Friday, October 21, 2011

Death Threat in DAP

Page 8 is the new front page: You usually read about politicians claiming to get a live bullet in the post or a threat from a rival party, but Dr Boo says here that he's received a death threat from a comrade. The Johor DAP chief will reveal all at a press conference soon.

We pray for his safety ...


  1. ah, so nice of you.

    no Guan Eng bashing today?

    Oh dear.

    Careful of your paycheck bro.

  2. I've always thought the suicide in limbo stinks.

  3. Anonymous5:11 pm

    DAP will soon issue gag order to all the members on the issue. So much about transparency and freedom of speech in DAP.


  4. and as for CHI8~ been how much u got for visiting this blog n drop a few comment? any more opening there? Not need to refute anything on this as there's a different between socially-political active visitor n paid-active visitor~

  5. Anonymous6:03 pm

    Pakatan will issue a press statement to blame UMNO for this.

    If that fails to convince PAS members, they will say that MIC has bought Dr. Boo over.

    And every fool will believe it.


  6. Anonymous6:11 pm

    CHI8, if you dont like Rocky's writings.. you dont have to be here. Muka tak malu ka?

  7. Anonymous6:14 pm

    Eh, since when it has become UMNO's business ? So nice of you to be so concerned. Can depend on the police to investigate ah ? Did the person who got threatened report to police ?


  8. Anonymous7:35 pm

    Bru, Bru,

    You did not pray for the well-being of a boy abused by your blogger friends. Why now to a DAP chief? As I said before: You are a nut.

  9. Death Threat never will become a reality , if i want that person disappear juz hired and shot why go public about it . So hai .......

  10. hehe tonto la tu...

  11. Anonymous12:52 am

    Your bosses are obviously terrified of DAP

  12. Four reasons why they want to kill Dr Boo -
    1. Kit Siang n Guan Eng
    2. Indians n Malays
    3. Gwee
    4. Gelang Patah
    Dr Boo can be a bit racist but he is nothing compared to the other DAP goons. My bet is, he will end up being another Wee Choo Keong...
    Btw, what the hell is this - Page 8 is the new front page - lucky number for lucky page ka??? Hehehehehehe....

  13. Anonymous10:07 am

    Rocky concerns about the saftey of DAp ?

    Ada udang di sebalik baBRU

  14. Anonymous4:48 pm

    well let comrade wallop each other and UMNO will just watch

    it's fun


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