Sunday, November 20, 2011

The so-weak and superficial Muslims' faith

"... Is the faith of the Muslims so weak and superficial that Muslims can be so easily swayed, induced and bribed to renounce their faith in spite of the fact “the al-Quran is disseminated through loud speakers, television, radio and at government functions,” ... 
"Doesn’t this situation call for some soul searching as to why – in spite of great efforts made and billions of ringgit spent on building mosques, suraus, madrasahs, religious instructions, al-Quran reading competitions – all this had failed to strengthen the faith of the Muslims? Does this suggest that the method of religious teachings undertaken to instil the Islamic faith among the Muslims is either totally wrong or utterly ineffective." - P. Ramakrishnan, ALlRAN President
Read Mr PR's ramblings at Kit Siang's blog, Unscrupulous Actions, Unethical Behavior.

Perhaps the guy has never liked the fact that Islam enjoys precedence in this country, or maybe he does not love some Muslims around him (or all of us for that matter), but that does not make P. Ramakrishnan an expert on the question of our faith. Neither does it make him an authority on evangelism, covert or otherwise.

But this man sure writes as if he is both. And that's his problem.

The issue isn't about our weak or superficial faith, or how many billions have been spent on Quran competitions, on our mosques, or suraus. Rather, a PAS leader from Selangor, Hassan Ali (who sleeps on the same Pakatan Rakyat bed as DAP strongman Lim Kit Siang), is causing PR a lot of points for defending the raid on a church conducted by the State's Islamic religious police. There was talk about the involvement of this church in the conversion of Muslims, which is against the law.

How messy was that? Khalid Ibrahim, the Selangor MB, had to issue a gag order which I believe is still enforced until today, so Hassan Ali and JAIS's action must have been very damaging to the Opposition.

The raid by JAIS and the attempts by PR to sweep the issue under the carpet and bully Hassan into silent submission have absolutely nothing to do with the teachings of Islam to Muslims in this country. It is the politics of Pakatan Rakyat. Hassan Ali, Khalid Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang - they all belong to the same side - Pakatan Rakyat. I don't know and don't care what Rama's political leanings are, although a paragraph of his article does seem to worship Lim Guan Eng, but let's not deliberately use their political game to foster religious discord among the ordinary Malaysians. Don't try to drag the ordinary peace-loving Muslims into your unholy politics, Mr Rama, and don't use this as a cover to attack the sincerity of those Muslims.

Do not worry yourself about our faith. Don't pretend to care about our souls or if the methods we use to teach our children about Islam are wrong or ineffective. The Muslims in this country are a peaceful lot. We have agreed to peaceful and harmonious co-existence with the other faiths in this country for hundreds of years.

Read also Helen Ang's The bishop's back, siap dengan sidekick sekali (the sidekick obviously refers to our Mr PR here)   


  1. Aiyah no need to refer here and refer there to Helen Ang. A moron will know you guys comes from the same pile.

    Chief, why don't you do some service to Malaysia and talk about some worth matters rather than just wanting to stir up the shit pile? Be a man rocky.

  2. Aiyah no need to refer here and refer there to Helen Ang. A moron will know you guys comes from the same pile.

    Chief, why don't you do some service to Malaysia and talk about some worth matters rather than just wanting to stir up the shit pile? Be a man rocky.

  3. Anonymous2:25 pm

    Amazing how you got his point completely wrong. In fact I'd say you're being dangerous with your spin. Usually it's just plain rubbish you're being dangerous you umno fuck

  4. Anonymous2:34 pm

    Rakyat have to watch out for their art of war gimmicks being employed by these selfish stench.

    Quote from

    Occupy the Moral High Ground: The Righteous Strategy.[1] Justify your cause as the correct and moral way. Show your opponent's self-serving side. Show yourself as the underdog.

    Apart from Sun tzu, it is a most common tactic to use others extensively.
    And you see their towkays silent while their machais does the running.
    Bersih : majority were mainly malays running under hot sun battling the FRUs while the minority others were probably sitting at home watching. the kepalas are sheltered in a hotel with some sickness feigned.
    Current: Some christian authority is being used as a front/pawn soldiers using religious instrument. The kepalas are silent by the sideways, watching, giving instruction. Self gag order maybe.

