Thursday, August 04, 2011

In Malaysia, Church holding unity dinner stormed by Islamic religious cops

Appalling! This raid by Jais on another religion's place of worship is unprecedented, I believe, so congrats to the Selangor government lah. Keep it up. Play politics until things get out of hands, why not, eh?
But only Khairy and Wee Ka Siong are angry? 
Where's everyone else?

"In the first place, there is no law - Syariah or secular -forbidding Muslims from attending events, including dinners, in churches..."
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  1. We are busy with the following news:

    A former army personnel stepped forward today and told a PAS-organised press conference that he was involved in manipulating postal votes while in service under orders of a superior officer.

  2. Anonymous3:37 pm

    Don't care much bout what's the houha is all about. I am just bit tickled that everyday events are now are passed as 1Malaysia.

    If Malaysians congregate to wait for the next bus also want to call 1Malaysia ka?

    What la all this 1Malaysia ...

  3. Anonymous3:38 pm

    plssss dont think Rakyat especially Muslim are stupid!!! If u do 1malaysia gathering, why do in Church compound??? No other public place where all ppl can meet up, is it???

  4. As Nik Nadzmi clarified, JAIS often acts by direction from Putrajaya without reference to the Selgor Govt or its MB Khalid.

    Wait till the smoke clears and you'll see the truth coming out. I'll wager 1 for 10 that this was an act of sabotage by extremist elements within JAIS intent on stirring up religious unrest. They may well be upset that Najib went to the Vatican to smoke the peace pipe with the Pope!

    Whichever way you look at at it, it behoves ill for Islam in this country when JAIS officials act like dictators. I'll bet some more that they acted on on deliberately distorted info 'anonymously' given them by certain elements out to create mischief.

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human race

  5. Srikanth, that's the way to go!

    Former army personnel? What was he doing in a PAS-organized press conference, I wonder ...

    Come on, bro. You have the privilege of spending so much time overseas. This man-step-forward-to-confess happens all the time. Politicians learn from the best and the worst.

    But this raid. This is crucial. Critical. PR and blame Putrajaya and vice versa, but it's a state of affairs that educated people like you should help address.


  6. And DPP,

    Are you and Nik Nazmi saying that the state has lost control of its own religious apparatus? I think that does not speak well not for Islam, but for the state ie government of Selangor ie the MB ie Pakatan Rakyat

  7. Anonymous4:28 pm

    wow ... it has been a looong time rocky... finally there's a smell of truth coming out of your post!

    It takes PR's inefficiency to bring the best out of you!

    keep it up! PR needs your critical views !


  8. /eng,

    You call this PR inefficiency, mo?
    I call it dangerous.

  9. Anonymous4:34 pm

    Everybody knows that the state government don't have any executive power over Jais.You'll see what happens when it was under Kushrin who always defies the state govenment's instructions.So whatever actions taken by Jais will always be from someone else's or from somewhereelse and not from the state govenment.

  10. Anonymous4:36 pm

    After all the talk about 1Malaysia...

  11. Seolferwulf5:20 pm

    Let's see whether the senior Umno leaders weigh in with their condemnations. After all, Khairy is pretty low down the Umno totem pole.

    Hey, while we are on this topic, why not seek the views of the Perkasa dudes and the pro-Umno bloggers on whether the JAIS actions were justified or resulted from extreme paranoia?

    Or better yet, let the Selangor state government and the PM's advisor on Islamic matters issue definitive statements on this issue.

    Who else? What about those charged with safeguarding the Constitutional provisions guaranteeing freedom of religion and worship? Are they willing to walk the talk or bow to the diktats of extremists?

  12. BIGCAT5:22 pm

    Hahaha...just your luck la rocky. Your blog never fail to draw all these moronic Pakatan cyber-troopers. Their attempts to deflect the issue n spin the blame to the BN federal government were so pathetic. Islamic religious matters fall under the State govt's jurisdiction la morons. That's the way it has always been. I bet the Sultan of Selangor as head of Islamic affairs in the State will not be happy over this incident. True Christians can now fairly judge for themselves as they already have a glimpse of what will be the religious status-quo if Pakatan takes over this country.

  13. Anonymous5:26 pm

    It's a good time for the Selangor government to do major spring cleaning of all these psuedo public organizations that is suppose to be under the jurisdiction of the Selangor government. Perfect time to weed out all the rotten apples disguise as public servants.

