Friday, August 05, 2011

Big Dog to Hassan Ali: "Where were you and PAS when they wanted to turn Penang into a Christian nation" ... or something like that

Gag. Gagging. Gagged. Ah, as expected, the Selangor MB has ordered a gag order on Wednesday's church raid. 

Yes, zip! As in, shut up. None of the state exco can say anything. Not a thing.

And we thought they said these guys were going to be so liberal and will respect freedom of information, blah blah blah, bastions of true democracy, etc. 

Khalid Ibrahim then made the declaration that the said raid was not carried out at the behest of his state government.  He has ordered JAIS boss to explain. And since there's a gag order in place, nobody can say anything about this. 

But yesterday, Hassan Ali, the state exco in charge of matters of the faith, had openly supported the JAIS raid on the church. There was evidence of proselytizing! So they said.

More than 48 hours after the raid, these politicians from PR are still reeling. DAP's Don Kit Siang has kept his distance from the PAS-PKR fiasco. Pandai. He did tick off Hassan for breaking ranks by going against what Khalid had earlier said (about regretting the incident, etc)

But blogger and Umno diehard Big Dog, who got into the soup for his posting about proselytizing in Penang, doesn't give a damn about the internal bickering of his political rivals. His sight is on the PAS leader: Where was Dr Hassan on the Red Rock Hotel controversy? 
"If he believed the actions of his JAIS officers two nights ago, surely he would dare to voice his deep discern on how some of the zestful Pastors were alleged to make those vows. Interesting enough, Kulim-Bandar Bahru MP Dato’ Zulkifli Nordin also claimed that there were movements trying to displace Islam as the religion of the Federation of Malaysia."
I think it's high time Putrajaya steps in and restore order. Before things get out of hands. But janganlah gag order macam Khalid ..


  1. Syabas bro Rocky and Big Dog. Only you guys are brave enough to tell the truth.
    You can expect the gag order from Khalid. He sees the conflicting statements from his PKR people.
    And the worse thing is JAIS is under Selangor. Why try to wash your hands?
    Now bringing in the Sultan to solve the problem.
    That is how PKR operates. The police has said it is just escorting JAIS for safety reasons.
    There is more to this issue than meets the eye.
    Let's hear from Hassan Ali. I guess he won't be scared of Khalid's gag order. Takkan nak control rakan dari PAS kan Khalid?
    What I simply don't understand is what are the Muslims doing in a church during iftar time?
    They should be at the mosque for sembahyang terawih. If not they should be at home.
    Something fishy going on, for sure.
    Yes Putra Jaya must step in.

  2. AA! apart!
    Gagging aside!
    Have you noticed a side phenomena over the last few years?
    All over Pj & Subang there are the strange sigt of usually two white young men - crew cut, black pants white shirt with the thin black tie, walking around usually having the laptop kind of bag.
    They inadvertantly look roasted & are sweating but always smiling.
    They have been around preaching & prole.... for almost 10 years , how come.
    At my mum's funeral service{she was anglican} we had quite a number of her friends , malay ladies with their children & husbands who came to the church to pay their respects.
    At the crematorium, there was another group of senior malays who stood next to us & the pastors as the final prayers were said.
    And they joined in the song AMAZING GRACE as this was my mum's favourite song/hymn!
    There were tears in everyones eyes but the most poignant part was that as mum's coffin was being sent into the "oven" , a haajah standing right next to me,my mom's friend of sixty seven years recited an ayat suci from the koran!
    And the pastor after she finished said AMEN!
    I have not seen Haajah since then and tomorrow {06/08} is mum's anniversary and I am wishing that she will be there for the prayers!
    Therefore AA!
    I am totally dumbfounded & ......, at what goes on these days!!!
    After all , AA would you avoid paying respects at my funeral simply because I am hindu and you are muslim!
    What a load of codswallop!!!
    Godspeed & Salam Puasa!

  3. Anonymous10:45 pm

    Khalid mana ada gag order

    Dia gagap order

  4. Tengkolok10:49 pm

    Semangat 46 Ku Li lost because of the cross tengkolok spin in 84.

    Looks like first time MPs Khalid Samad, Dzulkifli, etc will be tengkolok out of Selangor soon.

    Heard Khalid Samad, Dzulkifli and few others are party to discussion with Ku Li

    We'll tengkolok all this imposters once and for all

    This could be the turning point to accelarated fall for Pakatan Rakyat.

    Damn if I do and damn if I dont

  5. the last straw for Hasan Ali. Pakatan Rakyat is putting off flames one after another.
    a counter-"coup": put Tengku Razaleigh as chairman of interfaith council.

  6. Anonymous12:47 am

    This a Muslim country ?

    Our say, long u still have gambling & alcohol business here..

    Fuck u!!!!

  7. Anonymous12:52 am

    BTW, this is a Chinese country !

    When gambling & alcohol is here.

    R u stupid or what... PTUIII !!!

  8. Anonymous1:01 am

    Strange? What kind of species are your kind. And, it's amazing, trying to justify your stupidity day in, day out !

  9. Anonymous1:14 am


  10. BIGCAT1:15 am

    This is what happened when hypocrites become leaders. Pas r quietly telling their followers they r only using DAP to get Chinese votes so that they can topple BN n set up an Islamic state. DAP likewise quietly telling their supporters that they r just using Pas to get Malay votes n ultimately set up a Chinese dominated administration of a republic like a certain small nearby country. Both sides plan to kill each other after they take over Putrajaya. I'm not bothered to talk about PKR because I don't want to waste my time. They r just a bunch of pussies. Come on la, Azmin Ali as their no2. What a joke..

