Friday, August 19, 2011

Hannah Yeoh or Hasnah Yeop?

Ah, Helen Ang! First term state assemblyman Hannah Yeoh's politically-charged crusade to declare her newborn's race as "Malaysian" instead of Chinese or Indian (Hannah is Chinese and hubby is Indian) may have inspired some but not blogger Helen Ang, one of some 6.4 million Malaysian Chinese in this country.
Helen:  "Jika semua Anak Malaysia (bangsa Cina/bangsa India merupakan konsep kolot perkauman mengikut wacana pembangkang pasca-2008), buat apa kita hendak kekalkan sistem pendidikan aliran vernakular?"
Bru: Betul jugak.
"Lebih baik dia kata berpegangan Agama Malaysia, barulah boleh padan dengan istilah keturunan Anak Malaysia. Jike demikian, kenapa dia mendaftar anaknya sebagai Kristian pula?"
Ye tak ye, pelik.
"Adakah anda kenal siapa Wang Lian Xiang? Beliau ialah jaguh Olympik sukan badminton. Namanya harum di dunia sebagai Susi Susanti."
Hah, nak jadi macam Indonesia? Tukarlah nama yang lebih "Malaysia".

Someone said last night she's waiting for Helen to do a Part Two on Marina Mahathir. You remember that one? I thought that was brutal, but try reading her Ibu Pin* Menjaja Teko Raksaksa DAP.


  1. Salam Datuk,

    I had written about Hannah Yeoh's hilarious caper of her Chindian baby girl.

    No offence, my kids being Chips.

    Not only are her theatrics good for a laugh, try filling up a form to become a US citizen, a subject of my same post.

    See Part 10 Nos 9c, 10, 11, 12 and especially 15.

    You would think that form was meant specially for Mr Bean.

    Thank you

  2. Anonymous4:31 pm

    Rocky, dah tak ada cerita lain lagi ke ?? Tembak sana sini tak tentu hala...dah hampa kut !!

    bila lagi nak buat cerita B.A.B.I ??

  3. Mazlan4:46 pm

    Helen's arguments are pretty petty and stupid.
    Being Malaysian does not mean having to change your name. Does an American or Brit who is not Anglo-Saxon have to change their name to John or Sally??? Just look at their current President - he is listed as American but his full name is Barrack Hussein Obama...
    If Hannah Yeoh's child is of mix race - of both Indian and Chinese stock even more reason to call her child Malaysian.
    Helen you really are a dumbass...

  4. Salam Bro. Betul tu. Kalau dah jadi warganegara Malaysia, tak payahlah masih berpegang pada pendidikan di negara China atau India. Tak puas hati balik China atau Indialah.

  5. Anonymous8:43 pm

    Whether the water in the tea cup is hot or cold, he who drinks it knows best

  6. BIGCAT8:43 pm

    DAP said Malaysian Malaysia. Is it? Then how come its trying to outdo MCA in defending the vernacular Chinese schools? How come the majority of its leaders n members can't properly speak the national language of Malaysia? The truth is, DAP is a Chinese chauvinist party masquerading as a multi-racial party. Hannah Yeoh's play acting is one of those DAP tricks to fool esp the impressionable young Malay voters who think they r so liberal. The Chinese community knows this and those who support it are doing so purely due to it being a Chinese party. Yang bangang tak paham permainan DAP ni ialah Melayu PAS, PKR dan yg kononnya liberal tu lah. Atau dia org buat2 bangang sebab ingat DAP boleh tolong dia org dapat kuasa. Ni lah Melayu2 bodoh tahap yg tak boleh ditolong. DAP kalau dapat kuasa dia akan terajang Melayu2 ni masuk parit macam yang PAP buat kat Singapore. Kat Singapore tu Melayu lebih ramai dari India tapi Melayu ada satu je menteri tapi India ada tiga. Dari dululah macam tu. Tu lah masa depan Melayu dalam DAP punya Malaysian Malaysia.

