Monday, October 10, 2011

Video? Anwar? Again?

Sleepless in Bangkok, Ruthless in Kuala Lumpur. Even if you want to close your ears, you will still hear the chatter about the latest xxx video secretly caught in a room allegedly featuring, yet again, Anwar Ibrahim the Pakatan Rakyat big boss and an unknown but willing partner. Latest from RBF and MiM, two staunch pro-Umno bloggers, the video will be up for viewing on Parpukari and Papagomo, two of the biggest blogs in the country today, (again) thanks to Anwar Ibrahim

So, we wait. Even if we close our eyes, we will see the images, I tell you.


  1. Anonymous12:27 pm

    Money spent on making these videos can feed 100 families.

  2. Charles F Moreira12:43 pm

    This guy is becoming a bit of a movie star.

    Might win the elections or perhaps the erections, then UMNO cry

  3. mato mato1:05 pm


    This time Joe Abdul will say that the pistol is not the same as in the china doll vid.

  4. Anonymous1:10 pm

    ANuar 2.0

  5. Anonymous1:16 pm

    Peter North pun dah pencen, tapi pak sedara roki ni masih lagi aktif.

  6. Anonymous1:38 pm

    anuar 2 in 1 la...not anuar 2.0

    bangcock doll version.

  7. Anonymous1:50 pm

    umporno with their latest movies...what do we expect after that "bs" budget? Even an ex accountant love this kind of news... a degree holder?

  8. Anonymous2:05 pm

    raja porno negara. kali ni anuwar main dgn kambing pun, org tak nak tengok. dah loya. semua dah tahu.
    yg tak tahu azmin dgn bini dia shamsidar.
    dan gak bini anuwar. ada gak bini bodoh kene nasik kangkang anuwar kot.

  9. Anonymous2:53 pm

    shame on u anwar!

  10. Anonymous2:55 pm

    I beg to differ, Peter North is still performing.

  11. Anonymous2:57 pm

    Dian... 12.27 p.m...

    You mean the money he spent for the hotels and the girls (and sometimes boys), right?


  12. Anonymous3:13 pm

    hahaha...this is funny

  13. Starring the Executive Producer of the hit movie "PI Bala".

  14. Anonymous4:23 pm

    It is always UMNO's misadventure. Get a Anwarish looking Thai guy and stage a drama for political vendetta.

  15. Charles F Moreira4:47 pm

    OK! Where is the woman?

    I see just a guy in a bathrobe walking about what looks like a hotel room and towards the end picks up what looks like a charger of a phone, PC or whatever.

    One thing must be careful about hotel rooms. They may have camera in them.

    Need James Bond style inspection gear to detect for bugs and listening devices.

    Could get you for anything. Even drinking a beer.

  16. Anonymous5:01 pm

    please resign.

    save us - the pembankang.

    orang kampung sudah tau.


  17. Anonymous6:05 pm

    Video? B**lshit!

    Anwar? Cannot lah!

    Again? More Coming?

  18. Anonymous7:53 pm

    anwar oh anwar. thats the end of the world. huhuhu.............

  19. Anonymous8:13 pm

    tak nampak si bengkok pun cam na nak cam! rupanya bangkok dah banjir awal lagi ya!

  20. nama awe8:17 pm

    anon 2.55

    peter north retired already, slip disc problem.

  21. Cukuplah Rocky. Orang dah jemu.

  22. Anonymous8:57 pm

    Can't be Anwar. He's a saint suffering a broken neck and back bone. He's too sick to bend, that is why he cannot perform his prayers.

    Even Karpal or Nik Aziz can vouch for that.

    Come to think of it, if we had hudud laws, will video recordings lend credence to a sinful scene? Or do we need 4 witnesses? Oh, I forgot. The hudud law was invented before there was electricity or videos, so Anwar can still do a Houdini to fool his fans.


  23. Anonymous10:29 pm

    It wasn't anuar?. Till to date he never deny nor admit it. His 16th September 2008 promise says it all.

    Only jijah knows why and that cinadoll knows better as these two had been on the receiving end.

    ..... And that crooked cock of his knows it all. Its this image that had been haunting you bro bru. Ha ha ha ha ha........

    - cockscrew

  24. Anonymous10:45 pm

    Tak lama lagi Wikileaks will come out with scenes of these people in their own bedroom. Not safe already!.

    hai these modern technologies, I am sure those CIA or FBI or the Jews by now will have many videos of all the political figures in this world..

    Then they finance these people to win elections.. a new way to conquer the world.


  25. Anonymous1:28 am

    So let it be,even BN/UMNO leaders are no better, babe!!!