  11. Reading what you wrote Bro, if only Islam had a voice, It would welcome anyone at all bar those who claim to speak or defend Islam!! What has been alleged, said and done so far would be a shame to Islam as only those innocent convicted Muslims would feel.

    Anyway, on this one, I look upon it as an opportunity Hasan Ali has created to showcase PAS of its honourable intentions. At this time, I can, only, but hope, they respond appropriately.

    And if they do, and timing too is of an essence, then it will expose the stark contrast between them and UMNO. You referred to the claim that the Christians were mulling to take over. The police were to investigate. The last I heard, they are to investigate as well...I guess their investigation will have no beginning and it shall have no end.

    I guess that at this time of writing you and your benefactors can only, but hope, that PAS also fails to do the right thing within the appropriate time frame, so that people will see both sides as "bad"!

  12. BIGCAT5:13 am

    Ok Rocky, I admit I was wrong. This time your posting do fail to attract the usual crowd of shit heads Pakatan cyber-troopers. At the point of me writing this only the senile Old Fart n a few Anons tried to salvage the situation for the fucked-up Selangor govt. Even that their spins were incoherent n didn't make sense. For this one they really don't have a proper answer. The true nature of the Pakatan alliance is unravelling. They walk together hand in hand while hiding daggers behind their back. The time will come when they will stab at each other and ripped this country apart.

  13. politics aside.

    there is a real concern over this issue on the movement by certain parties to undermine islam in a very subtle way.

    now everybody want to become a hero by condemning the action by jais and police. everybody start making statement without knowing the full facts. they will find all ways and means to support their argument.


  14. First Penang, now Selangor...mark my word next will be Perak, Kedah and even Kelantan. That's how UMNO scheme.

  15. hi Rocky...Khalid gag order to his people is to allow him to get to the bottom of all things and make decisions without interruptions.
    All will be known soon.
    Najib's gag order is to shut mouth and move on.
    Did you watch the interview tape on Ms. Gabriel Cynthia concerning the RM610 million ripped off tax payers money in 2002 by Najib? more RM500 added another RM110 million and more to come.
    Rocky talk as much as yo like to insult PR.
    They do not flip flops as Najib is now very famous one.

  16. One idiotic fanatic from PAS making much to talk about.
    Tons and tons of fanatics from UMNO B..including biggest liar PM and his cousin...not ONE WORD about their stupid mistakes to create fear and tensions.
    On this matter concerning Hassan Ali...all Malaysians are fucking him too.
    Concerning gag orders....your twist will not work anymore.
    I think if a country wants a man to create should be hired...depending who can play the highest .
    Either problem.
    Correct Rocky?

  17. Anonymous12:08 pm

    3 Issues

    A. The Event
    B. The Raid
    c. Selangor

    The event,
    1. Makan malam/buka 10pm?
    2. Why 10-12 malays, why not the whole kampong, include the Imam to.
    3. Why not at restaurant / hotel / community hall.
    4. Why didnt inform JAIS and invite them to
    5. Nothing to hide, why prevent them from going into the church to check

    The Raid
    JAIS jangan rempoh sahaja. Do some snooping, get pics interview the 10-12, record on video, you can follow-up later and expose. Get some help from some of the bloggers and do "investigative reporting".

    1. happen in Selangor
    2. JAIS is Selangor
    3. Khalid gagap and the other khalid, Hassan Ali all from Selangor.
    You guys got this one wrong. No back paddling please. Time to vote you all out.

    For DAP/christian/Opposition, please differentiate between, the event, the raid and KHALID SELANGOR.

    The event is definitely without a doubt WRONGED THE MUSLIM, PERIOD.

    Dont play with fire, it burns.

  18. Anonymous12:56 pm

    Rocky.. lagi sikit hari you punya blog sudah boleh jadi macam itu parpukari punya tulisan ....

    apa sudah jadi sama lu Rocky ???

  19. Anonymous1:19 pm

    Why must hold "berbuka puasa" in a Church instead of any hotels, restaurant or even nearby Masjid???

    Ada Udang Di-Sebalik Mee....

  20. I'm trying to understand the muslims that attended the function at the church...

    what are they doing ? why don't they go terawih ? Did they break the fast or not ?

  21. Seolferwulf2:30 pm

    Thank The Almighty for a secular Singapore! Where a Taoist Chinese funeral wake can be held in the void deck of an HDB apartment block while Malay kids play in the nearby playground.

    Or where an elderly Muslim couple, who have performed the Haj, have no problems attending the wake for a former Christian neighbour and old friend, when the wake is held in the premises of a church in Singapore. This I have seen myself, and the Muslim couple and their family are good friends of mine.

    Or young Singaporean Malay professionals attending the wake for one of their late colleagues. A wake where the Cross is displayed over the coffin and Christian hymns are sung.

    Are they all any less Muslim or less respectful of Islam because of this? The Islamic authorities in Singapore don't seem to think so. Maybe, just maybe, it's because they have grown up in, and are used to a cosmopolitan multi-racial society that is stoutly and unapologetically secular in governance!

    Oh, yah - and you don't have the religious police prowling around coffee shops, hawker centres, food courts and restaurants in Singapore to catch Muslims contravening the fasting times. Must be terrible, leh, to leave such matters to one's conscience, without external policing!

  22. Anonymous2:55 pm

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  23. drMpower3:15 pm

    Moslems/melayu in church during iftar is one thing
    proof something happening is one thing
    acting without jais approval/knowing is one thing
    gag order. 'bastion of freedom' (my foot.clearly these lot are super class hypocrites) is one thing
    washing hands (the most moronic excuse) is one thing

    all the above show how incompetence the state government is. How the MB fails to manage everyone is shocking. U reti manage ke tak ni? Tak bijak.

    still want to give chance?

