Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Khazanah clarifies

NO to Air Asia X. At the end of this article, I said there were two things we felt strongly against with regards to the MAS-Air Asia deal. One of them is the inclusion of Air Asia X in the deal. YB Wee Choo Keong explains in detail why Air Asia X should be OUT of the picture in Who are the business partners of Tony in Air Asia X, a private limited company? Now you know why there were so many  references to the ECM Libra-Avenue takeover when the MAS-AA deal first surfaced!

p.s. And I hear the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission could be re-opening that file, for some reasons.
Original posting:-

Tony F ... Does not speak for MAS or Khazanah

Bashir stays

YB Wee ... To rock parliament this Oct

Syed F ... Gotta wait ..

AJ ... Happy where he is
Malaysia Airports, Tony F, Syed F. Alas, the Mother of All Telco deal in the mold of the MAS-Air Asia share swap is not happening. Our host was asked last night about talk of a Maxis-Axiata (which owns Celcom) deal and he said, "Nope".

The Tan Sri also told us that Malaysia Airports is in good hands so Khazanah has no reasons to change horses midstream. My apologies to Ahmad Jauhari and Syed Faisal. One of you may still be MD of Malaysia Airports one day but that won't be too soon. Tan Sri Bashir's tenure is good until middle 2012.

Tony Fernandes' "attack mode" against Malaysia Airports is not sanctioned by Khazanah. The Air Asia boss does not speak for MAS, either. He will have to pay every sen that he owes to MAHB, if he hasn't done that already, as that was part of the deal for the MAS-AA share swap.

The overriding message from last night's meeting, which stopped at 02.02 am, is that AA is NOT taking over MAS management. A CEO of MAS will be named soon; in the meantime, Md Nor is the de facto Executive Chairman of the naitonal carrier.

The bloggers remain opposed to 2 issues regarding the MAS-AA deal:
1. Air Asia X
2. MAS Catering

YB Wee Choo Keong gave fair warning last night about raising hell in Parliament this October. It might wake up a sleeping giant at MAS.


  1. Ada apa dengan MAS Catering???

  2. Anonymous3:40 pm


    Why remain opposed to only two issues. What about strict demarcation between MAS and Air Asia in market segmentation which in reality has become blurred. MAS will definitely lose out not against Air Asia but other carriers. Next what about the total monopoly of low cost segment within Malaysia. The rakyat will lose out. Then of course what about the perception that khazanah is not protecting rakyat's interest. Sure look forward for YB WCK's hell in parliament.

  3. Skilgannon10663:40 pm

    Malaysia Airports is in good hands?
    Good golly, what have you been smoking? And what grounds does Khazanah have to defend MAHB management?

    It has been noted recently how KLIA is caught in the middle of airports in Bangkok (tourism hub) and Singapore (Changi) and Hong Kong, the latter 2 being regional business and logistics hubs, with a large amount of premium air traffic (aka first and business class travellers).

    So, what's left for KLIA?

    You mean to tell me that Malaysia Airports didn't see this coming, from the time before Dr M pushed through the new KLIA at Sepang?

    A recent report in the Singapore Straits Times on 13 Aug noted that flights on the Singapore-Jakarta sector has overtaken Singapore-KL as Changi Airport's No. 1 air link based on the number of flights.

    Specifically, there are now 494 weekly flights (up from 446 in 2010) between Changi and Jakarta and 438 weekly flights (down from 500 in 2010) between Changi and KL.
    There are 13 airlines operating flights between Changi and Jakarta, compared with 8 airlines and 400 flights for Changi-KL.

    The report noted that "a growing number of Indonesian travellers are also using Changi Airport as a hub to connect to other destinations.

    "In Singapore, travellers can choose from 71 foreign carriers that connect the airport (Changi) to 154 international destinations, compared with 31 airlines and 33 city links and Jakarta's Soekarno-Hatta International Airport."

    What can KLIA offer, compared with Changi?

    And Khazanah still has the chutzpah to claim that MAHB is doing a good job?

  4. it's about time anyway....

  5. at last~ some good news~ not much but at least ...

  6. PART 1 / 2

    Dear Sir,

    Well done, People,
    Thank you for your relentless effort. My heart is bleeding again.
    We have yet to fix the OPERATIONAL PROBLEMS.
    The sleeping giants are ready to surface.

    I have also read somewhere about the main issue that has been overlooked.

    “The state-owned airline has already had two rights issues since Jala took over, raking in RM1.6 billion in 2007 and RM2.67 billion in 2010 to fund its operations and fleet purchases.
    Industry experts said that a further injection of cash will not save MAS as “operational fixes” are required.”

    “The past financial fixes haven’t helped MAS. Another round of money won’t either, an industry source told The Malaysian Insider despite a touted RM8.4 billion aircraft renewal programme.
    “Most of the past solutions for MAS, either the WAU or Jala’s business transformation plan, were financial in nature to keep the airline in the black. But what is needed are operational fixes,” he added.”

    Yes, this is what lacking in MAS leadership – an Operational person who is FIRM, FAIR and FULLY FUNCTIONAL (as in operational).

    I have also written many analysis and some reports were given personally to Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof (when he was the MD) and Tan Sri Munir Majid (when he was the Chairman).
    Being Finance persons, they somehow were not able to understand operational issues.

