Saturday, July 09, 2011

The taming of BERSIH Part 2

BERSIH 2.0 or REFORMASI 2.0? Well, I told you so. Bersih 1.0 was hijacked in 2007 and today Bersih 2.0 has been hijacked by the same guy. Scores of tweets are coming in by the minute by people who have now come to the realization that this is a political scheme, after all.

Can't fool all the people all the time, Saudara.

Read some of the tweets I've compiled in the last few minutes.

Not "yellow" at all, eh? Are you surprised?

A tweet from a veteran journo from the Star

Loyar Burok sees it too

You said it, bro!

Yes, again ... Same script, former US envoy John Malott dutifully wrote a piece supporting Bersih 2.0 aka Reformasi 2.0

Betul kot? Cuba tanya Ambiga

Trapped in 1999. 20th century mentality

Bersih tu politik!

Who are they trying to fool?

Ye. That was what they said in 2007 

Et tu, @suani? I can imagine your shock, sis

More angry tweets here
Follow the Reformasi 2.0 "live" at Malaysian Observer TV or MOBtv H E R E


  1. Mana dia seruan pilihanraya bebs dan adil?

  2. Anonymous2:12 pm

    Kesian nya tengok mat2 dan minah2 kena cekup.
    Eh untuk apa hah?

    kami rakyat biasa tengah bersantai dgn keluarga. Pagi tadi lepas subuh pergi bersih.... rumah dan kawasan lah. Berfaedah sikit.

    salam harmoni pada semua warga malaysia.

    Man orang biasa

  3. Anonymous2:15 pm

    Uncle Bru,

    Firstly let's not spin this BERSIH rally too far. You opine that at the back it is a political game. So be it.

    I believe we should neither downgrade the intellect of the people nor coerce them from making their own choice. What I am getting at is that, if KL is not off-bound, thousands of people wish to be there including me. Make no bone about it.

    As to the shouting of reformasi, it belies your intellect that those are your own agent provocateurs!

  4. Pelajar2 Melayu dari IPT awam bila ditangkap mengikuti demo Bersih2 harus dibuang saja dari Universiti. Ibu, bapa dan penjamin2 mereka dikenakan tindakan saman.
    Penjawat awam dgn Kerajaan jika ditangkap harus terus dibuang kerja! Ramai lagi anak muda yg menganggur yg boleh mengambil tempat mereka.
    Kalau dahulu kala, orang2 yg derhaka kpd Raja akan disula dan dipancung!
    Melayu mudah lupa !

  5. Adik Anon 2.15pm,

    There's no need to spin this. I'm just quoting from Twitter. If you have a Twitter account, you know what they are talking about.

    Let us admit. This is not Ambiga's game. Not yours and not mine, the people. It is Anwar's political genius. Credit where it's due. I am just glad that more people will realize after this that they've been had.

    Never too late for the learning.

  6. Anonymous2:29 pm

    Bro Rocky...i knew it all along that this Bersih rally got nothing to do with election reforms or whatsoever.
    It is all about this so called 'ANUgerah' Tuhan guy trying to save his own ass.Good luck to all dumb people out there supporting the rally!!


  7. Anonymous2:30 pm


  8. Anonymous2:31 pm

    Dear Datuk,

    While I do not condone any activity that may disrupt the lives of people earning their wages, I do feel that the Bersih issue has been VERY POORLY handled by our current government.

    Granted, the Opposition has also blundered by tarnishing the image of Bersih. Ambiga has invited politician of both side to join in the rally after all, and going by its actual rationale, the points highlighted by Bersih are valid and should be taken into consideration.

    You mentioned politically-motivated hijacking of Bersih 2.0, and there is proof of Reformasi slogan being used, hence hijacking by PR people. BUT, weren't YOU hijacking Bersih 1.0 back then, when you unabashedly admitted that you joined it to bring down Pak Lah? Bersih 1.0 and 2.0 have their own non-political points to clean the electoral process. You, Anwar and the rest are no different as HIJACKERS!

    Please, do not say that Bersih 1.0 was actually to bring Pak Lah down; if that's the impression you get from your fellow rally-ers back then, then they were there as HIJACKERS as well.. just like the ones shouting Reformasi in Bersih 2.0 now.

    Shame on you Datuk.. a pot calling a kettle black!

    HRH the Agong has spoken, and by meeting Ambiga, has shown his impartiality towards his subjects, regardless of who they are. Who are YOU, IBRAHIM ALI or even NAJIB to tell his Highness whether or not he can meet his subject? is this not treason? and what is this piece of rumour that has been floating around that some BN ministers are actually upset with the Agong decision to meet Ambiga? and also that the Agong has declined a request by Ibrahim Ali for an audience? what's your say in that? and if you think those are just rumours, then so are the alleged funding of Bersih by outside forces and communism. those alleged funding are just hearsay.. why then harp the latter up?

    what happened to you Rocky? if you happen to notice among all the blogs, yours is the only one probably full of comments against your post-2008 views. PR people rarely visit the likes of Parpukari or Unspinners or Marahku or Apanama, thus all you see there are comments supporting their views. Likewise, BN people rarely go to MToday, MKini, Zorrounmasked, ARTiculation and such, so the comments there mostly agree with the bloggers' views. In yours however, most comments are against you. What does that tells you Rocky? let me tell you; that they have been follwing you since the early days of your blogging. that they were very impressed with your impartiality and non-partisan views, that they beleive you're not a blogger-for-hire.. post-2008 however, you made a 180 degrees turn, and it shows.. read back your comments Datuk, and know that we who have been following your blog since day one are disappointed with your current 'unprofesionalism' as compared to your jornalistic impartiality back then..

    you may reply to my comment with your post-2008 sarcasm and holier-than-thou attitude. But i hope you get my point, as do the many others who have been following you since day one.

    -an old reader-

  9. Anonymous2:33 pm

    PM pun guna political genius pancing stadium buat fanatik red warrior, the same ball rule, brok !