    FORGET ITroof something happening is one thing
    acting without jais approval/knowing is one thing
    gag order. 'bastion of freedom' (my foot.clearly these lot are super class hypocrites) is one thing
    washing hands (the most moronic excuse) is one thing

    all the above show how incompetence the state government is. How the MB fails to manage everyone is shocking. U reti manage ke tak ni? Tak bijak.

    still want to give chance?


  24. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Dei fucked up shit constipated foul gas smokestack of an old fart

    What putrid garbage are you belching? At this rate, even wifey will quit those 69 sessions with you for johnjuicing you is gonna be deemed dangerous to her health, never mind the haze.

    It is all plain and simple : Hasan Ali is PAS and no response will cover up their unvoiced fears. They damn bloddy well know Christianizing is in full swing but they are munafuckins and kaffirs, so why bother!

    2. Holy Cow, a Hajjah reciting verses at a Christo's byre as the dead bitch is about to be shoved off into hell, literally speaking!

    And to top it all, several other obviously pseudo-Malay wankers join a caroling session in praise of Grace, probably some bodalicious broad who gave them amazing twatlicks and titfucks for free if they drop their akidah just as quickly they drop their pants and skirts.

    Dei toddy drunk droid of a Thambi, dont peddle tall tales here just to get some attention or taunt the blogmaster. Any selfrespecting Muslim knows that to recite Quranic surah let alone a verse at the grave of a Kaffir, infidel or pagan idolworshipping scumbag or slime bitch is HARAM. There are numerous verses and hadiths on that including a verse forbiding even doing so at the grave of a munafucking like Hadi, Khalid Samad, Zulkefli or Nik aziz et al so what more for a Christo corpse about to be drowned in hell fire (the mention of fire, crematorium, oven are all pretty ironically symbolic, dont you think so, thambi?). A Christo corpse, that blasphemed the honour of Nabi Isa alahissalam by insisting that he was crucified, transmogrified himself into some goddamn schizophrenic god melded to a ghostly spirit that will haunt churchyards till kingdom come while Mary Magdalene selfwanks her sexual angst away in her unorgasmised purgatory, is definitely an infidel pagan undeserving of any spiritual solace from Muslims.

    Unless your Hajjah did her tawaf and saie at some film set in Universal Studios whilst on a cheap package tour to Spore, I bet she doesnt exist. Why? Your giveaway of her sudden absence from ur lives after 67 years befriending ur Christo bitch of a momma reeks of an unadulterated lying post-teen spirit.....

    Stupid fellatist, dont confute the issue of showing respect, reciting verses or warbling garbage like a lost hymie. They are not the same by any stretch of your teflon worldview. I am sure Bru or any other Muslim will pay a visit to the den of any toddyholic dead Hindu scumbag tp pay respects or say a few words of condolence....but crooning a bhajan or spouting verses for the petrified soul? sorrylah thambi..those are nonstarters which only a toddy+samsu+ stout addled drunk can conjure up in his Satan infested imagination during a seance with Kali or Muniandy Koki.

    3. Putrajaya, Better act real fast by throwing a few christo swine to the lions ala Nero as the ground is seething and getting restless. Public crucifixion of those DAP, PAS and PKR christo bastards and cocksucklers would be good start.

    Warrior 231

  25. "I think it's high time Putrajaya steps in and restore order." Rocky.

    How can it? Putrajaya is the primary cause of these prblems. Why did the police (who come under Putrajaya/FEd Govt control) agree to join JAIS and enter private property (trespass) without a documented charge or more importantly, a legal warrant?

    Putrajaya, as stated by PM Najib, will do anything "at any and all cost" to wrest back Selangor from the Opposition.

    That includes fomenting racial and religious strife AND breaking all State and Federal Laws!!

    Does anyone expect Dracula to call off a raid on the blood bank? LOl!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  26. Leithaisor4:37 pm


    Yes, MB Khalid Ibrahim did issue a gag order.

    BUT to present the whole truth, it would have been proper for you to include the relevant circumstances and qualifiers, no?

    For instance, as reported by TMI yesterday with the title "Khalid gags Selangor excos, turns to Sultan in Jais row"

    a portion of which reads:

    (begin quote)
    In a statement issued by the state secretariat here this afternoon, Mentri
    Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim said he will seek the Sultan's advice over the
    matter once he receives the Selangor Islamic Religious Department's (Jais)
    report on the incident.

    He added that the purpose of the audience with the Sultan, the state's
    religious head, was to resolve the row and avoid a repeat of the incident.

    "Until this action is taken and the issue is resolved, all state executive
    councillors are prohibited from making any statement on it," the statement
    (end quote)

    The caption of the photo in the TMI item said it far more truthfully than you had. It read:

    "The MB wants his excos to remain silent until after he has met with the Sultan".

    I trust that you still stand for maintaining ethics and standards of journalism.

  27. Anonymous4:52 pm

    masalah sekarang kerajaan Najib ni lembik dan penakut. KDN is useless..sebab memteri yang jaga KDN pun lembik/kaki sengih jee..

  28. Anonymous8:02 pm

    Out of topic for a minute, please.
    This guy, Rais Yatim, sued a blogger for writing something about him, Rais. Yet none of these UMNO guys took any action against the bastard who made fun of the NegaraKu, posted pictures of the Kaabah with a pig sitting on it and a dog reading the Quran. What hipocrisy are these people?

  29. Leithaisor,

    Thanks for reconfirming the news we all have read about the GAG order. For a while I thought you were going to dispute me ...

  30. Skilgannon106610:17 pm

    Heh, heh - the warrior shows the mother of all inferiority complexes!

