Friday, October 21, 2011

Enemies Within Pt 3: Why it can't be business-as-usual anymore at Felda

Some argue that Felda Global Ventures Holdings should not be listed as the Felda group has no need for additional funds from the capital market. The finances and liquidity of Felda Global Ventures Holdings are strong enough, they say. But that's not the only reason a company goes for an IPO, blogger Big Dog counters. In Felda's case, the exercise is aimed at "giving the opportunity to the stakeholders, namely the state governments, the EPF, the PNB and especially the settlers themselves to hold a direct stake in the Felda group". 

Read the second installment of his 3-part series on the listing of Felda h e r e.

Big Dog says the final part, which he hopes to post on Sunday, will look at why it can't be business as usual at Felda.  


  1. Anonymous6:38 pm

    Oh, this way, people can forget about the way Isa is running this outfit?

    Anything for money, eh?


  2. Anonymous11:11 pm

    Just incase u dont know...

    Tun M is top 5 politician in FB. Errmmm... Where's Anwar?

  3. Anonymous11:33 pm


    The dog is always barking at the wrong tree...
    Next he will say Felda is being run by Anwar Ibrahim!

  4. Anonymous12:50 am

    Big Dog tu kan anjing (Madey)... he knows nut !! Kalau tak caya, tanya KJ.

  5. Anonymous8:30 pm

    As long as everyone involved knows the implications...
    The settlers must be clearly told that as a public listed company what the motive and way of doing business will be.
    For the shareholders and Directors the motive is profit which means its operations and land bank will change.


  6. In any listed entity, the stakeholders that holds the majority actualy maneuvers the direction of the company and minotity shareholders basically has not much authority. Then comes in the complexities of corporate maneuvering which the ordinary Felda settlers is totally alien ofand can be easily duped into all sorts of devious schemes.In addition to this, not all shares hold premium above par and these settlers do not know much about shares trading. Simple folks like the Felda settlers re most familiar with savings and dividends as compared to holding shares. But then again, who is to really gain from this IPO exercise which is definitely not the settlers