Thursday, August 04, 2011

The TV8 ad, did you get it?

Updated:  TV station's apology fails to soothe "hurt" public
Heads must rolllllll ... Hehe, inilah namanya "Bagi betis nak peha". TV8 should make another public service announcement on this kind of social misbehavior.

My original posting:-

Ah, finally someone has written some sense about the "sensitive" ad that TV8 aired in conjunction with the fasting month. Thanks, Ham.

Click I don't get it! Is it because I am Malaysian? for the link to the original article in Adoimagazine, a leading regional ad magazine.
Or read  h e r e.


  1. Anonymous8:59 pm

    I am a Muslim and I am offended by the ad.

    As much as I would like to say that I have to respect the right of others to behave or dress the way they feel, I would like for others to be sensitive to me.

    I however do not assume to have the right to impose on others my standards.

    I beleive there are better ways of sending the message of self respect than that portrayed in the ad

  2. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Biasalah Dato',if it happens to other races sure kena hentam punya...if Namwee make a video kutuk malay race they call it creative and we should look deeper into what the 'real' message is...susah lah ini macam...


  3. Anonymous10:54 pm

    Actually the ad says If you want to go to any pasar malam or bazaar don't wear sexy, talk loud loud and eat at the bazaar or pasar malam during bulan puasa. This is because a lot of Moslems are there buying food for their buka puasa and are still fasting. The actions above may tempt the devil to cause them to break their fast.

    So, non-moslem should avoid going to all these pasar malams and bazaars during this bulan puasa month.

    I think that's what it says anyway.

  4. Anonymous10:56 pm

    Oh like dat oso can meh?

    Tell the the chinese just to swallow it, ya?

    Let us tell u sickos, continue ur sick act of fucking ur own ......ter & ..ther or ur grand..ther !!!

  5. Anonymous11:02 pm

    Bila program tv yg melampau takder plak org nak tegur berkenaan hak2 org Islam........mana pegi amar maaruf nahi munkar la.

    Muslim anonymous 8.59pm korok wot la engkau.

  6. Anonymous11:02 pm

    Keep your celebration to yourself.

    Don't have to poke fun at other to make yourself look brilliant...

    Whether you are smart or stupid, it not your says...

  7. anon 8.59pm was not watching the same ad i watched on 8tv.otherwise he/she shouldn't be offended.distinction should be made between suggestion and compulsion.

  8. Anonymous11:13 pm

    Run down other race to make own race look good?

    Stupid as stupid does ! Only the race with cow mentality do it again & again.

  9. Anonymous11:25 pm

    Eiseh lato ! U Not tired one ? Keep defending your master screwup one after another.

    Guess the pay must be damn good. Got vacancy some more ?

  10. Anonymous11:50 pm

    Aiyah, holy month also want to insult others, good meh ? happy meh ?

    Okay the Chinese are stupid lo! And Malays like your kind the smarter one lo!

    Like insulting other race can get your type going anywhere...

  11. Anonymous12:39 am

    There is nothing wrong in that ad. And when I said nothing wrong, I mean nothing wrong: it's the truth being portrayed. I myself have experienced this very same thing in front of my eyes. The very gluttonous nature of the kind of people portrayed in that ad even gets more glaring during the time of Ramadhan.

    You go to the Bazaar Ramadhan and these very same people's eyes gets widened to see the variety of food being sold at such low prices and they lose their compose. They don't have the audacity to even start THINKING that people are, after all, fasting.

    And have you been to one of those Ramadhan buffets? These vermins are there too. And when do they eat? After the azaan? Noooo.... they don't have such respect even for that. They'd mount the food on their plates and gobble them up BEFORE the rest start eating at azan time. Yes I know it's a free country: no one is stopping them to do that but let's face it. The fear of being left out, the fear of getting LESS, the fear of not being in the forefront ---isn't this what Kiasu is all about?

    The same kind of Kiasu manifests itself in queues in Supermarket counters of in Post Ofice lines. They fear of being left behind, of being left out. They'd gush out and rush in when the elevator opens BEFORE you have the time to get out. No other people in this world portrays this kiasu culture at such magnitude. And who was that who said he's a muslim and get offended by the ad? Oh and did I tell you that they are good at camouflaging names too?