  10. Anonymous2:34 pm

    Spin... Spin... Spin...

    And it goes round & round & round...

  11. Anonymous2:37 pm

    Let this be known.....the evil empire declared/promised they will used all necessary forced, including violence if anyone or group 1. wear yellow 2. mention the word "bersih". So the peaceful crowd, to avoid violence, will wear any color because in the eye of the rakyat, it's represents yellow. Furthermore, after all the ho ha and postering between bersih and authorities, everyone in Malaysia knows what's going on this July 9 2011.

  12. the formula is easy:
    if something wrong happens- it is because police SB or other provocateurs

    if all things goes wrong- it is because of government cruelty

    if all thing goes right- Hail Anwar! Suara Rakyat

  13. Anonymous2:40 pm

    nephew anon @ 2:15 PM

    how gullible can anyone be?? this guy should be awarded the MOST GULLIBLE person in the universe

    he he

  14. Anonymous2:42 pm

    "Anwar's political genius"

    ooopps I beg to differ - it's anwar's political masters

    he was never a genius

  15. anon 2:15 is typical PR supporter. They always be anonymous~ too afraid to put their own name, everything is umno/bn fault~ heck he even mention agent provocateurs~ lol dude , how many of them can be insert? U shoud own up ur action. clean ur own @$$. Btw adik Anon 2:15, are u there when 1998 reformasi? i dun think so~ else u can see the same modus operandi ~again by anwar

  16. Dear Old Reader,

    Thank you for taking the trouble. Yes, I agree with you that Bersih could have been better handled. Hishammuddin is the main culprit, in my mind. The banning of the Bersih shirts is amateurish par excellence. But at the same time, we learn from Bersih 2007. I have, anyway. So I know that Bersih 2.0/2011 is not so much about sending the electoral process to the laundry. It's about power, political control and about creating another tsunami because Anwar and Gang believe that PRU13 is not too far away.

    As for my pre-2008 and post-2008 stand, it's easy to explain. Before PRU12, we were fighting for the same cause -- to bring down the regime then. We didn't care who would replace Pak Lah as long as he goes. But after March 2008, PR and its supporters, including some of my good friends then, changed their mind. They decided that Pak Lah should stay as PM. Remember Kit Siang's attempt to table a motion of confidence for Pak Lah as PM in parliamnet. That was a betrayal, man. They would keep a bad/weak PM because that would ensure that they look good? Nah, I was not going to be part of that, I'm sorry.

    Thank you for the continued visits despite my "transformation". I continue to listen to both sides and publish their views, as I've always done, that has not changed.

  17. Anonymous3:00 pm

    Dont worry Rocky,

    Our RISIK the best!
    Now collecting more photos..


  18. From Petaling Street3:04 pm

    Malaysians of all races (Malay, Chinese, Indians and some Kadazans) made it!

    bersih2: RT @HilmiIsmaill: Laungan Daulat Tuanku bergema di Stadium Merdeka. Mereka berhimpun secara AMAN. Syabas!

  19. Anonymous3:21 pm

    "From Petaling Street said...
    Malaysians of all races (Malay, Chinese, Indians and some Kadazans) made it!"

    made it ? yes .. to a prison

  20. Anonymous3:23 pm

    Datuk Rocky,

    Im sorry if my earlier post has been harsh. I really like your reply to that post, as it harkens back to the pre-2008 Rocky we all knew and proud of.

    Yes, everybody is entitled to their views, you, me and others. Just to let you know, depsite our differences now. Just so you know where i (and perhaps, other old readers of yours) are coming from; we are towards apolitical views, as opposed to political ones. Where many pro BN or pro PR people seem to err, is assuming us as pro-PR if we do not subscribe to government decisions, or pro-BN if we say anything against PR. the outdated view of 'if you are not with us, you are against us' seems to be the label pasted onto our foreheads. All of us, you included, have made that mistake. and we are not a "third party" either, we are just the People, wanting a transparent and responsible government, and a good opposition for check and balance. Sadly, Malaysia lacks Both..

    Again, apologies Datuk for the harsh comment. Post-2008, despite the much increased number of disagreement with your views, i remain your loyal reader :)

    -an old reader-

  21. Anonymous3:28 pm

    Eh idiots...its true lah. Bersih ralliers were heard shouting reformasi.

    That is what happens when you ask others to do your dirty work for you while you sit in the comfort of your home and allow others to be arrested and tear gassed while you spout your holier than thou drivel.

    You become insensitive.

    Shame on you anon 2:15 PM,2:31 PM,2:37 PM. Shame on you all.

    Anti Bersih/PR/Anwar/Ambiga so on and so forth.

  22. Anonymous3:35 pm

    Rakyat of all races demo-ing in Bersih?

    Yeah right. 99% made of melayu. Let us all be assured, folks, that the ones who shout loudest opposing the government in fair Rocky's blog, the donplay pundeks, the ball-less monsters, the kentut old farts and the others who have a false sense of numbers by writing in mkini or mtoday are, at this moment, dangerously and daringly perusing the various live blogs trying to get the latest updates on the march, all within the comforts of their air-conditioned apartments.

    Will they join in the crowds, will they deflect the smoke canisters, will they shout together with their malai-lembu stooges, will they bravely confront the FRUs?

    Nooooooooo. Of course not.

    Meanwhile, i am sooooooo very proud of the PDRM for handling the situation. But you know what i wish? I wish they'd just let those few guys and gals to just have it their way and let them shout out a bit on whatever it is they want to shout. If not, it will Malaysia's greatest case of stunted climax ever. I mean, so much has been PREPARED and broadcasted before coming to KL and come puduraya they can't even shout?

    It's like the case of the teenage lad masturbating in the bathroom and JUST at the moment of ejaculation the mother comes in and stunts his orgasm. Hey you think my analogy is too far-fetched? I am just extending Freud who said that all wars are manifestations of man's frustrated sexual progress.