  26. Hanif9:05 am

    Now the 15 minute orgasm over the 'People's Budget' is over, and Economists now questioning its substance over the hype - we need to distract the public with something else.
    Since the last couple of video tricks did not work its time to go for 3rd Time lucky.
    Its getting pretty boring and I think the public really don't either believe the crap or just immune from it - especially since the source for this stuff are not exactly reliable....


  27. Anonymous9:05 am

    It's just funny ! You only find this from muslims! Why ? They cannot fight fair with their most hated guy and they will stoop so low for such ventures....You umno guys sucks!
    What will happen if a number is done on jibbly with one famous actress in PD? Would it be fair then?

  28. Salam rocky,

    I don't want any more cock n bull stories.

    Enuoght is enought !!

  29. Anonymous11:18 am

    desperate seeking VOTE

  30. jate boyo tino bodo11:34 am

    Only umno supporters who don't fuck prostitutes have the moral right to make comments to this post... i bet there are not too many of that milling about here heh heh heh(evil laugh)...

  31. Anonymous2:22 pm

    Your constant childish reference to sex videos is a humiliating embarrassment to your supposedly independent honorable journalistic profession. You are not much better than those drug taking addicts squealing in delight at passing whores. For this kind of voyeuristic pursuits, it's best you join the blues brigade & resign from the long suffering Malay Mail. You are, together with those addicts a disgrace to 1Malaysia

  32. Anonymous5:05 pm

    To anon 9.05am & 2.22pm

    Because we are Muslims that we must most concerned and must expose this Muslim leader with aspirations to be our PM , but in reality is just another prostitute fucking bi- sexual maniac.

    another anon.

  33. Anonymous6:39 pm

    Shameless UMNOputras, so desperate to get rid of 1Guy. Shameless Latuk Locky to jump on the UMNO bandwagon. Don't worry, we won't retract your Latukship when we come into power.


  34. Anonymous7:39 pm

    wonder what the batang berjuntai
    will say over this latest video ?

    denial again.... as usual.


  35. Anonymous8:59 pm

    by the way Rocky.... you have never paid a prostitutes? Think Again Rock...imagine someone has that video...what will you do? Brother?

  36. Hahaha, Papa hebat and Suami anugerah Allah is at it again.
    So much for his broken back yeah. Real autaman.
    This old man beats you Rocky in gymnastic feats.
    Aunty Zizah should tie him to the bed-post.

  37. Anonymous10:44 pm


    Better you get more bad story of UMkuNO may be new Dep Finance Miniter III attending the Taklimat of Budget.

    Buatlah cerita lain ayam rogol kambing lagi baik

  38. @hanif,

    you must be too slow. Do you even know that this video (preview) has been out long before the budget ? There goes you first assumption to the drain

    Who is the economist that question the budget ? Do you mean the magazine The Economist that being fooled by Lim Guan Eng about Penang ? There goes your second assumption to the drain.

    Couple of videos before this ? As far as I know, there is only one video before this. or.. do you mean you have another video of him ?

    What do you mean by the video did not work ? The case is still not open and a lot of people that seeking truth are waiting for the AG to bring the video case to court. There goes you final assumption to the drain.

    Funny isn't it. Some people (especially the oppositions) are too scared to find the truth. They will try their best to dismiss the videos without any investigation. They don't even want to know the truth behind it.

    Sometimes I wonder, maybe the oppositions are too scared to ask for thorough investigation on the video is because they know the truth behind it.

    Malaysian should learn to put truth above everything including politics.

    Put away politics. Lets finding the truth. For once please ignore that Anwar Ibrahim is from a political party.

  39. Mustapha Ong8:13 am

    Salam bru,

    Please don't churn out such video-clips about Anwar on your blogs. It is now already "anti-climax" when they said that Anwar is impotent and therefore couldn't have committed any of those sinful acts.

    Trust me and also trust God as only Dr. Wan Azizah knows the truth and nothing except the whole truth! Sooner or later, the truth that we are chasing after will appear in front of us.

    Please share my earlier posting this morning in Malaysia-Chronicle in response to Wong Choon Mei's distasteful article on Anwar;s latest video-clips posted on the cyberspace and uploaded by MC and now in your sites.Perhaps, you could do me a favour dragging my comments to your sites.

  40. dear mustapha,

    no, i don't plan to use my blog to show the video of anwar lookalike in bangkok or anywhere else he was not supposed to be, or videos of anyone else in bed for that matter. but i can't ignore the fact that there is great interest in the latest video because people are curious and anxious. the matter implicates a politician who wants to be their prime minister. what this posting serves is to let people know that the video is out there in cyberspace and we are in for another round of tuduh-menuduh. if they want to watch, whether to satisfy their curiousity or add to their anxiety, they know where to go.