    All these sideplays are instrument to stir the emotions of rakyat for one single purpose: to place the smelly chameleon on the political throne. It is never for the benefit of rakyat. And lately, they are even willing to postpone the timing of Selangor state election just to sabotage the general election. End of day rakyat has to suffer: vote twice. fork out more tax money for the expenses. Its all about themselves, not about the rakyat.

    How selfish can one be?
    How much low can a man get?

  5. kalau tiada angin, takkan la pokok bergoyang.

  6. mr kamasutra3:08 pm

    maybe this idiot needs to be told that there are actually more kuils for the minority as compared to the number of mosques in the country. did the muslims ever complained?

    and since he brought up the issue, why are so many of his kind are involved in gangsterism, murder and illegal activities?

    not nice to mention about minority, it sounds racist. but this is not racist. if there are more than enough in the number of kuils, why are crime cases involving the hindu indians (the malays are all muslims) are on the rise?

    kuils are like churches and mosques, right?

    so, dont talk nonsense or you may lose your tongue. what is your intention, actually? you dont like a harmonious malaysian society, dont you?

    yeremey mader!

  7. Siaplaa3:23 pm

    Keling tu memang nak kena belasah kot?

  8. Anonymous3:34 pm

    Religion & Politics...water & oil...

  9. Anonymous3:41 pm


    Potong Rambut Ala Ponytail Lu, berenti pegi Pub dan pakai Kupiah baru hang ada hak nak Cakap Pasal Agama Islam....


  10. I have three words for Rama the PR bootlicker.."jangan kurang ajar".

    Living in a multireligious and multiracial society Rama should know his limits, erupting into a tirade of innuendoes against the Muslims and Islamic institution of this country based on the statement of one Hassan Ali is uncalled for, immature.

    Rama should release his angst against Hassan Ali lah, is that a problem for the uncouth Aliran guy or he sees this as an opportunity to attack Muslims of this country in general? Hassan Ali's statement is never an issue is it.

  11. Anonymous5:09 pm

    Here we go again.


  12. vinnan5:50 pm

    oi siaplaa,

    Kalau berani belasah saja. Jangan cakap banyak. Biasalah orang UMNO wira 'Ketuanan' kucing kurap kurang ajar hanya berani bila berselindung di belakang sarung polis dan tentera.

  13. Anonymous5:59 pm

    Siaplaa - go screw yourself asshole

  14. Anonymous6:55 pm

    nothing about religions, its faith and people behind it.
    it's just about some lunatic thinking that to gain power they can use the words and wisdom of god and religion.
    and the malays use religion like wifes and whores they subscribe. a hole (s) that are used when needed, kick around and pass it to friends to gain wealth and power.

  15. Malay7:17 pm

    Sigh..when will these people ever stop picking on us and just leave us alone. Why on earth would anyone pick a fight they can't ever win?
    I'm bored and sick to death with these Pakatan people. Totally no brainers.
    Maybe for this particular "ular" we need to send in our secret weapon. Our well known and much loved Uztaz Mohamad Farid Ravi Abdullah.

  16. Anonymous8:12 pm

    Kalau dah Chirit semua cakap macam tulah, lain tak tau dah

  17. Anonymous8:19 pm

    Just came from there. One comment in the thread stand out as it aptly sums up us Malays in relation to this kaffir baiting as well:

    obladi oblada said...
    kita yang terlalu bagi muka kat diorang. sekarang, padan la muka kita

    it is the habit of nature, a sunnatullah which applies in every situation. Noticed what happens if you give a little one muka or observe what happens when one dog turns tail in a dogfight.

    The moment the Home minsitry turned tail on the innumerable kaffir provocations, thats when it lost its credibility. It can only talk, a pondan boasting about invisible manhood.

    The Malays are now only good at eating their own kind. Notice how fast they cekuped the Tawau gang but no action against scum like Mr PR or even Aziz Bari. Go figure where their priorities are or their balls lie.

  18. Anonymous8:24 pm

    Ramakrishnan,in hinduism you are told to mind your own business. Just take care of our unfortunate hindu brothers andf you will book a place in "kailasam"

  19. Anonymous9:21 pm

    Helen Ang, makan, tidur, mimpi , mandi semua pon DAP !! Helen Ang jalan kaki terjatuh pon salah DAP !!

    Begitu bencinya Helen Ang pada DAP seperti kebencian Rocky pada Pak Lah !!

  20. Anonymous9:40 pm

    "Cina & india tidak ada sebab untuk campur dalam urusan Islam & Melayu. ". Ini pun pembesar UMNO takut nak cakap ka?
    That's why those immigrant are so demanding nowadays. Pls give them a slap.