    Must be bladdy awful knowing that the whole world (the non-Muslim part of it, at least) is conspiring against you!

    And in spite of his regurgitations, Christianity is here to stay.

    Nero and the lions, eh? We all know what happened to Nero who fiddled with his instrument while Rome was burning! Methinks that the warrior dude is likewise fiddling with what passes for his instrument!

    You wanna give the lie to what Seolferwulf posted, eh?

  31. Anonymous11:06 pm

    haha... I can see some morons here, especially donplaypuks, oldfart and moronballs...

    hoi bangang, kalau dah gag order to, gag order lah... kepala hotak kau khalid ibrahim buat gag order untuk siasat....bangang nak mampus.

    kalau dah hidup dengan dap, pkr dan pas, memanglah dah tak boleh nak berfikir.

  32. Anonymous12:24 am

    Waa, dah berjangkit ker dia pon budaya gag?

    For the last 15years, my "C-----e" neighbours, they gagged all their kids' mouths... cannot speak with any "M---y" or "I----n".

    Rocky, wish you can visit my area, then you can see how they gag their mouths, hidung kena naik sikit, mata chengei stare expressionless, ask them anything, shoulders move up and down then whosh, they run away!

    Waa.. Dah mula jangkitan gag orh?

    he hehe hehehe

  33. Anonymous12:50 am

    tolerance is the keyword here guys. don't hate each other just because we believe different path. we co exist in this wonderful Malaysia Tanah Tumpah Darahku for a reason.

    Please respect each other religion and believe. dont secretly try to influence your believe to un suspected needy muslim with your money.

  34. Anonymous3:29 am


    Aku sudah bosan dengan senario politik di Malaysia.

    Pundek anda semua. Bila masa ahli politik Malaysia nak kerja?

    Rakyat faham sangat PRU13 sudah semakin dekat tapi buatlah kerja untuk rakyat. Ini asyik nak berpolitik sahaja.

    Ahli politik di Malaysia ini serupa pelakon teater murahan tepi longkang.

    Aku sampai sekarang ketemu seorang sahaja ahli politik yang betul-betul ada prinsip. YB Kulim. Dari mula berpolitik masih juga konsisten dan relevan.

    Rakyat Malaysia sudah muak dengan ahli-ahli politik dungu macam anda semua. Buat fitnah macam minum air sejuk sahaja.

    Anak cucu aku nanti ludah kubur anda semua nanti. Sebabkan anda semua hanya menjahanamkan negara.

    Fitnah merata. Tidak bermoral, penipu, peliwat, pemfitnah, pengadu-domba, gila kuasa, bangsat, anak haram pun boleh jadi pemimpin. PKR MCA contoh terbaik.

    Agama pun boleh dipermain semata-mata nak kan kuasa.

    Rasis jadi makanan ruji anda semua.

    Apa nak jadi dengan negara Malaysia?

    Adakah ini permulaan ke arah demokrasi matang?

    Adakah ini permulaan kepada persengketaan bersenjata?

    Kepada pemimpin-pemimpin dungu semua. Anda semua tunggu PRU nanti. Rakyat akan tentukan.

    Rakyat Malaysia sudah semakin bijak. Anda semua jangan ingat boleh tipu kami sentiasa.

    Buatlah kerja ahli-ahli politik Malaysia. Jangan sampai rakyat meluat dengan permainan anda semua.


  35. Datuk,

    DPP ni tak paham undang undang. Pegawai JAIS ada hak utk menyerbu mana mana premis bawah Seksyen 10 Enakmen Jenayah Syariah (1985).

    Biasala Keling yang perasan di'empower'kan sorang ni. Tak berapa pandai tapi nak memandai memanjang.

    Sebagaimana apa apa operasi JAIS samada pencegahan maksiat atau ajaran sesat, Polis akan diundang utk turut sama. PBT utk runtuh gerai haram pun panggil Polis sebagai pasukan sokongan sekiranya berlaku apa apa keadaan yg tidak diingini.

    PBT atau JAIS memang ada bidang kuasa utk amik tindakan samada menyerbu atau meruntuhkan mana mana struktur. Dan biasanya< operasi sebegini akan bertentangan dgn emosi yg amat mendalam, termasuk tindakan fizikal. Itu sebab POlis perlu sekiranya berlaku apa apa yg tidak diingini & luar kawalan.

    Khabarnya JAIS dah buat intipan lama mengenai DUMC yg bagi duit sebagai 'gula gula' agar boleh dimulakan proses protelyzation ni, secara perlahan lahan.

    Harap Menteri KDN ni jgn campur lagilah kalau Polis nak ambik tindakan guna EO atau ISA dlm isu cam gini.

  36. Anonymous9:19 am

    "Rocky and Big Dog brave enough to tell the truth! What is truth to them?
    I nearly puke this morning!
    Bedul ? oh Bedul 10.12 pm perhaps you got your eyes or brain short cicuited man!

  37. Anonymous9:30 am

    Warrior 231,
    Allah is watching ! Dont blame him for your twisted tongue....and being a half breed .Jerk yourself in some blogspace!

  38. Anonymous10:41 am

    Smoke syabu and love each other.

    Dj Remy

  39. Anonymous11:08 am

    recently we have been driving around KL down to Seremban Melaka then JB...suprising even during this Holy Ramadan month we noticed that there were plenty of MAMAKS restaurants operating during the my concern is why the bandaraya or city councils keeping a blind eye..we see majority malay restaurants not operating but MAMAKs??? are they given special licences or previlages??very SHAMEFUL AND the Malays

  40. I agree the gag order is necessary otherwise everybody will comment and there will be contradictory comments and thses will add confusion among the peole and someone may even make nasty comments one way or the other which may cause tension among the races and religions.

