Monday, August 29, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya

Masjid Namirah, Ramuan China
There are two kinds of Malays - the kind who wish you Selamat Hari Raya and the other who wish you Eid Mubarak. But either way, the Malays are generally a kind people. Sometimes, they are one kind but on Hari Raya, they are the kind that forgive and forget. The spirit of Aidil Fitri is such, it is to give as well as to receive, and to say thanks for everything.

And in that spirit, I wish you Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin.

Before I drive down to Lubok China, my hometown, for the Raya, I'd like to share some good news with you. May our nation prosper and may our children live peacefully ever after us.

Read the rest of the good news h e r e and Malaysia's fist half FDI up 76 per cent


  1. Skilgannon10665:59 pm

    I will wait to see the UNCTAD 2011 FDI stats before commenting.

    How much of this RM21.3 billion FDI inflow in the first half of the year went into labour-intensive industries as opposed to high tech high-value add industries?

    How much of it is from MNCs relocating low-end and mid-level manufacturing activities from high wage economies to cheaper locations?

    Anecdotal evidence tells me that MNCs' regional HQs and "control tower" operations are not coming to Malaysia, a fact that the International Chambers of Commerce here can attest to.

    And that the much-ballyhooed Iskandar region in Johor is in danger of becoming a "Maquilidora" extension of Singapore as the city state phases out low-end and labour-intensive manufacturing.

  2. Selamat Sambut Satu Syawal Saudara Saudari Sakelian. Semoga Selamat Senantiasa. Sederhana Suasana Selalu. Ssalam mu Alaikkomm

  3. James7:04 pm

    Hi Rocky

    Probably you could get and publish a breakdown of the FDI on a state by state basis.

    Cheers and Selamat Hari Raya

  4. BIGCAT7:22 pm

    Selamat Hari Raya to u too Rocky. BTW, I m the new type of Malays who don't forgive n forget. Malays have been doing too much forgiving n forgetting over the centuries. Enough of that shit. Now, if others kicked me, I m going to kick the shit out of them back.

  5. Anonymous8:52 pm

    Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitr to you and family, Bru.

    Semoga diberkati Ilahi hendaknya pada hari mulia ini dan hari2 mendatang.

    From Warrior 231 & Family.

    p/s: FDI massive inflow. Any surprises that the world has always had confidence in Melayu Bermaruah,Chingkie envious pigshit aside.

  6. Big Cat and Warrior,
    Here's to Melayu bermaruah and Tiada Maaf Bagimu.
    Will try James, thanks
    And Glassman, Salam Satu Syawal!

  7. Anonymous10:53 pm

    it is invested figure or approved figures. It means differently too dato. We want to see the money coming in..not just figures reported in approved projects. The investors may have second thots or project may delays.

  8. Anonymous10:59 pm

    Dear Dato Rocky

    Wishing you and your loved ones , and everyone in Malaysia Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Happy Merdeka


  9. Anonymous11:37 pm

    TO Datuk ROCKY and
    To all Muslims in Malaysia
    and around the world




  10. Salam Datuk,

    Wishing you and your family a very Happy Hari Raya Aidilfitri.


  11. salam aidilfitri
    maaf zahir batin

  12. salam lebaran
    maaf zahir batin

  13. Anonymous2:37 am


    Selamat Hari Raya to you and your family!


  14. Charles F Moreira3:13 am

    Selamat Hari Taya Aid Il Fitr & Eid Mubarak to all Muslims

  15. I wish Rocky and his family and all Muslims in this blog..a happy and prosperous..Selamat Hari Raya.
    I have gone through Muslims and Malaysian Chinese celebrating their New Year's day apart.
    This is Hari Raya and Merdeka day apart.
    It is a sign...Muslims will enjoy total FREEDOM soon...and no more dirty..race and religion to divide them anymore.
    In closing...I particularly wish and pray..Rocky's daughter have better health than last year.