    I am sorry, Rocky. However much certain quarters would like to win the opinion war and the empathy battle by rallying calls for people to agree that such ads are racist, the fact cannot just be hidden or swept under the carpet. A spade has to be called a spade. In this manner, I think the creators of that 8TV ad has some ingenuity in them. They KNEW that the act would invite in rows and controversies. They KNEW that the DAP would be riled up. So what? What can a few apologies, in the manner of Namewee, cannot solve? And by the time the footnoted apologies are out, the subliminal message has already been transmitted: namely that we have been forced to co-exist with a people whose Love for Money is Divine, and whose gutter-like outlook and gluttonous behaviour is almost a heritage.

    Pray that it doesn't get any worse than this. For if we go by what we see in Mainland China, eating baby foetuses, Roasting dogs alive or a general demeanour of obnoxious traits, spiritual and moral anarchy could rule the day.

    Warrior 17 of 4096

  12. I was at the Shah Alam Pasar Ramadan near the stadium at around 4.30 pm last Wednesday.A group of Indian boys from the nearby private college were happily eating and drinking right in front of the Malays who were there to buy their food.The boys were loud and having a great time.Nobody approach them though some stare at them in disgust.And you called the Malays racist!

  13. Truth hurts..especially to that one particular quarter tht feels the need to "liberate" this country and "eliminate" all form of "privileges" in the name of "equality" ...nothing new lo...when it's not their kind (especially the malays) who does somethg it's called racist, but when it's them who's doing it's called art , freedom, all fancy nomenclatures to "covered up" their kiasu-ness. Typical lo..couldnt agree more w anon 12:39am abt the "afraid being left behind.." part especially during bazaars, buffet .go to ttdi bazaar n see these vermins at play-rushing mad in getting the food/ swarming the place etc the same time the malays are there too n very proudly eat at times like they're in some festival of food though very much aware the moslems been fasting n it is their time to get the food ..yes wanna call me racist? Call lo..u guys even more racist lo..go to sunway pyramid- send a moslem (especially w hijab) to scout for a simple job as low brainer as a salesperson- very hard to get . Why? Most stores unashamedly called out their vacancies reserved for these kiasus onLy on the ads banner..when most of the salesperson couldnt speak 'plope' (proper) english w/o their kiasus slang ...but it's ok lo..we're the ones who's racist right not?

  14. Anonymous2:06 am

    Warrior 17,

    The ad. is also suggesting that Malaysian muslims are weak, easily influnce by others. It's saying if you see others eating, you tak boleh tahan, and will start to eat too.

    I think the ad. is insensitive to all Malaysians especially in the holy month of Ramadan.

    One more thing, obnoxious behavior is cause by bad attitude and poor upbringing and not because of race.

  15. Anonymous2:48 am

    A survey in a blog frequently visited by Chinese nationals living in Singapore shows that Singaporeans are the most "disgusting" and "irritating" people.

    The person who started the poll, which goes by the moniker 'sayangweiwei', had posed this question on the blog in Chinese:

    "Having been in Singapore, all must have met people from other countries. Which country's people are the most disgusting and irritating?"

    Singaporeans topped the list with 48.15% of the votes, while Filipinos and Malays (not Malaysians) came in second and third, garnering 5.94% and 7.41% of the votes respectively.

  16. Anonymous3:11 am

    Anon 10:56 PM;

    Stop killing your Indonesian maids. They're humans too
    Get some balls and go join the army
    Stop teaching your kids to pee wherever they want. It's gross. And you; stop peeing wherever you want as well
    Learn to queue. It's pretty simple; see the long queue, go stand behind the person who's farthest away behind

    I know not all of any race are bad, and not all of any race do/don't do the above. There are assholes in all races. Stop throwing generic insults.

    I did not hear complaints from the Bumis when there was this ad about an Indian father taking his time putting on his baju buttons and his son's wife getting annoyed (which is kurang sopan to the elderly), so what's the big deal now?

    It's just too amusing that people are arguing this ad. It seems a lot of people try to find faults and/or empathize with others when an idea implicated a certain group as the uh..antagonists, and the idea assumedly sprang from any of the races. Malaysians are so accustomed with this dijajah mentality perhaps we need a mat saleh team to create a similar ad then maybe everyone will shut up.

    Another way of looking at it is that it has been a quite successful ad, since people are buzzing, whether in a good way or otherwise.


