Saturday, October 08, 2011

Bajet 2012, a flawless budget?

As a journalist, I've covered the Budget since1984. Most journos from my time didn't look forward to this Octoberfest. Same thing, year in and year out, and most of the Budgets didn't really affect us, except when the prices of drinks and smokes went up, and they always did. The politicians, they said the same things, too, year in year out. If it's not an election budget, it's a people's budget. There were gems, of course, Anwar Ibrahim called his budgets "caring". Don't remember how many he tabled but they weren't really more caring the previous - or latter - budgets. Dr M coined the word "Bajet", further enriching - or corrupting - the beloved language.

Last night, an Opposition MP described to me Najib's budget as "a flawless budget". Another gem. But is it really flawless? Of course it isn't. There are many flaws in the 2012 budget. It is too rural-centric. Felda, Felda, Felda! It tries to do too much for the lower-income. It does't do enough for middle-income urbanites, only cabbies. Too many handouts, see HishamH's quick analysis. 

One thing for sure, Najib's 2012 Budget can't be a bad budget as his rivals from Pakatan Rakyat have claimed that he stole Anwar's ideas in the PR's budget; see Anwar: Copycat budget; see also, The Mole's Opposition leaders criticize.

Having covered 27, 28 budgets in my journalism career, I look at Najib's Bajet 2012 as a great follow through of a series of well-planned economic strategies that the Malaysian government has been renowned for. Where the proposed Felda listing is concerned, 2012 is a long-awaited follow-up to Dr M's last budget in 2003; see Revisting a sterling idea.  The lost years for Felda (2004-2011). But now there's no doubt, and in good hands, Felda will be one of the biggest news next year (planned listing by March 2012). There are plans to turn it into Malaysia's latest global player, too, as you might have guessed.

In the morning-after analysis, however, it's always the little things for the small people that reflect well on every Budget. In the case of Najib's latest Budget, there are many, for cabbies to housewives and free education for primary and secondary schoolers. Even the sinners rejoice as there's no increase in drinks and smokes taxes!


  1. Long live the sinners!

  2. Anonymous3:08 pm

    great follow through of a series of well-planned economic strategies that the Malaysian government has been renowned for.

    You had me in stitches there. Seriously do you even believe the crap you're brewing?

  3. Anonymous3:29 pm

    Flawless? No. Generous? Yes.

  4. Anonymous3:34 pm

    looks like sumpah jahanam nik aziz kepada najib dan BN dah terbalik.
    Nik aziz dah bergaduh dgn tuhan ke?

  5. Anonymous4:17 pm

    I remember years ago when Felda SgBuaya became hot topic..

    The Apeks and the bankers all smiling like kerang busuk. The Banks, just mention you're from Felda Sg Buaya, manager sendiri persilakan masuk, waduh..

    Then all the janji2 manis started to fade away....slowly..

    The Apek's never ending smiles began to disappear, many proton PERDANA's were being repossessed, including shops and houses. To this day banyak kena lelong some at knockdown 40% from purchase price.

    During one of the meetings, someone was so angered, threw a chair at the CEO of housing projects. The promised tol never materialise.

    Don't get too excited.. hope Rocky can send his MOLE to uncover the inside story of what actually happened to them before.

    Just hope these Felda new generations are not taken for a ride like what the Felda Sg Buaya folks experienced.


  6. ***SUMMARY of BUDGET 2012 (BN Version)***

    1) ANWAR IBRAHIM claims the budget tabled is a 'copycat' version of his & he also said it's "unrealistic". Isn't ANWAR IBRAHIM shooting himself in the foot by saying the so-called Budget he accused of being copied is unrealistic to implement??? Get a better excuse, Anwar!!!
    VERDICT: Najib 1 - Anwar 0.

    2) PAKATAN RAKYAT wanking leaders are claiming it's an 'ELECTION BUDGET'. Whether it's one or not, does it really matter??? What matters most is how beneficial will the budget be to 'the rakyat', correct?? Are PAKATAN RAKYAT donkeys running out of things to say simply becos' they find Najib's budget too AWESOME???
    VERDICT: Najib 2 - Anwar 0.