  16. Anonymous8:06 am

    To Rocky, BigCat, Warrior and alikes....non Malays are not the are fast becoming incompetent in your own bumi because of policies that were designed to once help you. Until you realize this, you will continue thinking that your race is being 'bullied' and 'threathened' by those trying to help.

    .....but you choose to wear blinders

    Happy Eid.

  17. Bro Rocky dan lain-lain,

    Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, Maaf zahir dan batin, Dunia dan akhirat.

    Semuga di panjangkan umur dan murah rezeki, Amin.

  18. Andrew Gopal1:00 pm

    Selamat Hari Raya to you and your family bro. Bermaaf maafan lah.

  19. Anonymous7:15 pm

    Malay are good ppl. The only bangsa yg sanggup kongsi minyak, hutan, galian etc di tanah melayu dgn bangsa asing. Bkn sikit tapi lebih 10 juta pendatang. In return, pendatang khianat kebaikan melayu. DAP is clear example

  20. Anonymous7:15 pm

    to anon 8:06 am

    the malays are not the enemies. The non malays are becoming more arrogant self centered and power hungry just because you got more money and you put it in your perceived "mother" country and thinking that malay policies are actually depriving your right of making one more RM when you got RM100 while the rest only got RM0.10.

    may allah blessed you.

  21. Anonymous7:41 pm

    Big Cat - Forgive???? Its you who should be asking for forgiveness

  22. Anonymous10:12 pm

    “To Rocky, BigCat, Warrior and alikes....non Malays are not the enemy.....”.

    You just confirmed the obvious, fucking non-Malay piece of shit. This thread is about wishing the Muslims a joyous Eid and what have we here; a fucked up mindtwisted pig-ape instigating shit with regard to the NEP with nary a mention about Hari Raya!! Bastard, that very act of yours and those of your ilk here is evidence enough of how uncouth and insensitive you are to the rights of the Majority race, the Malays.

    And that jibe at the NEP is nothing but another attempt to diss a policy that has brought on the threshold of usurping your hitherto artificial lead.

    And to top that we have another arselicking son of a roadslut dissing the figures as illusory concoctions as long as they are not UNCTAD verified. And did you see any greetings from the shameless pigfarm minding bastard tight at the top there? NOPE, not an iota of best wishes from the cuntwhore. Then why should we trust the non-Malays when they are all out to thrash our religion, language and culture. Why should we trust bastard fucked up runaway vermin whose only goal in life is to gobble up everything plus the crumbs to satiate a pig-like appetite? Why should we trust a Kaffir when our Holy Book reminds us umpteen times not to and only now it is dawning upon many of us the truth of those commandments. Yeah....that awakening came about post 2008 when you fuckedup racist bigots got a taste of victory in five states and what did you do to show your self-touted “magnamity” but :

    a. thrash Islam in the most demeaning way possible and belittled it further by trawling up the “ALLAH” stuff.

    b. denigrate our race as parasitic hangers on when nothing can be further from the truth. When history yells how you bastards marginalised the Malays by coraling the economy with the Brits connivance.And when we have a policy to reconfigure those inequalities, you pros-kids do your utmost to denigrate it as a “tongkat’ ; “crutch” as if we are “kudunged” lepers!!!

    c. you slimepoops chastise the National Language Policy, slag our Satu Sekolah untuk Semua, Sekolah Wawasan initiatives while at the same time profiting from the world class education they provide to enable you wankers to study and eventually migrate overseas in hordes

    d. demeaning our refined budaya that served as a socio-political umbrella under which you fattened you girths for 50 years or so and say what? When the moment arrives, piss on the Social Contract, the Special Privileges provisions of the agreed to Constitution, our socio-politico-cultural bulwark – the Malay Rajas and even the benignly benevolent Ketuanan Melayu that allowed you to prosper beyond what you ever could achieve in those pigsties and cowsheds of China and India as hapless opium peddlars, whores, petty thieves, coolies and sundry other Dalit vocations as the Manchus and British slaughtered you as game and raped your bitches like whores!