    Well I HOPE Freud was in error. Because if he wasn't, then we have a BIG, BIG problem at home: it has been 2 years since Anwars has gotten some kind of masculine love from Saiful and 5 months since a feminine one was provided by a certain China Doll.

    In short, I shudder to think that all this Bersih thing which could lead to greater civil strife in the country which the participants are presently fighting for, are nothing more than the manifestations of stunted ejaculatory frustrations of ONE individual.

    Now I shall continue to go onwards and wade through the dangerous waters of blog surfings, sip my coffee, and continue churning revolutionary albeit explosive thoughts and ideas, as always.

    Marking Bagpie

  23. We are watching "The Last Stand of The Desperados"..with main actors
    Anwar and his sex scandals.
    PAS , losing support from Islam/Malay masses with their Allah issue and defunct Negara Islam.
    Not to mention KJ, the most inept 'KP rasuah'.
    And the rest are just to make up the numbers to make this an epic movie.
    But ending up as a box-office failure.

  24. nzain4:23 pm

    Thank you to the PDRM for the above and beyond job they did today. Thank you from all of us law abiding citizens. The way they contained the situation and maintained law and order was excellent. Thumbs up Ketua Polis Negara.

    And for those arrested and injured...well, you asked for it. Enjoy the next few days in the lockup and hospital. You have no sympathy from me.

    Except for Khairy and his Patriots. Caya lah Bros!! Way to go.

  25. punk5terung4:27 pm

    My only main comment is that I feel the government has taken a hard and long route to deal with this BERSIH issue. We know the cerita behind the scene; however, at the end of the day people will make their stand as much as you've made your stand, except that your stand is more profitable I think. I too would have liken to follow the money if I had the opp ;).


  26. sam/PRAY, it works4:27 pm

    A man without a job is fertile ground for Satan. Get a job man.

  27. Yek Siew Lee4:55 pm

    Don't be stupid people, especially you Rocky. There are only some parts of the protestors who shouted reformasi, and that perhaps is due to their personal choice of expression. That does not mean that Bersih 2.0 has been hijacked. Your stupidity baffles me and your one sidedness in your blog on Bersih smacks utter gutter reporting.

    And if there is a few fellas who starts to shout Osama does it mean Bersih is terrorist organization?

    I normally donT comment, and I am a confessed fence sitter, that's why I am still reading your stupid blog. But after this i am 100% pro Bersih and I will vote for opposition. I am so disappointed with Najip. this is YOUR RAKYAT you are shooting the water canon and being hit with violence. What the heck is this? YOU ARE THE PM for gods sake.

  28. Anonymous4:59 pm

    Bersih became a small Bersin.

    Anwar once again failed to deliver.

    You have the crowd, the finance and the issues but you still falter!

    You went up with Mr.Lembik Menteri Amaran and you still lose.

    Hang bodoh ke apa?

    Where is the riot? the violent pictures? the heart wrenching scenes?

    Anwar, you are first class Apakelancau!

  29. Choker5:01 pm

    Stupid ka you people. It's REFORMASi to Election process. And if you dislike games bro rocky then yoou should know that if your masters UmNo say they are ranked no 2 in darma acting, then nobody will dare they at e no 1.

    Bro, this is politics. Don't be hypocritical, BN does more drama and worst ones too than any foe the opposition parties added together.

  30. Ah rocky why la u want to bring forth your shameful past of pre only to serve to lower your esteem in the eyes of the good public. Whatever it is you explain is just hypocritical statements that u think would cover your sorry little a** I gonna be honest to you that it won't. Good day bro rocky. Like the real deal, I am sure you are due a sequel....

  31. Anonymous5:36 pm

    How do you differentiate from a Malay, Mamak, India, Chinese etc in those photos and come out with 98-99% Malays assessment?

    Anyway whatever the figures, they are all not stooges and stupid as assumed to be by you and some readers. Neither are they paid or forced to participate in this.

    I don't think you are civilised yet to understand all these things in a system called democracy even though you may be a fan of Sigmund Freud.

  32. Anonymous5:40 pm

    Thank you to the law enforcement for a job well done.

  33. Anonymous5:45 pm

    yeeha !!!

    BERSIH have done it!

    She scored a major coup... YAHOOOOO !!!

    She is a greater strategist than the cowardice fat boy.

    She got all those nincompoop ministers peeing in their pants for the last 3 weeks... ha ! ha ! ha !

    Where got some more face to meet other world leaders...

    kah ! kah ! kah !

  34. Anonymous5:47 pm

    I heard Anwar was injured in the demonstration.

    Dia MAMPUS pun tak apa.

    Dia hidup untuk menyusahkan rakyat, memecah belahkan orang Melayu dan orang Islam. MAMPUS lah kau Anwar.

  35. Anonymous5:58 pm

    Marking Bagpie,
    I hear you.
    Have nothing but contempt for those cheerleaders in cyberspace. Can sound heroic lah behind your computer egging ppl to protest while u have latte at starbucks.

    Kesian those lembus out there.

  36. Anonymous6:15 pm

    My 73-year old Mom and I shed tears while watching news updates on tv today. "Apa nak jadi dengan orang Melayu? Kenapa bodoh sangat, tak ada nampak bangsa lain pun". Yeah, I said, "Bangsa lain cuma komen dalam blog sokong Bersih"

  37. Anonymous6:44 pm

    no fuck.....even the chinese came out in large numbers....this is tanda kiamat for UMNO.First time in my life I am seeing this. Common ground has been achieved!
    Ambiga the Pariah is no pariah afterall!
    People on Umno's payroll should rethink their lives. Najib should think about "what if they revisit altantuya's case". Anwar is going to be the next PM.

    Umno is fucked for good.

