Saturday, August 20, 2011

Is Rais Yatim's MCMC dragging its feet over Utusan's fake diamond page?

Tunggu arahan orang atas ke? Utusan Malaysia lodged a police report on Aug 12 about the fake cover story on the RM24 million diamond that  is still going viral in cyber.Why they took so long to lodge the police report about the forgery beats me but at least they have lodged the report.

The FAKE Utusan cover
I would have thought the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), the so-called cyber cops, would have started investigating the case when the issue cropped up like ages ago.

Many reasons why:
1. The circulation of the fake Utusan front page is misleading a lot of people, including lawyers, doctors and foreign newspapers
2. It aims to tarnish the image of the Prime Minister and his wife
3. It affects the credibility of the government

But, no, the MCMC told Utusan yesterday that it will investigate after the newspaper has lodged a report with its officers in Cyberjaya or Shah Alam. Not before. (So Utusan is lodging the report with the MCMC this Monday)

That would have been fine by most people, including me, but for the fact that when Rais Yatim, the minister in charge of MCMC, lodged the police report against me over a report in The Malay Mail, the Commission could not wait for his report to launch their investigation and seize my computer from my home.
"Orang atas arah," I was told.
Another case was the Negara Kristian report by Big Dog. The MCMC launched an investigation two hours before YB Jeff Ooi lodged a police report!

Pilih bulu, Pak Rais?

p.s. By the way, a Chinese friend complained why so gloom this Raya. Macam tak de mood. The rain doesn't help. Come Xmas, you get tallest, biggest, prettiest Christmas trees, "snow" at Pavilion, the carol and Santa Clauss, etc. Chinese New Year pun manyak meliah. This year's a double celebration -- Raya and Merdeka. Itu bendera pun jalang2 nampak. Apa sat?

Mmmm .. who's the minister in charge of celebrations?


  1. I am a Malay, as classified under race. Basically I will be the first to say this if no one else dares or is still in La La Land! Here comes: Malays are basically fucked up! Go figure!

  2. Robengah5:22 pm

    Bapak Rais enggak ada bulu, Pak. Habis dicabuti licin oleh ibu Maznah.

  3. Anonymous6:06 pm

    'cos they know you will harp on it till kingdom come. Its about you, rocky.
    Chill, man.

  4. Anonymous6:54 pm

    Saudara Rocky,

    Apa boleh buat, mereka yang memiliki gedung-gedung perniagaan besar bukan Islam. Jadi dia orang apa peduli!

    Kalau sambutan perayaan hari kebesaran mereka tidak payah diarahkan oleh sesiapa, semua yang 'the bigest', 'the tallest' akan muncul.

    Sepatutnya kita orang Islam sedar diri. Kita mesti memeriahkan perayaan kita dan tidak mengharapkan orang lain!

    Warga Setia

  5. Anonymous8:01 pm

    To Rais Yatim,

    Here's an advice: Just return Rocky Bru's Ferrari Laptop. Kalau tak kalu, sampai bila-bila laa you kene hound oleh Rocky.

    Heed advice Eden ni.

  6. Konsultan Bomba8:29 pm

    What does one expect from someone who specialises in burning bridges?

  7. Anonymous9:01 pm

    stupid dog talkin cock

  8. Anonymous9:08 pm

    although i did not agree with the content of this photoshopped fake news. it should be seen in the same light as Hassan Skodeng's TNB satire joke. At first sight, i knew it was fake, however the fact that so many believes this and continue to believe it just show how low IQ some of people in our society are. fortunately this means i'm still smarter than most of them. i kinda feel good about that.


  9. Anonymous9:33 pm

    Yo Rocky... lu lagi bikin Rosmah punya cerita..tak abis-abis lagi ke ??

    Rocky mahu PM Najib cepat sikit expire, lepas tu M + M boleh naik ar !!

  10. Yes Rocky it's 10 days to Raya, and we don't feel jubilation is in the air.
    Usually at the start of Ramadhan, there is already a festive feeling.
    You can feel it when you go to the shopping mall.
    My 7-year old chld was asking me why no Xmas or Gong Xi Fa Chai like celebrations at the mall.
    Wow when it's Xmas and CNY, one month before that the shopping malls are already celebrating.
    Why? Is Hari Raya not important when the official religion is Islam and Malays are the majority race.

  11. Charles F Moreira11:02 pm

    "By the way, a Chinese friend complained why so gloom this Raya. Macam tak de mood. The rain doesn't help. Come Xmas, you get tallest, biggest, prettiest Christmas trees, "snow" at Pavilion, the carol and Santa Clauss, etc. Chinese New Year pun manyak meliah. This year's a double celebration -- Raya and Merdeka. Itu bendera pun jalang2 nampak. Apa sat?"