    Yeah ...why should we ever trust maruahless bastards who when given a little foothold want the whole Earth for themselves. Why should ever believe your words when time and again when given a little face you proceed to humiliate the benevolent face that gave you shelter in 1948, hasten to mock the kind hands that rescued you from your tongkangs and toddy lands, quicken to castigate the merciful hearst that responded to your helpless squeals.


    Warrior 231

  23. Selamat Hari Raya Rocky and family and all muslim friends
    Malays are a trustworthy and forgiving lot.
    Just be kind to us. And we will give in to you.
    May even give our land to you.
    Be nasty to us. You will live to regret it. We will give you hell!

  24. Anonymous8:27 am

    warrior 231.....whoah...manyak malah lu bikin....try meditation.

  25. Anonymous12:30 pm

    Warrior - we are all Malaysians whether you like it or not. I was born in this country and I have equal rights as anyone else. If some people need crutches, so be it. But don't you dare call me a pendatang you deluded, lazy cunt of a human being. Fuck off.

  26. Anonymous3:17 pm

    Dah dapat FDI pun komplain, tak dapat komplain juga....

  27. Anonymous7:00 pm

    Anon 12:30 PM

    If a Panda from China give birth to its cub in Zoo Negara how do we address this cub?

    Malaysian Panda?

    he hehe hehehe

  28. Anonymous7:05 pm

    Sorry Bru, This thread should be in respect of EidFitr, our victorious and joyous day but there are wild uncouth pigs here stirring shit even on this auspicious thread that I will make an exception.

    A Pendatang is an interloper and no amount of birthing, going by his fucked up reincarnation garbage, in an alien soil will make him an indigene / a native as long he keeps his ching chong dialects and chicken scratchings that he passes off fro a language, as long as he keeps his filthy hankering after pig arses and toddy swill, as long as he show disrespect to the native heritage and customs, he is a ipso facto a pendatang always.

    And as long as he, in keepin with the maruahless pondan treacherous blood flowing in his veins, abrogates all agreements, all obedience to the provisions of the Constitution his forefathers swore to uphold, breaches the sacred covenant called the Social Contract, he by default reverts to the pre -1948 status as PENDATANG!!!. For that is the ultimate penalty for tearing up an agreement as any Constitutional Lawyer worth his salt will tell you!

    And so what gives after you have nullified your citizenship both in the cultural and constitutional contexts, moron? Nothing but the uneraseable reality of Pendatangism. By the way, did I mention “Pendatang” in my post? Did I bastard?. The fact that you chose to bring it up when I dint shows that you have that stigma welded into your being for life and more. A stigma that grates you no end for it defines you as an ingrate, conniving pig!

    No matter what, you are a PENDATANG by default being a wanked up progeny of one. And no amount of denying that reality is gonna change it one iota in the eyes of others. So quit daydreaming and go jerk your shrivelled cock to death for the ONLY right you ever have and gonna have is to shaft your puny cock up your papa’s arse, cuntlicking, pigarse raping filthy scumbag of a pig!

    Warrior 231

  29. Anonymous8:48 pm

    Selamat Hari Raya Datok,,
    Sorry la Datok I'm gonna say a few nasty word,, hope it won't foul your spirit of eidul fitri.

    I have to agree that the word "pendatang" is very(3x) suitable to describe these ungrateful race who came to this country of us as if it is their right to plunder our natural resources, do vice, do haram business 1st then when filthy rich dunno how to clean the filthy money start la open coffee shop, do construction work, supply legal things untuk cuci duit filth.
    For ages we know how their system work and I must say that we Malays are a highly tolerant lot. I agree with some of the ppl here that enough is enough. I've had it. The days when I need to be tolerant is over. If you all "pendatang" wanna create anarchy in my homeland then tolerance is not for me and acceptance is not in my dictionary.
    You all "pendatang" ingat you all can test our nerves ya? Jangan lupa asal usul you all la. Belajar untuk hormat orang. This is not China nor is it India.

