Saturday, October 29, 2011

Malaysia in Perth

PERTH, Sat: With over 50 heads of governments attending the once-in-two-years meeting, the hosts can't be too careful. Security is super tight. Some local NGOs have threatened to stage protests in conjunction with the meeting but you could not see any of these activities. The "Occupy Perth" movement involving 300 people seemed more subdued than expected. Najib & Co definitely missed lecturer Wong Chin Huat's five minutes of fame as he addressed fellow protesters from all around Australia and the Commonwealth in a city square yesterday, at the same time CHOGM opened its three-day meeting, and told them about Bersih and what it stood for. With him on stage were about 30 Malaysians and friends in yellow tees, some of them students and some permanent residents, who chanted "Bersih, Bersih" at Chin Huat's trained cues. There was a dog, leashed and draped in yellow, Malaysia's royal colour. I swear it was barking the same chants, too!

Some pictures I took [I have one of the doggy on my camera, will post later]. I went over to Chin Huat, who flew in two days ago, who said the protesters will be there tomorrow at Burswood Park, where the PM is meeting Malaysians in Perth before flying off to Malaysia and then to Mekah, to be heard and seen.

p.s. I mentioned to a protester the obvious, that none of them were Malays! It's the same in London when the PM was there some months back but at least the Bersih protests in then had one or two Melayus. Perth is said to be home or second home to thousands of Malaysians, and one of the most favourite destinations for Melayu Malaysia to migrate.


  1. Anonymous9:57 am

    after 54 years of independence you still cannot get race out of your head?

  2. Anonymous10:05 am

    ha ha ha
    if you said there is no malays there, pretty soon people will say you are racist.
    if you say those dumbass bersih that the government have special committee to look into the electorate omission, pretty soon they will say you are lying.

    those chings' batsard shld be able to allow to come back at all. pity the PAS people who have to fight 'bombs' and 'guns' in KL while ovethere the dumbass bersih is just bersantai.


  3. Yes Rocky, look at the faces and the skin color. Only yellow-skinned people who are mainly not voters.
    Shameless people who own two citizenships - Aussie and Malaysian.
    Typical sepet.

  4. Anonymous11:14 am


    DSNTR must not be too concerned or take too seriously of these protests as long as long as he strongly believes he is on the right path to make Malaysia a great nation in which every Malaysian is proud of.

    I know for a fact when TDM was invited to give a talk organised by a number of high profile NGOs in Hong Kong in 2000, a group of protesters mainly Filipinos with banners 'greeted' him not far from the venue of the talk. It was orchestrated by the Amnesty International in protest against the 'draconian' ISA and the raid made earlier by the Immigration against Filipino maids who had congregated outside a church in Bukit Nanas, KL.

    By the time TDM had ended delivering his talk, the protesters had already dispersed with little or no concern from him. Anyway, he is world-renowned statesman.


  5. Anonymous11:24 am


    Jangan pi dekat2 sangat, silap2 kena belasah dengan Omputih..kat sana racial tension pun diam diam duk mendidih juga.

    Omputih, lagi2 aborigines Australia sana bukan suka depa ni sangat,


    he hehe hehehe

  6. Anonymous11:27 am

    Silly you dato'. Of course there are melayus, you just refused see it!

  7. Anonymous11:57 am

    Melayu migrate there ?
    will be pendatang or not ?
    "hey comer mate"

    If So will the Australian play and kiss broadsword in their party assembly ?
    Nice sword mate)

    Or Maybe then they will call the them jewish of the east.
    jewish dude mate

    Or Maybe they can offer 7% son of the dessert soil discount for the lots of bungalow in mosman park
    Hey mate are u son of the soil ?

    Or Maybe they can make University technology marah for the special people

    Or maybe they can call the australian obedient wives to perform all sort of nonsense there.

    Or maybe they can be glocal


  8. No Melayus.You must be on the wrong block or acting blind,Bru.Go check Zorro's blog for Melayus.Real Melayus,born in Malaysia too.

  9. Anonymous12:53 pm

    So what if there were no Malays ?