  17. Anonymous3:28 am


    One of the reasons for fasting, so I've been told, is to understand the hardships of people who do not have enough to eat. For this reason I've never been angry at people for eating in front of me if or when I'm fasting.

    And perhaps, perhaps you should've informed them, politely, about what's what. As a Muslim I've nothing against eating beef and I do this quite regularly, and maybe this has offended my Hindu friends and/or make them feel uncomfortable. But if they never let me know, I won't know. We should all stop assuming and start informing, and learning.

    Muslims in Malaysia are quite manja; we assume people know about our belief and practices, and we assume there will always be a surau wherever we go.Every now and then it might be a good idea to set aside our tempurungs and go travel, with a compass and sejadah.


  18. Anonymous4:15 am

    The problem lies in that people saw the the girl as Chinese, when I think the creators saw her as Malaysian. The ones who say the ads are racist are those who want to view the ads are racist.

    So if we have a snatch thief scene, no one will dare portray any race being the thief. So then we have to have three races of thieves riding the bike.

    Now that would be funny.

    Malaysia is too sensitive when it should be stronger and laugh at itself.
    Only then can we ever hope to move ahead.

  19. Mustapha Ong5:31 am


    Good spin but poor way to win attention and votes for both sides of the political divides.
    Someone wants to play GOD in the name of Islam. Today, what we eat, how we dress and talk are being twisted in the name of religious sensitivities.

    To me, nothing went wrong with the adds if our minds are not corrupted. It's when the minds corrupt things happened on the opposition side of our vision.

  20. Anonymous7:22 am

    Aku sampai sekarang masih tak faham....

    What is wrong with the ads ??? Can someone enlighten me.

    I've watched sooo many times and I couldn't find the problem/mistake.

    Please help.

  21. Anonymous8:03 am

    org malaysia ni cepat sangat nak label itu racist, ini racist.

    sesapa yg kata tak pernah nampak pun non-muslims makan kat pasar ramadan mmg tak pernah pi pasar ramadan kut. cuba duduk kat situ tengok org lalu lalang. u'll see one in no time. just yesterday, i saw a girl buying some kuih and then immediately started eating it as she walked away, oblivious to the staring eyes of the fasting muslims.
    i don't know abt the other 2 ads,.. yg loud and obnoxious tu, it's not confined to non-muslims. those who fast pun ada yg behave loud and obnoxious. same goes for the sexy dressing. saw one like that on the 1st day of puasa. but the one abt makan tu mmg ada. every year i see it, how can anyone say there's no non-muslims in this country who are so insensitive so as to eat at the pasar ramadan? Mmg ada!!

    Bukan pasal bulan ramadan saja, in other aspects as well. A friend of mine had a kenduri tahlil after the death of his mother. of course, all his neighbours were invited, and they all came. Some, sad to say, wore shorts and singlets!! Mmg la dia tak tahlil sama. Mmg la dia dok kat luar aja masa baca doa semua tu. But still, it's majlis keagamaan. Just because u came only for the free food doesn't mean u can disrespect the host by wearing inappropriately. In my friend's case, even weirder was what happened a few months later when he had another kenduri doa selamat. having had an insult thrown in his face at his own kenduri for his mom, he sent out invitations with a gentle reminder of a dress code "berpakaian sopan" etc. Another neighbour, typical of the type who would cry 'racism' at the 8TV ad, said to me, "Don't u think this is rude?". WTF??? The host, rude???

    Inilah nasib melayu. tak tegur kena pijak kepala. tegur, kena sepak pula


  22. Serious Shepherd8:29 am

    I am Muslim and I am NOT OFFENDED by the ad. Betullah tu. Tak nak mengaku pulak!

    Why not change the school uniform of SRJK(C) to kemeja and mini skirt? We should not assume that Muslims have weak faith and tak boleh tahan, right?

  23. remember the ad Adlin Aman Ramli where he refused to give the pregnant lady a seat in the lrt...he is a malay and why no ngo complain about this? now when we put chinese girl, everybody is barking like hell...shouting it's racist!! r u guys god like? untouchable? look at it as a malaysian just like the LRT ad not from the 'race' point of view. accident ads - malay actors, rempit ads - malay actors,buang anak also malay actors. may be we should put other than malaysian in this kind of informative ads....put indonesian, bangla, burmese....but i bet sooner or later they will also shout like malaysian calling us racist...


