Thursday, July 07, 2011

A walk in the stadium (or The taming of BERSIH)

BLUNDER OR COUP? Did Najib Razak make a mistake when he offered the organisers of BERSIH to hold their so-called Yellow march in a stadium? Was he ill-advised? Has the Prime Minister unwittingly provided Anwar's Ambiga an avenue for 100,000 people to throw tantrums in the name of clean and fair elections on July 9? 

Some people think Najib bungled. Among the PDRM top brass even, some felt the government should have let the police do their job because the police were not going to give two hoots about your right to march if that right is going to cause havoc on the streets and jeopardise public order and safety. Some of the anti-BERSIH people also thought the PM was becoming soft. Letting Ambiga have that audience with the YDP Agong, too, was seen as a blunder.

I, however, am of the opinion that Najib has actually pulled off a major coup. Two reasons: 

1. He has gotten BERSIH, a potential organiser of massive rallies, to agree that "walking" in a stadium is the right thing to do compared with marching on the streets. This is a precedent of sorts which future Ambigas must follow. 

2. Some of  her lieutenants have advertised Stadium Merdeka as the venue even though the stadium's people have said NO. But whether it is Stadium Merdeka or the beautiful Shah Alam stadium, it does not matter because the "sting" of the BERSIH walk is gone. The minute Ambiga agreed to have the walk in the stadium, she has agreed to terms and conditions of the stadium (even if the stadium is located in Selangor or Penang, where the state governments are openly pro-BERSIH). And those of us who walked in BERSIH 1.0 in 2007 know that there is no way, now way at all, that the sea of yellow on the streets of KL which triggered the political tsunami of March 2008 could be replicated or repeated within the confines of a stadium.

I'm sure Ambiga and gang know that they've been cornered. Check mated. They need to start the walk outside the stadium in order to save the walk. But no need to sulk Alternatively, as I'd suggested much earlier on Twitter, they could try to organise a massive concert in the stadium to help convey the message. If Sweet Charity or Blues Gang plays, I'd pay to take part in the walk in the stadium.


  1. aiya..Ricky love posting out half truths to insult the intelligence of Malaysians.
    Firstly...please stop using "Anwar's Ambiga" It makes you look real stupid.
    Secondly...Ambiga accepts to hold it in the stadium ...out of respect for the Agong.
    Now you judge who respect the Agong and who is not.
    Thirdly...the so call "sting" of BERSIH is gone is correct...because the MESSAGE is loud and clear..thanks to Najib for promoting it for past one month.
    BERSIH..Ambiga cornered?..check mate???
    Why you low IQ toads. Can you really read the signs?
    More than 150 arrested..and 91 top oppositions and NGO leaders restricted.
    When one
    "CHECK MATE" one need not apply all sorts of restrictions and bully.
    Want to talk about PutraJaya and traitors?
    hi...your good friend ..the lone ranger activist..Rias Hishamuddin is in the 91 restricted list la.
    Even poet cannot compose BERSIH poem.
    Who is checking mate and who is being check mated?

  2. Anonymous9:18 pm

    If it was a coup, it was a good coup. At least Ambiga came out of her trance.

    But since the KL stadiums are not allowing free of charge riots, perhaps they should consider Shah Alam stadium instead. Surely the Selangor MB would love to host the event.


  3. Anonymous9:27 pm

    Our PM is the PUNDEK of the highest degree,,,cakap tak serupa bikin!!!!

    Seluroh KL LUMPUH esok,,,,,business talak laku,,,full of BAJU BIRU on the road,,!!!

    Agak-agak berapa BILLION rugi?????

    Lagi baik duduk rumah KONKEK,,!!!

    DEngar kata PM going over the SEA esok,, mau lari KE,,!!????


  4. They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Benjamin Franklin, one of Founding Fathers of the USA.(To those who are afraid, we understand, but please give a thought to the wisdom above!)

  5. Buah Ciku9:51 pm

    U hv forgotten something: The King.

    So now we know UMNO/BN and Perkasa are a bunch of hypocrite. They use the Monarchy whenever it suits them. In future, they can no longer make use of the Monarchy to bash the Oppositions.

    Secondly, everyone knows Najib is turning into another Badawi. And you know wat's the best thing: Muhyiddin and Mukhriz are smiling behind ;)

  6. Heard BODOWI is Bersih's latest recruit, and that he was sleeping when the recruitment papers were inked.

  7. Who ever can interpret anyhow you want but as a Civil Society I thing Moderation is always in their mind and also with due respect to the Agong the Supreme Head. So how the government of the day or those in blue want to twist and turn there is nothing much can do. So the next round come the Agong will say please march on the street in Bersih3 as no rule are there to say cannot march or walk.

  8. Anonymous9:58 pm



  9. Anonymous9:58 pm

    "Letting Ambiga have that audience with the YDP Agong, too, was seen as a blunder."

    I'm sorry but since when does anyone (Prime Minister included) 'let' the YDP Agong see anyone?

  10. Anonymous9:59 pm

    Bersih2 must show respect to Agong as already agreed. Civil Society have principal. Bersih3 march what you want to do no need PDRM.

  11. Anonymous10:22 pm

    Yeah Rocky

    Najib is more a chess player than a dam player. He thinks way ahead of his opponent.