  38. Anonymous7:13 pm

    one female Malay supporter said she didn't know what this rally is all about only that she was paid Rm30 to walk ...

    see they have been made used of by omega cina doll man

    this man used his wife, his children, his friends, his friends wives, his mentors, his subordinates

    gosh his name is already registered below

  39. Mustapha Ong7:23 pm

    Whoever had said that Anwar is a genius must be joking and to consider him as an intellectual is an under statement. Who is Anwar as we all know as he is the greatest "bullshitter", hypocrite and on the top of it, a liar in order to defend his guilt at all cost.

    Those who know Anwar is now challenging him to deny his critics, who also happened to be his friends in the good old days. Now Anwar had lost our respect for being the most hypocritical opposition leader. Anwar is not fit to have been appointed as the Opposition Leader in parliament. We all know that it's a question of "face saving" and political agenda that Anwar continues to be the opposition head, despite all his ongoing court cases, including the sodomy II case, other defamation cases and the latest indecent acts caught in video, which he had flatly denied that he was the actor against the verdict of international reknown analysts.What a shame Anwar, as you are a political leader and not an ordinary citizen without status or international recognition!

    Many of us are now applying pressure that Anwar should be charged for filing false police reports in denial of his involvement, when the video was uncovered by Datuk T and a public exhibit.It is not fair that Datuk T had been prosecuted while Anwar's case is still in the hands of the AG. How can AG justify his inability to act against Anwar when the issue is still hot now and with public interest? Let us (the people) judge Anwar and not just accusing him of his wrong doings in the eyes of the world.

    Today July 9, Anwar is the prime initiator along with the Bersih organiser in staging an illegal rally as part of PR's political agenda to overthrow the BN government by street demonstrations in the heart of KL city Center.

    Anwar is now a real traitor to the country, with no loyalty to the King and BN government elected by the people in the last 12th general election. He and his family had all benefited when he was vested with political and administrative power as DPM and Finance Minister during Mahathir's administration.Can Anwar in the name Allah swear and deny that he was not corrupted directly or indirectly during his years in Mahathir's cabinet?

    Anwar had blatantly abused his position in order to gain power and also to amass huge monies from this country through negotiated tenders/contracts through his cronies. Over and above that, he also received foreign funds from US and other Zionist governments (Mahathir's arch enemies)remitted through dubious companies and accounts, both local and overseas.

    It is no longer a secret and Bank Negara and the CID Commercial Crime Police Division, MACC should also investigate the issue which is now in the open as reported in the local media and abroad. Anwar's dossier should be open for official investigation and public scrutiny as he should not be above the law.

    The international community will respect Najib's administration if Anwar's corruption cases are brought to justice. In politics, one should be brave to face the consequences of public prosecution on the abuse of power, corruption and immoral acts when he or she loses office and power, as a matter of integrity and principle while serving the nation. Anwar should emulate Chua Siok Lek and come out clean in order to indemnify his position as a senior politician and PM in-waiting.

  40. Anonymous7:29 pm

    Elo Mat SOM,,,,,

    Cakap BERSIH xbole,,,,,

    Kena cakap KOTOR,,,,kira baik juga di sebut REFORMASI,,,,,kalu disebut KEPALA PUKI oo KEPALA BUTOH Rocky!!!


  41. hi all, just wanted to share latest Bersih news from social media at

  42. Its typical spinning. Just because some people reminisce Reformasi, its hijacking. I guess if someone had worn a shirt bearing "Ayah Pin" , then Bersih would be about revivivg Islamic deviation. By the way,m I did hear someone shouting "Daulay Tuanku" but how come you did not brand the rally as treason.

    What was loud and clear was the chants of "laillahaillalah" and I bguess by your benchmerk, this rally is about Islamic extremism. Sudah lah bro. Stick to the main issue like everybody does. Tak payah lah nak spin bagai nak rak. You are already famous for that

  43. all i wanna ask is ... where's is uncle lim kit siang? and lim guan eng? did see them in any picture. saw ngeh but no the lims. did i miss to spot them some how?

  44. The Walk To No Where
    Finally, the much awaited walk took place. But, I would describe it as a A Walk To No Where. There were thousands who walked - Bersih's and Perkasa's supporters, UMNO Youth members, curious onlookers, hundreds of reporters and photographers and security forces. But it was certainly a walk to no where. There was no place for them to assemble. For those who were told to assemble at Stadium Merdeka, they knew that the Bersih organisers did not get any police permit nor approval from the Stadium Board. Hence, everyone walked without really knowing where to go. So the moved everywhere. They went to Bukit Bintang, Kampung Baru, Masjid Negara, Pasar Seni, Stadium Negara, Stadium Merdeka, Petaling Street, Sogo, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Jalan Tun Perak, Pudu Raya and God knows where.
    They chanted Bersih, Reformasi, Hidup, BN Zalim etc etc. And the world watched. The Arabs in Middle East probably wondered what they hell was going on in Malaysia. The Chinese in China, the Indian in India were all watching too. All confused.
    The leaders of Bersih and supporters, including politicians who supported the move assembled themselves in the most luxurious hotel in Kuala Lumpur - KL Hilton. Most have rooms and probably spend the night there too. Perhaps, it is the nearest hotel to Stadium Merdeka. Their supporters, on the other, can sleep anywhere - in mosques, inside the transports they came, relatives and friends homes. So much for the struggle for the people.
    Most of the leaders got arrested, including Umno Youth leader Khairy, Pas President Hadi and Ambiga. Ambiga was later released and quickly claimed that Bersih has successfully reached its objective.
    But, Bersih supporters who walked were all Malays. What happened to the Chinese and Indians who were most vocal in their support for the walk. They chickened out as usual.

  45. Anonymous8:47 pm

    No one died? Nothing burned? Its quite boring by international standard. Does it get front page news in foreign newspaper? i don't think so.

    And no memo given to Agong too.

    So what does BERSHIT organizer achieve?


  46. Anonymous8:49 pm

    Where's the Nazi Ibrahim Ali? Hahahaha. Takut ka?