    Selangor CM, take this opportunity when the iron is still hot, and rest assure all decent, peaceful Selangor people and MalaysiaN will support your administration to do the right thing.

  14. Anonymous5:30 pm


    Spin la banyak-banyak ha. Nik Nazmi tu pembohong, kamu lagi la bapak pembohong!

    Jais officials dictators? Boss kamu Anwar Al-juburi tu lagi bapak diktator!

    Buta ke? Bebal!

    U r all of 1 Race, the Pundek race

    -tukang perati

  15. BIGCAT,

    The truth hurts, as they are so fond of saying.

    Enjoy your iftar.

  16. Contemplative5:59 pm

    So who authorized the raid?

  17. It dumbfounds me that this raid had happened, but after much circumspection, I believe there could be much more than meets the eye here. A harmless dinner attended by many races and believers is not unsual. For JAIS to raid such a gathering requires a very important impetus. I want to know the nature of the complaint that led to this raid.

    I fear in Malaysia now exists too many kneejerk reactions, over reactions and histrionics (probably due to an self-inflated conceit). No one takes a deep breath first, remain calm and try to find out what really happened. People only scream Murder! or Rape! at the smallest visible drop of blood.

    Look at the case of the 'racist' ads of Ramadhan by TV8. For me its a clear case of thoughtlessness and (again) self-inflated conceit of morality. I disavow the advert; it presumptive, un-clever and inappropriate, for both muslims and non-muslims alike. But, as usual, a flood of allegations of racism, screamed at the top of the lungs by the usual victims.

    Here, in this case, I advocate for sane and cold logic to counter emotive kneejerk reactions. If need be, and it looks like it need be must, call for a public inquiry to ascertain the motivations of the raid. If the case proves itslef to be, then disciplinary or punitive measures ought to be administered to those involved.

    Unfortunately also, I must voice out my concern of the ignorant claims to credit the raid to BN/UMNO/Putrajaya. The 'Ignorami' shout that Jais takes orders from Jakim, and that means that it began with an order barked out in Putrajaya; presumably the PM's Department if not the PM himself.

    This is another falsehood deliberately fanned by opposition-nites and opposition syncophants hell bent on blaming everything on the Malaysian Federal Government. They probably would have blamed the holocaust on Malaysia, if they could.

    For the record, JAIS comes under the state government, and they report to HRH The Sultan of Selangor. The Menteri Besar, is privy to all matters of the state including that which concerns religion and religious administration.

    In the end, it may be a case of poor governance by the MB, but not something cutting his head off for.

  18. Seolferwulf6:06 pm

    Are there specific injunctions in the Quran that prevent Muslims from setting foot in other religions' places of worship, such as Christian churches, Buddhist and Hindu temples, Sikh gurdawaras or Jewish synagogues?

    I have read reports about multi-faith religious gatherings elsewhere, where Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Zoroastrians and Sikhs pray together and eat together, without any untoward developments.

    And why give credence to a news report that a Muslim victim of the recent massacre in Oslo had a funeral service conducted in a Christian church in Norway, attended by both grieving Muslims and Christians, and was reportedly buried in the church's graveyard? If indeed it is true, that is religious tolerance of the highest magnitude.

    But, then, the reports may be erroneous.

  19. Anonymous7:18 pm

    The name JAIS has always been a huge rock in people's shoes, no matter under which government!

    Do we really need these pricks?

  20. Anonymous7:43 pm

    Woi..Rocky, lu sudah giler ke ?? tulis yg bukan-bukan...ini budak punya tulisan, macam ni lu sudah jatuh standard lah !!

  21. why during Ramadhan? our holy fasting month?? we throw fast breaking feasts in all our masjid, surau & musollah! we never failed to break the fast with our Muslim brothers & sistersd all these while!!! why at a church?


    another typical pas out-dated claim which he/she should have exposed about it way ahead before dirtying his/her hands in conspiring with the so-called dirty politics! why wait till you get near the grave? repenting? consented by the holy tok guru? bull****! unless you're having all the privilege before, that you dared not tell or expose what ever wrong things you claim today!! tell that to your own butt!

    some army officers had such glamorous days when at helm & chose to ignore the fact that they had reaped all the best deals but then when they retire & fail to maintain their height, they come up with all sorts of accusations which in the end, show their own wrongdoings!! kantoi eh?