    The observations below are extracted from my report titled “ENGINEERING AND MAINTENANCE DIVISION WORK CULTURE: A PRELIMINARY ANALYSIS” dated 11 December 2003


    Based on a series of investigation, study and event that have unfolded, out of plain responsibility, I would like to raise my concerns on Engineering and possibly other MAS senior Management that we may be living in an unhealthy and disturbing culture whereby:

    1. We take problems for granted.
    2. We fail to analyze the real underlying issues and thus not able to provide professional solutions
    3. We tend to defer important issues and failed to put first thing first preferring to continue prescribing quick fixes and fire fighting instead of fire prevention.
    4. We tend to contain main issues, buying time, with the hope that the issues may miraculously go away or at the very least, the individual who raised it will be frustrated, fed up and eventually give up.

  7. PART 2/2

    5. We are slow to act and react, we tend to condone many malpractices especially among the management. We have been led to believe that if we expose these malpractices, we are backstabbing our own friends and colleagues. We failed to recognise the fact that if we do not correct and instead choose to ignore the issues, we are actually backstabbing and betrayed the trust given by the nation and the public (staff)
    6. The true professionals and leaders were not given the due recognition and credit they deserve.
    The non performers (yes man) are rewarded whereas the performers are sidelined simply because their superiors felt threatened by their able subordinates.
    7. Many have been exposed albeit ineffectively on various course such as leadership, communication, financial, management etc. What really missing is the very basic skills of learning which is analytical, comprehension, expression, interpretation and research skills
    8. We tend to tolerate our own incompetence, giving too many chances when what seriously lacking is a dose of proper lessons
    9. We tend to penalize those who defy, those who had guts in exposing our own incompetence and malpractices.
    10. We tend to be ignorant of the huge responsibilities that Engineering & Maintenance have to shoulder and our inaction could jeopardize many lives including our loved ones.
    11. Engineering as the engine of growth and heart of MAS acutely lack professionals who can provide solutions to the needs and problems and leaders who solve problem others fear.
    12. In summary, we do not seem to be doing the right things and quite evidently we do not know the right things to do.

    Now, after nearly 8 years under wrapped, it is time for me to share with the public.

    Thank you

    My other report and the lame response here:

  8. I hope the promises are kept.

    All we want is transparency in the dealings of the GLCs not mystery shrouded secret deals.

    The tax paying public have the right to know and to voice their opinion and be heard, and it matters not if its for or against.

  9. Anonymous11:45 pm

    Hmm, the deal is on

  10. Salam Bro,

    MAS has to take control on the 'air signal'. No more puppet show here.

    As always, services always the main culprits, clinging and chopping.

  11. Anonymous2:40 am

    1.TF not sanctioned by Khazanah and has to pay for every sen owed?

    Response: hahahahahahahhahaha....(ROFL)....good joke anyway.

    2. MAS in good hands and AA not taking over?
    Response: errrr...mmmmmmfffff (trying to stifle it but can't)....hahahahahahahha (LOL) psst!.....behind the scenes is zillion times better than taking over and drawing flak, dont you think?

    3. Bashir until mid 2012?
    A Lame duck for all intents and purpose ...Still trying to figure out whats the big deal about another 9 months from September.....

    4. Md Nor de facto.......MAS? blah blah blah....zzzzzzzzzzzz......hahahahahaha

    5. Tete a' tete ended at 02.02 am? mmmmmmmm, Interesting coincidence or preternatural omen? By Allah, its 2020in reverse mode? Implication: Rest easy Tun Dr M, your vision of Malaysian grandeur is destined to be left unrealised. No fault of yours Sir. Not an iota, Mr Statesman 4UC after your golden era of glory, a pack of halfpast six donkeys began braying in unison from both sides of the divide instead of working to advance your cause and realise the Dream. The rest is Mr Future undressing himself before our windscreens for our present ogling even as we slowmo ourselves into the trainwreck. Need I say more?

    5. For actual and truthful facts about airport stats, look this up:

    Passengers : Jakarta outstrips Bangkok in ASEAN:

    Cargo: No ASEAN airport within top 10

    Trivia: While on the cargo page, study the table about the evolution of cargo airports from 2000, it will be an eyeopener of how astute planning and foresight saw a certain regional airport become a forsaken backwater in 8 years. Great business skills in action there.........hahahahahaha (ROFL)


    From your inimitable Soldier of TRUTH

    Warrior 231

  12. Anonymous5:56 am

    Melayu mana reti berniaga!!!!

    All business LINGKOP!!! Dulu AIR ASIA under DRB - KOYAK,,,bagi pada TONY,,,,BOLE amek aleh MAS,,!!!

    Governor Bank Negara kata DISPARITY between Singapore dollar against RINGGIT tak membimbangkan!!!! which is RM1 = 40cts Spore,,,,!!!

    Why not compare against Vietnam or Zimbabware!!!!!

    Bagilah peluang bangsa Asing jadi GOVERNOR,,mungkin bole TURN AROUND situation!!!!

    Living in Malaysia is HELL!!!!!


  13. Datuk does Kalimullah Hassan still figure in this MAS and AirAsia deal? Please tell me!

  14. Anonymous6:15 am

    What kind of business deal ni?
    Kerajaan bagi Tony beratus-ratus juta on condition Tf bayar hutang 100juta pada MAB.

    Poorah, dey.

  15. Anonymous7:00 am

    Very good observations, Troubleshooters.