  47. Salam Datuk.

    And now for the allegations of police brutality and what not.

    Mat Sabu motor, Ex-Con getting gassed dll.

    Yes, the Govt did not handle the award winning drama Queen and Ex-Con theatrics properly-they were too soft.

    Thank you

  48. Anonymous9:10 pm

    Hi dude,

    Enojoyed your morning slipping your coffee?

    Rakyat didahulukan, pencapaian diutamakan? Tell your "TUAN" it already not relevant la.

    Yes, ADMITTING it the opposition party game. SO? It is alright to have such a corrupted government to rule another 5o years more? Your opposition want clean and fair play so do the rakyat.

    Btw tips ar, tell your TUAN2. They are alot of generation Y haven't register to vote yet. They will come and haunt you and your TUAN2, since your tuan2 hate the younger generation so much and if your smart TUAN2 educate enough to know what it mean la.

    The country sooner or later will belong to them.

    Btw how much you getting a month from your boss?

  49. lallang exile9:20 pm

    anon 2:15,

    u are a foreigner, or an agent of a foreigner planted to create unrest in m'sia.

    BTW, your writing style is very familiar - i think i know who u are!

    Sooner or later, u will be rooted out - don't mess with our country!!! Agnet provocateur indeed!

  50. Would it be wrong to say that putting aside our political differences, we all "lost" today in the eyes of the world? We are all Malaysians be it Malays, Indians or Chinese and those being tear gassed or sprayed with water are our fellow Malaysians too. Why the idiotic comments about those who took part? I'm apolitical but then I am proud to be a Malaysian! The only one who screwed up big time are our leaders who just couldn't put their pride aside and think of our best interest and letting things go as far as this. To me, both sides of the political divide must be ashamed as we as Malaysians had failed to show our brotherhood to the watching world. I have followed Datuk Rocky's column for a long time and even though I don't agree with him, I still respect him for his intelligence and as a fellow Malaysian. Let's all from now only hit out at any wrongdoers in the leadership be it from the Govt or the Opposition as we want a better Malaysia.

    p.s. Rais Yatim,jst bcos RTM plays the 1Malaysia song everyday doesn't mean we will ever give you any respect as a Minister!

    Best regards,

  51. Anonymous9:38 pm



  52. Anonymous10:08 pm

    They are simply stupid rebels without any cause. Perhaps they get an orgasm out of their stupidity. Shouting like mad men, and headless chooks, what did they achieve?

    The Police must be praised for a job well done, although many thousands of innocent folks were inconvenienced by the rebels.

    Half of these imported 'rent-a-crowd' looked like lost dimwits or like Babi Hutan Masuk Bandar.

    But the Police were still pretty kind to these good for nothing trouble makers. They should have sprayed more holy water and tear gas, but they did not.

    So, when's the next stupid show?


  53. Anonymous10:12 pm

    I agree with punk5turung
    (however, at the end of the day people will make their stand as much as you've made your stand, except that your stand is more profitable I think.)
    To get a fat vss and be able to get the same job back, that is profitable or cepat kaya..

  54. rocky Bru,

    I think you have more supporters than before...

    but I'm sure you never care about all that.

    the most important thing is, you write what is right.... no spinning and not manipulation like malaysiakini the liars.


  56. Anonymous11:14 pm

    rocky ...pick and choose your tweets eh... you're really a TWAT...

    tak join khairy's group ke?

  57. Anonymous@2.15,

    Looking at the pictures snapped by Malaysian Insider, i think that there were many in the crowd who knows the meaning of "agent provacateur".

    I doubt they knew meaning of Bersih either.

    However, mission accomplished. Government undermined. Opposition making huge gains,including that wanker Anwar.

    Can you believe it? Him, making statement from hospital bed with neck brace. Masterclass Anwar.

    Rocky, you have got to spin better if you want to win this battle of perception.

  58. Anonymous11:36 pm

    compiling tweets to support your argument shows your journalism ability as a moron.

  59. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Keep on lying... but with close to 120k people of all races coming together... for a cause.

    We have taught najis what 1malaysia is all about.

  60. Anonymous11:46 pm

    We saw Malays there.

    We saw Chinese there.

    We saw Indians there.

    We saw Sikhs there.

    And we saw much, much more...

    But the two loud-mouthed brainless fat arseholes said it's about race & religion?

    And it prove both got brain the size of a testicles...

  61. Anonymous11:55 pm

    "REFORMASI" is a big word. Maybe some idiots will try to spin the word. It still comes from the word "reform". Reform SPR, who has tarnish the electoral rolls. Having given so much proof of inappropriacies, still does not want to do anything. The people has spoken. All over Malaysia support Bersih. Only the few of you who wishes to spin just becoz you are called writers. Wake up my friends. Wake up to the wishes of the majority of the rakyat.
    We do no want BN to get 40% of the votes yet remain in power. That is ridiculous. BERSIHkan electoral rolls now or face much more from the rakyat.

  62. The Fairy came a dancing but stumbled when felled by teargas. Now in hospital looking "fragile but in high spirits". Must be feeling on top of the world with international media lapping up his performance. He's not known as Drama Queen for nothing. Nothing fragile abt you in the sex video...iS there queenie.

  63. You seem to think people who are for BERSIH cannot be for anything else....its democracy!!.

    No taming or gaming...n did u see any violence from the protestors...

  64. Semua lembu2 ni jerit reformasi, takde pun yang menyalak nak pilihanraya bersih, tak payah la nak menipu diri sendiri. Where are all the gabungan ngos dalam bersih ni, we never hear from them, we only hear whatever it was from ambiga, nuar and shitloads of other politicians. Keyword here being, politician. It is not even solidarity pun, yang nak reformasi je la solidarity, lain semua kena tipu. Masing2 macam la baru kenal penipu besaq nuar berahim. Dah ada bukti dapat duit dari cia, pun bodo lagi. Setakat 6-7 ribu toksah nak rasa hebat, rakyat Malaysia ni ada berjuta. Cuma yang lain ni tak la bodo macam semua yang demo hari ni.