  10. Anonymous1:51 pm

    They're not malaysians. Their yellow ah bengs, out of sight, out of mind. Enjoy your immigration on immigration, you assholes. One day aussies will get tired of these chinks and put a better hold on things. Probably theyll drift to the arctic. Why not? They can survive anywhere what?

    Ugly chink

  11. Anonymous3:24 pm

    Well you can't miss the "Melayu's" thing, can you?

  12. jeebong3:29 pm

    locky...we all understand why you pretend to be so fucking stupid these days...malays takut kena tarik scholarship la! that's why they don't come out not that they are so enamoured of bn najib or rosmah...get real la locky .... you know the way with bn...if you don't support them they will punish though scholarship money is their mak bapak's property!

  13. Anonymous5:10 pm

    bro,malaysian in perth not malaysia.
    sarawakian in malaysia

  14. Assamjawa5:21 pm

    None of them were Malays?
    There are clearer ones at Zorro's:

  15. Anonymous5:52 pm

    "none of the protestors were Malays"

    Why do you always bring up the racial bullshit ? Did you report that 99.9 pct of those who protested in support of Aziz Bari was Malay ? Did you know that the rich Malays in Australia can't afford to be seen because they all had mansions built with rakyat's funds ?

  16. Anonymous5:55 pm

    'Allo dei Locky:

    The Malays are behind Bersih, so don't spin the BS that there were no Malays at the rally in Perth and hence the movement is a non-Malay movement. Ask Pak Samad.


  17. Anonymous6:47 pm

    Blimey...I am expecting Singapore Spring in Perth fighting for the Emancipation of Singapore's ISA...Singapore's peasants do not have balls.

    Prof Awe Kecik

  18. Anonymous8:11 pm

    Totally missing the point, balik balik color Dan racism angle. Can we progress move on pls.

  19. typical ah beng, ungrateful bastard. go on live there in auisee & dont come back here.

  20. Anonymous8:30 pm

    Why don't these chinks give up their Malaysian citizenship? These chinks typically want the cake and eat it too. They will hold on to the Malaysian citizenship (for insurance,they say) but keep on complaining about Malaysia. Though permanent resident of Australia, strangely, these chinks dare not pressure the Australian government to build Chinese vernacular schools. Within 6 months, they'll speaking English with Australian twang but has been citizen of Malaysia for all their life but still cannot speak Malay properly. Such hypocrites!!!!!

  21. No Chink You mati-O10:30 pm

    This Malay, a Muslim even pray 5 times a day also no use, never truthful, always bullshit!

  22. Anonymous10:51 pm

    Wherever they go instantly brings badluck to that country!

    Takder Fungshui le Bersih ni! Macam hari tu, London RIOTS,baca berita sekok tu duk ada kat sana masa tu?

    he hehe hehehe

  23. Anonymous1:31 am

    "Assamjawa said...

    None of them were Malays?
    There are clearer ones at Zorro's:

    5:21 PM"

    Asamjawa bolo,

    Mana atak melayu lalam itu gambar2?

    Bolo la lu, mata lu sulah labun. Sulah buta. Melayu cina pun lu tak tau tengok - BOLO! CIBAI!

  24. Anonymous2:10 am

    You are such a sad little prick. May I emphasize on "little"!

