Saturday, August 27, 2011

Gag Order: When in Selangor, STFU!

"No other states have dared to implement the Freedom of Information Enactment. This is a product of the people's power." - YB Elizabeth Wong, tabling the FOI on last April Fool's Day
Freedom Gag on Information. Read the article in the Star published on 1 April 2011, Selangor assembly passes Freedom of Information Act. It wasn't an April Fool's joke but MB Khalid Ibrahim's gag order since the JAIS raid on the Church in Damansara early this month has exposed one of Pakatan Rakyat's biggest 2008 General Election's promises as an empty promise.

People's power? More like power to the people in power, eh Tan Sri? 

Remember what you said on the last World Press Freedom Day, Khalid? You declared that, “For a country that practises democracy, oppressive laws ... used to keep media in line and prevent ordinary .citizens from exercising their full rights to access information, should not be allowed to remain in Malaysia”.

And then you gag us to save your own butt. You are so pathetic, Sir.

You've Gagged Enough, Khalid!!


  1. Anonymous9:45 am


    Its ok for the people to keep their mouth shut. As they say for heaven sake, please keep your eyes wide open people and observed the 'cakap tak serupa bikin'.

  2. Anonymous10:44 am

    Nobody beleive in Pakatan Rakyat anymore after so many fiasco lately...

    Come PRU 13, rakyat will vote for BN.

  3. You are being unfair here Rocky! A gag order does not mean a shut out of information. What information is it that is lacking over the DMC-JAIS affair? After all JAIS is happily leaking out reports and videos. A gag order is nothing more than shutting up all your comrades commenting on the matter over which their comments can only mean nothing but conjecture and opinions. When especially there are Utusan and other UMNO submissive MSM as well as UMNO bloggers like yourself waiting to pounce and spin anything at all, isn't it better to shut up your own people so that there can only be a single voice about the affair? I suppose your angst now is over the lack of shit that is out there that you can make stink. Must be rather frustrating I know. Its like playing chess where your opponent fails to make the second move. Why should they play according to your rules?

    Your failure to ask the police the outcome of their investigation over the earlier Utusan accusation of Christians wanting to take over the nation shows how lop sided you are. Must be difficult i am sure when you ask one thing of Pakatan and yet you remain silent over something similar from UMNO.

    Mischief is what I would call that you are up to. And certainly your concerns here lack the necessary credentials as a result.

    You guys should be more concerned about how a 100 hour old spermatozoa is made to look new!! Isn't that a miracle?

  4. Melcantik12:24 pm

    You lagi pathetic Bru. Shooting endlessly like a mad man.

  5. Si Gugup12:52 pm

    GAG order? Looks more like GAGap order.

  6. Dear Old Fart,

    A gag order does not mean a shut out of information? My, you are desperate. Khalid telling you to SHTF up, and you say it's democracy and for the good of the people.

    If I was being unfair, you my friend are insincere. If you can justify your hero's gag order, you are going back on a lot of things that you claim to stand for. And like Khalid, you are a hypocrite ever willing to change your principles for political expediency.

    p.s. I am not at all concerned about Anwar's sperm in Saiful. That is for Anwar to worry about, if it is indeed his ..

  7. Anonymous1:54 pm

    Oh, it's perfectly okay for Pakatan Rascals to do anything they like. Their blind followers are just too dumb and like to be led like a bull tied to a string.

    The calls for freedom etc. were just election gimmicks. Once they get the taste of power, all else is forgotten.

    Gag order is common in PR. Betcha, the call to eradicate the ISA is also another slogan shouting piece.

    They will create something even more sinister in place of the ISA, given the power, perhaps hanging anyone not agreeing with them.

    And if the voters still cannot see through it all, then we might as well believe in magic stones and genies too.


  8. Whatever it is you are mixing up two separate issues and the result is a rojak that won't mix.

    The Selangor Freedom of Info Bill is about the right of citizens to access public and state govt records and to view and rectify personal information etc. stored in govt data bases. It is not about how the MB of Selangor deals with his exco.

    MB Khalid's gag order was not for all citizens but only to members of his administration. It is not a permanent one but only until they get all the facts about the DUMC raid in so that those with vested interests do not make false, outrageous or conflicting statements that might incite public sentiment. No one wants the "communists out to wage war against our King" type of over the top wild accusations!