  41. Anonymous12:10 pm

    Tujuan zakat antaranya untuk mendekatkan hati manusia dengan Islam. Sebab itu, ada hak untuk golongan muallaf. Bagaimanakah mungkin pengurusan zakat gagal melakukan hal ini, sehingga yang sudah muslim ingin meninggalkan Islam kerana gagal mendapat bantuan dari umat Islam khususnya zakat?!

    Bukan sesuatu yang haram untuk seseorang muslim menerima bantuan daripada bukan muslim. Apatahlagi, jika mereka dalam kesusahan yang amat. Tindakan mereka menerima bantuan tidak boleh dipersalahkan, sebaliknya perbuatan pihak muslim yang sepatutnya memberi bantuan kepada mereka tetapi tidak melakukannya itulah yang patut disalahkan.

  42. Anonymous12:13 pm

    Janganlah jika kita gagal membantu — sedangkan kita mampu-kita menyalahkan orang lain yang membantu.

    Setiap orang akan terpengaruh dengan pihak yang berbuat baik kepadanya. Itu fitrah manusia. Jika dia lemah iman, mungkin agamanya juga diserahkan. Mereka yang terpengaruh dengan pihak gereja atas budi baik, itu sesuatu yang tidak pelik.

    Namun yang pelik, bagaimana dalam negara Islam, umat kita boleh menukar agama disebabkan layanan yang tidak memuaskan oleh masyarakat muslim? Sebaliknya mereka terpengaruh dengan sikap baik penganut agama lain. Apakah slogan-slogan agama kita selamat ini hanya kosmetik yang tidak berpijak kepada realiti kehidupan?

  43. Anonymous12:14 pm

    , banyak persoalan perlu masyarakat muslim tanya diri sendiri sebelum menyalahkan orang lain. Tabiat menuding jari kepada orang lain untuk menutup kelemahan sendiri tidak akan dapat menyelesaikan masalah kita!

  44. Anonymous12:15 pm

    Ke mana perginya wang zakat kita? Ratusan juta hasil kutipan yang diumumkan saban tahun, apakah tidak mampu untuk membantu fakir miskin ini keluar dari kesusahan mereka sehingga tidak perlu meminta “sedekah” kepada orang lain?

    Mengapa kerenah biokrasi begitu tinggi untuk fakir miskin mendapatkan bantuan zakat? Semua orang yang pernah berurusan dengan hal ini, akan ada pengalaman mereka sendiri. Untuk mendapatkan RM100-200 pun, begitu banyak kerenahnya. Sedangkan pejabat zakat kelihatan mewah, gaji pegawai dan bos begitu tinggi dan peralatan urusan juga begitu canggih.

  45. Anonymous2:31 pm

    Why Christian churches and NGOs so stupid?

    Next time only invite and help your own believers, la or all those so called comunists without religious beliefs.

    Then no problem, la. Everyone also relax without thinking who is converting who.

    No point being holy and kind. It serves no one any good in Malaysia.

  46. "haha... I can see some morons here, especially donplaypuks, oldfart and moronballs..." Anon 11.06.

    Yes, we can see exactly how much brain matter there is in your skull cavity. How kind of you to expose yourself. Moron!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  47. Anonymous4:28 pm

    X kisah lah GOD or DOG,,,,,Esok pagi-pagi BURSA Malaysia akan menjadi mcam AIR TERJUN,,,,,!!

    X ber HARI RAYA lah Orang MELAYU,,!!!

    Malaysia among major foreign holders owing US12.7bil worth of TRESUARY SECURITIES.

    Siapa yang kena,,,!!!


  48. Anonymous4:37 pm

    Malay Muslim need to grow up. Since Malaya's Independence the Malay Muslim lost their independence - they are told what to believe to enter Islamic paradise.

    Ok, here's a humorous quotation from The Guardian (UK), "In August, 2001, the American television channel CBS aired an interview with a Hamas activist Muhammad Abu Wardeh, who recruited terrorists for suicide bombings in Israel. Abu Wardeh was quoted as saying: "I described to him how God would compensate the martyr for sacrificing his life for his land. If you become a martyr, God will give you 70 virgins, 70 wives and everlasting happiness." Wardeh was in fact shortchanging his recruits since the rewards in Paradise for martyrs was 72 virgins. But I am running ahead of things ."

    If only Islamic Authorities apply Islamic principles fairly rather than selectively, I am sure the Muslims in Malaysia and else where would be the most progressive community in the world.

    Unfortunately, religion is often used as a tool of suppression and cohesion to maintain power by the Authority.

    Could it be that Malay Muslims have lost their ability to think for themselves after years of indoctrination and become weak and cannot distinguish their Allah from others or easily fooled by Christians?

    The best solution would be to educate the Malay Muslim - no? (otherwise they may become too smart for their own good and start a revolution - just joking!)

    Relax and enjoy life here on earth - its too short.

    - obsever

  49. Anonymous4:38 pm

    Heh Rocky. Better get your sidekick Tony Yew to go make another report of Christian conspiracy.

    Just read this time a Bishop ask to vote opposition come Election time.

  50. Anonymous7:25 pm

    You sick sobs.. Anything for your political masters eh? Keep it up though and see how you guys get totally fucked during the next ge. People arent stupid and can see through your facade rocky and dog

  51. Seolferwulf10:11 pm

    S & P downgrades US credit rating from AAA to AA+.

    Malaysia pun kena credit rating downgrade.

    Tapi government buat bodoh. Macam itu samseng perwira, bigdog, anti hundraf dll.

    Nanti ekonomi kena hantam, semua menangis, pergi cari wang macam orang bogel.