  21. Charles F Moreira9:41 pm


    While as a Muslim, you have every right to object to P. Ramakrishnan's rhetorical questions regarding Muslim faith, places of worship and methods of propagation, however he make a valid point regarding the Perak mufti's dangerous claims about baptism of 300 Muslims in that church in Silibin,

    Was that later turn out to be the case?

    What's true is that religion is being used for political purposes by both sides of the political divide and it would be wise for us to investigate deeper into claims before coming to conclusions.

  22. Anonymous12:11 am

    These twelve Jesus sent out with the following instructions:" Go nowhere among the Gentiles, and enter no town of the Samaritans, but go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Isreal..". Genesis 6:11-22.

    Jesus was only for the Jews and there are not many Jews in Malaysia. Why the need for more Bibles?

    Hantu Gigi Jarang

  23. Anonymous12:18 am

    Sokong kamu 100%. Bangkai bernyawa Cina babi dan Keling pariah yang sibuk tentang hal agama oghe lain hingga nak kongsi "Allah" kita adalah pukimak yang wajib di sembelih jika tak pandai jaga mulut. Bastard cilaka betoi!

    Dah tau agama dia oghe hampas abuk pun tarak betul, nak wat camne? Dok tibai Islam dan Melayu ajelah kerja si pukimak Cina babi dan Keling pariah.

  24. Anonymous12:38 am

    Ha ha ha, same old same old spins and twists. I am not an expert but I know that you are not a good Muslim.

    Come on, Rocky do the righteous thing, you know I know we all know.


  25. trifling-jester1:01 am

    spinning again rocky? my guess is umno machinary is in 5th gear trying to prepare for next GE so sycophants are being paid extra to spin spin spin!

  26. Anonymous1:06 am

    Quotes by Buddha:

    "Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense."

    "It is a man's own mind, not his enemy or foe that lures him to evil ways. All that we are is the result of what we have thought."

    "A generous heart, kind speech, and a life of service and compassion are the things which renew humanity."

    "Just as treasures are uncovered from the earth, so virtue appears from good deeds, and wisdom appears from a pure and peaceful mind."

    "no matter how many holy words you read, no matter how many you speak, what good will they do to you if you do not act on upon them."

    "There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting."


  27. Salam Bro,

    1.Ular and Naga, which one do you want to kill the olden days, you know the answer. Most of your commentators are of the same species.

    2.The bells are of different sizes and sound. Yet, we still call it bells, because of "kling,kling and ding-dong" sound.

    3.So please bro, just throw the only stone a bit harder and kill the two scavenger birds... hear no more sound ok !

  28. Anonymous1:27 am

    that's why people say dont mix religion with politics. But you monkeys insist on using religion for politics. Simple thing also cannot understand, rocky , you bru shit ah???

  29. Anonymous9:42 am


    Let not those who cheat, lie, create and promote mischief be allowed to claim knowledge of the Muslim Belief System...

    You sound like all of the above...

  30. Anonymous11:08 am

    rocky, the truth is, u dont really care but u care enough when a non muslim questions it.

    u are weak, man.

  31. I've read the original post and am still wondering how you got to this conclusion:
    Perhaps the guy has never liked the fact that Islam enjoys precedence in this country, or maybe he does not love some Muslims around him
    He was fussing about why Muslims are blaming others for their own shortcomings. If Islam enjoys such precedence, why do Muslims in Malaysia have that inferiority complex? Yeah, he sure does not love some Muslims: people like you, that is.

    The two paragraphs you paraphrased is exactly the same question a sane Muslim would be asking when talking about this whole murtad issue.

  32. Anonymous11:38 am

    PASIR MAS 20 Nov. - Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa Malaysia (Perkasa) mengingatkan Suruhanjaya Hak Asasi Manusia (Suhakam) supaya tidak mengeluarkan kenyataan yang mengelirukan rakyat terutama dalam isu keselamatan dan agama sehingga boleh menimbulkan ketegangan.

    HASMY AYAM memang pro-Anwar.

  33. Chi8 ...

    Dont be sexist. Did you tell Helen Ang to "be a man"? Bet you didnt have the balls to do it.

    Btw, I refer to her because she has been at the foreflront on the DUMC issue. Which is great because if a Muslim like me takes up this issue, you get racist/extreme comments like yours and the few others here..

