jasper" seem to be implying in his response! I haven't written in Malay for the longest time so that should not give you crazy ideas.

    As for Peter Ho?How?, lets say I am who I am and for you to wonder.

    The data shows a slowdown is imminent and many balance sheets, both personal and corporate including banks', are going to take a massive hit. With that a certainty, I wouldnt be bragging like a loose cannon here.

    Anyway, your slips are showing. Currency differences are attributable to many monetary, fiscal and trade factors. If going by your faulty logic then the USD and SGD should at least be on par as so would the JPY and the SGD when both the US and Jpan are drowning in red ink. Seems to me Australia made a better meal of it vis a vis the USD than the SG did, dont you think.

    Anyway, for some reason, I dont expect you to reply.

  21. Jasper Bloodstone3:18 pm

    "Peter Ho"

    So much blather.

    One simple question - just how is it that Singapore has managed to maintain a triple-A rating from all the 3 major credit rating agencies, in spite of purported criticisms of it's ratio of debt to GDP?

    I don't expect you to answer this too!

    "Penembak porcines"

    Please don't put your ignorance on public display by resorting to irrelevant verbiage, whilst your own International Trade & Industry Minister is making nice in Singapore, chasing Singapore investors and investments. Go tell him to walk your talk, ok?

  22. Penembak Babi4:25 pm

    Hoi Skillgannon

    Gapo ko gilo babi dahko?. Aku jawe cabaranmu aje babi.Tak usah nak suruh aku jumpo menthegi ni ke, mentheghi tu ko? Peduli apo aku bab tu, puki mak!

    Aku cumo nak tunjok engkau bodoh, bahlol, bengap dan ngok, tolol punya babi. Itu pun ko susah nak fehe? atau wa-wat tak fehe? barua, punya babi sial!

    Peter Ho tanya lain, ko jawab lain, kendatipun dio tu babi mace ko jugak. Tapi sesamo babi pon engkau tak leh nak jawab, putar belit sana sini, apalagi dengan bukan babi mace ako. Tak heranlah peghangai engkau babi sebab engkai dok dalam tahi, makan tahi,minum berak, kecek pun tahi jugak...ada fehe pukimak bangsat chouchibai lancau.

    Tiu niamah punya babi, malulah weh nak pakai nama Jasper lagi bila oghe lain dah londeh ko bodoh tolol! Takut sangat tunjuk yang hang bodoh, malu oghe nampak Skillgannon 1066 tu bodoh, bahlol, otak syit! Ingat pakai Jasper tutup maruah Skilgannon 1066, pondan hampeh punyo babi Cino ni.

    Ko tak leh nak jawe satu pun cabaran aku ke cabaran Peter Ho ke, cabaran anti-Pendatang ke, atau dulu cabaran warrior 231ke atau anti-whatever. Sah sekarang ko bangsat bodoh, keje kilang tak lulo SPM! Peter Ho kecek pasai ekonomi yang bakal jatuh dan impak keatae Singapura, hang merapu gila pasai AAA. AAA tu akae turun tak lama lagi, nilai AAA tu sekadar eheheh aje...tak de pun oghe nogheri lain bawak masuk duit gi kat Singpaura dulu masa gawat 2008, yang bawak keluar adalah!! Ertinya,EhEhEh u sekadara EhEhEh aje hahahahaha, nak bagi oghe syok sendiri duit dia oghe selamat konon. Bila pasaran jatuh pasai Euro, yang naik nilai ialah JPY dan USD sebab dia oghe dikenali sbg safe haven. Singapore tarak bunyi pun!!!! hahahahahaha

    Bace ni kalau berani, ada kecek pasai Singapore tak babi:




    dan ini sebagi impak krisis:

    (TQ W231 kerana ajaq kawe semua guna link dan fakta serang babi mace ko. Oghe melayu dah sedaq dan kalau BN menang nanti kena bagi W231 datok kerana bantu besar kesedaran tu!!)

    Ok, balik kpd sekarang

    Peter Ho cabar pasai Australia Dollar-Us Dollar, pasai SGD-JPY dan USD, hang tukar cirte pegi kat lain. malah nilai AUD hampir sama dengan USD 1AUD= USD0.98 walhal iSGD= USD0.75. Hang tak cirte pasai tu sebab hang bodoh, takut!! Hang kona lain sebab hang takleh nak jawab, tak tahu nak jawab, aksyen hang dah terlondeh bagai oghe gilo babi kecek merapu, kecek gilo babi meroyan.

    Sah Peter babi betoi jugak, U tak akan jawab kerana memang pun tak leh nak terjawab, mulut kunci pantat sakit...hahahahahaha. Dengan aku pun ko takleh nak jawab nak ngato apo lagi.

    Hei babi, baik ko gi mampuh aje, lagi baik sebelum mampuh tibai puki mak ko habis, lanyak buntut dio sampai koyak sebab dia bawo babi kotoq, gila babi mace hang masuk dunio ni.

    lanchiau, chouchibai, tiuniamah punya Cino babi. Sah bangsa sial penipu laknatullah,pundek, pepek busuk, buntut tak basuh, otak bengap punya bangsa(ts)

  23. Jasper Bloodstone11:46 am

    Methinks the penembak dude waxes wroth. Note how carefully he chooses to write in a certain language, maybe for additional impact amongst his coterie of hangers-on (perwira, warrior, anti whatever, big canine etc).

    I note that Skilly has never backed down from any online rumble, giving as good as he/she gets.

    Time and history will prove who's right and who's wrong.

    And you can't run away from AAA ratings. Malaysia is what - A-? For an economy replete with natural resources?

    Note how "Peter Ho" has gone quiet when confronted with credit ratings? Those are hard rankings, based on data. Not on blogs, which are a dime a dozen these days!