Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Enemies within

As expected, they are now going to try and scuttle the plan to take Felda and 112,000 settler families higher through the listing of the plantation giant, as announced by Najib Razak in his Budget 12 last Friday. The plan, in a nutshell, will make Felda a global player in both upstream and downstream sectors, and enrich as well as empower the settlers.

Apparently, however, not everyone in Felda will benefit from the plan. Settlers, yes. Their families and children, yes. But not everybody. Saifuddin Nasution, unwittingly, has exposed some of these very few people who could lose out from Najib's grand plan for Felda. See underlined in red above.

Whether ISa Samad is eligible or not to head the cooperative is a question that will be answered soon enough. He is appearing in Soal Jawab at 11pm tonight with Ahmad A. Talib. Watch it.

And watch this space. We will follow the money and find out for you who the biggest losers in this winning formula for Felda are, apart from Saifuddin and gang.


  1. Anonymous11:11 pm

    Rocky - can you just fuck off and leave Malaysia in peace?

  2. Anonymous3:58 am

    Anon 11.11pm,

    You're the one who should go & fuck off! If you don't like what you read, just go elsewhere!

    Typical PR dumbass!

  3. Anonymous5:01 am

    Msia will survive without BN/UMNO/MCA/MIC or PR/PKR/DAP/PAS

    we the people rules.

    We hv people even within ur circles dude

  4. Anonymous5:21 am

    Rocky is what Malaysia needs.

  5. Anonymous7:42 am

    Rocky - cool. Lawan tetap lawan.
    you got our silent majority support.

    btw. who is the "other" people or organization that will benefit other than felda settlers.

  6. Anonymous8:29 am

    Anonymous 11.11 pm,

    Tidakkah boleh anda menggunakan perkataan yang sopan selain 'fuck off' dalam membuat kritikan?

    Selain daripada itu tidak dapatkan akal genius anda memberi alasan yang logik dan rasional mengapa Rocky perlu 'fuck off and leave Malaysia in peace?

    Saya memang amat tidak tidak 'berkenan' dengan jenis komen yang begini yang selalunya datang dari golongan yang kurang bersopan!

    Warga Setia

  7. Anonymous9:20 am

    Can we say that the enemy is Najib polsec himself? Saifuddin Nasution got brother which is serving Najib as a polsec right? So, why not getting him to rebutt his brother (Saifuddin)'s statement? Baru buku bertemu ruas. Najib should ask Dato' Shahlan to rebutt his brother's.

  8. Anonymous10:07 am

    anon 11.11pm

    why dont u take ur on advice?

    he's got valid points,
    if there's a party who's losing out, i want to know,


    Nicely said Anon 11.11pm

  10. Anonymous10:39 am

    To Anon 11:11pm. Is this all that you can ask back?

  11. che mat11:15 am

    Rocky. Kalau itu cara soal dan cara jawab nya dlm rancangan soal jawab tu lebih baik ambil budak darjah 6 saja mengendalikan nya.Mereka sebenar nya sudah berbincang apa yg nak di soal dan apa jawapan nya. Gelihati tengok soal jawab tv malaysia nii. bodoh dan membodohkan.

  12. Sources without11:54 am

    Tok Rocky, you are on the right track. Some people have been making tons of money in Felda and they are resisting the changes, inevitable changes they may be.

    I do not have the details but my sources from within Felda (this Nasution guy only got, ah?) told me hanky panky have gone on for too long in Felda.

    The settlers and their families will be better off, by miles, when Felda is restructured and these leeches exposed. The IPO will be a great icing on the cake.

  13. CHI,

    I have one word for you ...


  14. Well we do know one big alpha winner of a Felda Listing: CIMB!!!
    The Razak family will be leaughing all the way to the bank (their own bank no less....). And yes I can also see a lot of UMNO cronies like Isa Samad already preparing their offshore accounts ready for their mega windfall.

    As for the settlers - I just hope it is a long term win, although I suspect it will be short term and will only be crumbs compared to the cronies.

