Wednesday, October 19, 2011

KJ and Kali

Or, rather, KJ vs Kali.I didn't think I'd see the day. Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan, in his tweets, ran amok yesterday, condemning Umno and the party's supporters for their incessant attacks on DAP's Lim Guan Eng with regards to the alleged case of Guan Eng Jr molesting a student, a mere blog-rumor that was given credence after Malaysiakini, a pro-DAP portal, reported it.

Kali, who was way up there when Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was PM, went to the extent of calling the Umno cybertroopers names. He also lashed out at Member of Parliament for Wangsa Maju Wee Choo Keong, most probably because of Wee's non-stop attacks on the MAS-Air Asia deal (Kali was ex chairman of Air Asia X and is still a substantial shareholder).

I'm not sure if Kali was aware that Khairy Jamaluddin, son-in-law of Abdullah Badawi, was at the fore-front of the attacks on Guan Eng. Read KJ defends attacks on Guan Eng, calls critics hypocrites.

Who's KJ calling a hyprocrite, you think?

I have to agree with the two people's representatives:People who live in glass houses should not be throwing stones ...


  1. Anonymous3:18 pm

    oooooo, Latuk Locky, you got any philantropy in you ? Can you or anyone in your UMNO circle get anywhere close to Kali in terms of giving money to a noble cause. Never mind where he got it from in the first place, he's giving it to schools, etc, etc.

    Oh, I forgot that there are no philantropists in UMNO, only philanderers.


  2. Badut Nasional3:39 pm

    The Truth is OUT...

    umNO bloggers and that graduan Oxfarce memang GOBLOK!!!

  3. But when your friends use pictures of a chess champ who has nothing to do with Malaysia, and be caught with their pants down, it must be rather embarrassing isn't it? Or is it that they don't know how to feel malu?

  4. Anonymous3:53 pm

    kah..kah..kah... Rocky lu punya budak pon tak erti apa tu Chess or Chest ..tolongalah hantar dia orang balik sekolah belajar !!

    Rocky and Co. sudah kantoi !!

    Woi Rocky, bila nak upload blue film Anwar ?? Jangan potong stim tau !!

  5. Anonymous4:09 pm

    Kali ran amok ?'s the UMNO lapdogs that have turned rabid. Fear of losing has caused UMNOputras to lose their heads....

    Kalau ada bola, call for elections lah....


  6. Hai Dato Rocky!

    Its been a very longtime eh/ Actually when comes to Khairy Kitol and Kali Ular ni, i dont trust either of them!

    Remeber sir, both of them did sold our country to Singapork before and i believe this is just another wayang to show to PM that Kali And Khairy Kitol sudah putus cinta!


    This group like to play from inside, they saw the oppoturnity yeseterday and they grab it! Be careful, Khairy Kitol can fool some bloggers but not me and I am very sure Dato u are aware of the same thing!

    Ular jenis depa ni kena katok sampai habis, kalau dibiar depa ni dapat kuasa balik! MAKA HANCURLAH MALAYSIA!


  7. Anonymous4:42 pm

    This Khairy Jamaluddin has no class, he is an opportunist and a leech, no moral or integrity. So easily to be exposed so soon, what a Pariah, not a man.

  8. When is Malaysiakini a pro-dap media?

    When the Great Dato' Rocky says so.

    When is Chi conjoins with Bye?

    What the Great Dato' Rocky says so. And indeed he has.

    Great job Dato'. I am sure your masters will love you spinning the dog this way. U're the man.

  9. Anonymous4:58 pm

    KJ, Kali and Ismee of Tabung Haji are all from the same ECM Libra camp. Your next article should be "KJ + Kali = Ismee".

  10. Anonymous5:58 pm

    i loved it when the oppo and his ilk rattled...

    baru tau langit tinggi ke rendah.

  11. Anonymous5:59 pm

    I think its uncool.

    Whether Guan Eng's son did or did not do it - is immaterial.

    The fact is - children growing up make mistakes. Its difficult raising children these days and more so children with parents who spend more time with constituents than own flesh. You'll soon find that out KJ.
    Keep children out of the mudslinging lah.

  12. Anonymous6:27 pm

    sudahlah Rocky, bila nak pergi minta maaf dengan Marcus Lim ?? tarak bola ke ??

    Usah pusing-pusing cerita lagi...hang sudah kantoi !!