  24. "It's only advertising, nobody dies."

  25. BIGCAT9:02 am

    Hahahaha...all the racist traits coming out of the wood works for this one. This just to show that everyone in Malaysia r racists to a certain extent. Let's stop being hypocrites. We all want the best for our own kind. Bumis want to be regarded as the "owner" of this Tanah Melayu, Chinese want to have their vernacular schools n preserve their culture brought over from the Mainland, Indians...hmmmm, sorry, I'm not sure what the main thing they want for their community. Never mind. That's the way things r in this country. No one can change it. This is bangsa Malaysia. We will always be like this. Racial slights will occur from time to time. As for this ad, apologies should be in order for those aggrieved by it. Media Prima bosses need to clean up their act. They should not make the same mistake twice. Last time was the TV3 raya santa clause thing. For this one, I'm of the opinion that Muslims should not get offended if non-Muslims eat or drink in front of them when they r fasting. Do not force others to change their routine for your ibadat. U all r better than that, ok? Puasa doesn't change anything for the others. Try to understand that. Don't be like the Kedah government which wanted to close entertainment outlets because of Ramadhan. It gives the impression that Muslims like to force others to tow their religious line. Islam doesn't teaches us that.

  26. Anonymous9:03 am

    Hahahah....Chinese girls in shorts showing off their flat almost non-existant papan butt and their short stumpy or skinny, color of corpse legs will catch the attention of many a lame, horny, hardup, sorry ass lousy taste bud meleis!! Cantik sangat ke????

  27. Anonymous9:03 am

    I agreed not to wear too sexy but I don't find it sexy at all in the ad. In reality, I don't beleive the Malaysian Chineses girl is behaving in such a manner, especially when she is alone infront of the public.

    The ad could have been more realistic and effective, if the Chinese girl was with a group of playful freinds who are Indians and Malays.


  28. Anonymous9:59 am

    I believe the outcry over the adv was that it took a stereotype and by using it in a nationwide PSA, attempts to perpetuate a stereotype.

    It other words, it is immature and to an extend racists.

    Stereotypes are just that stereotypes. It is a caricature of a community, but do not represent the community.

    The drunk wife-beating Indian husband is a stereotype. Only immature racists would consider that stereotype as representative of Indians as a community.

    That loud insensitive Chinese girl from 'Jinjang' is just that too. A stereotype.

    Are the rude condescending Malay civil servants representative of the Malay community? Are the clueless naïve rural Malay girls in tudung representative of Malay women in general? Is the indolent, sulking, apathetic Malay worker representative of the Malay community? What if there's an adv in Singapore, portraying these stereotypes of the Malays in various work and business situations?

    For the Ramadan PSA to be effective, I think, it would have been better to have a Muslim girl dressed inappropriately buying food in the Ramadan market.

    Or a Muslim stall operator sipping a drink quietly in a corner (she may be having her period but it is rude to drink in public view).

    Or a mak datin buying food with gold and diamond bling bling and coiffured hair and chauffer driven right up to the stall.

    I have seen such behavior with my own eyes.

    By so doing, it will be educational to non-Muslims also how to be sensitive to Muslims during fasting month.

    Sensitivity training should not be in-the-face like the adv in question, but more subtle, if that's what the adv is all about.

    For me as a Muslim, I would appreciate if Muslims themselves show more respect for the Ramadan in their behavior and action.

    For me, non-Muslims have their religion and I have mine.

    My religion do not require that non-muslims must behave like walking on egg shells in front of me. Seriously, I would rather not. Please be yourself, warts and all.

    Then by my example, you may perhaps want to know more about my religion, insyallah.

    But my religion do require me to admonish fellow Muslims who behave inappropriately in front of me.

    For that reason, I would like to admonish the CEO of TV8 for being insensitive and for insulting Islam during this holy month of Ramadan.

    I hope you can see that you HAVE insulted your religion, if you are a Muslim that is.

    You have represented me as someone I am not and which do not represent my heart and my soul, this ramadan as I do my solat and puasa.


  29. Anonymous10:01 am

    I myself has not seen the ad. From the negative comments, it shows that we have to face the fact that we are generally racists and sometimes overzealous and overly sensitive in guarding our pride. Imagine if the girl in the ad. is a Mek Salleh, I think we just going to accept it in a light hearted manner.

