Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jacob & Co to sue over diamond

If it happens, it won't come as a surprise. The RM24 million diamond "scandal" cooked up on the social media last month gave Jacob & Co a lot of publicity but it is not a company that needs any. Certainly not bad publicity.

The blogger Apanama, who proved that the diamond was not bought by Rosmah Mansor as alleged (see his posting here, complete with K1 and K2 Customs Declaration forms as proof that the diamond came in and went out), gives broad hints in Jacob to reward Chegubard as to who is likely to get sued by Jacob & Co, presumably for bringing it great disrepute.

Utusan Malaysia was said to have also lodged a report to the MCMC on the "fake" front page some anti-Najib cybertroopers were circulating. The front page showed Rosmah and the diamond ring, and her admission of purchase. Wonder what happened to MCMC's investigation ...


  1. Buah Ciku7:39 pm

    Alright ah. let the suing begins

    But why stop at the ring. How about the bangle?

  2. Anonymous8:30 pm

    If you can make immigration records of humans disappear...what is a ring?

  3. Good. Sue them. Demand costs of damage more than the price of the diamonds.
    That's the price you pay for slandering others.

  4. Anonymous10:18 pm

    Rocky seem to be very happy about Jacob & Co to sue a fellow Malaysian muslim....Yo, Rocky you sekarang ni sudah jadi JEWS punya proxi ke ?? Pasal Rosmah, hang ni bermati-mati jugak nak mempertahankannya !!!


  5. Weird, there is two versions of the customs' receipt. One from both sides, them first then came yours. I wonder if the Customs' electrical supply is back to normal?

  6. Anonymous7:34 am

    ha..ha at least Jacob & Co got balls to sue the so called slanderer. najib on the other hand is so caward to sue frech daily for the allege altantuya involvement. berani keran benar najib, kenapa takut?

  7. Anonymous8:28 am

    wahhh.... sejak bila mempertahankan kebenaran dah jagi proxy jews.... kah kah kah. Kalau nak spin pun agak-agaklah.

    hanya pembangkang aje yang pandai putar alam.... sbb dia orang tu half past six.

  8. skeptic9:39 am

    If the diamond really came to the country for an exhibition, why is it that no one knows about the exhibition? Use common sense to filter the true and untrue, rokey blue in the face.

  9. Anonymous9:40 am

    sepatutnya umno tubuh badan khas untuk saman fitnah PR. berbakul-bakul fitnah PR pada UMNO dan kerajaan terlepas macam tu sahaja.

  10. KJ

    The story is simple

    Chegubard made a slanderous allegation and when it was clarified, he continued to do so.

    The lesson is:

    Sometimes you can get away because Hishamuddin only kasi warning and Najib hard-up nak undi Cina.

    Unfortunately that is not the case all the time.

    Whether Rocky support or not Rosmah, yang mana ramai orang UMNO pun dah meluat dengannya pun, tak merupakan isu sebenar, malahan tuduhan ini hanya pemikiran keanak-anakan penyokong Pakatan yang kurang dalam pendidikan adab sopan dan rasional.

    Bagus juga satu peringatan kepada mereka yang ingat politik hanya berdasarkan bohong.

    CheguBard layaklah nama kamu serpua Bard SImpson

  11. Anonymous10:00 am

    Berani buat, berani tanggung...

  12. Anonymous10:19 am

    I believe the investigation is slumbering along. After all it's only Rosmah, not Rais.

  13. Anonymous1:00 pm

    muslim is not immuned if he/she did injustice to others, regardless the other is jew, hindu, chinese, arab or whatever.

    look carefully at the custom receipts by Chegubard.
    Something does not make sense and does not correspond to what should have been entered in some that particular box

  14. arizmaya1:05 pm

    In the first place, true muslim does not slander others

  15. Anonymous2:04 pm

    Let it go to court. Then we can know how many things were bought from Jacob by Malaysians and maybe other surprising thhings will come up.

    I bet it's only a hair brained idea thought up by someone with a brain the size of an asshole.

  16. is the ring was brought to singapore because Rosmah cancel to buy it??? is the ring brought into our country for rosmah to inspect it before she buy it??? takkan just nak tunjuk tunjuk saja since it has to be taken from NYC??? or is the ring was brought to singapore for storage by the buyer since it's a hot issues here in Malaysia..????

  17. Anonymous11:21 am

    There's no smoke without fire. You really want the truth to come out in a court of law ? Hahaha...stupid is as stupid does.


  18. BIGCAT12:12 pm

    Tak sangka aku ada anak Melayu perlis yang bodoh tahap cipan.