  13. Ah, CHI8 ... Still seething? ANSI thout you were as good in taking as you have been in giving. Haha.

    And Godfarter! I forgot you area fan of Kali. Now I know why something smells!

    Old Fart,
    If anyone uses doctored pics or fake ones, too bad for them. They should have learned from your friends who have been caught with their pants down using fake photos of your masters' political enemies.

  14. Anonymous6:53 pm

    If infact KJ is behind the Guan Eng mudslinging, it would appear the Oxford grad's stint at Askar Wataniah has made him more juvenile.

    Take note Najib - unwinnable candidate alert !

  15. Rocky,
    I heard CEO of KUB was asked to go! Please check! I am your boss!!

  16. Anonymous8:02 pm

    The King of raba-raba at karaoke posting stories of raba-raba by a kid.

    What a hypocrite.

    And a great spinner can also get Datuk title and one time head of a newspaper. What a farce.

  17. Jeng Jeng Jeng!8:12 pm

    kah kah kah... ini kita sudah taulah... kah kah kah

    kah kah kah... cybertrooper UMMNO semua ni bingai bingai... kah kah kah

    buat photoshop pun fail... palsukan dokumen pun fail... kah kah kah

    nak tanya soalan algebra...

    KJ KALI lima sama dengan berapa?

    kalau jawap betul, dapat cicak tokek 1kg... kah kah kah

  18. Anonymous8:28 pm

    I suppose the most decent thing a human being should do is apologise to the person they accused which were prove to be wrong.I know why you highlight the Mkini article in your blog and made a meal out of it.Now that it is proven that the accusations are false and malicious what are you going to do?Hide behind and say you quote it from Mkini? Are you human enough to apologise to LGE and his family?You make use of your blog to highlight this case cos you know your blog is widely read unlike those Umno blogs which are more destined to the rubbish bin.

  19. Anonymous8:51 pm


    Shame on you that you have turned yourself to the evil and darkside. I guess money and position can really buy your soul.

    Please repent and we want the old Rocky b4 2008.

  20. Anonymous9:37 pm


    Both of them are rotten asshole.

    Pls whisper to PM not to go near them.


  21. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  22. Bedul9:52 pm

    Who cares about Kali. He's irrelevant to us.
    Just a roti man son from Lenggong or somewhere Ulu Perak who snaked his way to the corporate ladder.
    A Pathan nothing who tries hard to be a Malay elite.
    And an action-maction cocky wife who is also Datin wannabe Malay.

  23. Anonymous9:59 pm


    Never ever trust KJ and Kali!!! They have caused BN to lose 5 states during last election. As House PK rightly pointed out they are playing a game to get into Najib's good book. I hope Najib will have a good sense of not falling into their trap.

  24. Anonymous10:03 pm

    Godfather Anon 3:18 pm

    IF in UMNO there only philenderers than in MCA, DAP and GERAKAN there are full of Carpet-beggars.

    Haji Tukiman

  25. Anonymous10:06 pm

    Your blog is increasingly lopsided in your comments....i am for Najib just like you....but if one of his goons does something stupid. We should call a spade a spade ....but by siding with this guy you are not doing any good for Najib bro.

  26. Anonymous10:14 pm

    You only survive under umno

  27. Anonymous10:20 pm

    Haiyah lu olang simua..

    Tamau malah malah, talak baik itu maciam lor!

    Kalau betut2 jadi tamau kasi simpan or,

    nanti itu bulak sulah tua jadi olang tua maciam Monsterball, cali enjoy2 dgn Losi Chan bila lia sikit bisat nanti, tua2 kilija mencalut saja macam Monsterball!

    Cali itu bulak jahat kalo lia bitot bitot bikin salah sikalang jugak!

    Cipat2 kasi makan ubat ginseng..kalo tamau ginseng, doktor bole kasi ubat orang gila dose kecik2 kasi stabilise lia punya otak tamau jahat2!

    Jgn main2 or.. laba2 toot toot sikalang, lain kali lain timpat kasi laba lagi manyiak susah!

    he hehe hehehe

  28. Anonymous11:04 pm

    Lol, and you don't realize you're the King of helping spread cyber-rumors?

    You're always linking to BigDog's posting and other pro-UMNO blog postings that cannot be substantiated. And when proven that it cannot be substantiated, you just keep quiet.

    What a joker :)

  29. Anonymous12:50 am


    i remember bentong kali;

    i dont quite like kalimullah;

    but i like to 'kaliannam' again if i got the chance.