    Lembu bro Rock, nak buat camne.

  65. D'Rocky,

    btw...MM reported that "The ongoing Bersih 2.0 rally has affected more than just traders in the city"

    An honest assessment would show that if the authorities permitted a rally at the stadium...NO ONE would be affected....traders, pan-handlers, runners and etc....

  66. LOL, nice spin. Too bad your credibility not so cun anymore ler.

  67. Anonymous1:46 am

    You cannot always says that Bersih was hijack by the opposition. Surely that the opposition will be more vocal on electoral reform demand because of unfair treatment handling out to them by SPR. And BN was unwilling to join Bersih demand because the changes will take away their advantages.

    However we as a voting Malaysian, really like to see an Electoral Reform as demanded by Bersih.

    And frankly speaking, without the opposition support, Bersih message will not be as loud and clear as today's rally shown.

    By the way, I guess in bahasa reform is 'reformasi' anyway right?


  68. Anonymous2:02 am

    What was it they are shouting about? Hot Air and bullshit? Sorry, good old Malaysia is still very much peaceful as before, thanks to the police and smart BN leadership. And nope PAS PKR nor DAP will not come to power. We Malaysian MAJORITY will make sure of that. Kesiannn, can't win now trying to go the Yemen and Egypt way. This is Malaysialah BODOH! Fuck OFF and go try to fool monkeys! Sorry you PAS PKR aand DAP ARE monkeys!

    Bersih BERSERI

  69. Anonymous2:12 am

    Boon@1:46 AM

    who are you trying to kid eh? ambiga can shout til she turns blue but anwar is NEVER intersted in clean and fair everything

    "without the opposition support, Bersih message will not be as loud and clear as today's rally shown"

    and boonie honey - the oppositon hijacked bersih coz now Malaysia and the whole world knows the rally is never about elections

    pay attention - the rally is about an OLD jaded man's dreams of being PM, to a level of frustration

    ambiga lost her ONE and precious chance of disrupting Malaysia

    She keeps mentioning singapore - that is a sneaky admission, why not America where she got her women of courage award?

  70. Anonymous2:16 am

    Loken PaL-aNi-SaM-y needs to think for himself - bersih is an unregistered society and they did not apply for a permit

    therefore - illegal and must be penalised

    hullo Klaw - your opinion is NOT shared by majority here, and you are FREE to evaporate from this cyberspacem good riddance to pure rubbish

  71. Anonymous2:20 am

    Loken PaL-aNi-SaM-y is under a tempurung - no violence coz PDRM is tops, info-gathering is 1st class and integrity unmatched, commitment unquestionable

    P.S. They caught Mas Selamat for the 1st world neighbour down south

  72. Anonymous2:22 am

    Anon @ 11:55 PM challenged, "BERSIHkan electoral rolls now or face much more from the rakyat"

    hahahahahahahaha - an delusional armchair general who lives out his dreams via a keyboard


  73. Anonymous2:35 am

    you know, the greatest LOSERS are the sponsors of anwar and bersih

    still HOPING that anwar can deliver - US had to award ambiga just to prop up anwar

    tsk tsk tsk - what a waste of good money, should have been given to the orphans the world over

  74. Anonymous2:40 am


    UMNO/BN is still the govt of Malaysia

    anwar is catching his last breath
    ambiga will have a series of interviews with PDRM
    lks, lge need not wear yellow coz they are already naturally yellow in heart, guts, thoughts and skin of COURZZZ

  75. Anonymous2:42 am

    the anti-BN will now resume seething in frustration

    for a no-show, any refunds anyone??

  76. Everyone wants a BERSIH government..including Anwar.
    Corrupted ministers need to reform before attempting to be BERSIH.
    Rocky does not steal and rob....but he needs to reform his mentalities and behaviors.
    Think ..straight as a arrow.
    Call a spade a spade..Rocky.
    Don't spin for favors and jobs from UMNO B.

  77. They shouted..."Hidup Rakyat"...
    "Bersih Bersih" and sang "Negara-ku"....all ignored by Rocky.
    At least Khairy is smarter. He tries to confuse Malaysians saying UMNO B are Patiots and BERSIH is KOTOR.
    People are laughing at that small fut..but at least he tried to get idiots believe him.
    "Reformasi" is a powerful word created by Anwar more than 6 years ago..and Malaysians are inspired by that slogan.
    Only school children love Najib's "1Malaysia" slogan...yet that was advised by US advertising company...which he paid RM71 million tax payers money..for one year services.
    Again exposed by Anwar..dare not RM71 million is clearly a corrupted deal.
    How dare he repeat same corruption?
    Rocky is no politician.
    Why has he turncoat...when he said to me...he love Anwar like a brother at Permatang Puah?

  78. I am beginning to think and believe. Rocky is a natural born idiot...and not a spinner at all.

  79. Anonymous5:00 am

    If it is indeed God`s will, not even a roadblock could stop millions of people.

    Sadly enough, only a couple of thousands turned up.

    This if you are the believers, not for atheist and non-believers.


  80. BIGCAT7:05 am

    Eh, where were Lim Kit Siang n his son with good looking hair Lim Guan Eng? I hardly see any DAP ppl at the riot leh. Smart ppl lah these DAP guys.

  81. ANon - PDRM is certainly tops, no one denies that...and BTW our King met the so called illegal org BERSIH leaders...go figure

  82. Anonymous10:40 am

    Ah huk ahuk ahuk

    Bersih failed. Anwar failed. Ambiga failed.

    Government still intact. PDRM are the heroes and Khairy grew new balls.
    And Mr Monster still a loser.