  25. Anonymous7:23 am

    Kepada sesiapa yang merujuk bangsa tiong-hua yang menunjuk rasa kak Perth ni sebagai Chink, kau org ni memang tak berakal. Kenapa kita berhijah ke Perth kalau tiada isu-isu economi yang tak seimbang? kalau tiada isu politik yang berberat sebelah? kalau tiada isu korupsi yang berleluasa? Dicakap orang tiong-hua tak fasir Bahasa, ku ni seorang yang masih bertutur ni! Ku bersetuju dengan pandangan yang Melayu di Perth tak begitu berani menyertai kami kerana kebanyakan mereka berkait rapat dengan kerajaan (takut dikesan, dan ditimpa "malang" dari segi politik kerana kaum mereka, yang ni memang dapat difahami dan dapat diterima). Kalau cakap Melayu kak Malaysia ditimpa bom pedih, malahan kita di dini digugat isu Visa dan kemungkinan dibuang negara... kan ni sesama malang? Kalau kian di sini tuduk kepala keapada Negara Australia, mengapa kita masih kisahkan Malaysia? kan AUD lebih lumayan dibanding MYR (kalau anda kisah saje $)? kan lebih banyak kebebasan dan lebih ramai kaum Tiong-Hua di Aust? Kalau kita tak kisah...mengapa masih minta akan Undi Pos? Kalau kita tak kisah, mengapa ku masih nak berutus panjang menulis ni? Jelas kerana, kita masih mengenal Malaysia sebagai Tanahair! walau sebagaimana jauhan badan fizikal kita, hati masih tertinggal di rumah kak Malaysia!

  26. Anonymous7:28 am

    Malaysia is well and truly fucked with the likes of rocky and his dumb as fuck minions like perwira and warrior et all

  27. sheilah8:33 am

    sigh sigh ...

    ramai orang yang petty comment dalam blog ni..

    you must find their comments amusing, they do sound like your regular commenters.

    sado-masochists they are..they get a secualkick out of the pain they get from reading your postings.

    they come here again and again...say the same things again and again.. anonymous. so the lot of them...

    berdepan dengan you, terkencing kencing, i swear..

    oh.., you know this kind of, er...idiotic ball-less morons..

  28. Anonymous12:13 pm

    dah tengok itu blog zollo.

    huuuuuuuuuu banyaknye melayu yang mata sepet.


  29. Anonymous12:18 pm


    Kasi suluh celemin ooii..

    Lu olang yg kena BIG time F@*K dengan omputih, they feed you candu and samsu and make you LICK their shit!

    Why want to take on us Bumis here? Shoooo PI MAIN JAUH2!

    Pelik pulak, tak mau buat demo besar2an kat Negala asal2 mali, China atau India?

    Kenapa? Dare not open mouth with own people orgh? Takut nanti kena macam ni ke?

    he hehe hehehe

  30. Anonymous1:50 pm

    Rocky really has priciples and vision for 1Malaysia to evolve.

    When LGE's son is implicated in an issue - Rocky advises LGe to file police report.

    When someone else is linked to a Mongolian murder, Rocky keeps quiet

    Then when UIA folks protest - Rocky keeps quiet too. Maybe blind and cannot see the race factor?

    But send him to Perth on taxpayers money, he can see 'colours'.

    And we are still wondering why his case (the one involving NST) is still being stretched.

    So that he can still be made to write 'selectively' for someone else to benefit?


  31. I guess Rocky's has revealed himself over the years, to be exactly UMNO-minded

    Racial cards are your last resorts right?

    NO melayus in Perth Bersih rally? Are you sure, you big liar? I was there and the BIGGEST BANNER was made my two Malay youngsters.

    memang blogger upahan UMNO... where is your integrity rocky? Sadly one can stoop so low to spread lies...

    No difference with papagomo.

  32. Anonymous10:31 pm

    Tengok betul betul Dato'....ada Melayu, Cina etc di Perth. Jangan la buat laporan palsu sampai "racist comments" dan sebagainya terkeluar kat sini. Jangan gaul tahi di antara kaum rakyat Malaysia Dato'...bahaya....nanti komen komen kat sini sampai kat boss u nanti susah kan?

  33. Anonymous10:44 pm

    No Malays??!!!....aiseh are either trying to impress your boss and his wife or just trying to stir racial hate for your personal reasons.

    Bad article la Dato'....i have to say that you failed badly this time. Very very un-1 Malaysia. I really hope this comments section on this article doesn't reach your boss and his wife..because you are just undoing all the hardwork our PM has put into putting the people together. Next time be more responsible in your blogging.

  34. Anonymous11:00 pm

    Maybe the malays are too lazy to come out.

  35. Anonymous11:06 pm

    They're not malaysians. Their yellow ah bengs, out of sight, out of mind. Enjoy your immigration on immigration, you assholes. One day aussies will get tired of these chinks and put a better hold on things. Probably theyll drift to the arctic. Why not? They can survive anywhere what?