  30. Anonymous12:58 am

    mere blog rumor ? One as malicious as this and proven untrue. stop your spinning la. the readers here are all getting nauseated though your thick skull and shameless thick skin may not be.

  31. Yes Godfather, for Kali the moolah it's 'Nothing personal, only business'

  32. Anonymous7:01 am

    UiTM targets Nobel Prize.


  33. 1. Bro, I have not had so much fun watching and reading the rantings of Pakatan hypocrites on this ramas2 thinghy, when they start to call you names and insult you then you know that they do not have a clue how to damage control this ramas2 story.

    2. The Kali-KJ twitter show? It was fun while it lasted,it still do not explain totally their ECM-Libra story and many more stories from the last PM administration, kami tak mudah lupa ya.

  34. che mat7:53 am

    Kenapa lah penulis upahan ini sampai sanggup buat kerja kotor ni. Tak malu ke pada Tuhan. Kalau cari makan pun jangan lah nak malukan orang. Apa kena mengena budak 16 tahun tu. Dia tak pernah burukan kau semua.Ingat Tuhan lah sikit.Malukan Melayu Je. Ini lah keja org. Melayu. Pemberita yang konon nya kerja cara professional pun jadi Melaun juga rupa nya.

  35. What la all these Pakatan people so kecoh. As if their gang never attacked anyone's children. I posted a video they made on Najib's son in my blog just for comparative study on gutter politics. Well, then again, I guess Guan Eng got very delicate sense and sensibility while Najib is made of tougher stuff.

  36. Anonymous8:42 am

    Latuk Locky:

    What do we smell of ? Whiskey ? If we smell of shit, then it must be because we "touched" your article which is nothing but shit. Bring the shit back to UMNO.


  37. Anonymous8:58 am

    Perwira - your comments reflect your inbreeding nature

  38. Anonymous9:17 am

    looks like Kali and KJ playing sacrificing game. Kali will be the bad cop and pretend to burn his bridge with UMO while his buddy KJ seems to be the opposite. But at end of the day they are still colluding to ensure KJ keeps his place in UMNO waiting for the right time to plot his move. Never believe their 'sandiwara'!!!!

  39. Anonymous9:26 am


    “….Rocky Bru took VSS got 800k but claimed he was sacked”

    “.. Datuk Ahmad Taliban hardly turned up for work in NST and I VSS him paid him 1 million…”

    “… Nuraina Samad begged Brendan Perera for VSS and got it and then started a blog to attack him…”

  40. Anonymous9:30 am


    Ini minggu ada pegi itu Himpunan 1juta selamatkan Akidah!!????

    Tapikan yang pergi,,ada juga muslim - BEER Minum,,PEREMPUAN Main,,JUDI main!!!!

    Itu CHRISTIAN,,HINDU,,BUDDHIST and other RELIGION mau buat itu macam mah di STADIUM Nasional/Merdeka,,,ada BERANI KDN bagi itu PERMIT???


  41. Anonymous9:31 am


    Though sometime I don't feel quite feel comfortable with the language House of PK uses in his posting, this time I tend to agree with his thought on the seemingly contradiction between Kali and KJ.

    So take his cue. Otherwise we will be wishing Good Night Malaysia even though the sun is just about to rise.


  42. Indeed Rocky,

    When anything comes out of KJ's mouth - I think everyone (including UMNO members..) start cringeing.
    The boy is such a little opportunist prick. Under him UMNO Youth has no plan, no strategy and soon no members.
    Him going after LGE is like a mouse going after a cat. The Cat will tolerate and play with him for a while and then snap his neck with one bite.
    Such a bloody embarassment.
    Every time these buggers go after people like Anwar and LGE they always use proxies who can't get their facts straight and have about much credibility as a piece of crap. I'm not surprised Najib always has a sick look on hhis face...he's surrounded by morons..

  43. Anonymous9:47 am

    Friday is coming ! Please ask God to forgive your mistake! Maybe he to is tired of your spinning..or taken by your spins...Is it fitnah you muslims like to do? So much time to destroy someone with your keyboards.

  44. Big Cat oh,

    Yea yea, Najip is tough, Najip is good blah blah. No need to cakap so much la bro. Nak mengampu saja ni. is it the time of the month when the paycheck comes in?

  45. Anonymous11:10 am

    BigCat, Najib has Rhino type skin and enjoys wearing Used shoes so in this instance Najib is many notch above LGE.