    3) No raise in SIN TAXES!!! How unbelievable, right??? I bet that AH PEK a.k.a. ZORRO UNMASKED is currently putting his own smelly shoes into his own mouth instead of his DUMB pipe. This BERNARD KHOO (Old Arse Zorro) hyped so much of booze prices going up & I foresee he will DIE soon due to BOOZE OVERDOSE since these prices remain unchanged.
    VERDICT: Najib 3 - Anwar 0 & Bernard Khoo kena BUNGKUS.

    4) ANWAR IBRAHIM thought by revealing his BAJET BAYANG (Shadow Budget) before the real Budget is out is a COOL move but only to get a BIG FAT SLAP on his own Sodomy loving face. I just can't believe how ANWAR could make it as a POLITICIAN. Doesn't this MALE ARSE LOVING dude know that the MOST important fundamentals in politics is NOT to reveal your TRUMP card before your rivals???
    VERDICT: Najib 4 - Anwar 0.

    5) Whether it's RURAL-CENTRIC or URBAN-CENTRIC, it's NOT the main issue. The Budget announced yesterday covers all walks of life. Some says the RURAL will benefit more, while, some says vice-versa. Either way, it's ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. However, what's INCORRECT are those words coming out from DONKEYS mouth such as ANWAR IBRAHIM, LIM KIT SIANG, LIM GUAN ENG, TONY PUA & those TALIBANIC PAS dudes.
    VERDICT: Najib 5 - Anwar 0.

    Najib & BN menang tanpa CABARAN.


  7. Anonymous6:43 pm

    Anwar's budget assumes you can finance it from behind. The funny thing is that very little input from PAS. Seems they are still happy controlling mosque n suraus.

  8. Anonymous7:34 pm

    The budget doesn't help much, the tax paying citizens, instead rewarding the non tax paying portion of the citizens.

  9. Anonymous11:49 pm

    MELELONG 4:17

    FELDA Sg Buaya's case is totally different from the proposed listing of FELDA's assets (particularly FELDA Plantations).

    In the Sg Buaya's case, it was a proposal offered to Felda's settlers of which land they held were no longer under FELDA's management. Meaning to say, the land had been individually transferred to them when they had settled all outstandings with FELDA (during their stint under FELDA's management/supervision).

    So the decision for them (individual owners of Sg Buaya's land) was never FELDA's nor the Fed Government.


  10. Dato,

    Another thing I don't understand these pro pr argument is that this budget is a deficit budget and turn us to Greece.

    It doesn't make sense. Pr budget also has a deficit of 4.4%. How come not even a single complain of bankruptcy. Najib's budget deficit is 4.7%.

    Further our debt to GDP ratio is way much better than developed countries. Japan at 197% Singapore at 105% Germany 82% France 83 UK 76 US 62 etc etc. We only at 52% (2010). We will become bankrupt based on deficit budget argument only after UK US France Germany Singapore etc becomes bankcrupt too. Just doesn't make sense.

  11. Bedul8:30 am

    Yang tukang kritik enjoy the budget goodies. Si bontotipun syok elaun MP naik. Don't be such a hypocrite. Give praise when it's due.

  12. Anonymous9:30 am

    All Apek has straight hair....but not their HEART!!! BEWARE BROTHER BEWARE

  13. Skilgannon106610:02 am

    Heh, heh - TOKZ is tokking kok. Par for the course for these economic parvenus?

    Let's see what Bajet 2012 sets out to achieve:

    - no reduction in subsidies.
    - no reduction in personal and corporate income tax rates.
    - budget deficit in excess of 4 per cent of GDP, the 14th (or is it 15th?) straight year of budget deficits.
    - no significant allocations for R&D in emerging high value-add technologies.
    - favouring bumiputra entrepreneurs through a RM2 billion fund. What about Malaysian Chinese and Indian entrepreneurs? Go overseas to look for financing, izzit?

    Nope, in this Bajet, Najib caved in to the ultra right wingers and conservatives in Umno who are determined to persist with the status quo, despite the warning signals emanating from Europe and the US.

    After all, shortsightedness is a hallmark of this particular tribe!

  14. Anonymous10:43 am

    BN menang, yes. For now. :D

  15. jebong12:44 pm

    yeah baby...throw fish all rounds and hope the poor buggers will vote for you in the next GE... and who paid this useless 'one-off' windfalls' that will be squandered away in less than 2 weeks ? the middle income earners and above who don't seem to get much from this budget.