    We are all racists deep inside. Why not embrace it? Keluarkan semua tulang-temulang dari dalam almari itu.

    For all u "pendatang".. F*ck y*u

    I dah bosan with u communist ppl. Roll over and die la.


  30. Anonymous7:16 am

    poor skewedmoron

    inflation will hit the overhyped little red dot VERY HARD

    with zero natural resources PLUS their neighbours progressing steadily and becoming wealthier by the day

    the red dot will soon become the harry hare that lost the race to consistent tortoise

  31. Anonymous7:17 am

    Yeah TOTALLY agree with BigCat - why cast pearls before SWINE

    such a waste of effort and resources

    play by their rules and let's see who emerge the WINNER

  32. Anonymous7:25 am

    Happy Eid @ 8:06 AM

    HAHAHAHAHA - is that a drop of nervous perspiration??

    yeah you WOULD wish it's true that Malays are incompetent

    but hey WE MALAYS know we are much more talented and smarter than you

    what inhibits us long ago was our strict adherence to budi bahasa and adat resam budaya Melayu

    but as of today, we (Warrior, BigCat, Perwira and other heroes) will play the game by YOUR rules

    and jeng jeng jeng - we'll see who emerge the victors

    Psst - The Malays have found this new freedom and liberation that dictates "flexibility"

  33. Anonymous7:36 am

    This double celebration is the message to start NOW to protect and RECLAIM ALL constitutional RIGHTS

    Yeah the pendatang ingrates deserve no mercy

  34. Anonymous10:41 am

    continue to become incompetent and be happy buying kancil.....

  35. Anonymous1:12 pm

    Warrior, pereira or whatever the fuck it is you call yourself, you guys are known to be stupid. So why are you tying so hard to prove it? It's okay take it easy, the world already knows you insolent bastard.

  36. Anonymous2:57 pm

    to the economically advanced race, just remember your DNA is not of the elite groups - not the scholars, not the rich not the ruling elite

    your DNA is that of the coolie kang - illiterate and very poor

    so don't yaya papaya lah

    if you start questioning the constitution, you're unpatriotic and don't deserve the mykad

    challenge the constitution and you can be deported back to tongkang - after all you came here as foreign cheap labourers

    given citizenships but actually have rights akin to a foreign worker, slightly better lah

  37. Anonymous4:33 pm

    2.57 - who the fuck is going to sponsor your 30% if everyone else leaves? Think before you type asshole

  38. Anonymous9:33 pm


    what the fuck are you concerned about? We r gonna strip you off everything and expropriate all your wealth and stuff you back into leaking tongkangs so you can go back in time to chart a new future.

    In simple words, you pigs like to brag u came here penniless and with only a shirt on your backs so we are gonna do you a favour of stripping you off everything for you to start all over again elsewhere. Get it fuckhead, now run and hide up ur momma's filthy cunt!!!


    Pathetic response fittingly rendered by a moron...In unison folks,1,2,3.........hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha...ROTFLMAO

    Warrior 231

  39. Anonymous10:26 pm

    asshole @ 4:33 PM

    marah nampak - hey you can take your wealth and see if china wants you, coz they see you as overseas chinese - read that as disloyal and unpatriotic tribes

    hey you also wanna know that they have imposed a social tax on foreigners (this means you)


    relax lah ah beng, ah lian, ah soh, ah pek, ah em, ah mah

  40. Anonymous10:31 pm

    insolent bastard @ 1:12 PM

    yeah yeah, and the whole world knows Made in China batteries only last for 20 seconds, baby's milk is melamine-tainted, mushrooms are mercury-laden, toys have high lead content etc etc

    and oh ya, their human export to Malaysia have inferior and defective DNA

    Psst - the whole world is now rejecting such exports

  41. Anonymous10:55 pm

    anon! if that person cant even think through that hurdle, imagine going forward without us.