  34. Anonymous12:56 pm

    Malaysian muslims r a confuse lot.The muftis from each state r from different school of thoughts.Poor rakyat.....KELIRU!!!


  35. Jasper Bloodstone3:13 pm

    It's pathetic how you can blame the whole world for your misfortunes instead of looking within yourself for your own shortcomings.

    It's easy to play the blame game, isn't it?

    Oh, btw, when Obama praised Malaysia as a model of a moderate, democratic Muslim nation, he wasn't just mouthing feel-good platitudes to make Najib feel special, was he?

    After all, he must have read the briefing books on Malaysia and the latest US State Department intel based on cables from the US Embassy in KL. Enough to know if Najib is the real deal or not, insofar as championing moderate Islam is concerned.

  36. Anonymous5:25 pm

    xde otak punye muslimat... ko buang nick ko muslimat n tukar jadi kapir lah... orng nak tegakkan agama islam ko mau pangkah ke?...xde otak.

  37. Petani Tua6:27 pm

    Satu lagi Isle' di hina kerana penghisap batang bernama Nik Aziz Nik Mat sibuk mencacai sesama oghe Islam

    hei nik aziz Nik Mat, aku oghe Kelate bangsat anak pukimak Nik Mat barua. Aku dok nak tanya mu: Air Kelate kotor ke tidak? Gerenti kotor mace air koncing kau, wahai bangsat penjilat dubur babi Cina.

    Engkau dah belanja berjuta perabih air kelate kotor lagi. Kau sial laknatullah nak cover diri mu buat perabih duit rakyat 20 tahun, air paip kotor lagi!! mu nak kecek apa kat akhirat nanti bila dah kojol. Bangsat jangan nak dalih, penghisap batang babi haram kejadah. Dulu mu wat janji dengan thames water pun lingkup:

    beghape juta habis lingkup tapi kualiti makin teruk pasai ko dok sibuk mencacai, bangsat pukimak. Ko inge kita bodoh,jaga kau balaci chibai punya palat:

    Pukimak pariah nak kelentong habis sesame isle. Isle apa mende pundek bila ko makan harta oghe daif mace aku tapi tak bagi air beghesih, laknatullah sial. Aku doa ko Nik aziz Nik Mat mampuih burai perut pecah buntut. Aku doa ko Nik Aziz Nik Mat mampuih sama bini sial mu dan anak pinak sial laknatullah mu. Isle konon! Cih ptui! munafik kapiak no 1 punya dajjal. Aku doa, Allah gi kudrat kat Isle ikhle sembelih haram kejadah mace mu...nate pukimak ptui!!!

  38. Dear Datuk AA: {ls check your LINK "The Bishop's back, siap dengan sidekick sekali" -- WHY DID I ALM<OST SUFFER A HEART ATTACK that it leads to Desi's blog working page, please AMEND PRONTO! Tks, YL@7.19PM Monday fullOFwoe...

  39. Anonymous7:34 pm

    Suluh cermin dalam gelap, lain dia mesti tak nampak, biji mata putih ajer - apa lagi kalau dalam gelap!

    Kalau selak kain orang lain terang2 boleh nampak, hak sendiri hitam sangat, tak nampak juga, hitam sagat!

    Tu pasal tak pandai nilai diri sendiri.

    Lucu le Anugerek ni semua..


  40. Anonymous9:33 pm

    This blogger Rocky has not only missed the ALIRAN President's point entirely, but he has also twisted what Chi8 has to say about being a man.

  41. And what is it that you said of Hasan Ali?

  42. Anonymous4:51 am

    Are you agree with JAIS RAID..........

  43. Anonymous11:20 am

    1st and last to read this blog.blogger is crap, the comments sounds racist.full of shit. need to grow up to make mature statements. sad, such blog gets response.

  44. ANTI PENDATANG12:28 pm

    P Ramakrsihnan = Ramakrishnan s/o Pundekkalathai, betoi atau tarak betoi semua?

    Patutlah merapu macam Keling pariah mabuk todi. Pundekkalathai punya anak mestilah merapu gila cam tu. Kerja lain tadak kalau tak melalak "velcuni" velcuni"velcuni" masa TAHIpuKIAsam atau "ompundek"ompundek"ompundek" masa Cheebaimali.