    With the leaders of bersih competing with one another for credit, Najib has indeed antidoted the poisonous intent.

  12. Sayang Bangsa10:32 pm

    Alhamdullilah. Selawat kepada Nabi Muhammad.
    It's not important anymore. Irrelevant.
    91 people including Ambiga, Anwar, Ibrahim Ali, Hadi and KJ are banned from the city on Saturday.
    We all can breathe easy.
    Thank You Najib and the Police for saving the Nation and the people.
    We will return the favour. Don't worry you will be the WINNER.

  13. Anonymous10:40 pm

    Itu Maple' karut ajer.

    Nak jalan sangat nuuuu,
    human rights tahi dia ler..

    Just ask her to walk up and down the Batu caves steps. PROBLEMS SOLVED.

    He hehe hehehe

  14. Anonymous11:10 pm

    Datuk Rocky,

    One good thing about Bersih 2.0 is that, Prime Minister Najib, could have used the opportunity to spot and purge PKR sleepers in the UMNO Supreme Council ranks..

    Prof Awe Kecik

  15. Mazlan11:32 pm

    Dear dear Rocky,
    you really are the spinmeister...
    The way things stand right now is that it was the King that managed to defuse the situation. The idea that Najib scored a coup is bizarre - just look at the scrambling that is going on right now by Najib.
    One minute saying no rally of any sort - then one in Stadium ok, then no stadium allowed.. then police roadblocks.
    Even Najib looked stunned when the King granted an audience to Ambiga and not one to Perkasa.
    You must be the only person that Najib has come out of this smelling of roses. Everyone else is looking at Najib as a PM that is seemingly clueless. Ambiga has got immesne global PR and sympathy and Najib looks like a flip flopper...

  16. Salam Bro,

    1.Now PM Najib triggers blunderbuss

    2.Even 5,000 people, can ambiga assures that their gathering will not be in a mess or turn wild hogs? or at least to assure that the stadium's properties in good shape?

    3.Sadly,if it's illegal massive rally, who the hell are they to break the law? Who will benefit then? Who are the big losers? Of course not chineses and and indians

    4.To control and prevent,law and order is the best solution.Hoping KPN will never sing "let it be". They are evils in "real" disguise.

  17. don't forget to blanja me also

  18. You say that Najib 'let' Tuanku meet Ambiga. That is an insult to the King by implying His Majesty needs the PM's permission to meet with whoever he chooses.
    You say Najib check mated Bersih?
    From the look of things it is the other way around.
    By meeting with his Majesty - it gives legitimacy to Bersih and elevates Ambiga's position. And it also check mates Ibrahim Ali who did not get to meet with the king and had been suggesting Amniga's Datukship be revoked and that the King should not meet with her.

    Since the meeting with Tuanku - Najib has been making an ass of himself. Contradicting statements from him, Hishamuddin and the IGP makes them look like the 3 stooges.
    So I don't know what game of chess you play - but looks like the Govt is running around in circles and Bersih gets more free publicity and sympathy from the public.

    Rocky - you better get the PM to fire his advisers and political consultants as they are doing a piss poor job!

  19. Anonymous1:50 am

    Better still...lets have a football carnival with BERSIH, PERKASA, PATRIOT , AMK-UNIT AMAL each contributing one team. Start with round robin league in the day with 2 top teams play in the finals at night.
    Throw in a Sweet Charity - Blues Gang Concert before the finals game and at half time just like the superbowl..

    ..mesti meletop beb...

  20. Waht about Alleycats, you left out AlleyCats.

  21. Anonymous3:44 am

    Malaysia is sick... The government is corrupted, racist and scared... Time for change. TQ

  22. Anonymous7:46 am

    That's why I recommended that they do it at iCity, Shah Alam.. Dah puas berdemo.. lepastu sambung tengok rock concert :)

    Unfortunately iCity takde stadium.. so the next best thing is Stadium Shah Alam..

  23. Anonymous8:06 am

    Or is it ambiga has won? She has cleverly distanced bersih from the potential rioters. If she assembled in the stadium, but the demonstrators assembled near sogo, how could the police find her wrong. Infact, bersih can claim those are not bersih's ppl...


  24. Anonymous8:39 am

    Allow me the privilege to comment on the issue in your blog, Bro.

    Firstly: Bersih 2.0 should be recoined as KOTOR 2.0. For it is nothing about being clean defiled as it is by political sheninigans, helmed by a political cocksuckling stooge with no credibility. Pray, only a brainwanked, arsewhoring and Chingkie cocksuckling, whore piss guzzling fiend would ratify something so contaminated as Bersih. And I wouldnt be surprised if such a scumbag does so since in his/her inverted moral punyverse of staged elections, phantom rolls, fisticuffs and namecalling, stuffed ballot boxes, obscenely obnoxious family dynasty machinations, denial of receourse to justice, summary political executions plus plastic bags of other shit, menses.cumjuice and dicksquirts, Bersih is the new word for Kotor. Ask any PR slimepoop or or PAS douchebag or even Kulas and the Nga twins of DAP infamy. So it is laughable that such bastards have the temerity to call for electoral hygeine. But then again being so gagged by Chingkie cock, buttdripping with filthy Chingkcum and clittorn by pigdick thrusts would have inured these people to their own realities such that their genetically wired stupidity and vein flowing hypocrisy should not be surprising to us normal, decent folks.