    I have said the same things to my colleague in MAS.
    Funny things is when I said something bad about Air Asia, they believe me but when I said something bad about MAS, they looked at me in disbelief.

    Now, we have Air Asia as our new boss. Good job, Khazanah.


  16. Anonymous8:48 am

    Dato Rocky, where are your old friends like Haris Ibrahim, Zorro and the rest. Your new friend is Wee Choo Keong? Certainly Rocky, you can do better than that..LOL

  17. Anonymous8:52 am

    Bashir is a lame duck, soon to be chauffeured into the chairnan's office.

  18. Anonymous9:04 am

    Morning news : 'AirAsia charging RM10 for counter checked-in. For those who do this online are excluded from the fee'. .... nah, dah start monopolistic attitude.

  19. Anonymous11:04 am

    Even if there are strict demarkation between Air Asia and Malaysia Airlines, Air Asia group has direct knowledge of and is a part of MAS business plans through the presence of TF and KM on the ExCom and Board. MAS does not have the same advantage. This is already a clear conflict of interest. Good luck to MAS from here on.

    I see in many reports that Air Asia X talks about MAS competing with them on certain route being counter productive. I see it as Air Asia X muscelling in on MH established routes

  20. Anonymous12:29 pm

    ... if kazana want just take up the whole share lah ... just pull air asia out if tony have no say ... whtz the issue or fuzz here ... :D ...


  21. Anonymous2:20 pm

    Kepada sesiapa yang berkenaan,

    Sila pertimbangkan untuk melihat tambang teksi dari LCCT yang terlalu mahal. Lebih mahal daripada tambang kapal terbang. Keterlaluan.

  22. Anonymous2:33 pm


    Khah ptui!!!!!!

    kalu Melayu,,,semua keja BODO!!!


  23. Skilgannon10662:34 pm

    Heh, heh - warrior xxx is spouting gobbledygook, as usual, which is par for the course, while obfuscating the actual issues at hand.

    First, let's deal with airport stats for passenger and cargo traffic. For this, I have checked the authoritative Airports Council International website (

    Passenger traffic 2010

    #11 Hong Kong 50,348,960 (+10.5%)
    #13 Dubai 47,180,628 (+15.4%)
    #16 Jakarta 44,355,998 (+19.4%)
    #17 Bangkok 42,784,967 (+5.6%)
    #18 Singapore 42,038,777 (+13.0%)

    Note that the above 5 come within the world's top 30 airports by passenger traffic in 2010.

    KLIA doesn't even figure in the top 30 list. How come, when a city-state like Singapore, with a domestic population of 5 million, has an airport that occupies the 18th spot in passenger traffic?

    Cargo traffic (metric tonnes) 2010

    #1 Hong Kong 4,165,852 (+23.2%)
    #8 Dubai 2,270,498 (+17.8%)
    #11 Singapore 1,841,004 (+10.9%)
    #29 Kuala Lumpur 694,296 (+15.4%)

    So, while it's true that there is no Asean airport in the world's top 10 cargo airports, Singapore's airport comes within the top 20 airports. And there's a lot of difference between #11 and #29, no matter how you slice it!

    Still think that MAHB has been doing a good job with KLIA?

    Airports'connectivity stats are also a matter of public record.

    Thus Changi Airport has 71 foreign airlines that connect it to 154 international destinations. Jakarta's Soekarno-Hatta International Airport has 31 airlines and 33 city links.

    Garuda's senior general manager in Asia, Pak Risnandi, was quoted in the Singapore Straits Times as saying that the Jakarta-Singapore sector is the airline's busiest outside Indonesia. He said: "It i also our fastest-growing route. Passenger traffic grew more than 3 times in the last 6 months compared with the same period in 2010."

    Not Jakarta-KL, but Jakarta-Singapore, as far as Garuda is concerned!

    Can't bull@#=# your way around that, can you?

  24. Skilgannon10662:56 pm

    I am amazed at the number of apologists for MAS who are willing to cut it yet more slack and give it more benefit of the doubt.

    Are they blinded by the blinkers of misguided patriotism to the realities of the global aviation industry and the competitive and cost pressures therein?

    The illustrious Japan Airlines went into bankruptcy court, underwent a government-sanctioned restructuring, cut unprofitable routes and shed thousands of jobs. Yup, thousands of jobs.

    And here the MAS unions have the cheek to state that there should be no layoffs and job cuts in any restructuring of the airline, and that profitability and productivity can go to hell in a handbasket!

    How typically Malaysian!

    Or consider the latest restructuring proposed by Qantas, which envisages the loss of 1,000 jobs in Australia, and which has the Aussie unions screaming blue murder.

    Yet the Qantas CEO, Alan Joyce was brutally frank. In an op-ed piece in The Australian paper, he wrote: Under my leadership, Qantas will not withdraw into itself as our detractors would like us to do. Doing so would condemn Qantas to irrelevance and inevitable decline."

    As per an AFP report "In a series of TV and radio interviews, Mr Joyce added that the company could no longer afford to operate a loss-making international arm, and switching focus to the growth region of Asia was a sound business decision."

    He said: "Comprehensive reform is needed, but contrary to the hysterical claims made by a number of unions, this is not an 'attack' on the Qantas brand or 'destructive' for its future. It is about making smart decisions that take a great Australian company further into the growth markets that are leading the world economy"."