    Poor Bersih supporters got "bersihed" by the FRU but still can't come to their senses. 50k, 120k were there? Ah me stop laughing...I can't stop....oh the sheer stupidity of these people....please stop making me laugh...

  83. Anonymous10:45 am


  84. Anonymous11:04 am

    Monsterball lau ren,

    Pose these questions to Anwar..

    PGU11 Gas Pipeline, as Finance Minister, he awarded to who? And who did he appoint as top Keadilan Leader? Then you go check both their bank accounts..(obersea la) during this said period..

    Go finish this homework, you don't get right answers, after I come and rotan you..

    Stop your cigars, then your mouth will smell fresher!

    he hehe hehehe

  85. hi monster's need to call rocky names..learn to agree to disagree...maybe he is not politically savy...or see things differently.

    I see the PM make a calculated mistake on our DYMM statement and etc. Imagine a scenario where the rally was permitted in Stadium Merdeka with equal time for all political parties to make a statement, since BERSIH is apolitical.


  86. Ambiga explained ..why she had Anwar...Lim Kit Siang and Hadi Awang sitting besides her.
    She said she had been threatened..insulted by the government Ministers...IGP...and the 3 parties leaders protected her all along.
    Lets hope Rocky stop saying she is "Anwar's Ambiga"........but you can be sure Rocky will keep on you can read his comments...that he call the BERSIH2 walk...Anwar's political genius and all the walkers...are being fooled by Anwar.
    Anyway....hundreds of commentators...and dozens of posts...from Malaysia and abroad...all know that Malaysians want a clean government...and united as ONE.

  87. Rocky...if you are fair and just and forthright...go and publish what...Wall Street...Telegraphic UK... Business Times..Reuter..San Fransisco Chronicle..and dozens more...all over the world reported about the BERSIH 2 walk.
    May I remind you...Thailand have a Lady President now. No more Military State.
    Come on..publish quality stuffs......not what pro UMNO B kucin kurup bloggers talking...which you are falling into the same group.
    You asked for will get it.

  88. 'We do no want BN to get 40% of the votes yet remain in power.'

    That means there are people who dont understand what the EC is saying.

    If you want to achieved and ensure those with 40% popular votes but 60% of seats won not to rule that these can only be achieved in Parlimen not demos. Lawman shold pass the bill. Since 2008 with 40% are opposition where are the bills?. What we see is the highest level of dirty politic all year round since 2008. It was the best ever election that Malaysian have come across and it should be good to the people. All states rule by BN or PR should compete who govern the best and Rakyat will made their mind at GE 13. Unfortunately, all day long is politics. In selangor , are they really govern or pasang bendera PAS/Keadilan/Dap all night long. Pilihan raya dah habis masih mau pasang bendera ka?
    Pity Malaysia my country.

  89. Why bother about Lim Kit Siang's presence. Afterall, you are the one that says Bersih is being hijacked by politicians? So. is his presence an issue?

  90. I really really wanted to be a part of history of new Malaysia but the police road blocks deterred me and so was the few thousands of people that came along with me.

  91. Hello bro,

    I was at central Market yesterday from 8 am until 8.30 pm. I follow up with the event closely, what did I observed 93% Malays and more Indian than Chinese.

    I can say that all those chinaman who talked loud in their comments or so die hard supporters of al-Juburi is not around to be with the crowd, takde telor, penakut or they just want to utilized the stupid Malays and Indian to carry the fight for them.

    Fuck u Chinese, talk... Talk ... Talk when come to reality u all bastard run and hide in air con room watching news on tv.

    Fuck u lim kit Siang, u and Anuar started all these racial issue.

    I do hope campus cepat le si al-Juburi, mother of all fucker

  92. Anonymous3:49 pm

    'Reformasi' means 'reformation', does it not? And is BERSIH's objective not to reform the current election practices? That there were shouts of Reformasi could be that it is the one word which many people think of to shout, even if it happens to be the catchword that was used before in a political context. What do you want them to shout? BERSIH?

    I have become increasingly concerned about your impartiality these days Rocky.

  93. Anonymous5:56 pm

    Rocky, why are you selling your soul to Najib Razak, are you that desperate for the few dimes thrown at you ??

    Kiwi Reader, NZ

  94. Anonymous6:09 pm

    Where was that freaking Empty Vessel Ibrahim Ali ?? He is just like your Home Minister Hishamuddin, all noise but without Balls, both had something in common i.e. BIG mouths.

  95. Why is it so easy to get students and professionals go rallying or demonstrating, but so hard to get them to go to class or to vote?
    Same old story, people just go where it's 'fun'

  96. Anonymous11:33 pm

    Latuk, if you know that Anwar will hijack bersih, sure our PM also know. Already invite all including BN to walk together and why rejected by Najib. And you know why lah. Don't spin too much after you melt flat without spine.

  97. fikir9:02 am

    The doctor run a CT scan on Anwar and they were shocked... He got no brain !

  98. Anonymous12:27 pm

    This is not ambiga game, Its anuar political genius. Tak sangka wartawan konon ny veteran pun punya fikiran yg streotype macam bn.Betul juga kata orang yang makan upah terpaksa mendengar cakap boss nya untk servive. Polis bukan mempertahankan negara. Mereka di bayar atau minta di bayar untuk kerja itu.Ekonomi jatuh kerana anuar, pelabur lari kerana anuar, malaysia mati dan hidup kerana anuar. Fobia betul mat mat tolol ni...

  99. Anonymous1:02 pm


    you know what is art harun and marina mahathir fav song? go here :

  100. Anonymous1:48 pm

    monsterball .. they also shouted " hancur BN", "jatuh BN", "hidup Anwar" that was also been ignored by rocky .. so its is fair eh ..

  101. Anonymous5:10 pm

    Of all the things shouted, you guys want to split hairs over the use of the word reformasi? :D

    Some shouted hidup rakyat. Some shouted references to religion. Don't see you guys making an issue out of that.