    Secondly: Who is some nature spayed, sagging tittied. cuntblasted political whore trying to kid? The gumption displayed by this insignificant grandmmomma fuckedup douchebag issue from some chakiliyan sreenivasan pundek kalathai ejaculate is amazing given she never had the guts to stand up for the rights of the downtrodden. Where were the street marches when two Malay boys went into the slammer for torching a Christo church but two Chingkie slimebags walked scot free for defiling a Malay surau in Seremban. Pray, where was this pigfaced low browed bitch when a malay Muslim girl had her dignity "ravished" in the infamous squat incident. She talks about probably some stagemanaged phantom death threats as if right-thinking, clean cosncienced individuals would be as brainwanked as her to sms a traceable death threat when a remote bomb would do to blow her to smithireens (not that anyone would waste time and effort on this cuntblasted, twatchancred, juicedry droopygammed piece of pot bellied ugly lard). She probably assumes that her chakiliyan streak runs like a timebomb in every walking Malaysian ready to prompt them to indulge in some slash and burn ala Sosila or to butcher some wanked up shit ala Anbalagan!

    No Bru. Najib floundered much much earlier and that stadium offer only aggravated a downhill slide down the "spineless" slope. The moment the whiff of politics surfaced with that offer of truce by arsewhore the very day the fuckfest was launched, that was the moment to ISA the oldtwat and waterboard and cuntelectrocute her to cough out her real motivations and backers!!

  25. Anonymous9:33 am

    Oooooo....kissing the ass of Najib isn't going to get you anywhere. OK, OK, maybe it'll protect your Latukship.....


  26. bro,
    i think BERSIH demands are okay.najib is incompetent.he always took the bait.the star poll
    gave him the shivers and reality check.these old elites are insulated from the real world.
    my ayam was rgt4.20per kg in it rgt8.50 per kg in Tesco!
    hows that compared to a rgt750k
    handbag read on the net that an umno ex pm son bought for his wife?

  27. Anonymous10:28 am

    Ya Rocky you may be so, though it is difficult to say actually but there has NO DOUBT that the RAYKAT with all the hoo-ha has already over the weeks understood further
    all the concerns 'seeked for as in the electoral reforms matter.

  28. Anonymous10:51 am

    Does it really matter anymore whether there is a rally in Stadium, walk or whatever?

    The Citizens have seen thru all the Chinchinaries of how the Government works. The trust is lost.

    From being apolitical march by some concerned parties, some over fearful warlords sees it fit to politicise the whole thing and some jump onto the bandwagon to seek glamour.

    Even government servants and so called independent bodies sees it fit to seek glamour that they are working hard for the ruling party.

    Who actually benefits from all these?

    It's the ordinary citizens who are now awaken to the system of governing in this country!

  29. Anonymous10:54 am


    Previously you don't dare to post my comment. This was taken from uncle Zorro.

    You dare to post this link? It from an ex-army

    btw how much you getting a month from your boss?

  30. PDRM have a job to do with finite resources and so their concerns are legitimate.

    What locus standi does Ambiga have when proper forums like the Parliament have not been used or exhausted?

    Walking in stadiums is a step forward, but it is not election time yet and so they should pay for private securty services and undertake to pay all damage and cleaning up.

  31. Rocky

    You must be classified as an endangered species as you are probably the only one in the world who thinks Najib checkmated Bersih.

    Then again maybe no. Many others like you also know where your bread is buttered.

  32. Anonymous11:32 am

    Spoken like a true turn coat. Keep counting the money and combing those locks because Rocky, you're worth it!

  33. Anonymous11:33 am

    Najib had gone back on his words. Worse than flip flop PM whom Rocky likes very much to ridicule. The flimsy and frivolous reason given was Bersih is not registwered and therefore an unlawful organisation. Was Parti Komunis Malaya (PKM) a lawful organisation when the Govt signed an agreement with them. PKM which murdered hundreds thousand of Malaysians was given "legal" status whereas Bersih is a much better organisation was even denied a stadium, something which was promised to them in the first place.

    anti flip flop like rocky

  34. Anonymous11:46 am

    I don't think you have the spine to walk like human being because you spinned too hard and got yourself hurt.


  35. Anonymous12:16 pm

    1. Bersihkan senarai undi
    2. Mereformasikan undi pos
    3. Gunakan dakwat kekal
    4. Masa kempen minima 21 hari
    5. Akses media yang bebas dan adil
    6. Kukuhkan institusi awam
    7. Hentikan rasuah
    8. Hentikan politik kotor

    Is it too much to ask for these eight basic requirements for a fair and free election process in our Malaysian democracy?

    Or do we let this chance to pass us by, ignoring it, ridiculing it, even hating it, just for the sake of a short-term national security?

    I say, "Sesal dahulu pendapatan, sesal kemudian tiada gunanya".

  36. Anonymous12:18 pm

    By the latest preemptive action by PDRM I wonder whether Najib has indeed won the battle. But for sure the war is far from over.