  22. Fooling around with politics is fine...but when comes to religion being targeted by UMNO B pleases me to note Rocky is not impressed by fanatics nor politics involving religion.
    I feel sorry for few Muslims attending the dinner being treated like criminals with their IC card details taken down by these scums of the Earth who are the very people..insulting the Islamic religion...taking Malaysians back to the if all Malaysians are uneducated and need to be guided..controlled by a religion.
    Freedom of religion to all...except Malays.
    This is sad.
    And as for the event ...organized by is like as if any thing organized by Christians....Muslims are banned for attending.
    There is no doubt in my mind..the government needs race and religion politics to the create fear in order to win elections..or an excuse to hold off 13th long as possible.

  23. Where have my comment gone to?

  24. Anyway....I find Rocky have finally comes to his senses to say the right thing..and leave dirty politics aside..for the love of all Malaysians.

  25. vinnan9:44 pm

    The Sultan appoints all the state Islamic administrative leaders. In states without Sultans or Raja the Islamic religious head is appointed by the Agung. PR has no say in this matter.If the BN power grab in Perak is anything to go by we know how neutral these ROYALTIES are. Moreover, wasn't that Hasan Taliban Ali UMNO wannabe dropped as the PAS commissioner for Selangor. Guess it is his way of getting back at PR before he is dropped in the next election. As usual UMNO and UMNO wannabe bigots like Hasan Ali Ibrahim Ali are hiding behind the skirts of others. Both are son-of-Ali. I wonder.

  26. BIGCAT9:52 pm

    Anon 526, don't be such an idiot lah. Who do u think those JAIS fella? Wake up n smell the shit, ok? Those r Pas fanatics la. All these Jabatan Agama are full of them even in States under BN. At least over there they r relatively under control. In states under Pakatan, they r embolden la. Got power what. Yes, I also want to see Khalid takes action against those Jais officials, but I bet he wouldn't dare to do so.

    Rocky, hope u have a good iftar too. Next time I go up to KL I ll find u. Salute.

  27. Anonymous10:26 pm

    I smell a rat.

  28. BIGCAT11:18 pm

    Oi org Pas, engko org seronok tak baca pariah macam vinnian tu carut-carutkan Hassan Ali. Lepas tu dia buat main nama Ali yg asalnya nama seorang Kulafaq AlRashidin. Dah tu pulak dia ludah Sultan-Sultan Melayu yg jadi ketua agama Islam negeri masing-masing, kata dia org tak adil etc. Engko orang sanggup ke terus bersekongkol dengan pariah macam tu? Ni aku tanya org Pas yg masih waras la. Yg fanatik parti dia org tu lantak la. Dah sah masuk ke parit dah geng tu. Kalau pemimpin Pas suruh jilat buntut tak cebok spoiled brat Lim Guan Eng tu pun aku rasa dia org akan jilat.

  29. Anonymous11:28 pm


    Ini lagi sad kan?


  30. Anonymous2:06 am


    This one lagi sad!

    Why everybody like this one?


  31. Regardless from PAS or UMNOB that bloody Jais comes does not matter.
    What matter most is Najib's silence over such sickening treatments to few Malaysians who happen to be Malays.
    But Najib love race and religion dirty politics..and therefore..his silence can mean he approved it..OR simple an idiot that does not know how to walk his talks..even to protect his own race being insulted.
    Now the world religious leaders respect each other and here in is still one true God....bla bla bla....while those very people proclaim and swear by it are thieves and robbers.

  32. And PAS is smart to know...having few fanatics to counter fight UMNO B fanatics for the purpose to win the fanatic votes is a very smart move in politics where dirt will be met by dirt....HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  33. Anonymous2:33 am

    Big Cat,

    Who gives a shit what party these JAIS fellas belongs to. Wrong is wrong lah, simple as that.

    By the way, judging by the way you describe other commentors, your attitude and narrow mind is no different from the undesirable racial behavior of JAIS. So, next time before you comment on any issue, look into the mirror first.

  34. Charlie Oscar3:43 am

    Selangor Exco Hassan One Story.
    Selangor MB Khalid Another Story!!!
    Another Side-show by Pakatan Again???
    As Usual, Pakatan Supporters Will Still Blame OTHERS!!! Typical!!!

  35. We are just glad najib is married to Rosmah. That's his downfall in the next elections.

    Investigative journalism isnt about asking Rosmah "where is your $24M ring" and reporting back her reply.

    Pakatan has its hiccups which can be worked on. Najib has hiccups, that CANNOT be worked on.

