Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Enemies Within Part 2: The Little Resistance by a few Big men against Felda's listing

Last week I said we would be exposing the reasons why some quarters are opposing the proposed Felda listing announced by PM Najib Razak in the 2012 Budget. It came to my knowledge that another blogger is also in hot pursuit of the same thing. Big Dog claims to me he is in the midst of finishing the first of a planned 3-part series on Felda thus far, the proposed IPO, how it will elevate further Felda settlers' standard of living, and why some people don't want that to happen. Perhaps, also, who these people are.

The first instalment should be out on his blog, and in, by 'asar today ...


  1. Anonymous3:14 pm

    Felda is the favourite entity for UMNO to rape. To really know how to rape Felda, just appoint a money-tainted UMNOputra to be chairman. Then go out and borrow RM 6 billion from EPF, and let the money flow into a black hole.

    Felda has been raped in conjunction with so many parties, it is no longer recognisable. First they rape the Felda settlers by skimming off the top of everything - the fertilisers, the replanting, the output. Then they rape the EPF with their RM 6 billion loan - and raping all the EPF contributors in the process. Now they want to rape the investing public by taking Felda public - subscribe to RM 1 share which will then drop to 20 sen in a few years.

    Shame on you, UMNO. Oh, I forgot UMNO doesn't know the meaning of the word "shame".


  2. Anonymous5:22 pm


    never ever trust the two shady characters, kali and kj. they may appear to be at odds but just remember UMNO hancur due to this two culprits shennanigans when Abdullah was PM. never ever forget that!!! melayu jangan mudah lupa......

  3. Dr Mazlan11:26 pm

    Dear Rocky.

    The reason for you to go for listing because you need more money to expend your business or you want to sell part of your shares to pay your loan.Felda dont need the money since they have billion of dollar in saving and Felda dont have any loan to pay.I dont understand why Felda need to shares part of their revenue and profit with others.This mean the settler will have their revenue or profit less 25% owned by public.

    While the trend today the owner of public company would like to take their company private,I dont understand why Felda need to go public.Why you want to let the minority share holders and independent directors to control your company.

  4. Anonymous1:31 am

    Dr Mazlan,
    There is someone is needing the money, CIMB guy need to pay his salary, by advising the issues, the short guy need his ESOS pay out legally endorsed by board....hidden hand need hand out to distribute RM500 to all poor citizen for 2013..before they lose the PRU 13..hehe