  7. Anonymous10:20 pm

    I do not know Helen personally, but judging by her reasoning, she sounds like a five years old.

    PS Rocky, it's immature to call people name's.

  8. MALAYSIAN11:20 pm

    At same time lets have Malaysian National school without the need for 'vernacular'....

    And lets see if Helen is Chinese first or Malaysian first...

  9. Anonymous1:54 am

    Once u go black, u never want to go back. Muahahaha!!!! Just ask Helen. Syioknya

    Naseb Melayu

  10. Anonymous3:09 am

    Hello Freddie Kevin,

    Maybe Malaysia is trying to attract a few more Mr Beans too.

    See Nos 22 and 26 and especially the part that asks, "Have you ever committed, or been involved in the commission of war crimes or crimes against humanity or human rights?".

    Clearly these restrictions don't apply to all visitors though...

    "Mugabe, Sudan's Bashir to visit Malaysia"

    Declarative questions are not uncommon in immigration forms. Perhaps worth checking comparative facts before trying to make a hilarious point.


  11. Hannah, pick your battles...

  12. Dear Mazlan @ Mah See Lan

    I think "dumbass" is a more appropriate word describing YOU. In An American form (birth certificate or anything) in the space where you have to fill in the "Ethnicity", try putting "American". You'll be laughed at.

    "American" or "Malaysian" is not a race. It's a Nationality.

    And notice how some people, especially when they go overseas, would either present themselves either as "Chinese" or "Malaysian Chinese" ? Aikkk? Somehow the Malaysian Malaysia or Anak Malaysia or the 1Malaysia thing disappears?

    Congrats on your penyamaran. Almost had me fooled there.

    Anonymous 10:20. I agree that Helen is a 5-year old. And darn the most intelligent 5 year old around. Look at that reasoning and that sound argument, pieced in a most impressive language some more. When you are, like 40 years from now, do you think you can write HALF as good as her? And in Bahasa some more? I thought not.

    Even I, Suman Sumbing, finished "Troylus and Cressida", "War and Peace" and three-quarters of Gibbons at 6 years old. To be able to write at 5! Wow!

    DAP C-trooper motto:
    "When you can't argue factually, go for the Jugular: name-calling and persona-attacking!"

    And Oh yes for Mah See Lan up there, another motto:

    "When you want to show your racism and don't want to be called racist, menyamar jadi the race that you want to attack and attack your own...err.."race". "

    Hehehehe. These people, 'aaa... sometimes they are sooooo transparent that it makes the Invisible Man look like Bosco Wong. (Though who he is or what the association there is there, I know not for sure).


  13. Anonymous8:12 am

    Ini bukan sebab patriotik. Jangan salah paham. Dia tak nak letak anaknya berbangsa "Tamil". (mengikut bangsa bapa anak itu). Itu aje.

  14. Anonymous8:29 am

    What a hippocrite you are?

    Tell everyone where you and your children are schooled first.

    If you don't like other language schools, how come you are blogging in English and learn English Language most probably from a mission school? You could have just stick to BM in school.

    Tak patriotik ke?

    Those who prefer to learn only Bahasa Melayu can continue to do so, as no one is against it, cos the future consequences is yours to live with. Restrict yourself if you so wish and live in your own small world called Malaysia.

    But for others who are preparing for their future thru learning other languages, why must you come in and bother them or restrict them in the name of patriotism?

    Likewise, if someone does not support racism labels and prefer to be more universal, what's your fear towards this as well as others who think alike like you?

    What a pig you are. You are no better than one of those Ku Klax Klan member and I wonder how you can be an editor of a major English Language newspaper and President of a blogging association.

    What a farce you are painting if you think all your readers are stupid or what?

    Wise Guy.

  15. Anonymous9:14 am

    Benjohar said. Isu anak malaysia ni membuatkan DAP dan Helen ni confuse lah. Saya cadang kita tukar kepada nama lamalah PERSEKUTUAN TANAH MELAYU. Lepas tu kalau dia nak tullis Bangsa Melayu untuk anak anak dia okaylah . Tapi kena ikutlah takrif Melayu dalam perlembagaan. Berbahasa Melayu, Beragama Islam dan Berbudaya Melayu.