    Woit! fucking bastard keling pariah lidah ular dan Cina penjilat dubur babi mace Chi8 dan sewaktu dengannya, jaga mulut kapiak busuk hang semua, bahlol tak basuh buntut. Patutle ada pepatah; "cakap berdegar buntut penuh tahi". Pandai pun oghe kita dulu tahu perangai babi dan ular.


  45. Jasper Bloodstone4:28 pm

    Another anti whatever 12:28 PM

    Oh, yeah? You & who else? Other assorted wankers & losers?

    It must be the silly season that brings the wackos out of the woodwork, a la the termites of yore.

  46. Wahai anti pendatang, same to you bro.

  47. Anti Pendatang TiongCock dan Koling1:30 am

    Nate pendatang babi dan ular kena di sembelih kerana babi tu nate haram dan ular tu nate bisa.kalau lepas dua nate ini haru biru jadilah nogheri oghe.

    Aku sokongmu Siaplaa, Anti Pendatang. Babi dan ular tu cakap merapu tapi takut mampuh kerana agama tolol mereka tu tak dak tuhan cuma patung gajah kayu, cuni batu dan Cina babi tua dengan misai tarak cukur dan perut boroi makan bende haram...tuhan keparat bahlol tu semua tak tahu pakai Gilette! hahahahahaha

    Pukimak punya Cina babi dan keling pundek. agama sendiri tak laku nak usik agama oghe lain, wadafuck?. Hang sudah gilo Ramakrisnan s/o Pundek. Hang ingat hang terror habis tapi hang kena ingat hang tak layak cakap besar. Hang cuba betoikan geng mabuk todi pukimak keling yang velcuni velcuni mace oghe gilo kat Tahipukiasam, yang calit dengan abu dan tahi lembu kering, yang dok cok badannya pakai lembing mace nate gilo. Malulah wei, mace nate zaman batu sungguh!

    sam jugak pada Jasper dan Chi8, cvina babi tak dak malu yang dok merapu gilo, yang tuhannnya dok bawah pokoklah, tepi batulah atau belakang jambanlah. Dah pukimak shit hang punya agama nak dok tibai oghe lain punya agama sampai nak kongsi tuhan lagi, apa mende punya pukimak hang semua? Berambus gi mampuh lagi elok tark guna punya cibai lanchiau linkun. Kepala butoh pak hang nak panggil oghe lain, 'bro", juboh tak basuh. Gi cebok berak dulu palat hampih sebelum nal bagi komen bodohmu.

    Warning dah bagi kat atas tu. Sekali aje cukup, ada faham, palat Cina dan keling pariah?

  48. Gangsta12:11 pm

    Petani Tua

    Ku sokong ko sokmo. Bangsat tua Nik Ajis sial laknatullah baik dok isap batang Guan Eng dan jilat juboh bini kit siang. Cibai punya pukimak.

    Jaspundek Bloodystone dan Chibai 8

    Ko dua gi mampus. Fuck your mama!! kalau gatae kote sangat nak komen pasai gamo oghe lain. Ko dua pukimak shit!tarak otak tarak teloq. Kalo ko dua tak suko kat Malaysia, get out pendatae nate, useless shit!


    Wow, sungguh pawer semangat orang Kaffir!

    Tiap tiap hari dengar azan
    Tiap tiap hari dengar doa
    Tiap tiap hari dengar islam di kaca tv, radio, suratkabar

    kah kah kah...tapi mereka tak masuk Islam... kah kah kah

    kah kah kah... yang gentar ialah Hassan Ali kepada sebijik radio kuasa solar... kah kah kah

    Kononnya boleh jadi orang Islam murtad... kah kah kah

    kah kah kah... nanti Hassan dan Ah Tee nak haramkan Apple ke?

    kah kah kah... pergi Google "iPad Bible"... kah kah kah

  50. Skilgannon10662:53 pm

    Anti pendatang and gangsta

    It's a pity that your dreams far exceed your capabilities.

    Otherwise, why wank on?

  51. Anti pendatang, what have you done for this Malaysia beside cakap busuk?

    And why you think I am a Chinese? Hehehehe

  52. Jasper Bloodstone3:22 pm

    Maybe the anti pendatang is the one with little faith...

    It must be tough watching the acres of flesh out there, the fornicating, the gambling, the drinking, the greed, the concupiscence...

    The poor dude must be itching in his hair shirt with all the enforced piety around!

    Not that hair shirts are de rigeur in the upper echelons of Malaysian politics and business!