  37. If Ambiga is Anwar's, whose are you?

  38. Anonymous12:35 pm

    Rocky I have followed you for a very long time. One of your earliest readers, to be precise.I haven't visited your blog for over a year now, for various reasons. We all know how you switched back to the BN camp after Najib came to power and you got a nice paying job. That's fine, evryone has a choice. In fact to tell you the truth I am very much on the fence thesedays regarding politics. But I just wish you had a spine and continued to support the causes that you championed so much in the past. Your cynicism of Bersih is nothing like the Rocky we thought we knew. You made us believe you're a man who truly believed in matters like free and fair elections. Looks like you just believed in bringing down Badawi and getting a job for yourself. And since when you viwed street demo as throwing tantrums and causing havoc? You haven't let go off the Singaporean in you man! You marched in 08, so why is the march now merely to cause havoc? And stop your "Anwar's Ambiga". She at least has better strength and character to stand up for what she believes in. The woman's a braver man than you are.

  39. rocky...malu la sikit...tulis bongok macam utusan malaysia saja ni...

    umno melalak situ sini buat kacau berdemo tanpa permit hang tak bising pun...

    well, i know some people are so soft headed...shove some money or positions up their bums and they will be willing to be your dog...

    alahai..nasib melayu... dah la banyak tidur, pemalas..yang ada otak sikit pun tak boleh harap...

  40. The Simple Man12:42 pm

    Eleh Rocky,

    In 2007 the 1st Bersih walk you participated what! You went with Shanghai Stephen. Now you are Najib's spinmaster you wanna belittle Ambiga.

    Hypocrites like you should rot in hell!!!

    Ambiga really lived up to her name ( IM Bigger) and you guys are running scared! Hahaha

  41. Anonymous12:42 pm

    Correct me if I am wrong..
    Read somewhere this AMBIGA ACi,

    Grandfather from Southern India,
    Mama also direct fm Southern India..
    Not sure, read somewhere, even husband also from there?

    Can someone please confirm facts true or false?..

    he hehe hehehe

  42. ha ha ha

    Najis left country with self proclaim Cougar Wifey....

    Left management to muntahdin, hisapcandu and police, rela, perkasa & 3 line....

    this time lets see if he can emulate Tun Dr, Munafiq of trying escape responsibility.....

    Maybe no need to come back after July asylum somewhere...

  43. Anonymous1:09 pm


    And then the UMNO rats will scramble with tails between their legs....on flotsam to Sumatra.


  44. To all who support BERSIH.
    Forget about BERSIH and forget about its causes. This is not about election reforms,fighting for justice and democracy.
    This is about a ‘Demostration in KL’. Yes thats what this is all about.
    The KPI for Anwar and PR. To start a demo in KL that will create chaos and mayhem, and trigger a mood swing across the nation and eventually bring down the govt. Thats it. To hell with the democratic process.
    The chronology of events have now really made this so apparent to the peace loving moderate majority rakyat of Malaysia.
    Now let the PDRM and the TDM to perform their sworn duties to protect all the rakyat in restoring PEACE!!

  45. looks like everyone know you are spineless ..flip flopper mastering the art to insult the intelligence of Malaysians
    Go and support you did on BERSIH1..and stop making cock and bull excuses not to.
    You don't to go .carrying Mamak's and Najib's balls for business..say so.
    We will understand...but don't spin and spin until one will be spinning your own business out'
    Never takes sides ...if you want good business.
    But if you succeed by carrying balls...60 year old..never too late to change and ask for forgiveness from Allah.
    He is ever forgiven God...but not to people with a devilish heart like Mahathir who can even forget his Indian bloodline.
    Now that PERWIRA is talking cock to himself...lets hope he stays that way.
    He needs alot of fucking and all are ready to fuck him again and again...if he tries to brag.
    He has no brain to spin like you.
    But your spinning days are numbered.
    By the way...sorry for spelling you name "Ricky" which should be "Rocky"
    In any respond to your post is excellent.....NO?

  46. Anonymous3:02 pm

    Latuk Locky...

    Who cares about Bersih ..!

    They can go suck brick if they want.

    The steam is gone now ..just like a deflated prick after a super clean super duper ejaculation.... huahuahuahua..


  47. Anonymous3:13 pm

    There can be many winners, but there is only ONE loser. The loser is the ordinary people of Malaysia, regardless of whom they support.

    Soldier of Fortune

  48. Anonymous3:26 pm

    a coup ?

    from his speeches for the last couple of weeks... sound like a hooligan crackpot.

    but guess one got to do the ball-licking thing...

    " yeeha! i can smell a tan sri-ship rolling in..."

  49. The "sting" of Bersih is an absurd contradiction in terms. Theirs is a noble intention whoever may have hijacked it to their own ends. Najib has merely signalled his unwilling to to participate in this manipulation. In doing so though, he has shot himself not only in his foot but more mortally in his head.

  50. Nampak sangat patern ni - paklah, najib, flip flop, lebih kurang, half-past 6 ...

  51. Anonymous4:30 pm

    ahh my idol is back!!

    but below 8.39 then came the ma faker godfather, aiya godfather if you have a son surely your advice is :

    `son you study hard its good for you make your parent proud we invest heavily on your future'

    but why aaa? why you did not include in your advice such as this:

    `dont cheat aaa? dont cheat like us
    we work but not hard as other people thought, like your grandpa and ma it is in your blood, dont spread a story like a mould over a mountain, dont bark on the wrong tree, each of us have a denial syndrome, you cheat you gain ma...let the bumi get cheated we just love spread a lie to other people so we gain let them fight with each other'

    that is the correct way when you teach and advice your children wright?

    or is it already in their brain planted as `automatic mode' that you dont need to teach them this one `instinct'

  52. That Ambiga won award for bravery from Michele Obama and Hilary Clinton was covered in world media except kucing kurap Malaysian media like NST, Star, utusan, etc. Why do you think YDP Agong agreed to meet Ambiga but refues to meet that anjing kurap Ibrahim Ali? Rocky cant bru sit!