  42. Selamat Hari Raya to u rocky but u shouldnt approve this fucker comments ... see if u approve my comments . if did i wll buy you a cup of coffee at THE LOFT BANGSAR

    Warrior 123 u should go finger fuck yourself , which era u live in , u fucking son of a bitch . ou think u are so great using proper english to insult chinese who the fuck do u think u are . If your father is supid is non of our bussiness ok . i have many malay good friends and relatives to , dont fuck around pointing your own finger fuck your own ass hand to us . Human is good only your kind and your generation is fuck by your own soil minded moronic ideolgy.
    So go fuckyourself

  43. Rosmah with all her plastic surgery abroad, should now be categorized as pendatang :-)

  44. Anonymous5:52 pm

    The reality is the chingkie pigs were the one that is so incompetent and felt so threaten with the uprising talent of the Melayu bermaruah.. they are moving to the bottom of the food chain.. no more British colonial master to polish asses and lick asshole clean like the old days..

    That explain the reason why they snort out so loud about the NEP while they on the other hand practice their own crutches system with those racist preference, monopoly, selective supply-chain retail prices, money laundring, flesh trading etc..

    The pigs will soon be toasted to can feel the magnitude already..even nowdays the Malays are much more consumer smart.. just see the pigs reaction the moment JAKIM or religious authority caught them with halal issue.. crybaby like dying who actually need who actually?? answer us you stupid chingkies..

    the more they bitch out, the more they confirm it, they think Malays only revolve around them when the reality is WE can be far better without these pigs is the fucking stupid pigs that had been clinging around us all this while leeching on us.. hey what do they say.. consumers are alwiz right.. and we are so right saying that chingkies are pigs..true indeed.

    Go fuck your pau & pigs offered to your hungry ghosts..and we do not need pigs to come spoiling our Hari Raya... you pigs do not deserve our Malay budi bahasa anymore..Fuck off you all stupig pendatang babi.


    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  45. Anonymous6:38 pm


    seems like the chinese cannot take warrior's superb rebuttals

    and their returns - substandard lah comparatively

  46. Anonymous6:48 pm

    Chinese Apek,

    You should actually ciakap libuan telima kasih, cum sia cum sia sama warrior231.

    He is being so kind as to take his time to nasihat and tegur you olang, so you bole sedar sikit siapa dili sebenarnya..

    Kalau TALAK SUKA KENA TEGUR lu ikut teladan lu punya ancestors la, angkat bungkus minta jadi citizen lain tempat pulak..

    he hehe hehehe



  47. Anonymous10:34 pm

    Warrior 123 u should go finger fuck yourself , which era u live in , u fucking son of a bitch . ou think u are so great using proper english to insult chinese who the fuck do u think u are . If your father is supid is non of our bussiness ok . i have many malay good friends and relatives to , dont fuck around pointing your own finger fuck your own ass hand to us . Human is good only your kind and your generation is fuck by your own soil minded moronic ideolgy.
    So go fuckyourself

    Response: Got my nick wrong from the word go (apparent numerical literacy problem there) and from there, the rant has nowhere to go but downhill, probably to be lodged forever in his mummy's filthy smelly worm-infested cunt or in his papa's unwashed shit-pit where even a pig's cock dare not venture...Hahahahahahahahahahaha

    The Loft would do well to check this Chingkie arsehole's credentials and credit history before it lets this (in all probability) pigsty creep into its premises so that it wouldn't have its regular clientele bolting for the exits to avoid being drowned by the stink of hogshit and by that sludge of broken English. This dimwit probably emerged after fermenting in some dank some shithole to babble this garbage to gain some long hankered after applause.........(ROTFL)