  46. Anonymous11:56 am

    Say what you want but end of the day, KJ is wrong while LGE Jr has been wronged. While Penangites may forgive, they shall NEVER forget!

  47. chopchop1:10 pm

    malu la si rocky ni.

    bertaubat lah rocky. insaflah.

    i tak kisah kalau la you nak bantai anwar ataupun guaneng, tapi ni sudah terlampau. kamu takda anak ka? ini standard BN ka?

    i quote samy: "tolong hentikan kemaluan ini.."

  48. zulrafiq3:45 pm

    Kasihan si umno ni, semua tak jadi, kena guna taktik fitnah pulak ni.

    Kalo nak fitnah pun, tolong la, pandai sikit. Gunala gambak pompuan jepun AV. Guna chess champion pulak. OI, keldai la kerja ni. Yang ini cukup serius ni, kalo fitnah pun tok tau, mana boleh urus kerajaan. Pi mampui la hang ni!

  49. sallehbuang3:48 pm

    hang ni apa sekarang datuk? mereka kato kamu sekarang ekor umno. mat salleh cakap "the tail that spin the dog". Betulka ni? Cukup malu la cam ni. Kenapo orang melayu cam awak ni tutur bahasa mat salleh saja? Sudah lupa bahasa ibu ka?

  50. Sally5:09 pm

    Big Cat, thx for the video of Najib's son with all those vampy kwai pohs. It's proof of what they are saying about Najib's son whereas do you have any concerning what they are posting about LGE's son? Those pro umno bloggers are morons lah? A picture of an accomplished chess master who hasn't been to Malaysia let alone Penang Sekolah Heng Ee?
    Talk about shooting yourself in the foot!

  51. Anonymous8:18 pm

    Anon 8:58

    Apasat talak suka gua kasi nasihat ke? Lu anak jahat silalu manyiak lotan2 sampai kiluat dalah?,

    kalo ini bulak bitot bitot bikin, lia otak jahat, maciam mana mau lotan otak?

    Kasi minum ubat la...

    he hehe hehehe

  52. Anonymous9:46 am

    To all those who tried to propagate this pack of lies, including Rocky, this is all I have to say: CELAKA

  53. oi Godfather,

    you must be Kali himself or one of his machais.

    philanthropist? Kali? Yah....You think its his own money?


  54. wataniah10:29 am


    Malaysiakini is not pro-DAP.

    I think the newswriting is pretty straightforward, although, they decide on their own editorial policy etc..

    their problem is the columns they publish....MOSTLY anti-BN and anti-Najib. they have some of the most maniacal and crazy columnists who have no credibility at all.

    also their comments are notoriously anti anything govt.

    i think the fact that the mentioned Lim Guan Eng and the "scandal" is very professional of them.

    UNLIKE MALAYSIAN that is pro-anything that is anti-BN or Najib.

    especially now...MALAYSIAN INSIDER IS PRO-DAP

  55. Ah Fook10:31 am


    just "listen" Kali's machais at work...

    just like their master, they are are COWARDS, PENGECUT!!


    Oi..KALIMULLAH and your coward looking for a godfather, eh...

    dah jumpa? LIM GUAN ENG...

  56. Anonymous11:39 am

    Sorry, but your journalism is gutter quality.

  57. Rocky,
    Spinning will get you nowhere.
    Being associated with the worm ( papagomo) means you are associating with the dark side. Nothing but evils will come from the dark side!

  58. Anonymous12:52 pm

    Like I have said many times, Rocky became the Chief Umno Cyber-Trooper to save his butt from the numerous lawsuits against him by Umno and its cronies

  59. Anonymous1:00 pm

    You may be lazy or stupid, but you should never be BOTH lazy and stupid. Can't even get a local girl's picture and must use a well-known foreigner's picture. Sigh...

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  60. Anonymous6:51 am

    To all DAP lovers, if u wanna reads blogs that waxes lyrical to your comrades, please read zorro unmasked, niamah etc la!!! If not get the hell out of here!!!!

  61. Boss, use with regard to or as regards....

  62. Islam forbids its followers from donating money which comes from suspect sources, or gharar. What more if the money comes from riba or usury. Doing business and making more than a 100 percent profit is also haram in Islam.

  63. Everyone should learn a bit of the Chinese art of face reading. And once you know how to read faces, study the faces of the DAP leaders and ask yourself whether you can trust anyone of them in any matter.