    Bwa ha ha!

  52. BIGCAT11:19 pm

    All these Pakatan morons r really losing their marbles. Keep saying Malays will suffer from the credit rating down grade. Oi, Malays got nothing much to lose la. The majority of those with money in this country r non-Malays. They r the one who will cry n bitch the most if the country suffer. The higher u r the harder u fall. Most of the Malays will just absorb the economic impact as they always did in the past. The harder life is for them, the more united they will be. That is definitely not what the insidious Pakatan wants.

  53. Anonymous11:33 pm


    oh ya, young muslim boys play the drums for chinese funeral, provided with FREE meal (halal or not)

    muslim indonesian maids forced to cook pork for chinese family, some cried when thay are forced to eat it too

    muslim maids wash car on Hari Raya day, appeared sad - when asked how come she's washing car when her job is basically domestic - she said no choice

    muslim cooks work very hard for chinese towkay to feed Malay Muslim customers - chinese untung from Malay sweat

    chinese coffee shops flourishing due Malay Muslim nasi padang stall

    Malay wedding MUST shift to next block coz chinese man died suddenly and must have funeral under HIS block

    Malay wedding got to go and shift deco and furniture already arrange to the next block

    Malaysia MUST NEVER let the chinese rule

  54. Anonymous11:47 pm

    obsever @ 4:37 PM


    do u OBSERVE or SEVER?

    trying to be too smart for his pants


  55. Anonymous11:49 pm


    lebih baik pergi cari wang macam orang bogel

    daripada BOGEL diri untuk cari wang macam cina dolls

    habis tu kena AIDS


  56. Anonymous11:53 pm

    Seolferwulf a/l Skillyanon

    Apa bikin sini?

    Fast fast piligi kila wang Singapore sama US, gua pun mayak selih hati..

    Nanti gua mayak pining,
    lu sana tatak kilija, sini jugak mali tiam tiam cari makan!

    Jgn buang masa, lu fast fast piligi sana tolong lor!

    he hehe hehehe

  57. Anonymous10:00 am

    Aiyoo.. silywolf a.k.a pigmoron a schizophrenic pigbrain chingkies puny-pecker-wet-wanker..cakap macam bagus je babi ni..hehehehe

    If Malaysia kena..Cinapore surely lagi kena bigtime lah bodoh..your pigbrain cannot figure that out before snouting your verbal diarhoea from your bottom orifice or what?

    If all Cinapore neighbours were to be hit by USA tremor, the non-producing resources nation like Cinapore will be 1st left to telanjang in the middle of South East Asia..nanti babi mau makan pun susah tau..

    By that time Cinapore may have to do nude freak lion dance to get their neighbours sympathy.. how's that, pigface? Ready to live with that or prepare to commit suicide to do the blogsphere big favour in getting riddance of pigbrain chingkies?

    hey swine twatlicker.. how do you digest this.. Malaysia do hold USD 12.7b of USA Treasury Security
    .. BUT Cinapore hold USD 57.4b.. On top of all, China takes the lead..let see who gonna be off pants first when the tsunami from the 2nd largest economy collapse & reach the shore of SEA..

    With Public Debt of 117.6% from GDP, tell you what pigbrain..better start bogel and sell off you worthless diarhoea slime asshole to puny pigdicks available in your slum Geylang kandang if you can get any or just struggle to perform lowlife pig suicide ritual of self-fellatio onto your chingkie puny pigpecker & hoof fisting your asshole until you exhausted and rot to die in your desperate unorgasm reality of existence..

    You need it more than we do before Cinapore kick your worthless filthy pigass to drown into Selat Tebrau..

    Talk about pigbrain..pathetic cretin to the core chingkie..sooooo bodoooohh..

    :D muhahahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  58. Anonymous12:35 pm

    Hi rocky,

    Nothing to add but would like very much to meet in person "warrior 231". IT writes so eloquently.


  59. Anonymous1:32 pm

    JAIS has been known to be independent of the State Govt (PR State Govt at that but very very quiet under the BN State Govt). The opposition to Khusrin's appointment as SS recently was ample proof of this coz of his role as JAIS director. He seemed to be taking orders from other people other than the State Govt during his days as JAIS director.

    By the way what's your priority, JAIS? Aren't any other places where serious sins are committed? I'm sure there are. Pls spare the religous places. We don't want our Christian people to storm the mosques to look for unauthorised conversions of children etc.

    By the way since when the BN is having respect for Islam?

    ahmad jais

  60. Lallang Exile2:18 pm


    Even DAP's Ngeh Koo Ham - a SS/DUMC member in his MU student days - dared not decry the raid on his former church and brethren.

    When you get into bed with strange bedfellows like PAS and PKR, you have to be prepared to sacrifice your allegiance, even to your dear brothers.

    This just shows how the Pakatan govt would behave should they really get to rule Malaysia.

    People you voted for dare not even defend their own church and brethren, what about you?

    And to see the pathetic PKR spinners blaming the whole issue on old Najib in Rome when the story broke.......pathetic, pathetic.

    As for the gagging order, I urge all of u who voted for Pakatan to read G. Orwell's Animal Farm. All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

    I wish all my Muslim Malaysians a good Ramadhan month.

  61. Skilgannon10665:55 pm

    anti whatever

    You have skewed the stats, as usual, which is par for the course.

    Let's look at the US Treasury Department's figures for major foreign holders of US Treasury Securities as at May 2011:

    China/Mainland US$1.16 trillion, Japan $912 billion, Oil exporters (aka Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states) $229.8 billion, Brazil $211.4 billion, Taiwan $153.4 billion, Hong Kong $121.9 billion, Thailand $59.8 billion, Singapore $57.4 billion, India $41.0 billion, Malaysia $12.7 billion, Australia $12.3 billion.