  36. Rocky,

    What was Saiful doing with Najib and Rosmah?

  37. BIGCAT8:24 am

    Anon 233, walawei, suddenly it doesn't matter which party the Jais morons belong to. How convenient. I'm being rude is not ok? Well, I'm tired of being polite to u all insidious pieces of shit. Previously when u all Pakatan cyber-troopers curse n accused others (especially Malays) of being racist, I hold back. No more. Enough is enough. From now on, u throw shit at me, I ll throw it back to u. Now, fuck off n go to hell.

  38. Anonymous10:22 am

    You are right this time.


  39. Badut Nasional10:49 am

    Hasan Ali...
    Ibrahim Ali...
    Sounds similar... Al-Katak or some mutant virus???

  40. Anonymous11:02 am

    "But only Khairy and Wee Ka Siong are angry?"

    Brother Rocky, you are twisting and spinning again. Watch your tail, it is always at the wrong place. Keep it in and zip up!!! you are in the presence of easily impressionable young people.

  41. CONFUSED11:21 am

    Why the JAIS officers so busy body one,this is a muhhibah dinner and organised by the NGO in the church,so what is wrong with that?
    So next time christians no more invite muslim friends(in order to avoid trouble and embarassment).
    So what is this 1Malaysia about?

  42. Anonymous12:27 pm

    Dato, tak masuk ke citer hebahan JAIS keluar fatwa di hebah kesemua masjid di selangor yang ASB ke ASN itu TIDAK HALAL tapi tak berani nak warta kan apa pasal ? teruk lah org2 Selangor ni

    Org Melayu ASB

  43. Now church is organising berbuka puasa.The other night a female legislative member in SIA looklike kebaya was giving tazkirah in a mosque. What are these...

  44. Mazlan1:06 pm


    MB Selangor has already apologised and clarified the raid was not undertaken at the State's behest. He has already demanded explanation from Head of JAIS why this action took place.
    To say this was State Govt act is clearly wrong. This was a case of little Napoleons in JAIS trying to be a hero and causing mischief at State' expense.
    We know these idiots are out to embarrass the PR State Govt. So lets see it for what it is.

    As of today - we still have not had any comment from PM...

  45. Srikanth Siva said...

    What was Saiful doing with Najib and Rosmah?


    Dear bro,

    You've been spending too much time overseas. Come back.

    In Malaysia people visit people, even the PM. Why did Anwar secretly meet with Najib in 2009? To negotiate over the sodomy case? What was Khairy doing meeting Anwar to pass him the passport after the latter was released? Why did Anwar, Guan Eng, etc meet Ku Li recently?

    And if you're still in London or Oxford, ask RPK what he was doing at the Najibs' Jalan Duta House, even before Saiful got his meeting?


  46. Anonymous1:59 pm

    Let this be a good lesson to all - dont invite anybody of different race to any religious,cultural,social,family,corporate gatherings lest you be punished.

  47. "...Nik Nazmi tu pembohong, kamu lagi la bapak pembohong! U r all of 1 Race, the Pundek race..." -tukang perati

    Yes. yes. yes. Everyone is a pembohong except you o great international renown speaker of truth. Muahaah!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human race

  48. Seolferwulf3:00 pm


    I guess that Muslims outside Malaysia are weak, spineless and easily influenced by choosing to participate in inter-faith gatherings, be it in churches, temples or mosques or in non-consecrated public or private premises.

    Whereas the local Muslims are as pure as the driven snow, zealous, pious and unafraid of defending their faith against the rapacities of marauding unbelievers who take delight in causing the faithful to sin in thought, word and deed?

    Gimme a break, lah!

  49. Cmon lah; v know this is a deflection of a more more serious problem...i.e instant citizenship and voters.

  50. Anonymous6:18 pm


    You caucasion or what? What you talk here?

    My Chinese leighbour told me his wife is forbidden to visit the graves of her parents - suae' - bring bad fungsui wan..

    Future generations all no ONG, if she defy!

    Cannot, cannot wan, after, all sibrings becum bellie angeli and will boycott her famili oloso?

    But, then again, what I heard may be erroneous?

    he hehe hehehe

  51. Anonymous8:32 pm

    Muhibbah dinner in a church? Bullshit. These people always have ulterior motives. Why not at Pizza Hut or some mamak shop? In a church? Whom are you trying to hoodwink? Good job JAIS.