    Per AFP, "Mr Joyce said tha the alternative was the airline dying a slow death."

    Indeed. When was the last time we heard such hard-headed realism from a MAS CEO or Board Chairman?

  25. Anonymous4:29 pm

    Although more data can be presented to showcase the operational improvements in MAS during Idris’ leadership, there is one key ingredient that made the difference. It was not the BTP1 or BTP2, but it was the man himself.

    Datuk Rashid Khan

  26. Anonymous4:45 pm

    I read with interest the comments made by "the troubleshooters".

    From what I gather, the problem in MAS has been identified quite some time ago and that the issue MAS really has is that they never actually got the right people to address the problems.

    I think we have this idea that the people who can best solve problems are financial people, first class honours, etc, etc. Very paper oriented thinking.

    The reality in any industry is that it needs people to rise up from the ranks ( or who have clocked many years in that particular industry) to gain the respect of peers in the industry. Hands on and understanding operational issues are especially key for the CEOs as it allows them to give proper guidance and to ask the right questions when trying to address problems.

    The fact that "the troubleshooters" could identify the problem, then analyse it gives me the impression that he probably has got what it takes to contribute significantly to help alleviate some of MAS' current woes. Perhaps the powers that be should engage with him

  27. Anonymous5:10 pm

    On paper dan ayat yang digunakan memang nampak cantik dan bagus..tetapi nampak macam ada yang meragukan.

    1) Kenapa Nilai pertukaran saham disandarkan berdasarkan nilai spekulasi bukan berdasarkan nilai aset dan hutang kedua-dua syarikat…cuba perhatikan pergerakan saham…semasa perbincangan sedang dijalankan saham Airasia meningkat naik dan dan saham Mas meningkat turun…ini bermakna bahawa ketika penentuan harga saham, saham airasia tinggi dan Mas rendah dan ini menjadi faktor utama kenapa Tune Air mendapat 20.5 peratus dalam MAS dan MAS cuma mendapat 10% dalam Airasia…dan selepas perjanjian itu saham Airasia turun (nilai pegangan khazanah turun tetapi saham MAS naik, nilai pegangan Tune Air Naik…Tony untung)
    2) Air Asia X mengalami persoalan tentang ketentuan dalam operasi masa depan mereka dan menjadi halangan dalam usaha mereka untuk menyenaraikan Air Asia X dan bagi mendapat harga yang baik, Perjanjian ini telah membantu Air Asia X memecahkan kebuntuan ini dengan mencanagkan kepada pelabur luar bahawa mereka mempunyai masa depan yang cerah terutama berjaya mematikan persaingan dari MAS, serta harapan cerah untuk mendapat hak pendaratan.

    3)Agak aneh apabila 2 pegawai Eksekutif Airasia , dilantik menduduki jawatankuasa Exco MAS. Adakah khazanah percaya dan yakin bahawa kedua-dua mereka akan membuat keputusan yang lebih menguntungkan MAS dari Airasia apabila perlu membuat sesuatu keputusan kritikal yang melibatkan kedua-dua pihak pernerbangan.Dimana dalam pihak perngurusan dan eksekutif tertinggi Airasia tiada ada seorang pun wakil MAS yang mempunyai kuasa untuk memastikan bahawa keputusan dalam Airasia tidak merugikan atau bersaing dengan MAS.

    2) Dari segi apakah yang MAS dapat manafaat dari AIRASIA, secara umum hampir semua bidang kolibrasi dengan nyata MAS mempunyai kelebihan berbandingan dengan Airasia.

    3)Adakah ini bermakna bahawa firefly tidak akan menjadi penerbangan komuniti tambang murah? Maka Airasia berjaya melenyapkan persaing mereka, dengan cara mengubah konsep syarikat penerbangan firefly dengan menggunakan cadangan datang dari khazanah atau Exco pengurusan MAS.

    4)Apakah perjanjian ini betul betul memberi manafaat kepada MAS atau lebih kepada menjadi tunggangan Tune Air untuk mencapai impian besar mereka.

    5)Sekiranya sekarang ini saya masih boleh berpeluang untuk terbang dengan menggunakan MAS pada harga yang lebih rendah dari Airasia dan mendapat layanan 5 bintang, adakah dengan perjanjian ini maka MAS hanya untuk mereka yang membayar harga premiuem sahaja? Adakah ini bermakna rakyat biasa sukar menaiki syarikat penerbangan negara melainkan membayar harga premium?
    6)Adakah firefly masih dibenarkan menawarkan harga tiket rendah seperti sekarang yang nyata lebih baik dari AIRASIA dan masih memberi khidmat dan layanan yang lebih baik dari AIRASIA.(Snack,minuman,check-in barangan,ketepatan waktu)

    7)Adakah perjanjian ini diadakan demi kebaikan MAS atau kerana kecekapan sesetengah pihak yang pandai melobi?

    8)Adakah Wakil Airasia didalam pengurusan MAS boleh berlaku jujur dan ikhlas untuk menguntungkan MAS dengan mengorbankan keuntungan peribadi, Kerana wakil Airasia akan mendapat lebih untung jika keputusan yang dibuat memenangkan AIRASIA, apalah dengan pegangan 20.5% dalam MAS jika dibandingkan dengan pegangan meraka dalam airasia, Ini jelas conflict of interest.