    BIGCAT, I think Lim Kit Siang was at KL Sentral with the Anwar group. Old already, 70 years old, better he don't be at the front line. Tony Pua and Teresa Kok were at the rally too; there are videos online.

    Maybe you should be smarter too; playing up race doesn't work as well as in the past.


  102. TellRockytoSodOff9:59 pm

    Put it this way, Rocky. Even if we eviscerated Anwar and his chums from the equation, and Reformasi chants were no longer heard on the face of Malaysian soil, would you actually throw your fucking weight behind BERSIH? It is actually we that you can’t fool, for we know all too well you have long re-sold your soul to UMNO. We miss the Rocky of old, but he is forever gone. To the Rocky of today, we have only one message: sod off!

  103. Anonymous12:18 pm

    Waa steady man Monsterball lau ren, dah jadi celebrity dalam video?

    how come you look thinner in that video? Nebermy wan, I allealy sent to my pelends in Europe, they all laugh laugh he hehe hehehe!

    Waving the flag and carrying banner by the road side?

    Why you don't give the policeman Mykad? How cum got passpot only? Buy in pasar malam ke?

    he hehe hehehe

  104. Anonymous1:15 pm

    - Lembus, Kambing and Babis..

    Errr..very hard to spot a pig in Bersih..can see more kambing hitam present eventhough demographically babi make up 3x more the numbers of kambing hitam population in Malaysia.. Lembus..I reserve my comments..infected by madpig virus & doomed to become too stupig cure, only worth to be shot down.

    Pigs only pretend to be ruminants like the lembus & kambing..those stupid lembus and kambing hitam were so stupid enough to believe that pigs also eat the same green on the same ground as them..

    The reality is that pigs are the only animal with hoof on earth that do not eat greens..
    It only consume greedily any shit and whatever filthy leftover things for their personal stomach gain until they become fucking bloating fat..

    Pigs may look like ruminants, snort to sound like a ruminant, and act like a ruminant... but pigs are always pigs, they are not a ruminant!

    Comprende stupid ruminants? Of coz not..otherwise you won't became a piggified-idiot like that..

    Pity you all stupid malai lembus and pariah kambing hitam.. fucking loosers!


    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies

  105. Anonymous4:04 pm

    TellRockytoSodOff @ 9:59 PM

    errr ... you forgot something - this is his blog and we (the majority) loves him

    it is you who has to "SodOff" (what kinda English word is that anyway)

    or is it TOO difficult for you to understand eh ahbeng?

  106. Anonymous2:35 pm

    Dalam akhbar The Star hari ini (13 Julai) Prof Shad Saleem Faruqi dari UITM ada menulis tentang fungsi Yang Dipertuan Agong terutama sekali peranan yang Baginda mainkan semasa menangani isu Bersih. Saya petik beberapa ayat:

    1. Others believe that Tuanku’s grant of an audience to Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan, head of an organisation that had been declared illegal by the authorities, went beyond the bounds of constitutional propriety

    Komen saya: Tiada masalah langsung kerana Kerajaan sendiri pernah menandatangani satu perjanjian dengan Parti Komunis Malaya (PKM) yang bukan sahaja satu pertubuhan haram tetapi juga telah membunuh ratusan ribu rakyat Malaysia. Berapa ramai yang telah Bersih bunuh?

    2. Many feared turmoil. Confron-tation appeared imminent.
    The Government itself found it necessary to brief the Confe- ren¬ce of Rulers on the impending event.
    Many Sultans went out of their way to issue public statements.
    And the Yang di-Pertuan Agong found it necessary to don the mantle of a statesman. The nation is the better for it.
    Though his advice was not ultimately followed, it seems to have had a calming, restraining effect on both sides.
    Komen saya: Rupa-rupanya Kerajaan Najib bagitu panik hingga sampai ke peringkat Majlis Raja-Raja.

    Ramai Sultan yang terlampau excited dan membuat pernyataan-pernyataan awam yang agak keterlaluan (ini pandangan Prof Faruqi bukan pandangan saya).

    Nasihat Agong tidak dipedulikan oleh Kerajaan/Najib.


  107. PERWIRA is the Donkey Kong in this blog.
    Ibrahim Ali is Najib's Donkey Kong.
    Both talk actions.
    Both talk cock.

  108. Useless to reply to those who cannot understand this is not tit for tat do me one...i do you back one.
    Malaysians shouted "hidup Anwar"."jatuh BN" not about fair or not fair.
    It is about vast majority Malaysians want Anwar to be PM and let BN fall.'It is about getting rid of massive CORRUPTIONS...race and religion dirty politics...double standards encouraged by Mahathir and on going for 30 years.
    It is about FREEDOM...and if those still still do not get are HYPOCRITES....and full of shit...that want UMNO B to rule forever.
    Dream sick asses.

  109. Hi Rocky,

    got quite a bit of comments here.

    No time to read all, but did you do a tally of how your commentors felt like, a) rocky is spinning again or b) i believe rocky bru to speal to truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth (left out the last bit for obvious reason)


  110. Mustapha Ong said..."The international community will respect Najib's administration if Anwar's corruption cases are brought to justice."

    Berani Najib buka pekung Anwar? Najib sendiri ada pekung busuk yg tengah disorokkan!

  111. Anonymous7:48 pm

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies

    Talking about animals, what animal is used to dig for Truffles? GUESS, GUESS?.. Only one animal on this planet can smell from deep undergelound wan..

    Haaa like that wan lor, can smell plotests - got give money or not?

    Don't have to be near Anwar, from abeliwear alealy can smell .. thts why they dig him wan..

    he hehe hehehe

  112. Anonymous7:54 pm

    teenyweenyballs says, "It is about vast majority Malaysians want Anwar to be PM and let BN fall.'It is about getting rid of massive CORRUPTIONS...race and religion dirty politics...double standards"

    sure sign of brain degeneration - anwar was a CONVICT for corruption, abuse of power and sodomy