    To acknowledge ourselves as Malaysian first, is a long-long way to go.

  30. Anonymous10:56 am

    If that the case, just ban the nons from patronizing these ramadhan stalls but then again it wouldn't work...

    Cos there are still many Muslim buying tickets in magnum & toto outlets... even in this puasa month.

  31. Anonymous10:58 am

    Is the ad "building bridges' or dismantling them?

  32. Salam takzim, Rocky,

    Apa pun yang berlaku menunjukkan kementerian yang berkenaan 'hilang taring' samada hilang secara senghaja atau sebaliknya.

    Atau barngkali kewibawaan nya telah di 'gadaikan'.

    Perkara seumpama ini menyebabkan kita hilang kepercayaan kepada kerajaan. Benarkah Islam sebagai agama resmi ? Atau itu sandiwara terbesar POLITIK Malaysia?

    Banyak perkara yang perlu di teliti.Kalau menteri atau pihak yg berkenaan terlalu JAHIL tentang kebudayaan dan cara hidup Islam, Tanyalah!!

    Kita ada para Cendekiauan ISLAM. Adakah untuk bertanya pun terlalu JAHIL? Jangan jadi menteri kalu tak tahu tugas nya.

    Inilah yang menyebabkan akmi keberatan untuk menyokong BN dalam PRU 13.

    Apakah itu yang dimaksud kan "Kami tutupkan hatinya, pendengarannya, penglihatan nya..." Muga Allah mengurniakan hidayat Nya kepada mereka yang berkenaan.

  33. Anonymous12:01 pm

    If the message of the ad was to educate, then I think ALL Malaysians should be educated of the beliefs and "sensitivities of ALL Malaysians.

    Hindus for example by and large do not consume beef. Hence, ALL Malaysians should be educated to ensure that no beef is served when they expect Hindus to be present at a function organised by non- Hindus. Ridiculous isnt it?

    The point I am trying to make is that the notion of being "sensitive" comes from amongst others ones up bringing and exposure. Quite often its either we have it or we dont.

    Our society has become so polarised toady that the average Malaysian is too focussed on his or her own sensitivities. Gone are the days of accpetance. Now its about tolerance. So, when one segment of Malaysian society expects thier sensitivites to be adhered to all the time (becuase politicians seem to fan that expectation) then, other segments of society will begin to dig into their sensitivities and develop expectations.

    What hapeens then? The divisions amongst average Malaysians get wider and we all end up retreating into our little cocoons and the ultimate beneficiaries will be the the bloody politicians.

    I am Hindu. For me (thanks to my up bringing) it does not matter if beef is served. As long as some little effort is taken to bring the presence of beef to my knowlege is made, that would suffice. I accept and acknowledge the right of my other Malaysian brethren to consume beef.

    Likewise, I expect my Muslim brethren to respect my right to eat in the open anytime I wish to (even in thier presence) during fasting month. In understand that they are fasting, but they are doing to fulfill a religious obligation. Surely, witnessing another person eating is not enough to shake their faith and resolve.

    Likewise when I am vegetarian on Fridays, I will gladly sit amongst my non Hindu buddies who exercise thier right to consume meat on Fridays.

    I jsut wish all these expectations will be reduced over time, so that we can truly be Malaysians again.



  34. We don't allow creativity if it comes from a Malay. And Media Prima is a Malay company. We quickly jump at them.
    But when it comes to Namewee or his kind, wow we were all cheering at him. ooh they go saying Malay can't think like that.
    Again double standard at work here.
    We fail in getting what the message of the ad was. That is respect. We must always be 1Malaysia.
    8TV should not have apologized. Should not have withdrawn the ad. After all China kwee dahpun bising dan melenting.
    Anon 12.39 am is sooo right. The truth hurts. I posted something like that in another blog.
    The message is Chinese surely do not want to lose. Must always win on land, sea or air.
    Exercising supremacy to make up for our affirmative action.
    Have money but no manners, that's what they are.
    Ramadhan is an enjoyable month for them. The gerai food, the hotel food all they sapu.
    Glutton just like the animal they eat.
    Money does not buy class or courteousness.