    Do note that the Selangor Govt under Khalid has turned in a record financial performance - something totally alien and unachieved (& unachievable) under 50 years of UMNO/BN administration!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  9. Anonymous2:22 pm

    Whatlah you Ah Beng. Always blaming others. A gag order is a gag order. If you are not allowed to open your mouth it just means no freedom to express yourself. Otherwise, don't champion yourself as fighter for freedom of speech.

    And the most hilarious part is when this Ah Beng talks about SPERMATOZOA. Enough! I have to impose a gag order lest the spermatozoa spills the beans.

  10. Anonymous3:50 pm

    Old Kentut Busuk,

    Oh so now it's 100 hours 'aaa?

    In court they said 53 hours. Then 43 hours. Then 90 hours. So easy one, 'aaa... change change numbers?

    What kind of Fart you're talking about, Apek busuk? Biological DNA can last even for 70,000 years laaa, communist! Some more want to spin spin.

    A note to DAP paymasters:
    Get this Old Fart out from working for you all. He's fast becoming a liability with his non-factual spins. Unless, of course, you guys like to be laughed at every time he opens his mouth!

    I am Old Fart
    (Yes! Quote me as I am here, not as Anonymous!)

  11. Dato Rocky, biasalah, cakap tak serupa bikin, itulah Pakatan Rakyat, aku selalu beritahu kawan2 aku yang sokong PR, diorang tak boleh terjawab bro, aku orang singapura, universiti di malaysia, sebuah privet uni yang anti-BN, senang lawan debat mereka, terlalu senang

  12. BIGCAT7:04 pm

    Boring la engko ni Rocky. Tak ada cerita baru ke. Freedom of expression n Press Pakatan ni dah lama basi. Temberang dia org ni cuma orang yang taksub je percaya lagi. Pengikut dia orang macam kawan engko Old Fart tu pun sebenarnya tak percaya juga tapi buat2 percaya. Tu yang argument dia macam sial je. Dia org ni sebenarnya nak buat macam kat Singapore. Mula2 dia gula2 kita dgn freedom tu ini dan macam2 ideals lagi. Bila dah dapat kuasa cerita lain la. Kat Penang dah lama Guan Eng buat macam tu. Semua suratkhabar yg dia tak berkenan dia ban mana yg boleh. Lepas tu slow2 halau Melayu keluar dari pulau tu. Harga rumah kat pulau tu dah bagi naik sampai Melayu pun tak mampu beli. Depan Melayu dia cerita la dia tak racist, bangsa Malaysia la dan sebagainya, tapi sebenarnya slow2 dia sepak Melayu masuk parit. Macam tu pun Melayu Pas PKR dan yg so called liberal macam Marina Mahathir tu tak nampak. Tak pa lah Rocky, aku tau engkau pun liberal juga, tapi ada kesedaran serba sedikit tu kira OK lah.

  13. Anonymous9:48 pm

    Gag order = shutting up all your comrades commenting on the matter over which their comments can only mean nothing but conjecture and opinions

    Let's expand this ideology shall we?

    Gag order for the rakyat = shutting up all the rakyat commenting on the matter to other rakyat over which their comments can only mean nothing but conjecture and opinions

    Gag order for the media = shutting up all media commenting on the matter over which their comments can only mean nothing but conjecture and opinions for the international media and rakyat

    Ketuanan (Pakatan) Rakyat

    That you are suddenly talking about sperm is an attempt at changing the topic, Old Fart.

    Now you can say I'm trying to limit your freedom to talk about sperm. Oh well


  14. Anonymous11:35 pm

    IMHO, the gag order is nothing less then an easy way to control the issue as the PR people might have contradicting opinion and this if being let voiced out will make them look bad.

    But, doing this also mean that they believe in some control over what can/can't be talked. So much for the freedom of speech.

  15. Anonymous12:12 am

    species alike kentut tua and kelinglikepuk... as what gagap have said ...."should not be allowed to remain in Malaysia”."

    for once gagap.... gua sokong lu!!

  16. Anonymous12:21 am


    You are so confused!