    .Tony tidak aakan bersetuju untuk membernarkan firefly meneruskan konsep yg sedia ada, ini adalah demi kebaikan Airasia bukan untuk kebaikan firefly.

    MAS terlalu lebih mantap dari segi jaringan dan networking,cuma MAS tak cekap melobi dan "boost" macam Tony. Even Tony mengaku sebelum ini beliau sibuk meloby..sekarang baru nak buat kerja.

    Saya ucapkan selamat maju jaya kepada MAS, semoga MAS tidak diperkudakan oleh mana-mana pihak, dan keputusan ini dibuat setelah khazanah membuat penilaian sewajarnya dan bukan sekadar “budy-budy” arrangement.

  28. Anonymous5:49 pm

    hidup " MAS "

    anak Malaysia

  29. Anonymous8:04 pm

    Anon 2:20 PM, tanye la, syarikat Teksi kat LCCT tu milik siape ... Tony Kah, ROSY the dolly kah, KJ kah??

  30. Anonymous8:24 pm

    Skilly good counter you put forth there. I shall sit back and await the predictable response.

    I pity firefly. It will become the anak tiri in this AA-MAS colab. Subang is close to KL where i live. For domestic trips and in southeast asia its cheaper and faster getting there than somewhere near Negeri 9

  31. Anonymous1:41 am

    Part 1

    You cannot legislate away stupidity when it is ingrained in defective genes, the net result of pimps sleeping with their own whores. What is even worse is when the issue of such common Chingkie liaisons melds the art of lying to it inherent imbecility yieilding a grotesque man-pig fusion of idiocy, shameless lying and downright pigheadedness.

    Lets examine a certain specimen who in the recent past have been exposed as a moron of epic proportions by among others: HishamH, Richard Greycross, David Seow Kok Hoong and why surprise, surprise by Godafther (of all people, being a king idiot himself!!)not to mention by brothers Anti, Perwira, SatD and a whole lot of other Melayu Bermaruahs.It even ventured to tackle SatD in SatD's lair only for it to run away like the typical pondan it truly is when exposed as a moronic pretentious nincoompoop.

    Now lets fry the bastard's arse a bit more. For starters this is what it wrote at 3.40pm:

    "It has been noted recently how KLIA is caught in the middle of airports in Bangkok (tourism hub) and Singapore (Changi) and Hong Kong, the latter 2 being regional business and logistics hubs, with a large amount of premium air traffic (aka first and business class travellers)."

    1. Note folks, NO mention of Jakarta in there and the usual bragging about Changi....yawn!zzzzzzzzz....

    2. When I exposed the talltale about the socalled "REGIONAL HUB" being actually a backwater pitstop behind Jakarta and Bangkok, the line of attack changed quickly. Anyone who understands the concept of a regional hub would expect it to be No. 1, more so if it touted to be a logistics and business hot house but Mr Pigcocksuckler blasely ignores the imputations for he knows his assertions stand exposed as lies peddled by his own stupid brain damaged moronic self. (ROFL)

    Warrior 231
    The Inimitable Soldier of Truth

  32. Anonymous1:46 am

    . Now observe the stat below which by the way, the moron avers is public record ( we will accept his take for argument's sake):

    "Thus Changi Airport has 71 foreign airlines that connect it to 154 international destinations. Jakarta's Soekarno-Hatta International Airport has 31 airlines and 33 city links."
    timestamp: 2.34pm

    Wow...Jakarta with roughly half the airlines in its stables and roughly 20% of the city links effortlessly pulls in 44million passengers, approximately 2 million more than the REGIONAL HUB Changi with all its "super sophisticated upmarket" facilities!!! Those who have landed at Sukarno Hatta know what a medieval dump it is compared to Changi yet SH is the number 1 of ASEAN in terms of passenger arrivals.....So folks what does that say of the much vaunted and bragged about Chingkie pigsty Chingkiepore.......(in unison folks, 1,2,3!) hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Must be pretty galling for a pipsqueak wannabe REGIONAL HUB that prides itself as being the best in all its endeavours to be beaten into third spot by kretek burning Paks and tomyam slurping Somchais,,,,,ROFL

    Warrior 231

  33. Anonymous2:16 am

    Part 3

    Now let mosey over to them Cargo data.. Now when I disclosed those facts, I deliberately alluded something else as well which I understand only discerning, knowledgeable and savvy readers steeped in the tradition of intellectual and rational discourse can fathom, not moronic sons of whores afflicted by that common Chingkie ailment, brain damage wrough by hereditary neuro-syphilis. Now let me reprise what I wrote:

    " it will be an eyeopener of how astute planning and foresight saw a certain regional airport become a forsaken backwater in 8 years. Great business skills in action there.........hahahahahaha (ROFL)

    and let me couch it in simple language for you, Chingkie pigarselicker: Chingkiepore is so good in management and business that it wanked itself out of the top 10 after flirting by the abyss for a good 8 years since 2000 and all that despite being a REGIONAL HUB....hahahahahahahah. Now ask those Changi bastards the same Q you have for MAHB : What the fuck were they doing when everyone else was climbing the competition ladder?

    Warrior 231

  34. Anonymous3:12 am

    Part 4
    The Coup de Grace

    Now shithead, let me ask you a simple question vis-a-vis Malaysia n Chingkiepore:

    a. How many airports are there in Malaysia nad Chingkiepore?

    Answer that well, bastard b4 you deign to flaunt your special brand of Down syndrome idiocy here.