    As a percentage of official foreign reserves in May 2011

    Singapore 23.9% (based on official foreign reserves of US$239.9 billion, as per the MAS website)

    Malaysia 9.5% (based on foreign reserves of US$132.7 billion, as per Wikipedia).

    Yup, fine and dandy - at first glance - for Malaysia, while Singapore appears to be dangerously over-extended in US Treasuries.

    And yet, look at the international credit ratings:

    AAA (superior financial security, highest safety) - includes Singapore, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong

    AA (excellent financial security, highly safe) - includes USA (AA+), China (AA-), Japan (AA-)

    A (good financial security, more susceptible to economic changes than highly rated countries) - includes South Korea (A+), Malaysia (A-)

    So, it looks as though the rating agencies, at least, are not buying your thesis about Singapore's exposure to US Treasuries as a percentage of official foreign reserves.

    Ka-ching! And another one bites the dust.

    Ok, now to deal with the canard of PUBLIC debt versus EXTERNAL debt. Wikipedia's listing of countries by EXTERNAL debt as a percentage of GDP, as at 31 Dec 2010, est) shows:

    Malaysia 31% of GDP
    Singapore 10% of GDP

    So, when external debt holders come calling, who has to pay out more as a percentage of GDP?

    Ka-ching! Again!

    Jeez - I love this game!

  62. Anonymous5:57 pm

    Part 1

    Good one Soul brother Anti, Kudos for that eloquent riposte. I bet the babi must be fucking his filthy cunted whore's arse crazy by now to release his exasperation of again being trumped by a Melayu Bermaruah. Chouchibai, lanchiau suckling son of a pig

    I suggest we desist from engaging this attention seeking motherfucking son of a bitch and let it stew in its shit. The cocksuckling and sowcunt licking piece of Cinapore pariah kanianiamah shit must be the most moronic goddamn brained Chngkie wanker I have evr come across.

    As you said, the johnjuicing, whorecunt licking, pigfuckers of Cinapore are pissing blood and peeing in their pants. Look at whats in hot from the wire:


    With the US downgrade, investors will seek safer instruments to park their funds in and Sukuk and other similar Islamic bonds is one such option. And who is to benefit? Why, the Melayu Bermaruah of Malaysia of course as Macquarie bank, the largest Aussie investment bank vindicates me:

    "Malaysia, which has the world’s largest Islamic debt market, will become more attractive to investors in the Middle East, according to Aus
    The Middle East is becoming increasingly comfortable with Malaysia’s capital markets, which may lead to increasing their global bond allocations into the ringgit,” Huang said in the report. “It is a natural investment destination as part of a portfolio re-allocation away from the US.” ......and 10 year bond yields have dropped to a low of 3.72 reflecting confidence in the Malaysian economy.

    and the pix gets rosier:

    The shitarsed chingkie pig should also note that the ADB May report listed Malaysia as one of the 7 drivers of the Asian bandwagon into high-income territory with Chinapore nowhere in sight for by then the midget would have sunk into mediocre oblivion!!

    Warrior 231

  63. Anonymous6:10 pm

    Part 2

    The ADB report is based on extensive research and accessible here:

    Chinkiepore barely registers an impact, perhaps a bloated, decaying fuckedup and washed up senile codger by then (ROFL): a scenario intimated subtly in the Singapore Competitiveness Report of 2009 prepared by Nanyang University commisiioned people.

    All in all, I have ceased engaging this stupid babi farmhand for it knows nuts. I would suggest the others do the same and it will stomp off real soon like a spoiled titfucking, cuntsucking, twattonguing filthy arsed, chancered cocked pigfucker. Alternatively, we could cut and paste this ad nauseum till it fobs off:

    Oct. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Andy Xie's resignation as Morgan Stanley's chief economist in Asia last week followed an e-mail in which he characterized Singapore as an economic failure dependent on illicit money from Indonesia and China.

    Xie, who worked at Morgan Stanley for nine years, sent the e-mail to his colleagues after attending the International Monetary Fund and World Bank annual meetings last month in the Southeast Asian island state. The 46-year-old Shanghai-born economist questioned why Singapore was chosen to host the conference, and said delegates ``were competing with each other to praise Singapore as the success story of globalization.''

    ``Actually, Singapore's success came mostly from being the money laundering center for corrupt Indonesian businessmen and government officials,'' Xie, who was based in Hong Kong before leaving Morgan Stanley on Sept. 29, wrote in the e-mail. ``Indonesia has no money. So Singapore isn't doing well.''

    Andy who? Check out this decent Chingkie (one in a billion) on Wiki.

    Warrior 231

  64. Skilgannon10666:30 pm

    Ok, back to topic after ka-chinging anti whatever and showing up the gobbledygook of his thesis.

    This from a news report I perused yesterday in the Singapore Sunday Times:

    "Kuala Lumpur - Two pro-government Malay dailies ran front-page articles yesterday alleging that Christian organisations are carrying out covert missions to convert poverty-stricken Muslims by offering them cash, free food and housing.

    "The articles by the Berita Harian and Harian Metro were follow-ups to the controversial church raid by Islamic officials in the opposition-ruled Selangor state, the Malaysian Insider said yesterday.

    "Both newspapers are published by The Straits Times Press, a unit of the Umno-linked media giant Media Prima...."

    This is all very Tom Clancyish -mention "covert missions" and the mind thinks of CIA dirty tricks.

    And yet - "poverty-stricken Muslims" in Malaysia in this day and age? In spite of massive affirmative action programmes and preferential treatments galore, there are still "poverty-stricken Muslims" around? How did they fall through the all-encompassing government safety nets that they had to turn elsewhere for food and shelter?