  35. We don't allow creativity if it comes from a Malay. And Media Prima is a Malay company. We quickly jump at them.
    But when it comes to Namewee or his kind, wow we were all cheering at him. ooh they go saying Malay can't think like that.
    Again double standard at work here.
    We fail in getting what the message of the ad was. That is respect. We must always be 1Malaysia.
    8TV should not have apologized. Should not have withdrawn the ad. After all China kwee dahpun bising dan melenting.
    Anon 12.39 am is sooo right. The truth hurts. I posted something like that in another blog.
    The message is Chinese surely do not want to lose. Must always win on land, sea or air.
    Exercising supremacy to make up for our affirmative action.
    Have money but no manners, that's what they are.
    Ramadhan is an enjoyable month for them. The gerai food, the hotel food all they sapu.
    Glutton just like the animal they eat.
    Money does not buy class or courteousness.

  36. Anonymous12:38 pm

    I agree with Anon 4:15 am. Those who view the ads as racist are the ones that are racists. Can't their brain think outside the racial context?

    You have to admit a lot of Malaysians nowadays have no respect for others thus the need for these kind of PSAs. I think we shd have one as well about eating beef infront of Hindus and Buddhists. The intention is not to trample on anybody's "rights" but just to remind ourselves that we are living in multiracial-religion society. What is so wrong in showing courtesy to others? Are we so morally corrupt?

    Anon 2:48 am. Some overseas writers oftentime describe Malaysians as Malays. When they say Chinese.. it means China. This is the same context as when they say the Brits & Scots. A surefire way to know whether you're a "closet" racist is if a foreigner say you're a Malay (denotes Malaysians) you will immediately say that you're a Malaysian Chinese.

    I think as Malaysians we shd cease and desist this game of racial fire that are being freely stoke under the guise of "free speech" & "anonymity".

    Do we want to be burned first before we stop? Can't you all feel the temperature of animosity among the majority Malay & minority Chinese is rising? The normally bersopan Malays nowadays sudah tidak segan silu lagi returning the insults in public. We bandied the word "racist" and use is to label others very lightly. PM's call for 1Malaysia is being politicised at best & at worst being treated like a joke.

    At this rate, I think we are heading for a disaster. I cry for you Malaysia..

  37. Serious Shepherd12:50 pm

    "Siapa yang termakan cili, dia yang terasa pedasnya."

    Indeed, kaum itu terasa bcos what's being reflected in the ads are FACTS.

  38. It was just a couple of stupid ads dreamt up by people with zero creativity.
    Does it surprise you that it offended a lot of people?
    It tried to make a point in a very crude and unintelligent way.
    So yes I saw them and I could not believe how freaking stupid and offensive they were.
    The humour was stupid and made no real point at all....
    Just goes to show why 8TV is the channel for the lowest common denominator...

  39. Anonymous2:25 pm

    I think those who are offended by the ad are merely angry ignorant morons.

    just me

  40. Anonymous2:26 pm

    Whats all the noise?

    I encounter these ebelithey. I think the girl was acting very naturally.

    Probably they should have asked Namewee and gang to act the part, then it would have been more acceptable?


  41. Jinjang Jill2:47 pm

    Anonymous 11:13 PM

    "Only the race with cow mentality do it again & again."
    xxxxxxxxxxxx may be insulting another religion. This is what Malaysia has come to. It seems we're becoming stupider and stupider by the day.Everyone wants to be offended by something or other. What boring farts Malaysians have become- devoid of any sense of humour! And we cant even blame the politicians for this one.

  42. Anonymous2:55 pm

    Hai Yah!. So difficult all non-moslems don't go to any bazaar or pasar malams during ramadhan, la.

    Nobody get offended and become non-issue. Just put a sign outside any pasar malam or bazaar and says
    "For moslems only"

  43. Anonymous3:02 pm

    Continue & speed up the attack on other races...

    The last time they did that, they lost 5 states.

  44. Anonymous3:04 pm

    [Pigs that feel so insulted being called pigs and being told straight to their pigface of how piggish behaviour were they..

    ..yet unshamedly love to called others 'pig' as a mean of insult thought they themselves eat pigs..that is synonymous to being 'stupig'.]

    That is how we describe a pig mentality person.

    :D muhahahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  45. Anonymous3:10 pm

    "Siapa yang termakan cili, dia yang terasa pedasnya"

    Salah tu bro Serious Shepherd ,

    sepatutnya berbunyi:

    "siapa makan babi, dialah yang perangai macam babi."

    ini baru betul

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  46. Seolferwulf3:20 pm


    Man, you gotta the cheek to be talking about "respect"!