  52. Anonymous10:02 pm


    My office last time behind got Chinese funeral parlour!!! Die accident, murder whatnot they say cannot take body home, also suae..

    haiya, mati hantar balik SENDILI LUMAH pun talak kasi orh?

    BTW my leighbour say just now, plegnant aloso cannot visit your parents gelave? Own palents maa.. alsoso cannot go see wan or?

    Apa maciam lu bebel sini?


  53. Rocky,

    Will comeback someday. Let me kumpul duit dulu :)

  54. Anonymous11:19 am

    BigCat...anon 233

    Do you like what you see in the mirror? Judging by your response, I take it you do not like what you see. Somemore, trying to justify your tirades and foul language with more tirades. Typical spoil brat.

  55. Seolferwulf2:07 pm

    Don't be surprised if foreign investors tell MIDA to #*&! off when it next goes trawling for foreign investments.

    Why bother to invest in Malaysia if racial and religious intolerance are the norms of the day?

    Why bother with the figleaf fiction of constitutional protection for freedom of religion and worship? When JAKIM says that it is an offence for Muslims to convert to other religions and that those who indulge in such "proselytisation" should be punished with the full force of the law? And yet these idiots have the gall to condemn the far right movements in the US and Europe for targeting Muslim immigrants and Islam!

    You discriminate here, they discriminate there.

    Maybe they can look at themselves in a mirror at the end of the day and say "Lord God, your humble servant did good today. Your humble servant prevented the feeble and weak-minded faithful from being corrupted into false religions and beliefs for such is the work of the Evil One. May we, your humble servants, always stand valiantly ready to do Your Will in all things. Amen."

    A marvelous justification for a clear conscience!

  56. Anonymous10:19 pm

    Ok ok folks

    this just means that the 3 stooges-party are trying to exert their own agenda and the partnership is tearing at the seams

    PAS is more islamic
    DAP is more chinese
    PR is more anwar-cronies

  57. Anonymous12:16 am


    Tamau selalu ini maciam lor, talk nonsense all the time!

    Even among siblings you people are not allowed to visit your own parents grave,

    Tomorrow you die, your married daughter also cannot visit your grave..

    lu apa banyak sangat cilita sini?

    he hehe hehehe

  58. Anonymous11:59 pm

    heh heh

    yup Perwira, bulan hantu depa bakar kertas beribu ribu, nak kasi hantu tenang supaya tak kacau depa

    mak bapak mati, mesti nak nangis kuat kuat, terpekik terlolong, barulah anak anak yg baik

  59. Anonymous10:47 am

    Bro Perwira,

    Those probably a fact that all chingkie pigs were born suae (pronounce: su-way). In Malay it is called celaka/malang.. one dead celaka cannot be visit by another celaka or else the celaka will be all accumulated into malapetaka infecting the visiting living chingkie celaka..

    Those celaka now formed almost 26% of our population since 1957.. celaka sungguh..

    They never fail to pass on their inherited suea to the pribumi..

    Celaka punya keturunan pendatang.. ptuih!

    Chingkie Celaka do rhyme very well..

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  60. Anonymous12:52 pm

    Srikanth..dont come here..go to hell with your stupid for JAIS..thank God at least we have a brave souls to safeguard our religion..nak harap kat Khalid gagap dan khalid gereja..hampeh..we support JAIS action...

    Salam Ramadan Dato' Rocky...

  61. I may not know much about the facts behind the raid, which on the surface of it, seems quite wrong. But for all purpose and intentions, proselityzing by christian pastors amongst desperate people are not something which is not true. It is a matter of fact and is quite known amongst the people in the lower end of the food chain as an open secret.

    At bus stand klang, for instance, a Chinese pastor, would on certain days provide free breakfast for homeless people, beggars and drug addicts and those occassions in spite of its informality and unnannounced, is quite weell informed amogst the poor souls. Free breakfast which include hot coffee is nothing but a noble deed by the Chinese pastor. But does it stops there ? There is a condition attached before these poor souls can get their hands on the food. They have to "sing "first and listen to a short "speech".

    Out of curiousity, a friend of mine who worked as a security guard once attended and true indeed he had to parrot a hym which was actually a biblical song normally sung in church masses. Then the "speecg" was actually a sermon which adheres more towards praising christianity as a charitable religion and why one should embrace christianity.

    Well, to me, to be charitable is noble but to proselityze is indeed mischievious. Proselityzing to desperate souls is even worse. Its like bribing an innocent child into illicit sex with the lure of cash.