    Obviously, the "brains" at Berita Harian and Harian Metro never thought to pursue this further in the true spirit of investigative journalism.

    I am reminded that the Catholic Society of St Vincent de Paul in Malaysia has been offering handouts of basic provisions, clothes and food items to the needy poor, without discriminating against race or religion. No one has yet cried foul about this.

    But when the indigenous Orang Aslis are offered "carrots" to convert to Islam (such as instant bumiputra status with all the attendant benefits), no one utters even a whinge of protest!

    So, one can do, but the other cannot do, eh? Let the government stand up and say this publicly, both in Malaysia and at international meetings, without fudging and obfuscations. At least, then it can't be accused of being wishy-washy or blissfully fiddling a la Nero!

    And as a side note - the recent riots in London's Tottenham suburb (and I am a Spurs fan), where the police were targetted amidst accusations of racial profiling and discrimination, and where the issue of marginalisation of poor, young uneducated blacks was highlghted, raised eerie comparisons with what the Hindraf people were shouting about not so long ago. Deja vu?

  65. I guess Warrior 231 (4.15pm) was talking in defense of Islam, as Jais, PAS' Hasan Ali, UMNO and many Malay Muslims claim to!

    Err, I rest my case!!

  66. Anonymous9:02 am

    Another piece of crap.

  67. Anonymous3:25 pm

    those muslims might be looking for pej zakat...manyak masyuk tp

  68. Anonymous6:41 pm


    Go learn how cebok your shit first..

    SMELLY wherever you go..

    he hehe hehehe

  69. To all those people who sings praises about the charity given by the church. The church is NOT DOING CHARITY. THE CHURCH IS PROSELITYZING.

    If the church wants to do a good deed, fine but why entice/. Why conditioned the events with the need to despise Islam ang glorify christianity.

    When we Muslims do a kenduri, people of all walks come eat and then go home. No religios sermons, no preachings or trying to preach or imposed, let alone critise other faith. Why can't they do the same. Stop proselityzing especially on desperate souls just to get an easy catch.

  70. Anonymous3:46 pm

    Yo fuckhead skilmoron,

    Always with fantasized of eternal puny pecker erection of such AAA XXX whatever rating as if people gonna bother to invest in the red dot when economy apocalypse come thru..

    Except for those SEA money launderer from those piggy stinky chingkies from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand & Philipines, No nation at that time will wanna throw their money in sinking pig-dens that relying on imported talents to fuel its economy plus typical USA financial model which in simple words marked the tombstone of a dying nation..

    Those pigs will salivate their own shit watching the sinking cinapore reach the bottom of selat tebrau while the rest of the pribumi of Nusantara will witness a mass souless chingkie pigs suicide event which is an auto-cleansing and good riddance to this Nusantara once again , sitting back & enjoying their cup of coffee..

    Pigmoron forgot to mention that the public debt of Malaysia only stand at 53.1% from GDP so risk managable compared to Cinapore that is in similar proud league of "super debt" economy screwed up nation like Greece, Italy, Lebenon, Zimbabwe, Jamaica, Iceland & per wikipedia Dec 2010..
    Cinapore in reality is on a big-pig-grill running their overheated economy BBQ.. anytime kabooming babi..hehehe.. add the salt to the pig's moron heart wound before pig eat it, Malaysia is blessed with petroleum, gas reserve & other commodities that is like tapping money from the ground compared to Cinapore that is so self dependent of its foreign partners for import, export & investment for its economy..just imagine the worst scenario to come the moment all cinapore friend decided to desert the red dot..time bomb ticking..kesian babi..

    Malaysia have resiliency & durability to face this better than Cinapore that almost half-dead struggling out from recent US sub-prime crisis and now waiting to recieve the second blow for a total's that babi?

    Inflation will definately escalate in the red dot grilling all the piggy content to charcoal toast..

    what's the ka-ching?? To early to rain in the parade ain't it pig??

    I use bazooka..another pig's mouth now blown & exploded thru its asshole out to kingdom come..muhahaha..

    p/s: Pig, my bro warrior have something for you also..shove it in pig..

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  71. Skilgannon10665:30 pm

    warrior xxx

    Heh, heh - scared of taking me on that you have chosen to "retreat honourably" pleading mental fatigue and emotional distress? Jeez, it's so easy to wind you up......

    Going off topio again, here's a little news item for your edification, courtesy of AP:


    "The Chinese military's chief of staff will visit Israel next week for the first time, the Israeli military said on Monday, in what may signal a renewed warming of ties between the Jewish state and Beijing.

    "Gen Chen Bingde will be a guest of the Israel military chief, Lt-Gen Benny Gantz, the military said.

    "Gen Chen's visit follows Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak's trip to China two months ago. That was the first visit of an Israeli defence minister in a decade.""

    So, Ahmad Zahid - like that, how? Going by your recent statements regarding the South China Sea, is it gonna be "softlee, softlee, catchee monkey"?

    The Big Wanker out there plays by it's own rules (as does India, but that's another story for another day). And client states of the Big W, like Pakistan, have no choice, but to fall in line, no matter how much the mullahs there fume and threaten.

    Do you think that ABRI, for instance, would be muttering in helpless rage against the Big W's perfidy in supposedly pursuing a military relationship with the Zionist entity? Whoa - anathema!

    Get used to the world of realpolitik, bro, where the Big Ws stalk the roads, fields and alleyways.

    And if that sticks in your craw, you can always unload your frustrations on the kiasu state down south....Not that it matters in the overall scheme of things.

    Bwa ha ha.