    Folks lets do a valid comparison based on the assumption that KLIA is the sole airport of entry into Malaysia and likewise Changi into Spore.

    Changi : 42 million (2010)
    KLIA ; 34million + 4million (Penang) + 5 million (KK) = 43million.

    Conflating 3 major points of entry sudah pun yield 1 million more than Changi and I have not brought Kuching and Subang + the lesser ones like Senai, Kuantan and KT into the equation.

    The same method for cargo would apply yielding a 1.1 million metric tonnage KLIA (700K + 250K (KK) + 150K (PG)that would put KLIA at a respectable 21st position and that is not bad for a NON-REGIONAL HUB!. Finally, Changi opened in 1981 while KLIA opened in 1998. That KLIA has reached its current stature in 13 short years compared to the 30 it took Changi must surely boil some Chingkie blood at again being upstaged by a bunch of Melayu Bermaruah.

    Folks, Chingkie bastards in general hate the Melayu bermaruah's guts as we have trumped them repeatedly time and agian. Hence the only way out to save face is to spin granma yarns about our supposed deficiencies and inefficiencies which are non-existent except as a figment in the overwought and envious Chingkie psyche. Try as they might, the Chingkies given their prostitute/pimp roots, their affinity with swine, will always play second fiddle to our superior intellect and refined mannerisms. For all his attempts at affecting a civilised self, the Chingkie remains firmly enmeshed in his porcine heritage. He is the human manifestation of his favourite beast, a walking embodiment of excrement, coated in urine and dripping wet with foul smelling perspiration.SG 1066 is a multifaceted version of the pig, an uncouth sus barbatus whose only raison d'etre is to taunt others to mask his own failings. He can only spout not think, brag not rationalise, masturbate not copulate. He is merely a younger version of Monster Ball whom he will ultimately resemble- a senile foul mouthed wild boar of a human with no saving grace to redeem his blackened heathen soul.The one mercy we can accord pitiful bastards such as these is to ignore them and that milk of kindness is yet another reflection of our maruah steeped humanity, alhamdullilah for that.

    Warrior 231

  35. Anonymous5:51 am

    Well said, Warrior 231.

    Give them hell!

  36. Anonymous5:55 am

    Well said, Warrior 231.

    Give them hell!

  37. Anonymous6:06 am

    TF, The Dreamer and Con artist

    "However, after witnessing the 4-0 drubbing by Bolton at Loftus Road on Saturday which was a humbling way for QPR to begin life in the Barclays Premier League, Fernandes will realise the scale of the task he has on his hands.

    The concern is, given his various ventures, he may now be spreading himself and his financial wealth too thinly."


  38. Anonymous1:04 pm

    Bro warrior231,

    ROTFLMAO.. you nailed the neuro-syphlis pigbrain.. the pigsqueak run away and never reply back on how fucked up Chingkiepore with super public debt and nyawa-nyawa babi struggling out from recent US sub-prime crisis..

    Pigmoron think he is so smart by fingering his pig asshole bragging & pointing on the external debt of Malaysia having at 31% of GDP and Cinapore only 10% of GDP..

    The reality is that Malaysia after adding all the public and external debt, still have SURPLUS of +14% GDP to live with the risk unlike Cinapore that already pigtoasted with that 117% from GDP public debt & to add on for the extra 10% external dept for a whopping 127% figure. Well done..!
    That is a deficit of -27% of GDP which is a total holy fucked up nation anytime to be in the running league together with Greece, Iceland, Zimbabwe et. al.

    The moment USA economy crisis hit the shore of SEA we'll see BBQ Cinapore getting second round pigtoast grilling with falling GDP growth like what evidenced from the recent sub-prime crisis.. fragile kandang babi.

    .......(in unison folks, 1,2,3!) hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    :D muhahahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  39. Anonymous3:36 pm

    You should watch the movie Other People Money, starring Danny De Vito, to understand how TF operates in the business enviroment.

    BTW,its better than Wall Street!

  40. Skilgannon10666:26 pm

    warrior xxx

    In a word - bollocks!

    Please let us know the connectivity stats (i.e. number of airlines using the airport and the number of international destinations served) for each of these airports:

    - KLIA
    - Bangkok International
    - Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta
    - Changi

    Simple request, yes? Give me the stats and we can rumble from there.

    And, for the record, I have never backed down from any challenge.

    Not even when 1 Singapore Dollar buys 2.4+ Malaysian ringgit! All your waffle about public debt to GDP ratios etc can't hide the unpalatable fact that there is a lot more confidence in the Singapore Dollar than in the Malaysian Ringgit.

    Let's not even talk about AAA vs A- credit ratings!

  41. Anonymous8:12 pm

    quote: "Conflating 3 major points of entry sudah pun yield 1 million more than Changi and I have not brought Kuching and Subang + the lesser ones like Senai, Kuantan and KT into the equation."

    Of course, warrior conveniently forgets Singapore is a Little Red Dot city state while adding up Senai, KT, Penang with KLIA on the Semenanjong. On different ends far away on a landmass hundreds times bigger than the island nation. :)

    See, when you become a racist idiot, you lose critical thinking skills like what happens to warrior.

    kudos again to skilly


  42. Anonymous4:05 am

    `Simple request, yes? Give me the stats and we can rumble from there.