  16. Anonymous1:48 pm

    I have to agree with Anon 7.34. The Tax payer is now subsidizing the non tax payer. Predominantly the middle income earners are taking the brunt of this handout budget. The Lower incomes are getting one off handouts which actually have no long term benefit to them - a quick fix for junkies. The high income earners continue to avoid paying the high rate of income due to dubious means.
    Maybe you can enlighten me what the well thought out economic strategy is? I see no long term policy issues. No mention of the subsidies and no mention of GST.

    I feel for the low income earners but they need to realise these handouts do not address their long term needs.
    The middle income earners are now trapped. We pay the bulk of taxers but the Budget has not really addressed our 'cost' isuses like poor education system; rising health care costs, incredibly ridiculous housing costs; rising budget deficit that we will have to pay for sooner rather than later.

    The other thing that irritates me is that this is the opportunity for the opposition to address this with a proper and well thought of budget alternative...but they haven't...


  17. Anonymous6:13 pm

    Part 2.Chinese Strategy

    1. When LGE first come into office he used the same strategy the famous revered LiuPei used in the year 200AD upon coming to power.
    After he conquered a new territory,LiuPei on his first speech evoke the memories of peaceful and prosperous era presided by past respected leader that preceded the cruel and corrupted leader he ousted.The populace subdued by a single speech !!

    LGE ,an original person that he claimed , promised to emulate Khalifah Umar Abd Aziz ....the PAS ,Malays ,Penyemak (dlm UMNO),Mamaks and Ulamaks started to eat from his hand !!
    They cant read LGE like a book ,blame them not, as they won't read world history to even save their own skin !!

    2.Chinese Respect Authority and Person who is in control matter what they would grudgingly accept it for a greater good of the community.

    Eg :
    A. LKY the Dictator by any definition ,rightly so as he is so smart and has singularity of purpose,to bring up S'pore ...The Chinese embrace him whohaertedly.
    (LGE and his dinasourius senior tried the same method but ,alas it was without intellectual finese)

    B.Mao Tze Dong .Cruelity that would outshine Hitler during Third Reich heyday .For a greater good of Chinese ,the Chinese toe the line .He had single handedly unite China and the current economic juggernaut would always be attributed to him and Mr Deng XiaoPeng.

    C.Chao Chao @ Ts'ao Ts' of main Leader in the period of The Romance of Three Kingdom (198 to 240 AD) whose cruelty famously noted and quoted
    "I'd rather betray the world then let the world betray me." upon killing an uncle (he saved Cao Cao life once )based on an assumption that the uncle would betray him.His cruelty is much admired now as the ends he achieved justified the means he disposed in stabilising China during those period of turmoil

    If you understand why the Chinese Revered these cruel but great leaders ,you would understand where Najib Stand in the whole great scheme of tumultous Malaysian politic.

    3. To a lesser degree and negligible loss of live in our local history ,TAR and Tun M is much like Mao Tze and Deng Xiaopeng recpectively. The Chinese believe the cylical nature of things charting their life as a community.After a great turmoil and division,the unity and prosperity would follow.Those four leaders in their mind are not the oddity of events and unique personalities but the karma of things (tumultous events)that shaped the individuals and leaders , which predictably bring about the favourable outcome.

    4.In Chinese History which were recorded in great detail,the Great leader usually had a team of advisors ,who were great strategist minds(eg KongMing @ChigeLiang, Sima Yi and SunTze) .They can become a general in a war or even become an Emperor themselves if the situation permit.

    5. The Great Leader was also supported by Great generals who wholeheartedly carry out the empire expansion as edicted without any question asked.

    6. The leaders of MCA, Gerakan and DAP for all their foot stompings and chest thumping acts ,were just Generals who were seem to be fighting for one cause or another in the name of chinese welfare.These leaders are surely look like leaders in the eyes of average Joe like you and me ,but ultimately they are answerable to one single goal ie. continuing Chinese economic dominace and possibly political dominant too !!...This goal obviously were set up by group of Brilliantly minded chinese who has a mind of great Strategist.

    cont..Dr Potong

  18. Anonymous6:14 pm

    The second portion of part 2

    7. It has to be so !! Have you noticed that,When a push come to shove,these tangentially alien ideology parties to each other, would come out with a synchronous threat to the goverment,upon which a kneejerk act of the goverment of MN is to reward their community with more goodies they asked for in the first place.