  17. A Gag Order is a polite way to order everybody to shut the hell up, no ifs no buts.

    Pakatan leaders are so full of crap.

  18. Anonymous4:31 am

    sheer waste of PR funds to send the likes of dpp, old fart, godfather, vinnan and gang to prop up PR

    their level of debate is making the pre-schoolers roll on the floor laughing their heads off

    these very same PR cybertroopers will be the cause of demise of PR come PRU13

  19. Anonymous8:49 am

    Old Fart, want to show us the forest and just forget about the tree. Can not do that Oldf, its the trees that make up the forest. Pak Tua says there is one tree call the enau whose shoot will rise and thus the rest is history. Very selfish indeed.

  20. Anonymous11:04 am

    Si Gagap issuing Gag Order.
    Like the irony of that


  21. Anonymous12:51 pm

    When you see Old Fart and DPP make long winded commentaries, you know for sure PR sticked one up their own arse.

  22. Rocky,

    Our first lady got class lah:

  23. Anonymous1:22 pm

    woiii.. old fart ka, moron balls kaa..

    go and learn something. If you don't know about forensic, DNA... please don't talk about it. Go learn something... stupid asshole.

    who said,the sperm is new ? haa ? and who said that beyond 56 hrs, the sperm cannot be used anymore or the DNA cannot be traced ?

    do you have any article/journals/scientific publications to support that ?

    even the australian witness cannot say that the sperm cannot be used and he even said that, there is no study being done to show that sperm that is more than 56 hrs cannot be used anymore.

    in fact, you can still trace DNA after thousand years !!!.

    I know the Pakatan supporters are idiots... but please don't show and brag about your stupidity lahhh

  24. Of course a gag order is appropriate for them as this will create contradicting statements among PR members. Enough contra statements made following the seized liquor issue where PAS was really in the pits. But there's some gag order when Mustafa Ali issued a slanderous statement implicating UMNO is behind all the said rush at DUMC.

  25. Information is drawn from data. Data is fact. You think what the PR Aduns would say, if permitted would be fact or conjecture? When the enemy is just waiting to pounce and your own people are not exactly the professional they ought to be and they also are not exactly the trained dogs who wait on for their masters voice, like the BN MPs and Aduns are, you might as well order them to STFU! In the BN camp this would have been a redundant command won't you say?

    I don't exactly check to see what I might have said over the years. But I am pretty much consistent. And I am no lover of Khalid or the PR either. But certainly I am no lover of BN and that I say with pride and conviction.

    Now about sincerity!! You know what that is? A rare commodity these days don't you think?

  26. Anyway, who talking about DNA when I was talking about the age of the spermatozoa at the time when they were working out its DNA! Don't your readers read witness statements?

    Anyway, Selamat Hari Raya to you Bro!!

  27. Anonymous10:02 pm


    Please go back to Indonesia

  28. Anonymous10:30 pm

    You guys should be more concerned about how a 100 hour old spermatozoa is made to look new!! Isn't that a miracle?


    So you admitted that spermatozoa does exist, and the experiment on the spermatozoa confirm that it is lelaki Y.

    The question is that how do they get the spermatozoa of lelaki Y?

  29. Anonymous11:40 pm

    gag orders means the 3 strange bedfellows must come to one voice

    they need TIME to cook up a good spin for the unsuspecting rakyat

    Mat sapu has been brainwashed by dap goons to change history to state that chinamen came to rescue the bumis from themselves

    these substandard clowns can't do things right by their paymaster - got to do massive damage control

  30. Anon 10:02pm, you are so full of crap.

  31. Anonymous3:52 am

    OH MY GOD!!! please dont let me be with the dalit, old rotten, idiot, stupid DPP we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race!!!

  32. Anonymous7:50 am

    Selamat Hari Raya, Latuk Locky....


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  34. Anonymous8:47 pm

    In sentence:

    Gag on your own shit, arseboy Khalid.

    Warrior 231

  35. Old Fart: "And I am no lover of Khalid or the PR either. But certainly I am no lover of BN and that I say with pride and conviction."

    Sikalang cuma Ada BN atau PR jer.

    Like what Bush said of war on terror: "U with me or with them?"

    U convincingly have choose ur side.