Friday, October 07, 2011

Between Guan Eng and Rais Yatim, who's the liar?

"Dua-dua sama hitam, kot ," Din heard a voice whispered and it sounded like his own ... 
Read his lips ...
BM and Penang. But, seriously, who's lying here? Lim Guan Eng, who recently apologized to the Johor Sultan for a slur he claimed not to have made despite audio recording evidence, or Rais Yatim, who has proven that politicians can keep burning bridges and then keep crossing them?

Helen Ang doesn't care for either of them, as far as I know. But in this posting, she has to make a choice. And the winner is ...


  1. Anonymous4:27 pm

    eh what happened to tamil translation guan eng??

  2. Premised on Helen ang's idiotic argument, Dato' Rocky you are an utter racists because you only write in English.

    Helen, I'd say your writting are utter rubbish.

  3. Anonymous1:19 am

    We'll take LGE over that out-of-touch dinosaur Rais anyday...

  4. Anonymous8:51 am

    The original issue was:
    Rais said only he spoke BM in the function.
    LGE said Rais is lying because he (LGE) also spoke in BM.

    The other issue is:
    It was not a function organised by Penang state Government but by private organisation.
    And Rais still says LGE should ask the organisers to use BM.

    Rais has to prove that he was not lying.
    Rais also must declare that he is not able to advise organisers in advance to use BM.

    Will this happen?
    When it comes to covering up BN reps lies, some who have been paid off regularly come up with all sorts of distractions to pinpoint the fault on Pakatan folks.

    Very good training by the Jewish based PR agency using our taxpayers monies to advise us!


  5. yeah, dua dua sama hitam, but, satu minta ampun maaf, the other bagi alasan alasan, cakap orang putih.

  6. Salam, Dato

    Dua dua buang dalam tong sampah boleh ke?