  16. Anonymous10:38 am

    Dont think it was funny !Your turn has'nt arrive yet.....when your kids marry others...How then..??...never never be cocksure in life....I have seen it those malays marrying kuai lohs and changing religion...and then you wonder!

  17. Anonymous1:50 pm

    Who is this Helen? I think Hannah fares better as a Malaysian.

    Hantu Gigi Jarang

  18. Bedul2:11 pm

    Thought the baby girl's name is Hamidah. The baby's name is Shay Adora Ram.
    She is Indian as the father is Indian.
    There is no Malaysian race. Only Malay, Chinese, Indian and others.
    And if your dad is Indian, you follow your father's race and surname.
    Hannah knows that but she is pretending to be stupid.
    Just to gain political mileage. She wants to be ahead with Najib's 1Malaysia policy.
    If the baby's father is Malay, she will gladly put the race as Malay to get Bumi status.
    Hannah is very proud to be Chinese as evident in Wiki where the Chinese spelling to her name is listed.
    But she married an Indian, so that is why she wants the child to be anak Malaysia.Pity poor hubby.
    If hubby is Chinese, she will proudly register as Chinese.
    I bet you if she's living in Indonesia or Thailand she will protest the Indon or Thai name. Thank God, she can retain her Chinese identity in Malaysia.
    I read Kalimullah's writings that two of his kids are registered as Malay and the other two as Indian and Pakistan.
    He's considered lucky. My Malay friend's hubby is Indian so the child is Indian.
    A cousin is married to a Mat Salleh and the child is listed as others.
    How can Hannah be so special to want a Malaysian identity.
    Isn't Indian an anak Malaysia?
    Of course there are some who did not see her ulterior motive and praise her as being truly Malaysian.

  19. Anonymous6:25 pm

    duku + langsat = duku langsat
    definitely not buah Malaysia!

    Cannot imagine someone so unsure of their identity, go ebeliwhere, religion aloso want to change, name alsoso want to change now race aloso want to change?

    Totally lost and confused, no wonder some oppose the DNA thing.. takut kut, silap2 ada darah Dalit?


  20. Anonymous9:29 pm

    Obama once said that "No matter how much lipstick you put on pig's lip, it is stil a pig" . A reminder to PAS shiates and PKR republicans on DAP's political behaviour.

    Prof Awe Kecik

  21. Anonymous3:02 am

    Wise Guy@8:29 AM

    First of all correct your spelling before you condemn others.

    Quote: "But for others who are preparing for their future thru learning other languages, why must you come in and bother them or restrict them in the name of patriotism?"

    Hullo wisecrack, you preparing for a future in china meh? Then don't use taxpayers money for your subsidised education in Malaysia lah. Laik lat no fair ma!

    KKK will have you wiped out in seconds at midnight, heh heh.

  22. Anonymous3:06 am

    hannah is afraid that her chinese clan might not support her child if registered as indian

  23. Anonymous1:58 pm

    we are confused lot bcos we play with ethnicity, race and religion.cant differentiate between nationality and race.

    some complain 'malays' with indian brain, other complain malays with 'christian heart', now afraid of 'indian' perception

  24. Anonymous4:05 pm

    As a Christian, i have no religion. And as a race, i am human.

  25. Anonymous10:23 am

    Overheard in a South American airport:

    Immigration Officer: Sir, what nationality are you?

    Tourist: I am American.

    Immigration Officer: I am American too. So what nationality are you again?

  26. Anonymous8:46 pm

    I wonder how will they call the child of a Chinese+Punjabi couple.

  27. Anonymous3:35 pm

    oh ..message to hanna yeoh .. lu punya secretary edward ling perangai mcm cibai. arrogant and disrespect to other races.