    And, for the record, I have never backed down from any challenge.'

    haiya, sohai skil shit,

    if u want to learn from warrior u ask properly la no need to dare or try to steal other people `intelectuality' copyright....

    why dont you buy a kain pelikat wear it dont use any underwear, wear no shirt, be humble, bring along bang nuar as your companion and let see from there.

    and warrior might teach u....

  43. Peter Leong Chin Wah12:11 am

    First, let me categorically state that the racial crap and baiting by Warrior 231 is disgusting and unbecoming for someone of his intellect.

    Nevertheless, I am equally disgusted by Skillgannon 1066's antics of purportedly talking up the Singapore story. I assume that Skillgannon from his silly and childish comments is probably a Malaysian mercenary or at best a mid-level or low level employee given his limited intellect. I say so because most of his comments lack factual depth or critical reasoning. Besides, they smack of the kind of ignorant jingoism that some newly minted Singaporeans labour under. I venture to say that one of the reasons many Singaporeans are increasingly critical of the PAP is because their loose immigration policies have allowed "poor quality" individuals like Skillgannon to gain citizenship easily. Evidently, the attempt to shore up the political demographics is beginning to backfire, with likes of Skillgannon and many like him around within our midst.

    My disgust with Skilgannon stems primarily from the fact that his antics here only serve to embarass us as citizens of a proud nation, Little Red Dot it may be to others. Apparently in this thread, he started the ball rolling with his halfbaked claims about Singapore and Bangkok which Warrior 231 validly responded to with facts couched in his usual racist diatribe. The logical thing for Skillgannon should have done is to 1) demolish that Jakarta-Singapore jibe 2) debunk that entry point data 3)answer why Singapore let itself slip out of the top ten in the cargo rankings.

    That he failed to do so is embarrassing enough for us Singaporeans for whom he arrogates himself to be a spokesman of. Further, to dismiss Warrior's challenge is a cowardly gambit to escape the obvious for who else but the readers are the ones to determine whether it is bullocks. To top it off, to embark on a fishing expedition by trawling up other issues is selfrevealing of a personality which will move goalposts when cornered.

    Answer Warrior 231 or shut up and save us Singapore readers of this blog the blushes, would you Skillgannon 1066. As for the anonymous Z, I would say fools make the most racket with the least knowledge.

  44. Anonymous1:49 pm

    Part 1

    I was away for two days on an urgent project and when I get back what do i find here:

    1. Great one, Brother Anti : you socked it right down the pig's throat (make sure you samak you hands, man......hahahaha). You r Da' Man and when we get our hunting rifles out the pig will run and hide for that is a given.......Hahahaha. Of course, the pig will not reply, he will probably throw up something else as a diversionary tactic in order to run away.

    2. And the pig plays true to form, he cant answer my riposte and like the filthy Chingkie unwashed shitsplattered pig he is, he brings up two other canards. I asked you PLAIN and SIMPLE a)about Jakarta- Chingkiepore, answer that. I asked you about the 30 year vs 13 year Changi-KLIA stats, answer that! I raised the entry point fact, answer that...or can you pondan? Dont bring in other canards guised as challenges lest you want this as my response:

    Bangkok = Pukimak hang yang koyak rabak boleh masuk trelar!!Kepala butoh pak hang yang panau berkudis, jilat juboh babi hang

    Jakarta: Pundek kalathai thai oli aka sutunakara parian, katta chuni porikee

    Singapore = kaniniamah lanchiau wah chou chibai, linkun 比猪还笨 who is
    社会的垃圾 and a 抄你妈蠢才滚出中国 whose •他小弟弟给猪吃了

    Kuala Lumpur = offlimits to my cuss words as it is the capital of the Melayu Bermaruah

    Now those are real data, moron if your idiot poop filled cranial cavity can decipher them. And those barbaric chicken scratchings plus knotted maggie mee strands for Singapore that pass of a language impute the obvious with regards to a motherfucking piece of shit like you. Who are you, by the way to throw me dares, deadcocked, prostcunt licking pig after I have thrown gauntlet for you to respond, pondan?The fact that you have to repeat you dont duck a challenge for the umpteenth time in this blog is telling isnt it? Telling the whole disbelieving world you still have a cock which you just espied with a magnifying glass.Must have given you the cockles, hei moron to have witnessed that teeny weeny bud of a pecker so much so that you had to blare to the whole world you DO have a cock that wont flinch from a challenge. Go and jerk it dead but dont expect it to cum to tune for its dead whatever you do, pantyhose draped, titlifted, pink-tutued fuckless trannie boy. Now scram outta our sights.

    2. As for AAAs and OOOs, listen here real good, granmaclit suckling fiend:
    a. Rating agencies are largely discredited :

    No one trusts these two-timing bastrads. U can explain why the US is downgraded while UK which is swimming in red ink is still AA? By the same token what about Australia and Canada with high debt to GDP ratio? Here is a list of countries in relation to their national debt :

    Note that Chingkiepore is in the top ten and 7 of the top ten are already under water....hahahahahahaha. Give or take 2 years and we shall soon see many dead pig carcasses floating off Tebrau and Bataam after the great economic tsunami blasts Chingkiepore outta the water. And quit trying to waffle your way out by trawling in the external/internal debt portion argument for a debt is a debt is a debt.

    b one of them RAs has been under investigation well before the US downgrade (a tit for tat for that probe...u figure that):

    In short, no one takes them seriously excepting morons like you, wanker boy. I dare you to take on Profs James Galbraith, Prof, Black, the NYT, the Securities Commission to defend your RA garbage, bastard pig. Go ahead debunk them as frauds or can you dickhead? Now scram outta my sight, asinine issue of some cock-cunt fest in some pros den gone awry. Waht a piece of shit, wasted sperm of a stupid fellatist!