    Not that I object to Felda being listed as being a PLC with a profit motive it will have to become more efficient and technology oriented with a hopefully more professional management team. Also one of the issues facing settlers has been that many of their children are not interested in agriculture and increasingly losing them to urban centres.

    However Rocky - I would be interested to know what will be the end result for the settlers in terms of thier livelihood and rights to the their land.

    And guys - I think we all know Rocky's political leanings and we know our own, so his angle is no surprise - so telling him to fuck off from his own blog is pretty dumb and illogical. Just saying you disagree and explain why you do would make far more sense.

  15. Anonymous12:17 pm

    pls don't let us wait....hurry up rock!

  16. Anonymous2:01 pm


    U r the MAN!!!! Chibai.....that was hilarious!!!

  17. Anonymous2:17 pm

    Traditional suppliers squirming, banyak akan bungkus tikar. They are feeling the heat, the unhappy ones. I know every trick they have securing business from these poor settlers.

    No wonder we get Anon 11:11 so pissed of!

    he hehe hehehe

  18. I have been living with Felda settlers in Besout for two years. I have seen hanky panky between the Pengurus and a very enterprising settler who owns a hardware shop and tractors and backhoes getting all the contracts for digging up drains and canals and what not and sharing the money between them.
    Finally the pengurus was caught redhanded trying to sell fertlizers to a Chinaman in the store on a Sunday!

  19. Anonymous7:24 pm

    anon 11.11
    y not you go fuckyourselves maybe in lim kit siang blog will do good... gays and freaks the faggot types like seeing guys dick... hahahaha

    be more receptive asshole,nobody is forcing you to read either...

    rocky bru fan is back says...

  20. Anonymous7:43 pm

    Rocky says the deal is good.

    You must have seen the plan and also got wind of what is in it for you and your pro-BN bloggers fraternity.

    And thats why you are showing concern?

    You are not bothered why Isa should be holding on to too many positions and not giving opportunities for other eligible persons to do such jobs.

    Are you saying that you are also not suitable?


  21. 1Malaysia Mail8:23 pm

    steady la bro

    btw, heard Malay Mail going 2 change name 2 Matcha Mail.

    n they got 2 matcha clowns 2 run the show but they never run desk b4!

  22. Strange...all these morally upright holier-than-thou types are brave enough to leave macho sounding messages like "fuck off" but not brave enough to leave their names.

    Secondly, they can't help themselves but read your blog rabidly. Benci tapi rindu. Like moths drawn to a flame.

    Guess your caffeine's just plain addictive, Dato Bru.

  23. Anonymous12:34 am

    Of course some people bound to lose some.

    Felda has to go for due diligence process before listing. Are some people hiding some skeletons in closet?

    Once listed, all has to be transparent, ideally (although some listed companies are known to have managed to get away with this).

    Hence some party bound to be at the losing end.


  24. q0l0p2:30 am

    "Can we say that the enemy is Najib polsec himself?"

    U right bro.. This other Nasution's son is the one who bring 'Bakal Datuk' Raja Arif into top seat in BTN who in turn bring in all Anwar's Blue boys back into BTN Machinaries fold... GOOD LUCK Jib..!

  25. Anonymous4:41 am

    Anon 11:11 is becoming very jittery?

    Many of those traditional suppliers will soon gulong tikar once all supplies are being centralised.

    These traditional methods of using vice (China doll concept)to constantly ensure their business flourish, will soon come to an end provided the management join in the fun.

    Proper Stock control management will squeeze them eg; each time delivering 1000bags of fertilizers short of what appeared on the invoices!! ehemmm RM25K monthly allowances to blind siAnu will be cut-off?

    Many settlers were tied to these unscrupulous suppliers for years, no light at the end of this vicious cycle for tens of years, having to service endless debts (sell goods including household goods at enormous mark-up prices on monthly credit).

    Yes Rocky, I can imagine lots of people are going to be poorer and affected, including who knows, Anon 11:11?

    he hehe hehehe

  26. Anonymous10:04 am

    What Felda again???Adoi!! thought they were bankrupt nak pinjam duit from EPF ? Semua cash cow became milkless!
    Now wanna go IPO? adooi !