  53. Anonymous4:56 pm

    Najib the Enhancer has left the country. Leaving the wide eyed novice from johor to handle the situation.

    Sounds like Memali.

    Najib is seeking divine intervention as he prays with the Pope in Vatican City tonight.

    Will they kidnap "Ambiga the Kacau Daun", shoot her in the face, and vaporize her with C4 like the mongolian bitch.

  54. Anonymous4:59 pm

    Kalau awak sudah tiada kerja pg jumpa Datuk ZMI, mungkin dia boleh kasi lu jadi editor, tak payah nak spin-spin kerana spin awak menampakkan kebodohan diri sendiri.
    Syabas monsterball.

  55. Anonymous5:02 pm

    I detest saturdays for its traffic congestion and this so-called fight for justice will make tomorrow's congestion even worse. And for this I detest opposition even more.
    Thank you very much Anwar Ibrahim, Ambiga and Mat Sabu for making ordinary people's life like me going to work tomorrow a major headache.

  56. Anonymous5:18 pm

    To Monsterball and those 'smart people'...just wonder, do you guys really think by gathering in the stadium or marching on the street will change the situation? I doubt so. So, what's the purpose of this whole thing? Making your voice heard? I think all of us have heard enough for the past few weeks with news reports about the issue. I'm an uneducated person but even i can see that tomorrow is just another Anwar's ploy to cause chaos, just like in 1998, 1999. I was one of the many victims back then when I got sprayed even though I was not part of the demontsrators. I got sprayed just because I went to work. And tomorrow, I'll have a major headache going to work so that you guys can go and make your voice heard, but not my voice or my family's. Thank you very much.

  57. BERSIH no telur6:07 pm

    as i see it all the bigots in PAS and PKR are now 'tidak ada telur' and 'cakap tarak serupa bikin'. Only by comitting 'harakiri' will PAS and PKR followers and BERSIH followers can regain back their honor (if ever they have any).
    as for DAP, only corrupted and racist human will support DAP.
    the BERSIH people are all spineless, telurless and obviously corrupted to the core.
    eat anuwar's shit and die.
    ehh.. the kafir nik aziz even no telur running to Uzbekistan. and using money from his corrupt governance. and as usual, reading to many harakah can actually make PAS stupid.
    ha ha ha

  58. Mustapha Ong6:53 pm

    Salam bro Rocky,

    PM has rightly given the blessing for that alternative venue to the illegal organiser of the opposition sponsored rally to held peacefully in a stadium.It is a strategic advice but there people out there who had manipulated the true intention of the prime minister in allowing the rally to be held on July 9 as planned by BERSIH 2.0

    However, it would have been more damaging if PM were to identify the venue (stadium) for the rally.As usual some of the ministers had interfered in the issue and made unwarranted statement which had further complicated the matter.

    I opined that only PM should have the last call in order to resolve the stalemate. Other ministers should not issue provocative statements that could be misquoted and impact the goodwill of the government. Najib's administration should not be construed as autocratic but should listen to the voices of members of BN as well as the opposition and rakyat from the ground.

    Having said that, I am glad that Khairy as leader of UMNO Youth and his members will go on with their peaceful march from Bukit Bintang to stadium Merdeka tomorrow. I would take a step further in this historical rally to be held in stadium Merdeka and suggest that all BN youth and puteri should join in the peaceful march in order to show their solidarity and patriotism as BN partners.

    I am glad that Perkasa has been advised not to participate in the march or rally as their recent statements had been too heavily racialist.

    Lastly, I have also suggested that all those who wish to participate in the peaceful march, including those from the "illegal" BERSIH 2.0
    should assemble themselves at Padang Merbok before they are allowed to march to the stadium.

    The police should provide the security escort as the organiser has committed to enlist 5,000 marshals to control the participants.

    In addition, all TV stations and media should be allowed to cover the rally in the stadium. The BN government under Najib's leadership should prove to the people as well as the foreign power that this government is not autocratic, although we are responsible to safeguard the public interest and the safety of the people.

    BERSIH 2.0 is an illegal entity under the law based technicality. If the police can close one eye on many matters, I believe they should use their discretion and approve the permit to allow the rally to be held tomorrow. No big deal and we pray that everything will be fine and the people and businesses will enjoy a good weekend from tomorrow.

  59. Anonymous7:03 pm

    I will not surprised if after this, nik aziz will declare `fatwa' it is a must or fardu ain for muslim to vote ambiga as prime minister of malaysia. Pas supporters then will cry out loudly `Allahuakbar', same like they do to nga kor ming and ngeh koh ham...

  60. Anonymous7:18 pm

    Again Najib has shown his smart approach.

    Like, Perak... Najib managed to take back the state.... And Anwar being fooled.

    Now, Bersih has ti call offf their dirty rally...

    Bersih is checkmated by Najib.