    8. Do you ever question how on earth CSL can become President of an important coalition component party with all his credentials and morality . Have the Chinese throw moral and respect out the window? It seem very odd for a community that prided themselves with mainland culture,filial piety,loyalty and family institution to vote this awful character to become their leader.

    9. Gerakan Boss is another interesting case study.Here you have a person who failed greatly in his political career,though gentle in his conduct but still non performer ,past PM hug hug buddy and spit by the very people of Penang ,managed to be pushed to forefront of BN and famously drawing a salary of a minister. Have you got the drift ???? Why ?? Why??

    10. You might think that these two ,are great leaders that represent Chinese but as far as I am concern , they are just generals that were given an edict to do as what they were told to do by the Board of Chinese Strategic Minds.They know not the purpose of their existence but they continue as an 'important ' goverment insiders.

    11. This might jolt you , I have a crazy mind but in the state of siege the Malay is having now, nothing is impossible , absolute impossibilty would become absolute probablity.

    These MCA and Gerakan are two very weak parties but still with a sizeable follower.They are like two secured castles that any ambitous leader must have, as advised by a great strategist by his side.The people in castle are so loyal that they would never leave the castle compound.

    12. What is the best way to make these people abandon these castle compound ?

    13. The simplest act in a war strategy that known by every chinese is to throw a 'bangkai' into the castles.With a threat of disease, their survival and a bangkai in plain sight ,the best way is to abandon the castle in drove.

    14. Those two leaders are bangkai , propped up by mass communication available to chinese community to be the leaders in their respective castle, allow some space for their community to think ( thus the average chinese community think that they are very smart in coming to conclusion to abandom the castle) ....unknowingly to these two weak leaders that smells,they have pushed their very followers towards DAP.

    15. With simple strategy the Chinese had achieved what they want.....UNITED CHINESE !
    And thats what i meant by their community achieving political stability today.

    Next : How Mohd Najib come to dance to the tune of 'Wa ai te Ni' @ 'and I love you so' without the knowledge of his wife....jeng jeng jeng


  19. Anonymous6:45 pm


    Even Wall Street at this very minute is trembling..

    Issue here is not who or wht transpired before, many of these are kampung folks who were taken for a ride with tons of promises.

    Just ensure they are not being trapped in similar situation.


  20. Anonymous9:49 pm

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  21. Anonymous1:06 am

    Listing of FELDA Global Ventures makes CIMB richer...

  22. Anonymous1:10 am

    Just an off subject musing.
    2008 was won by opposition thru the new media, internet

    Malaysiakini , almost void of advertisement is running like a full fledged newspaper. With no revenues,, just who is funding their lossess?
    Supporters are many, based on the posting pasted.

    And why is the government has not put up any such similar site like malaysiakini. They have so much fund at theirdisposal. Bloggers have been the proactive ones puttin up the MOLE for free.

    Indeed, the government is like a huge elephant, not nimble to challenges and changes.

    Development responsibilitiesnare now taken for granted. Rakyat are now just hungry for "entertaining" news. Believe that's why the urban which is more internet savvy are more prone to the opposition.


  23. Anonymous7:18 am

    The PR camp have been dunggufied. However, it has long been said that we need a credible opposition, not a bunch of sour grapes.

    Anwar is trying his best to please his dumb followers by running down his own self-centered proposal. What da? Really running out of ideas.

    On the other hand, how can a person with bad health, bad neck and bad back lead the opposition let alone the country? Now he could not even bend down to perform his obligatory prayers too.

    Let's kick out the empty vessels and find a better and credible opposition that could do better.


  24. Anonymous8:41 am

    I suppose hand outs are now the norm for Budgets. That does not make it flawless.
    What happened all Idris Jala's talk about the Subsidies leading us down the road of Greece and our Budgect deficit for 15th straight year.
    I don't think we should expect much from our politicians these days. No one wants to tackle our economic issues now and hope someone else picks up the tab later.