    Pretty simple. At Christmas and Chinese New Year time, the world and economy looked healthier but now the US economy looks like it's heading for the shithouse and Malaysia's economy could be dragged down along with it.

  12. Rocky to lead onslaught against PM?
    Ini khabar angin ke betul? Kalau tak betul, Datuk pun kena buat report ya.

  13. Charles F Moreira11:12 pm

    Check this out.

    The land which lawyers and journalists hold up as the paragon of liberal democracy has made the dreaded move which makes your nemesis Rais look like an agnel.

  14. Anonymous11:23 pm

    Have u read this?

  15. Anonymous5:04 am

    MCMC ni cuma berminat siasat kes yang boleh glamourkan diaorang dan dpt publicity gila gila.

    I think they all shld masuk Akademi Fantasia sebab #gilaglemer. Wait AF dah takde, ok boleh masuk Kilauan Emas.

    Once upon a time, I hv lodged a complaint to MCMC, yet nothing happened. Resent banyak kali - no reply.

    Ah, MCMC memang crap lah.

    I think this is not a pilih bulu, tapi memanglah MCMC memang camtu since day one.

    Crap lah MCMC ni.

    By the way, kita ada minister eh jaga MCMC? Baru tahu. Sejak bila? Baru lantik ke?
    di Singapore,

  16. Anonymous5:33 am

    Actually tak gloomy Rocky.
    Rancak tetapi dalam senyap2.

    Students kat kolej pun dah pandai berniaga, nak baju raya, kasut raya, shirts, jeans, cake, biskut raya - curtains, beddings..

    apa saja sekarang, online ajer and delivered at your doorstep.

    Orang2 kampung pun canggih2 belaka sekarang. Kan ade facebook! he hehe

    Kedai 1Malaysia pasti ramai better stock up! Do not disappoint us!


  17. Anonymous6:21 am

    Rocky - it is about ROI - return on investment. Why spend money on advertising if the poor malays don't spend. The non-malay chinese christians have hight spending power - so shopping malls can spend more to attract shoppers during the CNY and christmas seasons. Purely commercial reasoning.

  18. BIGCAT6:57 am

    Rocky, aku tulis ni disubuh hari. Terkenang nasib anak2 yg jauh dimata. Teringat masa depan dia org yg samar. Adakah dia org nanti jadi sebahagian dari bangsa Melayu melukut ditepi gantang macam sudara2 kita diSingapura? Semuanya bahana pemimpin Melayu yg rosak pegangan. Yg dalam Pakatan tu aku dah malas nak cerita, memang dah sah rosak. Ada video lagi dan terang2 mengadai masa depan agama dan bangsa demi kuasa. Sekarang ni yg dalam Umno pun nampak bobrok juga. Yg dalam kabinet dapur Najib tu pun banyak yg perangai macam hantu raya. Tu termasuk la siRais ni. Pemimpin Umno yg baik dan tak corrupt aku tengok macam nak give up la. MB Johor Ghani Othman tu pun aku dengar dah nak berundur. Dia lepas dapat cucu ni macam dah tak larat je nak bergasak dgn hantu2 raya Umno kat Johor. Yg beriya nak ganti dia pulak quality tahap cap ayam. Yg disebut2 sekarang ialah org Najib si Aziz Kaprawi. Mamat ni ada la harapan jadi satu lagi Khir Toyo. Aku rasa bungkus juga Umno Johor yg kebal tu lepas ni. Jadi macam kat Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Perak dan Kedah le. Hancur berpecah belah berebut kuasa. Aku dengar cerita ni buat aku rasa nak migrate je bawak anak bini aku. Dapat kewarganegaran Finland best juga kut.

  19. Anonymous7:34 am

    Believe me, if MCMC investigate the case of "permata" more story will exposure.Not only MCMC but MACC know better because MACC had call the courier service company manager to question about RM24m diamond, YES there is the "delivered" with 5 armour vehicle.But don't know wheter diamond purchased or "just for review. The consultant of the diamond betweer buyer and seller handle by JEW company.

    We challange MACC to announce the Investigation result. MACC dont closed the case because of VVIP!.


  20. I am asking so that I can better protect myself in the it illegal to poke fun by creating a fake utusan page?

  21. Anonymous9:03 am

    pak rais pun dan macam menteri amaran keras...mengeras je tau kerja nye

  22. Anonymous11:05 am

    Wait till raya time, we'll all feel it - amidst rendang and what have you and of course the 24m ring that is making waves at the moment :it's gonna be big, man- salam al-mubarak rocky.......:)

  23. hell..o Locky Blur, lu punya kawan Cina buta ke..dia tarak baca paper melayu dan inggelis. dia hanya tau baca paper cina. itu paper cina tarak cover merdeka dan laya sebab dia bukan saja buta mata tapi juga buta hati.