    Gongrats Najib

  61. Rocky you cant even bru shit in your tummy.

  62. Anonymous7:41 pm

    Monster no balls and et al,

    Why u all envious of rocky ni? Its a free world isnt it? He has the right to call Bersih's and anwars ambiga's bluff!!

    Relaks la, jangan lah nak orang support kau orang je. Orang cam rocky ni tak boleh dijual beli cam penyokong2 opposition cam kau orang!! Pahamm bahlol!!

  63. Anonymous7:45 pm

    Najib is now paying for the sins of his dad man! Well its kharma time yipee!
    Can yu imagine this PEE AM is now peeing in his pants for his fuck up in handling this Bersih case!Thank God we have an idiotic pm or else it would have been the other way around!Oh before i forget.....God is great man!
    No mater how you spin, jive or whatever we people can see your you dont wear any undies to work.....

  64. Anonymous7:58 pm

    Forget about your are you going to correct your blunder here? Since when some PM decides on who meets the Agung? Where is your running dog Perwira ? Where is that scumbag Ali?

  65. happy go lucky8:31 pm

    Face the fact. Bersih has failed. Miserably. what else do you want, you natural born failures. They can't have their so-called peace walk, and they can't even get the stadiums, except for shah alam of course. Bersih failed because majority of the people are not with them.

    In middle east, the demos happened spontaneously. No need for organisers. Then hence the govts can't do anything.

    But Bersih, you pathetic soul. You even have to plan a date, telling everybody in advance because you don't have the momentum. And I don't see many heeding to your call.

    Face it. Najib won, took control of everything and check mated those pathetic organisers. Bersih is undecided now. Shah Alam, KL, or what ? Of course the sour grape people in Bersih would stubbornly disagree with me. That's what sour graping is all about. You fail to have what you want and blame others for it. Well, you fail because the proud majority are not with you. Face it mike. And tommorow I'll take a nice brisk walk in parks in JB with my family, laughing off those pathetic people in Bersih who are a confused lot now.

    Hehehe !!!

  66. Anonymous8:33 pm

    What the fuck !!!

    Using all the nation machineries to take on a little indian lady... !!!

  67. Anonymous8:59 pm

    thank you Prime Minister. You had effectively check mated " Bersih ". U r such a brilliant strategist.

  68. The Greek philosopher Plato said that "we can forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light".

  69. Anonymous10:12 pm

    ambiga = sagging tittied

    heh heh

  70. Anonymous10:15 pm

    “KUALA LUMPUR: Police are prepared to issue permits to hold rallies Saturday outside the capital and this can be done quickly, said Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein.”

    WTF only now they thought abt this… after RM hundred millions and time lost due to million cars stuck in traffic jam, many manpower and manhour wasted doing unnecessary works, many business opportunities lost.

    UMNO, you have outdone your own stupidity. UMNO should sack all their advisers.


  71. Anonymous10:39 pm

    Kong Kek Kuat....You Da MAN!
    Rocky, as usual you do NOT have the guts to write the truth.
    You are a sorry excuse of a man.

    -I weep for Malaysia-

  72. Anonymous11:20 pm

    Too much democracy is too many idiots with too much time at hand, most of which are used for talking, arguing and 'expressing themselves', and not learning nor thinking.


  73. Anonymous11:29 pm

    cukuplah, don't spin so much.

    This was what PM Najib Razak said and reported by TV3. Check out his speech on youtube:

    1. BERSIH must organise the rally in the stadium, says Najib

    2. Government is prepared to meet BERSIH to discuss organising the rally in a stadium, says Najib

    3. PERKASA and UMNO must not also organise rallies, says Najib

    4. Najib thanks His Majesty the Agong for helping to ensure that there is no disruption to public order and security

    In conclusion, the PM of 1Malaysia RENEGED on his promises as expected. With this blunder of handling of Bersih by the PM, both Muhyiddin and Mukhriz are smiling :)

  74. Anonymous12:20 am

    So you think your views are better than A Samad Said?

  75. Yeah, we as the Chinese community only support Bersih when it is only used soley for the purposes of Defeating BN/UMNO. We should not support Bersih at all should Pakatan made any gains out of any election/ or any by-elections.I personnaly support the Bersih free and fair elections campaign, because going on previous By-elections BN is getting stronger.Anyway im gonna do my part for the Bersih campaign like the rest of my community by putting up Bersih pic badges on Facebook (can't do the marching we chinese are afraid of being tanned) ,anyhow tommorow on saturday morning im going to eat Dim Sum @ melaka with my gf family and enjoy ourselves . After all we have our "Malai Lembus" to do the dirty job for us.

  76. See for youeself Rocky. The immense criticism to Najib and his gangsters shows how much sympathy these people have inspite of the fact that some are not even ersih's supporter.

    Of all people, you have to support the government and chose to go against Bersih while the population at large doeas not take sides but totally disagree with how Najib is handling this issue which is in defiant of the Agung's call fopr him to handle the situation wisely and let there be no fraction of the people having animosity against the government. A very wise advise from a very wise king but najib did a reverse against a good advise. He chose to remain stupid.