  25. jolow9:28 am

    if you give 50 ringgit to policeman to let you off for traffic offence it's called CORRUPTION, if you give 100 to delegate in umno assembly to vote for you it's called MONEY POLITIC, if you give 50 ringgit to vote for you in general election it's called WANG EHSAN, if najib gives 500 or 3000 ringgit 'one offs' in the budget it's called RAKYAT DIDAHULUKAN... malaysia SEMUA BOLEH!!!!

  26. 1MalaySia-Sia Sahaja11:51 am

    If the gov had well-planned their economic strategies, there won't be so many of us needing handouts to survive.

    Why not individual taxi permits so that the taxi drivers can make a much better living? The crony permit holders can't be offended?

    Only 2% penalty for late tax refund? Might as well refund even later to earn some bank interest. Why not the same penalty as per that slapped on taxpayers for late tax payment?

    Fret not, everyone, the sweets handed out will be more than taken back later with GST & other innovative price increases. Be thankful for the handouts, but also be wise when voting.

  27. mustapha12:20 pm

    even the naysayers and najib detractors and critics can see how all-encompassing the budget is..
    the rabid Pakatan supporters will NEVER say anything good.

    all they say is "where are you going to get the money?"...

    the budget -- even takes into consideration the smallbusinessman..ike young lawyers who want to set up their own legal firms...or accountants who want to set up their own accounting firms..

    taxi drivers, bus drivers..yes..parents.. civil servants...

    these Pakatan idiots cannot hear themselves sounding so hopelessly bitter...and so defeated.

  28. Anonymous7:44 am

    THis is the best budget in the history of the world. BN govt should advise all world economies on how to manage their crisis cause we are the smartest in making the budget. Bravo to the PM and his stroong advisors. We are so luck to have a leader like that!

    That's what Rocky loves, he gets an orgasm reading about his leader.

  29. Skilgannon10669:17 am


    How about the projected RM33 billion in subsidies, eh? Why should fuel and food items be subsidised?

    Who is going to pay for them?

    The rich, who can move their money offshore?

    Or the poor wankers who are stuck in Malaysia and who dutifully pay their taxes?

  30. Anonymous5:15 pm

    Why must a rejected Malaysian wet dreamer of becoming a Singaporean wankers like this skilmoron need so much to worry anything about Malaysia?

    Keep on wanking the dollar for cinapore need it more than we do for that 105% of GDP Public Debt that sucking dry anything tax or that coming into their CPF like a giant filthy fat pig with big fucking appetite..

    Not to forgot to mention, on top of that 105% Public Debt, another 10% from GDP External Debt summing it up for a blackhole of 15% GDP deficit.

    Well, talk about future, Cinapore old-man-in-diapers club have to live with this juggling their balls on fire with deep shit deficiency of new born piglets as a result of inherited DNA traits of puny peckers that cannot breed..sound so GDP stress & sickening. A very high suicide rate in Cinapore compared to any SEA countries explained everything..

    chingkie pigs on self-destruct mode, how nice is that?

    Our heartiest condolence..Till your kingdom come to live with & die with - standing..

    Bunch of deadlock wanking pigs in tiny red dot pig sty, destined to serve their Lord of The Pigs a.k.a Lee Dynasty until they die.


    :D muhahahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  31. Skilgannon10663:52 pm

    Pak Rocky

    I will be charitable and assume that you either missed my reply to anti whatever or that you have suppressed it for reasons best known to yourself.

    Be that as it may, the points I cited in my riposte to the anti dude are not in dispute.

    Such as Singapore's AAA sovereign rating from all the 3 rating agencies.

    Or that I invited the anti dude to compute the size of Singapore's reserves by analysing the Monetary Authority of Singapore reports + international assessments of the size of GIC's portfolio + the size of Temasek's holdings.

    Or that I referred him to the website of the Singapore Ministry of Finance for a dissertation on the difference between government debt and total debt with reference to Singapore.

    Maybe he is just too fooking lazy to do the homework for himself, hence the facile cheap shots that investors, obviously, don't take seriously when they put their investments in Singapore.

    The latest being Khazanah's International Healthcare Holdings which is making noises about seeking a listing on the Singapore Exchange, leaving Bursa Malaysia out in the cold.