    Or is that "chutzpah" fuelled by special rights and privileges, eh?

    You wanna demand respect - very easy, mah, with jackboots and all - or you wanna earn respect by doing the right thing?

    Heck, in the name of artistic freedom, can I parody a gormless Kelas F contractor who screws up a project handed to him on a silver platter? Or a Mat Rempit as the misunderstood victim of a rampantly materialistic society? Or a bloke waving a keris around to celebrate universal brotherhood, peace on earth and goodwill to all?

  47. Remember the MYEG ad with the married Malay man lusting after the Chinese shopgirl? How come no one cried racism then?

  48. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Yup the Malays MUST also protest when the chinese funeral display a paper mercedes benz with a paper AHMAD complete with songkok as the driver.

  49. Anonymous4:52 pm

    Rocky, there was one comment which I found enlightening.

    The ad did not show any values of Ramadan or puasa. Aren't the ads meant for those practising the faith- islam. Shouldn't the ads be explaining why our fellow muslim brothers and sister berpuasa during this bulan Ramadan and what is it about ?
    This is not a courtesy ad or a courtesy campaingn.
    Why are the non muslims even depicted in this ad ?
    They are not the ones berpuasa .
    If this was a Deepavali or a chinese new year or Christmas ad, would we also outline the DO's and Don'ts for the non celebrants ?
    The ad should show the essence of the celebration, to show the beauty and the meaningful act of any religion and not be pointing out what others can and cannot do.

    If it's like that, do it during a courtesy campaign for ALL.
    Rest assured, talking loudly and obnoxiously and not dressing appropriately at the right occasion and place is not bulan Ramadan Ad and it applies to everyone.

  50. Anonymous8:04 pm

    Bro,,,WORLD share market da jatuh,,,CRUDE OIL pon da jatuh,,bila lagi harga minyak di Malaysia nak turun!!!!!

    Harga makanan lagi melambung adalah,,,apaa punya PEMERINTAH,,BANGANG!!!!!

    Ramai ke rakyat Malaysia LINGKOP dek SHARE Market!!!!!

    What goes UP MUST COME DOWN,,!!!

    Orag yang ta peka ekonomi pon bole kata the CYCLE ZONE!!!!!


  51. Anonymous8:20 pm

    Sorry la chinese neighbours, but the reason you're so angry is because there is a semblance of truth in that ad.

  52. I haven't seen the ads myself, but reading the description of it (chinese girl with sexy/sleeveless baju, etc...)made me think that the ads are very caricaturish...that's my first impression.

    i also thought about what the aims of the ads are. is it to tell the non moslems that their behaviour and outward appearance need to be just like the moslems who fast? is it to show that they don't know enough about the holy month? is it to show that only moslems 'respct' the holy month? is it to show that the moslems watching these acts (by mon moslems) are easily perturbed but not able to say anything? WHAT ARE THEY TRYING TO SAY?

    i agree with another poster who said that public service messages like these need to be subtle yet clear in sending the messages to the public. otherwise, it will backfire, just like this one.

  53. Anonymous10:37 pm

    Rocky, both for and against are racist. This people need to chill. I suggest they smoke shabu and love each other .

    Dj Bujai

  54. Anonymous10:45 pm

    Anonymous (4:52pm),

    The ad was shown on 8TV. The target was definitely not Muslims, because 8TV viewers are mostly Chinese. I'd hazard a guess that the ad makers were probably Chinese themselves.

    Suppose TV3 were to show a PSA about keeping public toilets clean, and the ad showed a Malay person leaving the toilet floor wet after using it, would you be offended? I wouldn't, because it's generally true that we tend to do that more than others and the intention is to educate. What's the big deal?

  55. I thought we should celebrate our unity in diversity or something like that. Too many people are getting too overly sensitive nowadays, no doubt succumbing to rhetoric by politicians or their wannabees.

  56. Anonymous10:21 am

    Anon 10.45pm, exactly. Why was the ad targetted at the non moslem's ?
    They are not the ones berpuasa nor are they the ones that will get pahala...right ?

    And the objective of the ad ?
    Educate the non moslems' the do's and don'ts during bulan Ramadan?
    So can we also have ads like this during Deepavali, Chinese New Year and Christmas too ?
    This is to show the non celebrants,what they CAN and CANNOT DO, in the presence of the HINDUS, BUDDHIST and CHRISTIANS ?