  77. Anonymous5:30 am

    Perwira - I think you are a cock sucking imbecile. With a brain as small as your 30% allows.. Open your racist mouth and rest assured normal people will reply to your posts..take your heheheh and put it up your racist backside. If you need translation in English..bark twice and ask your deeply in trouble master

  78. Ellese7:34 am

    These bersih supporters are pure bullshit hypocrites.

    They say they support bersih's right of assembly but didn't support UMNO youth or perkasa right of assembly.

    They say they are peaceful coz ambiga claimed so but its not peaceful if KJ says so. Only they are peace loving people in the world. Only they who can determine it's peaceful.

    They say bersih can assemble on 9th but perkasa and UMNO youth cannot and should pick other days. How come a right to assemble be subject to priorities in time?

    They fight for free, fair objective media but support fallacious false unfair speculative one sided media like Malaysia today, malaysiakini and Malaysian insider. Rpk spunned stories based on hearsay SD can hardly be said to be fair And objective but they justify it as truth.MI has many times censored totally my criticism against them but proclaimed to believe in freedom of speech. Why demand free and fair media only on msm and not other media? Why condemn Utusan and accept the Utusan standard of MT or MI?

    They say they support democracy but support PR who is headed by a person who without doubt practices manipulation forgery fraudulent democratic practices. Huh doesn't make sense.

    Worse they say they want to start a peaceful march but actually intend to create a colour revolution like Thailand. They want our nation to split in colours so that we can divide with bloodbath.

    If they had been sincere they would do it in shah Alam. It has a much bigger stadium capacity. Much bigger open space. Stadium merdeka can fill only 20k.

    I have supported and defended their right to assembly initially. But when they only want stadium merdeka, it smacks utter political motivation. No intent of having a peaceful march at all. And it shows they want police to take action so that they can create a colour revolution like Thailand. Damn bersih for leading our nation to the abyss of bloodbath.

  79. Anonymous7:35 am

    It's the newspaper editors fault,
    that newspapers did not feed Datuk Ambiga's ego and report that she received the 2009 most courageous lady award from US Secretary of State!
    (the US also sent funds... )

    Political support for Bersih?
    For the benefit of Tok Bro Mat Sabu, newspapers would also mention the citation for the award from the Americans is mainly for our dear Datuk's stand and support for murtad, huhuh!

    Haji M Zin,
    Alor Gajah

  80. Anonymous8:44 am

    Anon at 4.30 pm:

    WTF are you trying to say, or has UMNO caused your brains to go mushy ? Or maybe too much inbreeding has caused this mumbo-jumbo ?

    We teach our children that we should not tolerate theft of public funds - which happens to be the modus operandi of UMNO. Unfortunately for Bolehland, the word "shame" is not in UMNO's dictionary.


  81. Anonymous9:27 am

    Bersih haa died....hahaha

    Gongrats Najib.

    To Anwar, you are right when you tried hard to keep pak lah... But sorry, you lose . Hahaha

  82. Dear Bro

    What had happen to you my friend?

    I respect your choice and decision, just feel sad, in my humble opinion you have crossed to a side that you feel strongly against before? Why?

    You see the truth? Or others?

    God Blessed your soul!

    Shiok Guy...

    Lets pray!

  83. Anonymous10:13 am

    Anonymous said...
    Too much democracy is too many idiots with too much time at hand, most of which are used for talking, arguing and 'expressing themselves', and not learning nor thinking.


    11:20 PM

    This has to be the best comment. Absolutely spot on. We are a nation who likes to complain BUT refuse to take responsibility on our own actions.

  84. Aiyo Godfather
    I asked you before, how many times you watched Russell Crowe say that in Robin hood? No originality, so typical of you.
    I also asked you if you liked my quote?
    We WILL rise and you and the rest will quake in fear. Good eh?

    You're full of s**t la. Better la join Bersih and clean yourself up. Maybe you can get that change you long for.
    Or maybe you should just stick to golfing and fry your own self to a crisp.
    We had better see you in the demo or else you'd be nothing but full of hot air and s**t.
    Jantan la sikit kena tangkap polis mcm tianchua. Apa guna comment kat sini tapi penakut nak mampus.

  85. Anonymous12:11 pm

    Monsterball Lau ren

    Relax lor..
    Go play with your cicit..


  86. Anonymous12:26 pm

    Many demonstrators in KL, but where are the chinese DAP members and supporters???
    Semua Cina ni batu api. Tiba masa se-ekor pun tak timbul. Melayu PAS dan PKR juga lah yg diperbodohkan oleh DAP.

  87. Anonymous1:25 pm

    Rocky, I suspect the Clean and Fair coalition learned their lesson from the "Art of War" to perfection. The known objectives is to send a memo to the Agung requesting EC to implement 8 demands to ensure fair and clean election by rallying in the streets of KL. Unknown to the authorities, the hidden objective of the clean and fair coalitions is to allowed all Malaysians, especially those who are ignorant of current political going ons and those that do not care less about our currently precarious political situation, to see, feel, and ultimately actively involve in charting the future of our beloved nation, that is Malaysia.