    Anyway, another idiotic comment reeking of the usual poor quality DNA inherited from the slimepond of usual suspects of pimps, thieves, whores, opium addicts and pushers, petty thieves, counterfeiters etc. A moronic contribution to promote the intellectual advancement of local Civil Society rendered by a scumbag with a fitting moniker to boot!!!!! What a gem!!! (In unison folks: 1,2,3: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha)

    Warrior 231
    p/s : any idea what ‘supid’ is? Been scratching my arsehole trying to figure out that one!!!....hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Hey Chingkie boy! That one error, which I cherry-picked for illustration sake, and the numerical illiteracy are damning indictments of why the Chingkie vernacular education system is garbage, capable only of spawning racist bigots and social trash like you. The Chingkies only make it in life after those 5-7 years in Melayu Bermaruah helmed secondary schools where you bastards gain a proper education that enable you to make something “outta” your goddamn lives!! Anyway, pointless ramming home that point as you are damn too SUPID (sic) to understand anyway!!!!...hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. What a wasted sperm of a stupid ‘fellow’

  48. Anonymous4:39 am

    once upon a time they came in a tonkang, while the british bring the gagak gang to this NUSANTARA land.

    some of them were a eunuch and some of them were a dalit (pariah) but in summary ALL of them were poor people.

    the bumiputra of this NUSANTARA land were very tolerant and easy going people, they were seafarers and were not originated from yunnan (wikileaks)which were created, cheated and manipulated by the eunuch.

    they come to this land which one thing in mind. which is to cheat and manipulated the bumiputra of this NUSANTARA land.

    why they want to cheat the bumiputra of this land?

    because of, this land could made them filthy rich and prosperous.

    to be continued....

  49. getourrichestback8:24 pm

    Its time for the Malays who have been fucked by half breed Indians into making Chinese and Indians pendatang billionaires or Najib and his plundering brother who will sell all PNB companies or buy chinese companies based on merits, to make a move to recover all these ill gotten gains.

    There are reasons why these Chinese ran away from socialist China where wealth distribution are more widely fair.

    These are greedy Chinese who land on our shores.

    We are poor while the YTL, Lim Goh Tong and Vincent Tans are billionaires.

    Thanks to naive UMNO leaders like Khairy who said Malays should not be envious of the Chinese. Or Mahathir who said give more business to Chinese or Najib who give MAS to Christian Tony Fernandex and Mas to Idris Jala.

    By the way, what is this fascination by Najib purportedly leader of the Nationlist UMNO with Christians? Even paying homage to old Catholic Pope?

    So time to purge UMNO of these Chinese and Christians lovers while their own race wallow in poverty.

    Why do UMNO or we allow Anada Krishnan to be billionaire? Does he even vote in the Governemnt. Or does just give away yacht to UMNO leadership to get his licenses without bothering to vote?

    How many of these Chinese millionaires and billionaires even bother to vote?

    Here we struggling to put food on the table and fill our time arguing politics while these people silently siphon the Malays land riches.

    To rub it in Forbes is going to hold a convention for all Chinese and Indians billionaires in KL.

    Perkasa, if you want to demo this is the place hehe.

  50. Anonymous8:14 pm

    Perwira and Warrior, go fuck yourself.

  51. Anonymous9:55 pm

    anon 8:14 PM says "Perwira and Warrior, go fuck yourself."

    there you have it - the IQ of a retard, cannot rebut intelligently just good at vulgarities

    grammar also substandard - plural nouns with singular pronoun

  52. Anonymous10:42 pm

    Great one, brother Anti. Excellent summation of Chingkiesus barbatus pimp-whore mentality. You said it, Man!

    Good one too, Perwira - as usual simple and direct to the point.

    Selamat Hari Raya Brothers. May Allah blest you both and the rest of the Melayu Bermaruah always.

    With the world economy in a mess, the chingkie bastards will soon be jumping into hell in tongkangloads!! Arsewhoring twatlicking idiots desrve all that and more!(ROTFLMAO)

    Warrior 231