    No one can than complain it's a racist or religious issue but to educate everyone on the DO's and Don'ts in every religion in Malaysia. From that context, it makes sense.

    An advert regarding toilet clealiness and giving up a seat in a train... is a totally different thing altogether, brother.
    You can show an indian, malay or chinese and no one would say it's race or religion. All Malaysians
    needs to be educated on clealiness and courtesy alright.

    But an ad at a Ramadan bazaar, it's like telling others to follow the moslems DO's and Don'ts when they are not even muslims.

    A comment from Bedul said that " we don't allow a malay creativity"... debunks your guess that the makers were probably chinese themselves ? Perhaps, 8 TV can provide the names of the creativity team. It would than silence both sides of the divide.

    By the way, could you list Bulan Ramadan do's and don'ts for moslems untuk mendapat pahala.
    I am curious.

  57. Anonymous10:57 am

    sorry to hear that you found difficulty in getting a job (even a low brainer job like a sales person job )even when you speak very good English.
    Just wondering, does the job require a mandarin speaker ?
    If that is a job requirement because handling majority chinese speaking customers, be more understanding.
    So even if the chinese don't speak p'lope English, she gets the job because criteria is "chinese speaking ".
    You can't expect a company hire ...a person who can't speak Bahasa Malaysia if they deal with mostly malay speaking customer's, or a political science graduate for electrical engineering position, right.

    Secondly, if you are unhappy that non moslems rush to buy the delicious food from the Ramadan bazaar, don'tlah get angry and call names eg. vermin or spew racist remarks.It is Bulan Ramadan period.
    I am sure the food stalls owners are happy to get their business. They are afterall saving for Hari Raya.
    You should be happy for the food stall owners when their business is brisk and the non moslems love the malay food.
    Definetely no racism there.

    I really hope you get a job soon. Competition is stiff, you have to compete with every other job seekers including yes, malays too.
    So don't blame others if you don't get the job. You have to meet the employers criteria and of course pass the interview too.

    Fyi, an interviewer doesn't only hire based on GOOD GRADES but they also look into the person's personality trait eg, friendly, honesty,initiative or Emotional Intelligence.

    Goodluck and all the best

  58. Anonymous1:23 pm


    long time ago, The great statesman, Tun Dr. Mahathir once said... "the racial tension or disparity is getting bigger after GE 2008 "

    he is so true. Indeed, he is the greatest statesmen and can see all this.

    I can't imagine how the morons chineses can be offended by such ads.

    If the chineses morons are not racist and look at the girl as malaysian, they will not be offended by the ads.

    the problems is the moron chinese look at tha girl as chinese and not malaysian !

  59. Anonymous6:55 pm


    this would never happen if the gracious Malays had NOT given the stateless peoples citizenships

  60. Anonymous10:13 pm

    anon 10:57 AM

    great attempt at damage control but ads that clearly ask for mandarin speakers in Malaysia is racist coz the national language is Bahasa Malaysia/Melayu.

    once an Indian girl who speaks mandarin applied for the job but was told that she also need to write in mandarin.

    what blatant racism

  61. Anonymous11:09 pm

    Chinese in Malaysia stop complaning please. I prefer to have Malays as friends then chinese. In college, the chinese will tend to speak in chinese and will refuse to share any information with the rest of their classmates. At lunch, they will continue to speak in chinese and isolate their indian and malay friends. Total disrespect for their mates however they will only speak in Malay or english when they require something from you.

    Guess what, me and my Malay mates survived college and have done well. I am now a successfull engineer in Australia earning a decent living without the need to be "kiasu" and being ""kedekut ilmu".

    Grown up Man

  62. Anonymous1:11 pm

    Anonymous (10:21am),

    Fasting involves avoiding all forms of temptation, not just food and drink. If you think a sexily dessed young woman is not a form of temptation you are either incredibily naive or a child. Just looking at her will diminish a Muslim's fast. That is why most Muslims do not like it when someone does like what that girl in the ad did.

    It's clear from your comment that you do not know this. So what's the harm in an ad to inform people like you and ask them to respect the sensitivities of others?

    It has nothing to do with telling others "to follow the moslems DO's and Don'ts when they are not even muslims".