    Ugly chink

    At least they are surviving well in MALAY SIA. Malays are struggling even in their own country

  36. Anonymous11:13 pm

    Latuk, why u tell all lie here. Zorro want is honest. You pray 5 times for what? Maybe to go hell faster. You are very evil indeed lah.. No good like that.

  37. Anonymous11:19 pm

    rocky why not join perkasa since you like play race all the time ?

  38. Anonymous11:20 pm

    I think Rocky is more racist than perkasa

    I think you should migrate to perth and see,

  39. Anonymous11:21 pm

    They're not malaysians. Their yellow ah bengs, out of sight, out of mind. Enjoy your immigration on immigration, you assholes. One day aussies will get tired of these chinks and put a better hold on things. Probably theyll drift to the arctic. Why not? They can survive anywhere what?

    Ugly chink

    I think you better get use to the sight as more ah bengs are migrating in thanks to your government

  40. Anonymous11:50 pm

    You know why there is no malay ?

    Cause malays behaves like you.


    Simple answer for a simple question


  41. Anonymous11:53 pm

    Malay cannot take cold weather


  42. Skilgannon10661:33 pm

    Heh, heh - perwira doth run bonkers!

    Any truth in the rumour that he was refused a visa to enter Australia? Hence the sour grapes.

    Just a snakeoil rumour, lah!

  43. Anonymous8:56 am

    Anon 7:23 AM pakai google translate ke?

    - Parameswara Bukan India -

  44. the meleis8:31 am

    well, we'll be more happy if more chinks migrating to aussie.. In fact we wants all u chinks to get the fuck out.

    We hav no prob. We can start from scratch. Its not us who brings you here in the first place.

    Mcm pepatah melayu kata "datang tak dijemput, berambus tak dihalang"

    So STFU, pack ur back and get lost.

    And good luck getting better treatment in Aussie.

  45. the meleis9:02 am

    Chinks afraid to demo in malaysia, coz they takut they'll get the flying machete.. I think perkasa and pekida will give them just dat, in aussie can get demo santai2 one.. Coz fat ass lazy chink can't stand the heat, tear gas and riot cop.

  46. Jasper Bloodstone1:13 pm

    Kesian, this meleis dude.

    Push comes to shove, the poor b****r is obviously harbouring the mother of all inferiority complexes.

    Just why isn't difficult to prognosticate. He sees others progressing, whilst he is forced to sit on the sidelines and call people names.

    Wassamatter, dude - does it hurt when you deemed uncompetitive or incapable of participating in the globalisation game on an equal footing? Or when you realise that race and religion don't amount to a whole heap of beans?

    "Flying machetes"??? Go peddle those machetes in the South China Sea instead of hiding behind the FPDA! Let's see just who is talking then, eh?

  47. weeii7:31 pm

    why Chinese want to live in Malaya and not beijing. REad WeiWei article in Newsweek..

    Beijing is two cities. One is of power and of money. People don’t care who their neighbors are; they don’t trust you. The other city is one of desperation. I see people on public buses, and I see their eyes, and I see they hold no hope. They can’t even imagine that they’ll be able to buy a house. They come from very poor villages where they’ve never seen electricity or toilet paper.
    Every year millions come to Beijing to build its bridges, roads, and houses. Each year they build a Beijing equal to the size of the city in 1949. They are Beijing’s slaves. They squat in illegal structures, which Beijing destroys as it keeps expanding. Who owns houses? Those who belong to the government, the coal bosses, the heads of big enterprises. They come to Beijing to give gifts—and the restaurants and karaoke parlors and saunas are very rich as a result.

    Beijing tells foreigners that they can understand the city, that we have the same sort of buildings: the Bird’s Nest, the CCTV tower. Officials who wear a suit and tie like you say we are the same and we can do business. But they deny us basic rights. You will see migrants’ schools closed. You will see hospitals where they give patients stitches—and when they find the patients don’t have any money, they pull the stitches out. It’s a city of violence.
    Beijing China