  27. Big Dog10:37 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Could you stab this in DAP+PAS punya face, please?

    I think it is a brilliant attack on these two hypocrite parties:

    CPI --> 'Why the hudud controversy will not die'

  28. Anonymous12:30 pm

    If you let PR rule this country even the the sea around us will dry up...they will sell out everything including the sea water around Malaya...PKNS playing field where our youngsters play rugger sold out already

    Tukiman Nadarajah

  29. Anonymous1:55 pm

    I love datuk sak's blog. A smart datuk. Not like some the typical bodek datuk.

  30. Anonymous3:16 pm

    Hmm BigDog,

    How's the Pastry at the High Class Pastry Shop in Bangsar Shopping Centre...
    Leave some for Rocky semua sudah boncheet.....

  31. Anonymous3:05 am

    Mmhmm... looks like some big shareholders in Felda are trying to sell off their stock. To raise $$$ ? To cash out, cut and run?

    The same IPO modus operandi was done last year with lots of pitching from CIMB and media publicity. The result? IPO at RM1.60, 40 sen today.

    Pity the poor makcik & pakcik felda who hold on to their shares...

  32. Anonymous7:43 am

    minum whiskey lagi bagus rock wtf

  33. The last attempt by some IBanker to IPO felda was during the time of Pak Lah and by Avenue Asset but he flip flop under pressure.

    Refraining to speculate more especially when inside masjid nabawi ... :)

  34. Anonymous12:52 pm

    Mr. Rocky,

    Macam mana nak float, sudahkah Felda plantation sudah dapat hakmilik. Setahu aku tanah milik mesti bebas GSA.

  35. Anonymous7:21 pm

    Dear Rocky

    Anon 11:11pm is the icon of tough love - he acts tough but he still loves you

    heh heh

  36. Anonymous8:44 pm

    i pity anonymous 11.11pm. He had to say that coz he can't do what do what he said. He has a very small little tiny d**k....

  37. Anonymous12:42 am

    Sidetrack dari subject sikit

    Kita semua tahu yang Selangor
    sebenarnya DAP yang control

    Adakah Kedah juga DAP yang pegang?
    Nampak sign macam dia yang pegang juga

    Ingat, Perak pun mula mula dia yang control walaupun Nizar jadi MB.Dengar ada sign agreement untuk arrangement ni. Memang betul..banyak harta Perak yang telah diberi kepada China masa tu.

    Kita boleh compare dengan company bumi Alibaba yang sebenarnya dipegang oleh China. Hebat!! Sekarang pun ada negeri Alibaba

    Jangan biarkan Malaysia jadi negara Alibaba!!!

  38. Anonymous5:10 pm


    Najib ni takde modal sendiri ke? Asyik harapkan modal peninggalan FELDA bapa dia.....

    Itu lah kalau dah anak manja itu sahaja yang boleh dibuat.

    Yang lain lain pun di bawa ketengah sudah jadi begitu abstrak dengan acronym sampai semua dah lupa dengan acronyms yang terlalu banyak tapi negara macam tu juga...

    Hai...Journalists pun dah tak tahu apa nak di cetak sebab semua kena ikut political masters ...dah putus akal sebab tak boleh buat anaysis yang critical...

    Itu lah dia Malaysia Zaman Abad ke 21 lebih teruk dari Zaman Mahathir..

  39. Anonymous3:38 pm

    Dah naik bosan la Rocky,

    Ratusan ribu cerdik pandai dalam Negara ini, Oxford, Harvard, Universiti tempatan pun macam cendawan..

    Tapi last2 asyik dengar bagi tanah, jual tanah, main saham, tokey judi, korek pasir tak habis2, merata dunia asyik cari pelabur masuk..

    Takde ke sorang dari cerdik pandai ini semua muncul sorang macam Steve Job, cetuskan penemuan baru, ujud peluang pekerjaan atau industry baru bla bla..

    Yang duk makin kaya ni semua sebenarnya duk makin kaya atas apa ke benda? Kaya atas angin?