    Judging by the way how things turn out the last two weeks, the clean and fair coalitions played out their strategies to perfection. They achieved:

    1. Exposing the insecurity of the current govt and exposing their distrust of the rakyat.
    2. Not capable of dealing in a responsible and fair manner.
    3. Prefer to use force instead of negotiations to settle differences.
    4, Do not keep their promises aka cannot be trusted.
    5. Lack of logical thoughts, eg. one of the key excuses not to allowed the street rally was economic losses and inconvenience to the people of KL but judging by the city wide road blocks by the orders of the police, which is actually the decision of the powers that be, economic losses is at least 100x more. eg. Extra burning of fossil fuel itself, due to massive jams, estimated in the tens of millions of ringgit not to mention the loss of productivity, and almost all economic activities within KL city.
    6. Give the rakyat an indication of how the powers that be deals with any future national issues. Judging by recent events, it's not acceptable behavior by any standard.
    7. Lack of leadeship. Internal conflict lead to conflicting decisions (fli-flop decisions).
    8. More importantly, it revealed that the power that be is fearful of fair & just. The big question in everybody's mind is "WHY?".

    Clean and fair coalition might loose the battle of the day but won the war for the future.

  88. SpartacusGay1:40 pm

    It's passing strange how Muslims can march willy-nilly in the West to protest against discrimination, ethnic/religious profiling etc without any heavy-handed interventions from the authorities.

    Double standards?

    Or, maybe, thinner skins here, like bullies everywhere! Hammer the defenseless and cower when the big guys throw their weight around the neighborhood.

  89. happy go lucky4:26 pm

    Congrats to PM Najib. Dato Seri Najib, you controlled the situation well. As expected, the Bersih demo is a pathetic failure. i watched the photos in Malaysiakini ( I believe it should be renamed Malaysiakeliru ) and the number of protestors are in handful thousands. Malaysiakini claimed it was 10,000 strong but my al-Jazeera friend claimed it was just a handful thousands. So I trust the independant source more than the portal of the opposition.

    Tahniah Dato Seri Najib yg sentiasa tenang, dan berjaya mengawal dan memadamkan demo yg tak berfaedah itu. Saya tertawa dengan orang bersih yg nak menyamakan ini dengan Tunisia dan Mesir. Di sana rakyat mengamuk tanpa disuruh sebab tekanan dan penindasan, ada hampir kebuluran dan tak cukup duit nak beli makan dan ada dibunuh dulu oleh rejim Hosni Mubarak. Kita di Malaysia tak macam itu.

    Saya bersyukur kita masih aman dan boleh hidup berpatutan dan selamat. Saya akan adakan barbeque malam ni sempena " bersih pathetic failure ".

  90. Anonymous6:48 pm

    Dear Rocky , you are one real shoe polisher for the Gov of the day. I bet you will sing a different tune when PR form the next Gov.
    I followed your blog for sometime and the difference in your tune and spine in real mind boggling. You are the epitome of tulis tulis cari makan.
    Cheers. To all those that walk today , my salute to all of you. Real gem to see such unity of all the races.

  91. Anonymous7:51 pm

    SpartacusGay or spectacularly gay

    Those are TRULY peaceful marchers, this one has reforBASI written allover it

  92. Anonymous7:52 pm

    Keep spinning bro. More people will see thru your crap.

  93. Anonymous7:53 pm

    In fact spin doctors like you and Syed Akhbar will do BN in.

  94. Anonymous3:08 am

    aku tengah syok baca 8.39am, sampai naik stim, tetiba scroll kat bawah si komunis ni pulak yang muncul ha ni aku nak publish lagi skali :

    ahh my idol is back!!

    but below 8.39 then came the ma faker godfather, aiya godfather if you have a son surely your advice is :

    `son you study hard its good for you make your parent proud we invest heavily on your future'

    but why aaa? why you did not include in your advice such as this:

    `dont cheat aaa? dont cheat like us
    we work but not hard as other people thought, like your grandpa and ma it is in your blood, dont spread a story like a mould over a mountain, dont bark on the wrong tree, each of us have a denial syndrome, you cheat you gain ma...let the bumi get cheated we just love spread a lie to other people so we gain let them fight with each other'

    that is the correct way when you teach and advice your children right?

    or is it already in their brain planted as `automatic mode' that you dont need to teach them this one `instinct'

  95. Anonymous11:19 am

    Anon 5:30 PM
    Coli coli or.. why you engeli like that wan? What to do? My neighbour's all Malaysian but cannot sepick or lite BM or BI. I have to invent a new "Oliginal" language to communicate daily with them...


    if I say "kick" or "tendang", they donno oloso, must demonstrate flying kick only they understand wan!

    Haiyaaa.. donno pelom which planet these people cum but claimed themselves to be Malaysians?

    he hehe hehehe

  96. Anonymous10:00 pm

    hehehe anon@5:30 AM is truly pissed off by PERWIRA

    great work there PERWIRA, we enjoy your "digs" at these tak cebuk pakai sengkelet punya bangsa

  97. Anonymous11:29 pm

    Interesting bersih March which bring out the Malaysian boleh spirit of a truly multiracial country. No amount of creative lie can dispute the heroism of Ambiga. Truly a hero. Of course her team including Pak Samad. And you Latuk what ooh spineless evil rocky can spin and spin, evil never win good. W all have to answer to Allah. So repent lah????

  98. sorry bro, but a Datukship seems too heavy 4 u 2 b neutral. PEACE.

  99. Anonymous6:35 pm

    HOw come this Rocky dude is not saying anything? I used to have so much respect for you , buying the damn NST on SUndays once upon a time for your column...well, go ahead and brownnose the PM