    Warrior 231

  45. Anonymous3:16 pm

    Hei Z the anon pig with the last alphabet fittingly symbolising the level of his intellect.

    Did I say anything about KT, Senai in the stats, i mentioned them in passing not as entry points per se. I guess your shit splattered critical reasoning is so powerful that it cannot see the obvious as in:

    a. Penang International Airport (understand the term “international”?) has links direct links with several other international locations. Say what, Guangzhou, HK, Taipei, Bangkok, Medan and Chennai must be in the peninsular in your brain skewed geography. Dei mafucking pacocksuckling idiot of a scumbag, that Penang has long held an entry point status is wellknown save for uncircumcised filthy smegma choked prepuces like you (
    There are direct flights from these places to Penang and vice versa as much as there is a Penang-Singapore route. So that qualifies it as an ancilliary entry point to KLIA.

    b. Only a moronic bastard like you would take a flight from Kaohshiung to KLIA and hop onto a connection to Kota Kinabalu when a direct flight is available if Sabah is the holiday destination. What a stupid fellatist for you to be so ignorant of the well-known fact that KK has links with a few international destinations just like Penang:
    “Sabah currently has six overseas airlines providing direct flights from Kota Kinabalu to international destinations, including Dragonair, Asiana Airlines, Korean Air, Silk Air and Cebu Pacific.”

    It is with this knowledge that that conflation was made not with some granma tall-tale like your favorite pig SKilly likes to cook up. Now don’t come back saying these figures are immaterial for Changi DOES NOT have local competing entry points unless you want to dolly out the almost defunct Seletar as one!!!! (Last passenger data : 23K in 1998 hahahahahahaha: And I bet a huge chunk of the PA at Changi is attributable to them charcoal black Keling hordes from Chennai or those Chingkie whores on a moolah spinning venture to Chingkiepore!

    Seems like you are piggybacking a mad pig to take potshots at me pukimak bangsat chouchibai lanchiau of a thaioli coward and so enamored are you of him till you lose sight of all objectivity not least control over your critical faculty, if you have one that is!.

    Now go crying to your favie slimepoop, he will give you a cocksuckle as a pacifier. Make sure your filthy gob gets a good grip of that teeny weeny droopy syphilitic cratered pecker of his. If he leaves you unsatiated, arsefuck him while he licks and tongues his goddamn mummy into an orgiastic frenzy of a tizzy, u porikee of a Z..

    Warrior 231

  46. Anonymous8:51 am

    Pigmoron reply to my debt issue:-

    "Not even when 1 Singapore Dollar buys 2.4+ Malaysian ringgit! All your waffle about public debt to GDP ratios etc can't hide the unpalatable fact that there is a lot more confidence in the Singapore Dollar than in the Malaysian Ringgit."
    - Is that all you got? kah..kah..kah..

    Bro warrior 231, again you nailed that neuro-syphlis pigbrain..of coz a spade is a spade, a debt is a debt and a chingkie will always synonym with pig.. that is fact & reality.

    be it Pound, Euro, Rupiah, whatevar, do this pig think that Cinapore currency weight more than his puny pecker compared to the sinking Euro carrying nations like Iceland, Italy & Greece..

    What a pathetic fucked up arguement it is.. sour grapes.

    hey babi, all those GDP /Debt listing & figures were put in USD for common groud comparison lah bodoh.. already rationalized..

    GDP deficit in supplementing a Debt is still a deficit. Trying so hard to change the -ve number to +ve with only words??? how stupig can this pathetic idiot cinababi be?

    stupid lowlife pigbrain..tyipical chingkie sore bad looser..

    hey pigmoron,
    somebody from the tribe has spoken.. here some of the extract:-

    - "poor quality" individuals like Skillgannon to gain citizenship easily;

    - I assume that Skillgannon from his silly and childish comments is probably a Malaysian mercenary or at best a mid-level or low level employee given his limited intellect. I say so because most of his comments lack factual depth or critical reasoning.

    - That he failed to do so is embarrassing enough for us Singaporeans for whom he arrogates himself to be a spokesman of;

    - Answer Warrior 231 or shut up and save us Singapore readers of this blog the blushes,

    what can i say.. even Cinapore citizen view you as a reject pigbrain scum..Malaysia reject, Cinapore reject.. what a lowlife pigbrain you are.

    .......(in unison folks, 1,2,3!) hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!



    :D muhahahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  47. Anonymous5:24 pm

    Great One brother Anti

    Note how the scum is back to his old tricks...running and hiding in them bushes like the wild pig he is! U know his usual tricks when he is "kachinged" (to use his own slur)...hahahahahahahahaha (1,2,3, in unison folks!!!!) hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ROTFLMAO

    He must be trolling under another nick for the time being. What a wasted sperm of chingkie lowlife!! Chouchibai of a mafucking piece of pig shit.

    Cant even beat a dumpsite like Jakarta, wanna talk cock some more, clitsuckling, cunttonguing cockjuicing douchebag!

    Warrior 231