    Paper melayu dan nggelis bayak cover cerita orang melayu siap utk sambut merdeka dan raya. Kembara Merdeka saya tengok hari hari jalan ajak lakyat kibar jalur gemilang. Hujung minggu dia ada advertisement kibar jalur gemilang.

    Haiya, dia orang cina tarak celebrate raya sama merdedka maa...sebab itu di kata gloomy... hai ya.

  24. Bedul,

    Betul awak kata shopping mall tak buat seperti krismas dan CNY. sebab yang kontrol Cina, dia tak mau iktiraf negara islam lah kot.

  25. Anonymous12:24 pm

    Simpan duit lah for coming soon BIG Election.

    Will in involve more then what Tony F spent on QPR (Pound Sterling 35M) ?

    Selamat Hari Raya Bru !


  26. Anonymous2:06 pm

    i think Rais getting a bit personal.

    who need big deco in mall, look at all the ppl waiting for buka puasa at restaurants, full house

  27. arizmaya3:12 pm

    Bro Rocky
    About the hari raya things... dari perspektif Islam kemeriahan sambutan hari raya bukan diukur dari betapa besarnya atau betapa tinggi hiasan2 di kompleks membeli belah.. atau berapa panjang lampu lip lap yang menghiasi pagar atau porch rumah2 kita.

    Sebaliknya kita menilainya dari sudut sejauh mana meriahnya masjid2, surau dengan jemaah yang datang untuk menunaikan solat dimalam hari.. spt terawihnya.. qiamulailnya...tadarusnya.

    I dont blame your chinese friend for his erroneous observation but sdr Rocky should have enlightened him on that.

  28. Dear Srikanth,

    Good of you to ask.

    No, it is generally not wrong to poke fun at anything for fun's sake. But when you do something in the name of fun but with the intent to mislead and deceive, I think it is a matter of concern. Whether or not you want to lodge a police report, MCMC report or just jot it down in your diary or your blog, it is entirely up to you and how much the damage that's been done.

    Simple examples:

    1. When Hassan Skodeng was poking fun at Tenaga Nasional, he was doing it for fun with capital F. But Che Khaleb the TNB boss believed that his peers internationally thought it was REAL and so he decided to lodge an MCMC report so that his and TNB's asses are covered, so he can tell them that "see, I took the necessary step to ensure that the public know that TNB is not anti-green" or something to that effect.

    The MCMC, because there are so many morons there, decided to charge Hasan Skodeng in court.

    2. When a certain portal published the picture of Najib in a robe and undergoing a Hindu ritual, and accompany the picture with a story about him and wife resorting to Hindu bomohs and black magic, now that's an attemtp to mislead and deceive. There was no caption to say that the picture was doctored.

    Now, my friend, you may think educated dudes like you who have spent so many years abroad won't fall for the Utusan front page. You're wrong. Doctors and lawyers fell for it.

    What chance have the majority less-educated dudes have?

    p.s. There's only one upside to the whole thing ... Utusan Malaysia does have credibility. People believe whatever it publishes, even when it's a fake Utusan. Cheers

  29. Anonymous3:47 am


    No point in raising these issues for Najib should know by now. Talk is that many of these inactions stem from two reasons:

    a. these are actually Trojans planted within the government to bring it down, rafters included. This is done through blatant inaction that in turn further disillusions the electorate into looking elsewhere.

    b. there is a latent fear amongst some that BN will not survive the next GE and its better to hedge their bets for personal preservation or selfish motives. Thus, when the moment comes they can turn around and plead they had not caused any damage whatsoever to the other side and were in fact being protective whilst quietly advancing the opposition's cause.

    No bridges will be torched this time around and that explains why evidentially rock solid cases have not been pursued by the MACC in Kelantan or Penang or Selangor, why blatant infarctions and open defiance of the law have received short shrift from the Home Ministry and why certain judicial decisions impacting the opposition are bizarre to say the least.It also explains the numerous halfbaked policy measures being implemented willynilly ( case in point: the biometric registration fiasco), the constant flipflopping and the clear discordance in viewpoints regarding issues of national import. The latest mantra in Putrajaya satellite kingdoms is to not uphold the law but to cuckold it for individual interests. In other words, a subtle rebellion against weak and vacilitating central authority. In short, law and order and civil administration be damned as cowards fall over each other to tunnel safe exits.

    Either Najib has personally given up the ghost or he is so surrounded by treacherous sycophants that he can barely glimpse over their shoulders to see the damning reality.

    Warrior 231