Wednesday, July 06, 2011


An Anas dreamscape
Letting down Anas Zubedy. In his latest posting The Malays are Malaysians, too, 1race advocate Anas Zubedy poured his heart's content with regards to how screwed up some of his fellow Malaysians are. It's something more and more Malays in this country are discovering about SOME of their non-Malay countrymen/women. When a Malay speaks up for them, the Malay is considered a true Malaysian but when the same Malay tries to do the same for his own race, he is considered something else.

... I suggested that as the NEP has helped many Malays out of poverty, we should have a similar policy for the Indian poor, too. I stressed that zakat should also be channeled to all who are poor, not just Muslim poor.Again I was lauded as a good and true Malaysian. 
But a while ago I decided to speak on behalf of the Malays, explaining what hurt them most, what they consider sensitive in an open letter to YB Lim Guan Eng and the DAP; showing them a way to the hearts of the Malays … 
… suddenly I am chauvinist. 
Is it not ironic? While the first 5 letters in Malaysia reads M.A.L.A.Y. some among us forget that the Malays are Malaysian too.

Read his posting, H E R E.

At least Anas sounds more sad than bitter. That's good. I hope the new-found wisdom will drive him to push harder to that elusive Malaya and now Malaysia race. If you'd like to show him your support, please go h e r e to leave comments.